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Alumni Directory Index

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NameSchoolClass Year
Roach, AlysonElmhurst High School1976
Roach, ArtafaeSouth Side High School1939
Roach, DamianSouth Side High School1986
Roach, Darren L.South Side High School1988
Roach, Darwin E.South Side High School1990
Roach, Erik C.Elmhurst High School1991
Roach, Mary AnnSouth Side High School1964
Roach, Rachel L.Elmhurst High School1988
Roach, StevenSouth Side High School1965
Roach, Susan I.South Side High School1968
Roach, William H.North Side High School1935
Roadcap, Roy R.South Side High School1938
Roadcap, RuthSouth Side High School1936
Roark, JoyceSouth Side High School1952
Roark, Norman G.South Side High School1950
Robart, PeulNorth Side High School1937
Robart, PhyllisNorth Side High School1938
Robathan, Gladys M.North Side High School1935
Robathan, Thelma L.North Side High School1933
Robb, Eugene L.North Side High School1935
Robb, LoriElmhurst High School1954
Robb, Norma E.North Side High School1944
Robbins, GwenSouth Side High School1945
Robbins, James A.Elmhurst High School1964
Robbins, JimElmhurst High School1955
Robbins, Nina B.Elmhurst High School1973
Robbins, Sharon L.Elmhurst High School1970
Robbins, YolandaSouth Side High School1968
Robers, Gary D.Elmhurst High School1964
Robers, Greg P.Elmhurst High School1966
Roberson, DebraElmhurst High School1972
Roberson, Diane K.Elmhurst High School1979
Roberson, JanisSouth Side High School1973
Roberson, Matthew S.Elmhurst High School1999
Roberson, ThelrnaSouth Side High School1939
Robert, HansenSouth Side High School1964
Roberts, Amy E.South Side High School1981
Roberts, Betty J.North Side High School1937
Roberts, BillElmhurst High School1959
Roberts, Bradley A.Elmhurst High School1995
Roberts, Brenda D.Elmhurst High School1979
Roberts, Brenda L.Elmhurst High School1977
Roberts, Bruce A.Elmhurst High School1967
Roberts, Carol D.South Side High School1986
Roberts, ConnieSouth Side High School1966
Roberts, DebraElmhurst High School1973
Roberts, Donna l.South Side High School1949
Roberts, E. AnnSouth Side High School1971
Roberts, EffieSouth Side High School1935
Roberts, Ethel W.Elmhurst High School1994
Roberts, GwendolynSouth Side High School1939
Roberts, HaroldSouth Side High School1936
Roberts, HeatherSouth Side High School1989
Roberts, J. Michael, SSGT, USAFSouth Side High School1988
Roberts, J. WilliamElmhurst High School1969
Roberts, Jeffrey D.South Side High School1977
Roberts, Jennifer J.South Side High School1982
Roberts, JerrySouth Side High School1967
Roberts, JoanElmhurst High School1961
Roberts, Jodi P.South Side High School1977
Roberts, John M.South Side High School1984
Roberts, John V.North Side High School1942
Roberts, JudithSouth Side High School1955
Roberts, Kalherine J.South Side High School1978
Roberts, KatherineSouth Side High School1963
Roberts, Kathy S.South Side High School1979
Roberts, Kelli L.South Side High School1975
Roberts, Kenneth E.Elmhurst High School1978
Roberts, Larry A.Elmhurst High School1969
Roberts, Lois I.South Side High School1981
Roberts, Marilyn J.North Side High School1941
Roberts, MarionSouth Side High School1927
Roberts, MarySouth Side High School1935
Roberts, MikeSouth Side High School1969
Roberts, PhyllisSouth Side High School1945
Roberts, R. ElizabethNorth Side High School1935
Roberts, RichardNorth Side High School1940
Roberts, Richard E.South Side High School1976
Roberts, Sara E.South Side High School1987
Roberts, Shawn D.Elmhurst High School1987
Roberts, SheilaElmhurst High School1980
Roberts, ShirleySouth Side High School1947
Roberts, Steven G.South Side High School1967
Roberts, SybilSouth Side High School1969
Roberts, Theodore A.South Side High School1988
Roberts, ThomasSouth Side High School1965
Roberts, Thomas C.South Side High School1983
Roberts, Thomas M.Elmhurst High School1972
Roberts, TimolhyElmhurst High School1980
Roberts, TracyElmhurst High School1996
Roberts, TrudySouth Side High School1954
Roberts, Vicki M.Elmhurst High School1979
