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Alumni Directory Index

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NameSchoolClass Year
Jeanneret, BarbaraSouth Side High School1944
Jeffe, Ana CarolElmhurst High School1990
Jefferies, AudreySouth Side High School1939
Jefferies, Betty J.North Side High School1939
Jefferies, Helen M.North Side High School1941
Jefferies, John L.North Side High School1942
Jefferies, Linda L.South Side High School1981
Jefferies, Norma R.North Side High School1944
Jefferis, JohnSouth Side High School1932
Jefferson, StephenSouth Side High School1971
Jefferson, Stewart A.South Side High School1987
Jefferson, Susanne G.South Side High School1973
Jeffrey, Donna R.South Side High School1950
Jeffrey, JeanSouth Side High School1952
Jeffrey, Michael R.Elmhurst High School1975
Jeffrey, Rose M.Elmhurst High School1973
Jeffries, ClaraSouth Side High School1935
Jeffries, Daniel M.South Side High School1977
Jeffries, LucilleSouth Side High School1945
Jehl, ClemSouth Side High School1962
Jehl, Daniel J.Elmhurst High School1977
Jehl, Gregg A.Elmhurst High School1985
Jehl, Laurie M.Elmhurst High School1983
Jehl, PamelaElmhurst High School1980
Jehl, Rebecca L.Elmhurst High School1988
Jeihooni, MahdiehElmhurst High School1996
Jeihooni, MersedehElmhurst High School1998
Jekel, CarolSouth Side High School1960
Jellison, Charles S.South Side High School1960
Jellison, IsabelSouth Side High School1932
Jellison, Kevin D.Elmhurst High School1976
Jellison, KimElmhurst High School1975
Jellison, Larry E.South Side High School1974
Jellison, LindenSouth Side High School1968
Jellison, Lisa L.South Side High School1978
Jenkins, AnnElmhurst High School1959
Jenkins, BettySouth Side High School1935
Jenkins, BonnieElmhurst High School1952
Jenkins, ByronSouth Side High School1982
Jenkins, Daniel E.Elmhurst High School1963
Jenkins, Frances EloiseSouth Side High School1932
Jenkins, Fred E.Elmhurst High School1947
Jenkins, Gail O.South Side High School1972
Jenkins, George R.South Side High School1974
Jenkins, Getania Y.South Side High School1990
Jenkins, Gregory P.Elmhurst High School1977
Jenkins, JackSouth Side High School1933
Jenkins, Jack T.Elmhurst High School1968
Jenkins, James P.Elmhurst High School1987
Jenkins, JonSouth Side High School1954
Jenkins, JudithElmhurst High School1975
Jenkins, JudithElmhurst High School1983
Jenkins, Justin D.North Side High School1932
Jenkins, MarySouth Side High School1958
Jenkins, Mary E.Elmhurst High School1941
Jenkins, Max E.North Side High School1942
Jenkins, Max E., Jr.Elmhurst High School1969
Jenkins, Otis K.Elmhurst High School1991
Jenkins, Owen E.South Side High School1939
Jenkins, PatriciaElmhurst High School1947
Jenkins, Patsy A.Elmhurst High School1967
Jenkins, RexSouth Side High School1946
Jenkins, RichardSouth Side High School1949
Jenkins, RobertElmhurst High School1962
Jenkins, Ruth T.North Side High School1940
Jenkins, SharonElmhurst High School1969
Jenkins, Stacey M.South Side High School1988
Jenkins, SueSouth Side High School1950
Jenkins, Theodore G.Elmhurst High School1975
Jenkins, ThomasSouth Side High School1979
Jenkins, Tracey M.South Side High School1988
Jenkins, ViolaSouth Side High School1966
Jenkins, YvetteSouth Side High School1984
Jenne, Donald E.North Side High School1944
Jenney, Larry L.South Side High School1947
Jenney, Norma J.South Side High School1948
Jennings, AlbertSouth Side High School1976
Jennings, Bruce RElmhurst High School1967
Jennings, CherylElmhurst High School1975
Jennings, Dennis K.Elmhurst High School1970
Jennings, Ethel L.North Side High School1934
Jennings, Gabriel A.South Side High School1993
Jennings, Herbert V.North Side High School1938
Jennings, JanetElmhurst High School1968
Jennings, JeanElmhurst High School1949
Jennings, JohnSouth Side High School1931
Jennings, JohnSouth Side High School1936
Jennings, NoelNorth Side High School1936
Jennings, RuthNorth Side High School1939
Jennings, SandraElmhurst High School1965
Jennings, Sierra R.South Side High School1995
Jennison, JennyElmhurst High School1998
Jensen, Bryan P.Elmhurst High School1995
Jensen, Carl LarsSouth Side High School1951
Jensen, Chad F.Elmhurst High School1998
Jensen, ClaytonSouth Side High School1939
Jensen, Erlene (Shorty)South Side High School1952
Jensen, MargaretSouth Side High School1941
Jensen, MarianneSouth Side High School1974
Jensen, MichaelSouth Side High School1968
Jensen, Timothy J.South Side High School1977
Jereissati, Thais A.Elmhurst High School1992
Jernigan, RexSouth Side High School1971
Jerraid, TracyElmhurst High School1999
Jerrey, MikeElmhurst High School1975
Jerry, SandySouth Side High School1973
Jesse, BettySouth Side High School1940
Jesse, BobSouth Side High School1947
Jesse, DorothySouth Side High School1933
Jesse, HelenSouth Side High School1930
Jessup, ArnoldSouth Side High School1932
Jessup, Charles E.South Side High School1933
Jessup, CharlotteSouth Side High School1934
Jessup, CherylSouth Side High School1966
Jessup, John R.Elmhurst High School1971
Jessup, JulieElmhurst High School1971
Jessup, RickSouth Side High School1970
Jessup, Sharon K.South Side High School1967
Jester, Rita L.South Side High School1981
Jett, Everett L. (Jett)Elmhurst High School1960
Jett, Patricia A.Elmhurst High School1963
Jett, Paula M.South Side High School1981
Jett, Richard A., Jr.Elmhurst High School1958
Jewel, FraserElmhurst High School1980
Jewel, Russell ToddElmhurst High School1989
Jewel, StephenSouth Side High School1966
Jewel, ThomasSouth Side High School1968
Jewell, Debbie J.Elmhurst High School1972
Jewell, ElbertSouth Side High School1973
Jewell, LindaElmhurst High School1964
Jewell, LuanneElmhurst High School1962
Jewell, Odessa P.Elmhurst High School1984
Jewell, SuzanneElmhurst High School1962
Jewell, Walden, JrElmhurst High School1985
Jewett, H. DwightSouth Side High School1979
Jewett, Teresa A.South Side High School1982

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