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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Al Uqdah, Nadir27 Apr 19513 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Alban, Frederick E9 Dec 19287 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Albany, Donald E30 Mar 194626 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Albaugh, Betty L27 Aug 192111 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Albaugh, Robert L18 Apr 191927 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Alber, Jane A18 Oct 192911 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Alberding, Herman C15 May 191328 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Alberg, Josephine10 Mar 1893Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Alberring, Erving R23 Sep 19093 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Alberring, M H11 Aug 19091 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Albers, Alyda I27 Feb 190923 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Albers, Henrietta28 May 1910Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Albersmeyer, Anna M5 Nov 187715 Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Albersmeyer, Carl19 Sep 1898Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Albersmeyer, Colette A5 Oct 193616 Nov 2001Hoagland
Albersmeyer, Elmer H1 Mar 19089 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Albersmeyer, Erma9 May 1903Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Albersmeyer, Helene8 Jul 1898Feb 1985Hoagland
Albersmeyer, Herbert18 May 1904Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Albersmeyer, Leona3 Jan 191223 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Albersmeyer, Myrtle E31 Jan 190820 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Alberson, Ruth9 Dec 1910Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Alberson, Violet10 Mar 19151 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Albert, Alice E9 Feb 191819 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Albert, Betty L18 Oct 192524 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Albert, Charles28 Jun 1899Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Albert, Conrad E21 Aug 19233 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Albert, Edward W14 Aug 19156 Feb 1997New Haven
Albert, Elizabeth2 Jun 1902Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Albert, Elizabeth9 Oct 1892Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Albert, Garaldine H19 Dec 190316 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Albert, Irene8 Sep 1926May 1981Fort Wayne
Albert, Joseph C11 Aug 193228 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Albert, Loretta H22 May 193312 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Albert, Mattie12 Nov 1895Dec 1982Huntertown
Albert, Olive26 Aug 1915Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Albert, Perry O13 Nov 193324 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Albert, Theresa20 Jun 1907Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Albert, Wilbur1 Oct 1895Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Albert, Wilma5 Feb 1893Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Alberts, Donald11 Dec 1913Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Alberts, Frederick H11 Apr 193226 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Alberts, Isabelle C1 Nov 191330 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Alberts, Rose29 Dec 1886Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Albertson, Linda A14 Aug 194325 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Albrecht, Ada9 Nov 1894Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Albrecht, Bertha5 Sep 1891Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Albrecht, Ella22 May 1895Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Albrecht, Frank18 May 1898May 1966Fort Wayne
Albrecht, Jennie10 Jan 19023 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Albrecht, Matilda15 Sep 1889Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Albrecht, Willis E20 Oct 193023 May 2008New Haven
Albright, Arthur13 Jun 1889Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Albright, Blanche3 Jun 1901Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Albright, Claude25 Feb 1907Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Albright, Ethel M18 Feb 19005 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Albright, Evelyn F24 Jun 190815 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Albright, Helen3 Oct 1901Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Albright, Lowell16 Aug 1899Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Albright, Madeline12 Sep 192131 May 2006Fort Wayne
Albright, Robert D5 Sep 192817 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Albro, Arthur18 Sep 1889Oct 1969Grabill
Albro, Celesta A24 Mar 189826 Jul 1999Leo
Alcalan, Juanita15 Mar 19114 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Alcantar, James31 Oct 1957Jun 1978New Haven
Alcantar, Leona M21 Mar 192716 Sep 1998New Haven
Alcenius, R L15 Apr 193515 Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Alcorn, John17 Apr 1901Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Alcorn, Liberty24 Oct 191727 Oct 1996New Haven
Alcott, C Louise1 May 1920Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Alcott, Donald C20 Jan 192112 May 2005Fort Wayne
Alday, Eva M18 Nov 19174 May 1995Fort Wayne