Roberts, Warren K.Elmhurst High School1975
Roberts, WilliamSouth Side High School1930
Robertscn, EstherElmhurst High School1934
Robertscn, MauriceElmhurst High School1937
Robertson, AnnSouth Side High School1970
Robertson, Bradley L.South Side High School1990
Robertson, Chandra L.South Side High School1990
Robertson, Douglas WSouth Side High School1991
Robertson, Elizabeth J.Elmhurst High School1932
Robertson, FrankSouth Side High School1926
Robertson, James R.Elmhurst High School1973
Robertson, JayElmhurst High School1933
Robertson, Jay L.Elmhurst High School1944
Robertson, KennethSouth Side High School1947
Robertson, MarySouth Side High School1959
Robertson, NancySouth Side High School1952
Robertson, Ron R.Elmhurst High School1991
Robertson, SandraSouth Side High School1971
Robertson, Tanya S.Elmhurst High School1994
Robertson, Thomas V.South Side High School1965
Robinett, SteveSouth Side High School1973
Robinette, Robert FranklinSouth Side High School1934
Robinette, RoxannElmhurst High School1961
Robinson, Carla S.South Side High School1974
Robinson, CharlesSouth Side High School1960
Robinson, Chris G.South Side High School1989
Robinson, David W.North Side High School1942
Robinson, Debra L.South Side High School1976
Robinson, Diane MElmhurst High School1983
Robinson, Donald H.North Side High School1934
Robinson, EstherSouth Side High School1929
Robinson, Florence E.North Side High School1938
Robinson, Floyd (Le Roy)North Side High School1937
Robinson, Frank, ODSouth Side High School1974
Robinson, Gary A.Elmhurst High School1969
Robinson, Gary A.Elmhurst High School1980
Robinson, Grady E.South Side High School1990
Robinson, Harold E.North Side High School1943
Robinson, HelenSouth Side High School1960
Robinson, JackNorth Side High School1936
Robinson, JacquelynSouth Side High School1945
Robinson, James ThomasElmhurst High School1979
Robinson, Jason C.South Side High School1993
Robinson, Jerry L.South Side High School1980
Robinson, JohnSouth Side High School1957
Robinson, John W, Jr.North Side High School1930
Robinson, Johnnie A.South Side High School1980
Robinson, Joseph E.Elmhurst High School1980
Robinson, JudithSouth Side High School1960
Robinson, KarenElmhurst High School1974
Robinson, KeithSouth Side High School1931
Robinson, Keith D.Elmhurst High School1985
Robinson, LauraElmhurst High School1975
Robinson, Lee V.Elmhurst High School1974
Robinson, LeroyNorth Side High School1937
Robinson, LindaSouth Side High School1969
Robinson, Louise H.Elmhurst High School1971
Robinson, Lynda K.South Side High School1976
Robinson, MarjorieNorth Side High School1937
Robinson, MichaelSouth Side High School1977
Robinson, Michael L.South Side High School1980
Robinson, MiltonSouth Side High School1992
Robinson, NancySouth Side High School1949
Robinson, NancySouth Side High School1963
Robinson, Natasha C.South Side High School1991
Robinson, Pamela K.South Side High School1977
Robinson, PeggySouth Side High School1956
Robinson, PhyllisSouth Side High School1932
Robinson, RichardSouth Side High School1964
Robinson, Robert North Side High School1936
Robinson, RobertSouth Side High School1941
Robinson, Robert D.South Side High School1960
Robinson, Shalon T.Elmhurst High School1994
Robinson, Shawn T.South Side High School1995
Robinson, Steven A., Sr.South Side High School1966
Robinson, SusanSouth Side High School1964
Robinson, SusanElmhurst High School1971
Robinson, Tammy J.South Side High School1988
Robinson, Tempa M.South Side High School1982
Robinson, Thomas B.South Side High School1959
Robinson, TomSouth Side High School1952
Robinson, Virginia A.North Side High School1944
Robinson, WayneSouth Side High School1933
Robinson, Wayne L.North Side High School1933
Robinson, WendySouth Side High School1983
Robinson, Willie J.South Side High School1982
Robison, Amanda C.Elmhurst High School2000
Robison, Larry G.Elmhurst High School1978
Robison, NormanElmhurst High School1975
Robison, Robert R.North Side High School1941
Robison, William H., Jr.North Side High School1943
