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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Baade, Adaline9 Oct 1885Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Baade, Bertha L12 Jan 189915 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Baade, Elsa26 Jun 1893Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Baade, Eric8 Nov 1897May 1975Fort Wayne
Baade, Ernest27 Mar 1899Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Baade, Eva15 Apr 1904Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Baade, Kathryn10 Oct 1909May 1975Fort Wayne
Baade, Oscar13 Sep 1896Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Baade, Phyllis D3 Dec 1923Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Baade, Richard W24 Aug 191825 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Baade, Robert R20 Aug 19337 Sep 1996Monroeville
Baade, Ruth10 Apr 1901Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Baade, Stella18 Oct 1896Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Baade, Wanda A4 Feb 190510 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Baals, Clara A29 Mar 191416 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Baals, Clinton J13 Apr 190014 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Baals, Edna23 Sep 1900Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Baals, Irene28 May 1899Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Baals, Jack D14 Nov 191020 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Baals, Karl6 Mar 1893Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Baals, Minnie11 Mar 1888Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Baals, Walter2 Jun 1884May 1965Fort Wayne
Baas, Fred2 Mar 1884Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Baatz, Charles16 Aug 1892Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Baatz, Elvin C19 Oct 192226 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Baatz, Emil10 Jan 1886Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Baatz, Fred14 Oct 1899Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Baatz, Herman F10 Jul 19124 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Baatz, Olga18 Jul 1892Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Baatz, Robert C15 May 192419 May 1993Fort Wayne
Baatz, Ruth7 Sep 1907Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Babb, Galen M11 Dec 193310 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Babb, Haywood5 Feb 1900Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Babb, James17 Nov 1911Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Babb, Martha27 Oct 1891Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Babb, Monelle E3 Jan 19095 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Babbitt, Francis A22 Jul 192328 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Babbitt, Robert15 Jun 1924Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Babcock, Charles O11 Oct 19208 Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Babcock, Donna M19 Aug 196216 Aug 2002New Haven
Babcock, Edna9 Mar 1891Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Babcock, Edward11 Mar 1889Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Babcock, Garnet4 Mar 1913Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Babcock, Hildred14 Jul 1909Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Babcock, Jessie26 Oct 1882Sep 1964Fort Wayne
Babcock, Laverne W19 May 192613 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Babcock, Marshall18 Mar 1916Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Babcock, Martha A1 Aug 192921 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Babcock, Richard L28 Jan 191915 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Babcock, Tressie1 Sep 1892Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Babcock, Wandus C1 Apr 190919 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Babcock, Wilbur J4 Apr 19117 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Babcoke, Gayetta3 Sep 189519 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Babcoke, Orbrie25 Mar 1887Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Babel, Richard G27 Oct 191923 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Babik, Cheri R11 Aug 196624 Jan 1995Woodburn
Babino, Eura19 Oct 1903Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Bach, Edith W30 Dec 190422 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Bach, Mary A23 Jul 193717 May 2006Fort Wayne
Bachman, Emma21 May 1897Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Bachman, Esther I2 Feb 191924 Apr 1999Roanoke
Bachman, Mae16 Nov 1888Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Bachman, William7 Nov 1885Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Bachmann, Beulah27 Sep 1906Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Bachmann, Herbert O11 May 191311 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Bachmann, Minnie21 Jan 1881Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Bachofer, Carmen10 Aug 1902Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Bachstein, Henrieta L6 Feb 189918 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Baciu, Victoria29 Apr 1925Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Back, Russell1 Oct 1902Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Back, Sue W20 May 191915 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Backofen, Charles21 Oct 1888Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Backofen, Donald W15 May 191823 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Backofen, Johanna14 Feb 187015 Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Backs, Edna M4 May 19129 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Backs, Herman H1 Apr 19056 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Backus, Margie20 Apr 1926Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Backus, William G13 Oct 192422 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Bacon, Anna1 Jul 1903Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Bacon, Bertha21 Jul 1898May 1976New Haven
Bacon, Bessie8 Jan 1891Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Bacon, Dorothea6 Apr 1905Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Bacon, Eugene J10 Mar 19298 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Bacon, Grace G26 May 18911 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Bacon, H Anne A14 Sep 192024 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Bacon, Harvey20 Feb 1897May 1978New Haven
Bacon, Irwin1 Jul 1898Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Bacon, Joanne M24 Dec 19325 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Bacon, Joseph26 Jan 1898May 1975Fort Wayne
Bacon, Lillian3 Dec 1927Jun 1981New Haven
Bacon, Louis7 Jun 1887Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Bacon, Robert L27 Feb 19185 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Bacon, Theresa29 Oct 1891Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Bacon, Velma29 Dec 192515 Dec 2008New Haven
Bacon, William29 Sep 1878Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Bacr, Karlyne E29 Mar 191913 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Bacratsis, Theodota1 Feb 1884Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Bada, Adalgisa15 May 192121 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Bada, Rosaria23 Sep 1892Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Badder, Joanne E1 Mar 193715 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Badders, Aniline7 Jul 19096 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Badders, James24 Sep 1914Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Badders, Jennie R24 Mar 192015 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Badders, Joseph J4 Sep 19036 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Badders, Larry D3 Aug 193524 May 2004Fort Wayne
Badders, Ruth V23 Sep 191728 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Bade, Alfred22 Jan 1905Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Bade, Beverly J6 May 19301 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Bade, Chester R3 Jun 19265 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Bade, Clarence6 Sep 1924Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Bade, Connie M24 Jun 192020 Jan 2002New Haven
Bade, Edna6 May 1901Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Bade, Erma15 Dec 1917Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Bade, Esther6 Aug 1896Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Bade, Florence I1 Jun 193424 Jul 2003New Haven
Bade, Imogene8 Oct 191619 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Bade, Katherine A3 Dec 192412 May 1994Fort Wayne
Bade, Leone9 Jun 1903Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Bade, Louise29 Jan 1888Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Bade, Louise24 Mar 1867Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Bade, Maxine E22 May 192118 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Bade, Mildred A5 Aug 19195 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Bade, Norman E27 Jul 19181 Sep 2009New Haven
Bade, Pearl I28 Sep 190318 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Bade, Richard O28 Jun 191811 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Badenhop, Marjorie L6 Jun 192321 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Bader, Barbara M2 Aug 193324 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Badertscher, Hallie22 Feb 1903Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Badertscher, Viola30 Jun 19088 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Badge, Virginia6 Jan 1915Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Badger, Eva6 Mar 1879Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Badger, Florence E4 Jun 19128 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Badger, G11 Apr 1916Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Badger, Roy J30 Sep 19266 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Badgley, Jane9 Apr 1920Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Badgley, Judith G22 Oct 193925 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Badgley, Robert27 Nov 1916Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Badiac, Bruce A4 Jul 193330 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Badiac, Cecil D26 Jul 190922 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Badiac, Elmer R15 Apr 191725 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Badiac, Hattie4 Dec 1883Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Badiac, Jessie18 Jul 1896Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Badiac, Louis15 Mar 1901Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Badiac, Lucille T26 Aug 190826 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Badiac, Martha22 Feb 1905Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Badiac, Ralph26 May 1903May 1982Fort Wayne
Baehler, Ethel B6 Jul 190916 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Baehler, Harold A23 Aug 189819 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Baekgaard, Peer E31 Dec 192321 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Baer, Carole16 Mar 1937Apr 1978New Haven
Baer, Clayton K1 Aug 191913 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Baer, Ernest30 Nov 1893Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Baer, Flora8 Apr 1880Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Baer, Jeffrey P16 Dec 195422 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Baer, Jerry11 Mar 1947Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Baer, Loma A10 Jun 19035 Jul 1999Huntertown
Baer, William C20 Nov 190814 Feb 1996New Haven
Baer, William M10 Sep 192317 May 1997Fort Wayne
Baermann, Carl16 Dec 1902May 1973Fort Wayne
Baeten, Gary F6 Aug 194516 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Baeten, Julius J26 May 19168 May 2000Fort Wayne
Baeten, Philogone D13 Jan 192019 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Baeumler, Eugene30 Oct 1922Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Baeza, Maria21 Oct 1898Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Baffa, Mary B24 Jun 190512 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Bagby, Marguerite23 Jul 1916Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Bagby, Robert L6 Feb 19438 May 2004Fort Wayne
Bagby, Roy21 Jun 1911Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Baggott, Mary21 Mar 1896Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Baggott, Robert D31 May 194718 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Baginski, Lucella13 Apr 1910Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Baginski, Stanley27 Jul 1919Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Bagley, Lillie23 Jan 1901Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Bagley, Victor15 Apr 1901Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Bagu, Emilia20 Jan 19212 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Bahde, Donald R20 Jan 19213 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Bahde, Herman15 Jun 1886Aug 1971Roanoke
Bahde, Martin13 May 1893Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Bahde, Mary C17 May 1915May 1998Fort Wayne
Bahlinger, Charles1 Aug 1894Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Bahls, Beulah E27 Jun 19165 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Bahls, Frances25 Aug 1896Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Bahls, George E14 Nov 193227 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Bahls, Walter22 Aug 1896Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Bahr, G Dora D14 Aug 1908Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Bahr, Max4 Dec 19071 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Bahr, Theodore W6 Jan 192429 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Bail, Clarence20 Nov 1900Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Bail, Frieda27 Sep 1901Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Bail, Gerald2 Sep 1903Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Bail, John J11 Oct 191621 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Bail, Marie4 Apr 1890Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Bailer, Alvin A10 Jun 19346 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Bailer, Donald2 Aug 1915Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Bailer, Ivan A10 Jun 19345 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Bailer, Mary V1 Aug 192023 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Bailer, Nancy M22 May 193320 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Bailer, Richard5 Jan 1955May 1977Fort Wayne
Bailer, Richard A19 Dec 195613 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Bailey Jr, Don T29 Sep 193526 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Bailey, Ada15 Aug 1887Feb 1973Monroeville
Bailey, Anna1 Dec 1894Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Bailey, Arthur18 Apr 1885Apr 1969Grabill
