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Alumni Directory Index

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NameSchoolClass Year
Chadderdon, Donald R.North Side High School1935
Chadwick, BethSouth Side High School1939
Chadwick, ClarannSouth Side High School1951
Chaffin, Donald L.North Side High School1929
Chaffin, WallerNorth Side High School1931
Chalfant, LeeSouth Side High School1935
Chalfant, Mary AnnSouth Side High School1954
Challenger, MarySouth Side High School1932
Chalmers, DonaldSouth Side High School1945
Chamar, Ellen M.Elmhurst High School1980
Chamberlain, BenyNorth Side High School1943
Chamberlain, Brian L.Elmhurst High School1974
Chamberlain, David W.Elmhurst High School1977
Chamberlain, Paul R. (Paul)Elmhurst High School1967
Chamberlain, Rick A.Elmhurst High School1970
Chambers, Arthur J.South Side High School1973
Chambers, BerniceSouth Side High School1969
Chambers, Craig D.South Side High School1987
Chambers, David A.South Side High School1943
Chambers, EdwardSouth Side High School1967
Chambers, JamesSouth Side High School1970
Chambers, John A.South Side High School1986
Chambers, Joyce D.South Side High School1972
Chambers, LaDonnaElmhurst High School1999
Chambers, MarthaSouth Side High School1949
Chambers, MaryNorth Side High School1937
Chambers, Robert A.South Side High School1947
Chambers, Rusty D.South Side High School1977
Chambers, SarahSouth Side High School1971
Chambers, Tamara S. (T. Shyree)Elmhurst High School1995
Chambers, ThomasNorth Side High School1938
Chambers, Thomas D.Elmhurst High School1972
Chambers, Virginia L.Elmhurst High School1967
Chamness, Glenn M.South Side High School1972
Chamness, Harry L.South Side High School1939
Chamness, MikeSouth Side High School1972
Chamness, NevaSouth Side High School1970
Chamness, Philip A.South Side High School1968
Chamness, SandraSouth Side High School1965
Champe, MorrisNorth Side High School1932
Champlin, EvelynSouth Side High School1944
Champlin, HelenSouth Side High School1947
Champlin, IrisSouth Side High School1945
Chance, Tarine A.Elmhurst High School1994
Chandler, BettySouth Side High School1942
Chandler, BettySouth Side High School1945
Chandler, Brenda J.South Side High School1981
Chandler, Charles C.North Side High School1940
Chandler, DavidSouth Side High School1966
Chandler, David M.South Side High School1988
Chandler, EvelynSouth Side High School1937
Chandler, James P.South Side High School1985
Chandler, Joseph M.South Side High School1949
Chandler, KarenSouth Side High School1975
Chandler, Mildred B.North Side High School1935
Chandler, Mrs. CynthiaSouth Side High School1972
Chandler, Paul E.North Side High School1941
Chandler, Rita A.South Side High School1974
Chandler, SandraSouth Side High School1978
Chandler, Shelba J.Elmhurst High School1979
Chandler, SusanSouth Side High School1977
Chandler, TeresaSouth Side High School1979
Chandler, William H.North Side High School1940
Chandler-Daniels, Vivian M.South Side High School1975
Chaney, BruceSouth Side High School1960
Chaney, DonaldSouth Side High School1930
Chaney, Jim MontElmhurst High School1972
Chaney, Joseph L.South Side High School1970
Chaney, Kathleen N.South Side High School1968
Chaney, LindaSouth Side High School1962
Chaney, MarilynSouth Side High School1942
Chaney, Marsha.South Side High School1961
Chaney, Maurice WSouth Side High School1934
Chaney, MikeSouth Side High School1960
Chaney, ReneSouth Side High School1995
Chaney, Rhonda J.South Side High School1988
Chaney, RichardSouth Side High School1958
Chaney, TennisSouth Side High School1931