Robles, AbelElmhurst High School1964
Robles, AlexElmhurst High School1963
Robles, Emilio G.Elmhurst High School1990
Robles, EstherSouth Side High School1969
Robles, FredElmhurst High School1972
Robles, Jesse J.South Side High School1979
Robles, JohnElmhurst High School1961
Robles, Martin D.South Side High School1981
Robles, MarySouth Side High School1962
Robles, RubenElmhurst High School1967
Robles, Samuel C.Elmhurst High School1966
Robles, SylviaSouth Side High School1961
Robson, ArthurSouth Side High School1966
Robson, JaniceSouth Side High School1964
Robson, RuthSouth Side High School1953
Roby, Chris E.Elmhurst High School1980
Roby, Cynthia L.Elmhurst High School1982
Roby, GarrySouth Side High School1963
Roby, Jeff A.Elmhurst High School1978
Roby, Michele S.Elmhurst High School1988
Roby, Stephen EmersonElmhurst High School1968
Roche, Mary JaneNorth Side High School1936
Roche, RoyNorth Side High School1935
Rochford, KimberlyElmhurst High School1998
Rocke, CarolSouth Side High School1964
Rockey, Christa C.South Side High School1990
Rockey, David A.Elmhurst High School1971
Rockey, Donna J.Elmhurst High School1964
Rockey, Frederick W. (Fred)Elmhurst High School1961
Rockey, Janie E.Elmhurst High School1972
Rockey, Marilyn J.South Side High School1948
Rockey, Steve E.South Side High School1981
Rockey, Todd V.South Side High School1993
Rockhill, CorreneSouth Side High School1946
Rockhill, MarilynSouth Side High School1948
Rockhill, MarjorieSouth Side High School1954
Rockstroh, Phillip G.Elmhurst High School1975
Rodabaugh, JackSouth Side High School1927
Rodahaver,Orba-GloryiaNorth Side High School1942
Roddel, A. LeRoySouth Side High School1958
Roddel, James A.South Side High School1984
Roddel, PatriciaSouth Side High School1956
Roddel, SteveSouth Side High School1981
Roddy, Michael L.Elmhurst High School1992
Roddy, SuzetteElmhurst High School1973
Rodebaugh, BillieSouth Side High School1923
Rodebaugh, MyronSouth Side High School1934
Rodemeyer, Alice F.North Side High School1941
Rodemeyer, James Q.North Side High School1939
Rodenbeck, Amy M.South Side High School1982
Rodenbeck, Arthur C.North Side High School1936
Rodenbeck, CarlSouth Side High School1934
Rodenbeck, DanSouth Side High School1965
Rodenbeck, DavidSouth Side High School1963
Rodenbeck, DonaldSouth Side High School1949
Rodenbeck, DorothySouth Side High School1946
Rodenbeck, GermaineNorth Side High School1943
Rodenbeck, Howard W.North Side High School1938
Rodenbeck, JaniceSouth Side High School1967
Rodenbeck, Kenneth E. (Rusty)South Side High School1945
Rodenbeck, Kirk M.South Side High School1977
Rodenbeck, MarciaSouth Side High School1962
Rodenbeck, MarkSouth Side High School1966
Rodenbeck, Mark J.South Side High School1981
Rodenbeck, PhilSouth Side High School1960
Rodenbeck, RichardSouth Side High School1952
Rodenbeck, SteveElmhurst High School1972
Rodenbeck, Thomas S.South Side High School1978
Roderick, DaveSouth Side High School1960
Rodewald, Beth ASouth Side High School1976
Rodewald, DavidSouth Side High School1970
Rodewald, DebSouth Side High School1973
Rodewald, Elyce D.South Side High School1977
Rodewald, Kenneth G.South Side High School1952
Rodewald, Stanley J.South Side High School1945
Rodey, CharlesSouth Side High School1943
Rodey, CynthiaElmhurst High School1974
Rodey, KimElmhurst High School1974
Rodey, MarilynSouth Side High School1957
Rodgers, Dorothea J.North Side High School1942
Rodgers, Helen L.North Side High School1940
Rodgers, June G.North Side High School1931
Rodgers, Walter J.North Side High School1933
Rodriguez, Carolyn (Lola)South Side High School1941
Rodriguez, Cynthia A.Elmhurst High School1977
Rodriguez, Elsa M.Elmhurst High School1979
Rodriguez, HectorSouth Side High School1970
Rodriguez, Hector S.South Side High School1980
Rodriguez, James S.South Side High School1979
Rodriguez, Jeffrey D.Elmhurst High School1997
Rodriguez, Jorge L.South Side High School1981
Rodriguez, Karla J.Elmhurst High School1991
Rodriguez, LoriElmhurst High School1978
Rodriguez, MarianneElmhurst High School1979