Bailey, Barbara L15 Sep 193230 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Bailey, Blanche20 Oct 1890Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Bailey, Charles13 Jan 1888May 1978Churubusco
Bailey, Charles K7 May 191215 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Bailey, Cleodell P18 Apr 191615 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Bailey, Daisy29 May 190428 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Bailey, Dallas B9 Sep 19228 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Bailey, David W15 Jul 19756 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Bailey, Dee L4 May 191310 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Bailey, Doras V27 Aug 19122 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Bailey, Dorothy2 Jun 1908Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Bailey, Duval13 Jan 1902Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Bailey, Duval Robert3 Jun 192426 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Bailey, Eldon W21 Oct 19174 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Bailey, Elizabeth E20 Jul 191627 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Bailey, Elnora7 May 1911Feb 1987Grabill
Bailey, Elroy24 Oct 1904Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Bailey, Ethel17 Apr 1905Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Bailey, Ethel15 Feb 1910Nov 1973Spencerville
Bailey, Eva23 Feb 1898Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Bailey, Fred15 Apr 1892May 1976Fort Wayne
Bailey, George3 Jul 1903Sep 1981Spencerville
Bailey, Gilbert26 Jun 1915Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Bailey, Grace17 Jan 1893Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Bailey, Grace E28 Mar 190016 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Bailey, Harold26 Mar 1925Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Bailey, Harriet J13 Dec 192421 Oct 2003Fort Wayne, Yoder
Bailey, Harrison14 Jul 1889Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Bailey, Harry J10 Apr 192116 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Bailey, Hilda13 May 190011 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Bailey, Ilo C9 Oct 190426 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Bailey, Irene E23 Apr 19208 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Bailey, Jacob3 Nov 1914Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Bailey, James2 May 1912Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Bailey, James28 Jun 1899Jul 1981Spencerville
Bailey, Jimmie8 Nov 194621 May 2006Fort Wayne
Bailey, Jimmie W23 Aug 194422 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Bailey, John20 Oct 1896Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Bailey, Joseph F23 Apr 191727 Dec 2009Churubusco
Bailey, Laura20 Nov 1886Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Bailey, Mabel24 Nov 1901Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Bailey, Mabel21 Nov 1905Nov 1992Harlan
Bailey, Mabel4 Aug 1890Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Bailey, Mabel H14 Sep 192015 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Bailey, Mabelle15 Dec 1901Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Bailey, Madonna M7 Dec 191315 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Bailey, Margaret16 Apr 19261 Jun 1996Huntertown
Bailey, Margaret7 Oct 1895May 1974Yoder
Bailey, Mary28 Oct 191628 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Bailey, Mary25 Aug 1934Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Bailey, Maryellen25 Apr 191821 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Bailey, Marykather27 Jul 1918Aug 1979Roanoke
Bailey, Mathilda A23 Jun 192414 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Bailey, Miriam M29 Sep 192031 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Bailey, Ola18 Jul 1890Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Bailey, Paul13 Jan 1894May 1981Fort Wayne
Bailey, Paul E1 Dec 19322 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Bailey, Ray E27 Jun 191915 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Bailey, Richard L14 Jun 190714 Oct 2000New Haven
Bailey, Robert8 Jul 1921Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Bailey, Robert G7 Dec 191326 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Bailey, Roderick H22 Jan 193615 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Bailey, Ruby B30 Jan 19201 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Bailey, Ruby J24 Mar 191323 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Bailey, Sharon L29 Sep 193916 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Bailey, Thomas5 Nov 1917Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Bailey, Thurman J16 Oct 19244 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Bailey, Vadis V22 Aug 191616 Sep 2007Churubusco
Bailey, Wendell3 Feb 1900Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Bailhe, Gaston27 Aug 1886Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Bailhe, Lois26 Dec 1895Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Baily, Clarence9 Aug 1950Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Baily, Ernest21 Mar 1891Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Baily, Josephine27 Jun 1888Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Bain, Clementine31 May 190523 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Bain, George1 Jan 1897Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Bain, James J17 Mar 192029 May 1998Fort Wayne
Bain, Pauline E6 Jun 191421 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Bainbridge, Kenneth23 Mar 1919Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Bainbridge, Lucille23 Feb 1920Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Bainbridge, Wanda R27 Nov 192320 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Bair, Ada20 Jul 1894Jan 1969Churubusco
Bair, Charles E28 Jan 19177 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Bair, Chauncey E13 Jul 19099 Jan 1995Churubusco
Bair, Dorothy M10 Sep 192924 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Bair, George9 Nov 1883Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Bair, Guy18 Apr 1902Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Bair, Helen23 Sep 1908Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Bair, Helen L24 Apr 190928 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Bair, Hilda R2 Apr 190829 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Bair, Leland4 Jan 1922Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Bair, Leroy16 Oct 1887Oct 1971Huntertown
Bair, Lynn I8 Nov 19361 Dec 2009Churubusco
Bair, Nama30 Sep 190324 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Bair, Peggy A15 Feb 19326 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Bair, Ralph L14 Sep 191917 Jan 2003Churubusco
Bair, Regina M26 Jan 192313 Feb 2002Churubusco
Bair, Robert K21 Sep 19317 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Baird, E1 Jun 1907Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Baird, Eugene16 Dec 1888Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Baird, Fred A21 Jun 191615 May 2007Fort Wayne
Baird, Jean17 Feb 1889Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Baird, Jean E14 Jan 191015 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Baird, Richard27 Oct 1913Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Baird, Robert15 Aug 1885Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Bak, Edward W12 May 191731 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Bakalar, Betty C30 Jan 19228 May 2003Fort Wayne
Bakalar, Gerald J27 May 191712 Apr 2005New Haven
Bakalar, Margaret21 Mar 1894Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Bakalar, Phyllis J11 Feb 192424 Oct 2006New Haven
Bakalar, Thomas15 Jul 1886May 1968Fort Wayne
Baker Meredi, Maxine R19 Feb 193922 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Baker, A30 May 1989Mar 1991Fort Wayne
Baker, Agnes29 Jan 1903Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Baker, Agneta16 Sep 1897Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Baker, Alfred L5 Jan 19302 Jan 2009New Haven
Baker, Alma M26 May 19125 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Baker, Alta27 Jul 1896May 1978Fort Wayne
Baker, Alvina8 Dec 1897Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Baker, Amelia C26 Oct 18954 Jul 1990Woodburn
Baker, Ann21 Aug 192125 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Baker, Anne M11 Apr 194015 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Baker, Arthur4 Aug 1905Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Baker, Benjamin2 Aug 1881Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Baker, Beverly J18 Oct 19304 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Baker, Bill E26 Mar 194129 Jul 2007Yoder
Baker, Birtha5 Feb 1900Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Baker, Bolden12 Jul 193213 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Baker, Bryan24 Aug 1899Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Baker, Carey14 Jan 1902Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Baker, Carl30 Aug 1900Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Baker, Carl27 Oct 1896Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Baker, Cathie J24 Apr 194725 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Baker, Charles13 Sep 1903Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Baker, Charles D22 Jul 192122 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Baker, Chester14 Dec 1896May 1969Fort Wayne
Baker, Christine5 Feb 1910Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Baker, Clara17 Jan 1900Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Baker, Clarissa24 Jul 1917Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Baker, Claude3 Feb 1902Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Baker, Clyde22 Mar 1905Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Baker, Clyde4 Mar 1894May 1985Fort Wayne
Baker, Colette A19 Nov 189810 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Baker, Commodore16 Jun 1892Oct 1969Woodburn
Baker, Denise F27 Apr 195325 Oct 2008Grabill
Baker, Dianne Marie19 May 194316 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Baker, Donald25 Sep 1927Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Baker, Donald7 Aug 1925Jul 1986Woodburn
Baker, Donald W25 Apr 192012 Mar 2000Hoagland
Baker, Dorothy M25 Dec 192229 Sep 2004Roanoke
Baker, Earl D24 Nov 19339 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Baker, Edgar30 Nov 1902Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Baker, Edith19 May 1901Mar 1977Fort Wayne, New Haven
Baker, Edna24 Jul 1897Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Baker, Edna E7 Jun 190223 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Baker, Edna L18 Jun 192430 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Baker, Edward26 Mar 1901Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Baker, Eleanor L11 Jul 192127 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Baker, Eleanore22 Feb 191518 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Baker, Elizabeth7 Sep 1885Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Baker, Ella M19 Jan 191412 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Baker, Elmer11 Nov 1928May 1987Fort Wayne
Baker, Elmer10 Aug 1916Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Baker, Elmer18 Mar 1891May 1977Fort Wayne
Baker, Elmer M14 Jan 19114 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Baker, Elry21 Jul 1900Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Baker, Elsie G18 Jun 19228 Jan 1997Roanoke
Baker, Ernest23 Sep 1922Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Baker, Evangeline11 Jan 1922Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Baker, Fannie M25 Oct 193428 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Baker, Florence13 Mar 1894Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Baker, Florence12 Jul 1914May 1986Fort Wayne
Baker, Floyd12 Mar 1896Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Baker, Frank14 Dec 1901Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Baker, Fred A11 Jul 194830 May 2007Fort Wayne
Baker, Frieda23 Jul 1900Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Baker, George31 Oct 1896Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Baker, George4 May 1890May 1966Fort Wayne
Baker, George A5 Jul 19204 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Baker, Gerald20 Nov 1908Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Baker, Gerald H10 Aug 191126 Aug 1996Churubusco
Baker, Gerald Keith31 Dec 193431 May 2008Spencerville
Baker, Geraldine L23 Jan 193226 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Baker, Gilbert L6 Oct 19299 Jun 1999Monroeville
Baker, Gilbert P21 May 192824 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Baker, Gladys30 Jun 1897May 1984Fort Wayne
Baker, Gladys6 Dec 1891Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Baker, Gladys K14 Aug 18999 Dec 1993Roanoke
Baker, Glenn5 Feb 1919Aug 1972Spencerville
Baker, Glenn E3 Sep 189913 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Baker, Goldie M20 Jul 1904Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Baker, Harold26 Jul 1906Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Baker, Harold21 Apr 1913Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Baker, Harold W1 Dec 193112 Mar 2006New Haven
Baker, Harvey M15 Feb 191511 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Baker, Hattie M29 Aug 1906Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Baker, Hazel17 Nov 1889Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Baker, Helen E9 Jun 189613 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Baker, Helen M19 Apr 19082 Sep 1999New Haven
Baker, Henry27 Apr 1906May 1982Fort Wayne
Baker, Henry22 Aug 1903Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Baker, Hobert24 Dec 19292 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Baker, Howard D7 Aug 19359 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Baker, Irene20 Oct 1904Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Baker, Irene J23 Oct 19051 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Baker, Irvin24 Mar 19239 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Baker, Jack L31 Oct 193720 Jun 2000New Haven
Baker, Jacob7 May 1889Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Baker, James4 Jul 1908Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Baker, James5 Aug 1888Oct 1967Woodburn
Baker, James9 Apr 1911Aug 1983Churubusco
Baker, James9 Mar 1891Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Baker, James25 Dec 1908Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Baker, James L26 Aug 19274 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Baker, James W7 Sep 195727 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Baker, Jennie11 Feb 1865Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Baker, Jody20 Mar 1956Oct 1982Woodburn