Chaney, Timothy (Tim)Elmhurst High School1976
Chang, RomanSouth Side High School1967
Channell, CarolSouth Side High School1965
Channell, CherylSouth Side High School1971
Chantaca, EdwardSouth Side High School1975
Chanthaphone, ChanhuaneSouth Side High School1992
Chanthaphone, KhamouanSouth Side High School1991
Chanthaphone, SomsanguaSouth Side High School1989
Chanthirath, KhantySouth Side High School1986
Chapin, SteveSouth Side High School1962
Chapla, VeraSouth Side High School1964
Chaplin, JamesSouth Side High School1947
Chaplin, RobertSouth Side High School1948
Chapman, Allon L.Elmhurst High School1971
Chapman, Alyssa ASouth Side High School1980
Chapman, AnthonySouth Side High School1990
Chapman, Billy J.North Side High School1938
Chapman, Christoph J.South Side High School1993
Chapman, Deborah A.Elmhurst High School1972
Chapman, Diane K.Elmhurst High School1964
Chapman, DonElmhurst High School1953
Chapman, Florence E.North Side High School1943
Chapman, Harold E.North Side High School1934
Chapman, Judith M.South Side High School1962
Chapman, KathrynSouth Side High School1926
Chapman, Kathryn M.Elmhurst High School1976
Chapman, MadalineSouth Side High School1967
Chapman, Malinda S.South Side High School1973
Chapman, Mary JoElmhurst High School1951
Chapman, PamElmhurst High School1961
Chapman, RobertSouth Side High School1970
Chapman, Ronald E.South Side High School1951
Chapman, Roselynn M.North Side High School1936
Chapman, SallySouth Side High School1958
Chapman, ShenittaElmhurst High School1998
Chapman, Stephen L.South Side High School1974
Chapman, Susan E.Elmhurst High School1967
Chapman, WilliamSouth Side High School1956
Chappell, Ina ClaireSouth Side High School1938
Chappell, JanetSouth Side High School1947
Chappell, RosemarySouth Side High School1936
Charieswooo, Thelma l.North Side High School1932
Charles, DeborahSouth Side High School1970
Charles, JohnSouth Side High School1966
Charlton, Al J.Elmhurst High School1976
Charlton, James D.South Side High School1974
Charnness, PhilipSouth Side High School1942
Chase, BarbaraSouth Side High School1955
Chase, David S.Elmhurst High School1967
Chase, M. LouSouth Side High School1957
Chase, SharonSouth Side High School1963
Chasey, JudsonSouth Side High School1970
Chasey, MarthaSouth Side High School1935
Chasey, MiloSouth Side High School1939
Chasey, PatrickSouth Side High School1965
Chatmon, Victor A.South Side High School1976
Chaudron, JudithSouth Side High School1963
Chavarria, EmanuelSouth Side High School1974
Chavarria, GinaSouth Side High School1975
Chavis, David E.Elmhurst High School1964
Chavis, William R., Jr.South Side High School1980
Chavis, William R., Sr., Dr.South Side High School1954
Cheever, Earl M., COL, USAFRSouth Side High School1944
Chelf, Jeffery A.Elmhurst High School1987
Chen, Anna M.South Side High School1960
Chen, Larry l.South Side High School1961
Chen, LolaSouth Side High School1967
Chen, SteveSouth Side High School1963
Chen, ThomasSouth Side High School1970
Cheney, Sharon LeeElmhurst High School1963
Chenoweth, AnnSouth Side High School1963
Chenoweth, ClarabelleSouth Side High School1935
Chenoweth, JamesSouth Side High School1966
Chenoweth, JaneSouth Side High School1943
Chenoweth, Mary K.South Side High School1931
Chenoweth, MildredSouth Side High School1927
Chenoweth, Roger L.South Side High School1978
Chenoweth, Sue A.South Side High School1972
Cherry, Diana L.Elmhurst High School1990
Cherry, NancySouth Side High School1943
Cherry, Sharon K.South Side High School1979
Chesney, Stephen A. (Steve)Elmhurst High School1997
Chester, Bradley P.South Side High School1994