Rodriguez, PhillipElmhurst High School1998
Rodriguez, RadamezElmhurst High School1989
Rodriguez, Ramiro A.Elmhurst High School1988
Rodriguez, RaquelElmhurst High School1992
Rodriguez, RaulElmhurst High School1987
Rodriguez, RubyElmhurst High School2000
Rodriquez, James E.South Side High School1972
Rodriquez, Juan, Jr.South Side High School1940
Rodriquez, Rita R.Elmhurst High School1983
Rodriquez, TerrySouth Side High School1971
Roe, AliceElmhurst High School1954
Roe, BarbaraSouth Side High School1965
Roe, BetsySouth Side High School1951
Roe, CoraElmhurst High School1968
Roe, DianeSouth Side High School1956
Roe, DonaldSouth Side High School1942
Roe, FrancisSouth Side High School1942
Roe, Frank D.South Side High School1980
Roe, Kenneth W.Elmhurst High School1962
Roe, LeonardSouth Side High School1945
Roe, Leslie A.Elmhurst High School1962
Roe, LillianSouth Side High School1938
Roe, StephanieSouth Side High School1961
Roebel, Colleen K.South Side High School1972
Roebel, Donna JeanSouth Side High School1952
Roebel, Jack E.South Side High School1968
Roebel, K. JaneSouth Side High School1931
Roebel, MarianSouth Side High School1941
Roebel, RuthSouth Side High School1933
Roebel, SuzanneSouth Side High School1943
Roebel, William F.South Side High School1965
Roebke, PaulSouth Side High School1965
Roebuck, Beth A.South Side High School1987
Roebuck, Harry 0., Jr.North Side High School1941
Roebuck, Phyllis L.North Side High School1940
Roebuck, Wesley N.North Side High School1942
Roeger, Bryan G.Elmhurst High School1983
Roeger, Warren C.South Side High School1945
Roehling, PatriciaSouth Side High School1951
Roehm, CaroleElmhurst High School1955
Roehm, DorothySouth Side High School1945
Roehm, Frederick C.South Side High School1977
Roehm, Glen E.South Side High School1976
Roehm, KarenSouth Side High School1961
Roehm, Lisa A.South Side High School1980
Roehm, Ms. MargaretSouth Side High School1970
Roehm, NancySouth Side High School1970
Roehm, RhondaSouth Side High School1963
Roehm, Robert E.South Side High School1973
Roehm, Robert E. (Bob)Elmhurst High School1946
Roehm, SusanSouth Side High School1967
Roehm, TeresaSouth Side High School1978
Roehrs, Carol I.Elmhurst High School1963
Roehrs, CharlotteSouth Side High School1930
Roehrs, MarianSouth Side High School1938
Roembke, CarolSouth Side High School1950
Roembke, LeonardSouth Side High School1958
Roembke, NathanSouth Side High School1958
Roembke, NicholasSouth Side High School1960
Roembke, Paul F.South Side High School1946
Roemer, CharlesSouth Side High School1964
Roemer, Sue A.South Side High School1963
Roemer, Vincent A.Elmhurst High School1991
Roemke, MaryanneElmhurst High School1945
Roemke, MichaelSouth Side High School1957
Roese, F. RichardSouth Side High School1930
Roese, JaniceSouth Side High School1964
Roesener, Barbara A.Elmhurst High School1972
Roesener, Dale W.Elmhurst High School1975
Roessner, WalterSouth Side High School1940
Rogan, Suzzette R.Elmhurst High School1982
Rogers, Amy L.South Side High School1977
Rogers, Anne L.South Side High School1988
Rogers, AnthonySouth Side High School1971
Rogers, BetteSouth Side High School1964
Rogers, Brian L.Elmhurst High School1994
Rogers, Brian S.South Side High School1993
Rogers, Dale D.Elmhurst High School1941
Rogers, Danny D.Elmhurst High School1976
Rogers, Donald W.North Side High School1941
Rogers, Donna A.South Side High School1984
Rogers, Doug W.Elmhurst High School1972
Rogers, Elizabeth A.South Side High School1974
Rogers, FredrickSouth Side High School1973
Rogers, GeorgeSouth Side High School1936
Rogers, Grady E.Elmhurst High School1983
Rogers, JackSouth Side High School1942
Rogers, John W.Elmhurst High School1970
Rogers, JudithSouth Side High School1964
Rogers, Karen A.Elmhurst High School1988
Rogers, Kevin A.Elmhurst High School1988
Rogers, Lagronia A.Elmhurst High School1987
Rogers, Lashun A.Elmhurst High School1987
Rogers, Madeline A.Elmhurst High School1988
Rogers, Marcus L.Elmhurst High School1991
Rogers, MargaretSouth Side High School1960
Rogers, Mark A.South Side High School1982
