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Gable Civil War Collection

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S.W.184th OH, Co. G
SappJoseph192243rd OH Vol. Inf., Co. KCatholic
SargentJas. E., Capt.74th IN Inf., Co. B
SauerwineErnst189335th IN Inf., Co. K
Saunders160th PA Inf., Co. A
SavioFrank A.91st IN Inf., Co. H
SaviotFrank, Pvt.191391st IN Inf., Co. H
SawtellH. P.189885th NY Inf., Co. A
SaynerHenry1934184th OH Regt., Co. FLindenwood
ScarlettW. V.29th IN Inf., Co. C
ScarlettWilliam V.189329th IN Inf., Co. C
SchaickChristian48th IN Inf., Co. D
SchaighChristian190748th IN Inf., Co. D
ScheidPeter J.191979th IN Inf.; 125th IN Inf.Lindenwood
ScherebFredrick59th IN Inf., Co. K
SchirmeyerLouis W.191832nd IN Vol. Inf., Co. A
SchirmeyerLouis W.191832 IN Inf., Co. ACatholic
SchirmeyerLouis W., Pvt.191832nd IN Inf., Co. A
SchmidtHenry J.1911
SchnerrStephen107th OH Vol. Inf., Co. F
SchobbJohn1911107th OH Inf., Co. K
SchoepfMathies106th OH Inf., Co. D
SchofieldJohn M., Lt. Gen.1906Army
SchofieldLawrence A.192636th IN Inf., Co. D
SchorrJohnOH Regt.
SchulzeCharles Elliott, Capt.1907114th OH Vol. Inf.Lindenwood
ScovelJames H.1921
SeatonJohn51st OH Inf., Co. I
SeifertAugust1887100th NY Inf., Co. F
SeifertAugust100th NY Inf., Co. F
SeithAug.1884100th NY Inf., Co. C
SessemanJas.5th IN Cav.
SevitsHenry152nd IN Inf., Co. G
ShawWilliam48th PA Inf., Co. C
ShawWilliam Henry190546th PA Regt., Co. G
SheehanWilliam190423rd IN Battery
ShillingRobert, Lt.9th IN Cav., Co. A
ShoakmanJohn88th IN Inf., Co. F
ShoakmanJohn88th IN Inf., Co. F
ShordonDaniel190988th IN Inf., Co. C
ShordonDaniel88th IN Inf., Co. D
ShordonGeorge191288th IN Inf., Co. D
ShordonGeorge88th IN Inf., Co. D
ShortGideon1911Co. 1, IN Vol Inf.
ShortJeremiah188274th IN Vol. Inf.
ShoupCaroline E.1921Roanoke, Ind.
ShroyerFrank1922Columbia City
ShulerJohn192711th IN Battery
ShulerJohn192711th IN Light Artillery
ShulerJohn C.1927
ShulerLorenzo1919St. Vincent's Catholic
ShumanErastus E.19276th PA Inf., Co. E
ShumanErastus E.1927
ShusterJohn W.1916139th IN Inf., Co. K
ShusterJohn W.1916139th IN Inf., Co. KLindenwood
SimmersDaniel W.51st OH Inf., Co. C
SinglesSamuel192544th IL Inf.
SitesJohn75th IN Inf., Co. H
SitesMilton190144th IN, Co. CPrairie Grove
SitesMilton, Cpl
SkellyP. S.11th PA Inf., Co. K
SkeltonBenjamin W.192115th OH Inf., Co. I
SkolerotFrank152nd IN Inf., Co. H
SmallPurrington, Cpl.189130th IN Inf., Co. DI.O.O.F., New Haven
SmeadAlbert11th IN Light Artillery
SmeadAlbert, Sgt.11th Battery, IN Light Artillery
SmeadEdwin C., Cpl.152nd IN Inf., Co. H
SmithEugene B.1913
SmithJoseph J.1923Lindenwood
SmithJulietta, Nurse1927
SmithJulietta, Nurse
SmithWilliam19242nd OH Cav.
SmitlyWilliam30th IN Inf., Co. C
SniderPhilip135th IN Inf.
SnyderJohn W.191224th IN Inf., Co. AOssian
SnyderSafara191455th IN Inf.Methodist Cem., Maysville
SoestAlex152nd IN Inf., Co. H
SolidayJohn A.191846th OH Vol. Inf., Co. F; 12th OH Cav., Co. MLindenwood
SordonDaniel, Sgt.190988th IN Inf., Co. C
SouthernRalph187330th IN Inf., Co. A
SpanburgSamuel9th IN Cav.
SpillmanPeter19th U.S. Inf., Co. A
SproatAlexander192415th OH Inf., Co. FLindenwood
StanfordJeremiah19057th KS Inf., Co. E
StarrComfort142nd IN Inf.; Co. F
SteadmanLanson100th OH Inf., Co. C
StellhornFrederick William1897
StevensonWilliam L.19328th OH Cav., Co. C
StilesJoshua C.1905
StirkS. W., Sgt.189547th IN Inf., Co. E
StirkSamuel W.1895
StirkSamuel W.189547th IN Inf.
StirkSamuel W., Sgt.189547th IN Inf., Co. E
StoutGeorge W.32nd OH, Co. FAntioch Cem., Hoagland
StrasburgChristopher190575th IL
StrassMorris, Sgt.128th NY Inf., Co. G
SummersWilliam H.1911
SunderlandJoseph R.191111th IN BatteryLindenwood
SuttermeisterArnold, Capt.190711th IN Battery
SuttonDavid C.1919188th PA Vol. Inf.
SwaimJames192834th IN Inf., Co. A
SwannR. G., Sgt.189030th IN Inf., Co. D
SwannR. W., Capt.30th IN Inf., Co. D
SwannScott, Capt.191088th IN Inf., Co. D
SwannScott, Capt.
SwannScott, Capt.191012th IN Inf. Co. D; 88th IN Inf.
SweetCharles18th OH Inf.
SweetSamuel B.44th IN Inf., Co. C
SweetSamuel B.191044th IN Inf., Co. C
SweetSamuel B.191044th IN Inf., Co. C