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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
An, Sang Tae6 Jul 192515 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Anagnostou, Harilaos A22 Jun 192527 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Anchors, Helen9 Mar 1899May 1967Fort Wayne
Anchors, John25 Apr 1904Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Anderberg, Courtland A1 Aug 191827 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Anderegg, Freda27 Nov 1905Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Anders, Elizabeth13 Jan 1906Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Anders, Jessie R1 Dec 19309 May 1993Fort Wayne
Anders, K22 Apr 1992Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Anders, Kathryn J11 Jun 19279 May 2005Fort Wayne
Anders, Paul R27 Aug 19266 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Anders, Robert20 Aug 1924May 1979Fort Wayne
Anders, Robert E2 Oct 193219 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Anders, S7 Oct 1938Oct 1994Leo
Andersen, Frank14 May 1921Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Andersen, Fred21 Mar 1902Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Andersen, M17 Aug 1902May 1987Grabill
Andersen, William W30 Apr 192623 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Anderson, Adeline31 Oct 191019 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Anderson, Agnes23 May 1880Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Anderson, Albert19 Jun 1896May 1984Monroeville
Anderson, Albert16 Oct 1895Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Anderson, Alice E23 Apr 19248 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Anderson, Alice J7 Apr 191726 Oct 2002Grabill
Anderson, Alice M2 Aug 191512 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Anderson, Alteamese25 Jan 19108 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Anderson, Ann R2 May 194623 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Anderson, Anna28 May 1892Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Anderson, Anna C23 Aug 192023 May 2001Fort Wayne
Anderson, Annabelle D30 Jul 191723 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Anderson, Anne24 Nov 1888Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Anderson, Anne M11 Nov 19354 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Anderson, Arlene9 Jan 192818 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Anderson, Barbara J16 Apr 195819 May 2001Fort Wayne
Anderson, Benjamin B7 Jan 191624 Dec 1998New Haven
Anderson, Bernard A24 Jan 191712 Feb 1999Roanoke
Anderson, Berneice17 Jul 190826 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Anderson, Bertha3 Oct 1894Jun 1974New Haven
Anderson, Bertha17 Sep 190825 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Anderson, Betty J3 Feb 193215 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Anderson, C W17 Sep 190917 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Anderson, Cara E3 Feb 189713 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Anderson, Carl W21 Dec 191321 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Anderson, Carol J7 Jan 194120 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Anderson, Caroline20 Jan 1891Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Anderson, Catherine5 Nov 1889May 1967Fort Wayne
Anderson, Cecil15 Dec 1897Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Anderson, Charles26 Sep 1921Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Anderson, Charles J7 Nov 19189 May 2002Fort Wayne
Anderson, Charles W10 Sep 19255 May 2008Fort Wayne
Anderson, Charlotte R12 Jan 19166 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Anderson, Chester E3 Sep 193430 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Anderson, Clarence24 May 1897May 1969Fort Wayne
Anderson, Clarence26 May 19214 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Anderson, Clarence14 Dec 1918Jun 1976Churubusco
Anderson, Cora Anita7 Nov 1944Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Anderson, Dale E10 Jul 193028 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Anderson, Dale E29 Jun 190722 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Anderson, Daniel B6 Jun 191219 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Anderson, Darrel23 Aug 1961Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Anderson, David R27 Jun 191318 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Anderson, Desta18 Jun 1900Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Anderson, Don E27 Feb 192211 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Anderson, Donald4 Apr 1899Mar 1981Monroeville, New Haven
Anderson, Donald A22 Dec 192926 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Anderson, Donald K5 Aug 193319 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Anderson, Donna M31 Mar 192628 Nov 2008Churubusco
Anderson, Doyle8 Dec 1893Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Anderson, Dwight F9 Sep 19255 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Anderson, Edith9 Jan 1909Feb 1981Hoagland
Anderson, Edith2 May 1924Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Anderson, Edward A19 May 196617 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Anderson, Edwin7 Jun 1914Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Anderson, Eldon D3 Jul 192312 Mar 2001Churubusco
Anderson, Elizabeth23 Mar 1890Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Anderson, Elizabeth4 Mar 1908Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Anderson, Ellen I28 Nov 192621 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Anderson, Elmer2 Nov 1898Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Anderson, Elmer S13 Feb 19153 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Anderson, Emery20 Aug 193128 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Anderson, Emma12 Jul 1891May 1973Churubusco
