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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Amacher, John25 Sep 1903Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Amacher, Violet22 Jul 1900May 1974Fort Wayne
Amacher, Walter22 Sep 1905Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Amaden, Russell L25 Jan 194120 Jun 2006Yoder
Aman, Robert J18 Aug 191117 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Amaro, Steven P4 Jan 197730 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Amber, Ethel16 Aug 191022 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Amber, Maxine E4 Oct 19205 Dec 1992Churubusco
Amber, Robert J26 May 19168 Feb 1994Churubusco
Amber, Ruth1 Jul 1893Aug 1981Churubusco
Amberg, Blanche E11 Apr 191513 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Amberg, Margarethe10 Jan 190415 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Ambler, Alvin15 Oct 1894Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Ambler, Eileen17 May 1925Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Ambler, Jeanette7 Aug 1902Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Ambler, Lillie M27 Nov 191927 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Ambosich, Martha31 Oct 19144 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Ambridge, Frances10 Apr 1925Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Ambridge, Harry15 Sep 1917Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Ambriole, Victor22 Mar 189918 May 1992Fort Wayne
Ambrose, Amelia J16 Feb 192124 May 1995Fort Wayne
Ambrose, Edna J31 Dec 19368 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Ambrose, Eldora M8 Jan 192623 May 1989Fort Wayne
Ambrose, Herman T19 Sep 191823 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Ambrose, Keith N30 Mar 193013 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Ambrose, Robert W25 Jan 19186 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Ambrose, Stephen Keith10 Jul 195011 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Ambrosich, Ellen14 Feb 194315 May 1994Fort Wayne
Amburgey, Claude20 Mar 1910Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Amburgey, Dalma28 Oct 1920Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Amburgey, Gary P26 Jul 194112 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Amburgey, Orbin15 May 19364 Aug 2006Grabill
Amburgey, Velma11 Jan 1931May 1985Woodburn, Fort Wayne
Amburn, Glee24 May 1902Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Amburn, Lucy25 Nov 1902Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Amelung, Carl H15 Nov 19116 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Ames, Charles B4 May 194223 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Ames, David R13 Oct 19484 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Ames, Jessie5 Sep 1904Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Ames, Mabel M23 Jan 19136 Apr 1994New Haven
Ames, Phillip L11 Nov 194024 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Amey, Claire Z6 Mar 189820 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Amey, Thomas21 Feb 1897Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Amick, Catherine A6 Mar 19334 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Amick, Raymond10 Dec 1905Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Amiss, Jackie L9 Mar 1925Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Amling, Aline M26 Jan 192116 May 2001Fort Wayne
Amling, Martha15 Nov 1891Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Amm, Opal6 Sep 1904Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Ammerman, Blair T27 Mar 193026 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Ammerman, Mervin5 Mar 1924Jul 1975New Haven
Amorosino, Joseph13 Aug 1884Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Amos, Anita16 Apr 196011 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Amos, Anna M6 Jan 191322 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Amos, Archie14 Jun 1894Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Amos, Earline6 Aug 192522 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Amos, Johnny L21 Jul 19378 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Amos, Lucile11 Jan 193526 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Amos, Robert5 Sep 191713 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Amos, Roderick1 Jun 1910Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Amos, Willie21 Jan 1936Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Amrhine, Rozella W17 Feb 192017 Jul 1993Roanoke
Amrine, Earl23 Sep 1901Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Amsden, Donald L17 Jan 192523 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Amsden, Esther11 Nov 1906Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Amsden, Jerrid20 Sep 1902Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Amsden, Lois C29 May 192614 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Amspaugh, Alma C3 Sep 191427 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Amspaugh, George D4 Jul 18988 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Amspaugh, Mary19 Oct 1908Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Barry T19 Dec 1944Nov 1991New Haven
Amstutz, Berneil E23 Sep 19142 Oct 2000Roanoke
Amstutz, Bertha3 Nov 1912Mar 1980Harlan
Amstutz, Bertha22 Sep 1881Jan 1976Harlan
Amstutz, Beulah E27 May 1911Aug 1993Leo
Amstutz, Blanche M23 Jul 19074 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Bonnie L1 Apr 192926 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Amstutz, C D23 Dec 191529 Nov 1983Harlan
Amstutz, C M16 Mar 190928 Mar 1999Harlan
Amstutz, Caroll V26 Feb 192114 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Carolyn J13 Dec 19327 Oct 2001Woodburn
Amstutz, Dale E23 Apr 192316 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Amstutz, David21 Jul 187815 Sep 1973Harlan
Amstutz, Dorwin4 Jan 1911Oct 1976Harlan
Amstutz, Duyane14 Mar 192727 Nov 2001Grabill
Amstutz, Edwin13 Aug 1912Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Ella A1 Jul 190910 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Ervin8 Mar 1904Mar 1978New Haven
Amstutz, Everett21 Aug 1908Nov 1967New Haven
Amstutz, Florence V3 Mar 190917 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Frank1 Apr 1899May 1973Spencerville
Amstutz, Fred19 Apr 1906Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Garnett28 Jan 1915Aug 1979New Haven
Amstutz, Gerald M22 Sep 192729 Sep 2004Spencerville
Amstutz, Geraldine18 Apr 1921Oct 1986Woodburn
Amstutz, Harold J8 Dec 190814 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Helen R3 Jul 190316 May 1994Harlan
Amstutz, Herbert3 Jul 1905Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Howard7 Nov 1910Mar 1975Grabill
Amstutz, Jack4 May 1920Nov 1986Harlan
Amstutz, Janet E24 Jun 19193 Jul 2001Harlan
Amstutz, Janet M30 Jul 19114 Aug 1989Leo
Amstutz, Jeffrey G20 Oct 196316 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Kenneth G15 Nov 190211 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Larry A27 Nov 193828 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Laura24 Jul 1903Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Lavern E6 Feb 190925 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Laverne10 Dec 1913Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Leah29 Jun 1891Oct 1979Grabill, Harlan
Amstutz, Majeska J2 Mar 191929 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Marie4 Feb 1893Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Marjorie E29 Sep 191510 Apr 1998Harlan
Amstutz, Marlene A16 May 194220 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Mary L13 Nov 193524 Dec 1994Leo
Amstutz, Max L10 Jan 192617 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Maynard13 Mar 1905Aug 1971Harlan
Amstutz, Mellie27 Jun 188423 Oct 1988Harlan
Amstutz, Merl4 Feb 1904Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Mildred12 Jan 1915May 1985Grabill
Amstutz, Paul W3 Feb 19306 Feb 2010Woodburn
Amstutz, Pearl E14 Jun 19117 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Pearl E23 Feb 192017 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Rachel Marie1 Jun 197718 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Robert4 Aug 1916Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Rosa24 Apr 1885Aug 1974Monroeville
Amstutz, Sarah E7 Oct 189920 Oct 1999Spencerville
Amstutz, Sylvia18 Jan 1893Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Tina2 Feb 1964Jan 1981Harlan
Amstutz, Truman26 Feb 1906Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Amstutz, Vance L14 Jan 191710 Dec 2001Harlan
Amstutz, Zola L6 Jul 192711 May 1994Spencerville
Amt, Arthur L8 Oct 19099 May 1998Fort Wayne

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