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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Araki, Beatrice Miyeko25 Jun 192121 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Aranda, Juanita P6 May 19296 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Arata, Mary I6 Nov 192019 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Arbuckle, Jacqueline J28 May 193924 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Arbuckle, Wayne A30 Apr 192418 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Arburn, Paul6 Aug 1906Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Archacki, Stephen W28 Mar 191521 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Archbold, Agnes J29 Aug 192118 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Archbold, Brooks13 Jun 1911May 1981Fort Wayne
Archbold, David L1 May 193126 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Archbold, Donald P26 Jun 19264 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Archbold, Emma L5 Jan 189827 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Archbold, Frank10 Mar 1899Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Archbold, Gerald O13 Apr 19253 Nov 2000Spencerville
Archbold, Glen E17 Sep 19173 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Archbold, Harold15 Jan 1896Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Archbold, Harry29 Jun 1878Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Archbold, Howard17 Jul 1912Jun 1984Yoder
Archbold, Ina12 Jul 1902Mar 1987Woodburn
Archbold, Mary Jane28 Jan 19213 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Archbold, Maurice E21 Jan 192217 May 2000Fort Wayne
Archbold, Max16 Mar 1908May 1986Woodburn
Archbold, Robert J8 Aug 191014 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Archer, Arthur K5 Dec 19216 Aug 1998Huntertown
Archer, Betty I10 Jun 192912 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Archer, Carey1 Mar 1892Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Archer, Dorothy J8 Apr 192122 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Archer, Frank4 May 1904May 1974Fort Wayne
Archer, Giovanna M14 Sep 192310 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Archer, Hannah G10 May 19134 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Archer, Harry W6 Dec 190727 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Archer, Helen17 May 1896May 1970Fort Wayne
Archer, Howard9 Aug 1912Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Archer, Ina B6 Mar 191924 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Archer, Jesse21 Sep 1889May 1976Fort Wayne
Archer, Joe S22 Sep 195413 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Archer, John William3 Jul 194916 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Archer, Mable9 Jan 1909Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Archer, Malcom10 Dec 1916Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Archer, Marie I29 Apr 191816 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Archer, Minnie13 Feb 1895Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Archer, Ralph H12 Aug 191530 Aug 2006Huntertown
Archer, Steven P1 Mar 197826 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Archer, Ted8 Dec 19196 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Archer, Thomas E6 Nov 192924 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Archer, William11 Nov 1883Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Archer, William A17 Oct 19318 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Archer, William I3 Jul 190924 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Archer, William L22 Mar 1920Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Archibald, Edward5 May 1904Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Archibald, Francis13 Aug 1906Jul 1970Harlan
Archibald, June22 Jun 1898Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Archibald, R E9 Aug 19083 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Archibald, Robert15 May 1894Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Archibald, Wilma M12 Aug 191118 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Ardhuerumly, Ruth A3 Feb 19334 Jan 2007Churubusco
Ardrey, Maxine27 Dec 19198 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Arduser, H L16 Oct 191026 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Arehart, Albert28 Aug 1885Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Arehart, Glenn5 Feb 1906Dec 1986Churubusco
Arehart, Phillip L29 Feb 193229 Dec 1994Churubusco
Arehart, Wiladean M12 Nov 190728 Oct 1992Churubusco
Arend, Catherine7 Jun 1901Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Arend, Eileen G3 May 19202 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Arend, Leo9 Jun 1900Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Arend, Ruth20 Feb 1914Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Arens, Agnes23 Mar 1911Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Arens, Agnes14 Feb 1905Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Arens, Alfred1 Dec 1908Jun 1974New Haven
Arens, Macella L25 Jan 190925 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Argerbright, Marjorie24 Aug 1927Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Argerbright, Ray23 Sep 1889Aug 1964Spencerville
Argerbright, Robert J9 Jun 192624 Feb 1994Huntertown
Arick, Donald12 Jun 1908Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Arick, Ernest28 Feb 1892Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Arick, Hazel26 Mar 1892Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Arick, Marian V13 Oct 191730 May 1997Fort Wayne
Arick, Mildred E8 Nov 1913May 1992Fort Wayne
Arick, Richard A24 Aug 195821 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Arick, Robert14 May 1920Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Arick, Walter23 Jul 1898Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Arkebauer, Amanda C12 Aug 189622 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Arkin, Ann G25 Dec 191110 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Arkwright, Bessie S22 Jul 1921Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Arkwright, Gregory L4 May 19644 May 2009Fort Wayne