Baker, John A16 Sep 192317 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Baker, John D1 Dec 193926 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Baker, Johnny26 Aug 19446 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Baker, Joseph R2 Dec 191928 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Baker, L R17 Aug 196215 Mar 2000Spencerville
Baker, Ladonna M30 Apr 19349 Dec 2003Spencerville
Baker, Lalah3 Aug 1888Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Baker, Lanning C28 Jun 191212 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Baker, Laura1 Sep 1890Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Baker, Laura M20 Nov 19098 May 1994Fort Wayne
Baker, Lawrence A2 Oct 191814 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Baker, Lawrence J14 Nov 192116 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Baker, Leo9 Jun 1901Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Baker, Leona16 Sep 1899May 1993Fort Wayne
Baker, Lester L15 Mar 19135 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Baker, Lillian7 Jun 1892Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Baker, Linda C22 Dec 196624 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Baker, Lisa22 Apr 1958May 1977Fort Wayne
Baker, Lois5 Aug 1914Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Baker, Loretta F20 Apr 1908Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Baker, Louis16 May 1891Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Baker, Lucille17 Apr 190819 May 2006Fort Wayne
Baker, Lula J8 Sep 190011 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Baker, Lulu19 Oct 1872Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Baker, Lyndall R20 May 191224 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Baker, Mabel M21 Jan 1902Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Baker, Mable28 Jan 192323 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Baker, Mable A4 Feb 189513 May 1990Fort Wayne
Baker, Margaret L21 Nov 191826 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Baker, Margaret R29 Dec 194017 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Baker, Marilyn28 Apr 1931Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Baker, Marjorie13 Jan 1910Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Baker, Marjorie A27 Jul 191913 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Baker, Martha29 Jul 1887Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Baker, Mary5 May 1907Jan 1974Hoagland
Baker, Mary5 Oct 1905Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Baker, Mary E11 Feb 191420 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Baker, Mary J14 Sep 191919 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Baker, Mary J24 Jul 191214 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Baker, Mary Jane5 Nov 191010 Dec 2007Roanoke
Baker, Mary L4 Sep 19107 Jan 1999Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Baker, Mattie19 May 1889Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Baker, Max D14 Jul 19212 Jan 1997Roanoke
Baker, Maxine26 Apr 191917 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Baker, Merle J26 Mar 192526 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Baker, Mildred26 Nov 1910Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Baker, Mildred A21 Sep 19118 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Baker, Mildred V17 Jun 191614 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Baker, Minerva4 Jun 1896Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Baker, Morris12 Oct 1893Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Baker, Naomi B31 Oct 189620 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Baker, Naomi M16 Aug 192519 Apr 2001Leo, Fort Wayne
Baker, Nellie17 May 1893Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Baker, Nettie24 Oct 1878Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Baker, Nina E27 Dec 192511 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Baker, Norma F9 May 190419 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Baker, Norman E18 Apr 193510 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Baker, Omer M21 Feb 190828 May 1992Fort Wayne
Baker, Ora16 Jan 1893Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Baker, Owen29 Dec 1881Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Baker, Patricia A16 Jun 194215 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Baker, Paul14 Aug 1917Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Baker, Pauline B7 Jul 191320 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Baker, Perry A12 Dec 19143 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Baker, Pete12 Nov 1892Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Baker, Phyllis J25 Jun 191430 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Baker, Ralph10 Jan 1899Dec 1966New Haven
Baker, Reva G16 Apr 190311 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Baker, Richard8 Dec 1901May 1981Fort Wayne
Baker, Robert23 Oct 1911Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Baker, Robert E6 Mar 193124 Mar 2006Leo
Baker, Robert H26 Jun 191613 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Baker, Roy16 Nov 1905Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Baker, Roy E3 Oct 192315 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Baker, Russell L18 Sep 192514 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Baker, Ruth28 Jan 1918Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Baker, Ruth A9 May 192722 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Baker, Ruth M30 May 19146 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Baker, Stella C19 Oct 19436 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Baker, Sylvanus19 Oct 1924Jun 1970Monroeville
Baker, Sylvia A16 Dec 191131 May 1994Fort Wayne
Baker, Sylvia P11 Sep 19211 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Baker, Thomas19 Jul 1942May 1983Spencerville
Baker, Todd A30 Apr 196818 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Baker, Victoria3 Mar 1913Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Baker, Victoria3 Mar 1913Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Baker, Violet M31 May 192115 Nov 1993Woodburn
Baker, Wilbur29 Jun 1909Dec 1983Churubusco
Baker, William10 Jun 1894Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Baker, William13 Feb 19311 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Baker, William2 Jan 190530 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Baker, William J28 Feb 195221 Jan 2000Grabill
Baker, Winifred J25 Oct 19118 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Baker, Zella15 Dec 1886Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Bakhtov, Nikolay Vladilenovich7 Jul 196119 May 2008Fort Wayne
Bakian, Albert31 Jan 1914Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Bakle, Amy11 Nov 1903Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Bakle, Ann26 Jun 1915Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Bakle, Carol J15 Dec 193429 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Bakle, Caroline15 Nov 1892Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Bakle, Mary J15 May 19219 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Bakle, Ralph18 Nov 1911Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Bakle, Robert23 Dec 1904Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Bakle, Robert F14 Jul 193218 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Bakle, William11 Jun 1901Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Bakstad, Mildred12 Feb 1891Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Balado, Elvie N3 Nov 19292 Feb 1998New Haven
Balazs, Imre L26 Feb 19347 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Balbaugh, Gloria R12 May 19315 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Balbaugh, Henry17 Oct 1910Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Balbaugh, Ilene M17 Aug 19122 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Balbaugh, Kathleen P14 Mar 192819 May 1999Fort Wayne
Balckwell, Tom15 Feb 1892Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Balderstone, William12 Apr 190824 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Baldridge, Carrie5 Nov 1892Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Baldridge, Mary2 Jan 1908Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Baldus, George H23 Jan 190211 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Arthur29 Jan 1899Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Audrey27 Dec 1896Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Clarence31 Jul 1907May 1977Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Doris M26 Jan 19279 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Dortha E18 Jun 1913Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Edgar25 Jan 1892Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Ethel26 Jan 1909Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Eugene E14 Nov 192926 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Fred C10 Aug 190722 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Glen11 Sep 1902Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Harry4 Nov 1905May 1970Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Joe9 Dec 1902Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Baldwin, John E7 May 191415 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Lois J1 Aug 192025 May 2007Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Matia L30 Dec 190615 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Myrtle7 May 1878Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Naomi I29 Aug 191216 May 2001Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Paul5 Apr 1925Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Quincey26 Jun 1900Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Robert E10 Feb 193412 May 2007Fort Wayne
Baldwin, Virgil7 Dec 192325 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Bales, Archie14 Nov 1893Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Bales, Carol R13 May 193323 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Bales, Helen L3 Mar 190923 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Bales, Pamela J8 Dec 19556 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Bales, Pearl26 Mar 1899Aug 1979New Haven
Bales, Phyllis31 Dec 1903Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Bales, Sharron C16 Jul 194910 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Bales, William27 Dec 1903Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Balkenbusch, Howard M4 Sep 192517 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Ball Jr, Edwin9 Mar 1881Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Ball, Betty27 Jul 192516 Mar 1999Monroeville
Ball, Casto15 Oct 1909Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Ball, Charles6 Dec 1911Jul 1981Monroeville
Ball, Daniel R26 Feb 192514 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Ball, Dorothy E10 Aug 190919 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Ball, Earl16 Feb 1921Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Ball, Ellen A18 Oct 192229 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Ball, Emma3 Nov 1882Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Ball, Eva31 Dec 1896Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Ball, Eva2 Apr 1899Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Ball, Harold4 Nov 1900Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Ball, Harold J3 Feb 191113 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Ball, Hazel16 Feb 1901Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Ball, Helen E27 Apr 192015 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Ball, Helen L29 Aug 190926 Feb 2000Monroeville
Ball, Homer19 Jun 1915Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Ball, James A15 May 19239 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Ball, James L17 Aug 194218 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Ball, Joy F28 Oct 195617 Oct 2007Roanoke
Ball, Lillian J24 Apr 191610 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Ball, Lloyd C24 Feb 19177 Apr 2007Woodburn
Ball, Lois13 Mar 1922Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Ball, Lois E28 Apr 191217 May 1993Fort Wayne
Ball, Mabel3 Aug 1894Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Ball, Mabel L16 Aug 192122 Jan 2010Monroeville
Ball, Mabel R6 Jun 191520 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Ball, Marjorie S21 Oct 19147 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Ball, Ray E29 Sep 191525 Mar 1995Monroeville
Ball, Rosemary1 Jun 1911Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Ball, Ross11 Dec 1905Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Ball, Sadie20 Nov 1884Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Ball, Vicki Jo31 Jan 19525 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Ball, Virginia17 Mar 1920Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Ball, Vivian V30 May 192314 Dec 2009Woodburn
Ballard, Alice9 Mar 1904Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Ballard, Betty L25 Apr 192721 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Ballard, Dora13 Sep 1893Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Ballard, Grace E1 Oct 191820 May 2006Fort Wayne
Ballard, Ida15 Feb 1898Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Ballard, Lester17 Apr 191821 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Ballard, Ollie V27 Aug 192721 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Ballard, Ruby6 Mar 1893Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Ballard, Walter W12 Feb 190823 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Baller, Charles14 Aug 1894Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Balliet, Burch13 Apr 1897Mar 1969Huntertown
Balliet, Evelyn L10 Nov 191422 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Balliet, Granville L23 Jan 192315 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Balliet, Kermit R10 Jan 191227 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Balliet, Michele13 Jan 1981Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Balliet, Mildred10 Oct 1900Dec 1982Huntertown
Balliet, Phyllis M1 May 192427 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Balliet, Russell1 Aug 1899Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Ballinger, Ann D22 Aug 19291 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Ballinger, Deborah S28 Jul 194825 May 2007Fort Wayne
Ballinger, Harry N3 Aug 192312 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Ballinger, Luella M7 May 19081 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Ballinger, Oral K2 Jul 191431 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Ballinger, Rose16 Oct 1899Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Ballman, Charles H8 Jul 19185 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Ballman, Clarence L12 Sep 19408 Feb 2004Fort Wayne, Huntertown
