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Alumni Directory Index

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NameSchoolClass Year
Spacke, Cuba J.North Side High School1938
Spahr, Deloras I. North Side High School1928
Spahr, PhyllisElmhurst High School1957
Spahr, Richard D.Elmhurst High School1956
Spaletta, Lisa A.Elmhurst High School1982
Spaletta, William J. (Bill), Jr.Elmhurst High School1980
Spallone, LeonardSouth Side High School1943
Spang, CindyElmhurst High School1972
Spangle, BettySouth Side High School1932
Spangle, CherylSouth Side High School1964
Spangle, Dorothy M.North Side High School1943
Spangle, EdithSouth Side High School1934
Spangle, ElizabethSouth Side High School1950
Spangle, Hilda MargaretSouth Side High School1938
Spangle, JimSouth Side High School1949
Spangle, Warren R.South Side High School1943
Spangler, Harold, Jr.South Side High School1944
Spaning, Margaret A. North Side High School1935
Spanley, GloriaSouth Side High School1942
Spanley, John J.North Side High School1929
Spanley, RobertSouth Side High School1935
Sparks, ClarenceSouth Side High School1969
Sparks, Gale A.Elmhurst High School1971
Sparks, MarySouth Side High School1945
Sparling, JenniferElmhurst High School2000
Sparling, John B.North Side High School1940
Sparling, Rebecca L.Elmhurst High School1999
Spasoff, ShirleyElmhurst High School1955
Spath, GloriaElmhurst High School1969
Spath, James N.Elmhurst High School1966
Spaulding, Betty M.North Side High School1944
Spaulding, Emma R.North Side High School1942
Spaulding, Mark E.Elmhurst High School1983
Spaulding, Mary W. North Side High School1933
Spaw, EileenSouth Side High School1955
Spaw, FrankSouth Side High School1957
Spaw, Jerry L.South Side High School1958
Spaw, Laryn L.Elmhurst High School1980
Spaw, PatSouth Side High School1968
Spaw, RichardSouth Side High School1934
Spaw, Stephen J.South Side High School1961
Spaw, SusanElmhurst High School1964
Spayde, Ralph L.South Side High School1936
Speaker, BentonSouth Side High School1930
Speaker, ThomasSouth Side High School1931
Speakman, Pamela L.Elmhurst High School1983
Spear, AnnSouth Side High School1968
Spear, BarrieSouth Side High School1963
Spear, Jack K.Elmhurst High School1979
Spear, Margaret E.Elmhurst High School1972
Spear, Martha A.South Side High School1965
Spear, Paul H.South Side High School1930
Spear, RuthSouth Side High School1930
Spear, Sheila D.Elmhurst High School1984
Spearman, Denice M.South Side High School1982
Spearman, Tamika M.South Side High School1994
Spearman, YvetteSouth Side High School1988
Spears, Brad J.Elmhurst High School1982
Spears, Donald GeorgeSouth Side High School1943
Spears, EricElmhurst High School1973
Spears, James G.Elmhurst High School1972
Spears, JohnSouth Side High School1946
Spears, John, Jr.South Side High School1970
Spears, Juliette J.South Side High School1968
Spears, Mark W.Elmhurst High School1975
Spears, MikeSouth Side High School1973
Spears, Paul DavidSouth Side High School1957
Spears, Sarah ESouth Side High School1989
Spears, Sue AnnSouth Side High School1949
Spears, VickiSouth Side High School1969
Specht, DonaldElmhurst High School1954
Specht, Dorothy V.Elmhurst High School1954
Specht, Joseph P (Joe)Elmhurst High School1953
Speck, JamesSouth Side High School1960
Speck, Ruth A.Elmhurst High School1970
Speck, Sandy K.,South Side High School1959
Speckman, AlbertSouth Side High School1942
Speckman, BettySouth Side High School1943
Speckman, EdnaSouth Side High School1930
