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Gable Civil War Collection

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NahrwoldWilliam193259th IN Inf., Co. KConcordia
NaragonFloyd1913U.S. Inf.Lindenwood
NarehoodMathias16th IN Light Artillery, Co. B
NeebGeorge59th IN Inf., Co. C
NeismanileFrank100th OH Inf., Co. D
NelsonGeorge190912th IN, Co. K
NelsonJonathan1919138th IN, Co. A
NesbittIsaac191488th IN Inf., Co. CI.O.O.F., New Haven
NewlandIsaac23rd OH Inf., Co. F
NillHarry19211st IN Cav., Co. DLindenwood
NollUpton Washington1916124th IN Inf., Co. CI.O.O.F., New Haven
NollUpton, Cpl.191691st IN Inf., Co. H
NollWilliam Harrison1910209th IN Inf., Co. F
NullLycurgus S.142nd IN Inf., Co. F
NullLycurgus S., Dr.1917142nd IN Inf., Co. F
NuttleAmi D.5th IN Cav.
NycumWilliam59th IN Inf., Co. FLindenwood