Rogers, Michael D.South Side High School1986
Rogers, Nanette S.South Side High School1982
Rogers, Paul HenryElmhurst High School1967
Rogers, PhilipSouth Side High School1945
Rogers, Phillip H.South Side High School1992
Rogers, Rebecca L.Elmhurst High School1975
Rogers, Reginald D.Elmhurst High School1991
Rogers, RobertSouth Side High School1971
Rogers, ShirleySouth Side High School1943
Rogers, ThomasSouth Side High School1965
Rogers, William E.South Side High School1979
Rogers, William H.South Side High School1966
Rohland, Elizabeth M.North Side High School1929
Rohleder, James A, CPASouth Side High School1973
Rohleder, JeffreySouth Side High School1975
Rohleder, John A.South Side High School1972
Rohleder, Julie ASouth Side High School1973
Rohlfing, WandaSouth Side High School1941
Rohn, Bruce, Jr.South Side High School1965
Rohrbach, DorothySouth Side High School1939
Rohrbach, Linda J.Elmhurst High School1966
Rohrbaugh, BettySouth Side High School1948
Rohrbaugh, Helen B.South Side High School1946
Rohrbaugh, RuthSouth Side High School1933
Rohrer, EleanorSouth Side High School1935
Rohrer, JamesSouth Side High School1971
Rohrer, John C.South Side High School1969
Rohrer, MarjorieSouth Side High School1938
Rohyans, MargieSouth Side High School1944
Roland, CharlesSouth Side High School1986
Roland, CurtisSouth Side High School1987
Rolape, ThornasSouth Side High School1943
Rolf, MarshaSouth Side High School1960
Rolf, Maryl.North Side High School1932
Rolf, Norman (Ted)South Side High School1964
Rolf, Norman T. North Side High School1935
Rolf, PhyllisSouth Side High School1942
Rolf, RamonSouth Side High School1945
Rolf, RandallSouth Side High School1970
Rolf, VelmaSouth Side High School1927
Rolf, WayneSouth Side High School1936
Roller, LawrenceSouth Side High School1938
Roller, Mary MElmhurst High School1942
Rollings, John R.Elmhurst High School1959
Rollings, Peggy J.Elmhurst High School1958
Rollins, JackSouth Side High School1944
Rollins, Kimberly K.Elmhurst High School1980
Roloff, HelenSouth Side High School1935
Roman, Alan J.Elmhurst High School1964
Roman, AnnetteElmhurst High School1968
Roman, MarkSouth Side High School1978
Romanowski, BarbaraSouth Side High School1950
Romanowski, HowardSouth Side High School1960
Romary, DonnaSouth Side High School1946
Romary, Joseph F.Elmhurst High School1979
Rombke, Paul L.North Side High School1943
Romero, AlejandroSouth Side High School1990
Romero, JaimeSouth Side High School1984
Romero, Jose L.South Side High School1995
Romero, RaulSouth Side High School1987
Romero, SergioSouth Side High School1994
Romey, Byron D.Elmhurst High School1964
Romey, Carl E.Elmhurst High School1967
Romey, DarwinSouth Side High School1964
Romey, Doris G.Elmhurst High School1937
Romey, E. EugeneElmhurst High School1934
Romey, MaryElmhurst High School1942
Romey, PaulSouth Side High School1961
Romey, R. DaleElmhurst High School1939
Romey, VirginiaNorth Side High School1940
Romick, Aileen L.North Side High School1937
Romine, FernNorth Side High School1931
Romine, Judith L.South Side High School1952
Romines, BrendaElmhurst High School1971
Romines, Harold J.Elmhurst High School1972
Romy, MarieSouth Side High School1935
Ronan, BarbaraSouth Side High School1959
Rondot, James S.South Side High School1962
Rondot, Jeanne L.South Side High School1964
Rondot, Jo AnnSouth Side High School1955
Rondot, John D.South Side High School1958
Rondot, Joseph M.Elmhurst High School1974
Rondot, JoyceSouth Side High School1960
Rondot, JudySouth Side High School1957
Rondot, Lois M.North Side High School1942
Rondot, MarileeElmhurst High School1969
Rondot, RitaElmhurst High School1973
Rondot, Sally A.South Side High School1960
Rondot, Steven A.Elmhurst High School1967
Rondot, Suzanne K.Elmhurst High School1970
Rood, Andrew D.South Side High School1992
Rood, WinchesterSouth Side High School1956
Roof, Debra K.Elmhurst High School1970
Roof, Karen A.Elmhurst High School1972
Roof, MarvinSouth Side High School1949
Roof, RoselynSouth Side High School1955
Roof, Texas K.Elmhurst High School1956
