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Gable Civil War Collection

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KagleLevi187875th IN Inf., Co., K
KaiserGeorge98th PA Inf., Co. I
KarigerSamuel192988th IN Inf., Co. E
KaylorReuben1918Union Army
KayserAnton191612th IN Inf., Co. C
KecklyJoseph, Sgt.192688th IN Inf., Co. CLindenwood
KeeferJohn191544th IN Inf., Co. C
KeelAurora C.16th OH Regt., Co. G; 19th OH Regt.
KeelAurora C.189916th OH Vol. Inf.; 19th OH Vol. Inf.Lindenwood
KeesJames191688th IN INf., Co. D
KeilFrederick W.190935th OH, Co. C
KeilFrederick W.3rd OH Vol. Inf., Co. C
KelkerSam19189th IN, Co. E; 11th IN Battery
KelkerSamuel S.192211th IN Battery
KelseyW. A., Capt.1930
KelseyWilliam A.193044th IN Inf., Co. E; 52nd IN Inf.
KelseyWilliam A., Capt.193044th IN Inf., Co. G; 152nd IN Inf., Co. G
KenagyJacob V.191675th Inf., Co. K
KenedyT. H.91st PA
KentineWm. H.12th IN Inf., Co. F
KentnerSamuel A.1907
KentnerSamuel A.19079th IN Inf., Co. A
KeslerPeter191899th OH Vol. Inf.Ridge Cem., Van Wert, O.
KesslerJno.153rd PA Inf., Co. E
KeyserWilliam A.1923
KickleyJoseph192688th IN Inf., Co. CLindenwood
KickleyJoseph19269th IN Regt., Co. E
KillenWilliam, Capt.191518th IN Inf., Co. D
KillenWilliam, Capt.1915IN Vol Inf., Co. D
KincadeJacob191112th IN Inf., Co. B
KincadeJacob191112th IN Inf., Co. BLindenwood
KincadeJacob, Pvt.191112th IN Inf., Co. B
KinerkWilliam74th IN Inf., Co. C
KinerkWilliam192574th IN Inf., Co. CPrairie Grove
KinerkWilliam192574th IN Inf., Co. C
KingGeorge W.19125th VT Inf., Co. E
KingJosiah D.1912
KingThomas A.1917142nd IN Inf., Co. ELindenwood
KinmontT. C., Dr.191821st OH Vol. Inf.; 44th IN Inf., Co. FForest Home Cem., Hicksville, Ohio
KinzleChristian116th NY Inf., Co. A
KlineC. W.208th PA Regt., Co. F
KlineJohn B.1920
KlingerIsaac186330th IN Inf.
KnappJohn R.191st OH Inf., Co. G
KnepperHarriet J.1913Lindenwood
KnepperNoak192588th IN Inf.
KoehlingerJohn Henry12th IN Inf., Co. G
KohlbacherAdam, Cpl.19136th NY Cav., Co. CCatholic
KoonsJohn19209th IN Vol., Co. EOaklawn Cem., Ossian
KramerHenry193074th IN Inf., Co. D
KramerMathias191930th IN Inf., Co. D
KressJohn N.192744th IN Inf., Co. C
KumferJohn93rd NY Inf.
KunkleJonathan155th PA Inf., Co. GOld Harlan