Ballman, Frank Joseph8 Jul 191617 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Ballman, Gresta28 Jan 1917Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Ballou, Clifford15 Oct 1896Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Balog, Celestia E28 Mar 191622 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Balog, Nick S12 Sep 191326 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Balogh, Clara30 Sep 190313 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Balogh, Grace A12 Dec 192918 May 1995Fort Wayne
Baloski, Slavko15 Jan 192312 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Balsamo, Peter G9 Jun 192016 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Balser, Bernard8 Aug 1923Jan 1979Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Balser, Bonita M3 Jun 194317 Jul 2002Churubusco
Balser, Donald E22 Feb 192624 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Balser, Karl D25 Jul 192817 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Balser, Ned E26 Dec 194812 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Balser, Victor B14 Aug 189616 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Balser, Willis9 May 1887Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Baltazar, Bernarda3 Apr 1915Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Baltazar, Frank4 Jan 1919Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Baltes, Angela9 Feb 1891Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Baltes, Carol A23 Mar 19421 Oct 2000Roanoke
Baltes, George Ann16 May 1914Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Baltes, Gladys24 Nov 1903Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Baltes, Grace12 Feb 1900Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Baltes, Helen A26 Mar 190517 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Baltes, Ida C26 Jan 1908Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Baltes, Joseph H30 Mar 194127 Jun 1996Roanoke
Baltes, Joseph H28 Aug 190812 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Baltes, Margaret I3 Apr 191110 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Balthaser, Kenneth J12 Nov 193931 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Balthaser, Lela M4 Nov 190927 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Baltimore, Blanche19 May 1876Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Baltins, Emilija3 Jul 1891Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Baltins, Vivija N5 Aug 192530 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Baltz, Dorothy13 Jun 1915Nov 1980New Haven
Baltz, Earl4 Jan 1917Sep 1986New Haven
Baltzell, Lauretta15 Sep 1888Apr 1973Huntertown
Baltzli, Angeline M10 Oct 191017 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Baltzli, August25 Mar 1886Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Baltzli, Isabelle18 Jun 1890Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Baltzli, Marcel22 Jun 1907May 1987Fort Wayne
Balyeat, Dan17 Apr 19587 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Bamberg, Robert Lee8 Oct 19825 Sep 2006Woodburn
Bamer, Raymond9 Aug 1889Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Banda, Lucio1 May 191628 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Bandelier, Crystal29 Oct 1918Jun 1979Roanoke
Bandelier, Eliza1 Jul 1885Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Bandelier, Elwin28 Feb 1899Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Bandelier, Henrietta21 Jun 188715 Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Bandelier, Howard W25 Nov 192028 Jun 2009New Haven
Bandelier, Irvin J21 May 19016 May 1994New Haven
Bandelier, Leola13 Apr 190616 Jun 1992New Haven
Bandelier, Lulu17 Apr 1900Jun 1972New Haven
Bandelier, Willard21 Feb 1892May 1973New Haven
Bandemer, Irwin C10 Oct 1915Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Bandemer, Maxine E1 Jul 19166 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Bandor, Bessie18 Jul 1892Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Bandor, Hilda A24 Sep 193022 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Bandor, Max J8 Aug 192030 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Bandor, Roy E11 Jun 19315 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Bandt, Charles7 May 1882Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Bandt, Edward17 Jun 1894May 1966Fort Wayne
Bandtel, Fred5 Jan 1892Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Bandtel, Marceille I23 Jan 192017 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Bane, John1 Feb 1921Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Bane, Julia13 Sep 1892Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Bane, Mary E21 Jan 191911 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Bane, Rodney A8 Dec 195319 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Bane, Russell2 Nov 1905Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Banet, Herbert C17 Oct 191312 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Banet, Hermagail23 Mar 1914Nov 1971Monroeville
Banet, Howard E24 Sep 191512 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Banet, J Richard27 Mar 191326 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Banet, Kathlyn M4 Oct 191626 May 2001Fort Wayne
Banet, Lawrence E4 Apr 19297 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Banet, Louis5 Aug 1877Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Banet, Mary L22 Jun 189714 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Banet, Maude M18 Jul 191725 Jan 1996Monroeville
Banet, Rose V21 Jun 191512 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Baney, Betty L5 Aug 19317 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Baney, Gordon2 Apr 1904Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Baney, Gordon E14 Jul 19283 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Baney, Kevin10 Oct 1953Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Baney, Lola26 Apr 1906Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Baney, Mary E18 Aug 1920Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Baney, Sharon K3 Jun 194320 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Banfield, Kimberly J16 Feb 196524 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Bangert, Alma12 Feb 1895May 1984Fort Wayne
Bangert, Edward A27 Dec 191422 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Bangert, Irene E27 Jan 191313 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Bangert, Joseph W1 Mar 191418 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Bangert, Paul J18 Jan 19227 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Bangert, Robert27 Jun 1896Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Bangert, Robert E4 Feb 191328 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Bangert, Robert F23 Jan 192727 May 1995Fort Wayne
Bangert, Thomas13 Mar 1928Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Banhagel, Ray23 Oct 1892Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Banister, Bertha2 Aug 1894Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Banister, Roland9 Jan 1908Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Bank, M28 Sep 192821 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Bankemper, David E19 Jul 196626 Nov 2004New Haven
Banks, Alan C4 Mar 196015 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Banks, Aubrey27 Jul 1932Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Banks, Berlin15 Jul 1899Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Banks, Betty J23 Feb 192210 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Banks, Cameron J23 Jun 198923 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Banks, Charles30 Nov 1878Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Banks, Daisy15 Jul 1892Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Banks, Delois C21 Jan 19544 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Banks, Dollie21 May 1892Oct 1985New Haven
Banks, Donald25 Aug 19505 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Banks, Edgar20 Feb 1904Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Banks, Edna F5 Nov 192817 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Banks, Emma30 Oct 1904Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Banks, Ferdinand8 Aug 1882Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Banks, Fred3 Feb 1887Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Banks, Fred R5 Feb 194213 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Banks, Gordon31 Jan 1903Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Banks, Hortense L30 Jun 18932 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Banks, Howard5 Mar 1919Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Banks, Jake24 Feb 193324 May 2006Fort Wayne
Banks, John27 Nov 1913Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Banks, Junior20 Aug 1925Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Banks, Larry2 Mar 197611 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Banks, Leona M14 Mar 19265 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Banks, Mary14 Feb 1911Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Banks, Oliver29 Mar 1877Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Banks, Paul M4 Feb 190629 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Banks, Savilla A17 Feb 190827 Sep 1996New Haven
Banks, Sheila M25 Nov 19452 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Banks, Terri A17 Sep 195217 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Banks, Tracy R5 Apr 19667 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Banks, Vilas O12 Mar 191815 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Bankson, Paul23 Mar 1910Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Bankson, Ralph7 Feb 1907Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Bankson, Ralph E28 Oct 194720 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Banning, Irene E17 Mar 193623 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Bannister, Frederick6 Jun 1901Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Banter, Leah28 Jul 1914Oct 1975Huntertown
Banter, Robert17 Jul 1915Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Banthi, S9 Oct 1946Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Banting, Marcella H6 Jan 191117 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Banut, John5 Sep 1925Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Banut, Marguerite2 Mar 19294 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Banwart, Anna7 Dec 1887Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Bapst, John19 Jun 1894Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Baptist, Virginia E16 Sep 190830 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Barager, Lydia W13 Aug 192231 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Barager, William E1 Jul 192221 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Barajas, Josephine O15 Jun 193613 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Baral, Frieda17 Sep 1885Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Baral, Helen28 Jun 1897Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Barany, Cleva2 May 1905Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Barany, Ignac28 Mar 1909Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Barbarette, Judy20 Jul 1927Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Barbaretti, Harold22 Jan 1920Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Barbeau, Amelia7 Aug 1896Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Barber, Brenda D21 Jun 194515 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Barber, Carmen Renee6 Jul 197024 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Barber, Erva L2 Jun 19262 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Barber, Esther I15 Jun 191625 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Barber, George R20 Oct 192421 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Barber, Gladys8 Apr 1900Nov 1981Leo, Fort Wayne
Barber, Hulda18 Nov 1885Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Barber, John R22 Dec 194318 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Barber, Mamie18 May 1892Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Barber, Marjorie4 Apr 19451 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Barber, Martha2 Jan 1899Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Barber, Max D22 Aug 193521 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Barber, Robert21 Oct 1893Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Barbier, Cora7 Jun 1890Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Barbier, Fern J22 Jan 191123 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Barbieri, Amelia9 Jul 1895Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Barbieri, Joseph23 Apr 1893Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Barbieri, Joseph10 Mar 192615 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Barbieri, Kathryn A17 Nov 19281 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Barbor, Anna Mary24 Sep 19203 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Barbour, Harvey26 Feb 1900May 1983Fort Wayne
Barbour, Lucille28 Jan 191830 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Barbour, Marietta9 Mar 19269 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Barbour, Phyllis B2 Aug 19256 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Barbour, Richard3 Aug 1927Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Barbour, Wesley17 Jul 192323 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Barbour, Wilbur3 Oct 1920Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Barch, Helen R16 May 192716 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Barch, Iley23 May 1901Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Barch, Janet6 Aug 1951Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Barch, John W13 Jun 192326 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Barck, Louise17 Oct 1888Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Barclay, Harriet11 Dec 1887Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Barclay, Ivan J9 Jul 191710 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Barclay, Juanita16 Apr 191915 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Barclay, Lillian29 Dec 19071 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Barclay, Sarah G21 May 191426 May 2006Harlan
Barcus, Elmer29 Oct 1907Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Barcus, Evelyn5 Mar 1903Jun 1971Churubusco
Barcus, Grace M28 Sep 190312 Apr 2000Churubusco
Barcus, Joseph15 Jul 1912Jan 1984Churubusco
Barcus, Mary4 Apr 1882Mar 1979Churubusco
Barcus, Naomi E14 Oct 1918Dec 1993Churubusco
