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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Beaber, Carlton E9 Sep 191912 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Beaber, Flossie23 Apr 1891Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Beaber, Margaret7 Jan 1913Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Beaber, Mary I24 Oct 19249 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Beaber, Ursie17 Dec 1884Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Beach, Edwin S28 May 192227 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Beach, Elwood19 Apr 1919Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Beach, Iberia F9 Jan 190830 May 1993Fort Wayne
Beach, Robert E28 Feb 191916 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Beachem, J C23 Mar 19211 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Beachem, Leonard13 Sep 191913 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Beachler, Kenneth E27 Sep 19415 Jan 2010Churubusco
Beachley, Charles17 Mar 1909Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Beachley, Kathryn26 May 191517 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Beachum, Erma L19 Jun 19295 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Beachy, Eli31 Jan 1921Apr 1981Woodburn
Beachy, Margaret S13 Mar 1928Mar 1995Woodburn
Beadie, Charlotte30 Dec 1899Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Beagle, Dorothy11 Dec 1903Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Beahrs, Devonna16 Aug 1886May 1967Fort Wayne
Beahrs, Edna10 Nov 1891May 1976Fort Wayne
Beahrs, Imogene21 Mar 193015 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Beahrs, John14 Jan 1906Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Beahrs, Marjorie8 Jul 1922Nov 1981New Haven, Fort Wayne
Beahrs, Richard C15 Apr 191928 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Beahrs, Robert D18 Feb 193118 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Beal, Charley R30 Oct 19038 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Beal, Gladys I16 Mar 190426 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Beal, Goldie18 Sep 1906Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Beal, Helen L19 Mar 191215 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Beal, J Ernest21 Oct 191527 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Beal, Jeanne M3 May 19174 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Beal, Mary5 Jun 1935Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Beal, Roy9 Jul 1899May 1984Fort Wayne
Beall, Myrtle9 Oct 1881May 1972Fort Wayne
Beals, D A21 Jan 194115 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Beals, Doris J18 Jun 193011 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Beals, Elen20 Oct 1909May 1981Fort Wayne
Beals, George F22 Oct 191314 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Beam, Alva23 Mar 1903Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Beam, Gerald L30 Apr 194013 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Beam, Homer D28 Jul 19333 Aug 2007Monroeville
Beam, Kathryn M26 Aug 1917Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Beam, Leo E2 Mar 193112 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Beam, Zella L15 Nov 191628 May 1988Fort Wayne
Beaman, Charlotte7 Apr 1915Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Beaman, Glen16 Dec 1904Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Beaman, Harlan2 Apr 192323 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Beaman, Howard L31 Aug 190228 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Beaman, Mary22 Feb 1902Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Beaman, Mildred23 Jan 1905Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Beamer, Anna E19 Oct 19128 Apr 2006Leo
Beamer, Birnie E8 Oct 19102 May 1999Leo
Beamer, Blanche6 Aug 1877Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Beamer, Edna10 Jul 1908Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Beamer, Lessie26 Jul 1899Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Beamer, Louise20 Jun 1895Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Beamer, Mabel22 Aug 1893Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Beamer, Mary17 Jan 1882Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Beamer, Mary24 Jun 1898Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Beamer, Minnie9 Oct 1899Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Beamer, Perry4 Nov 1881Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Beamer, Virgil L26 Sep 192223 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Beamon, Clinton5 Apr 1927Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Beamon, Fred20 Aug 1954Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Beams, Berdein13 May 1893Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Beams, Blanche4 Aug 1883Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Beams, Glen J1 Dec 191411 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Beams, Robert2 Jun 1892Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Beams, Ruth31 Jan 191512 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Bean, Candis22 May 192220 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Bean, Dianna M16 Mar 194419 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Bean, James7 Dec 1906Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Bean, Lulu M24 Oct 188915 Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Bean, Roy5 Apr 1919Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Beane, Linda S26 Apr 194923 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Bear, Alda M11 Sep 189315 Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Bear, Annes C30 Aug 189517 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Bear, Arthur27 Jun 1893May 1971Fort Wayne
Bear, Cassius10 Sep 1886Aug 1967Churubusco
Bear, Charles16 Jun 1880Feb 1964Fort Wayne
Bear, Edna J22 Sep 1907Mar 1993Roanoke
Bear, Elsie4 Aug 1891Sep 1965Fort Wayne
Bear, Jayce11 Sep 1905Nov 1974Roanoke
Bear, Lulu E7 Aug 19092 May 2001Roanoke
Bear, Marjorie20 Mar 1914Dec 1967Churubusco
Bear, Ray12 Feb 1919Apr 1987Churubusco
Bear, Robert13 Dec 1902Jun 1978Roanoke
Bear, William22 Sep 1884Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Beard, Alfred G22 Mar 19152 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Beard, Altha18 Oct 1883Dec 1975Woodburn
Beard, Barbara A4 Feb 193324 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Beard, Carol A2 Dec 19367 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Beard, Catherine22 Jul 191616 Sep 2005Huntertown
Beard, Charlie22 Jan 1900Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Beard, Della8 Oct 1904Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Beard, Dorothy21 Aug 1917Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Beard, Earl25 Sep 1901Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Beard, Edna24 Mar 1906Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Beard, Edwin16 Jul 1892Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Beard, Elsie30 Oct 1913Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Beard, Elverga M25 Nov 193528 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Beard, Emma4 Apr 1905Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Beard, Ernest L29 Aug 191313 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Beard, Frank13 Feb 1887Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Beard, Fred I4 Feb 191924 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Beard, Gladys24 Dec 1888May 1984Fort Wayne
Beard, Gladys4 Apr 1901Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Beard, Glen25 Dec 1903May 1979Fort Wayne
Beard, Harold3 Jul 1901Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Beard, Hazel E5 Apr 19028 Jun 1988Yoder
Beard, Howard J12 May 190125 Jan 1995Roanoke
Beard, Kenneth4 Feb 1908May 1985Fort Wayne
Beard, Lee R20 Oct 190630 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Beard, Lillian13 Dec 1889Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Beard, Lloyd25 Apr 1914Dec 1976New Haven
Beard, Lorraine W8 Jun 192724 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Beard, Mathilda28 Feb 1893Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Beard, Max Harold1 Feb 193515 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Beard, Mildred M13 Mar 190614 Dec 1994Roanoke
Beard, Monty17 Feb 1950Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Beard, Pearl11 Aug 1902Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Beard, Rebecca N13 Mar 194231 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Beard, Robert D19 Feb 19148 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Beard, Robert E20 Jul 19269 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Beard, Robert L22 Mar 193215 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Beard, Shirley A13 Apr 193928 Aug 2001Monroeville
Beard, Sylvia28 Dec 1889Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Beard, Vern27 Aug 1901Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Beard, William9 Sep 1901May 1973Fort Wayne
Beardsley, Lena30 Nov 1883Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Beardsley, Lisa J13 Sep 19582 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Beardsley, Melissa31 Mar 1921Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Beardsley, Ralph H12 Sep 192515 May 1999Fort Wayne
Bearhs, Austin14 Oct 1895Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Bearinger, Garnett23 Mar 1909Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Bearman, Adella12 Oct 1889Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Bearman, Albert A12 Dec 190818 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Bearman, Alvin H13 Sep 192021 Jan 2010Monroeville
Bearman, Anna15 Jun 1880Dec 1982New Haven
Bearman, Carl22 Oct 1928May 1982New Haven
Bearman, Clarence F12 Aug 191914 Dec 1997New Haven
Bearman, Dorothy26 Apr 1918Nov 1982New Haven
Bearman, Dorothy M18 Oct 192511 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Bearman, Elmer F28 Apr 190718 Aug 1989Monroeville
Bearman, Ervin8 Jan 1924Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Bearman, Gary D14 Oct 194327 Oct 1993New Haven
Bearman, Herman12 Sep 1901May 1980Fort Wayne, New Haven
Bearman, Howard F19 Apr 19221 May 2005Fort Wayne
Bearman, Lena9 Nov 1896Jun 1980Fort Wayne, New Haven
Bearman, Mildred S4 Sep 1912Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Bearman, Pearl G15 Nov 19117 Feb 2007Monroeville
Bearman, Roger L28 Nov 194619 May 2005Fort Wayne
Bearman, Walter5 Jun 1913Nov 1987Grabill
Bearman, Wilma E26 Aug 19239 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Bearmen, Ida M26 Apr 1924Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Bears, W28 Aug 1893May 1968Fort Wayne
Beasey, Lucille18 Mar 1919Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Beasley, Adeline I4 Oct 190524 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Beasley, Doris V12 Jul 193221 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Beasley, Dortha V2 Sep 19109 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Beasley, Gus H13 Jun 193216 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Beasley, Howard L10 Nov 192720 Nov 2009New Haven
Beasley, Patricia A9 Oct 19278 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Beasley, Ronald E11 Feb 19361 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Beasley, Vern3 Nov 1897Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Beasley, William18 Oct 1877Dec 1967Churubusco
Beatty, Alda6 Mar 1921Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Beatty, Bessie L15 Nov 192727 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Beatty, Esther6 Feb 1898Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Beatty, Eugene E30 Sep 19226 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Beatty, Harry24 Nov 1938Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Beatty, John18 Jan 1918Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Beatty, Mabel5 May 1896Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Beatty, Margaret20 Feb 1894Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Beatty, Owen2 Sep 1905Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Beatty, Ralph28 Jan 1902Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Beatty, Rebecca K6 Dec 194731 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Beaty, Bertha2 Nov 1879Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Beaty, Charlotte J10 Jul 1900Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Beaty, Clarence R19 Nov 190912 May 1993Fort Wayne
Beaty, Harry27 Jun 1892Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Beaty, Lela13 Aug 1899Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Beaty, Loyd28 Jan 1903Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Beaty, Lucile12 Nov 1913Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Beaty, Mary Alice10 May 19287 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Beaty, Oscar20 Dec 1900Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Beaty, Pauline16 Aug 1900Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Beaty, Walter11 Aug 1890Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Beauchamp, Annie R2 Aug 1909Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Beauchamp, Dorothy C12 Oct 191228 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Beauchamp, Paul21 Nov 1906May 1972Fort Wayne
Beauchot, Bernard30 Dec 1907Oct 1987Monroeville
Beauchot, Bessie W5 Nov 19105 Sep 1997Monroeville
Beauchot, Fay27 May 1903Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Beauchot, Frances8 Oct 1892Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Beauchot, Grace E21 May 190410 Oct 1997Monroeville
Beauchot, Hazel14 Mar 1907Sep 1986Monroeville
Beauchot, Leo15 Jul 1903Oct 1976Monroeville