Anderson, Emma2 Oct 1889Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Anderson, Emma P15 Jul 19074 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Anderson, Erma28 Jun 1880Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Anderson, Ernest17 Feb 19233 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Anderson, Etta18 Dec 1912Oct 1982New Haven
Anderson, Evelyn10 May 1920Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Anderson, Farol Louise22 Oct 192024 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Anderson, Florence29 Oct 1904Aug 1974Monroeville
Anderson, Florence E16 Oct 19066 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Anderson, Frank23 Jan 1904Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Anderson, Frank29 Jun 1906Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Anderson, Frederick10 Nov 1892Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Anderson, Gale M30 Jul 191621 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Anderson, Garnie22 Sep 1895Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Anderson, Garth B21 Aug 19238 May 2008Fort Wayne
Anderson, Garth R21 Feb 194126 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Anderson, George16 Mar 1919Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Anderson, Gladys May4 Feb 191912 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Anderson, Glenrose A10 Dec 192813 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Anderson, Gunder2 Jun 1897Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Anderson, Hanson B25 Apr 19325 May 1999Fort Wayne
Anderson, Harold23 Sep 1914Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Anderson, Harold1 Jan 1906Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Anderson, Harold G19 Jun 191427 Oct 2008Churubusco
Anderson, Herbert J13 Jun 191422 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Anderson, Hilda L21 Feb 19129 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Anderson, Hulda5 Jun 1886May 1968Fort Wayne
Anderson, Inez19 Mar 1898Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Anderson, Irene25 Sep 1897Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Anderson, Irma H7 May 190831 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Anderson, Jacqueline R10 Feb 196113 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Anderson, James9 Sep 1937Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Anderson, James16 Aug 1919Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Anderson, James A3 Jun 193214 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Anderson, Jane E29 Oct 191316 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Anderson, Jessica20 Feb 191019 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Anderson, Jessie29 May 1892Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Anderson, Joan G5 Dec 19255 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Anderson, John10 Jul 1929Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Anderson, John25 Dec 1904Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Anderson, John W2 Oct 191629 Aug 2001Monroeville
Anderson, Jonathan19 Sep 194726 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Anderson, Joseph F21 May 192812 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Anderson, Juanita2 Dec 1928Sep 1984New Haven
Anderson, Judith A21 Dec 193718 Oct 2004Woodburn
Anderson, Judith A29 May 19407 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Anderson, Julia4 Jun 1893Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Anderson, June13 Jun 1920Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Anderson, Katharine25 Jul 1908Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Anderson, Katherine5 Sep 192231 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Anderson, Keith C10 Feb 193329 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Anderson, Kenneth J18 Jan 191823 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Anderson, Lawrence18 Sep 1926Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Anderson, Lawrence D9 Jul 195213 May 2005Fort Wayne
Anderson, Lena M29 Mar 193426 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Anderson, Lenea M12 Jun 197324 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Anderson, Leroy28 Oct 1899Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Anderson, Lloyd22 Nov 1898Oct 1969Churubusco
Anderson, Lois M24 Mar 192717 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Anderson, Luther4 May 1902Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Anderson, M L4 Apr 19079 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Anderson, Mardelle E8 Feb 193623 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Anderson, Margaret3 Dec 1890Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Anderson, Margaret E20 Feb 19264 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Anderson, Margaret L24 Jan 194123 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Anderson, Marian W15 Jun 19106 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Anderson, Marie B29 Apr 19256 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Anderson, Marion8 Aug 1899Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Anderson, Marion B24 May 191315 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Anderson, Martha E14 Apr 194530 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Anderson, Mary30 May 1916Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Anderson, Mary L7 Jun 1921May 1994Fort Wayne
Anderson, Maynard A10 Mar 192312 Sep 1991New Haven
Anderson, Mildred M5 Jan 191721 Dec 2003Spencerville