Barcus, Nellie11 Sep 1908Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Bard, James12 Oct 1911Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Barden, Nellie29 Oct 1901Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Bardey, Delores L16 Apr 19289 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Bardon, Helen10 May 1906Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Bardsley, Evelyn28 Jul 1921Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Bardsley, James3 Jun 1906Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Bardsley, Kathleen B7 Jan 191413 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Bardsley, L V5 Jul 193515 Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Barella, Ruby31 Dec 1900Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Barelmann, Fred J9 Sep 190218 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Barfell, Carol J19 Nov 194119 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Barfell, Edna28 Mar 1893Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Barfell, Harry T30 Jul 192429 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Barfell, Leon31 Aug 1919Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Barfell, Miles S1 Jul 19187 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Barfell, Myrtle F7 Apr 190310 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Barfell, Opal E6 Jul 19218 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Barge, Arthur27 Jun 1912Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Barge, Mary A29 Jul 191230 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Bargsley, C27 Nov 1911Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Bargsley, Violet3 May 1909Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Barhydt, Kenneth M5 Aug 19268 Dec 2006Huntertown
Barhydt, Sherri L15 Jan 195422 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Barile, Anthony J15 Mar 19181 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Barile, Arthur3 Dec 1924Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Barile, Arthur W30 Jan 19176 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Barile, Domenick23 Apr 1893May 1976Fort Wayne
Barile, Felice9 May 191011 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Barile, Giovanna30 Oct 193622 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Barile, Mary9 Jul 1907Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Barile, Mary22 Mar 19151 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Barile, Rosa13 Jul 193027 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Barile, Rose28 Feb 1897Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Barile, Sisto18 Jun 19108 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Barile, Teresa12 Oct 192421 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Barille, Neal2 Apr 1916Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Barkdull, Paul8 Mar 1903Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Barker, Ann M25 May 194028 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Barker, Byron K24 Sep 19292 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Barker, Clifford26 Jun 1911Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Barker, Dorothy21 Sep 1949Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Barker, Dorothy L12 Aug 190516 Jun 1996Huntertown
Barker, Emma14 Jun 1893Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Barker, Forest14 Nov 1903May 1982Monroeville
Barker, Frances I30 Jun 191923 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Barker, Fred20 Mar 1889Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Barker, Freedonia9 Jun 191923 May 2007Fort Wayne
Barker, George E2 May 191628 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Barker, Georgia26 Jun 1885Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Barker, Gladys S30 Oct 192628 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Barker, Grace27 Jun 1887Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Barker, Helen E6 Dec 19155 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Barker, Jean A6 Jul 192431 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Barker, John W8 Oct 19018 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Barker, Joseph E17 Dec 190421 Feb 1997Huntertown
Barker, Korendi L14 Oct 197026 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Barker, Mildred G27 Aug 191522 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Barker, Minnie M4 Feb 190729 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Barker, Opal2 Apr 1903Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Barker, Pleasant W22 Jan 1918May 1992Fort Wayne
Barker, Robert J9 Mar 192116 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Barker, Thelma30 Jan 1903Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Barker, Timothy27 Apr 1961Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Barker, Willie26 Oct 191613 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Barkey, Jeffrey M4 Jan 196924 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Barkley, Charles L24 Jul 18955 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Barkley, Elizabeth1 Mar 1898Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Barkley, Gatha V14 Jun 1917Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Barkley, Glennis M18 Oct 191323 Nov 1993Monroeville
Barkley, Huldah11 Jul 1890Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Barkley, Ivan28 Apr 1902Sep 1979Monroeville
Barkley, James A3 Sep 192615 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Barkley, Kenneth28 May 1904Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Barkley, Nancy27 Jun 193216 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Barkley, Richard15 Dec 1922May 1983Monroeville
Barkley, Rollie8 Aug 1886Jul 1969Monroeville
Barkley, Scott F12 Dec 195531 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Barkley, Virgil22 Jun 1892Apr 1966Monroeville
Barkley, Waldo30 Sep 1887Jul 1972Monroeville
Barkovich, Irene R24 Sep 19164 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Barksdale, Charlie Donald28 Oct 194324 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Barksdale, Ernest23 Dec 1913Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Barksdale, Lucille23 Oct 1921Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Barksdale, Otha16 Jun 1905Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Barksdale, William4 Jan 1893Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Barladjan, Mikola3 Feb 1898Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Barlag, Dorothea28 Jun 1892May 1965Fort Wayne
Barlage, Ruby L22 Sep 191018 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Barlett, Beatrice M3 Jul 1902Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Barlett, Chancey16 Feb 1897Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Barlett, Maurice V13 Nov 193820 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Barley, Clemence L10 Nov 191829 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Barley, Fred1 Jul 1888Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Barley, Fred19 Feb 1918Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Barlow, Curtis19 Mar 1896Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Barlow, Frieda B8 Feb 191412 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Barlow, Margaret N26 Jan 194212 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Barlow, Mary A29 Jan 19395 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Barman, Ruth E26 Sep 190417 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Barmore, Myrtle1 Jan 1880Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Barna, Helen3 Apr 19208 May 2008Fort Wayne
Barnabee, William3 Feb 1936Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Barnard, Nathan10 Jul 19095 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Barnbrook, Lynn A3 Sep 194725 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Barner, Anna14 Aug 1902May 1984Fort Wayne
Barner, Dean G8 Mar 192910 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Barner, Ray A24 Oct 19183 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Barner, Richard28 Jan 19006 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Barnes, Alonzo5 Nov 1888Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Barnes, Amanda M26 Oct 198428 Aug 2006Churubusco
Barnes, Andrew26 Jul 192618 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Barnes, Anna23 Jun 1889Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Barnes, Arthur8 May 1896May 1976Fort Wayne
Barnes, Arthur20 Oct 1924Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Barnes, Betty Jane9 Jul 19216 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Barnes, Blanche2 Oct 19067 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Barnes, Burt22 Feb 1905Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Barnes, Charlie14 Oct 1918Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Barnes, David C22 Sep 19584 Aug 2003New Haven
Barnes, Defoe2 Apr 1902Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Barnes, Doris J31 Mar 192223 Jan 2000Churubusco
Barnes, Dudley4 May 193829 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Barnes, Evelyn M30 Apr 191628 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Barnes, Frances22 Jun 1914Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Barnes, Frances M27 Mar 19209 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Barnes, Gaylord E25 May 193623 May 2004Fort Wayne
Barnes, George16 Jul 1899Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Barnes, George19 Aug 19361 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Barnes, Gerald22 Jun 1909Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Barnes, Harold14 Jun 1903May 1987Fort Wayne
Barnes, Ida30 Apr 1906May 1976Fort Wayne
Barnes, James E17 Aug 193529 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Barnes, James E16 Dec 192816 May 1999Fort Wayne
Barnes, James W19 Dec 19213 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Barnes, Jennie25 Jul 1879Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Barnes, John10 Aug 1917Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Barnes, John P30 Jul 19538 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Barnes, Johnie17 Sep 190724 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Barnes, Leo24 Jan 1930Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Barnes, Lucile23 May 1906Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Barnes, Margaret B7 Apr 19106 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Barnes, Margaret E31 Jan 19161 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Barnes, Mary19 May 1918Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Barnes, Mary27 Feb 1897May 1980Fort Wayne
Barnes, Matthew J17 Sep 191314 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Barnes, Mildred23 Mar 1905Jun 1985Churubusco
Barnes, Nell10 Dec 1895Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Barnes, Nora2 Jan 1897Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Barnes, Norman19 Dec 1940Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Barnes, Olive21 Dec 1902Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Barnes, Patricia8 Sep 192924 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Barnes, Pinkie8 May 190617 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Barnes, Roosevelt11 Jan 192111 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Barnes, Rufus R22 Nov 193914 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Barnes, Ruth N26 Dec 190930 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Barnes, Scott A14 Sep 196110 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Barnes, Shyla R5 Oct 19814 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Barnes, William15 Oct 1903Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Barnes, Willie18 Sep 1894Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Barnes, Willie P25 Jan 193518 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Barnes, Wilma L4 Mar 191523 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Barnet, Miguel G19 Mar 191125 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Barnett, Albert21 Sep 191518 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Barnett, Alma30 Jun 1888Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Barnett, Coletta G30 Mar 190418 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Barnett, Edward4 Sep 1932Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Barnett, Eugene J4 Dec 192528 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Barnett, Frank3 Apr 1895Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Barnett, George6 Apr 190115 Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Barnett, George C31 Aug 191219 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Barnett, Glendola6 Feb 192026 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Barnett, Jack L2 Sep 192828 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Barnett, Joseph5 Jan 1889Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Barnett, Lavera18 Apr 1901Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Barnett, Leon A1 Jun 191524 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Barnett, Mildred5 Sep 19102 Nov 2006Hoagland
Barnett, Nancy I28 Jul 193912 May 1999Fort Wayne
Barnett, Ralph P Jr1 Oct 192418 Nov 2003Huntertown
Barnett, Sandra L15 Nov 19423 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Barnett, Shula A14 Aug 189925 Jun 1995Roanoke
Barnett, Terry Blake5 Oct 196712 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Barnette, Dovie L28 Nov 19216 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Barnette, Joseph2 Jun 1917Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Barney, Lewis26 Oct 1901Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Barney, Marie29 Sep 1904Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Barngrover, Christophe10 Apr 1956Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Barngrover, David W5 Jan 193030 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Barnhardt, Morley D11 May 193018 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Barnhart, Blanche8 Mar 1897Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Barnhart, Burlyn F29 May 192317 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Barnhart, Charlotte17 Jul 1902Nov 1979Churubusco
Barnhart, Clarence A10 Dec 19162 Jun 2002Churubusco
Barnhart, Daniel21 Oct 1895Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Barnhart, David E26 Jun 19085 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Barnhart, Delores M16 Feb 19245 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Barnhart, Donald J21 Aug 192731 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Barnhart, Eugene H9 May 193210 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Barnhart, Evangeline B31 Aug 191028 Mar 2005Churubusco
Barnhart, Gladys Lucile26 Feb 19205 Jun 2008Churubusco
Barnhart, Harry22 Jan 1903Jan 1977Churubusco
Barnhart, Irving5 Sep 1910Dec 1985Churubusco
Barnhart, Joy11 Aug 1907Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Barnhart, Martha6 Jun 1914Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Barnhart, Nellie1 Aug 1893Apr 1982Churubusco
