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Gable Civil War Collection

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LainleMichael13th IN Inf., Co. D
LakeCharles5th IN Cav., Co. DLindenwood
LandisJessie J.1920
LankenauHenry19105th IN Cav.Lindenwood
LankenauHenry J.1910
LatchfordG. W.18931st PA Cav., Co. ALindenwood
LaubachA. J., M.D.202nd PA Regt., Co. F
LauerConrad35th IN Inf., Co. G
LauerHenry11th Battery, IN Light Artillery
LauerJohn152th IN Inf., Co. H
LautzenheiserArnold3rd OH Battery
LavanwayFrank189911th Battery, IN Light Artillery
LavanwayFrank189911th IN Battery
LawrenceAllen, Cpl.15th U.S. Inf., Co. G
LawtonHenry W.1900Army
LeazierJacob, Cpl.191310th WV Inf., Co. D
LeeSamuel78th OH Inf., Co. D
LeeW. J.142nd IN Inf., Co E
LeeW. J.142nd IN Inf., Co. E
LehnerHenry59th IN Inf., Co. K
LeiterGeorge A.188761st OH Inf.
LemleyCharles59th IN Inf.
LeonardJohn L.1930Union NavyCatholic
LewisDavid M.1910Lindenwood
LewisGeorge190112th IN Inf.
LewisLevy187129th IN Inf., Co. I
LewisSylvester L., Capt.18907th IN Cav., Co. B
LiebmanErnest F.1921Lindenwood
LiebmannEdward F.1921138th IN Inf., Co. K
LiggettJames193275th IN Inf.Lindenwood
LiggettRobert A.1927Lindenwood
LimecooleyWilliam19215th IN Cav., Co. D
ListJohn Jacob1921
LittleGeorge158th PA Inf., Co. E
LombardJoseph190611th MO Inf., Co I
LongJames B.192216th MI Inf., Brady's Independent SharpshootersLindenwood
LongMason, Pvt.112th IL Regt.
LothJohn191347th OH Vol. Inf., Co. G
LovallJames88th IN Inf., Co. D
LovallMonroe88th IN Inf., Co. D