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Gable Civil War Collection

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GableJacob1923142nd IN Inf., Co. F
GaleGeorge A.33rd NY Regt., Co. G
GaleGeorge A., Capt.1904
GardBrookfield, Dr.1913Lindenwood
GardBrookfield, M.D.156th OH Vo. Inf., Co. B
GarmanyJoseph93rd PA Inf., Co. F
GarrettZachariah T.1923152nd IN Inf., co. G
GearinCornelius1st MI Cav., Co. L
GearinDennis James1925100th IN Inf., Co. K
GellerGeorge190559th IN, Co. K
GellerTheodore19157th NY Vol.
GellerW. F.7th NY Inf., Co. H
GellerWilliam F.19277th NY, Co. H
GeorgeEliza E.1865NurseLindenwood
GibsonFannie M.1915
GibsonFrancis191971st PA Inf., Co. E; 69th PA Inf., Co. B
GibsonFrancis191971st PA Vol. Inf., Co. ELindenwood
GibsonFrancis191969th PA Inf., Co. B
GibsonFrancis69th PA Inf., Co. BLindenwood
GibsonFrank191971st PA Inf., Co. ELindenwood
GilbertJames B.191978th OVI, Co. CLindenwood
GillespieR. R., Cpl.1932100th IN Inf.
GillespieWilliam R.14th OH Inf., Co. G
GillispieWilliam R.192532nd OH Natl. GuardCatholic
GlennWilliam M.1912
GlennWilliam M.11th IN Battery
GlennWilliam Marshall191211th IN BatteryLindenwood
GodfreyJames11th Battery, IN Light Artillery
GoebelFred190730th IN Inf.
GoingsFrank191847th IN Inf., Co. A
GoldenPat'k1885152nd IN Inf., Co. G
GoodinJohn192426th OVI, Co., KI.O.O.F. Cem., Monroeville
GorrellAdam C.193373rd OH Inf., Co. C
GorrellJacob P.29th Battery, IN Light Artillery
GrahamGeorge W.19171st PA Cav.Lindenwood
GrahamGeorge W.19171st PA Res. Cav., Co. C
GrahamJacob38th IN Inf., Co. C
GrahamJacob F.1910Prairie Grove
GreenThomas C.1910
GreggJames Sansom, M.D.88th IN Inf.
GreinerJacob F.1921
GresleyPeter11th Battery, IN Light Artillery
GreswellMarion E.88th IN Inf., Co. C
GriffithJohn91st IN Inf., Co. H; 124th IN Inf., Co. F
GriswoldCrawford19131st NY Mounted RiflesLindenwood
GriswoldCrawford19131st NY Mounted Rifles
GriswoldCrawford, Sgt.14th PA, Co. D; 113th PA, Co. H
GriswoldM. E.1906
GriswoldM. E.190688th IN, Co. C
GriswoldMiles55th IN Inf., Co. E
GrovesErastus192349th OH Vol. Inf., Co. E
GruberJ. L.191123rd Battery, IN Light ArtilleryLindenwood
GrundFrederick1895153rd IN Inf., Co. H
GuschingCharles24th OH Inf., Co. H