Anderson, Monna J6 Mar 193717 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Anderson, Nancy20 Sep 1894Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Anderson, Nathaniel31 Jul 19376 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Anderson, Nathaniel30 Dec 195723 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Anderson, Neil W30 Aug 192112 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Anderson, Norma M4 May 191731 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Anderson, Olive23 Jun 1885Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Anderson, Opal14 Nov 1905Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Anderson, Opal M3 Feb 190713 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Anderson, Orton B24 Aug 191325 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Anderson, Oscar25 Dec 1888Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Anderson, Otto30 Nov 1890Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Anderson, Patricia11 Sep 1963Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Anderson, Patricia L21 Apr 193226 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Anderson, Paul W26 Apr 19366 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Anderson, Pauline25 Feb 1899Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Anderson, Pauline Bertha5 May 192325 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Anderson, Pearl24 Sep 1902Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Anderson, Phillip15 Aug 19331 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Anderson, Ralph J3 Jul 19236 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Anderson, Ralph L5 Apr 195915 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Anderson, Rebecca23 Feb 1956Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Anderson, Reginald L26 Aug 19538 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Anderson, Richard26 May 1912Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Anderson, Rita S6 Mar 19118 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Anderson, Robert8 Aug 1891May 1972Fort Wayne
Anderson, Robert23 Aug 1908Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Anderson, Robert C17 Jun 192930 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Anderson, Robert H30 Aug 192126 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Anderson, Robert J9 Jun 191012 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Anderson, Robert R30 Aug 19107 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Anderson, Roscoe C13 Feb 196023 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Anderson, Ruth1 Sep 192524 Oct 1996New Haven
Anderson, Samuel22 Jul 1910Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Anderson, Sandy J21 Jan 19506 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Anderson, Shelon R28 Aug 197111 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Anderson, Shirley A13 Feb 193418 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Anderson, Shirley J2 Jul 19423 May 1998Fort Wayne
Anderson, Stephen F6 Feb 194611 Dec 2003Yoder
Anderson, Susan B30 Sep 193528 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Anderson, Theresa L10 Sep 19616 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Anderson, Thomas E22 Jul 194312 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Anderson, Thomas S15 Aug 19472 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Anderson, Tillie15 Aug 1884Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Anderson, Tommy L9 Apr 195913 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Anderson, Trella14 Nov 1895Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Anderson, V E21 Feb 190319 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Anderson, Velma E18 May 1918May 1995Fort Wayne
Anderson, Vera L8 Dec 192725 Jun 2009New Haven
Anderson, Vergil C10 Dec 192710 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Anderson, Viola26 Nov 1897Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Anderson, Virginia C16 Aug 192827 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Anderson, Walter L1 Dec 191526 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Anderson, Wanda14 Sep 1916Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Anderson, Willa18 May 1896Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Anderson, William A29 Dec 193213 Sep 2006New Haven
Anderson, William M12 Apr 194828 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Anderson, William O2 Oct 192423 Dec 1993Churubusco
Anderson, Willie V30 Mar 193315 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Andert, Ruth A28 Jun 193111 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Andorfer, B W14 Aug 19361 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Andorfer, Edna2 Apr 1897Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Andorfer, Frank7 Feb 1907Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Andorfer, Leo19 Jun 1904Apr 1965Fort Wayne
Andorfer, Louis16 Aug 1891Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Andorfer, Rosemary27 May 1916Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Andorfer, Theresa11 Jan 1897Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Andreas, Anna28 Aug 190914 May 2002Fort Wayne
Andreas, John L23 Nov 191011 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Andres, Robert16 Apr 1921Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Andresen, Shirley M19 Oct 19283 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Andresen, William H15 Dec 19271 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Andress, R B29 Sep 192815 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Andrew, Bernice14 Jun 1897Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Andrew, Dennis C13 Aug 194120 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Andrew, Dorothy14 Sep 1915Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Andrew, Glen R24 Feb 193221 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Andrew, J3 Nov 1892May 1971Fort Wayne
Andrew, James D23 Apr 193310 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Andrew, Leona9 Aug 1909Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Andrew, Richard2 Jun 192810 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Andrews, Allan E10 Apr 192529 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Andrews, Austin16 Sep 1894Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Andrews, Clifford H22 Jul 19387 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Andrews, Donald10 Dec 1906Nov 1981New Haven
