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Unclaimed Letters

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Zander, George Casper5 Apr 1849German Letter
Zefler, George5 Apr 1849
Zegenfus, Peter5 Feb 1852German Letter
Zeigler, J.5 Aug 1852
Zekind, Chas.8 Apr 1852
Zekind, Chas.1 Apr 1847German Letter
Zent, Samuel H.1 Jan 1848
Zeuve-vouret, Madam3 Oct 1850French Letter
Zillers, George5 Jul 1849German Letter
Zimmer, Miss Mary8 Jan 1852
Zimmerman, Stephen 8 Sep 1852
Zoller, Geo.8 Apr 1852French Letter
Zoller, Mons Geo.9 Jan 1851French Letter
Zone, P.3 Apr 1851
Zorg, Capt. 1 Jan 1848German Letter
Zuif, Mons. Benjamin8 Jan 1852French Letter
Zwick, blank1 Apr 1848German Letter
Zwick, G.1 Jul 1847German Letter
Zwick, Wm.1 Jan 1848German Letter
Zyolleger, George8 Jan 1852German Letter