Alday, Helen M6 Aug 192711 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Alder, Andrew11 Oct 1908Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Alder, Earl2 Jul 1912Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Alder, George J15 Jun 192013 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Alder, Gladys R13 Dec 19202 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Alder, Mary A23 May 193615 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Alder, Mary M24 Jan 192028 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Alderdice, Flora17 Sep 1885Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Alderdice, Robert P19 Apr 19399 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Alderfer, Carolyn M8 Jul 193817 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Alderfer, Earl M27 Aug 19243 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Alderfer, Lois E2 Aug 192623 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Alderman, Frank25 Mar 1893Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Alderman, Jamia19 Mar 1933Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Aldin, David G23 May 197320 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Aldin, L Gabriel24 Mar 1945Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Aldochin, Maria19 Mar 191325 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Aldred, Donna Jean2 Jun 19309 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Aldrich, Edwin7 Feb 1904Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Aldrich, Elta M19 Jul 19075 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Aldrich, Florence20 Jan 1899Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Aldrich, Florence A1 Sep 19122 May 2005Fort Wayne
Aldrich, George E31 Mar 191220 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Aldrich, Katherine6 Jan 1914Jul 1982New Haven
Aldrich, Lilas Violet20 Apr 192619 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Aldrich, Matie3 Apr 1882Dec 1966Leo
Aldrich, Theodore H29 Aug 19263 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Aldrich, William25 Apr 1905Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Aldrich, Zelma E21 Sep 192918 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Aldridge, Barbara Jean30 Oct 194230 May 2008Fort Wayne
Aldridge, Elsie21 Jun 19166 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Aldridge, Fallis N5 Apr 19176 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Aldridge, Robert E28 Jun 19174 Jan 2005New Haven
Aldridge, Sally J10 Jan 194414 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Alejandro, Flora24 Nov 19087 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Alejandro, R K30 Jan 195015 Feb 1991Monroeville
Alers, James R18 Jan 193111 Apr 2007Woodburn
Alexander, A23 Aug 1904Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Alexander, Albert29 Dec 1919May 1974Fort Wayne
Alexander, Albert22 Nov 1908May 1981Fort Wayne
Alexander, Alvertis15 Aug 1907Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Alexander, Anna27 Jul 1900Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Alexander, Arthur9 Sep 19116 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Alexander, Atlean M25 Jan 1911Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Alexander, Beatrice6 Sep 1899Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Alexander, Darrell3 Jul 1924Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Alexander, Delight B20 Dec 191027 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Alexander, Delois20 Aug 194324 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Alexander, Dorothy17 Aug 1913May 1973Fort Wayne
Alexander, Dorothy C6 Oct 191819 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Alexander, Edith26 Jul 1884Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Alexander, Edna1 Feb 1889Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Alexander, Ernest G27 Oct 19073 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Alexander, Frank18 Mar 1893Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Alexander, Franklin19 Nov 1902Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Alexander, Grace18 Oct 1894Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Alexander, Grayce M3 May 189917 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Alexander, Hilda P18 Sep 192122 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Alexander, Iona22 Feb 1891Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Alexander, James2 Apr 1881May 1973Fort Wayne
Alexander, Jennie21 Aug 1894Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Alexander, Jessie11 Oct 1911Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Alexander, John9 Mar 1909Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Alexander, John W1 Feb 193730 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Alexander, Joseph L24 Aug 19162 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Alexander, Lucy8 Jun 1904Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Alexander, Marget14 Apr 191015 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Alexander, Mary16 Mar 1876Sep 1972Yoder
Alexander, Mattie R4 Oct 192424 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Alexander, Michael Leon26 Nov 194920 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Alexander, Ned C27 Aug 191616 May 2007Fort Wayne