Speelmon, Marc B.South Side High School1959
Speelmon, Richard G.South Side High School1945
Speheger, DoloresSouth Side High School1943
Speicher, TerrySouth Side High School1968
Speith, Tammy L.South Side High School1986
Spelman, Alice J.Elmhurst High School1942
Spence, CeceliaElmhurst High School1992
Spence, CheriElmhurst High School1978
Spence, Curlie M.Elmhurst High School1988
Spence, GwendolynElmhurst High School1972
Spence, Jimel R.Elmhurst High School1993
Spence, JimmieSouth Side High School1970
Spence, Latrece D.Elmhurst High School1994
Spence, Lorene A.Elmhurst High School1994
Spence, SharonElmhurst High School1979
Spencer, Becky J.South Side High School1973
Spencer, ConnieSouth Side High School1964
Spencer, EileenSouth Side High School1949
Spencer, Frances I.North Side High School1933
Spencer, John B.South Side High School1938
Spencer, JoyceSouth Side High School1936
Spencer, KennethSouth Side High School1954
Spencer, L. DianSouth Side High School1961
Spencer, Marla E.Elmhurst High School1966
Spencer, MaxSouth Side High School1939
Spencer, RichardSouth Side High School1960
Spencer, RobertSouth Side High School1958
Spencer, Robert E., Jr.North Side High School1944
Spencer, SylviaSouth Side High School1958
Spencer, Teresa K.South Side High School1978
Spenn, CarolElmhurst High School1968
Spenn, KathleenElmhurst High School1971
Spenn, Robert H.Elmhurst High School1935
Spenny, David B.South Side High School1981
Spenny, Linda A.South Side High School1979
Spenny, Philip D.South Side High School1977
Sperone, Kenneth J.Elmhurst High School1975
Sperone, Thomas A.Elmhurst High School1978
Sperr, Edward J.North Side High School1944
Spew, Sandra K.Elmhurst High School1966
Spice, Alana L.Elmhurst High School1986
Spice, Calvin L.Elmhurst High School1972
Spice, CharlesNorth Side High School1935
Spice, Charlotte E.North Side High School1930
Spice, DarleneElmhurst High School1956
Spice, Deborah A.South Side High School1983
Spice, DonaldSouth Side High School1930
Spice, Donna M.South Side High School1984
Spice, DorothyElmhurst High School1934
Spice, DustinElmhurst High School1998
Spice, Henry L.Elmhurst High School1939
Spice, James L. (Jim)Elmhurst High School1987
Spice, JennieNorth Side High School1931
Spice, Jerry L.Elmhurst High School1961
Spice, KathyElmhurst High School1965
Spice, Louis E.North Side High School1942
Spice, Peggy A.South Side High School1985
Spice, Rawlin T. North Side High School1931
Spice, RichardElmhurst High School2000
Spice, Roger D.Elmhurst High School1966
Spice, RoseannElmhurst High School1970
Spice, William H.South Side High School1981
Spicer, JohnSouth Side High School1965
Spicer, KarlSouth Side High School1930
Spicer, Lora L.South Side High School1986
Spicer, Willie M.Elmhurst High School1965
Spiece, Ethie L.South Side High School1934
Spiegel, BarbaraSouth Side High School1945
Spiegel, ByronSouth Side High School1934
Spiegel, Margaret E.South Side High School1930
Spiegel, Mary N.South Side High School1942
Spiegel, Ruth AnnNorth Side High School1941
Spielman, Kim M.Elmhurst High School1971
Spiers, Barbara L.South Side High School1962
Spiers, GregorySouth Side High School1968
Spieth, DarrellSouth Side High School1970
Spiker, Keith E.South Side High School1940
Spiker, Kenneth R.South Side High School1944
Spiller, Todd A.Elmhurst High School1969
Spillers, Judy K.Elmhurst High School1970
Spillers, K. C.Elmhurst High School1972
Spillers, Michelle R.Elmhurst High School1984
