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Gable Civil War Collection

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WabashJ. A.5th U.S. Cav., Co. H
WadeIsaac, Comm. Sgt.5th IN Cav.
WaikelLevi1931101st IN Inf., Co. GLindenwood
WalterAmos R.191816th OH Vol. Inf., 5th OH BatteryLindenwood
WaltonJoseph R.1900152nd Regt., IN Vol., Co. D
WardFrancis C.1902Dundee, Ind.
WardHenry C.188734th OH Inf., Co. F
WardS. F.18651st U.S. Cav., Co. E
WardSamuel M.19155th Cav.
WardSamuel M.19155th OH Cav., Co. H
WardW. M. A., Sgt.189515th OH Vol. Inf., Co. C
WartenbeEphraim B.142nd IN Inf., Co. F
WatermanJohn H., Sgt.190663rd Rgt., OH Natl. Guard
WeaverWilliam191144th IN Inf., Co. C
WeaverWilliam191144th IN Inf., Co. C
WebbJohn190688th IN Inf., Co. D
WeldonF. R.12th IN Inf., Co. C
WeldonF. R., Cpl.12th IN Inf., Co. D
WeldonFrank R., Maj.1893Lindenwood
WellsJohn1912178th OH Vol. Inf., Co. E
WellsJohn E.1912Prairie Grove
WelsheimerE. L.19068th IN Inf., Co. KEel River
WestJ. W.34th IN Inf., Co. A
WestJohn1915155th IN Inf., Co. DHatfield
WhitakerJoseph W.190013th IN, Co.D
WhitakerJoseph W., Col.190230th IN Inf., Co. D; 152nd IN Inf.
WhiteEnos H.1923Lindenwood
WhiteJames B.1897
WhiteJames B.1897
WhiteJames B., Capt.30th IN Inf., Co. I; 88th IN Inf.
WhiteJohn I.1900NY Vol. Inf.
WhitmerDaniel D.1918107th OH Vol. Inf., Co. ALindenwood
WhitmoreUriah H.1915
WhitmoreUriah H.1915145th OH Vol. Inf., Co. C
WhitneyFrank H.1924
WiestCharles1911OH Regt.
WiestChas.191124th OH Inf., Co. C
WietfeldtHenry W. A.1927144th IN Inf., Co. FConcordia
WilburGeorge W.191530th IN Inf., Co. DHarlan, Ind.
WilburGeorge W.30th IN Inf., Co. D
WilcoxClark186611th Battery, IN Light Artillery
WileyBenjamin F., Capt.1906
WilkinsonH. W.44th IN Inf., Co. C
WillburGeorge W.30th IN Inf., Co. D
WillerRiley J.191311th IN Cav., Co. G
WilliamsHenry M.1917
WilliamsS. M.192636th OH, Co. CMonroeville I.O.O.F.
WilsonEdward88th IN Inf., Co. D
WinesMarshall W.19331152nd IN Inf., Co. HLindenwood
WiskeltonKent169th OH Vol. Inf., Co. D
WisnerJohn1917101st INElm Grove Cem., Bluffton
WispertGeorge19231st NJ Cav., Troop C
WoebbekingConrad C.1914Lindenwood
WolfLevi30th IN Inf., Co. F
WolfRichard M.1923
WolffHelena E.Nurse
WolffHelena, Nurse1912
WoodworthDarris A.88th IN Inf., Co. I
WoolseyHiram B.122nd NY Regt., Co. G
WoolseyIsaac B.1899
WordenEzra44th IN Inf., Co. D
WrightFrank F., Pvt.190616th MA Inf., Co. K
WrightJames187330th IN Inf., Co. D