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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Bialik, Bertha11 Jun 19198 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Bialik, Michael L2 Sep 191817 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Bian Rosa, Alfredo9 Mar 192515 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Biancaniello, George R24 Jul 192126 May 2007Fort Wayne
Biancaniello, Mark L13 May 196821 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Bianrosa, George4 Jun 19477 May 1998Fort Wayne
Bianski, Mary4 Aug 1894Jun 1977Churubusco
Bibbo, Angela22 Aug 1899Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Bibbo, Peter J10 Feb 191830 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Bibbs Jr, Erbert2 Jan 193623 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Bibe, Arnett26 Dec 190116 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Biberstein, Alfred Wayne21 Oct 19275 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Biberstein, Deloris26 Aug 19266 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Biberstine, Elizabeth A15 May 191816 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Biberstine, Karl M9 Sep 19234 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Biberstine, Mildred M5 Jul 19246 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Biberstine, Norman13 Dec 1915Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Bible, Enoch M12 Jun 192426 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Bible, Laura Inez23 Aug 192127 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Bibler, Althea G30 Jul 19172 Jun 2002Harlan
Bice, Dale14 Jun 1910Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Bice, Ethel M16 Jun 193425 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Bice, Glenn W29 Jan 19259 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Bice, Lee Roy23 Dec 194923 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Bice, Lydia L21 Feb 19108 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Bice, Orley16 Jun 19075 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Bickel, Anna26 Sep 1879Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Bickel, Arnett K5 Apr 189916 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Bickel, Arthur23 Mar 1902Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Bickel, Burdette T27 Apr 192516 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Bickel, Daisy1 Aug 1874Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Bickel, Eleanor E18 Jan 191412 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Bickel, George12 Jul 1906May 1972Fort Wayne
Bickel, Gladys L1 Oct 191826 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Bickel, Helen26 Jun 1903Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Bickel, Homer8 May 1914Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Bickel, Joseph13 Apr 1886Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Bickel, Justin15 Jul 1890Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Bickel, Marietta E15 Oct 19081 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Bickel, Maurice27 Mar 1904Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Bickel, Ruth A9 Sep 193119 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Bickel, Zola23 Jul 1897Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Bickerstaff, Graff28 Mar 1895Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Bickerton, Kathryn19 Mar 1904Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Bickerton, Robert12 Sep 1892Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Bickford, Agnes E27 Mar 192222 Feb 2002Monroeville
Bickford, Betty27 Oct 1880Feb 1969New Haven
Bickford, Carolyn S20 Apr 194630 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Bickford, David W16 Jan 194921 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Bickford, Eri1 Jul 19194 Sep 1995Monroeville
Bickford, Henry6 Apr 1922Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Bickford, Margaret A4 Dec 19265 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Bickford, Randall J16 Aug 19574 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Bickford, Selden1 Sep 1907Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Bickhard, Henry6 Oct 1891Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Bickhart, Grace20 Aug 1886Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Bickhart, Viola6 Oct 1901Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Bickis, Mary W14 Jan 19246 May 2009Fort Wayne
Bickle, Eugene W15 Mar 193325 May 2006Fort Wayne
Bickler, Michael2 Mar 1949Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Bickler, William7 Jun 1920Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Bickley, Carl19 Sep 1924Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Bickley, Clyde6 Sep 1901Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Bickley, Herbert V1 Apr 193125 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Bickley, Jack G31 Mar 193127 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Bickley, Judy6 Aug 1940May 1979Churubusco
Bicknell, Charles17 Sep 1907Jun 1981Churubusco
Bicknell, Helen E25 Jun 1912Apr 1994Churubusco
Bicknese, August24 Jul 1884Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Bicknese, Earl7 Aug 1909Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Bicknese, Irene24 Nov 1880Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Bicknese, Thelma12 Jul 1913Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Biddle, Audra E21 Jan 192713 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Biddle, Berreta13 Sep 1906Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Biddle, Donna Belle23 Jun 193323 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Biddle, Edna M5 Jul 1904Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Biddle, Harold19 Dec 1917Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Biddle, Harry29 Jun 1912Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Biddle, Helen30 Apr 1910Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Biddle, Iona10 Sep 1901Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Biddle, Josephine F7 Apr 19106 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Biddle, Louise3 Jun 1906Jul 1977Fort Wayne, Harlan
