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Gable Civil War Collection

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HabeckerDaniel186330th IN Inf., Co. D
HabeckerWm. H.1900142nd IN Inf., Co. F
HaffnerChristjan18939th OH Regt.
HainesBenjamin1900142nd IN Inf., Co. E
HainesBenjamin1904142nd IN Inf., Co. E
HainesBenjamin1900142nd IN Inf., Co. E
HainesJohn30th IN Inf., Co. A
HallS. S., Lt.189047th IN Inf., Co. F
HamiltonGeorge W.1914Waynesville, Ohio
HammanJacob1930185th OH Inf., Co. II.O.O.F., New Haven
HammondE. P., Col., Judge192085th IN Inf., Co. HSullivan Co., IN
HanleyPaul40th MO Inf., Co. B
HanleyPaul192240th MO Inf., Co. B
HanleyPaul J.1922
HannenWilliam H.193944th IN Vol. Inf., Co. D
HannonGeorge W.191530th IN Inf., Co. A
HardestyLucas191220th OH Inf., Co. K
HardingJohn H., Cpl.1921128th OH Vol. Inf.
HargraveFrank191321st OH Vol Inf., Co. A
HargraveFrank L.1913131st OH Vol. Inf., Co. A
HargraveFranklin L.191312 OH Regt.I.O.O.F., New Haven
HarperIsaiah W.1909
HarperJohn191330th IN Inf.
HarperJohn191330th IN Inf., Co. DI.O.O.F., New Haven
HarrisonMichael191344th IN Inf., Co. C
HarrisonMich'l191344th IN Inf., Co. CNew Haven
HarrisonWilliam H., Capt.190212th IN Inf., Co. G
HarrodJohn30th IN Inf., Co. E
HarrodWilliam D.1922
HartIsrael191878th OH Inf., Co. G
HartmanAmos, Cpl.91st IN Inf., Co. K
HartmanHomer C.1901
HartmanJohn1901OH Vol Inf.Prairie Grove
HartshornS. E.1918
HartshornSalem J.191827th IA Inf., Co. B
HartzellElias1921129th IN Inf.
HartzellElias1921129th IN Vol.I.O.O.F., New Haven
HartzellElias, Cpl.1921129th IN INf., Co. BI.O.O.F., New Haven
HartzellJoshua1929I.O.O.F., New Haven
HassertGeorge11th Battery, IN Light Artillery
HaswellGeorge I.1912100th IN Inf., Co. KLindenwood
HatfieldJohn30th IN Inf., Co. D
HaydenJohn W.12th IN Inf., Co. G
HaydenJohn W.193512th IN Inf., Co. G
HaysThos. D.155th IN Inf., Co. K
HazeletWilliam152nd IN Inf., Co. H
HazletWilliam1903152nd IN, Co. H
HeathmanDavid1924118th, 137th IN Inf.
HeffelfingerJeremiah190888th IN Vol., Co. E
HeffelfingerJohn191529th OH Regt.
HeidebrechtHenry192522nd MI Inf.
HeidenreichJonathan146th IN Inf., Co. I
HeiningerSamuel, Rev.191957th OH Inf., Co. G
HelopeterWilliam C., Capt.191388th IN Inf.
HenchS. M., Judge1922
HenchS. M., Judge1916126th PA Inf; 83rd IN Inf.
HenchSamuel M., Judge1913
HenchSamuel M., Judge1932126th PA Vol Inf., Co. F
HenchSamuel Mortier, Judge1891126th PA Regt., Co. F; 83rd IN Vol., Co. F
HendersonDavid S.1893Lindenwood
HendersonJ. M.88th IN Inf., Co. D
HendersonJames A.30th IN Inf., Co. E
HendersonW. B.190688th IN, Capt. Hollopeter's Co.
HenryJacob F.1914Soldiers Home Cem., Dayton, Ohio
HenryJohn McClellan19018th OH
HerchenreiderJoseph152nd IN Inf., Co. H
HerrickDeGroff N.155th IN Inf., Co. D
HersheyC. M.102nd OH Vol. Inf., Co CLindenwood
HetrickJacob A.1933Lindenwood
HettingerEmanuel42nd OH Inf., Co. G
HettingerFrank190944th Regt.
HettlerChristopher F., Capt.1899
HickmanCharles F.188644th IN, Co. D
HickmanDaniel1911155th IN Inf., Co. DLindenwood
HillDaniel5th IN Cav., Co. D
HillPorter142nd IN Inf., Co. F
HillermanWilliam W.1920135th PA Inf., Co. FSpringfield, Ohio
HillermanWilliam W.19203rd Independent Battery, OH Light Artilleryt Springfield, Ohio
HiltonCharles S.191656th MA, Co. B
HiltonCharles S.191656th MA Inf., Co. B
HireElias191438th IN Inf., Co. C
HireElias38th IN Inf., Co. C
HireElias191488th Regt. IN Vol.Lindenwood
HissongGeorge W., Lt.191612th IN Inf.; 4th IN Cav.
HiteHarvey E.1929
HobbsElias11th Battery, IN Light Artillery
HokeWarren1916142nd IN Inf., Co. F
HolderChichester87th IN Inf., Co. D
HollidayW. F., Sgt.189011th U.S. C. H. A., Co. E
HollopeterMatthias152nd IN Inf., Co. G
HollopeterW. C., Capt.191388th IN Vol. Inf., Co. C.
HollopeterWilliam C., Capt.88th IN Inf., Co. C
HolmesSimon1922120th OH Vol. Regt.
HolmesSimon1922120th OH Vol. Inf., Co. ALindenwood
HolmesWilliam P.192418th IA Inf., Co. G
HoltThomas155nd IN Inf., Co. D
HolverstottWilliam Z.1895OH Regt.
HoodJames William88th IN Inf.
HoonanDavid12th IN Cav., Co. B
HooverSamuel C.1923Salem Cem.
HopsRobert W., Cpl.187888th IN Inf., Co. F
HornFrank20th MA Inf.
HouriganDaniel1894142nd IN Inf., Co. G
HouserGeorge19th U.S. Inf., Co. A
HouserJohn A.19th U.S. Inf., Co. D
HouserJohn, Cpl.19th U.S. Inf., Co. A
HughesJames190231st OH Inf.
HullAdam191844th IN Regt., Co. CLeo
HullAdam, Capt.191844h IN Inf., Co. C
HullL. O.1929129th OH Inf., Co. BLindenwood
HullLewis O.120th OH Vol. Inf., Co. B
HullWm. H.191623rd IN Inf., Co. E
HumbertJoseph Claude1916142nd IN Inf., Co. F
HumbrechtGeorge41st MO Inf., Co. D
HumphreyG., Col.1886
HumphreyGeorge, Col.188612th IN Inf.; 88th IN Inf.; 139th IN Inf.
HuntingWilliam H.1909Lindenwood
HuntoonL. P.
HuppJohn23rd IN Inf., Co. G
HurdOrin D.18999th IN Vol. Inf., Co. E; 30th IN, Co.A
HurdOrrin30th INLindenwood
HurdOrrin D., Lt. Col.30th IN Inf.
HutchinsonOliver G.191074th IN Regt.
HydeFrederick19169th OH Cav., Co. C