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Unclaimed Letters

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Rabern, Abraham3 Apr 1851
Rac--, Andrew5 Apr 1849German Letter
Rache, Heinrich8 Sep 1852German Letter
Racine, Miss Roselle8 Dec 1852French Letter
Racine, Rose4 Mar 1852French Letter
Racond, N. J.4 Apr 1850
Radcliff, Abraham5 Apr 1849
Radcliff, Absalom1 Jan 1848
Radel-ff, Abraham4 Oct 1849
Rafter, Miss Hannah6 Oct 1852
Ragage, Dominic1 Jul 1845Foreign Letter
Rahe, John H.1 Oct 1847German Letter
Rahen, Catharine C.5 Apr 1849German Letter
Ralle, M.8 Apr 1852German Letter
Rambaugh, Smith4 Oct 1849
Rambe, Francis S.3 Nov 1852
Ramel, T. P.5 Feb 1852
Rames, Christopher1 Apr 1848German Letter
Ramsey, Christy8 Apr 1852
Ramsey, G.4 Apr 1850
Ramsey, George3 Apr 1851
Randall, C.9 Jan 1851
Randall, E.2 Oct 1851
Randall, E. G.5 Aug 1852
Randall, J. W.8 Dec 1852
Randall, John H.4 Apr 1850
Randall, Mrs. Rachael4 Apr 1850
Randall, Nelson A.4 Jul 1850
Randall, Strather1 Jan 1848
Randalls, Thomas4 Jul 1850
Randelas, R. P.1 Jul 1848
Randell, John3 Oct 1850
Randell, Strother1 Oct 1847
Rander, Bernhard3 Jan 1850German Letter
Randle, J. B.4 Oct 1849
Randolph, J. P.3 Apr 1851
Randolph, Wyman1 Apr 1848
Ranicke, John Baptist1 Apr 1847German Letter
Ranklfing, Wm.2 Oct 1851German Letter
Ranney, George3 Oct 1850
Ranney, George6 May 1852
Ranney, George4 Mar 1852
Ranney, George8 Jan 1852
Ranney, George3 Jul 1851
Ransom, Austin1 Apr 1846
Ransom, James6 Oct 1852
Ransom, Wm.4 Jul 1850
Rapp, George3 Oct 1850
Rathburn, Miss Rhoda1 Apr 1848
Rathburn, Rhoda1 Jan 1848
Rathburn, Rhoda1 Apr 1848
Ratleg, William4 Oct 1849
Ratliff, Oliver4 Oct 1849
Ratliff, Sarah A.4 Oct 1849
Rattenbach, Frans9 Jan 1851German Letter
Rattleman, Joseph3 Jun 1852German Letter
Raundger, M.8 Dec 1852German Letter
Rauschest, John J.3 Oct 1850
Ravling, A.3 Jan 1850German Letter
Rawley, William4 Oct 1849
Raya, Augustus3 Oct 1850
Rayen, Isaac1 Jul 1847
Raymond, E.4 Jul 1850
Raynen, Isaac1 Oct 1847
Rbine, John1 Jul 1848
Rea, Saml.3 Jun 1852
Read, Ashel J.1 Jan 1847
Read, Edmond Esq.1 Jul 1846
Read, John K.1 Apr 1846
Read, Jos. 1 Apr 1846
Read, Otis2 Oct 1851
Read, Otis3 Apr 1851
Read, William H.6 Oct 1852
Ream, Edward1 Apr 1847
Ream, Jacob8 Apr 1852
Reams, Jacob5 Aug 1852
Reape, Bridget1 Jul 1845
Reape, Tom4 Jul 1850
