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Gable Civil War Collection

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MagnerH.152nd IN, Co. H
MaierWillis D.1923
MaineJefferson19181st OH Lt. Artillery
MajorHenry David192364th OVILindenwood
MalloneeThomas W.191989th IN Inf., Co. H
ManonWm. A.128th OH Inf., Co. C
ManuelJulius P.12th IN Inf., Co. B
MarquardtJacob152nd IN Inf., Co. F
MasonCharles B.1862
MasonOliver E.1865151st IN Inf., Co. C
MauryJas., Bugler11th NY Cav., Co. A
MaxfieldCharles W.192788th IN Inf., Co. F
MaxfieldCharles W.192788th IN Inf., Co. F; 38th IN Inf., Co. CLindenwood
MayEzra36th IN Inf.
McBrideAbner153rd IN, Co. C
McBrideJames88th IN, Co. C
McBrideWilliam152nd IN, Co. C
McBrideWilliam152nd IN, Co. C
McClellandWilliam H.190281st IN Vol., Co.ELindenwood
McClureAndrew189814th PA Inf., Co. D; 152nd IN Inf., Co. D
McConnelJohn24th IN Inf.
McConnellJohn34th IN Inf., Co. A
McCullouchWm.30th IN Inf., Co. F
McCurdyAlexander C.189388th IN Inf, Co. E
McCurdyStephen191544th IN Vol., Co.F
McDonaldDavid1874153rd IN Inf., Co. E
McDonaldJames B., Sgt. Maj.152nd IN Inf., Co. C
McDonaldRichard J.1921Portland
McDonaldRonald T.152nd IN Inf., Co. C
McIntoseJno.11th Battery, IN Light Artillery
McIntoshJohn190911th IN BatteryAntioch
McKinneyFrank1917130th IN Inf.I.O.O.F., New Haven
McKinzieWilliam4th OH Inf., Co. A
McMakenHenry C.1922
McNairKeil59th IN Inf., Co. K
MeckWilliam H.190469th IN Inf.
MedskerIsaac N.192029th OH Inf., Co. DLindenwood
MedskerIsaac N.1920Lindenwood
MedskerIsaak N.1920OH Vol. Inf.Lindenwood
MeekWilliam190459th IN Inf., Co. A
MeekWilliam H.190469th IN Inf.
MeekWm. R.59th IN Inf., Co. A
MelendyE. G.1901139th Regt.
MelendyHiram B.191229th IN Inf., Co. A
MelsonDavid O.1940134th IN Inf., Co. ILindenwood
MerilettJohn191112th IN Inf., Co. B
MerillatAugust190812th IN Inf., Co. B
MerrilletJohn191148th Regular Volunteers, Co. BLindenwood
MerrittMilon H.105th OH Inf., Co. I
MeyersJames H.190123rd IN Battery
MeyersWilliam189159th IN Inf., Co. K
MiddletonAmbrose191512th IN, Co. F.Lindenwood
MiddletonAmbrose, Sgt.1915124th IN Inf., Co. C
MilesDavid1909142d IN Inf., Co. C
MillerEmanuel C.191513th IN Inf.
MillerFrederick192059th IN Inf., Co. H
MillerFrederick192059th OH Inf., Co. H
MillerFred'k59th IN Inf.
MillerIsaac1923I.O.O.F., New Haven
MillerIsaac192388th IN Inf., Co. FLindenwood
MillerJacob W.192674th IN Inf., Co. CLindenwood
MillsGeo. W.1908137th IN Inf., Co. DGlenwood Cem., Roanoke
MinerLeader P.1865142nd IN Inf.
MockLevi, Judge191284th INCremation
ModerwellHiram C.1926Lindenwood
ModerwellJ. M., Mrs.1928
MollettPeter1932122nd IN Inf., Co. C
MonahanDennis1916129th IN Inf.
MonahanDennis129th IN Inf., Co. B
MonahanElizabeth B.1920Catholic
MooneyJ. F.142nd IN Inf., Co. K
MooreWilliam1918Osbourne Cem.
MooreWilliam1918Osborne Cem.
MoranPatrick14th IN Inf., Co. D
MoranPatrick14th IN Inf., Co. C
MoreheadCalvin30th OH Vol. Inf., Co. H
MoritaryMarcus J.12 OH Cav., Troop KNew York
MoyerJohn191553rd IN Inf., Co. A
MurphyJames190630th IN Inf.
MurphySamuel C.1933213th PA Inf.Lindenwood
MurphyWyatt H.192347th OH Inf., Co. E
MurrayCharles Marion19242nd MI Cav., Co. F
MyersJohn142nd IN Inf., Co. F