Chester, Brenda K.South Side High School1980
Chester, Jason J.South Side High School1992
Chester, Lisa M.South Side High School1982
Chester, Steven L.South Side High School1972
Chesterman, James D.South Side High School1986
Chesterman, JohnSouth Side High School1968
Chesterman, John D.South Side High School1989
Chevalier, Arthur B., DDSSouth Side High School1939
Chevalier, Muriel AnneElmhurst High School1967
Chi, JamesSouth Side High School1960
Chicovsky, ChrlstopherSouth Side High School1944
Chicovsky, Dorothy N.South Side High School1953
Chiddister, BettyElmhurst High School1945
Chidester, DeanSouth Side High School1965
Chidester, JohnSouth Side High School1939
Chidester, MarjorieSouth Side High School1932
Chilcote, Brenda D.Elmhurst High School1991
Chilcote, Don E.Elmhurst High School1942
Chilcote, HollyElmhurst High School1982
Chilcote, Irene M.Elmhurst High School1970
Chilcote, Richard H. (Dick)Elmhurst High School1947
Childers, CatherineSouth Side High School1927
Childers, Harold RichardSouth Side High School1965
Childers, Jack D.North Side High School1938
Childers, Jo EllenElmhurst High School1970
Childers, Lila L.North Side High School1944
Childers, MichaelSouth Side High School1966
Childers, Ora J.Elmhurst High School1986
Childers, RobertSouth Side High School1943
Childers, StevenSouth Side High School1967
Childs, Jeffrey O.South Side High School1974
Childs, Richard W.North Side High School1937
Chilton, Brian L.Elmhurst High School1980
Chin, James Y.South Side High School1983
Chin, Jerry YSouth Side High School1982
Chin, John Y.South Side High School1977
Chin, Joseph Y.South Side High School1976
Chin, Terease Y.South Side High School1974
Chipko, BeverlySouth Side High School1967
Chipko, Marilyn K.South Side High School1972
Chipman, Cheryl A.Elmhurst High School1970
Chivington, Ruth I.Elmhurst High School1952
Chrisman, DorothyNorth Side High School1940
Chrismon, Kendall D.South Side High School1994
Christ, Angela R.Elmhurst High School1979
Christ, BorisSouth Side High School1946
Christ, EleanoraSouth Side High School1943
Christ, LaVerneSouth Side High School1950
Christ, MichaelSouth Side High School1970
Christ, MikeElmhurst High School1980
Christ, Patricia A.South Side High School1954
Christ, VirginiaSouth Side High School1949
Christen, Charlotte E.North Side High School1943
Christen, Jack R.South Side High School1959
Christen, JerrySouth Side High School1954
Christen, Linda A.South Side High School1985
Christen, MariaSouth Side High School1982
Christen, NormanSouth Side High School1926
Christen, RobertSouth Side High School1927
Christen, Stephen P.South Side High School1988
Christen, VirginiaSouth Side High School1934
Christensen, DainSouth Side High School1970
Christensen, J. ScottSouth Side High School1981
Christensen, Jon WSouth Side High School1976
Christensen, PaulSouth Side High School1973
Christensen, Robert S.South Side High School1974
Christensen, Stanley R.North Side High School1931
Christian, ClaraSouth Side High School1955
Christianson, Dawn R.Elmhurst High School1983
Christianson, Sandra K.Elmhurst High School1983
Christie, Bernard C.North Side High School1934
Christie, BobbieElmhurst High School1961
Christie, Dana B., Jr.Elmhurst High School1968
Christie, George B.Elmhurst High School1967
Christie, Jack W. North Side High School1932
Christie, Kenneth J.South Side High School1983
Christie, MargaretElmhurst High School1942
Christie, Mary JaneSouth Side High School1939
Christie, NancyElmhurst High School1950
Christie, Ru1hElmhurst High School1963
Christie, Ruth A.North Side High School1940