Beauchot, Maurice L25 Oct 1905Aug 1995Monroeville
Beauchot, Theresa A20 May 193426 Aug 2003Monroeville
Beaudway, George27 Feb 1909Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Beaudway, Irene K17 Sep 191019 May 2003Fort Wayne
Beavans, Eva3 Jun 1897Apr 1976Grabill
Beaver, Elmer J20 Apr 190810 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Beaver, Emma E24 Oct 191117 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Beaver, Lafayette D12 Feb 19173 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Beaver, Lena M25 May 1905Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Beaver, Mary L5 Sep 193030 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Beaver, Millard B31 Jan 191420 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Beaver, Shirley O13 Jan 19419 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Beavers, Allie22 Sep 1875Jun 1970Churubusco
Beavers, Clarence J9 Apr 190822 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Beavers, Georgianna22 Feb 192018 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Beavers, Helen E11 Jul 191927 May 2007New Haven
Beavers, Joseph W14 May 19174 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Beavers, Mary2 Jan 1898Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Beavers, Mary C21 Jun 19142 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Beavers, William9 Sep 1914May 1983Fort Wayne
Beaverson, Mary21 Oct 1879Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Beber, Cloice24 Oct 1898Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Beber, Dolly A2 Oct 192429 May 1998Fort Wayne
Beber, James19 Mar 1884Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Beber, James Joseph25 Jul 193511 May 2008Fort Wayne
Beber, Mildred R3 May 19275 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Beber, Roger M2 Aug 19221 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Beberstein, Arthur30 Dec 1905Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Beberstein, Herbert C25 Nov 19074 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Beberstein, Howard20 Dec 1911Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Beberstein, J C13 Sep 194515 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Beberstein, Madilyn22 Sep 1903Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Beberstein, Mary2 Feb 1910Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Bebout, Herbert29 May 1910Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Bechdolt, Mary F30 Apr 19103 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Bechdolt, Royce17 Feb 1903Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Becher, Agnes E16 Jun 191210 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Becher, Albert19 Nov 1897Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Becher, Carol R29 Aug 192916 May 2008Fort Wayne
Becher, Margaret26 Jun 1898Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Becher, Martha30 May 1901Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Becher, William A8 Dec 192518 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Bechler, Alvin9 Sep 19084 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Bechler, Elfie7 Mar 191415 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Bechstein, Steven W28 Sep 19422 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Bechtel, Clara S12 Jul 191424 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Bechtel, Ethel14 Sep 19084 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Bechtel, John L21 Nov 193413 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Bechtel, Katherine31 May 19074 Jul 1994Leo
Bechtol, Bernice L26 Mar 189818 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Bechtol, John6 Jan 1899May 1978Fort Wayne
Bechtol, John31 May 1892Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Bechtol, Katherine11 Sep 1910Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Bechtol, Kerwin31 Mar 1922Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Bechtol, Paul22 Jul 1902May 1977Fort Wayne
Bechtol, Roland H29 Dec 192425 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Bechtold, Charles22 Sep 1903Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Bechtold, Clyde28 Jun 1907Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Bechtold, Edith J16 Sep 191426 Dec 2003Roanoke
Bechtold, Elsie27 Feb 1894Mar 1968New Haven
Bechtold, Gladys4 May 1905Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Bechtold, Jane29 Nov 19121 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Bechtold, Penny J2 Feb 195031 Dec 1997New Haven
Bechtoldt, Sada30 Jul 1886Jul 1968Churubusco
Beck, Abe20 Dec 1902Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Beck, Alva W21 Feb 191420 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Beck, Alvera M13 Mar 190727 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Beck, Arlene5 Apr 1924Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Beck, Arthur12 Jan 1925Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Beck, Camille16 Aug 1904Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Beck, Carl24 Nov 1903Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Beck, Catherine G18 Oct 189918 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Beck, Charles28 Aug 1886Sep 1979Yoder
Beck, Charles23 Aug 1906Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Beck, Clarence2 Nov 1895Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Beck, Clarence15 Nov 1900Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Beck, Crate20 Jun 1894Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Beck, D J10 Jun 193515 Apr 1991Leo
Beck, Deloris E16 Feb 192415 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Beck, Dolores A18 Jul 1916Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Beck, Donnie8 Sep 196412 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Beck, Eber7 Jan 1914Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Beck, Eddie15 Oct 1918Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Beck, Edna M26 May 1905Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Beck, Effie M30 Aug 1899Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Beck, Eleanor M13 Aug 19201 Sep 1998Leo
Beck, Elsie13 Jun 1918May 1978Fort Wayne
Beck, Esther11 Oct 1899Jun 1983Roanoke
Beck, Fern12 Oct 1902Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Beck, Freda5 Dec 1903Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Beck, Frederick20 Sep 1908Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Beck, Gertrude M3 May 192830 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Beck, Gilbert16 Dec 19251 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Beck, Harry27 Dec 1896Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Beck, Harry7 Dec 1887Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Beck, Harry G11 Nov 19267 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Beck, Henry8 Sep 1906Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Beck, James24 Aug 1934Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Beck, James N2 Feb 192729 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Beck, Jeannette30 Mar 1906Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Beck, Jerome L29 May 194125 May 2007Fort Wayne
Beck, Jesse15 Jun 1897Jun 1974Grabill
Beck, John B29 Feb 193620 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Beck, John C16 Jul 190720 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Beck, John J8 Dec 193711 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Beck, Karl8 Mar 192810 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Beck, Karyn Sue2 Nov 195315 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Beck, Kathleen A22 Sep 194525 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Beck, Kenneth L28 Jun 191912 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Beck, Kenneth L20 Dec 19309 Jan 1992Leo
Beck, Leroy4 Feb 1914Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Beck, Lillie30 Mar 1903Nov 1983Leo
Beck, Lulu5 Sep 1892Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Beck, Mabel20 Feb 1905Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Beck, Mabel M10 Feb 190712 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Beck, Marian3 May 190630 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Beck, Marie25 Jun 1902Oct 1977Churubusco
Beck, Marvin L21 May 191413 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Beck, Mary30 Mar 1889Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Beck, Mary2 May 1903Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Beck, Mary24 Nov 1906Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Beck, Mary E21 Sep 191725 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Beck, Matilda8 Jun 19228 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Beck, Maude16 Oct 1906Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Beck, May25 May 19015 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Beck, Melvin1 Jan 1916Nov 1982Grabill
Beck, Merle14 Jan 192023 Nov 1993Leo
Beck, Mildred2 Jul 19019 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Beck, Omer M7 Jan 19223 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Beck, Ora20 Jan 1906Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Beck, Paul18 Nov 1901Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Beck, Paul Frederick3 Nov 19348 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Beck, Raymond E6 Dec 193829 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Beck, Richard4 Nov 1886Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Beck, Richard E9 Sep 19296 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Beck, Robert23 May 1905Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Beck, Rosa27 May 1889Oct 1977Grabill
Beck, Sadonna R26 Apr 19078 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Beck, Spencer D10 Jan 19978 May 1997Fort Wayne
Beck, Thomas C14 May 193217 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Beck, Virgil8 Jul 1909Jan 1986Leo
Beck, William26 Jul 1897Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Becker, Albert7 Nov 1903Jun 1973New Haven
Becker, Altin4 Sep 1901Apr 1969Woodburn
Becker, Alvina M21 May 1914Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Becker, Anna23 Jan 1873Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Becker, Arthur13 Mar 1890May 1966New Haven
Becker, Beatrice17 Oct 1911Nov 1985Woodburn
Becker, Benjamin22 Apr 191615 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Becker, Berneice5 Oct 190815 Jan 1998Woodburn
Becker, Blanche M30 Jun 191626 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Becker, Carl16 Jun 1882Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Becker, Carl14 Nov 1903Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Becker, Carl H30 Dec 192030 Mar 1992New Haven
Becker, Caroline25 Dec 1905Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Becker, Clarence12 Apr 1908Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Becker, Edith30 Oct 1893Apr 1980New Haven
Becker, Edward14 Sep 1914Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Becker, Elizabeth D3 Jul 191617 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Becker, Elmer7 Jul 1905Mar 1979Woodburn
Becker, Emanuel14 Dec 1896Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Becker, Ervin24 Sep 1915Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Becker, Esther17 Jan 1895Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Becker, Fannie17 Oct 1895Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Becker, Flossie A11 Jun 191030 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Becker, Fred11 Dec 1902Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Becker, Geneva E2 Mar 19131 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Becker, Gerald22 May 1905Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Becker, Grace26 May 1925Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Becker, Harvey12 Nov 1907Mar 1981Woodburn
Becker, Henry11 Jul 1902Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Becker, Hilda M2 Mar 190715 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Becker, Homer25 Dec 1905Dec 1980Woodburn
Becker, Irene M23 Apr 191023 Nov 2004Woodburn
Becker, John30 Nov 1912Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Becker, Joseph C25 Mar 192312 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Becker, Josephine19 Apr 1898Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Becker, Juanita8 Feb 191321 Nov 1992Woodburn
Becker, Judy J20 May 194511 May 2003Woodburn
Becker, Louis E31 Dec 192111 Dec 1995Hoagland
Becker, Lucille6 Jul 1908Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Becker, Marcella C25 Jul 192012 Dec 2004Hoagland
Becker, Margaret23 Jun 1902Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Becker, Margaret15 Aug 1888Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Becker, Margaret E18 Apr 191531 Jul 2002Woodburn
Becker, Marguerite28 Apr 1916Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Becker, Michael Lewis7 Feb 194631 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Becker, Paul R21 Jan 192325 May 1994Fort Wayne
Becker, Raymond J5 Mar 192826 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Becker, Richard20 Jul 1900Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Becker, Richard C21 Jan 191516 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Becker, Sophia15 May 1880Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Becker, Thomas23 Sep 1902Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Becker, Victor9 Jan 1911Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Becker, Virginia2 May 1917Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Becker, Walter31 Jul 1897Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Becker, Wilfrid F21 Mar 191421 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Becker, Zana18 Dec 1896Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Beckercoil, Miriam L5 Jun 193120 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Beckford, Edith23 Dec 1907May 1981Fort Wayne
