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Monroeville, Indiana, Records

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Infectious & Contagious Diseases, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1929

The page numbers refer to the original records. Microfilm of these original records is available in the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center.

The pages numbers are linked to microfilm images of the original vital record registers. These images are available in PDF form to ACGSI members who enter their username and password.

Beauserman, Jr., 87a, 87b
Casselman, E___, 87a, 87b
Casselman, Mrs. Loyd, 87a, 87b
Casselman, Robert, 87a, 87b
Clem, Vance, 87a, 87b
Cox, Beulah, 87a, 87b
Cox, M___It, 87a, 87b
Cox, Mrs. Ed, 87a, 87b
Crabill, G. K., 87a, 87b
Diver, Baby, 87a, 87b
Diver, Evelyn, 87a, 87b
Diver, John, 87a, 87b
Diver, Loretta, 87a, 87b
Diver, Mrs. John, 87a, 87b
Diver, Norbert, 87a, 87b
Fuelling, Parnell, 87a, 87b
Herman, Mrs. John, 87a, 87b
Hollenstein, Delores, 87a, 87b
Meese, Robert, 87a, 87b
Painter, David, 87a, 87b
Painter, Joe, 87a, 87b
Painter, Louise, 87a, 87b
Painter, Paul, 87a, 87b
Parker, Don, 87a, 87b
Pillies, Evelyn, 87a, 87b
Richard, Jack, 87a, 87b
Schlup, Donald, 87a, 87b
Shirk, Carl, 87a, 87b
White, Norman, 87a, 87b

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