Barnhart, Robert D24 Oct 193920 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Barnhart, Ruby13 Aug 1894Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Barnhart, Shirley29 Jan 1929Jan 1984New Haven
Barnhart, Steven D24 Feb 198324 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Barnhart, Verlie23 Mar 1898Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Barnhart, Wanda J7 Mar 193420 Dec 2004New Haven
Barnhart, Willard24 Feb 1892Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Barnhill, Gertrude J24 Dec 188015 May 1967Fort Wayne
Barnhill, Lois J31 Aug 192028 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Barnhill, Paul V25 Sep 19417 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Barnhill, Paul V Ii17 Sep 192116 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Barnhouse, Charles S28 Apr 191610 Jul 1993Churubusco
Barnhouse, Michael C20 Jan 19779 Dec 2001Yoder
Barnt, Carrie23 Jan 1879Jan 1974Roanoke
Barnum, Helen B19 Apr 19086 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Baron, Catherine A30 May 191422 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Baron, Charles12 Sep 1912Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Baron, Earland15 Feb 1919Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Baron, Frank3 Oct 1913Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Baron, Helen11 Nov 19163 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Baron, Henry J30 Apr 191731 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Baron, Rose Mary13 Oct 192619 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Baron, Terrence27 Nov 1950May 1979Fort Wayne
Baron, Violet M18 Jul 192014 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Baron, Walter J5 Dec 191026 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Barr, Carroll26 Mar 1908Mar 1987Churubusco
Barr, Constance8 Aug 1897Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Barr, Dorothy E13 Jun 192822 Apr 1992New Haven
Barr, Edward W14 Jul 193414 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Barr, Ethel10 Sep 1903Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Barr, Harley E1 Dec 193128 Jun 2009New Haven
Barr, John J22 Dec 193512 Jul 2003Monroeville
Barr, Kathryn27 Oct 1887Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Barr, Kristen R9 Jan 20006 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Barr, Lillian27 Jan 1895Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Barr, Martha M1 Feb 193712 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Barr, Olive6 Mar 1895Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Barr, Ronald15 Jul 1922Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Barr, Veronica2 Feb 1889Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Barraclough, Lucile6 Jun 1882Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Barrand, Alfred F24 Jul 192314 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Barrand, Clara7 Sep 1903Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Barrand, Donald20 Jun 1936Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Barrand, Edith M13 Mar 192817 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Barrand, Edna M18 Mar 19174 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Barrand, Evelyn21 Feb 191726 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Barrand, Evelyn M4 Apr 19071 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Barrand, Herbert15 Aug 1921Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Barrand, Howard26 Mar 1922Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Barrand, Ida Mae5 Dec 191730 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Barrand, Irvin25 Mar 193920 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Barrand, Jack11 Apr 1930May 1982Fort Wayne
Barrand, Julius19 Feb 1900Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Barrand, Larry M18 Oct 193626 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Barrand, Louis19 Oct 1915Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Barrand, Mildred F19 Feb 190619 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Barrand, Norma9 Feb 1928Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Barrand, Richard D4 Jan 19324 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Barrand, Robert J20 Jun 19218 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Barrand, Robert P9 Jun 192518 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Barrand, Rose8 May 1899Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Barrand, Rosella7 Aug 1898Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Barrand, Roy14 Jul 1895Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Barrantes, Martha18 Aug 1948Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Barrera, James N10 Sep 192515 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Barrera, Maria E26 Jul 194715 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Barrera, Reyna19 Apr 1923May 1985Fort Wayne
Barrett, Arthur M6 Sep 190530 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Barrett, Callie M7 Jul 193016 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Barrett, Carroll28 Jul 1918May 1982Fort Wayne
Barrett, Delbert A25 Dec 19152 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Barrett, Dorothy16 Feb 1901Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Barrett, Edna29 Jul 1890Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Barrett, Emmarine30 Dec 191713 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Barrett, Eva M2 Dec 19193 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Barrett, Evelyn J29 Dec 192014 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Barrett, George11 Jan 1891Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Barrett, Helen V12 Aug 191421 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Barrett, Isabelle14 Dec 1915Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Barrett, James14 Jan 1895May 1979Fort Wayne
Barrett, James6 Oct 1947Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Barrett, Jesse R9 Jul 191325 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Barrett, Joseph25 Sep 1908Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Barrett, Marie1 Apr 1893Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Barrett, Mary4 Sep 1888Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Barrett, Mary M5 Jan 189215 Aug 1993Churubusco
Barrett, Norman24 Jul 1907Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Barrett, Olive M18 Aug 190211 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Barrett, Raymond9 Jun 1889Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Barrett, Richard8 Dec 1896Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Barrett, Robert31 Dec 1904Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Barrett, Ruth G2 Feb 190714 May 1998Fort Wayne
Barrett, Sylvia19 Oct 1901Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Barrett, Walter30 Aug 1883Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Barretta, Ida19 Mar 1902Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Barretta, Valroy28 Jun 1896May 1981Fort Wayne
Barrick, Clara V5 Aug 190724 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Barrick, Helen V1 Aug 192020 Dec 2002New Haven
Barrick, Orlie3 Apr 1893Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Barrick, Theora18 Apr 1910Feb 1973Churubusco
Barrick, Viola E26 Mar 190625 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Barrie, Mary4 Jul 1902Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Barrientos, Christophe L17 Aug 196813 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Barrientos, Fernetta M26 Feb 193010 Mar 1998New Haven
Barrientos, Serbando24 Oct 193123 May 2005Leo
Barringer, John L Sr14 Mar 193118 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Barrone, Dorothy M12 Sep 19274 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Barrone, Edith A7 Nov 19217 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Barrone, Elmer20 Jul 1910Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Barrone, Jane18 Sep 1932Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Barrone, Rolland31 Aug 1924Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Barrow, Elsie A15 Jun 191230 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Barrow, Howard G18 Feb 190928 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Barrow, Larry E23 Jul 19346 Nov 2007New Haven
Barrow, Lewis22 Mar 1904Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Barrow, Richard M14 Jan 191510 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Barrows, Patricia A8 Apr 19388 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Barrpm, Orpha E21 Jun 19173 Aug 2007Churubusco
Barry, Arnold T1 Oct 19149 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Barry, Barbara L25 Dec 193313 May 2005Yoder
Barry, Florence16 Nov 1902Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Barry, Gerald6 Nov 1903Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Barry, Helen L28 Aug 191724 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Barry, Lavon30 Oct 192226 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Barry, Lena1 Dec 1883Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Barry, Ralph W4 Jul 19263 Mar 2007Yoder
Barry, Robert28 Nov 1910Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Barry, Ronald18 Dec 1918Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Barsic, John T11 Jun 192220 May 1994Fort Wayne
Barta, Elizabeth26 Aug 1905Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Barta, Grace G4 Jul 19209 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Barta, Philomena A21 Jun 192620 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Bartaway, Carl17 May 1907Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Bartaway, Miriam23 Apr 1907Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Bartel, Frances E16 Dec 187415 Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Bartel, Gordon3 Jun 1903Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Bartel, Irma M30 Jun 1913Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Bartels, Allene L16 Feb 192830 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Bartels, Arthur31 Jul 1894Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Bartels, Carl22 Dec 1895Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Bartels, Clarence5 Jan 1908Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Bartels, Edith8 May 1905Oct 1981Yoder
Bartels, Editha18 Jan 1900Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Bartels, Frieda4 Aug 1912Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Bartels, Harold E27 Jul 192316 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Bartels, Henry23 Jul 1880Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Bartels, Howard10 Jan 1926Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Bartels, Jack24 Jan 1932Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Bartels, James19 Nov 1931Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Bartels, Loretta A8 Mar 193011 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Bartels, May8 May 1897Mar 1978New Haven
Bartels, Naomi F26 Jul 19083 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Bartels, Otto28 Dec 189715 Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Bartels, Robert J6 May 1937Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Bartels, Wallace E5 Oct 191724 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Bartels, William28 Dec 1904Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Barter, Antonetta2 Jun 1891May 1973Fort Wayne
Barter, Wanda B7 May 191510 Jul 2001New Haven
Barter, William23 May 1891Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Barth, Christ A16 Mar 1895Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Barth, Elfrieda28 Jul 1912Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Barth, Emma18 Feb 189525 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Barth, Paul7 Apr 1883May 1969Fort Wayne
Barthold, Frederick Jr31 Jul 1894Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Barthold, Hilda R12 Jun 190514 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Barthold, Victoria R15 Mar 190622 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Bartholomew, Alfred C25 Jun 192130 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Bartholomew, David C22 May 193219 Apr 2003New Haven
Bartholomew, Dorothy L19 Oct 19249 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Bartholomew, Irene28 Aug 1900Mar 1987New Haven
Bartholomew, Patricia J15 Sep 193320 Aug 2008New Haven
Bartholomew, Ruth11 Sep 1888Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Bartholomy, Patricia11 Mar 192026 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Bartkiewicz, Rosella B2 Jan 19247 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Bartkowiak, Olga27 Dec 192313 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Bartkus, Laverne3 Mar 1915Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Bartl, Karen K3 Sep 194815 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Bartle, David22 Sep 1889Oct 1978Grabill
Bartle, David11 Sep 1917Aug 1977Grabill
Bartle, George22 Nov 1904May 1984Fort Wayne
Bartle, Lulu2 Nov 1896Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Bartle, Mabel30 Jun 1898Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Bartle, Myrittis L14 Apr 19182 May 1998Grabill
Bartle, Tracy7 Mar 1901Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Bartlett, Carl29 Jun 1911Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Bartlett, Eleanor S31 Oct 18944 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Bartlett, Eugene P8 Apr 192618 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Bartlett, Helen E5 Nov 191212 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Bartlett, Herman3 Aug 1905Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Bartlett, Lois16 Sep 192123 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Bartlett, Rosemary C10 Aug 192015 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Bartling, Arthur W21 Dec 189731 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Bartling, Kaitlyn26 Jun 19634 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Bartling, Mildred2 Oct 1907Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Bartling, Sarah5 Mar 1900Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Bartlow, Mabel7 Oct 1894Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Bartnikowski, Phylis M21 Oct 19123 May 2000Fort Wayne
Barto, Blanche18 Apr 191024 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Barto, Eva16 May 1892Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Barto, Fred C5 Mar 192612 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Barto, John H25 Sep 190615 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Bartoch, John24 Nov 192422 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Barton, Edward C10 Sep 191424 May 2000Fort Wayne
