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Alumni Directory Index

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NameSchoolClass Year
Flager, Anita SueElmhurst High School1963
Flagg, Sonya R.South Side High School1963
Flagg, VirginiaSouth Side High School1961
Flaig, ArnoldSouth Side High School1939
Flaig, DavidSouth Side High School1961
Flaig, Debbe J.Elmhurst High School1970
Flaig, Dennis R.South Side High School1965
Flaig, FloydSouth Side High School1931
Flaig, HelenSouth Side High School1936
Flaig, JuneSouth Side High School1941
Flaig, MarieSouth Side High School1934
Flaig, MarilynSouth Side High School1958
Flanagan, John L.Elmhurst High School1969
Flanagan, Timothy M.Elmhurst High School1984
Flanders, P. D. (Flip)North Side High School1943
Flanery, Lucia A.South Side High School1985
Flanery, Marvin L.Elmhurst High School1979
Flanery, Marvin, IIIElmhurst High School2000
Flanery, Tina M.South Side High School1984
Flanigan, BeverlySouth Side High School1964
Flanigan, David L.South Side High School1962
Flannagan, KarenSouth Side High School1965
Flaugh, Charles E.Elmhurst High School1958
Flaugh, JackSouth Side High School1960
Flaugh, Jason E.Elmhurst High School1998
Flaugh, Joyce A.South Side High School1959
Flaugh, JuneSouth Side High School1958
Flaugh, OrenSouth Side High School1927
Flaugh, StanleyElmhurst High School1950
Fleck, Dorothy L.North Side High School1934
Fleck, JoanSouth Side High School1977
Fleck, June K.Elmhurst High School1970
Fleck, Todd J.South Side High School1986
Fleckenstein, JanetElmhurst High School1977
Fleckenstein, MatthElmhurst High School2000
Fleckenstein, Paul P.Elmhurst High School1972
Fleek, Alan L.Elmhurst High School1970
Fleenery, Dennis G.Elmhurst High School1963
Fleischer, FrankSouth Side High School1950
Fleishman, FrancesSouth Side High School1957
Fleming, CaroleSouth Side High School1952
Fleming, David R.South Side High School1964
Fleming, JackSouth Side High School1932
Fleming, NancySouth Side High School1971
Fleming, RobertSouth Side High School1926
Fleming, Tom A.South Side High School1967
Fleming, VirginiaSouth Side High School1940
Flener, Ken A., Jr.Elmhurst High School1968
Flennery, Michael J.Elmhurst High School1967
Fletcher, Amanda N.Elmhurst High School1995
Fletcher, AmyElmhurst High School1998
Fletcher, Bartlett N. (Bart)Elmhurst High School1982
Fletcher, DarleneSouth Side High School1973
Fletcher, DianeSouth Side High School1947
Fletcher, DougElmhurst High School1981
Fletcher, J.South Side High School1937
Fletcher, JamesSouth Side High School1965
Fletcher, James C., Jr.North Side High School1938
Fletcher, JeanSouth Side High School1951
Fletcher, Jeffery A. (Fletch), Jr.Elmhurst High School1993
Fletcher, LavonSouth Side High School1923
Fletcher, PamelaSouth Side High School1969
Fletcher, PearlinaSouth Side High School1925
Fletcher, Timmy A.Elmhurst High School1976
Fletcher, Trudy A.Elmhurst High School1989
Fletter, Bruce D.South Side High School1975
Fletter, CarolSouth Side High School1954
Fletter, Laura E.South Side High School1975
Fletter, Luke J.South Side High School1974
Fletter, MarieSouth Side High School1959
Flickinger, AnnSouth Side High School1963
Flickinger, BarbElmhurst High School1965
Flickinger, Betty F.North Side High School1939
Flickinger, BillElmhurst High School1971
Flickinger, DanielSouth Side High School1969
Flickinger, Donna P.Elmhurst High School1967
Flickinger, Ray W.North Side High School1939
Flickinger, Rhea V. North Side High School1936
Flickinger, RonSouth Side High School1960
Flickinger, Thomas F. (Tom)Elmhurst High School1968
Flickinger, WilburNorth Side High School1933
Flightner, NedSouth Side High School1947
Flightner, SusanSouth Side High School1958
Flinn, RhondaSouth Side High School1971
Flinn, SharonSouth Side High School1966
Flint, Margie A.Elmhurst High School1978
Flint, MarthaSouth Side High School1945
Fllchak, James A. (Drew)Elmhurst High School1980
Floering, ArthurSouth Side High School1930
Flohr, BeckyElmhurst High School1969
Flohr, JaneElmhurst High School1970
Flohr, RonnaElmhurst High School1968
Flood, BeverlySouth Side High School1960
Flook, April L.South Side High School1992
Floor, D. HopeElmhurst High School1966
Floor, JoanElmhurst High School1965
Flora, Dan L.South Side High School1974
Florence, Mary A.South Side High School1942
Florence, Mary JaneSouth Side High School1926
Florent, CharlesSouth Side High School1927
Flores, Carmen L.Elmhurst High School1984
Flores, Juan T, Jr.South Side High School1990
Flores, RosemaryElmhurst High School1985
Flosenzier, PatSouth Side High School1943
Flotow, Belinda A.Elmhurst High School1984
Flotow, David R.South Side High School1987
Flotow, DiannElmhurst High School1971
Flotow, James W.Elmhurst High School1980
Flotow, Joel W.Elmhurst High School1978
Flotow, John W.Elmhurst High School1976
Flotow, Michael G.South Side High School1982
Flottemesch, Anne L.South Side High School1964
Flottemesch, EdwardSouth Side High School1966
Flowers, AllanSouth Side High School1960
Flowers, BarbaraSouth Side High School1948
Flowers, CharlotteSouth Side High School1951
Flowers, DwightSouth Side High School1957
Flowers, Jane L.Elmhurst High School1991
Flowers, JohnSouth Side High School1981
Flowers, Lavonne M.North Side High School1936
Flowers, Lloyd W.South Side High School1955
Flowers, SherrySouth Side High School1989
Flowers, TrinaSouth Side High School1982
Floyd, Elizabeth J.South Side High School1987
Floyd, Jessica C.Elmhurst High School1996
Floyd, KatherineSouth Side High School1933
Floyd, Lisa A.South Side High School1981
Floyd, MichelleElmhurst High School1997
Floyd, PeggySouth Side High School1962
Floyd, Robert P.South Side High School1984
Flueckiger, MindaSouth Side High School1933
FluHrow, Cristy R.Elmhurst High School1993
Fluttrow, Cindy A.South Side High School1989
Flye, MarjorieSouth Side High School1973
Flynn, DannySouth Side High School1960
Flynn, Jason R.South Side High School1993
Flynn, ShariElmhurst High School1974

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