Rooks, JenniferSouth Side High School1986
Roop, Christopher W.Elmhurst High School1986
Roop, DaveSouth Side High School1934
Roop, EarlSouth Side High School1935
Roop, LindaElmhurst High School1965
Roop, Mary K.Elmhurst High School1975
Roop, Rebecca L. (Backy)Elmhurst High School1969
Roop, Timothy J.Elmhurst High School1977
Roop, Timothy M.Elmhurst High School1988
Roos, Douglas A.South Side High School1976
Roose, BettySouth Side High School1937
Roose, JoanSouth Side High School1939
Root, FaymaSouth Side High School1926
Root, Lois B.South Side High School1958
Root, MaxineNorth Side High School1936
Root, Wesley E., MDSouth Side High School1959
Ropa, HowardSouth Side High School1932
Ropa, Richard C.North Side High School1943
Ropa, Thomas M. (Mike)South Side High School1965
Roper, Lyle W.North Side High School1938
Rorick, Bryan K.Elmhurst High School1989
Rork, Anthony R., Jr.Elmhurst High School1993
Rork, Dawn R.South Side High School1991
Rork, Donald M.Elmhurst High School1994
Rork, Misty R.South Side High School1988
Rosales, Miguel A.Elmhurst High School1987
Rosales, Sofia V.Elmhurst High School1989
Rose, BettyNorth Side High School1932
Rose, BettySouth Side High School1935
Rose, CalvinSouth Side High School1942
Rose, ChristineSouth Side High School1970
Rose, ChristineElmhurst High School1998
Rose, DavidSouth Side High School1956
Rose, Delbert E.South Side High School1938
Rose, DianeSouth Side High School1971
Rose, ElizabethSouth Side High School1934
Rose, ElizabethSouth Side High School1940
Rose, EvelynSouth Side High School1930
Rose, James E.Elmhurst High School1974
Rose, James R.South Side High School1972
Rose, Janet L.Elmhurst High School1971
Rose, JerrySouth Side High School1951
Rose, JoanneSouth Side High School1963
Rose, JohnSouth Side High School1969
Rose, Karen B.South Side High School1972
Rose, LaurieSouth Side High School1973
Rose, Linda K.South Side High School1976
Rose, MarilynSouth Side High School1945
Rose, Marilyn LeeSouth Side High School1942
Rose, MarjorieSouth Side High School1935
Rose, Mary L.North Side High School1933
Rose, Maureen E.South Side High School1976
Rose, Melvin, Jr.Elmhurst High School1961
Rose, Merrilly J.Elmhurst High School1966
Rose, Michael DElmhurst High School1993
Rose, Michele K.South Side High School1975
Rose, Ms. ReneeSouth Side High School1977
Rose, Nancy L.South Side High School1961
Rose, PatElmhurst High School1971
Rose, PaulaElmhurst High School1969
Rose, RogerElmhurst High School1980
Rose, RuthSouth Side High School1936
Rose, Sam W.South Side High School1945
Rose, SharonSouth Side High School1948
Rose, SusanSouth Side High School1966
Rose, TedSouth Side High School1940
Rose, Theodore F.South Side High School1941
Rose, VirginiaSouth Side High School1963
Rose, WendellSouth Side High School1960
Roseberry, TerrySouth Side High School1966
Roseberry, Windy S.South Side High School1993
Rosen, Larry A.South Side High School1975
Rosen, Steven E., ODSouth Side High School1973
Rosenbaum, John R.Elmhurst High School1972
Rosenbaum, Vicky A.Elmhurst High School1975
Rosencrance, MarySouth Side High School1943
Rosencrance, NancySouth Side High School1945
Rosenfeld, Gregory E.Elmhurst High School1990
Rosenogle, Wayne S.Elmhurst High School1994
Rosenthal, Edward C.North Side High School1935
Rosenthal, KennethSouth Side High School1945
Rosenthal, MarshallSouth Side High School1936
Roser, Anita L.Elmhurst High School1956
Roser, JohnElmhurst High School1956
Roser, Marilyn C.Elmhurst High School1954
Roser, Paul E.Elmhurst High School1950
Roser, Steven A. (Steve)Elmhurst High School1963
Ross, Andy D.Elmhurst High School1985
Ross, B. StevenElmhurst High School1965
Ross, BarbaraSouth Side High School1964
Ross, Barbara E.South Side High School1968
Ross, Barry P.Elmhurst High School1985
Ross, Carl W.Elmhurst High School1955
Ross, Carolyn KaySouth Side High School1966
Ross, CynthiaElmhurst High School1976
Ross, DanSouth Side High School1966
Ross, Dean C.Elmhurst High School1982
Ross, DonaldNorth Side High School1941
Ross, HelenSouth Side High School1939