Spillers, Patrick J. (Pat)Elmhurst High School1986
Spillers, Patti L.Elmhurst High School1968
Spillers, Ronald L.Elmhurst High School1966
Spillers, Ronda S.Elmhurst High School1981
Spillers, YvonneSouth Side High School1965
Spillner, Cindy A.South Side High School1974
Spillner, DeborahSouth Side High School1972
Spillner, DorothySouth Side High School1940
Spillner, Gary P.South Side High School1978
Spillner, HermanSouth Side High School1938
Spillson, Jon H.South Side High School1973
Spillson, KaylaSouth Side High School1968
Spillson, Mark A.J.South Side High School1981
Spillson, Nicholas J., IISouth Side High School1983
Spillson, Nike J.South Side High School1970
Spindler, ArlouSouth Side High School1953
Spindler, JoyceSouth Side High School1964
Spindler, JuliaSouth Side High School1944
Spindler, MarySouth Side High School1961
Spindler, SuzanneSouth Side High School1956
Spindler, William E.South Side High School1960
Spinner, Chris D.Elmhurst High School1988
Spitler, C. EdwardNorth Side High School1932
Spitler, Michael R.South Side High School1977
Spitler, RichardElmhurst High School1948
Spitler, Sally A.Elmhurst High School1968
Spitler, William A.South Side High School1984
Spittler, Betty J.North Side High School1943
Spivey, DorothySouth Side High School1971
Spoerhase, A. RichardElmhurst High School1974
Spoerhase, Arthur R.Elmhurst High School1941
Spoerhase, Winrrred E.Elmhurst High School1934
Sponhauer, Mary L.North Side High School1937
Spore, JoAnnSouth Side High School1943
Spore, JohnSouth Side High School1951
Spore, Kimberly A.Elmhurst High School1985
Spore, La VoniaSouth Side High School1940
Spore, LaurabelleSouth Side High School1933
Spore, Rosemary JeanneSouth Side High School1942
Spore, WahillaSouth Side High School1943
Spradlin, LornaSouth Side High School1962
Spraggins, Alfred L.South Side High School1991
Sprague, CindyElmhurst High School1964
Sprague, Dan AElmhurst High School1968
Sprague, FloydSouth Side High School1944
Sprague, JulieSouth Side High School1989
Sprague, Kim M.South Side High School1974
Sprague, Marcia A.Elmhurst High School1956
Sprague, NancyElmhurst High School1968
Sprague, Norman L.Elmhurst High School1958
Sprague, Victoria M.South Side High School1985
Sprague, Wayne A.Elmhurst High School1948
Sprandel, DonElmhurst High School1968
Sprandel, Jim A.Elmhurst High School1966
Sprandel, Tom G.Elmhurst High School1964
Sprandel, WalterSouth Side High School1932
Spranger, Jackie L.South Side High School1978
Spranger, Mike A.South Side High School1980
Spranger, Ronda J.South Side High School1979
Spray, PhilSouth Side High School1962
Spreen, Rick J.South Side High School1972
Springer, Alice M.Elmhurst High School1951
Springer, Ann M.South Side High School1940
Springer, Anne S.Elmhurst High School1980
Springer, ArleneElmhurst High School1949
Springer, BerniceSouth Side High School1937
Springer, BonnieElmhurst High School1960
Springer, Bruce L.Elmhurst High School1969
Springer, Callie B.South Side High School1970
Springer, CarlElmhurst High School1938
Springer, Carl EdwardElmhurst High School1979
Springer, CharlesSouth Side High School1933
Springer, CharlesElmhurst High School1977
Springer, CliffordSouth Side High School1942
Springer, David S.Elmhurst High School1979
Springer, DoyleSouth Side High School1939
Springer, EdwardElmhurst High School1948
Springer, ElizabethSouth Side High School1969
Springer, EllenElmhurst High School1982
Springer, IIlana M.South Side High School1978