Beckhart, Bertha6 Mar 1885Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Beckholt, Vera12 Apr 1884Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Beckler, Mary12 Feb 1906Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Beckler, Yon Maxwell2 Jan 193923 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Beckley, Della4 Aug 1891May 1973Fort Wayne
Beckman, Albert F31 Oct 191330 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Beckman, Alma13 Jan 1899May 1987Hoagland
Beckman, Aloysius2 Feb 1912Sep 1977Fort Wayne, New Haven
Beckman, Amelia20 Apr 1885Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Beckman, Betty J28 Apr 192325 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Beckman, Charles F21 Aug 193721 Mar 2008Hoagland
Beckman, Charles H21 Sep 192319 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Beckman, Cornelia31 Oct 1891Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Beckman, David A28 Oct 196120 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Beckman, Dorothy27 Mar 191230 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Beckman, Edith1 Jan 1903Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Beckman, Esther H15 Mar 190814 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Beckman, Evelyn M11 Aug 19181 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Beckman, Fred W29 May 190631 May 2004Fort Wayne
Beckman, George15 Jun 1899Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Beckman, Harry26 Jul 1907Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Beckman, Herbert11 Oct 1908Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Beckman, Jessie E20 May 188815 Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Beckman, Joseph16 Jun 1891Jun 1968Hoagland
Beckman, Joseph24 Oct 1903Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Beckman, Julia18 Oct 1897Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Beckman, Kathleen Elizabeth4 Apr 192418 Sep 2008Hoagland
Beckman, Leo M29 Dec 190818 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Beckman, Leroy H30 Aug 192013 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Beckman, Lucile7 Nov 1910Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Beckman, Margaret E13 Jan 190130 May 2000Fort Wayne
Beckman, Margaret M23 Sep 19252 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Beckman, Mary H21 Jan 192125 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Beckman, Pauline22 Feb 1906Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Beckman, Regina M28 Feb 1900Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Beckman, Richard H6 Nov 193129 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Beckman, Richard L20 Aug 19401 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Beckman, Robert B13 May 192518 Nov 2006Hoagland
Beckman, Rudolph3 Jan 1887Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Beckman, Walter11 Jan 1921Mar 1978Hoagland
Beckman, Walter H8 Jun 19094 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Beckman, Wilburt J15 Sep 192517 Jan 2003Hoagland
Beckman, William28 Aug 1896Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Beckmann, Bonnie E13 Nov 19279 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Beckmann, Frank H1 Jul 192222 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Beckner, Gloria7 Jul 191727 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Beckner, Lella M10 May 191826 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Beckstedt, Selma17 Sep 1902Jul 1972Woodburn
Beckstedt, Xavier M6 Oct 189626 Apr 1993Woodburn
Beckstein, Helen5 Jun 189921 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Beckstein, Howard G16 Aug 192419 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Becktell, Albert23 Feb 1923Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Becktell, Argent E6 Aug 1925Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Becktell, Dewey29 Mar 1900Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Becktell, Judy K27 Jul 19561 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Becktell, Margret30 May 1894Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Becktell, Timothy D16 Mar 195727 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Beckum, Catherine18 Oct 192720 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Beckum, Murphy15 Aug 1923Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Beckwith, Albert14 Aug 1921Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Beckwith, Beverly19 Aug 1924Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Beckwith, Ernest6 Sep 1896Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Beckwith, Thelma5 Sep 1898Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Becraft, Betty J28 Jun 192816 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Becraft, Donald G31 Aug 192919 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Becraft, Gerald4 Oct 1923Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Becraft, Harvey20 Oct 1897Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Becraft, Leslie14 Feb 1918Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Becraft, Paul Burto12 Jun 1920Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Becraft, Peggy16 May 1955Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Becraft, Rex C5 Nov 192525 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Becraft, Robert J1 Sep 192530 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Becraft, Walter6 Sep 1900Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Becraft, Walter P14 Oct 191816 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Bedford, Lois A31 May 190929 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Bedford, Louis11 Oct 1899Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Bednarczyk, Chester J15 Jul 191521 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Bednarz, Steven18 Dec 191311 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Bedon, Richard D5 Aug 194627 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Bedree, Anna6 Mar 1889Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Bedree, Emily1 Mar 191527 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Bedree, Kaleel10 Aug 1890Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Bedree, Marian R29 Apr 19175 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Bedree, Mose14 Jun 1916Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Bedree, Virginia A24 Aug 192426 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Bedsworth, Naomi M4 Apr 19163 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Bedsworth, Russell F23 Jul 191216 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Bedwards, Virginia19 Mar 1902Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Bedwell, Donald26 Jul 1917Jul 1978New Haven
Bedwell, Laurel S15 Mar 192314 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Beebe, Arthur20 Jan 1908Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Beebe, Bruce G21 Apr 193421 May 2004Churubusco
Beebe, Charles6 Oct 1889May 1975Fort Wayne
Beebe, Ercell O15 Oct 19118 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Beebe, Evelyn24 Sep 1926Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Beebe, Keith14 Jan 1911Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Beebe, Kenneth W14 Aug 19271 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Beebe, Lillian27 Nov 1904Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Beebe, Mary E29 Dec 190810 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Beebe, Rachel M22 Jan 190921 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Beebe, Raymond12 Mar 1923Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Beebe, Terry17 Jun 1957Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Beebe, Vinton12 Nov 1884Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Beeber, Joseph E14 Oct 19356 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Beecham, Thomas J Iii26 Oct 194630 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Beecher, A C19 Mar 193015 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Beecher, Edith5 Jan 1895Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Beecher, Esther M2 Jun 193118 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Beecher, Graciela F16 Jan 19271 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Beeching, Charles I9 Apr 19203 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Beeching, Charles L8 Oct 193815 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Beeching, Elizabeth C26 Jan 19203 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Beeching, Letha21 Feb 1919May 1975Fort Wayne
Beeching, Richard E5 Nov 192212 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Beechler, Carol S3 May 195029 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Beechler, Emerson15 May 19275 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Beedy, Eva16 Mar 1900Dec 1983Leo
Beedy, Mathew3 Sep 1890Oct 1970Grabill
Beekman, Albert26 Nov 1900Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Beekman, Clyde25 Jan 1895Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Beekman, Homer7 Mar 1898Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Beekman, Iva14 Aug 1899Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Beekman, Margaret14 Dec 1899Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Beekman, Martha M4 Apr 191417 May 1991Fort Wayne
Beekman, Mary A16 Apr 194811 May 2007Fort Wayne
Beekman, Russell15 Feb 1899Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Beekner, Francis9 Feb 1880Feb 1965Fort Wayne
Beekner, Gertrude6 Oct 1891Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Beeks, June1 Jul 1931Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Beeks, Kenneth D31 Jul 192711 Oct 1989New Haven
Beeks, Patricia D10 Dec 193326 Mar 2009New Haven
Beeler, Donald D26 Apr 194328 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Beeler, Eldon9 Nov 1906Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Beeler, Howard17 Feb 1915Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Beeler, Lillie Mae14 Apr 1918Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Beeler, Mary L27 Sep 193417 Aug 2005New Haven, Fort Wayne
Beeler, Pamela S11 Dec 194215 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Beeler, Ruth M16 Aug 192111 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Beeler, Tina M18 Oct 19617 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Beem, James21 Oct 1956Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Beeman, Bill L29 Jan 193614 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Beeman, John9 Jun 1920Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Beemer, Clara M28 Sep 193228 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Beemer, Jerry L1 Mar 193225 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Beemler, Miriam12 Nov 191820 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Beer, Adda G27 Aug 190318 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Beer, Leona G13 Sep 19028 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Beer, Leroy25 Sep 1901Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Beer, Wallace E22 Dec 190410 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Beerbower, Acle S24 Aug 192725 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Beerbower, Berdene M30 Aug 191715 Jan 2004Harlan
Beerbower, Eva3 Oct 1899Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Beerbower, Irene18 Jul 191219 Dec 1995Grabill
Beerbower, Juanita H7 Dec 190917 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Beerbower, Mary E27 Dec 1898Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Beerbower, Russell14 Sep 1897May 1983Fort Wayne
Beerbower, Vida L13 Oct 190918 Nov 2005Harlan
Beerman, Danny24 Dec 1929Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Beerman, Donald F28 Mar 192025 May 1993Fort Wayne
Beerman, Hannah L14 Sep 192428 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Beerman, Harry11 Jul 1886Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Beerman, Maxine26 Mar 1913Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Beerman, Paul H9 Sep 192321 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Beerman, Ralph10 Nov 1910Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Beerman, Robert16 Apr 1908Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Beerman, William23 Oct 1928Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Beerman, William2 Sep 1881Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Beers, Harry29 Jan 1889Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Beers, James19 Jul 1916Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Beers, Margery17 Jan 1887Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Beers, Orvas E11 Aug 191828 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Beers, Victory21 Dec 1892Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Beery, Anna20 Sep 1896Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Beery, Evelyn J15 Jun 19154 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Beery, Howard L2 Jan 19165 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Beery, John13 Mar 1902Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Beery, John17 Nov 1919Oct 1975Monroeville
Beery, Leota9 Aug 1886Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Beery, Lucile E3 Jul 191613 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Beery, Lutie3 Jul 1895Mar 1986Monroeville