Arkwright, Phyllis22 Sep 1924May 1969New Haven
Arman, Olga18 Feb 1901Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Armantrout, Georgia26 Dec 1899Jan 1988Monroeville
Armbrust, Lenore4 Dec 1925Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Armbruster, Henry4 May 1896Mar 1983Woodburn
Armbruster, Minnie20 Jan 1905May 1971Woodburn
Armel, Elmer D14 Sep 192310 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Armes, Linda21 Nov 1894Sep 1984Churubusco
Armey, Lawrence21 May 1924Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Armijo, James A25 Jun 193715 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Armour, Bryant Q15 Jul 196126 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Armour, James28 Aug 194825 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Armstead, Benjamin8 Sep 1921Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Armstead, Genievie15 Feb 193010 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Armstead, George10 Aug 1920Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Audrey C17 Jun 19296 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Bessie L24 Jul 19112 May 2008Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Beth23 Aug 1964Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Armstrong, C30 Dec 1898Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Clara8 Feb 1893Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Daisy14 Jan 1893Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Donald E21 Jul 19193 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Dorothy J12 Sep 192125 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Edna F18 Aug 190915 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Elbert25 Mar 194226 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Ernest L27 Jun 19395 May 2003Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Ethlan23 Sep 1888May 1984Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Evelyn D6 Apr 191421 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Francis M14 Sep 19195 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Frank19 Jan 1898Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Franklin22 May 1905Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Frieda E27 Apr 191313 Dec 2000Roanoke
Armstrong, George20 Jul 1917Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Gladys13 Mar 1899Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Harry22 Aug 1901Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Harry25 Nov 1897Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Helen5 Jun 1900Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Herman H19 Nov 191210 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Isiah16 Dec 1916Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Armstrong, J24 Feb 1880Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Armstrong, James14 Mar 190711 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Joe M13 Feb 192731 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Joe W30 Mar 19288 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Joseph C22 Apr 192425 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Kendall D22 Jul 190915 May 1993Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Laura Belle5 May 192121 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Lawrence19 Oct 1912Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Lela M22 Mar 192129 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Lester2 Nov 1901Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Manford E7 Sep 192631 May 2002Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Merritt W18 Aug 19216 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Meryl18 Feb 1907Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Naomi R20 Jan 19235 Aug 2004Woodburn
Armstrong, Nellie20 Sep 1888Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Patricia E21 Jul 19287 May 1999New Haven
Armstrong, Paul1 Nov 1918Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Paul J3 Mar 19189 Nov 1994New Haven
Armstrong, Paul L17 Aug 19278 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Pearl15 Oct 1896Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Ramona26 Sep 1895Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Robert E9 May 192321 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Robert E24 Sep 192521 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Ruby L25 Sep 1921Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Russell26 Oct 1897Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Scott T21 Oct 191320 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Sterling J10 Oct 19132 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Susana24 Sep 1920Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Tamara Lorene25 Aug 196530 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Thomas A10 Jul 19391 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Armstrong, Trena M30 Sep 193113 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Armstrong, William J7 Dec 194015 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Arn, Ella27 Nov 1895Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Arndt, Leslie5 Jun 1916Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Arnett, Arlo G16 Mar 191920 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Arnett, Barbara A3 Nov 195010 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Arnett, Chalmer12 Jan 193723 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Arnett, Charles H19 Aug 19566 May 1995Yoder
Arnett, David P11 Mar 194423 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Arnett, Deloris E12 Aug 193025 Mar 1995Fort Wayne, New Haven
Arnett, Donald9 Jul 1914May 1977Fort Wayne
Arnett, Dorothy2 Nov 1918Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Arnett, Everett R22 Jul 192310 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Arnett, Geraldine M10 Mar 191926 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Arnett, James2 Jul 1951Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Arnett, Kelly18 Jun 191319 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Arnett, Leonard14 Jan 1925Jan 1979New Haven