Biddle, Manford25 Feb 1911Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Biddle, Marcella B16 Dec 19168 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Biddle, Ned10 Jan 1905Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Biddle, Norman26 Jan 1904May 1970Fort Wayne
Biddlecome, Bertha28 Dec 1907Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Biddlecome, Harry26 Jun 1909Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Bidelot, Suzanne18 Jun 1895Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Bidlack, Dennis28 Apr 1909Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Bidlack, Ella8 Jul 190117 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Bidlack, Minota Jane7 Dec 192617 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Bidlack, Richard R3 Feb 19262 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Bidlack, Rosemary V27 Sep 19172 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Bidwell, Ethel3 Dec 1893Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Bidwell, Jay12 Jun 1888Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Bidwell, Reva B27 Jun 19004 May 1997Hoagland
Bieber, Eldon F15 Mar 192223 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Bieber, Frank8 Nov 1895Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Bieber, Harry J4 May 191922 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Bieber, Helen M17 May 192310 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Bieber, James F12 Sep 192415 May 1995Fort Wayne
Bieber, Lucille L4 Mar 19211 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Bieber, Mary16 Sep 1896Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Bieber, Ralph25 Nov 1893Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Bieber, Walter19 Dec 1884Mar 1981Grabill
Bieberich, Fred3 Apr 1898Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Bieberich, Frieda21 Aug 1892Apr 1978Hoagland
Bieberich, Gregory Lynn21 Jun 195219 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Bieberich, Henry L12 Jul 191726 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Bieberich, Hilda R18 Jan 1901Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Bieberich, Hulda S23 Nov 191631 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Bieberich, Linda6 Dec 1901Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Bieberich, Paul5 Apr 1899Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Bieberich, Robert8 Mar 1913Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Bieberich, Walter2 Oct 1900Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Bieberick, Melba M1 Sep 191418 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Bieberick, Walter12 Mar 1909Nov 1981Huntertown
Biedenweg, Clarence A22 Mar 190522 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Biedenweg, Josephine Elizabeth16 Jan 191123 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Biederman, Esther4 Aug 1912May 1985Fort Wayne
Biederwolf, Charles27 Sep 1877Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Biederwolf, Valta H13 Apr 1891May 1989Fort Wayne
Biedess, Otis D14 Sep 193022 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Biedka, Stanislaw8 Aug 19379 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Biedrzycki, Grace9 Apr 190723 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Biege, Darlene J12 Aug 193515 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Bielko, Ludwig5 Jun 1913Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Bienz, Alice19 Dec 18965 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Bienz, Anna15 Jul 1895Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Bienz, Arthur17 Jan 1895Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Bienz, Barbara H2 Aug 192312 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Bienz, Bertha M2 Mar 1913May 1996Fort Wayne
Bienz, David E21 Jun 195312 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Bienz, Edward F11 Dec 192118 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Bienz, Eunice Irene10 Apr 19314 May 2008Fort Wayne
Bienz, Gloryia26 Jan 19241 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Bienz, J Fred10 Nov 191627 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Bienz, Kenneth E12 Mar 192628 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Bienz, Paul W21 Mar 192631 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Bienz, Robert H6 Jun 19221 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Bierbaum, Esther28 Dec 1898Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Bierbaum, Julia A28 Dec 191917 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Bierbaum, Linda S17 Jul 195110 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Bierbaum, Richard E27 Nov 192612 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Bierie, Elizabeth M17 Dec 190211 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Bierie, Ella25 Mar 1878Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Bierman, Lewis F6 May 190517 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Bierman, Mildred M4 May 191031 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Biers, Charlotte M17 Nov 192115 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Biers, Hal I21 Jan 19223 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Bierwagen, Loretta A3 Sep 192110 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Bierwagen, Thaddeus F14 Jun 191910 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Biery, Byron19 Oct 1891Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Biery, Kenneth A9 Aug 19132 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Biesiada, Edward24 Jun 1949Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Biesiada, Lillian M13 Nov 19285 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Biesiada, Norman T4 Apr 191922 May 2000Fort Wayne