Beery, Marjorie9 Nov 1908Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Beery, Pearl16 Sep 1891Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Beery, Richard L26 Aug 192726 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Beery, Robert E3 Jan 191521 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Beery, Roy21 Dec 1889Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Beery, Ruth28 Feb 1894May 1982Fort Wayne
Beery, Walter R1 Dec 191418 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Beery, William J1 Feb 193112 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Beesen, Charles18 Jan 1898Jul 1977Grabill, Fort Wayne
Beesley, Joyce E16 Oct 193719 Dec 1999Hoagland
Beeth, Walter G18 Dec 19011 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Beetham, Anna L18 Nov 191528 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Beetham, Ernest D8 Oct 192123 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Beezley, Delle28 Oct 1882Nov 1973Churubusco
Beezley, J5 Dec 1908Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Beezley, Josephine L15 Jul 191413 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Begault, Dave1 Nov 1919Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Beggs, Grace O8 Jul 191210 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Beghtel, Colleen J21 Jan 192825 Sep 2001Roanoke
Beghtel, George H13 Jul 19231 Mar 2008Roanoke
Beghtel, Herman M1 Jul 192026 Aug 2003Roanoke
Beghtel, James30 Jul 1884Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Beghtel, Jeffrey28 May 1959Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Beghtel, Mable5 Feb 1909May 1983Fort Wayne
Beghtel, Mildred E1 Jun 19162 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Beghtel, Nina16 Jul 1888Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Begier, Antoine1 Apr 19155 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Beglin, Francis E3 Mar 19248 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Begue, Fleeta M15 Aug 191525 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Begy Jr, John A28 Jun 195628 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Behan, Maybelle M6 Jan 191915 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Behen, Francis7 Dec 1916Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Behling, Cora B21 Oct 191715 Nov 1997New Haven
Behling, Elmer31 Aug 1902Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Behm, Mildred11 Apr 1912May 1984Fort Wayne
Behm, Oliver24 Nov 1888Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Behm, William11 Apr 1903Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Behmer, Clarence27 Apr 1901Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Behmer, Velma9 Apr 1905Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Behning, Dora L29 Jun 190112 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Behnke, Daisy30 Apr 1903Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Behnke, Lucille A23 Jul 19172 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Behnken, John19 Mar 1884Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Behny, Alma9 Mar 1906May 1972Fort Wayne
Behrendt, Bernice A25 Oct 191027 May 2005Fort Wayne
Behrendt, Eric17 Apr 19093 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Behrens, Ann L24 May 19076 May 2009Fort Wayne
Behrens, Linda L2 Nov 194214 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Behrer, John H5 Feb 192612 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Behrer, Raymond23 Dec 1931Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Behrer, Sylvia J13 Apr 19409 Mar 2007New Haven
Behrman, Carrie19 Nov 1890Oct 1984Woodburn
Behrman, Daniel2 Mar 1909Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Behrman, Hildegarde17 Jun 1905Mar 1978New Haven
Behrman, Lillian17 Dec 1893Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Behrman, Lucille M3 Apr 191116 May 1988Fort Wayne
Behrman, Malinda E27 Nov 190621 May 2003Fort Wayne
Behrman, Perry16 Jun 189927 Jun 1997New Haven
Behrmann, Arleen E5 Oct 19204 May 2007Fort Wayne
Beier, Joan29 Apr 1930Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Beierke, Melanie18 Jun 1903Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Beierlein, Elizabeth9 Jan 1904May 1980Fort Wayne
Beierlein, Gertrude5 Sep 1897Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Beierlein, Marian B29 Jan 189923 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Beierlein, Martha M30 Mar 1895Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Beihold, Ina O27 Mar 19204 Jun 2007Roanoke
Beihold, Lawrence W19 Dec 191323 Feb 1997Hoagland
Beilhart, John L30 Jun 19177 Jan 2002Leo
Beineke, Albert18 Mar 1902Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Beineke, Amanda17 Oct 1887May 1971Fort Wayne
Beineke, David Paul14 Oct 19636 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Beineke, Elmer18 Aug 1905Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Beineke, Fred21 Apr 1889Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Beineke, Lillie11 Apr 1906Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Beineke, Matilda31 Oct 189628 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Beineke, Robert F30 May 192323 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Beineke, Stella M5 May 192729 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Beisner, John R8 Jan 193412 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Beiswenger, Katherine15 Dec 192323 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Beitler, Leonard G27 Jan 192031 May 1994Fort Wayne
Beitler, Theda3 Jan 1916Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Beitman, Bernard J2 Jul 19319 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Beitz, Velma3 Jun 1905Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Bek, Louise3 Dec 1893Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Belans, Herbert A1 Nov 19101 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Belaski, Deanna M1 Mar 197815 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Belbotowski, Bernice24 Nov 1888Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Belcher, Howard4 Feb 1904Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Belcher, James9 Oct 1899Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Belcher, Leona1 Aug 1911Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Belcher, Luanna9 Oct 1920Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Belcher, Paul3 Jun 1920Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Belcher, Ronald Dewayne9 Jun 196914 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Belcher, Rosie L16 Oct 192915 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Belcher, Walter19 Jun 1904May 1979Fort Wayne
Belda, Genevieve7 Jul 1882Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Belden, Kenneth L28 Sep 191715 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Bell Jr, Paul E16 Apr 19417 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Bell, Ada27 Feb 1892Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Bell, Aldine17 Dec 1910Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Bell, Alice28 Nov 1898Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Bell, Anna22 Jul 1888May 1972New Haven
Bell, Annie L19 Oct 193631 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Bell, Barbara3 Aug 1917Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Bell, Bernice H28 Sep 1906Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Bell, Bertha26 Oct 1909Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Bell, Betty J31 Jul 192526 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Bell, Betty R13 Oct 191817 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Bell, Blanche14 Oct 1891May 1977Fort Wayne
Bell, Charles16 Aug 1886Aug 1972New Haven
Bell, Charles24 Jan 1909Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Bell, Charles16 Feb 1895Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Bell, Charlette D2 Nov 19432 Feb 2006Huntertown
Bell, Clarence12 Mar 1908Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Bell, Clyde1 Jan 1910Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Bell, Dave3 Nov 1948Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Bell, Donald E7 Nov 194020 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Bell, Dorothy28 Oct 1918Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Bell, Edith4 Sep 1925Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Bell, Edna20 May 192317 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Bell, Emma29 Sep 1914Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Bell, Emma M14 Jan 18998 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Bell, Ethel9 Feb 1890May 1975Roanoke
Bell, Ethel D17 Nov 191923 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Bell, Frances13 Nov 1914May 1973Fort Wayne
Bell, Francis23 Sep 1930Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Bell, Francis W17 Apr 193021 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Bell, Frank E23 Apr 194617 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Bell, Franklin12 Dec 1898Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Bell, Frederick C16 Jul 19099 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Bell, Gary P26 Nov 195229 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Bell, George4 Jun 1902Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Bell, George S23 Aug 190515 May 1995Fort Wayne
Bell, Gordon M20 Aug 192119 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Bell, Gretchen3 Oct 1909Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Bell, Harvey17 Nov 1917Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Bell, Irma B17 Nov 1906Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Bell, James E24 Mar 19149 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Bell, James R25 Dec 19265 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Bell, Jimmie L22 Jan 19351 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Bell, Joan W24 Nov 192531 Oct 2008Woodburn
Bell, Jonathan29 Jul 1903Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Bell, Joseph22 Apr 1887Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Bell, Kathryn L17 May 19057 May 2001Fort Wayne
Bell, Katie R3 Feb 192431 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Bell, Kenneth15 Oct 1908Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Bell, Lela M11 Dec 190520 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Bell, Levi22 Aug 1911Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Bell, Lona L31 Jul 19143 Mar 1993Woodburn
Bell, Macs Yhu15 Apr 1947Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Bell, Margaret A26 May 192326 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Bell, Margaret N7 May 191516 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Bell, Marjorie20 Oct 1907Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Bell, Marjorie V25 Aug 19175 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Bell, Marvin F10 Aug 192715 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Bell, Mary A2 Jul 1910Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Bell, Mary F5 Jan 192319 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Bell, Nellie J4 Feb 1926Mar 1993Churubusco
Bell, Oscar3 Dec 1907Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Bell, Richard L23 Sep 193217 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Bell, Richard W2 Nov 192924 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Bell, Robert8 Apr 1951Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Bell, Robert H26 Jun 192312 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Bell, Robert H7 Oct 191216 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Bell, Rose12 May 1894Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Bell, Ruth J15 Aug 19093 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Bell, Sallie D16 Dec 19321 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Bell, Stanley26 Oct 1949Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Bell, Steve13 Aug 1911Jul 1979New Haven
Bell, Thomas13 Jul 1942Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Bell, Trueman4 Feb 1905Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Bell, Uhl3 Feb 1891Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Bell, Van2 Nov 1895Feb 1969Monroeville
Bell, Walter9 May 1883Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Bell, William12 Oct 1885Jun 1972Roanoke
Bell, William J20 Oct 19115 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Bell, Yvette24 Oct 1958Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Bell, Yvonne G12 Mar 193120 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Bellamy, Nellie9 Jun 1890Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Bellavia, Harriette26 Dec 1905Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Belles, Ellen M3 Nov 1918Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Belles, James30 Jun 1911Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Belling, Marion J13 Apr 192410 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Belling, Nicholas R10 Feb 192015 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Belling, Virginia L28 Sep 19023 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Bellinger, Andrew10 May 1889Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Bellinger, Arlene A8 Aug 19351 Aug 2006Spencerville
Bellinger, Elizabeth9 Oct 1900Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Bellinger, George9 Aug 1895Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Bellinger, Ila26 May 1916Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Bellinger, Wayne H16 Mar 19149 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Bellis, Donald J22 Jul 19324 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Bellis, Donna J5 Dec 192227 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Bellis, Evelyn14 May 1917Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Bellis, Frances J17 Mar 193427 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Bellis, George9 Sep 1884Jul 1969Monroeville