Barton, Elmer G23 Feb 192511 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Barton, Elsie4 Mar 1894Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Barton, Geneva31 Mar 1898Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Barton, Geraldine P11 Feb 191519 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Barton, Ida Blanche7 Mar 191417 Apr 2009New Haven
Barton, Joseph A4 Jul 193821 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Barton, Lucy L12 Mar 191013 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Barton, Lyle3 Feb 1891Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Barton, Mildred6 Dec 1905Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Barton, Opal13 Mar 1909Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Barton, Owen W15 Aug 190222 Apr 1992New Haven
Barton, Ralph11 May 193014 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Barton, Ronald D14 Jul 194620 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Barton, Vivian15 Jul 1887Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Bartram, Audrey28 Nov 1913Dec 1985Roanoke
Bartram, Herman25 Sep 1885Jan 1966Roanoke
Bartusch, Robert J31 Jul 192211 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Barva, James J23 Feb 192323 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Barva, Mary26 Apr 1897Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Barva, Stephen27 Sep 1893Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Barva, Steven3 Nov 1952May 1986Fort Wayne
Barve, Carrie23 Feb 1886May 1978Fort Wayne
Barwiler, Charles3 Apr 1899Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Barwiler, Charles R30 Nov 193411 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Barwiler, Raymond24 Feb 1913Apr 1977New Haven
Barwiler, Viola20 Feb 1902Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Basas, Eduardo7 Feb 194713 Jul 2005New Haven
Basen, Donald C8 Jun 19416 Jun 2004Yoder
Basey, Eleanor M6 Mar 192024 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Bash, David3 Sep 1910Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Bash, Edith R25 Oct 191914 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Bash, Florence26 Feb 1911Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Bash, Howard14 Nov 1900Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Bash, Louella16 Dec 1894Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Bash, Robert22 Aug 1918Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Basham, Donald R11 Sep 194626 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Basham, Robert T2 May 192425 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Bashara, Elizabeth15 Aug 1879Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Bashelier, Arthur17 Jul 1895Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Bashelier, Charles27 Oct 1888Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Bashelier, Marie29 Aug 1893Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Bashop, Albert26 Jan 1908Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Bashop, Caroline7 Sep 19088 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Bashop, David E1 Oct 193310 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Bashop, Edith M16 Feb 192815 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Bashop, Edward1 Apr 1899Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Bashop, Frances17 Feb 189715 May 1971Fort Wayne
Bashop, Jerry R3 Sep 19283 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Bashop, Larry22 Feb 1950Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Bashop, S Margueri M2 May 19122 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Bashore, Donald13 Sep 1911May 1984Fort Wayne
Bashore, Guy N29 Aug 192020 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Bashore, Nancy6 Jan 1921Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Bashore, Wesley11 Feb 1915Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Basile, Frank30 Apr 1926Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Basilio, Laureano4 Jul 194116 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Basilius, Harold15 Jan 1905Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Basilius, Imogene11 Dec 1901Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Basinski, Ernest W3 Apr 193029 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Baskett, James9 Apr 1921Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Baskett, Viola M29 Jul 192818 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Basore, Carl O17 Jan 192313 Dec 1999New Haven
Bass, Elnora10 Sep 1920Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Bass, Helen M20 Dec 191018 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Bass, Mark N23 Jun 195218 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Bass, Norbert W5 Jul 191420 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Bass, Walter21 Mar 1910Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Bass, William20 Feb 1915May 1976Fort Wayne
Basse, Kenneth19 Dec 1918Sep 1973Huntertown
Bassett, Ancel14 Mar 1901Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Bassett, Clayton13 May 1900Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Bassett, Clifford D12 Dec 19241 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Bassett, Dale G5 Jul 191610 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Bassett, Frank9 Jul 1901Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Bassett, George5 Jun 1905Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Bassett, Goldie3 Aug 1887Nov 1978Harlan
Bassett, Jane13 Sep 1926Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Bassett, Linda S21 Apr 196130 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Bassett, Margaret19 Jun 1894Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Bassett, Mildred L6 Apr 1908Jun 1995Harlan
Bassett, Olive2 May 1908Sep 1985Roanoke
Bassett, Ralph24 Jun 1885Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Bassett, Richard B4 Feb 191415 May 1996Harlan
Bassett, Susie E30 Jan 193322 Nov 1995Roanoke
Bassett, Susie M12 Sep 1942Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Bassett, William9 Dec 1892Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Bassinger, Winefred28 Apr 1885Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Bastian, Hoy7 Dec 1887Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Bastian, Mildred L4 Mar 191521 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Bastian, Theodore27 Sep 1900Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Basting, George17 May 1904Jan 1986Woodburn
Basting, Grace E17 May 19194 Nov 2007Woodburn
Basting, Paul E17 Nov 19115 May 1999Woodburn
Basting, Rosa26 Dec 1878Feb 1969Woodburn
Bastress, Helen M14 Sep 192421 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Bastress, Robert3 Feb 1917Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Bastress, Virginia P18 Feb 1919Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Bastress, Virginia P18 Feb 19191 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Baszczak, Joseph S18 Dec 191016 Mar 1992Roanoke
Baszczak, Stephanie T18 Aug 191216 May 2007Roanoke
Batchelder, Jack22 Apr 1947Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Batchelder, Jesse26 Feb 1879Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Batchelder, Lucile K22 Sep 190723 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Batchelder, Robert C28 Dec 195031 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Batchelder, Ruth17 Jan 1907Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Batdorf, Audra M13 May 190022 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Batdorf, Delores1 Dec 1925Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Batdorf, Floyd14 Dec 1896May 1987Fort Wayne
Batdorf, Keith B23 Jan 192710 Aug 1992New Haven
Bateman, Amos C18 Sep 191315 Apr 2006New Haven
Bateman, Douglass H22 Sep 191723 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Bateman, H Len6 May 1894Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Bateman, John9 Sep 1897Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Bateman, Winifred22 Jul 1917Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Bates Jr, William M2 Oct 19386 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Bates, Bessie8 Sep 1882Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Bates, Ceola9 Aug 1900Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Bates, Clara30 Aug 1892Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Bates, Clemens E10 Sep 190423 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Bates, Della26 May 1881Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Bates, Dorothy M26 Mar 194226 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Bates, Edward A19 May 190620 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Bates, Genevieve13 Aug 1903Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Bates, Gerald8 May 1910May 1983Fort Wayne
Bates, Gladys L9 Mar 19132 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Bates, Harold9 Dec 1915Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Bates, James11 Jul 1905Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Bates, Larry L12 May 193117 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Bates, Leonard13 Mar 191631 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Bates, Mabel18 Dec 1904Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Bates, Mabel C9 Sep 189619 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Bates, Magdalene M4 Aug 191324 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Bates, Malissa C17 Mar 19146 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Bates, Marguerite R19 Dec 19138 May 1997Fort Wayne
Bates, Mary D23 Apr 19213 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Bates, Mildred D21 Feb 1920Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Bates, Milton E25 Sep 19349 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Bates, Myrtle12 May 1911Feb 1980Churubusco
Bates, Norma M6 Aug 1922Aug 1988Leo
Bates, Norvis3 Jan 193615 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Bates, Onie D23 Feb 192610 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Bates, Vena10 Sep 1894Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Bates, Vera N6 Nov 190717 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Bates, Wilmer25 Aug 1904Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Batey, Carl26 Mar 1919Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Bathurst, William D19 Jun 191421 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Batman, Gladys13 Nov 1901Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Batson, Dorothy P17 Sep 190513 May 1999Fort Wayne
Batson, Rosie B10 Feb 19196 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Batt, Alfred29 Dec 1926May 1980Fort Wayne
Batt, Anna13 Jun 1931Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Batt, Clifford9 Mar 1925Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Batt, Joseph5 Feb 1902Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Batt, Margaret A14 Mar 1911Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Batt, Ruth I19 Jul 192828 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Battenberg, Elsie6 Mar 1904Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Battenberg, Esther16 Mar 1897Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Battenberg, Frederick5 Mar 1891Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Battershell, Audra I18 Mar 191020 Dec 2001Roanoke
Battershell, Fay30 Nov 1888Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Battin, Marion R14 May 192328 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Battrick, Eric James30 Dec 192227 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Battrick, Mary1 Jan 1915Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Battrick, Priscilla28 Sep 1896Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Battson, Lelah11 Jun 1903Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Battson, Lional11 Oct 1904Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Batz, Betty M7 Mar 19233 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Batz, Marie18 Sep 1896Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Batz, Timothy M6 Sep 196015 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Bauch, Daisy Faye8 Mar 19208 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Bauch, Lawrence G11 Dec 192211 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Baucom, Doris A6 Jan 19275 Sep 2006New Haven
Bauer, Agnes T11 Feb 190710 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Bauer, Alma12 Jul 1896Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Bauer, Betty Lou5 May 192718 May 2006Harlan
Bauer, Bruce G17 Apr 19185 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Bauer, Carl S8 Aug 19263 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Bauer, Darrell24 Dec 1931Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Bauer, Don H23 Jun 192716 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Bauer, Edmund6 Dec 1899Apr 1984Roanoke
Bauer, Edna6 Nov 1902Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Bauer, Edna L21 Jul 190718 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Bauer, Edward24 May 1899May 1974Fort Wayne
Bauer, Elfriede M26 Feb 192230 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Bauer, Ernest7 Mar 1903Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Bauer, Eugene E18 Mar 192216 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Bauer, Evelyn L28 Dec 192527 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Bauer, Fred J26 Jan 190731 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Bauer, George22 Jan 1925Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Bauer, Gladys6 May 1905Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Bauer, Gracella Fay12 Jul 19307 Sep 2008New Haven
Bauer, Helene S13 May 191924 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Bauer, Herbert J15 Oct 19026 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Bauer, Herman Richard23 Apr 191617 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Bauer, Joe B30 Sep 195129 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Bauer, John27 Feb 1901Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Bauer, Katherine J18 Sep 19263 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Bauer, Lawrence5 Sep 1922Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Bauer, Lena9 Jun 1891Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Bauer, Leo L9 Aug 19128 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Bauer, Leona6 Sep 1902Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Bauer, Lillian17 Jan 1887Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Bauer, Linda Marie17 May 19478 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Bauer, Lois D23 Jun 190926 Aug 2003Roanoke
Bauer, Mary1 Nov 1898Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Bauer, Maxine M7 Feb 192624 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Bauer, Ora27 Mar 1897Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Bauer, Pearl16 May 1885Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Bauer, Phyllis A5 Aug 192711 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Bauer, Richard18 Feb 1956May 1979Grabill