Ross, Ilene M.South Side High School1988
Ross, James WElmhurst High School1973
Ross, JanetSouth Side High School1955
Ross, JudithSouth Side High School1966
Ross, JulieElmhurst High School1976
Ross, KennethSouth Side High School1936
Ross, KristinElmhurst High School1988
Ross, Laura H.Elmhurst High School1991
Ross, Laura L.Elmhurst High School1983
Ross, LindaSouth Side High School1967
Ross, LouisaSouth Side High School1959
Ross, Mark E.Elmhurst High School1967
Ross, P. EileenNorth Side High School1940
Ross, PatriclaElmhurst High School1980
Ross, Randall P.Elmhurst High School1977
Ross, Ricky G.South Side High School1975
Ross, RobertSouth Side High School1961
Ross, Ronald L. (Ron)Elmhurst High School1970
Ross, Sandra A.Elmhurst High School1978
Ross, ShirleySouth Side High School1957
Ross, Sonia A.Elmhurst High School1946
Ross, StevenSouth Side High School1968
Ross, Teresa L.Elmhurst High School1970
Rosse, Kevin D.South Side High School1980
Rosse, Lashonda D.South Side High School1992
Rosselot, JamesNorth Side High School1943
Rosselot, Jean L.North Side High School1939
Rosselot, MichaelSouth Side High School1965
Rossener, Allred S.North Side High School1942
Rossetter, Mary North Side High School1936
Rossetter, SamElmhurst High School1966
Rossington, Deborah R.South Side High School1975
Rossington, Richard V.North Side High School1942
Rossiter, ElizabethSouth Side High School1946
Rossiter, MarvinNorth Side High School1940
Rossiter, RobertSouth Side High School1955
Rostin, MattSouth Side High School1988
Rotch, DennisElmhurst High School1962
Roth, Anna MarieSouth Side High School1944
Roth, BarbaraSouth Side High School1942
Roth, Betty M.North Side High School1944
Roth, BillSouth Side High School1973
Roth, Bonnie M.Elmhurst High School1967
Roth, BruceSouth Side High School1965
Roth, CarolSouth Side High School1955
Roth, CarolynElmhurst High School1951
Roth, CheryleElmhurst High School1971
Roth, Curt L.Elmhurst High School1976
Roth, Dave E.South Side High School1977
Roth, David M.South Side High School1940
Roth, Doug L.Elmhurst High School1979
Roth, Edmund A., Jr.North Side High School1935
Roth, EdwardSouth Side High School1948
Roth, Eileen V.North Side High School1941
Roth, ElaineSouth Side High School1949
Roth, Elwood K.North Side High School1942
Roth, EvansSouth Side High School1946
Roth, Gregg D.Elmhurst High School1977
Roth, JamesSouth Side High School1935
Roth, JamesSouth Side High School1959
Roth, James WSouth Side High School1938
Roth, JaniceElmhurst High School1964
Roth, Jeffrey A.South Side High School1962
Roth, John E.Elmhurst High School1954
Roth, John G.North Side High School1943
Roth, John S.South Side High School1965
Roth, Joseph S.South Side High School1959
Roth, Kendrick L.South Side High School1943
Roth, MarilynSouth Side High School1963
Roth, MarilynnSouth Side High School1951
Roth, Mary E.Elmhurst High School1979
Roth, Mary J.North Side High School1941
Roth, MaxineSouth Side High School1936
Roth, Melissa K.Elmhurst High School1998
Roth, P. DanielSouth Side High School1947
Roth, PeggySouth Side High School1944
Roth, Robert L.North Side High School1938
Roth, SharonSouth Side High School1969
Roth, Stacey S.Elmhurst High School1997
Roth, Timothy L. (Tim)Elmhurst High School1981
Roth, WilliamSouth Side High School1942
Rothberg, DaveSouth Side High School1957
Rothberg, Deborah A.South Side High School1966
Rothberg, DickSouth Side High School1960
Rothberg, ManuelSouth Side High School1936
Rothberg, SandySouth Side High School1967
Rothenbuhler, Ellen E.Elmhurst High School1955
Rothenbuhler, LynnElmhurst High School1954
Rothert, FrederickSouth Side High School1965
Rothert, LarshSouth Side High School1950
Rothert, Paul P., COLSouth Side High School1922
Rothert, SusanSouth Side High School1959
Rothert, William C.South Side High School1957
Rothgeb, Joyce AnnSouth Side High School1961
Rothman, NathanElmhurst High School1998
Rothschild, Madelon J.South Side High School1937
Rotruck, Cheryl A.Elmhurst High School1972
Rotruck, DeniseElmhurst High School1968
Rotruck, Jeffery C.Elmhurst High School1971