Arnett, Lillian F10 Jun 19319 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Arnett, Linda A29 Aug 194218 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Arnett, Lucy2 Sep 1898Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Arnett, Mildred H13 Mar 192116 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Arnett, Paul L9 Nov 192614 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Arnett, Richard2 Mar 1958Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Arnett, Robert L21 May 191728 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Arnett, Robert M3 Feb 19202 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Arnett, Royal A24 Mar 191827 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Arnett, Russell J20 Oct 19231 Jul 1998Spencerville
Arnett, Virginia A22 Dec 191320 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Arnett, Wanda24 Feb 192720 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Arnett, Wilford13 Dec 1922Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Arney, Daniel3 Sep 1908May 1986Fort Wayne
Arney, Edna J4 Feb 191227 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Arney, Hannah16 Sep 190611 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Arney, Helena18 Jul 1878Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Arney, Kathryn I21 Jun 191212 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Arney, Richard W27 Apr 191114 Sep 1989Huntertown
Arney, Sandra L20 Nov 19422 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Arney, William J13 Jan 19231 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Arnold, Aileen16 Jun 192411 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Arnold, Alan A28 Jan 19545 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Arnold, Alma27 Jun 1919May 1984Fort Wayne
Arnold, Arthur1 Dec 1890Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Arnold, Bryant18 Nov 1903Apr 1978New Haven
Arnold, Carroll G10 Oct 19037 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Arnold, Cecelia E9 Sep 19132 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Arnold, Charles15 Jun 1878Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Arnold, Clair6 Nov 1924Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Arnold, Constance L2 Jan 192016 May 2009Fort Wayne
Arnold, Darrell31 Jul 1902Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Arnold, Dean13 Feb 1905Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Arnold, Deborah Kaye5 Oct 195211 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Arnold, Dewey19 Oct 1900Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Arnold, Dolly13 Jan 1925Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Arnold, Dolores L29 Mar 19309 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Arnold, Don L27 Nov 19103 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Arnold, Donald1 Apr 1906Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Arnold, Doris24 May 1912Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Arnold, Dorothy G9 Sep 19174 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Arnold, Dorsey22 Mar 1903Apr 1979Churubusco
Arnold, Eldon22 Dec 1903Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Arnold, Elizabeth A31 Jan 192310 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Arnold, Esther S21 Dec 191328 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Arnold, Eva2 May 1906Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Arnold, Fern L16 Jul 190518 Dec 1993Churubusco
Arnold, Florence E30 Dec 1907Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Arnold, Florian5 Apr 1904Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Arnold, Frances19 May 1903May 1980Fort Wayne
Arnold, Frank5 Dec 1896Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Arnold, Geneva9 Mar 1902Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Arnold, George2 Jan 1904Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Arnold, George D13 Dec 192529 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Arnold, Goldie8 Mar 1886Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Arnold, Harold29 May 1907Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Arnold, Harry19 Oct 1922Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Arnold, Harry12 Jan 1900Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Arnold, Helen29 Jan 1907Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Arnold, Helen E3 Apr 19132 Jun 1995Monroeville
Arnold, Homer10 Dec 1905May 1974Fort Wayne
Arnold, Howard6 Nov 1897Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Arnold, Ida M12 Apr 19201 Oct 1998Churubusco
Arnold, Irwin17 Apr 1896Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Arnold, Isabel26 Apr 1905May 1975Fort Wayne
Arnold, J Robert29 Jun 191618 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Arnold, James P14 Sep 19243 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Arnold, James S1 Jul 192315 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Arnold, John15 Jan 1906Jun 1982New Haven
Arnold, John23 May 193523 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Arnold, John E26 Oct 191924 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Arnold, John E29 Nov 191931 Aug 1993Leo
Arnold, John F7 Dec 192320 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Arnold, Joseph T15 May 192315 Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Arnold, Karl R18 Mar 19153 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Arnold, Kenneth11 Feb 1913Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Arnold, Kenneth20 Sep 1920Apr 1980New Haven
Arnold, Lena2 Feb 1909Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Arnold, Lenna B29 Oct 192022 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Arnold, Leota14 May 1905Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Arnold, Leotis13 Dec 1913Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Arnold, Lester G21 May 192226 Jul 2005New Haven