Alexander, Raymond B4 Sep 193116 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Alexander, Richard E24 May 192031 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Alexander, Richard E17 Aug 194822 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Alexander, Robert20 Oct 1900Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Alexander, Robert H2 Apr 191420 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Alexander, Robert T22 Mar 194910 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Alexander, Samuel3 Jul 194612 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Alexander, Samuel3 Apr 1893Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Alexander, Sonia J18 Aug 193228 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Alexander, T30 Jul 1936Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Alexander, Thelma M10 Feb 192521 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Alexander, Willie4 Jul 1907Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Alexandrow, Vladimir23 Feb 1902May 1980Fort Wayne
Alexandrow, Wladislaw5 May 1907Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Aley, Iva J20 Aug 190928 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Alfeld, Bertha10 May 1892Aug 1979Fort Wayne, Woodburn
Alfeld, Gretchen1 Aug 1917Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Alfeld, Harold J18 Apr 192426 Nov 1996Churubusco
Alfeld, Laura M3 Jul 1919Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Alfeld, Mildred8 Apr 1919Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Alfeld, Welmar21 Mar 1918Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Alfeld, William18 Feb 1922Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Alfeld, William F26 Sep 19417 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Alford, Claude14 Jun 1904Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Alford, Linda S12 Feb 195819 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Alford, Robert D4 Dec 19357 May 2000Fort Wayne
Alford, S R7 Feb 193315 Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Alfrey, Lura3 Aug 1903Mar 1981Churubusco
Algaier, William J7 Jun 192315 Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Alger, Donald M22 Apr 19231 May 2009Fort Wayne
Alger, Margaret Ann5 Sep 192730 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Alger, Rose8 Aug 1895Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Alie, Verna18 Jan 1901Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Alitto, Frank J3 Jun 193522 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Al-janabi, Janice Y19 Dec 193017 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Alkim, Sulliman A6 Aug 194613 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Alkire, Cleatus15 Mar 1912Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Alkire, Lowell12 Sep 1904Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Alkire, Verna10 Sep 1907Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Allaire, Barbara11 Dec 1904Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Allaire, Louis31 Mar 1901Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Allan, Phoebe9 Apr 1911Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Allard, Joseph23 Sep 1924May 1980Fort Wayne
Alleger, Paul Elsworth2 Dec 19211 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Alleger, William3 Sep 1881Jun 1966Monroeville
Alleman, Minnie S30 Apr 190922 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Allen Jr, Robert W11 Jul 192314 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Allen, Adelade14 Aug 191820 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Allen, Agnes E10 Jan 19091 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Allen, Alberta E20 Jun 1902Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Allen, Alice E31 Jan 190924 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Allen, Anna28 Nov 1895Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Allen, Artinca30 Mar 19117 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Allen, Barbara J5 Jul 193910 Oct 1997New Haven
Allen, Barbara L9 Aug 195131 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Allen, Beatrice E31 Jan 191625 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Allen, Bernice25 Dec 1925Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Allen, Berniece6 May 1931Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Allen, Bertram5 Oct 1900Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Allen, Bessie18 May 1902Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Allen, Betty J11 Dec 194414 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Allen, Betty L24 Feb 192119 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Allen, Blanche6 Dec 192723 May 2006Fort Wayne
Allen, Blanche M17 Nov 19089 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Allen, Callie C14 Mar 193323 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Allen, Catherine8 Dec 194114 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Allen, Catherine18 Mar 1891Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Allen, Charles2 Jan 1912Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Allen, Charlotte P19 Aug 191120 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Allen, Corinne31 May 1886Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Allen, Crandall C22 Nov 193422 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Allen, David D17 Feb 193127 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Allen, Donald25 Jun 1937Jun 1981New Haven
Allen, Dora25 Sep 1903Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Allen, Doris J5 Dec 19255 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Allen, Dorothy F29 Aug 192520 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Allen, Edward J15 Nov 191719 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Allen, Edwin R23 Nov 19246 May 1998Fort Wayne
