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Gable Civil War Collection

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DaffornWilliam191515th IN Vol. Inf.
DaffornWilliam M.9th IN Inf., Co. C; 15th IN Inf., Co. C
DalmanWilliam E.1950
DanielsSamuel D. H.1907142nd IN Inf., Co. F
DarbyThomas C.1917149th OH Vol. Inf.
DarrochAustin M.91st IN Inf.
DarrowMilton W.1883148 IN Inf., Co. BLindenwood
DaughartyAlfred44th IN Inf., Co. DLindenwood
DaughertyOliver S., Pvt.11th IN Inf., Co. E
DavisAlfred A.189988th IN Inf., Co. C
DavisWilliam H.189512th IN Inf., Co. K
DawkinsHenry191830th IN Inf., Co. BI.O.O.F., New Haven
DawkinsJames191430th IN, Co. D
DawkinsWilliam1913152nd IN Inf., Co. E
DeckerDaniel1920100th OH Inf., Co. FI.O.O.F., New Haven
DeHavenHarrison D.191130 OH Vol. Inf.
DeihlH. M., Capt.19138th PA Inf., Co. H; 41st PA, Co. C
DeihlHugh M.1913
DeitricEmauel44th IN Inf., Co. D
DickersonWilliam23rd IN Battery, Artillery
DickinsonPhilemon84th IN Inf., Co. I; 140th IN Inf., Co. H
DickmanHenry19134th OH Cav., Co. F
DickmanHenry W., Capt.19134th OH Cav.
DickmanHenry, Cpl.19134th OH Cav., Co. F
DierkesF. W.142nd IN Inf., Co. C
DiniusHenry C.19267th OH Inf.Lindenwood
DishongMorris190234th IN Vol., Co. A; 142nd IN Regt., Co. C
DolloffElijah11th Battery, IN Light Artillery
DorsheimerJ. A., Capt.189260th OH Vol., Co. K
DougallAllan H.1912
DougallAllan H.191288th IN Inf., Co. S
DougallAllan H., Capt.88th IN Inf., Co. D
DougallAllen H., Capt.191285th IN Inf., Co. D
DougallWindred A.1875
DoughertyAlfred191944th OH Vol Inf., Co. D
DoughertySamuel190411th IN Battery
DoughertySamuel190411th Battery, IN Light Artillery
DouglasHenry192835th IN Inf., Co. GLindenwood
DouglassJohn, Sgt.88th IN Inf., Co. C
DowlingBartholomew191220th OH Vol. Inf., Co. H
DowningGeorge J.1906
DowningGeorge J., Pvt.19061st Regt., U.S. Inf., Co. K
DowningMichael30th IN Inf., Co. C
DrakeThomas F.1899
DrakeThomas F.1899Lindenwood
DreibelbissJacob1875130th IN Inf., Co. H
DreibelbissJacob130th IN Inf., Co. H
DriverJohn142nd IN Inf., Co. F
DuersM. A., Lt.191422nd NY Inf., Co. H
DuersMarshall A.1914
DunebargerGeorge8th IN Cav., Co. G
DunhamFrank W.120th OH Regt.
DuntenWashington19319th IN Cav.
DusterJacob52nd IN Inf., Co. G