Reaves, John L.1 Jan 1846
Rebben, Henry5 Jul 1849German Letter
Rebbler, Frederick3 Jul 1851
Rechling, P. J.4 Oct 1849German Letter
Reck, Miss Rosana3 Jan 1850
Reck, Wm.8 Dec 1852German Letter
Recks, John1 Apr 1846
Recruit, P. Master3 Jun 1852
Redarom, Marcus5 Apr 1849
Reddin, William5 Jul 1849
Redeckhe, Mr.5 Apr 1849German Letter
Redeker, (Goalworth)1 Jan 1848German Letter
Redekin, Mr.5 Jul 1849German Letter
Reden, A.8 Jan 1852
Reden, Menk1 Apr 1847German Letter
Redy, Thomas8 Dec 1852
Ree, Russell3 Oct 1850
Reed, Alix4 Jul 1850
Reed, C. F.4 Jan 1849
Reed, D. J.8 Apr 1852
Reed, Dan8 Sep 1852
Reed, David1 Jan 1847
Reed, G. A.4 Mar 1852
Reed, G. A.4 Oct 1849
Reed, Hiram4 Mar 1852
Reed, J. A.5 Feb 1852
Reed, J. L.4 Apr 1850
Reed, Jackson6 May 1852
Reed, James3 Jan 1850
Reed, James P.1 Jan 1846
Reed, John5 Apr 1849
Reed, Joseph1 Jan 1847
Reed, Joseph1 Oct 1847
Reed, Joseph5 Apr 1849
Reed, Miss Francis8 Jan 1852
Reed, Miss Susan A.3 Jun 1852
Reed, Mrs. Ann1 Oct 1847
Reed, Mrs. Fanny W.8 Jan 1852
Reed, Mrs. Fanny W.4 Jan 1849
Reed, Oliver5 Apr 1849
Reed , Otis H.5 Apr 1849
Reed, W. E.6 Oct 1852
Reed, William1 Jan 1848
Reeder, J. S.2 Oct 1851
Reeger, Samuel8 Dec 1852
Reeling, Philip J.1 Jul 1846Foreign Letter
Reese, Ed. William1 Jan 1848
Reese, Elbert & Henry1 Jan 1848German Letter
Reese, Ellert1 Jan 1848German Letter
Reese, Lewis1 Jan 1846
Reeves, Lafayette3 Jun 1852
Reeves, Saml.4 Jul 1850
Regner, Monsieur Bernard1 Oct 1847French Letter
Regus, Chas.2 Oct 1851
Rehner, Olly1 Jan 1847German Letter
Reich, George 1 Apr 1848
Reich, Miss Catherine1 Jul 1846
Reichardt, Henry4 Jan 1849German Letter
Reid, John3 Jan 1850
Reid, M. W.4 Jul 1850
Reid, Mrs. Mary2 Oct 1851
Reid, W. S. & J. P.8 Sep 1852
Reid, William3 Jan 1850
Reid, Wm.1 Jan 1847
Reid, Wm.8 Apr 1852
Reidecker, Joseph1 Jul 1846Foreign Letter
Reider, Fredr.4 Oct 1849
Reiderker, Jas.1 Jul 1847German Letter
Reifer, Jacob4 Apr 1850
Reigel, Jacob1 Jan 1847
Reigna, John W.1 Jul 1847
Rein, Wm.2 Oct 1851
Reiners, Richard5 Aug 1852
Reingenberger, H.4 Jul 1850
Reinkenbarger, George1 Oct 1847German Letter
Reinking, C.2 Oct 1851German Letter
Reinking, W.4 Oct 1849
Reis, Justus1 Apr 1848
Reite, Michael 1 Oct 1847German Letter
Reiter, Frederick1 Jul 1847German Letter
Reiter, Fredrick4 Apr 1850German Letter
Reitter, Frederick1 Jan 1848German Letter