Biesiada, Pearl13 Jan 1910Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Bietry, Wilbur20 Oct 1915Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Bigelow, Jay W14 Feb 194513 Oct 2006Leo
Biggins, Edward25 Nov 1879Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Biggins, J B13 Apr 190814 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Biggins, Joseph14 Aug 1922Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Biggs, Alva9 Dec 1902Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Biggs, Catherine N30 May 192227 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Biggs, Elizabeth5 Mar 1890Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Biggs, Fred M25 Nov 19269 May 2007Fort Wayne
Biggs, Frieda21 Apr 1902Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Biggs, Grover13 Dec 1911Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Biggs, Irene R20 Sep 192319 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Biggs, Jack G14 Feb 193720 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Biggs, John C27 Dec 1923Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Biggs, Juanita B2 Sep 191816 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Biggs, Larry Lee25 May 194018 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Biggs, Marie6 Apr 1898Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Biggs, Robert A11 Dec 193314 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Biggs, Rosella11 Jun 19213 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Biggs, Russell4 Mar 1903Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Biggs, Wayne10 Feb 1898Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Biggs, Wilbur G14 Aug 191727 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Bigham, Tonya R2 Feb 195724 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Bigler, Gilbert O29 Oct 192125 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Bigos, Dorothy15 Jan 1921Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Bigos, Stanley J15 Jan 19114 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Bilby, Forrest L25 Aug 193815 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Bilcer, Opal26 Nov 1905Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Bilger, Clem G6 Mar 193114 May 1996Fort Wayne
Bilger, Kenneth E28 Dec 19081 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Bilger, Mildred R27 Jan 191818 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Bilger, Ralph30 Aug 1898Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Bill, Albert J16 Nov 191226 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Bill, Alice N15 Jan 191130 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Bill, Calvin23 Sep 1906Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Bill, Edna M25 Feb 191823 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Bill, Estella1 Feb 1894Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Bill, Fredrick Jacob22 Oct 19237 May 2008Fort Wayne
Bill, Geraldine M3 Nov 1909Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Bill, Helen M15 Apr 191721 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Bill, Kathleen L27 Dec 192328 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Bill, Roger E15 Dec 191116 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Bill, Ruth18 Aug 1908Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Bill, Thelma H5 Feb 19142 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Billian, Margaret Micheline29 Jul 192230 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Billings, Beulah C17 Feb 19066 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Billings, Joyce A1 Jul 19294 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Billings, Margaret S21 Apr 192017 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Billings, Martha4 Sep 1901May 1971Fort Wayne
Billings, Robert G15 Jan 19153 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Billingsley, Anna M19 Jan 193029 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Billingsley, Arthur21 Jan 1908Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Billingsley, Carol J21 Apr 193522 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Billingsley, Diana21 Jul 19622 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Billingsley, Fred5 Jul 193215 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Billingsley, Henry20 Mar 1911Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Billingsley, J29 Apr 192915 Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Billingsley, Lidia26 Feb 1895Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Billingsley, Michael M5 Oct 195320 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Billington, Gladys N30 Mar 191319 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Billman, Charles22 Aug 1904Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Billman, Christina30 Dec 1898Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Billman, Dorothy21 Mar 1915Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Billman, Forrest7 Sep 1883Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Billman, Gertrude24 May 1917Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Billman, James2 Jun 1883Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Billman, Joseph A2 Feb 19136 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Billman, Joseph A Iii28 Aug 196030 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Billman, Nina A10 May 192220 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Billman, Paul H4 Dec 191810 Dec 1993Yoder