Christie, ShirleyElmhurst High School1957
Christie, Stephen D.South Side High School1985
Christie, SusieElmhurst High School1959
Christie, ThelmaSouth Side High School1932
Christie, Virginia M.South Side High School1930
Christie, WayneSouth Side High School1935
Christie, William J.Elmhurst High School1969
Christlieb, Bobby L.Elmhurst High School1989
Christlieb, Danny W.Elmhurst High School1986
Christlieb, Edwin VictorSouth Side High School1958
Christlieb, Homer H.North Side High School1936
Christlieb, JamesSouth Side High School1967
Christlieb, RobertSouth Side High School1961
Christlieb, SandraSouth Side High School1962
Christlieb, Sectt C.Elmhurst High School1984
Christman, CynthiaSouth Side High School1962
Christman, DeborahElmhurst High School1970
Christman, Edwin R.Elmhurst High School1982
Christman, EileenSouth Side High School1942
Christman, Elaine M.Elmhurst High School1972
Christman, JudithSouth Side High School1958
Christman, LawrenceSouth Side High School1961
Christman, MaxineElmhurst High School1976
Christman, SharonSouth Side High School1958
Christoff, CarrieElmhurst High School1971
Christoff, FlorenceSouth Side High School1972
Christoff, JohnSouth Side High School1944
Christoff, John J.Elmhurst High School1963
Christoff, JosephSouth Side High School1947
Christoff, NicholasElmhurst High School1945
Christoff, TomElmhurst High School1949
Christoff, VioletSouth Side High School1951
Christoffersen, RebekahSouth Side High School1970
Christoffersen, Ronald R.South Side High School1943
Christon, AndrewSouth Side High School1964
Christon, RonaldSouth Side High School1966
Christoph, ShirleySouth Side High School1946
Christy, Kevin F.Elmhurst High School1976
Chronister, Andrew D. (Andy)Elmhurst High School1997
Chronister, Ricky J.Elmhurst High School1995
Chrzan, David M.Elmhurst High School1976
Chrzan, FranklinNorth Side High School1938
Chrzan, Herbert S.North Side High School1940
Chrzan, KarenElmhurst High School1971
Chrzan, Raymond E.North Side High School1944
Chudyk, MelElmhurst High School1961
Church, Cozette S.South Side High School1992
Church, Leroy J.Elmhurst High School1987
Church, Richard L.North Side High School1944
Church, Robbin R.Elmhurst High School1991
Church, ThomasSouth Side High School1930
Church, Tinnetta M.South Side High School1990
Church, Tisa M.Elmhurst High School1989
Church, TomSouth Side High School1960
Church, WilliamSouth Side High School1952
Churchill, Mellany F.South Side High School1979
Churchill, ThomasSouth Side High School1959
Churchward, Bill W.Elmhurst High School1942
Churchward, Charles F.Elmhurst High School1959
Churchward, Crystal A.Elmhurst High School1965
Churchward, Dan L.Elmhurst High School1967
Churchward, David AllenElmhurst High School1956
Churchward, EdnaElmhurst High School1943
Churchward, Eugene (Jeep)Elmhurst High School1941
Churchward, JimElmhurst High School1936
Churchward, JoanneElmhurst High School1969
Churchward, John C.Elmhurst High School1959
Churchward, LeanneElmhurst High School1998
Churchward, LindaSouth Side High School1965
Churchward, Lindsay J.Elmhurst High School1996
Churchward, LorraineElmhurst High School1953
Churchward, Mike C.Elmhurst High School1965
Churchward, Paul A.Elmhurst High School1955
Churchward, Rita B.Elmhurst High School1938
Churchward, Robert E.Elmhurst High School1968
Churchward, RyanElmhurst High School2000
Churchward, SteveElmhurst High School1964
Churchward, Steven E.Elmhurst High School1984
Churchward, SusanElmhurst High School1945
Churchward, VictorSouth Side High School1963

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