Remman, Fred3 Jul 1851German Letter
Renby, Edward3 Apr 1851
Rene, Mrs. Adeline A.4 Mar 1852
Rennau, Lawrence1 Jan 1847
Rennicke, John1 Jan 1847German Letter
Rennish, J. B.4 Jan 1849German Letter
Renno, O. M.1 Jul 1845
Reph, Nichols5 Feb 1852German Letter
Replinger, Jas. W.2 Oct 1851
Requa, J. W.1 Jul 1845
Rere, John4 Jul 1850
Reule, Michael5 Jul 1849German Letter
Reute, Michael9 Jan 1851German Letter
Reuter, Frederick1 Oct 1847German Letter
Reuter, Frederick5 Jul 1849German Letter
Revere, Michael5 Jul 1849
Rex, Geo.4 Apr 1850
Rex, George4 Jan 1849
Rex, Joseph1 Oct 1847
Rex, Thomas1 Apr 1846
Reynold, Weston1 Apr 1847
Reynolds, A. V.4 Apr 1850
Reynolds, A. V.5 Apr 1849
Reynolds, A. V.3 Apr 1851
Reynolds, Alman V.5 Aug 1852
Reynolds, Arnold W.3 Oct 1850
Reynolds, Geo. L.1 Jul 1847
Reynolds, J. F.3 Jan 1850
Reynolds, J. T.5 Jul 1849
Reynolds, John5 Jul 1849
Reynolds, N. P.5 Jul 1849
Reynolds, N. W.3 Oct 1850
Reynolds, N. W.8 Sep 1852
Reynolds, Perry1 Oct 1847
Reynolds, Samuel4 Apr 1850
Reynolds, U. O.4 Jul 1850
Reynolds, W. W.4 Oct 1849
Reynolds, Westen1 Jan 1848
Rhei?, Fredrick4 Apr 1850German Letter
Rhein, Frade-ina8 Apr 1852
Rhein, Wm.1 Jan 1848German Letter
Rhein, Wm.1 Oct 1847German Letter
Rhein, Wm.3 Jun 1852
Rhoads, Frederick9 Jan 1851
Rhoads, Jacob3 Jan 1850
Rhoads, John3 Jul 1851
Rhoads, Miss Margaret1 Apr 1846
Rhodes, John8 Jan 1852
Rhodes, Marquis L.3 Jun 1852
Rhodes, Mrs. Ann1 Jul 1846
Rhodes, Phillip 6 Oct 1852
Rhodes, Phillip 8 Sep 1852
Rhulemay, Joseph4 Apr 1850
Rice, Abner1 Jul 1848
Rice, Ambrose4 Jan 1849
Rice, Edward T.1 Jul 1846
Rice, Edward T.1 Apr 1846
Rice, F.3 Jun 1852
Rice, Ferguson2 Oct 1851
Rice, John1 Apr 1846
Rice, Miss Mary3 Apr 1851
Rice, Mrs. Adaline1 Jan 1846
Rice, Sarah4 Jul 1850
Rich, Catherine1 Oct 1847
Rich, Felix1 Apr 1846
Rich, Felix1 Jan 1847
Rich, Felix1 Jan 1846
Rich, Maryann or Jackson Dilley1 Jan 1847
Rich, Mrs. Jonas B.9 Jan 1851
Rich, Phelix1 Jul 1845
Rich, Thomas4 Oct 1849
Rich, Thomas2 Oct 1851
Rich, Thomas J.5 Apr 1849
Rich, Thomas J.4 Apr 1850
Richards, Joseph4 Oct 1849
Richardson, Amos E.1 Apr 1848
Richardson, Amos or Aaron4 Apr 1850
Richardson, Miss Anna1 Oct 1847
Richardson, Thomas4 Apr 1850
Richardson, Thomas3 Oct 1850
Richardson, William4 Oct 1849
Richey, John1 Apr 1848
Richey, John4 Oct 1849
Richmond, ?1 Apr 1848