Springer, James E.Elmhurst High School1959
Springer, Janene M.Elmhurst High School1976
Springer, JeanSouth Side High School1948
Springer, Jennifer LSouth Side High School1977
Springer, Jerry W.Elmhurst High School1959
Springer, JudithElmhurst High School1954
Springer, Judy K.Elmhurst High School1962
Springer, La DonnaNorth Side High School1939
Springer, Landa J.South Side High School1989
Springer, MargaretSouth Side High School1930
Springer, Mike L.Elmhurst High School1970
Springer, Neil A.Elmhurst High School1956
Springer, OpalSouth Side High School1943
Springer, PhyllisSouth Side High School1959
Springer, RodneySouth Side High School1958
Springer, Ross E.Elmhurst High School1958
Springer, Stephen RichardElmhurst High School1964
Springer, SusanSouth Side High School1961
Springer, Terry L.Elmhurst High School1970
Springer, Thelma L.Elmhurst High School1974
Springer, Tim A.Elmhurst High School1970
Springer, Timothy E.Elmhurst High School1977
Springer, Ursa ISouth Side High School1932
Springer, VercilSouth Side High School1940
Springer, WalterSouth Side High School1979
Springer, WilburSouth Side High School1935
Sprinkle, DebraSouth Side High School1987
Sprinkle, DeniseSouth Side High School1987
Sprinkle, GlenSouth Side High School1931
Sprinkle, Morris, RPhSouth Side High School1941
Sprinkle, Robert J.South Side High School1985
Sproul, Shayne B.Elmhurst High School1996
Sprouls, Julie D.Elmhurst High School1989
Sprouls, Matthew D.Elmhurst High School1986
Sprow, RichardElmhurst High School1965
Sprowl, EvelynNorth Side High School1933
Sprtler, Steve AllenElmhurst High School1969
Sprunger, BeverlySouth Side High School1943
Sprunger, Blanchard L.South Side High School1938
Sprunger, CarolynSouth Side High School1954
Sprunger, Dwane L.South Side High School1981
Sprunger, GloriaSouth Side High School1955
Sprunger, Gloria J.North Side High School1943
Sprunger, JaniceSouth Side High School1942
Sprunger, JanisSouth Side High School1964
Sprunger, Kathleen J.South Side High School1976
Sprunger, Keith WSouth Side High School1970
Sprunger, KentSouth Side High School1968
Sprunger, LaDonna M.South Side High School1947
Sprunger, LorenSouth Side High School1942
Sprunger, Michael D.South Side High School1995
Sprunger, NancySouth Side High School1963
Sprunger, NeilElmhurst High School1955
Sprunger, NobleSouth Side High School1926
Sprunger, Norma JeanSouth Side High School1940
Sprunger, Paul L.South Side High School1983
Sprunger, PhyllisSouth Side High School1940
Sprunger, RoyleSouth Side High School1932
Sprunger, RuthSouth Side High School1963
Sprunger, SharonSouth Side High School1958
Sprunger, StanElmhurst High School1961
Sprunger, StevenSouth Side High School1972
Sprunger, VirginiaSouth Side High School1939
Sprunger, WalterSouth Side High School1945
Spuhler, Eileen E.North Side High School1941
Spuhler, Judith A.Elmhurst High School1962
Spuhler, Mildred E.North Side High School1937
Spuller, JamesSouth Side High School1958
Spuller, JaniceSouth Side High School1962
Spurgeon, Daun L.South Side High School1980
Spurgeon, DennySouth Side High School1978
Spurgeon, Dwane L.South Side High School1981
Spurgeon, Paul L.South Side High School1983
Spurling, Betty J.North Side High School1938
Spurlock, ConnieElmhurst High School1966
Spurlock, Eugenia FElmhurst High School1973
Spurlock, KristineSouth Side High School1968
Spy res, DeanneSouth Side High School1974
Spyres, TresaSouth Side High School1977

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