Andrews, Dorothy19 Aug 1901Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Andrews, Edna29 Mar 1893Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Andrews, Edward16 Jun 1917Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Andrews, Ella14 Apr 193320 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Andrews, Elsie A5 Jan 190218 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Andrews, Eric J11 Nov 197110 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Andrews, Fairy F1 Sep 19246 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Andrews, Fern6 Sep 1898Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Andrews, Frances L26 Oct 191527 Mar 2004New Haven
Andrews, Fred16 Oct 1901Sep 1985Hoagland
Andrews, Gertrude E2 Jun 192028 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Andrews, Gladys7 Jan 1907Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Andrews, Gladys M20 Feb 191811 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Andrews, Helen G11 Sep 192322 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Andrews, Hugh J1 Apr 19061 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Andrews, J28 Jan 1915Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Andrews, James26 Sep 19416 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Andrews, John19 Aug 1914Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Andrews, John29 Aug 1913Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Andrews, Johnny W14 Aug 194323 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Andrews, Kenneth9 Jul 1925Nov 1987New Haven
Andrews, Mamie13 Oct 187015 Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Andrews, Marjorie L9 Apr 191525 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Andrews, Mary24 Dec 1911Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Andrews, Murvel14 Apr 1924Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Andrews, Nellie31 Aug 1897Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Andrews, Pauline V6 Jul 190431 Dec 1991Hoagland
Andrews, Ralph F4 Dec 190120 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Andrews, Raymond E21 Aug 193518 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Andrews, Ruby8 Sep 1898Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Andrews, Russell17 Jul 1891Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Andrews, Russell8 Nov 1929Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Andrews, Sophia15 May 1897Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Andrews, Stephanie D15 Jul 191412 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Andrews, Sylvester16 Apr 190522 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Andrews, Verlan R16 Jun 192424 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Andrews, William26 Feb 1899Dec 1974Huntertown
Andrews, William J18 Jan 19221 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Andrus, Caro S29 Sep 194210 Feb 1996Churubusco
Andrus, Richard15 Apr 19336 Jun 2008New Haven
Angel, Amsy15 Feb 1911Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Angel, Bernice29 Oct 19164 May 2004Fort Wayne
Angel, Charles W16 Mar 192315 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Angel, Hanna H18 Oct 1926Jun 1993Churubusco
Angel, Linda L24 Apr 195321 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Angel, Lutrella A28 Feb 191626 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Angel, Nellie F20 Nov 190719 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Angel, Richard16 Dec 1899Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Angel, Robert17 Sep 1914Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Angel, Susie A4 May 189415 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Angel, Thomas22 Feb 1921May 1984Fort Wayne
Angell, Ethel15 Jun 1889Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Angeloff, Kristina5 Jul 1905Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Angelus, Albert21 Aug 1907May 1982Fort Wayne
Angelus, Naomi M3 May 190913 May 1992Fort Wayne
Anger, Loren O18 Jun 192328 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Anger, Vera M28 Feb 191328 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Angland, Hannah30 Aug 1902Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Angle, Kenneth31 Oct 1907Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Angle, Mamie B16 Sep 190629 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Anglemyer, Gerald J30 Oct 193618 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Anglin, Dorothy M5 Mar 190911 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Anglin, Elmer9 Oct 1884Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Anglin, Florence19 Dec 1886Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Anglin, Genevieve10 Dec 1917Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Anglin, James2 Sep 1909Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Anglin, Julia4 Dec 1884Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Anglin, Wendell H4 Apr 19167 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Angold, Harry2 Jun 1905Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Angold, Jeannette P17 Oct 190610 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Anguish, Ruth29 Jul 1894Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Ankenbrandt, Frank17 Jan 1903Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Ankenbruck, Alfred27 Dec 1901Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Ankenbruck, Bernard1 Jun 1878Mar 1965Fort Wayne