Richmond, Cyntha3 Oct 1850
Richmond, R. H.3 Jan 1850
Richter, Wilhelm3 Jun 1852German Letter
Rickeig, Clark4 Apr 1850
Ricker, G.1 Jan 1846
Rickets, Geo.4 Jul 1850
Ricketts, George4 Mar 1852
Ricks, John4 Apr 1850
Ricks, John4 Apr 1850
Ricks, John4 Oct 1849
Ricks, John5 Feb 1852
Ridders, Gehoff2 Oct 1851German Letter
Riddle, P. T.8 Sep 1852
Ridel, David1 Jul 1845
Ridge, George4 Jan 1849
Ried, H.4 Jul 1850
Ried, John2 Oct 1851
Ried, John4 Mar 1852
Ried, John P.1 Jan 1847
Ried, Patterson3 Jul 1851
Riegelsperger, Sebastian8 Apr 1852
Riehl, Andrew1 Jul 1848German Letter
Right, Edwin L.1 Apr 1846
Right, Judge4 Jan 1849
Right, Levi 3 Jan 1850
Rignhold, Jacob1 Apr 1846
Riheldaffer, Rev. J. G.3 Jun 1852
Riheldaffer, Rev. J. G.1 Jul 1848
Riker, Jacob3 Jul 1851
Rikker, J. J.1 Oct 1847
Riley, Davis8 Jan 1852
Riley, Michael5 Apr 1849
Rily, Josiah5 Jul 1849
Rily, Wilshire8 Dec 1852
Rime, Mrs. Rosetta1 Apr 1848
Rinehart, Peter1 Jan 1847
Rineking, C.1 Apr 1848German Letter
Rinica, Wm.2 Oct 1851German Letter
Rins, Mrs. Ann1 Apr 1848
Riollan, Saml.4 Jul 1850
Rippert, Frederick1 Jan 1848German Letter
Riqua, J. H.1 Jul 1845
Riqua, John H.1 Apr 1847
Ritch, Thomas J.5 Jul 1849
Ritch, Thos. J.1 Jan 1847
Ritchart, John1 Jan 1846
Rite, John1 Jan 1846
Ritter, Martin1 Apr 1847German Letter
Ritter, Miss Adaline3 Jun 1852
Rittereurah, Anton2 Oct 1851German Letter
Ritz, David5 Apr 1849
Roadman, Joseph4 Jul 1850
Roadman, Peter5 Apr 1849German Letter
Roads, Morgan4 Jul 1850
Roarleyh, Thomas1 Jan 1847
Robbins, H.1 Oct 1847
Robbins, J.1 Oct 1847
Robbins, Jos. C.1 Apr 1846
Robbins, Stalman?1 Apr 1848
Robbison, James R.6 May 1852
Roberson, M. Esq.1 Jul 1848
Roberson, Seneca9 Jan 1851
Roberson, William1 Jul 1848
Roberson, Wm.1 Apr 1848
Robert, A. H.1 Jul 1845
Robert, H.3 Jan 1850
Robert, Miss E.4 Apr 1850
Roberton, Wm.1 Jan 1847
Roberts, Chas.8 Jan 1852
Roberts, H.4 Jan 1849
Roberts, Han----8 Apr 1852
Roberts, Harrison6 May 1852
Roberts, Harrison4 Apr 1850
Roberts, John5 Aug 1852
Roberts, Miss Julia2 Oct 1851
Roberts, Mrs. Julia8 Dec 1852
Robertson, Andrew J. Esq.1 Jul 1846
Robertson, Brice C.1 Jul 1847
Robertson, J.4 Jul 1850
Robertson, Joseph1 Jul 1848
Robertson, Joseph or Wm.3 Oct 1850
Robertson, Mrs. July3 Oct 1850
Robertson, Mrs. Susan8 Apr 1852
Robins, William5 Jul 1849
Robinson, Adam4 Jan 1849