Allen, Elma K16 Sep 192025 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Allen, Emma15 Sep 192926 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Allen, Eugene28 Jun 1919Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Allen, Ezra16 Aug 1906Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Allen, Frank27 Sep 1914Mar 1987Roanoke
Allen, Frederick8 Feb 1901Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Allen, Fredrick22 Jul 19282 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Allen, George9 Mar 1906Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Allen, Hattie13 Jan 1899Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Allen, Hazel L19 Nov 19257 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Allen, Helen E31 Mar 191620 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Allen, Howard W14 Mar 192723 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Allen, Ilene4 Jun 1912Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Allen, Irvin12 Jan 193529 Nov 1993New Haven
Allen, Ivan11 May 1894Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Allen, Jack R16 May 192526 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Allen, Jack V30 Mar 192730 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Allen, James W11 May 190818 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Allen, Jesse7 Oct 1886Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Allen, John23 Oct 1907Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Allen, Joseph30 Sep 191613 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Allen, Josephine14 Jul 1896Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Allen, Juanita E20 Feb 192225 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Allen, Julia23 May 1889Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Allen, Karl Lloyd15 Jul 194913 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Allen, Kenneth29 May 1913Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Allen, Loren2 May 1912Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Allen, Louise9 Oct 192323 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Allen, Lucille19 Jul 193924 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Allen, Luella18 Jun 1913Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Allen, Margaret Jean18 Jun 19239 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Allen, Margaret R14 Feb 190516 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Allen, Marilyn1 Jan 195221 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Allen, Martin13 Aug 1918Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Allen, Mary17 Sep 1916Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Allen, Mary3 Oct 1916Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Allen, Merritt31 May 1896Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Allen, Merton D22 Feb 192113 Nov 1994Huntertown
Allen, Michael R21 Apr 195421 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Allen, Mildred C13 May 190930 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Allen, Nannie8 Jun 1921May 1982Fort Wayne
Allen, Olga28 Jul 1900May 1987Fort Wayne
Allen, Oma Pearl30 Jun 19204 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Allen, Oscar27 Mar 1898Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Allen, Oscar24 Dec 1885Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Allen, Otis30 Jun 1912Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Allen, Otis A25 Apr 19224 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Allen, Pearl29 Jan 189815 Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Allen, Petra E14 Apr 190928 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Allen, Raymond20 Jan 1903Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Allen, Richard15 Apr 1911Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Allen, Richard1 Dec 1894Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Allen, Robert L31 Mar 192128 May 2005Fort Wayne
Allen, Robert L19 Mar 190829 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Allen, Roberta15 Mar 192519 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Allen, Roland I1 Sep 192924 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Allen, Roman L11 Apr 192621 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Allen, Ronnell L14 Jul 192912 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Allen, Rosa19 Apr 1880Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Allen, Rose26 Jan 1896Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Allen, Russell10 Nov 1904Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Allen, Sandra J13 Apr 194321 Apr 2006Yoder
Allen, Sondra R8 Feb 194529 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Allen, Steven M1 May 19443 Feb 1993Huntertown
Allen, Sturgis W30 Apr 192529 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Allen, Thomas27 Nov 1877Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Allen, Tonji Renee17 Dec 19612 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Allen, Tresa V8 Jul 190219 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Allen, Vaughn17 Nov 1905May 1968Spencerville
Allen, Verdie19 Aug 1921Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Allen, Violet B8 Jun 192420 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Allen, Walter E4 Jul 19136 Apr 1998Huntertown
Allen, William E23 May 192214 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Allen, William G31 Jul 196026 Feb 2004Spencerville