Bellis, James E13 May 192427 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Bellis, Joseph22 Sep 1922Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Bellis, Leonard P25 Jul 192013 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Bellis, Lorraine D3 Dec 1921Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Bellis, Paul M3 Mar 19369 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Bellis, Philip24 Feb 1887Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Bellis, Ralph25 Jul 1922Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Bellis, Robert R22 Jul 193228 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Bellistri, Gerard A7 Jul 193715 May 2004Leo
Bellmond, Naomi L26 Apr 19101 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Belot, Alma14 Dec 1891Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Belot, Cecilia15 Jan 1902Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Belot, Dorothy8 Feb 1908Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Belot, Mae L3 Dec 190313 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Belot, Mary25 Nov 1872Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Belot, Stephan Jacob26 Mar 194122 Mar 2009Leo
Belote, Helen17 May 1897Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Below, Joseph29 Dec 1911Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Below, William T3 Mar 19537 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Belschner, Dorothy M18 Jun 191919 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Belschner, Elfrieda5 Apr 19121 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Belschner, Eugene W23 May 192110 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Belschner, George23 Apr 1897Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Belschner, Jacqueline8 Jun 192822 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Belschner, Julia E5 Mar 191918 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Belschner, Michael G12 Aug 195010 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Belschner, Raymond10 May 1914Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Belschner, Richard W13 Jul 192715 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Belschner, Rosella L3 Feb 192118 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Belshaw, Opal M14 Nov 191130 Dec 2001Grabill
Beltz, Anna29 Jul 192025 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Beltz, Arthur F27 Apr 19161 May 2001Fort Wayne
Beltz, Earl B1 Jan 190421 May 1991Fort Wayne
Beltz, Eula31 Jan 1892Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Beltz, Harry29 Dec 1900Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Beltz, Helene A29 Sep 191624 May 2009Fort Wayne
Beltz, Mary E17 Nov 19208 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Beltz, Paul23 Dec 1920Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Beltz, Rick A23 Apr 19653 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Beltz, Stella28 Sep 1880Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Beman, Catherine6 Nov 1889Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Bemiss, Grace H12 Jan 190820 May 1987Fort Wayne
Benckenstein, Raymond J24 May 191813 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Bendel, Elsie M19 Mar 190422 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Bendel, Francis24 Oct 1904Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Bendel, John24 Sep 1900Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Bendele, Carolyn S20 Dec 19423 Jan 2009New Haven
Bendele, Clarence31 Mar 1914Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Bendele, Paul16 Dec 1910May 1978Fort Wayne
Bender, Adelina2 Dec 1919Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Bender, Albert20 Jan 1886Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Bender, Amon22 Nov 1893Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Bender, Annabelle2 Nov 191310 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Bender, Arvada22 Jul 1914Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Bender, Barbara J10 May 193928 May 2008Fort Wayne
Bender, Bertha1 Feb 1899Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Bender, Carl23 Aug 1895Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Bender, Charles19 Jan 1924May 1985Fort Wayne
Bender, Charline A20 Mar 19133 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Bender, Daniel L24 May 194823 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Bender, Delta E28 Jun 19181 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Bender, Dorothy J19 Oct 192612 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Bender, Edith K10 Jan 191710 Jan 2006New Haven
Bender, Eileen19 Feb 1914May 1987Fort Wayne
Bender, Esther11 Dec 1895Feb 1987Leo
Bender, Ethel7 Apr 1907Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Bender, Evelyn E25 Jan 19233 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Bender, Frederick D28 Nov 192828 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Bender, Frieda16 Jun 1899Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Bender, George2 Oct 1907Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Bender, Gordon9 May 193410 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Bender, Grace L11 Oct 192016 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Bender, Harry27 Sep 1888Dec 1966Grabill
Bender, Helen D25 Mar 191320 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Bender, Henry13 Sep 1907Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Bender, Hubert A28 Sep 191431 May 1992Fort Wayne
Bender, Ida23 Jan 1884Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Bender, Irene17 Jul 190112 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Bender, James12 Sep 1896Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Bender, Joseph4 Sep 1951Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Bender, Joseph30 Dec 1894Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Bender, Josephine E24 Apr 191527 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Bender, Lee30 Jan 1893Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Bender, Levon5 Oct 19212 Jul 1998Leo
Bender, Martin28 May 1913Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Bender, Mary16 Feb 1895May 1967Fort Wayne
Bender, Mary15 Jun 1890Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Bender, Mary4 Nov 1909Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Bender, Milton L29 Mar 198515 Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Bender, Minnie3 Apr 1886Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Bender, Naomi16 Nov 1898Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Bender, Oscar6 Oct 1887Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Bender, Ottomar3 Dec 1901Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Bender, Paul23 Oct 1910Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Bender, Pearl13 Aug 1907Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Bender, Pearl17 Feb 1905Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Bender, Reinhart23 Oct 1903Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Bender, Richard T22 Dec 19327 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Bender, Robert21 Jul 1904Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Bender, Robert A26 Jan 19172 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Bender, Ruth H31 Jan 192119 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Bender, Scott F25 Feb 19607 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Bender, Virginia D23 Mar 1915Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Bender, William C12 Nov 19152 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Bender, Zella11 Aug 191616 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Bendik, Ruth E1 Mar 192427 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Bendorfeanu, Eduard9 Oct 1936Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Bendorfeanu, Mary A19 Dec 190815 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Bendure, Florence J21 Mar 1917Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Bendure, Jack21 Oct 1915Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Benecke, Mabel22 Sep 1901Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Benecke, Margaret11 Oct 1912Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Benecke, Victoria A7 Nov 193114 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Benedict, Allard24 Sep 1901Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Benedict, Avis17 Jul 1904Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Benedict, Harriet12 Apr 1881Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Benedict, Jack E16 Sep 192513 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Benford, Larry N6 Jan 193811 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Benge, James G4 Jul 19448 May 2004Fort Wayne
Bengs, Adeline C16 Sep 19042 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Bengs, Anna10 Feb 1891May 1971Fort Wayne
Bengs, Arlene23 Oct 1937Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Bengs, Betty A31 Aug 192110 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Bengs, Margaret3 Jun 190215 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Bengs, Norbert M5 May 191430 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Bengs, Otto14 Mar 1895Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Bengs, Robert15 Sep 1872Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Bengs, Walter16 Mar 1897Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Bengs, Wilmer24 Feb 1921Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Benhower, Raymond8 Sep 1904Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Benington, Lucy10 Aug 1894Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Benjamin, James15 Sep 1911May 1978Fort Wayne
Benjamin, Joseph L13 Dec 19417 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Benjamin, Thelma2 May 1919May 1979New Haven, Fort Wayne
Benloki, Scadeau21 Apr 19429 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Bennage, Bernadette24 Jan 194820 May 2008Fort Wayne
Bennegin, Lillian6 Apr 1895Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Benner, Alvin N9 Jan 19083 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Benner, Frank19 Nov 1886May 1966Fort Wayne
Benner, Marjorie18 Nov 191624 May 2009Fort Wayne
Benner, Nellie18 Aug 1887Jul 1983Grabill
Benner, Paula1 Jun 1904Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Benner, Vera E11 Jan 189816 May 1997Roanoke
Bennett, A Jane8 Apr 1922Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Bennett, Arline12 Nov 1905Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Bennett, Arvilla M9 May 19143 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Bennett, Beatrice L14 Jul 190223 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Bennett, Benjamin12 Jun 1912Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Bennett, Beryle2 Nov 191121 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Bennett, Bessie B25 Dec 190928 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Bennett, Betty10 Aug 1920Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Bennett, Billy J24 Jun 196021 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Bennett, Blanche10 Jul 1901Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Bennett, Brunell17 Nov 1904Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Bennett, Cecil J8 Jul 191312 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Bennett, Charles31 Jan 1908Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Bennett, Charles26 Dec 1927Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Bennett, Charlie11 Apr 193415 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Bennett, Claude L28 Jul 191513 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Bennett, Clifford Eugene4 Oct 195626 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Bennett, Dale18 Aug 1917Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Bennett, Dan10 Sep 1918Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Bennett, David9 Nov 1949Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Bennett, Diana Lee5 Oct 195228 Aug 2009New Haven
Bennett, Dick1 May 1911Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Bennett, Dorothy17 Apr 1905Feb 1986Spencerville
Bennett, Dorothy9 May 1930Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Bennett, Edna3 Jan 1914Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Bennett, Edward28 Aug 191323 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Bennett, Elmer17 Aug 1921Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Bennett, Emaline H21 Mar 19184 May 1999Fort Wayne
Bennett, Emma E8 Feb 19284 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Bennett, Estella F5 May 191012 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Bennett, Esther22 Jun 1904Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Bennett, Esther J8 May 195125 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Bennett, Esther L3 Aug 191911 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Bennett, Eugene S13 Apr 19291 Feb 1999New Haven
Bennett, Evelyn15 May 1933Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Bennett, Frederick R2 Jan 192120 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Bennett, Garnet1 Feb 1909May 1973Fort Wayne
Bennett, Genevieve H4 Mar 19189 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Bennett, Gertrude15 Apr 1907Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Bennett, Glenn M28 Apr 192321 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Bennett, Goldie A29 Mar 192126 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Bennett, Grace5 Jun 1890Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Bennett, Gregory R17 Dec 195121 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Bennett, Harold A5 Dec 190818 Feb 1995Grabill