Arnold, Lillian B19 Nov 1917Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Arnold, Linda10 Dec 1894Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Arnold, Loretta27 Nov 1903Apr 1984Grabill
Arnold, Lucille I25 Oct 191814 Aug 1998Harlan
Arnold, Mabel I21 Jun 190831 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Arnold, Marjorie M13 Aug 19257 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Arnold, Mark L25 Apr 193825 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Arnold, Martha20 May 1921Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Arnold, Mary A9 Apr 189117 Apr 1992New Haven
Arnold, Mary B21 Jun 190617 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Arnold, Mary C12 Feb 19039 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Arnold, Mary E2 Feb 190718 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Arnold, Melvin5 Jun 1918Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Arnold, Meriam20 May 1906Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Arnold, Mildred22 Oct 190121 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Arnold, Minnie2 Feb 1898Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Arnold, Minnie L29 Apr 1911Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Arnold, Nelson H26 Jun 19117 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Arnold, Noah30 Nov 1902May 1976Fort Wayne
Arnold, Nora22 May 1899Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Arnold, Norma J27 Nov 19265 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Arnold, Octa11 Oct 1904Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Arnold, Paul A26 Sep 191130 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Arnold, Paul W4 Mar 191620 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Arnold, Phyllis I25 Apr 19278 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Arnold, Ralph4 May 1908Mar 1978Churubusco
Arnold, Ralph F28 Jun 19116 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Arnold, Raymond C28 Jul 19131 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Arnold, Raymond E14 Jan 19134 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Arnold, Richard B17 Nov 19303 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Arnold, Richard D29 May 19147 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Arnold, Richard P18 Apr 194014 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Arnold, Robert20 Oct 1921Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Arnold, Robert L25 Jul 19131 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Arnold, Ruth11 Mar 1907Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Arnold, Ruth23 Nov 1914Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Arnold, Ruth B19 Nov 1908Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Arnold, Ruth M6 Nov 192328 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Arnold, Samuel11 Jun 1888May 1972Fort Wayne
Arnold, Sarah14 Jan 1912Dec 1972Churubusco
Arnold, Steven C19 May 19685 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Arnold, Thomas19 Dec 1879Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Arnold, Thomas P7 Jul 19218 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Arnold, Valeria2 Jan 1909Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Arnold, Velma I25 Apr 1918Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Arnold, Virginia30 Sep 1889Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Arnold, Walter18 May 1894Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Arnold, Wanda25 Mar 1908Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Arnold, Wilbur R14 May 192431 Jan 1992Harlan
Arnold, Willard22 Feb 1885Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Arnold, Willard J22 Nov 191927 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Arnold, William E28 Feb 191611 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Arnos, Cecelia2 Dec 1914Oct 1977New Haven
Arnos, Dale G12 Jun 19454 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Arnos, Marguerite Marie12 Oct 19156 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Aron, Jennie L21 Jul 19261 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Aron, Willie20 Jul 19182 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Aronson, Esther27 May 1899Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Arora, Nawal K15 Jan 1906Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Arras, Lucile30 Jan 19156 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Arrington, Eddie15 Jan 193715 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Arrington, Emma Jean3 Sep 196725 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Arrington, James24 Mar 195231 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Arrington, Joyce B18 Jan 19487 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Arroyo, Nancy I23 Nov 19383 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Arruza, Joe31 Jan 1902Oct 1974Leo
Artellan, Jean19 Jul 1906Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Arter, Faye16 Aug 1919Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Arter, Stephen G7 Aug 193521 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Arter, Velda13 Sep 1892Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Arthur, Agnes D29 Jan 191629 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Arthur, Bernard6 Feb 1926Jul 1977Roanoke, Fort Wayne
Arthur, Doris M5 Feb 191328 May 1998Fort Wayne
Arthur, Edward30 May 1889Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Arthur, Gloria10 Apr 193627 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Arthur, Harold W14 Jan 19149 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Arthur, James R24 Feb 192122 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Arthur, Louis R24 Sep 19123 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Arthur, Susan M7 Oct 194829 Jun 2005Woodburn
Artis, Archie23 Jul 1908Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Arvola, Archie M29 Nov 193110 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Arzate, Roberta7 Jun 19431 Sep 2007Fort Wayne

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