Bauer, Rita M18 Sep 193228 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Bauer, Ronald A10 Apr 192725 Oct 1997Roanoke
Bauer, Ruth J22 Jun 190029 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Bauer, Shirley J1 Jul 19272 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Bauer, Valentine12 Sep 1899Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Bauer, Welty8 Aug 1925May 1977Harlan
Bauer, Zelma Margaret26 Oct 192415 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Bauerle, Daniel J6 Jun 194915 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Bauerle, Edna7 Jan 1893Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Bauerle, John2 Aug 1897Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Bauerle, John F22 Dec 192415 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Bauermeister, Albert24 Jan 1914Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Bauermeister, Bertha L3 Dec 188815 Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Bauermeister, Clarence30 Jan 1892Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Bauermeister, Elizabeth24 Jan 1899Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Bauermeister, Elsie R7 Oct 19145 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Bauermeister, Ernest10 Feb 1902Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Bauermeister, Ernest7 Sep 1930Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Bauermeister, Fred12 May 1890Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Bauermeister, Hilda4 May 191021 Mar 2002New Haven
Bauermeister, Paul R24 Nov 19107 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Bauermeister, Vera C15 Mar 191616 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Baugh, Clifton28 May 1904Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Baugh, Gertrude5 Jun 191710 May 2002Fort Wayne
Baugher, Oakley C29 Aug 19245 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Baugher, Russell B7 Jun 192926 May 2003Fort Wayne
Baughm, M31 Aug 1941Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Baughman, Albert J1 Feb 193610 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Baughman, Bud W11 Jun 188615 Dec 1969Churubusco
Baughman, Carl31 Oct 1909Jul 1981Harlan
Baughman, Carl A2 Feb 194511 May 2006Fort Wayne
Baughman, Carrie5 May 1885Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Baughman, Cythera13 May 191310 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Baughman, Dean V5 Jan 191416 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Baughman, Donald19 Apr 1896Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Baughman, Florence M8 Feb 19188 Apr 2004Woodburn, Harlan
Baughman, Francis L29 Apr 194216 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Baughman, Frieda3 Apr 1910Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Baughman, Gary17 Sep 1961May 1981Harlan
Baughman, Glen12 May 1903Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Baughman, Glen W6 Jun 192424 Apr 1992Monroeville
Baughman, Helen17 Aug 1912Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Baughman, Howard J12 Jul 191117 Jan 1993Harlan
Baughman, Imojean L11 Aug 19298 Mar 1998Monroeville
Baughman, John5 Mar 1905Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Baughman, John F19 Feb 191622 Jun 2003Churubusco
Baughman, Keith P23 Oct 191718 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Baughman, Lela M26 Nov 19104 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Baughman, Levi P3 Jun 19227 Mar 2003Harlan
Baughman, Lillian A4 Oct 189115 Oct 1967Churubusco
Baughman, Louis29 May 1913Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Baughman, Marcella M29 Nov 191911 Nov 1995Churubusco
Baughman, Maud8 Oct 1876Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Baughman, Miriam L28 Jan 191830 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Baughman, Nelly M2 Mar 193314 Jun 2007Churubusco
Baughman, Ruth1 Jan 1949Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Baughman, Wilbur L20 Aug 19345 Feb 2009Churubusco
Baulkey, Howard N24 Jan 192930 Jan 2006Leo
Baulkey, Opal8 Jan 1907Nov 1985Leo
Baulkey, William21 May 1933Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Bauman, Alfred G3 May 19211 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Bauman, Anna15 Oct 1898Sep 1979Grabill, Harlan
Bauman, Burlen23 Aug 1905Dec 1984Spencerville
Bauman, Calvin6 Jan 192820 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Bauman, Dessie16 Sep 1908May 1986Fort Wayne
Bauman, Dorothy7 Sep 1883Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Bauman, Ervin26 Sep 1899Dec 1980New Haven
Bauman, Eugene C5 May 19179 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Bauman, Hattie21 Feb 1891Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Bauman, Herman R5 Jan 192728 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Bauman, James20 Dec 1926Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Bauman, Joseph13 Aug 1894Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Bauman, Lora20 Jun 1905Jun 1981New Haven
Bauman, Martha3 Nov 1902Dec 1979Spencerville
Bauman, Mary M12 Feb 19232 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Bauman, Norma J8 Nov 192814 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Bauman, Paul2 Jan 1931Nov 1982Monroeville
Bauman, Peter2 Oct 1910Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Bauman, Philip13 Jan 1904May 1979Fort Wayne
Bauman, Raymond F25 Jul 191326 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Bauman, Robert A4 Mar 192712 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Bauman, Theodore A14 Sep 190118 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Bauman, Viola28 May 1906Oct 1979Grabill
Bauman, Wilma A11 Apr 191531 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Baumbauer, Richard O30 May 192515 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Baumbaugh, Sadie1 Jun 1895Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Baumert, Chloe21 Jul 1899Jun 1978Monroeville
Baumert, Oscar10 Nov 1894Aug 1971Monroeville
Baumgardner, Charlene E10 Mar 19527 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Baumgardner, Lula17 Apr 1886Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Baumgardner, Margaret E21 Jan 19096 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Baumgardner, Robert E3 Feb 192415 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Baumgardt, Edward2 Nov 1888Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Baumgart, Mildred A17 Feb 190614 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Ada9 Jul 1895Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Anita6 Jul 1906Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Barbara J6 Dec 193222 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Bernice A6 Apr 19039 Mar 1997Huntertown
Baumgartner, Chalmer D18 Jul 191621 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Charles N25 Feb 191629 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Clarence23 May 1904Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Clyde9 Mar 1891May 1977Spencerville
Baumgartner, Dorothy10 May 1928Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Dorothy E24 Dec 192714 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Emil9 Oct 1883Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Frederick29 Dec 1907Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Gerald13 Sep 19365 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Gilbert W6 Sep 192621 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Goldie18 Jan 1917Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Homer30 Jun 1904Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Jack L16 Apr 19311 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, James15 May 1926Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Jess14 Nov 1906Dec 1964Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Laura23 Jun 1904May 1986Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Leslie26 Sep 1898Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Lloyd A29 Oct 19118 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Lydia2 May 1882May 1975Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Marcella29 Oct 1927Jul 1985New Haven
Baumgartner, Marshall21 Jul 1908Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Martha M12 Aug 19199 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Mary20 Oct 1903Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Mary8 Aug 1911Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Mary E11 Sep 194324 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Maud12 Mar 1895Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Meta21 Jan 1882Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Mildred11 May 1904Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Mildred M9 Jul 191128 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Nellie6 Nov 1892Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Olive28 Aug 1895Nov 1981New Haven
Baumgartner, Ornell2 Oct 1904Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Phyllis J28 Apr 193015 Aug 1997Churubusco
Baumgartner, Robert10 May 1924Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Robert L14 Dec 192718 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Rubye30 Oct 1905Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Ruth M24 Mar 19106 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Samuel13 Nov 1900Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Baumgartner, Vera M18 Mar 191228 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Baumgatner, Edna29 Feb 1916Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Baur, David4 Dec 1951Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Baur, Donald26 Oct 192315 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Baur, Wilhelm1 Jan 19313 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Baurtnut, Louis28 Dec 1888Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Baus, August21 Jun 1882Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Baus, Charles13 Mar 1888Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Baus, John14 Nov 191231 May 1999Fort Wayne
Bausback, Wray15 Jan 191229 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Bauserman, Agnes5 Sep 1891Dec 1983Roanoke
Bauserman, Claude4 Feb 1895Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Bauserman, David J31 May 192222 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Bauserman, Don A9 Jan 192718 Feb 2003New Haven
Bauserman, Icel14 Jun 1913Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Bauserman, Janice J15 Feb 193619 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Bauserman, Kenneth E18 Dec 19195 Apr 2003Monroeville
Bauserman, Rose8 Aug 1896Nov 1967Monroeville
Bauss, Helen19 Jan 188715 Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Bausser, William J13 Mar 191816 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Baxter, Arnold29 Apr 1900Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Baxter, Bertha15 Dec 1886Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Baxter, Clarence6 May 1912Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Baxter, Clifford Raymon5 May 191626 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Baxter, Dennis R12 May 194315 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Baxter, Dorothy P31 Aug 19213 May 2001Fort Wayne
Baxter, Edna11 Jul 1891Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Baxter, Ellen D18 Nov 191721 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Baxter, Gerald2 Dec 1910Oct 1970Monroeville
Baxter, Harold10 Jun 1900Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Baxter, Helen L29 Sep 19159 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Baxter, Ida22 Nov 1879Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Baxter, Ida M15 Jun 190327 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Baxter, James D15 Dec 192914 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Baxter, Lillian E28 Jun 191210 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Baxter, Marion L11 Oct 192616 May 2003Fort Wayne
Baxter, Mary J6 Nov 191423 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Baxter, Melva4 Feb 1900Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Baxter, Nolan6 Mar 1890Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Baxter, Patricia J2 Apr 192730 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Baxter, Paul J31 Jul 191918 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Baxter, Ronald L7 Apr 19395 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Baxter, Scott A17 Nov 19649 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Baxter, Walter E14 Jul 193710 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Baxter, William14 Feb 1901Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Bay, Alvin29 Jan 1904Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Bay, Cecil8 Aug 1908Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Bay, Geraldine29 Feb 1916Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Bay, Lillian27 May 1910Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Bay, Richard D3 Sep 193219 Dec 1991New Haven
Bay, Ruth D26 May 19128 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Bay, Virginia B21 Feb 192210 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Bay, Vivian1 Feb 1905Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Bay, William H25 Aug 19135 May 2000Fort Wayne
Bayard, Naomi11 Aug 1894Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Bayer, Mildred13 Apr 1901Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Bayes, Arthur16 Sep 1894Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Bayles, Eva K26 Sep 191221 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Bayles, John W18 Aug 190930 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Bayless, Loye21 Jul 1898Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Baylor, Ben15 Jan 1907Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Baylowa, Melania13 Jan 1896Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Bayman, Roxy27 Feb 1886Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Bayman, Ruth H8 Nov 192130 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Bayne, Robert11 Oct 1922Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Bays, Sherry16 Mar 1980Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Bayse, Jack B9 Jun 193416 Jan 1998New Haven
Baysinger, Ann10 Dec 19527 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Baysinger, Chester P1 Aug 19129 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Baysinger, Dorothea G28 Oct 19164 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Baysinger, Lucy1 May 1894Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Baysinger, Ralph L4 Apr 19152 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Bazzinett, Zilpha23 Nov 1896Oct 1980Fort Wayne

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