Bennett, Harold L27 Feb 192122 May 1995Fort Wayne
Bennett, Harrison11 Aug 1888May 1975Fort Wayne
Bennett, Helen13 Mar 1894Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Bennett, Helen1 Aug 1911Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Bennett, Helen26 Dec 1892Aug 1975Harlan
Bennett, Herbert13 Mar 1889Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Bennett, Hilda M19 Apr 192231 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Bennett, Hildegard20 Aug 1908Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Bennett, Homer10 Feb 1914Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Bennett, Jack12 Sep 1951Sep 1982Woodburn
Bennett, Jack13 Feb 1911Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Bennett, James28 Mar 19328 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Bennett, James E2 Mar 192920 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Bennett, John L19 Mar 19111 May 1992Fort Wayne
Bennett, John M18 Jan 19416 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Bennett, Josephine10 Jan 1882Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Bennett, Kathryn A8 May 191527 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Bennett, Kayleigh J3 Jan 1987Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Bennett, Kenneth O13 Mar 191324 Dec 1996Spencerville
Bennett, Lawrence R5 Oct 192317 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Bennett, Lillie L9 Mar 1892Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Bennett, Lonnie27 May 192914 Dec 1998New Haven
Bennett, Mamie10 Jun 1892Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Bennett, Margaret5 Jan 1892Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Bennett, Marjorie28 Mar 191823 Jun 2006New Haven
Bennett, Martha E21 Feb 191520 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Bennett, Martha J5 Dec 19137 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Bennett, Marvin J24 Nov 192926 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Bennett, Maurice19 Apr 1911Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Bennett, Max E25 Oct 192130 Oct 2007New Haven
Bennett, Merle M20 Nov 190427 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Bennett, Myrtle L31 Mar 191117 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Bennett, Nancy C27 Aug 19568 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Bennett, Naomi R20 Feb 19222 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Bennett, Neva L8 Jan 191427 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Bennett, Nora8 Jan 1884Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Bennett, Norma T23 May 192412 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Bennett, Patricia C30 Jul 19546 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Bennett, Paul Eugene16 May 192028 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Bennett, Philip7 Oct 19088 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Bennett, Rachel11 Jun 1914Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Bennett, Richard L6 Aug 192025 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Bennett, Robbie N26 Dec 193210 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Bennett, Robert16 Sep 1906Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Bennett, Russell16 Sep 1898Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Bennett, Russell31 Oct 1894Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Bennett, Ruth28 May 1928Aug 1976Woodburn
Bennett, Sallie1 May 1921Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Bennett, Sidney E27 Feb 193519 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Bennett, Sybil A5 May 19311 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Bennett, Thelma17 Jan 1912Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Bennett, Theresa M4 Jan 19424 May 2007Fort Wayne
Bennett, Vesta P14 Mar 190527 Feb 1999Roanoke
Bennett, Weldon23 Jul 1904Nov 1978Roanoke
Bennett, Wilbur L24 Jun 193223 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Bennett, William20 Jan 1914May 1979Fort Wayne
Bennett, William E17 Apr 196415 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Bennett, William G27 Jan 191028 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Bennett, Willis F13 Dec 192314 Dec 1992Woodburn
Bennhoff, Arnold12 Sep 1905Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Bennhoff, Leona L6 May 1907Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Bennhoff, Marjorie B11 Nov 19058 May 1992Fort Wayne
Bennigan, Marcellin M10 May 191216 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Bennigan, Orilla11 Jul 192614 Jan 1999New Haven
Bennigan, Walter31 Dec 1910May 1981Fort Wayne
Bennigen, Birdie15 Apr 1902Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Bennigen, Kenneth19 Mar 1909Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Benning, Henry2 Oct 1878Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Benning, W7 Nov 1896Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Benninghoff, Howard14 Jul 1889Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Benninghoff, Irvin9 Dec 1889Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Benninghoff, Madge15 Aug 1897Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Benninghoff, Robert I4 Jul 191615 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Benninghoff, Sandra C1 Jan 19364 May 2005Fort Wayne
Benninghoff, Vera S28 Jan 191720 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Bennington, Ruth I3 Oct 19186 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Benoit, Darryl R10 Sep 196411 May 2003Fort Wayne
Benoit, Raymond L8 Jan 19156 Oct 1992Roanoke
Benoit, Sandra1 Nov 195523 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Benoy, Cora22 Sep 1893Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Benschneider, Arnold1 Jul 19259 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Bensing, Barbara F14 Jan 19196 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Bensing, William G12 Aug 191827 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Bensman, Alda16 Jul 1896Sep 1979New Haven
Benson, Charlie A12 Apr 1913Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Benson, Earl Lee1 Apr 194216 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Benson, Elizabeth22 Jan 1898Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Benson, Eula L7 Feb 19103 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Benson, Freddietin24 Jul 193727 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Benson, George16 Feb 194014 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Benson, Gerald L25 Oct 193420 May 2004Fort Wayne
Benson, Gladys6 Mar 1922Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Benson, Jeff27 Aug 1908Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Benson, Melvinia10 Jun 1907Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Benson, Ola D30 Jan 192211 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Benson, Robert5 Jul 19122 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Benson, Ruth E2 Jun 19239 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Benson, Ruth K26 Jun 191724 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Benson, Sarah25 Dec 1879Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Bentancourt, Helen I27 Nov 19379 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Bente, Harriet28 Jan 1906Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Bente, May17 Nov 1898Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Bente, V28 Mar 1898Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Benthine, Martha14 Jun 1883Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Bentley, Gladys30 Aug 1902Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Bentley, Herbert5 Oct 1914Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Bentley, Solina C22 Apr 190722 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Benton, Amelia16 Feb 1894Nov 1984Huntertown
Benton, Erie J18 Apr 19521 Feb 2005New Haven
Benton, Eugenie7 Jan 1925Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Benton, Guy7 Jan 1917Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Benton, Hazel13 Oct 1891Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Benton, Marie21 Dec 1918Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Benton, Robert R12 Jun 191825 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Benton, Viola I5 Feb 191610 Apr 2002New Haven
Bentrup, Ralph R15 May 192128 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Bentz, Betty E7 Jan 191814 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Bentz, Carl I7 Nov 19391 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Bentz, Cora26 Jan 1880Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Bentz, Dale27 Apr 1913Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Bentz, Dorothy L18 Dec 19168 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Bentz, Elta P10 Feb 191717 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Bentz, Ethel10 Jul 1889Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Bentz, Flo16 Sep 190517 Mar 2001Roanoke
Bentz, Glen I2 Mar 191829 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Bentz, Ralph H17 Sep 19163 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Bentz, Ruth E9 Mar 191713 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Benward, Cassimer21 Sep 1894Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Benward, Clarence21 Jun 1892Dec 1966Churubusco
Benward, Flora9 Nov 1873Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Benward, Keith G12 Feb 19229 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Benward, Maude C25 Sep 18991 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Benya, Carol J29 Dec 193628 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Benya, John15 Jan 1913May 1984Fort Wayne
Benz, Arnold29 Dec 1884Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Benz, Bessie19 Oct 1889Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Benz, Chester7 Mar 1898Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Benz, Jane3 Jan 1894Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Benz, Margot17 May 191527 May 2004Fort Wayne
Benz, Mary Louis17 Feb 1918Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Benz, Norma E16 Nov 191930 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Benzinger, Fred11 Aug 1885Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Benzinger, Gerhart J4 Apr 192216 Dec 2005Hoagland
Benzinger, Miriam6 Jan 1914Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Benzinger, Susan20 Sep 1888Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Benzinger, Willard A28 Jun 192127 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Benzinger, William5 May 1888Aug 1977Hoagland, New Haven
Berberich, Dorothy17 Aug 1908Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Berberich, Kathleen L13 Jul 191415 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Bercaw, Erma L27 Jan 19136 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Berckmueller, Emily20 May 1911Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Berckmueller, Esther1 Sep 19104 May 2007Fort Wayne
Berckmueller, Herbert E10 Aug 190921 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Bercot, Christian M9 Feb 192027 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Bercot, D M18 Jul 193215 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Bercot, Dale L23 Sep 192326 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Bercot, Daniella E16 Jul 191828 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Bercot, Dorothy3 Mar 1888Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Bercot, Douglas B27 May 192031 May 2003Fort Wayne
Bercot, Edward27 Jul 1915Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Bercot, Florence L9 Sep 19048 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Bercot, Geraldine26 Jun 1904Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Bercot, Jim E10 Dec 193314 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Bercot, John29 Mar 1919May 1981Fort Wayne
Bercot, Joseph24 Jul 1895Nov 1971Yoder
Bercot, Kenneth F9 Feb 193328 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Bercot, Lillian19 Apr 1897Jun 1976Yoder
Bercot, Steven E27 Nov 194727 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Berdelman, Alta E14 Feb 190528 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Berdelman, Dora L30 Apr 193417 Feb 1994Huntertown
Berdelman, Edna M11 Nov 19117 May 1998Fort Wayne
Berdelman, John14 Apr 1875Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Berdelman, Ross14 Sep 1902Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Berdelman, Roy12 Dec 1908Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Berehe, Hagos4 Aug 1934Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Berenskotter, Fannie14 Oct 190625 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Berensmier, Esther25 Nov 1897Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Beresford, Lillian16 Jun 1893Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Beresford, Mary Ann28 Feb 192328 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Berg, Albert13 Dec 1898Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Berg, Anthony13 Aug 1882May 1975Hoagland
Berg, Carl4 Sep 1902Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Berg, Clem19 Apr 1890Sep 1986Hoagland
Berg, Delores E6 Jun 191028 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Berg, Eldora10 Aug 1894May 1981Fort Wayne
Berg, Helen28 Jan 1903Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Berg, Herbert Anthony13 Jun 192028 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Berg, Herbert M26 Oct 190012 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Berg, Hilda M24 Apr 192814 Nov 1991Hoagland
