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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Blachly, Byron K26 Jul 191510 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Blachly, E Jean21 Sep 191811 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Black, Alphonso R8 Mar 192420 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Black, Ansel W20 Aug 191517 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Black, Betty Lou31 Aug 1930Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Black, Bobby8 Oct 1917Aug 1970Grabill
Black, Deborah O18 Apr 19267 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Black, Dorothy L25 Apr 19189 Feb 2002Leo
Black, Douglas A15 Oct 196426 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Black, Dwight23 May 1904Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Black, Earl8 May 1910Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Black, Edith16 Nov 1890Apr 1973Roanoke
Black, Ella31 Jan 1890Jul 1967Roanoke
Black, Florence23 Jun 1894Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Black, Geraldine14 Jun 192715 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Black, Gilbert Frank24 Dec 194124 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Black, Gladys30 Aug 1899Feb 1979Monroeville
Black, Herbert1 Oct 1931Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Black, Herbert14 Feb 1903Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Black, Herbert J29 Sep 193616 May 2006Fort Wayne
Black, Ione6 Mar 1901Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Black, Irene29 May 1895Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Black, J Andrew16 Jun 191420 May 1988Fort Wayne
Black, James27 Dec 1897Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Black, Jane15 Apr 1903Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Black, Janet S21 Jul 193818 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Black, John1 Oct 1904Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Black, John27 Sep 1893Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Black, Joseph25 Apr 1892Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Black, Judy K21 May 194428 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Black, Julia23 Aug 1886Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Black, Laura7 Dec 1895Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Black, Lawrence19 Nov 1921Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Black, Leroy5 Dec 191524 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Black, Margaret G4 May 19051 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Black, Marie R4 Jan 190513 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Black, Merlene V29 Mar 193921 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Black, Miriam15 Feb 1901Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Black, Miriam E8 Aug 192119 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Black, Pauline E23 Jan 190015 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Black, Phyllis J13 Feb 19205 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Black, Robert B2 Sep 192817 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Black, Robert J1 Aug 19161 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Black, Robert L31 May 192726 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Black, Roy1 Nov 1899Jan 1972Churubusco
Black, Rudolph29 Apr 1918Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Black, Sallie9 Dec 191915 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Black, Saundra Lee14 Jan 19564 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Black, Stanley22 Apr 1889Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Black, Thomas17 Jan 1894Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Black, Violet C7 Nov 193020 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Black, Wendell E17 Jun 19142 Feb 1994Leo
Black, Wilda M1 Feb 19227 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Black, William25 Feb 1880Apr 1972Roanoke
Black, William11 Nov 1924Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Black, William A29 Sep 192414 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Black, Wilma L27 Aug 191310 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Blackburn, Anna28 Oct 1895Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Blackburn, Clovis6 Apr 1915Dec 1979Yoder
Blackburn, Dorothy E13 Apr 19101 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Blackburn, Frank B31 Jan 192212 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Blackburn, G M5 May 192616 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Blackburn, Helen31 Jan 1889Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Blackburn, Helen C15 Mar 191510 Mar 2006Fort Wayne, New Haven
Blackburn, Hobert26 Apr 1896Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Blackburn, Ida9 Feb 1887Nov 1972New Haven
Blackburn, Jerry2 Nov 1942May 1982Fort Wayne
Blackburn, Larry G16 Jan 193525 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Blackburn, Maribel L26 Feb 191920 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Blackburn, Patricia M25 Feb 193310 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Blackburn, Richard B22 Sep 190828 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Blackburn, Robert8 Oct 1908Mar 1981New Haven
Blackburn, Rose29 Jan 1881Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Blackburn, Ruth O1 May 190824 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Blacketer, Robert D5 Sep 195711 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Blacketor, Catherine27 Feb 1898Oct 1982Churubusco
