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Gable Civil War Collection

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RacineJacob88th IN Inf., Co. F
RadenbaughHenry, Dr.193038th OH Vol. Inf., Co. F
RaffeltWilliam R.19169th IN Inf., Co. E
RainierCharles T., Dr.191669th IN Inf., Co. H
RankEli191211th IN
RankEzra1902142nd IN Inf., Co. EParker
RankEzra1902142nd IN Inf., Co. E
RankEzra1902142nd IN Vol., Co. EParker
RanneyJohn191983rd IN Inf., Co. AHuntertown
RanneyJohn, Cpl.191983rd IN Inf.
RaynorJohn192710th NY Cav.
RaynorJohn W.1925
RaynorJohn W.192710th NY Cav.
RearNicholas191088th IN Inf., Co. C
RearNicholas191088th IN Inf., Co. CLindenwood
RebmannMichael19041st OH Vol. Inf., Co. B
ReckardWalter B.5th IN Light Artillery
RedelsheimerDavid S.15th OH Regt.
ReffeltWilliam Rudolph19169th IN Vol., Co. E
RentfrewRobert G.21st PA Cav., Co. B
ReuilleJames74th IN Inf., Co. C
ReynoldsLouis191716th IN Inf., Co. FBethel Church, Grant Co., Ind.
RhineJohn William193247th IN Inf., Co. E
RichardJames190830th IN Inf., Co. D
RichardsJ. B.190822nd IN Inf., Co. C
RichardsSmith166th OH Inf., Co. A
RicheyAmos189112th IN Vol. Inf., Co. G
RichhartJoseph192412th IN Cav., Co. II.O.O.F., New Haven
RileyLabon J.191711th Battery, IN Light Artillery
RileyLeban J.1917
RinearJohn W.191947th IN Inf.
RingwaltWilliam H.191023rd IN Battery
RingwaltWilliam H.23rd IN Battery, Light Artillery
RoadsDaniel J.193152nd IN Inf., Co. G
RoadsDaniel J., Sgt.193152nd IN Inf., Co. G
RobertsJoseph H.189928th USCTLindenwood
RobertsJoseph, Sgt.189928th U.S.C.T., Co. F
RobertsStephen J.1918
RobertsonR. S., Col.1895
RobertsonRobert S., Col.190293rd NY Vol. Inf., Co. I
RobinsonGeorge W.191688th IN Inf., Co. EEel River
RogersOrrin D.1902152nd IN Inf., Co. G
RogersOrrin D., Lt.
RohanJohan H., Capt.116th NY Inf., Co. D
RomeryArmour59th IN Inf., Co. H
RoseMorris193388th IN Inf., Co. D
RoseMorris193388th Vol. Inf., Co., DI.O.O.F., New Haven
RoseMorris F.88th IN Inf., Co. D
RossHarvey W.88th IN Inf., Co. E
Ross-LewinEdward A., Capt.26th NY Inf., Co. H
RothmannPeter191629th IN Inf., Co. GSt. Michaels
RoyDavid14th OH Inf., Co. D
RoyFlorentin152nd Regt., Co. H
RoyFlorentine1920St. Vincent Catholic
RoyFlorentine F.1920Catholic
RoyFlorentine F.1920St. Vincent Catholic
RoyJames192774 IN Vol.Monroeville
RoyJas.192774th IN Inf., Co. C
RudolphCharles59th IN Inf.
RuhlAlexander1930100th IN Inf., Co. HGreenlawn Cem., Orland
RuhlAlexander1930100th IN Inf., Co. HGreenlawn Cem. Orland
RundellMartin E.191711th & 18th Batteries, IN Light Artillery
RupertIra190188th IN
RyanPatrick190991st IN Vol., Co. C
RyanThomas1926118th OVI
RyanThomas1926118th OH Regt.