Berg, Ida14 Aug 1879Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Berg, Jack Stanley21 Jun 19395 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Berg, Joseph10 Mar 1895Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Berg, Joseph F27 Oct 19082 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Berg, Lucy16 Jan 1904May 1976Fort Wayne
Berg, Margaret E1 Feb 192814 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Berg, Mary M30 Jul 19268 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Berg, Melvin23 Apr 1918Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Berg, Paul O31 Jan 190730 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Berg, Robert M8 Mar 192030 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Berg, William G1 Mar 191716 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Bergan, Renate E8 Feb 192722 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Bergan, William A1 Jan 192116 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Bergdall, Austin A5 Feb 190827 Sep 1993Hoagland
Bergdall, Charlotte T14 Jul 19126 Jun 1996Monroeville
Bergdall, Elizabeth J11 Feb 192514 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Bergdall, Glen E25 Apr 191925 Mar 2005Leo
Bergdall, William10 Jul 1910Jun 1981Monroeville
Bergel, Floyd15 Mar 1903Oct 1976Grabill
Bergel, Leone5 Jan 1906Mar 1986Grabill
Bergel, Mary E25 Feb 1917Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Bergel, Robert4 Nov 1918Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Berger, Charlotte L7 Jan 193425 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Berger, Christina5 Mar 190722 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Berger, Clarence E20 Mar 192221 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Berger, Douglas9 Oct 1956Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Berger, Frank21 Jul 1901Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Berger, Franz15 May 1903Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Berger, Henry28 Mar 1889Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Berger, Lawrence A30 Apr 192627 Jun 2008Roanoke
Berger, Louis P23 Jun 193012 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Berger, Maria1 Mar 1910Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Berger, Marjorie A29 Aug 193111 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Berger, Martha C26 Apr 189115 Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Berger, Marvin E3 Feb 19305 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Berger, Mary14 Mar 1898May 1982Fort Wayne
Berger, Mary E6 Jun 19277 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Berger, Rosella12 Oct 1904Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Berger, Simon9 Jul 1898Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Bergeron, David J7 Jul 192910 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Berggoetz, Carl F23 May 191914 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Berggoetz, William13 Aug 1916Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Alice13 Apr 1889Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Arthur21 Sep 1899Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Bernard J22 Jun 191919 May 2005Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Clara17 Jun 1900Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Dorothy H7 May 19145 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Edna M27 Jul 191919 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Edward2 Jan 1900Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Edward H3 May 19071 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Ethel M6 Jul 191618 May 2003Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Helen26 Dec 1904Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Jeanine L4 Nov 194914 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Josephine C7 Sep 191823 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Kathryn M7 Dec 189915 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Leanna M20 Apr 19155 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Lois B29 Jan 19333 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Mary25 Jul 1896Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Mary J20 Nov 192411 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Paul L24 Feb 191526 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Raymond17 Sep 1955Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Rose Ellen30 Dec 1926Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Rosemary L9 Oct 192530 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Steven J3 May 193111 Dec 2005Leo
Berghoff, Thomas J16 Mar 191725 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Berghoff, Viola S26 May 191123 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Berghorn, Irene4 Nov 189618 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Berghorn, Marguerit19 Jan 1909Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Berghorn, Martin14 Jun 1892Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Berghorn, Paul19 Feb 1908Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Berghorn, Susan A6 Jun 194116 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Bergman, Alberta10 May 1905Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Bergman, Anna R17 Jan 1907Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Bergman, Bonita10 Jul 1956May 1978Fort Wayne
Bergman, Donald L17 Nov 1914Jun 1995Grabill
Bergman, Fred1 Sep 1887Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Bergman, Frederick18 Jul 1903Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Bergman, Helen E14 Jul 19177 Jan 1995New Haven
Bergman, Helen L20 Jan 19179 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Bergman, Kenneth7 Mar 1907May 1979Fort Wayne
Bergman, Lucile11 Apr 1915Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Bergman, Mary C12 Aug 192812 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Bergman, Walter29 Dec 1904May 1972Roanoke
Bergman, Wayne H16 Mar 192325 May 2007Fort Wayne
Bergold, Dorothy20 Aug 191310 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Bergquist, James22 Feb 1946Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Bergsieker, Gustave30 Jan 1892Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Bergsieker, Laura7 Oct 1891Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Bergstedt, Helen20 Jun 190416 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Bergwall, Herbert16 Mar 1911Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Berk, Lucy7 Mar 1912Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Berkes, Allan D12 Aug 193016 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Berkes, Fern28 Mar 1894Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Berkes, Gladys M22 Nov 190728 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Berkes, Norman C9 Mar 190515 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Berkes, Otta L3 Aug 190915 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Berkey, Harold7 Jul 1896Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Berkey, Helen L23 Feb 191910 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Berkey, Helen M29 Jan 19073 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Berkey, Hugh11 Mar 1879Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Berkey, Vera M29 Mar 18966 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Berkheiser, Harold15 Mar 1909Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Berkley, James A17 Jan 19156 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Berko, Mykolaj27 Nov 19102 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Berkshire, Claude A25 Apr 191724 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Berkshire, Juanita I25 Apr 19174 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Berkshire, Margaret M20 Oct 191525 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Berles, Angeline20 Jul 1893Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Berles, John J27 Sep 193029 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Berlien, Opal A15 Feb 191219 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Berlien, Paul12 Dec 1909Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Bermes, Charles W3 Dec 192927 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Bermes, Darlene W3 Jan 190821 Jun 1995Roanoke
Bermes, Jennie M6 Feb 190914 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Bermes, Louie C27 May 194820 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Bermes, Louis28 Sep 1877Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Bermes, Naomi M20 Aug 19123 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Bermes, Paul E15 Nov 191227 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Bermes, Pauline H26 Sep 192026 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Bermes, Robert J23 Apr 191511 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Bernard, Henrietta J19 Jun 191424 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Bernard, Louis Scot5 Oct 1961Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Bernard, Stanley J2 Sep 190829 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Bernardin, Agnes21 Apr 1909Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Bernardin, Grace5 May 1889Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Bernardin, Jeanne28 Feb 1929Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Bernardin, Mary B22 Feb 192722 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Bernardin, Waveland16 May 1912May 1978Fort Wayne
Bernauer, Robert31 Aug 1920Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Berndt, Carl23 Feb 1895Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Berndt, Florence7 Jul 1909Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Berndt, Frederick28 Jan 1900Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Berndt, Patricia L14 Dec 193028 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Berndt, William18 Dec 1927May 1985Fort Wayne
Berner, Edward H7 Dec 191913 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Berner, Emilie5 Feb 1898Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Berner, Marilyn J4 Jul 192720 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Berner, Mary M6 Jan 19235 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Berner, Walter7 Jan 1896Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Bernhardt, Doris E15 Jan 190519 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Bernhardt, Helen19 Nov 1898Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Bernhardt, Lee6 Mar 1904Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Bernhardt, Loretta13 Nov 1897Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Bernhardt, Maxine17 May 1918Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Bernhardt, Robert J12 May 192221 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Bernhart, Gerald J21 Aug 193423 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Berning, Alma4 Jul 1893Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Berning, Arnold F11 Oct 19168 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Berning, Christine29 Jan 1889Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Berning, Della9 Mar 191230 May 1999Fort Wayne
Berning, Dena H25 Feb 19127 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Berning, Donald9 Mar 1919Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Berning, Donna L29 Dec 191616 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Berning, Doris16 Sep 1927Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Berning, Edgar3 Sep 1909Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Berning, Edwin1 Sep 1900Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Berning, Eliza10 Aug 1890Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Berning, Ella B18 Jun 192224 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Berning, Elmer10 Oct 1914Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Berning, Erwin7 Aug 1917Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Berning, Erwin C14 Jan 19092 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Berning, Fred13 Aug 1887Mar 1971Hoagland
Berning, Goldie19 Sep 1904Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Berning, Henry3 Jan 1883Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Berning, Henry2 Dec 1891Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Berning, Hildegard21 Sep 191430 May 2003Fort Wayne
Berning, Ida10 Sep 1914Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Berning, Iris E11 Nov 191524 Apr 2000Grabill
Berning, Leland F4 Mar 192716 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Berning, Leo24 Jul 1906May 1983Fort Wayne
Berning, Leona11 Jul 19168 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Berning, Marciel B12 Oct 191923 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Berning, Melvin29 Aug 1916Nov 1985New Haven
Berning, Michael L9 Aug 19497 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Berning, Mildred L17 Jun 191424 Feb 2002New Haven
Berning, Minnie17 Sep 1893May 1969Fort Wayne
Berning, Norman11 Aug 1914May 1980Fort Wayne
Berning, Otto6 Aug 1904Aug 1986Hoagland
Berning, Paul H29 Jan 191113 Jul 2002New Haven
