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Alumni Directory Index

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NameSchoolClass Year
Veale, G. KurtElmhurst High School1972
Veale, Vance E.Elmhurst High School1976
Veale, VivianElmhurst High School1979
Vealo, VictoriaElmhurst High School1974
Veazey, Lillie M.Elmhurst High School1976
Veazey, Renita M.Elmhurst High School1989
Veazey, Taura R.Elmhurst High School1987
Veazey, WillieElmhurst High School1992
Vebert, Albert (Jack)South Side High School1957
Vega, Andres R.Elmhurst High School1966
Vegors, MarySouth Side High School1952
Vegors, SallySouth Side High School1950
VeHer, John M.Elmhurst High School1970
Veiga, DeniseElmhurst High School1968
Veiga, LeslieElmhurst High School1967
Veiga, Pat M.Elmhurst High School1965
Veiga, RobertElmhurst High School1962
Veihl, JacquelineElmhurst High School1958
Velez, Gladys E.South Side High School1991
Velkoff, Cyril L.South Side High School1937
Velkoff, HenrySouth Side High School1939
Velkoff, SoniaSouth Side High School1936
Velleman, Betty L.North Side High School1943
Venable, Kristy L.Elmhurst High School1994
Vendeny, Ronald E.Elmhurst High School1946
Venderley, Brent A.Elmhurst High School1990
Venderley, CurtisSouth Side High School1962
Venderley, Jack E.Elmhurst High School1950
Venderley, Paul W.Elmhurst High School1939
Venderley, SharonSouth Side High School1953
Vendrely, Bette J.North Side High School1943
Venis, Barbara J.Elmhurst High School1966
Venters, Cynthia L.Elmhurst High School1978
Venters, Marieta E.Elmhurst High School1977
Venters, Renee AnnetteElmhurst High School1975
Venters, Tijewhonn T.South Side High School1993
Ventruella, Sam J.Elmhurst High School1947
Ver Wiebe, Ann E.Elmhurst High School1981
Verdenburg, KeithElmhurst High School1998
Vereczkei, RekaElmhurst High School1999
Verhest, Cherlyn R. (Cheri)Elmhurst High School1992
Vernon, JeanneNorth Side High School1939
VerValin, David R.Elmhurst High School1965
Vervalin, Linda S.Elmhurst High School1967
Verweire, DorothySouth Side High School1923
Verwiebe, Richard C., JrElmhurst High School1982
Verwiere, AlbertSouth Side High School1942
Vesey, EleanorSouth Side High School1939
Vesey, JaneSouth Side High School1933
Vesey, Mary M.North Side High School1931
Vesey, SusieSouth Side High School1960
Vesey, VirginiaSouth Side High School1936
Vesey, WilliamSouth Side High School1958
Vessey, Sean D.Elmhurst High School1977
Vessey, Sean D.Elmhurst High School1997
Vest, Cynthia S.Elmhurst High School1977
Vest, Ruth L.North Side High School1939
Vetter, Donald A.South Side High School1936
Vetter, JackSouth Side High School1942
Vetter, JamesSouth Side High School1958
Vetter, Margaret AnnSouth Side High School1946
Vetter, Mary LouSouth Side High School1945
Vetter, RalphSouth Side High School1942

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