Billman, Reba M23 May 190217 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Bills, Ethel16 Jul 1897Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Bills, J C16 Jul 194215 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Bills, June A18 Aug 195415 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Bills, Rebecca A24 Jun 195816 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Billue, Louise5 Jun 1881Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Billue, Rose L15 Sep 191921 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Billue, William E29 Nov 19214 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Billups, Phillip9 Aug 1894Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Bilskie, Charles7 Mar 1911Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Bilskie, Helen14 Dec 1899Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Biltz, Chester L12 Jun 19184 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Biltz, Howard D28 Dec 19216 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Bilyew, Eva1 Jun 1900Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Bimer, Barbara R19 Sep 192915 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Bimer, Calvin3 Oct 1896Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Bimer, Maurice L16 Oct 192631 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Binder, Ada26 Apr 1881Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Binder, August3 Feb 1910Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Binder, Catherine A22 Sep 191213 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Binder, Faye5 Jul 1902Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Binder, Grace2 Mar 1886Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Binder, Ruth14 May 1943May 1980Fort Wayne
Binder, Virgil26 Jul 1906Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Bingen, Cynthia M13 Sep 19698 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Bingen, Mary23 Sep 1929Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Binger, Helen20 Sep 190125 Aug 1993Woodburn
Bingham, Dorothy Ruth22 Feb 19216 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Bingham, Elson E22 Aug 190224 Jan 2000Churubusco
Bingham, F Dexter30 Oct 191428 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Bingham, George21 Jun 1906Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Bingham, Mabel M29 Jul 191416 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Bingley, Sara4 Feb 1903Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Binkley, Carl Victor15 Jan 191128 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Binkley, Corzetta20 Dec 1902Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Binkley, Guy29 Jul 1909Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Binkley, Herman A13 Dec 191015 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Binkley, Jackson2 Feb 1913Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Binkley, Mabel1 Sep 190813 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Binkley, Marilyn J22 Apr 194113 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Binkley, Mary M3 Sep 19091 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Binkley, Merlin23 Oct 190131 May 1996Fort Wayne
Binkley, Willard22 Mar 1890Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Binnie, Myrtle29 Apr 1893Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Bins, Thomas W9 May 192918 Jul 2004New Haven
Bir, Charles3 Jul 1915Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Bir, Mildred A8 Dec 191731 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Biral, Eddie10 Sep 1907Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Birch, Betty7 Sep 1923Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Birch, Clarence V17 Feb 190818 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Birch, Dora L9 Sep 19096 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Birch, Jerry R5 May 193826 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Birch, Michael S2 Aug 195721 Mar 2007Huntertown
Birch, Sarah17 Apr 1944Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Bircheff, Lois K26 Apr 192331 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Birchmeyer, John25 Mar 1900Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Birchmeyer, Kathryn15 Sep 1898May 1987Fort Wayne
Bird, Dale D28 Apr 193226 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Bird, Felma8 Sep 1906Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Bird, Frank9 Dec 1903Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Bird, Godfrey21 Jun 1898May 1979Fort Wayne
Bird, Grace M4 Jul 19167 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Bird, Hazel M15 Jan 189619 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Bird, Howard24 Aug 1909Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Bird, J R6 Dec 195322 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Bird, Lester E10 Mar 19551 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Bird, Ruth22 Dec 1887Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Birdsell, Ray3 Jul 1898Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Birdseye, Mary L11 Aug 191117 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Birdsong, Myrtle19 Mar 1902Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Birdwell, Bertha C23 Aug 187515 Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Birdwell, John G12 May 193118 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Birdwell, Marilyn P1 May 19294 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Bireley, Clyde2 Feb 1903Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Bireley, Erma12 Nov 1911Nov 1985Leo