Rouch, Blanch E.North Side High School1932
Rouch, Cynthia J.South Side High School1974
Rouch, Evelyn J.North Side High School1940
Rouch, MahlonSouth Side High School1949
Rouch, MarilynSouth Side High School1948
Roudebush, DorothySouth Side High School1936
Rough, Sally E.South Side High School1978
Rouns, Adam D.Elmhurst High School1996
Rouns, Chad G.Elmhurst High School1991
Rouse, CarolynElmhurst High School1981
Rouse, Patricia A.Elmhurst High School1984
Rouse, Richard J.Elmhurst High School1982
Rouse, Sandra D.Elmhurst High School1980
Rouse, Taneka L.South Side High School1994
Roush, EstherSouth Side High School1926
Roush, Grady K.South Side High School1990
Roush, James E. (Jim)Elmhurst High School1982
Roush, MadgeSouth Side High School1927
Roush, NilaSouth Side High School1968
Rousseau, BethElmhurst High School1933
Rousseau, Delilah A.North Side High School1935
Rousseau, Elaine W.Elmhurst High School1961
Rousseau, John W.North Side High School1942
Rousseau, Joyce E.Elmhurst High School1965
Rousseau, Mark O.Elmhurst High School1958
Rousseau, Susan F., MSWSouth Side High School1961
Routhier, James R.Elmhurst High School1968
Routhier, RitaElmhurst High School1971
Rowan, JamesElmhurst High School1939
Rowan, Marjone A.North Side High School1944
Rowe, Bernice L.North Side High School1933
Rowe, Betsy C.South Side High School1991
Rowe, Dana N.South Side High School1974
Rowe, Douglas D.South Side High School1983
Rowe, Gloria J.Elmhurst High School1981
Rowe, James S.South Side High School1974
Rowe, Jerry M.South Side High School1975
Rowe, Joshua T.South Side High School1993
Rowe, Marlena G.Elmhurst High School1982
Rowe, Norman E.South Side High School1989
Rowe, OeeAnnSouth Side High School1979
Rowe, RobertSouth Side High School1968
Rowe, SallySouth Side High School1950
Rowe, ShelleySouth Side High School1973
Rowe, SteveSouth Side High School1965
Rowe, Teresa S.South Side High School1975
Rowe, Warren R.Elmhurst High School1941
Rowe, WilliamSouth Side High School1967
Rowe, William W.Elmhurst High School1938
Rowland, Charles A.South Side High School1984
Rowland, Gregory W.South Side High School1985
Rowland, KathleenElmhurst High School1973
Rowland, Leslie K.South Side High School1983
Rowland, Thelma B.North Side High School1935
Rowles, Juanita PElmhurst High School1987
Rowles, RobertSouth Side High School1970
Rowlett, Christophar N.Elmhurst High School1989
Rowlett, Daniel J.Elmhurst High School1986
Rowley, BruceSouth Side High School1967
Rowley, GayleneSouth Side High School1960
Rowley, George M.South Side High School1970
Rowley, James J.Elmhurst High School1971
Rowley, MarilynSouth Side High School1958
Rowley, Matthew ESouth Side High School1991
Rowley, PatriciaSouth Side High School1947
Rowley, ReginaSouth Side High School1935
Roy, CarmelSouth Side High School1943
Roy, EthelElmhurst High School1954
Roy, Jennifer L.Elmhurst High School1991
Roy, Kathleen M.Elmhurst High School1984
Roy, Marie B.Elmhurst High School1955
Roy, Robert M.Elmhurst High School1987
Roy, ShirleySouth Side High School1951
Roy, ThomasSouth Side High School1940
Royal, CarlettaSouth Side High School1971
Royce, Brian L.South Side High School1979
Royce, GloriaSouth Side High School1954
Royer, Eugene D.North Side High School1939
Royer, Fred E.Elmhurst High School1963
Royer, NancyElmhurst High School1966
Royer, WalterElmhurst High School1975
Royse, Donald H.North Side High School1940
Royse, GwenSouth Side High School1956
Royse, John R.North Side High School1940
Royse, KathleenSouth Side High School1973
Royse, KatieElmhurst High School1976
Royse, Kay E.South Side High School1978
Royse, LynnSouth Side High School1970
Royse, Mark R.South Side High School1979
Royse, Ruth A.North Side High School1944
Rozeen, MarkSouth Side High School1970
Rozelle, GregorySouth Side High School1964
Rozelle, JamesSouth Side High School1967
Rozelle, Michael R.South Side High School1974
Rozier, DaisySouth Side High School1955
Rozier, Kim L.South Side High School1980

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