Robinson, Capt.1 Jan 1846
Robinson, Henry1 Apr 1848
Robinson, Henry3 Jun 1852
Robinson, Henry1 Jan 1847
Robinson, Isaac4 Apr 1850
Robinson, Isaac4 Jul 1850
Robinson, J. B.1 Jan 1847
Robinson, James1 Apr 1847
Robinson, James1 Apr 1846
Robinson, James1 Jul 1846
Robinson, James4 Mar 1852
Robinson, James F.3 Jun 1852
Robinson, Jeme B.4 Jan 1849
Robinson, Jesse B.8 Sep 1852
Robinson, John A.1 Jul 1845
Robinson, John A.8 Apr 1852
Robinson, L. D.8 Apr 1852
Robinson, Laura3 Jan 1850
Robinson, Luther1 Apr 1847
Robinson, Luther D.5 Aug 1852
Robinson, Lyman1 Apr 1846
Robinson, Mary4 Mar 1852
Robinson, Mary 8 Apr 1852
Robinson, Mary1 Jul 1848
Robinson, Mary C.1 Jan 1846
Robinson, Mrs. E.8 Apr 1852
Robinson, Mrs. Elizabeth6 May 1852
Robinson, Mrs. Mary1 Jan 1846
Robinson, Mrs. Mary1 Apr 1846
Robinson, Nathaniel8 Apr 1852
Robinson, Nathaniel4 Mar 1852
Robinson, Nathaniel3 Jun 1852
Robinson, Nathaniel5 Aug 1852
Robinson, Nathaniel2 Oct 1851
Robinson, S. D.6 May 1852
Robinson, S. E.2 Oct 1851
Robinson, Samuel S.3 Jul 1851
Robinson, Thos. J.1 Jan 1846
Robinson, W. S.4 Jul 1850
Robinson, Wm.1 Jul 1845
Robinson, Wm.6 Oct 1852
Robinson, Wm.1 Apr 1846
Robinson, Wm. H.3 Jun 1852
Robinson, Wm. S.1 Apr 1848
Robison, Herney5 Jul 1849
Robison, Miss Isabell3 Nov 1852
Robison, Nancy M.5 Feb 1852
Robison, Thomas J.1 Oct 1847
Robison, W. S.5 Aug 1852
Robison, William S.4 Oct 1849
Robke, William1 Jul 1847German Letter
Roch, Julius5 Jul 1849German Letter
Roche, M.1 Jul 1846
Roche, Mathew1 Apr 1846
Roche, Patrick1 Jan 1847
Rock, Miss Malinda4 Apr 1850
Rock, Uriah J.1 Oct 1847
Rockhill, Wm. D.1 Jul 1847
Rockwell, William4 Oct 1849
Rockwood, Cli4 Jul 1850
Rocle, Susan1 Apr 1847
Rodabaugh, Abraham1 Apr 1847
Rodabaugh, Abraham1 Jan 1847
Rodawald, John Henry5 Apr 1849German Letter
Rodenbaugh, Charles5 Jul 1849
Rodenbaugh, Chas.3 Jan 1850
Rodenbaugh, Elis3 Jan 1850
Rodenbaugh, Jackson1 Jan 1848
Rodenbeck, Conrad5 Feb 1852German Letter
Rodenbeck, Conrad6 May 1852German Letter
Rodenbeck, Wm.4 Oct 1849
Rodenwald, John1 Jan 1848German Letter
Roder, Adam5 Jul 1849German Letter
Rodervah, J. Henrich8 Dec 1852German Letter
Rodgers, Alanson3 Apr 1851
Rodgers, Benj.4 Jul 1850
Rodgers, James8 Apr 1852
Rodgers, Simon4 Mar 1852
Rodrick, Elgabeth?1 Jul 1848
Rods, John8 Sep 1852
Rodunther, Miss S.3 Oct 1850
Roe, H.3 Oct 1850