Allen, William W29 May 192217 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Allen, Willie10 Feb 1940Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Allendorph, Edith4 Mar 1909Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Allendorph, Emma27 Jul 1886Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Allendorph, James K3 Jun 194215 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Alles, Fred29 Sep 1900May 1987Fort Wayne
Alles, Naomi M16 Aug 193215 Jul 2002Roanoke
Alles, Paul1 Aug 1928Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Alles, Timothy J6 Jan 195613 Sep 1996New Haven
Allgeier, Andrew7 May 1913Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Allgeier, Eva3 Mar 1893Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Allgeier, Georgia2 Jan 1889Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Allgeier, Henry11 Jul 1911Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Allgeier, June K19 Jun 191813 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Allgeier, Nicholas13 Sep 1886May 1972Fort Wayne
Allgeier, Richard A14 Jan 19342 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Allgeier, Robert14 Dec 1909Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Allgood, Griffin11 Oct 1907Apr 1977Fort Wayne, New Haven
Allgood, Thelma7 Feb 1904Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Allisbaugh, Bonnie L4 Dec 192929 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Allison, Ardola25 Dec 191328 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Allison, Calvin F27 Mar 191426 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Allison, Demaris J24 May 192213 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Allison, Edgar11 May 1894Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Allison, Frances30 Jul 1903Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Allison, George17 Jan 1902Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Allison, Jesse W20 Sep 191923 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Allison, Jordan20 Sep 1897Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Allison, Richard15 Aug 1914Sep 1983Monroeville
Allison, Ruby27 Oct 1928Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Allison, Wilma21 Dec 1897Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Allman, Cecil22 Nov 1903Jun 1984Churubusco
Allman, Elizabeth L30 Mar 191413 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Allman, Ellen L31 Jul 191525 Jul 2006Churubusco
Allman, Guy W30 Jan 192627 Feb 1999Churubusco
Allman, Irene29 Jul 1910May 1979Fort Wayne
Allman, Jack D7 Aug 19341 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Allman, Marshall22 Sep 1901Mar 1978Churubusco
Allman, Thelma A13 Oct 19163 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Allman, Vesta14 Sep 1909Jan 1986Monroeville
Allmandinger, Eleanor E28 Mar 19144 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Allmandinger, Ernest E17 Apr 190411 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Allmandinger, Leo L6 Jul 191112 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Allmandinger, Patsy M27 Mar 190227 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Allmandinger, Paula H15 Jan 190113 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Allmandinger, Virgil V26 Aug 190916 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Allmandinger, Vivian A18 May 1918Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Allmandinger, Zelma L5 Sep 190726 Feb 1998Leo
Allomong, Agnes6 Oct 1899Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Allor, Margaret M28 Feb 193416 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Allred, Doug R28 Oct 19714 Oct 2002Grabill
Allred, Jean A4 May 19205 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Allred, Jerry D8 May 193612 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Allriedge, Kathern16 Dec 19264 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Allriedge, Oral R15 Oct 190931 May 1997Fort Wayne
Allriedge, Richard4 Mar 1947Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Allton, Helen6 Apr 1899May 1979Fort Wayne
Almario, Concepcion P15 Mar 19397 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Almond, Lyla R19 Aug 192928 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Almond, Natalie O29 Jul 1905Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Almond, Pauline8 Jul 1908Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Almond, Robert31 Aug 1938Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Alonzo, Beatrice D3 Sep 193219 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Alringer, Wilhelmina12 Dec 1888Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Alsanwar, Mariam I2 Feb 193623 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Alsop, William12 Jul 1897Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Alspach, Evangeline25 Aug 1922Feb 1984Yoder
Alspach, Francis3 Oct 1904Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Alspach, Joyce M16 Jan 192916 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Alspach, Nora A17 Mar 19306 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Alspach, Robert A22 Jul 19209 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Alspach, Robert W3 Apr 193120 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Alspaugh, Jeannette M21 Jan 19412 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Alspaugh, Mary J4 May 194916 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Alsup, Elma24 Apr 1897Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Alsup, Harry22 Feb 1900Feb 1964Fort Wayne