Blackford, Francis29 Dec 1895Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Blackford, Mary L5 Jul 193625 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Blackford, Sherman21 Feb 1890Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Blackm, L14 May 1923Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Blackman, Bernard C19 Oct 195429 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Blackman, Kathleen M30 May 19262 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Blackmar, Leona E7 Jul 18989 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Blackmer, Ethel14 Aug 1889Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Blackmon, George4 Oct 194516 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Blackwell, Carroll D7 Aug 191917 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Blackwell, Donald18 May 1932Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Blackwell, Florence24 Dec 19097 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Blackwell, Georgia3 Jul 1888Feb 1986New Haven
Blackwell, Jeremiah17 Apr 1924Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Blackwell, Lucy A3 Mar 192415 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Blackwell, Richard20 Aug 1885Mar 1968New Haven
Blackwell, Richard O15 Jun 190923 Jul 2005New Haven
Blackwell, Thomas21 Jan 1926Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Blackwell, Thomas15 Jun 1888Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Blackwell, William21 Feb 1911Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Blaettner, Edmund4 Sep 192824 May 2000Fort Wayne
Blaettner, Georgia R9 May 19345 May 1998Fort Wayne
Blagec, Helen M17 Aug 192320 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Blagec, Joseph S1 Mar 192426 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Blain Jr, Verlin W20 Jul 193119 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Blain Sr, Robert5 Jul 1914Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Blain, Kathryn S16 Feb 191714 Oct 2009Woodburn
Blain, Robert S8 Oct 19098 Jun 1995New Haven
Blaine, Robert N21 Jan 193213 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Blair, Anna L7 Mar 190130 Sep 1987New Haven
Blair, Barbara J4 Dec 194022 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Blair, Beverly J8 Sep 193011 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Blair, Charles A20 May 193016 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Blair, Doris E17 Jan 1921Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Blair, Edward K13 Jan 19266 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Blair, Ethel11 Nov 1892Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Blair, Evelyn26 Apr 1884Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Blair, Felix28 Feb 1915Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Blair, Geneva15 Jun 19178 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Blair, Hattie M4 Dec 19362 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Blair, Henry6 Nov 1926Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Blair, Joanne E3 Jul 19304 Aug 1996Grabill
Blair, John R20 Jul 192624 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Blair, Lillie B18 Mar 192116 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Blair, Marcus9 Aug 1914Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Blair, Marion30 Sep 1914May 1982Fort Wayne
Blair, Martinia25 Aug 192829 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Blair, Mary14 Apr 1930Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Blair, Mary29 Sep 1892Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Blair, Oma B25 Sep 191821 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Blair, Paul E19 Aug 191619 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Blair, Pauline D24 Jun 1918Jun 1993New Haven
Blair, Ray D30 Apr 191822 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Blair, Virginia M5 May 192310 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Blaising, Arthur18 Oct 1913Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Blaising, Blanche L12 May 191914 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Blaising, C Richard21 Dec 19158 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Blaising, Clem H7 Nov 19072 May 1989New Haven
Blaising, Douglas9 Mar 1906Feb 1978New Haven
Blaising, Edith F3 Sep 19137 May 1998Fort Wayne
Blaising, Goldie16 Dec 1884Mar 1980New Haven
Blaising, Helen4 Aug 1902Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Blaising, Helen A4 Jan 191810 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Blaising, Henry20 Jul 1889Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Blaising, Lawrence25 Nov 1889Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Blaising, Louis31 May 1912Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Blaising, Lucy19 Jan 1892Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Blaising, Melville6 Apr 1906May 1983Fort Wayne
Blaising, Patricia A8 Jan 194829 May 2003Fort Wayne
Blaising, Rosella1 Jul 1892Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Blaising, Viola9 Jul 1908May 1984Roanoke
Blaising-woo, Mary L27 Dec 192018 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Blake, Alba8 Jan 1900Aug 1965Fort Wayne
Blake, Aletha7 Apr 1912Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Blake, Earl5 Apr 1910Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Blake, Edgar E13 Sep 19227 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Blake, Edith L19 Jul 19055 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Blake, Gene20 May 1948May 1980Fort Wayne
Blake, George27 May 1905Sep 1976Huntertown