Ankenbruck, Cecilia28 Apr 189817 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Ankenbruck, Delores F11 Sep 193628 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Ankenbruck, Donald6 Jul 1931Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Ankenbruck, Freda P7 Apr 193030 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Ankenbruck, Helen1 Nov 1889Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Ankenbruck, Marcella L23 Oct 190826 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Ankenbruck, Margaret J21 Dec 1898Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Ankenbruck, Raymond15 Dec 1899Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Ankenbruck, Richard J10 Dec 190828 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Ankenbruck, Thomas J2 Mar 192311 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Ankenbruck, Wayne R6 Jul 19363 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Anker, Ben1 Jan 1898Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Ankipans, Anna7 Oct 19073 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Annable, Charles R17 Mar 19097 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Annibal, Edna12 Jul 1890Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Ansalvish, Alma6 Dec 1914Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Ansberry, Robert J4 Apr 192314 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Ansell, Vina14 Feb 1902Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Anselman, Mary E6 Nov 191426 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Anselman, Rollin12 Dec 1909Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Anshelm, Henry26 Mar 1906Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Ansley, Retha25 Mar 1903Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Ansley, Wilfred3 Jun 1897Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Anson, Frank23 Oct 1883Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Anson, Henry S22 Feb 18953 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Anson, Lyle2 Feb 1908Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Anson, Patricia L16 Apr 1926Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Anson, Pearl22 Nov 1899Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Anson, Robert P24 Mar 19273 May 1999Fort Wayne
Anspach, Clarence18 Apr 1922Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Anspach, Deloris E15 May 191625 May 1994Fort Wayne
Anspach, Donald F5 Oct 19251 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Anspach, Dorothy H28 Jan 191312 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Anspach, Eva Jean16 May 19192 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Anspach, Gerald B19 Jun 191431 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Anspach, Grace13 Mar 1904Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Anspach, Harry30 Jan 1909Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Anspach, Irene E14 Feb 1908Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Anspach, Jay21 Jun 1893Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Anspach, John G20 Jan 191631 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Anspach, Josephine M11 Oct 192114 Feb 1995Churubusco
Anspach, Lola12 Jul 1893Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Anspach, Oliver10 Jan 1905Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Anspach, Pauline L6 Aug 19132 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Anspau, Mari F15 Aug 19239 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Anspaugh, Alta14 Aug 1888Jun 1973Hoagland
Anspaugh, Donald13 Apr 1906Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Anspaugh, Elmer2 Oct 1890Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Anspaugh, Hazel5 Sep 1910Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Anspaugh, Mary26 Feb 1918Nov 1983Hoagland
Anspaugh, Merriel11 Jan 1908May 1975Hoagland
Anspaugh, Minnie28 Nov 1896Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Anta, Julio A19 Nov 19229 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Antalis, Stanley J2 May 192227 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Antczak, Rebecca R3 Oct 194710 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Anthis, Frona9 Oct 1901Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Anthis, George3 Jul 1894Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Anthony, Beatrice M8 Sep 190311 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Anthony, Carrie E21 Jul 191423 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Anthony, Frank20 May 1904Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Anthony, Gladys24 Jan 1924Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Anthony, Melvin6 Aug 1914Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Anthony, Velma L6 Jun 192525 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Anthony, William12 Oct 1882Sep 1979Fort Wayne, Harlan
Antibus, Norma26 Dec 1904Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Antil, Michael2 Oct 1902Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Antoine, Charles28 Mar 1912Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Antoine, Helen22 Mar 1913May 1979Fort Wayne
Antoine, Hilda M2 May 192514 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Antoine, Lelah6 Jul 1889Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Antoine, Merlin J4 Dec 19421 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Antoine, Richard25 Sep 1920Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Antoine, Weldon J2 Oct 193524 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Antonides, Helena K23 Jul 19206 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Antrim, Herbert7 Jun 1888Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Antrim, Nancy J28 Dec 192022 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Antrup, Hildred N11 Mar 19226 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Antrup, Laura21 Jan 1900Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Antrup, Ray19 Oct 1888Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Anweiler, Brenda L24 Oct 196519 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Anweiler, Carolotta1 Jan 1938Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Anweiler, Dorotha D27 Jan 192330 Oct 2004New Haven
Anweiler, Helen30 Sep 1897Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Anweiler, Morris23 Jan 1895Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Anweiler, Robert L11 Mar 192020 Aug 1993New Haven
Anweiler, William27 Oct 1900Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Anweiler, Wilma19 Jul 1900Aug 1986Fort Wayne

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