Rogers, B. H.4 Oct 1849
Rogers, Benjamin4 Mar 1852
Rogers, Benjamin6 May 1852
Rogers, Harriet8 Dec 1852
Rogers, John1 Jan 1846
Rogers, John1 Apr 1846
Rogers, John3 Apr 1851
Rogers, L. M.4 Oct 1849
Rogers, Miss Margaret4 Apr 1850
Rogers, O. D. C.1 Jan 1846
Rogers, Rev. W. B.1 Jul 1846
Rogers, Simeon3 Jun 1852
Rogers, Wm. 4 Jan 1849
Rogers, Wm. S. S.4 Jan 1849
Rohle, Francis1 Jul 1847
Rohm, Richard3 Nov 1852German Letter
Rohm, Richard3 Nov 1852German Letter
Rohrman, H.1 Apr 1848
Roice, Justes3 Jan 1850
Roley, David9 Jan 1851
Roley, David3 Apr 1851
Rolla , Frederick3 Jun 1852
Rolle, Susanah8 Apr 1852
Rollinjaw, Charley4 Oct 1849
Rollins, David H.3 Oct 1850
Rolston, Clark1 Jan 1848
Ronda, Jacob4 Apr 1850
Rone, Saml.4 Mar 1852
Ronel, Mons. Nicols2 Oct 1851French Letter
Rooke, Dr. J. D.8 Sep 1852German Letter
Roop, Henry1 Jul 1848
Roop, Jos.1 Apr 1846
Roop, Joseph K.1 Jan 1847
Roop, Peter1 Oct 1847
Roop, Peter1 Jul 1848
Root, Abner5 Aug 1852
Root, Jas.1 Jul 1847
Root, Peter1 Apr 1846
Rorlard, Daniel4 Jul 1850German Letter
Rosch, Abraham1 Oct 1847
Rosche, D. M.4 Oct 1849
Rose, Allen T.8 Jan 1852
Rose, Antem8 Jan 1852
Rose, C. C.9 Jan 1851
Rose, C. F.8 Jan 1852
Rose, Christian3 Oct 1850
Rose, Christian1 Apr 1846
Rose, Christian1 Oct 1847German Letter
Rose, Cr.1 Jan 1846
Rose, Frederick8 Dec 1852German Letter
Rosena, Christian1 Jan 1847German Letter
Rosengheil?, A.4 Apr 1850
Rosenham, Henry8 Dec 1852
Rosenhart, Bertha3 Jan 1850
Rosenheim, Messrs. M. & J.4 Apr 1850
Rosenier, D. H.4 Jul 1850
Rosenthal, Albert8 Dec 1852
Rosentine, D. H.8 Dec 1852
Rosonhems?, Henry4 Apr 1850
Ross, Bernh H.8 Sep 1852German Letter
Ross, Beruh Heinr.3 Nov 1852German Letter
Ross, John3 Apr 1851
Ross, John3 Jun 1852
Ross, John1 Apr 1846
Ross, Levi3 Apr 1851
Ross, Miss Clara3 Oct 1850
Ross, Philander2 Oct 1851
Ross, William5 Aug 1852
Ross, Wm. F.1 Jul 1847
Rosseau, Robert3 Jun 1852
Rosseau, Robt.8 Jan 1852
Rossecker, Peter1 Jan 1848German Letter
Rosser, Isaiah4 Apr 1850
Rosser, J. & J.1 Jul 1848
Rosser, John5 Apr 1849
Rosser, John1 Jan 1847
Rosser, John8 Sep 1852
Rossington, Wm.1 Jul 1847
Roth, Antoin1 Jan 1848French Letter
Roth, Evan4 Apr 1850
Roth, Valentine1 Oct 1847German Letter
Rothman, Joseph3 Jul 1851
Rothman, Joseph3 Oct 1850
Rothman, Peter3 Jul 1851
Rothmann, Joseph4 Apr 1850
Rotseman, Joseph8 Apr 1852
