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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Abair, Dorothy S30 May 190626 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Abair, Ralph R30 Aug 19025 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Abbett, Janet17 Dec 1891Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Abbett, Oral William4 Sep 192218 Sep 2009Roanoke
Abbett, William J31 Aug 193822 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Abbey, Iris7 Sep 189214 May 1997Fort Wayne
Abbey, William R1 Jul 194215 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Abbgee, Fred26 Sep 1894May 1970Fort Wayne
Abbott, Arthur4 Jul 1903Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Abbott, Blanche9 Feb 1886Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Abbott, Dayton29 Dec 1877Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Abbott, Dayton F9 Aug 192222 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Abbott, Edna E27 Jul 191319 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Abbott, Eleanor T12 Jun 190225 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Abbott, Eugene31 Aug 1902Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Abbott, G Warren21 Jul 191323 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Abbott, Gerald21 Feb 1912Mar 1979Huntertown
Abbott, Gertrude16 Jun 191026 Jun 1996Huntertown
Abbott, Gloria22 Jan 1928Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Abbott, Grace E8 Nov 19212 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Abbott, Harold D14 Apr 190720 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Abbott, John1 Apr 1881Dec 1965Fort Wayne
Abbott, John6 Sep 1923Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Abbott, John H1 Mar 19212 Mar 1995Monroeville
Abbott, Lois28 Apr 1908Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Abbott, Margie M16 Oct 192130 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Abbott, Marguerite B13 Oct 190216 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Abbott, Nellie6 Apr 1889Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Abbott, Paul25 Dec 1913Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Abbott, Richard C3 Sep 19187 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Abbott, Richard G17 Jan 19255 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Abbott, Roger D29 Apr 194016 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Abbott, Timothy M13 Dec 19416 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Abbott, William29 Aug 1903Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Abdalla, Annetta19 Sep 191413 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Abdulrahim, Shafiq A23 May 192324 May 2008Fort Wayne
Abel, Lucille11 Nov 1917Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Abele Jr, Donald L15 Feb 194710 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Abele, Margaret E26 Apr 1924Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Abella, Gladys M28 Jan 191519 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Abella, Joseph20 Sep 1897Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Aber, Dorothy E25 Feb 191111 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Abercrombie, Willie5 Feb 195017 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Aberle, Francis J28 Jul 19548 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Aberle, Valerie A9 Oct 195614 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Abernathy, Gearldine5 May 194028 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Abernathy, James C9 Nov 191217 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Abernathy, Jesse20 May 1918Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Abernathy, Kim25 May 1971Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Abernathy, Leefield25 Jan 1942Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Abernathy, Mary26 Nov 1918Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Abernathy, Matthew30 May 1921Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Abernathy, Steven27 Jul 19591 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Abernathy, William3 Jul 1916Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Able, Clara12 Jun 1889Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Able, Eva5 Sep 1914Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Able, Fred3 Sep 1909Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Ables, George W8 Mar 19388 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Ables, James P2 Jun 19402 Oct 2009Spencerville
Abner, Linda20 Aug 1900Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Abner, Luther2 Jan 1897Dec 1984New Haven
Abouhalkah, Saad A31 Aug 193124 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Abouhalkah, Siham S12 Oct 19363 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Abraham, Grace7 Jun 1886Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Abraham, Harriett23 Feb 1899Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Abraham, Saleem25 Mar 1893Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Abram, Ellis L20 Mar 192826 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Abram, Emma4 Nov 1900Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Abram, Julia3 May 1890Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Abram, Minnie23 Jan 1900Jul 1979New Haven
Abram, William4 Jun 19038 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Abrams, Dorothy L18 Feb 19193 May 2000Fort Wayne
Abrams, Opal3 Aug 1903Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Abramson, Elisabeth16 Mar 1879Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Abramson, William A16 Nov 19158 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Abresch, Ruth E22 Jan 19185 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Abresch, Theodore A11 Oct 191321 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Abrons, Mary30 Jul 192015 May 2004Fort Wayne

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