Bireley, Frances14 Nov 1897Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Bireley, H Jeanette7 Apr 1924Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Bireley, Harvey J3 Oct 192216 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Bireley, Harvey S26 Dec 189826 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Bireley, Helen1 May 1899Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Bireley, Kathlene M27 Mar 19523 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Bireley, Lyle B13 Apr 191931 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Bireley, Margaret C20 Jun 192230 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Bireley, Marie P11 Apr 191127 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Bireley, Mary L14 Aug 1902Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Bireley, Ora4 Jul 1895Sep 1974Leo
Bireley, Robert C9 Apr 192230 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Bireley, Russell26 Sep 1900Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Birk, John28 Aug 1903Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Birkenbeul, Donna B25 Dec 192925 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Birkenbeul, J M9 Nov 192415 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Birkenbeul, Jacquline1 Feb 194811 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Birkenbeul, Robert M3 Jun 19235 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Birkey, Alice I19 Sep 190715 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Birkey, Clarence1 Apr 1899Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Birkey, Mary13 Sep 1900Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Birkhold, Ethel16 May 1894Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Birkhold, Frieda11 Apr 1890May 1982Fort Wayne
Birkhold, Harry26 Jul 1901Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Birkhold, Irvin M4 Mar 19118 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Birkhold, Keith E10 Oct 19336 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Birkhold, Walter31 Oct 1894May 1973Fort Wayne
Birkman, Herbert F26 Jan 190717 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Birkman, Keith J15 Oct 194818 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Birkmeier, Betty L20 Jun 191723 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Birkmeier, Cecilia5 Feb 1886Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Birkmeier, Hilary16 Dec 1914Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Birkmeier, Richard A8 Aug 193927 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Birkmeier, Sharon D15 Oct 19502 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Birkmire, Charles M17 Jan 191530 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Birkner, Ada26 Mar 1894Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Birkner, Elsa6 Apr 1898Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Birkner, Walter6 Aug 1896Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Birky, Alvin30 Oct 1897Dec 1976Spencerville
Birt, Doris J8 Dec 192622 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Birt, J W6 Jan 192624 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Birt, Lenora3 Aug 1888Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Birt, Paul27 May 1927Oct 1981Huntertown
Bischoff, Amy22 Nov 1878Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Bischoff, Frederick9 Feb 1892Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Bischoff, Geneva19 Jul 1890Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Bischoff, Jacob19 Feb 1887Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Bischoff, Mildred E29 Jul 190823 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Bischoff, Pauline25 Sep 1891Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Bischoff, William12 Feb 1923Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Bisel, Kathleen H1 Jul 19142 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Bisel, Mary25 Sep 1901Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Bisel, Nellie29 Jul 1893Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Bish, Lyndall6 Oct 1908Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Bishop, Alice6 Sep 1883Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Bishop, Alma27 Apr 1911Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Bishop, Alma L22 Mar 190216 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Bishop, Anna R17 Aug 19043 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Bishop, Berneil20 Aug 1904Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Bishop, Bertha2 Nov 1878Aug 1968New Haven
Bishop, Bonnie J22 Feb 19314 Jan 1994Spencerville
Bishop, Calvin11 Oct 1908Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Bishop, Carol A15 Oct 192616 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Bishop, Celia M29 Mar 190416 May 1989Fort Wayne
Bishop, Connie9 Nov 192918 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Bishop, Dan6 Feb 19135 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Bishop, Deanna1 Oct 1941May 1980Fort Wayne
Bishop, Dessie3 Nov 1893Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Bishop, Dorothy M9 Feb 192322 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Bishop, Ellen19 Dec 1906Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Bishop, Eva25 Nov 1939Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Bishop, Frank12 Oct 1886Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Bishop, Frederick27 Apr 1908Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Bishop, Goldie15 Jun 1903Nov 1968New Haven
Bishop, Harold7 Dec 1902Mar 1968Huntertown