Berning, Paula11 Feb 1893Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Berning, Philip29 Jul 1888Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Berning, Phillip F13 Sep 191712 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Berning, Quilla P2 Jan 192611 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Berning, Robert29 Jun 1912Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Berning, Virgil R27 Oct 19236 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Bernstein, Anne M14 Dec 195015 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Bernstein, Isadore26 May 1890Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Bernstein, Jacob4 Aug 1907Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Bernstein, Mary Alice7 May 192319 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Bero, Jane F9 Nov 19252 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Bero, Jeanne27 May 1966Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Berridge, Carole A28 Sep 193620 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Berrier, Beth A20 Dec 194625 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Berrier, Howard13 May 1917Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Berrier, Katherine6 Aug 1920May 1970Fort Wayne
Berron, Shirley C3 Nov 19234 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Berroyer, Anna16 Mar 1915Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Berry, Betty7 Mar 1913Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Berry, Dan12 Mar 1927May 1979Fort Wayne
Berry, Dewey11 Apr 189815 Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Berry, Dorothy25 Dec 1907May 1978Fort Wayne
Berry, Duckworth C14 Jul 192116 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Berry, Edith1 Dec 1893May 1986Fort Wayne
Berry, Elmer18 Oct 1907May 1974Fort Wayne
Berry, Eugenia C7 Aug 191315 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Berry, Fern E25 Apr 1907Jan 1995Roanoke
Berry, George14 May 1923Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Berry, George M12 Aug 189919 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Berry, Georgetta D13 May 194417 Jan 2010Spencerville
Berry, Harry2 Feb 1915Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Berry, Homer18 Dec 1902Dec 1974Roanoke
Berry, James L30 Oct 191625 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Berry, Jean C21 Nov 192717 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Berry, Jerome P14 Apr 190812 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Berry, John26 Apr 1915Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Berry, Lamoyne V16 Aug 191430 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Berry, Lillian19 Jul 1904Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Berry, Louis6 May 1897Dec 1978Roanoke
Berry, Mary8 Apr 191915 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Berry, Matilda18 Feb 1905Jan 1986Leo
Berry, Mona L3 Dec 192528 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Berry, Rhea E18 Nov 1921May 1993Fort Wayne
Berry, Robert6 Jan 1927Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Berry, Robert L9 Jan 19275 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Berry, Rolland S24 Nov 188917 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Berry, Rosemary A23 Jul 193325 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Berry, Sorhia5 Jul 1887Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Berry, Violet M1 Aug 19371 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Berry, Willa Jean23 Mar 192617 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Berryman, Geraldine27 Apr 191328 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Berta, Alfred30 Mar 1890Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Berta, Dorothea D18 Sep 19171 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Bertholf, Alonzo A23 Oct 192124 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Bertram, Arnold M17 Jan 19123 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Bertram, Raymond17 Feb 1891Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Bertrand, Thomas15 Aug 191731 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Bertsch, Andrew H31 Dec 19029 Dec 1995Grabill
Bertsch, Edward14 Mar 1886Feb 1975Grabill
Bertsch, Frances M21 Jun 190917 Oct 1994Grabill
Bertsch, Frieda M30 Dec 190927 Apr 1995Grabill
Bertsch, Herman13 Apr 190722 Apr 2006Leo
Bertsch, Mina13 Jul 1894Aug 1984Grabill
Bertsch, Otto W30 Jul 190416 Jul 2000Grabill
Bertsche, Benjamin4 Feb 1892Jul 1976Woodburn
Bertsche, George J25 Aug 192618 Jun 1997Woodburn
Bertsche, Jacob22 Aug 1893Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Bertsche, James A5 Mar 19633 Jan 2010Woodburn
Bertsche, Joseph4 Sep 1887Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Bertsche, Mary J2 Oct 19291 May 2000Fort Wayne
Bertsche, Rosa30 Aug 1887Nov 1983Grabill
Bertschi, Leon28 May 1892Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Berwaldt, Theodore1 Nov 1884Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Berz, A25 Dec 1987Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Besancon, Barbara J4 Jul 19321 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Besancon, Catherine11 May 1905Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Besancon, Edward11 Dec 1924Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Besancon, Helen E4 Jun 192420 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Besancon, M N6 Nov 196515 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Besecke, Ida21 Sep 1876Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Besecke, Mildred V29 May 191021 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Besore, Marjorie M27 Nov 19075 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Bess, Elizabeth A3 Mar 193830 Dec 2003New Haven
Bess, Guy B22 Feb 18994 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Bess, Madeline4 Oct 1902Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Bessone, Marian26 Jan 1889Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Best Jr, Eugene H16 Jun 194227 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Best, Margaret E12 Feb 191622 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Best, Pauline E12 Mar 19068 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Best, Robert G8 Mar 19303 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Best, Ronnie17 Nov 1934Apr 1985New Haven
Best, S Norman6 Oct 191218 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Bestard, Jose B30 Jan 194527 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Betancourt, Stephan Bradley25 Apr 195912 Dec 2008Roanoke
Betcher, Anna19 Apr 1894Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Betley, Clara2 Apr 1902Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Betley, Lealah25 Oct 191122 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Betounes, Inez31 Oct 1893Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Betson, William A4 Jun 19239 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Betties, Curtis16 Mar 192014 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Betties, Curtis7 May 194414 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Bettis, Annabel13 Aug 192628 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Betts, Alta M30 Jun 1920Feb 1993Churubusco
Betts, Carolyn S19 Apr 195812 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Betts, Delores24 Aug 1924Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Betts, Kenneth15 Jun 1899Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Betts, Mayme15 Nov 1882Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Betts, Nell7 Jun 1895Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Betts, Ruth30 Aug 1918Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Betz, C10 May 1928Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Betz, Edward G29 Feb 193226 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Betz, Florence L13 Dec 192313 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Betz, Forest B20 Apr 191226 May 1989Woodburn
Betz, Glen7 Sep 1888Sep 1966Grabill
Betz, Howard17 Oct 1916Sep 1975Harlan
Betz, Iva24 Mar 1891Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Betz, Lillian13 Nov 1897Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Betz, Marie E16 Dec 19228 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Betz, Marnold J4 Sep 19176 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Betz, Meta15 Apr 1901Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Betz, Mildred K26 Aug 191826 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Betz, Raymond21 May 1921Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Betz, Velene1 Jan 1932Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Betzner, Opal10 Mar 191827 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Beuchel, Mildred24 Sep 1899Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Beuchel, Selma9 Jan 1896Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Beucler, Glen12 May 1894Aug 1984Monroeville
Beucler, Hortense L15 Nov 18945 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Beucler, Zenda S11 Jul 190112 Aug 2002Fort Wayne, Monroeville
Beugnot, Addie24 Nov 1881Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Beuke, Edith14 Oct 1877Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Beuke, Gertrude1 Aug 1880May 1972Fort Wayne
Beukema, Gene5 May 1930Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Beuret, Justin G30 Apr 18983 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Beuret, Mary12 Sep 1871Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Beuthin, Donald C19 Mar 19219 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Beutler, Alice B12 Mar 192519 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Bevelheimer, Berniece C12 Jan 190115 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Bevelheimer, Ralph18 Dec 1898Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Bever, Helen V17 Jul 1895May 1993Fort Wayne
Beverforden, Alma26 Feb 1888Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Beverforden, Arnold20 May 1899Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Beverforden, Elmer13 Feb 1901Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Beverforden, Fern14 Feb 1890Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Beverforden, Flora E29 Dec 189115 Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Beverforden, Gertrude U10 Jul 188615 Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Beverforden, Mary K22 Dec 193027 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Beverforden, Mary M1 Apr 19182 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Beverforden, Robert28 Jun 1910Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Beverforden, Robert J23 Apr 192612 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Beverly, Harold30 Jun 1926Nov 1977Woodburn
Beverly, Irene6 Aug 1899Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Beverly, Tommy E3 Nov 194429 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Bevil, Ovie S12 Nov 19102 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Bevilacqua, Gloria A27 Dec 19235 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Bevilacqua, Salvatore J30 Jul 192727 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Beville, Barbara L5 Mar 19443 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Beville, David C13 Feb 194326 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Bevington, Bertha H29 Jan 19099 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Bevington, Blanche21 Jun 1892Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Bevington, Eugene L1 Jan 191419 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Bevington, Gerald D29 Jul 191127 May 2002New Haven
Bevington, Robert F7 Nov 19152 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Bevington, Ruth14 Jan 1920Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Bewak, Esther5 May 1914Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Bewak, Patricia14 Oct 1943Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Bewder, Cyrus9 Sep 1873Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Bewley, Francelia11 Jan 190121 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Bewley, Pauline12 Nov 1903Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Bex, Clena10 May 1891Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Beyer, Edith5 Apr 1911Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Beyer, Eric G18 Jan 191810 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Beyer, Evelyn L29 Nov 191814 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Beyer, Ida26 Apr 1890Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Beyer, Louise18 Dec 1902Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Beyer, Luella M23 Sep 1899Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Beyer, William6 Feb 1897May 1968Fort Wayne
Beyerlein, Lorinda L26 Jul 19034 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Beyerlein, Louise16 Apr 1913Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Beyers, Carl22 Jul 1904Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Beyers, Helen7 May 1898Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Beyers, Luella24 Apr 1901Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Beyhan, Ardeth19 Sep 1917Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Beyhan, Charles E10 Jan 192114 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Beyhan, Frank26 Nov 1887Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Beyhan, John F13 Dec 192426 May 1996Fort Wayne
Beyhan, Leona F25 Apr 189329 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Beyhan, Michael6 Jun 1952Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Beyhan, Robert9 Dec 1919Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Beyrau, Wayne8 Aug 1920Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Bezdon, Robert T29 Nov 192624 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Bezek, Edward J12 May 19252 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Bezek, Thelma I23 Dec 19382 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Bezkrownyz, Maria18 Jan 1906Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Bezy, Crystal I5 Oct 191221 Jul 2004Fort Wayne

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