Alt, Bernice R17 Apr 191315 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Alt, Edith30 Dec 1884Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Alt, Erma22 Jun 1898Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Alt, Ida11 Oct 1886Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Alt, Jacob24 Jan 1881Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Alt, Loretta28 Jul 1895Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Alt, Richard P5 Nov 192510 May 2007Fort Wayne
Alt, Ruth H19 Dec 192624 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Alt, William19 Oct 1891Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Altekruse, Dolores R16 Dec 192022 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Altekruse, John1 Dec 1900Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Altekruse, Kenneth A12 Sep 19155 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Altekruse, Mabel10 Apr 1890May 1976Fort Wayne
Altekruse, Ned R20 Sep 193323 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Altekruse, Ola B3 Sep 189813 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Altemus, Charles R1 Oct 191310 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Altenau, Gustave23 Jun 1905Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Altenbach, Mary31 Oct 1881Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Altenburg, Nancy A19 Feb 194026 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Alter, Albert H1 Oct 191215 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Alter, Alphonse J6 May 19022 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Alter, Clarence23 Jan 1890Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Alter, Edgar J20 Dec 191715 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Alter, Eugene A4 Jun 193921 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Alter, Georgianna3 Oct 1889Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Alter, Helen8 Jun 1901May 1982Fort Wayne
Alter, Lenore26 May 1894Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Alter, Lucille G25 Sep 19194 Jan 2003New Haven
Alter, Margaret A16 Mar 190114 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Alter, Mary C22 Sep 19052 Jun 1995Monroeville
Alter, Raymond J19 Jan 19162 May 2002Fort Wayne
Alter, Ursula J12 Jul 192216 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Altevogt, Arthur8 Dec 1905Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Altevogt, Betty L29 Sep 192814 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Altevogt, Elmer10 Nov 1892Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Altevogt, Helen M25 Apr 1905Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Altevogt, Herbert27 Sep 1904Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Altevogt, Homer W26 Feb 190820 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Altevogt, Irma13 Mar 1896Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Altevogt, Jean G17 Aug 192227 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Altevogt, Melba V4 Feb 1905Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Altevogt, Robert12 Dec 1918Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Altevogt, Ronald E20 Apr 192710 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Altevogt, Walter12 Mar 1902Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Altheide, David G19 Mar 194327 May 2002Fort Wayne
Altic, J L20 Apr 192515 May 1998Fort Wayne
Altic, William8 Jan 1947Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Altieri, Elizabeth22 Jul 1906May 1981Fort Wayne
Altimus, Howard14 Oct 190028 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Altman, Julia M2 Jan 193530 May 2006Fort Wayne
Altman, Karsyn13 Oct 200231 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Altman, Katherine24 Aug 1899May 1979Fort Wayne
Altmeyer, Joseph B30 Aug 192320 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Altmeyer, Patricia L27 Oct 192629 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Altstiel, Kathleen F18 Nov 19231 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Altunian, Elizabeth23 Dec 1893Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Alukonis, Teofila16 Oct 1892Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Alumbaugh, Betty J28 Jun 19318 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Alvarado, Cheryl10 Apr 1947Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Alvarado, Pete J19 Jan 19305 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Alvarez, David24 Jun 191924 May 2004Fort Wayne
Alvarez, David K17 Jan 196714 Oct 2009New Haven
Alvarez, Guadalupe12 Jul 1896Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Alvarez, Margaret K14 Sep 192111 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Alvarez, Raul21 Nov 1916Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Alvather, Charles R30 Sep 192115 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Alvey, Bessie18 Apr 1908Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Alvey, George E16 Mar 193111 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Alvey, John24 May 1903Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Alvey, Melody M11 Sep 19268 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Alvey, Ruth14 Oct 1913Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Alvey, Waneta M3 Jan 19247 Oct 1993Woodburn
Alvord, Ruth M12 Nov 19234 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Alwin, Ruth A22 Nov 191128 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Alwine, Diane P8 Nov 193728 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Alwine, Guy10 Mar 1903Dec 1973Fort Wayne

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