Bishop, Harriet J29 Feb 192817 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Bishop, Helen6 Dec 1964Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Bishop, Jack F22 Jul 192722 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Bishop, Jack P28 Oct 192424 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Bishop, Jean8 Dec 19336 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Bishop, Jennie24 Jul 1897Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Bishop, John A27 Oct 19343 Jan 2000Grabill
Bishop, John R14 Jun 19123 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Bishop, Karen S30 Oct 196030 May 1994Fort Wayne
Bishop, Lawrence D1 Jun 191230 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Bishop, Leon1 Apr 1907Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Bishop, Maggie19 Apr 1910Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Bishop, Margaret M4 Dec 19172 May 2002Fort Wayne
Bishop, Marie15 Jul 1912Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Bishop, Marjorie C8 Dec 19185 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Bishop, Mary12 Sep 19073 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Bishop, Merle17 Feb 1903Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Bishop, Mildred L22 Mar 19133 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Bishop, Paul21 May 1905Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Bishop, Thelma26 Apr 19313 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Bishop, Virginia L19 Feb 191723 May 1994Fort Wayne
Bishop, Wayne W22 Aug 191728 May 2000Fort Wayne
Bishop, William C26 Mar 19266 Jan 1997Spencerville
Bishton, Harry25 Dec 1891Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Bisig, Charles27 Jun 1910Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Bissell, Roy E4 Jul 191915 Mar 1998Spencerville
Bissell, William9 Jul 1886May 1971Fort Wayne
Bisson, Gorman25 Feb 1899Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Bissonnette, Ella13 Apr 1890Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Bitler, Georgianne M6 Feb 191919 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Bitler, Marie1 Sep 1889Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Bitner, Miles9 Nov 1911Jun 1981Monroeville
Bitters, John18 Nov 1901Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Bittikoffer, Iva19 Mar 1891Aug 1969New Haven
Bitting, Fred27 Jul 1912Sep 1981Churubusco
Bittle, Lola J7 Jul 194527 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Bittle, Robert Lee13 Oct 191512 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Bittler, Edmund26 Aug 1876Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Bittler, George10 May 1881Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Bittler, Ruth26 Mar 1912Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Bittner, Grace20 Sep 1890Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Bittner, Henry16 Apr 1899Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Bittner, Kevin A12 Dec 19593 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Bittner, Merle J22 Jun 191312 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Bittrich, Carl29 Jun 1891Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Bittrich, Mabel16 Aug 1895Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Bitzel, Earl W19 Jun 193328 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Bitzel, Goldie8 May 1893Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Bitzell, Lola6 May 1913Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Bitzinger, Carl15 Apr 1897May 1967Fort Wayne
Bitzinger, Edith G8 Nov 1906Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Bitzinger, John27 Nov 18965 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Bitzinger, Margaret18 May 1891Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Bitzinger, Raymond4 Sep 1920Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Bivens, Oscar1 Sep 1891Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Bixby, Adrian11 Jun 1905May 1975Fort Wayne
Bixby, Allen20 Apr 1894Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Bixby, Charles Daniel16 Jan 19387 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Bixby, Harvey26 Feb 1898Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Bixby, Hilda M13 Jun 19087 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Bixby, Lavonne T2 Sep 193110 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Bixby, Leotta4 Nov 1897Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Bixby, Marguerite24 Oct 1893Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Bixler, Anna1 Jun 1904Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Bixler, Delilah E4 Jan 190913 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Bixler, Dorthea L7 Mar 191516 Jun 2003Churubusco
Bixler, Edward C8 Jun 193116 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Bixler, Etta8 Jul 1894Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Bixler, Frederick A28 Dec 192310 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Bixler, Hanna7 Mar 1885Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Bixler, Harry6 Jun 1900Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Bixler, Iva28 Mar 1909Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Bixler, Jesse C25 Jun 19042 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Bixler, Joan30 Jun 1929Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Bixler, Orville19 Apr 1899Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Bixler, Thelma M6 Nov 191123 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Bixler, Uarda L2 Jun 190222 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Bixler, Vada13 Nov 1904Sep 1971Fort Wayne

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