Round, Rev. S. H.3 Jul 1851
Roup, Peter Jr.1 Jan 1847
Row, Miss Clarinda5 Apr 1849
Row, Mrs. Louisa1 Jul 1848
Rowan, A. T.1 Apr 1846
Rowan, Alexander9 Jan 1851
Rowand, Isaac8 Apr 1852
Rowe, Miss4 Jan 1849
Rowe, Richard1 Apr 1847
Rowell, H.5 Aug 1852
Rowly, Wm.4 Apr 1850
Roy, F.8 Apr 1852French Letter
Ro-y, John H.4 Mar 1852
Royce, Augustus1 Jul 1846
Royce, Augustus5 Apr 1849
Royce, Augustus1 Oct 1847
Royce, Augustus9 Jan 1851
Royce, F. N.9 Jan 1851
Royce, J. A.4 Apr 1850
Royce, J. A.4 Oct 1849
Royce, J. A.5 Apr 1849
Royce, J. A. Esq.1 Jul 1848
Royce, James A.4 Jan 1849
Royce, Jas.1 Jul 1847
Rozner, Christian1 Jul 1845Foreign Letter
Rubens, Henry1 Apr 1848
Ruces, Warren9 Jan 1851
Ruch, Charles9 Jan 1851German Letter
Ruch, Mrs. B.5 Jul 1849French Letter
Rucht, John1 Jul 1847German Letter
Ruck, Charles1 Jan 1848
Ruckman, J. W.3 Nov 1852
Rud, D. S.5 Aug 1852
Rud, Daniel5 Aug 1852
Ruder, James S.5 Aug 1852
Rudi, Christus9 Jan 1851German Letter
Ruff, Anthony 8 Apr 1852
Ruff, Anthony8 Sep 1852
Ruff, Anthony8 Jan 1852
Ruff, Anthony3 Apr 1851
Rugg, Levi4 Apr 1850
Ruggles, C.6 May 1852
Ruhling, James5 Feb 1852
Ruhn, Christian3 Oct 1850German Letter
Ruhn, Herr H.4 Jul 1850German Letter
Ruich, Mrs. Catharine1 Apr 1847
Ruins, Catp. Thos.9 Jan 1851
Ruke, Henry3 Apr 1851
RulCdge?, Wm.4 Jul 1850
Rule, Charles8 Sep 1852
Rule, Michael 1 Oct 1847German Letter
Ruley, A.9 Jan 1851
Ruly, Thos.5 Aug 1852
Runals, Mr.3 Apr 1851
Runals, R. E.4 Jan 1849
Rundles, P.4 Mar 1852
Runion, David1 Apr 1847
Runnels, Ben3 Jan 1850
Runnels, Benj. F.4 Apr 1850
Runnels, Westen3 Apr 1851
Runyan, P. L.5 Jul 1849
Runyan, S.3 Nov 1852
Ruppe, William1 Oct 1847German Letter
Rush, Allen1 Jan 1848
Rush, Chas.3 Jan 1850
Russaw, Robert8 Dec 1852
Russel, James8 Dec 1852
Russell, James4 Mar 1852
Russell, James5 Aug 1852
Russell, Malinda4 Jul 1850
Russell, Wm.9 Jan 1851
Rustker, John1 Apr 1848German Letter
Ruth, James1 Jul 1848
Ruth, James9 Jan 1851
Ruthven, Miss Thorburn3 Jun 1852
Rutledge, Wm.1 Apr 1848
Rutledge, Wm.4 Apr 1850
Rutledge, Wm.2 Oct 1851
Ruxx, George8 Apr 1852German Letter
Ruy, John1 Jan 1847
Ryan, Clement3 Jun 1852
Ryan, Edward4 Apr 1850
Ryan, James8 Dec 1852
Ryan, John1 Jan 1848
Ryan, Pat4 Apr 1850
Ryan, Patrick1 Oct 1847
Ryan, Patrick3 Oct 1850
Ryan, Patrick1 Jul 1846
Ryle, Thomas5 Apr 1849
Ryne, Wesley1 Jan 1848