Blake, Irene20 Apr 1891Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Blake, James6 Jul 193525 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Blake, John H3 Feb 193610 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Blake, Lessly24 Apr 1919Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Blake, Louisa6 Jul 1897Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Blake, Marcella4 Mar 19149 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Blake, Maria Elena6 Apr 194318 May 2008Fort Wayne
Blake, Marilyn T6 Feb 19281 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Blake, Mark J13 Dec 196324 Jun 2002New Haven
Blake, Millard Duane5 Aug 193917 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Blake, Myrtle C14 Jan 1913Feb 1993Huntertown
Blake, Naomi2 Feb 1902Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Blake, Nora B5 Nov 189725 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Blake, Rose A21 Jun 193718 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Blake, Stephen B9 Nov 194830 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Blakely, Homer27 Apr 1908Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Blakely, Stella31 Jul 1912Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Blakeney, John25 Jul 1887Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Blakesley, Alfred10 Nov 1911Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Blakesley, Clareance6 Mar 1916Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Blakesley, Susie M11 Jun 191126 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Blakesley, Verna3 Oct 1913Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Blakey, Harold W17 Sep 190918 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Blakley, Dorothy Eleanor23 Jun 192629 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Blakley, Margaret H17 Mar 191114 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Blakley, Merle J2 Aug 190215 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Blakley, Thomas27 Apr 1885Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Blakley, Thomas W19 Jan 19505 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Blance, Ainsworth21 Jun 1910Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Blance, Jean Lois23 Mar 191227 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Blanchard, Alden L31 Jul 19233 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Blanchard, Bessie T14 Feb 191026 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Blanchard, Clairdon30 Jan 1902Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Blanchard, Delores M22 Jun 193025 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Blanchard, Viola13 Mar 1893Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Blanchard, Walter E28 Feb 193717 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Blanchette, Mae E27 Sep 192625 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Blanchette, Marjorie27 Sep 193513 May 2001Fort Wayne
Blanck, Francis10 Jan 1909Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Bland, Alvin9 Apr 192717 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Bland, Arnold25 Jan 1900Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Bland, Blanche10 May 1900Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Bland, Callie18 Aug 1907Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Bland, Georgia O8 Apr 19228 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Bland, Mary E15 Jan 19266 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Bland, Sara S4 Apr 191115 May 2006Fort Wayne
Bland, William A20 Dec 191711 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Blaney, Ruth A30 Nov 192131 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Blank, Irene28 Aug 1910Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Blankenbaker, Flossie S22 Sep 191111 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Blankenbaker, Francis30 Oct 1904Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Blankenship, Laquietta J21 Jan 193226 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Blankenship, Susan C29 Nov 195113 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Blankenship, Thomas I29 Jan 197716 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Blanks, Constance B5 Apr 19413 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Blanks, James H31 Dec 192321 May 1998Fort Wayne
Blanks, Miriam M30 May 19142 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Blanks, Rosa27 Aug 192218 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Blanks, Terry C9 Jul 192213 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Blanton, Cora M22 Aug 19057 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Blanton, H S3 Oct 192515 May 1991Fort Wayne
Blanton, Howard22 Jul 191430 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Blanton, James5 Oct 1960Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Blanton, Lydia27 Jul 1892Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Blanton, Michelle L6 Feb 19682 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Blanton, Olive L8 Mar 191610 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Blanton, Russell7 Mar 1913Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Blanton, Verna D16 Dec 19342 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Blasengym, Agnes6 Aug 1884Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Blash, Louis12 Mar 1929May 1987Fort Wayne
Blash, Rosie W7 Oct 193820 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Blasius, Ann L16 Dec 192415 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Blasko, Joseph30 Jun 1925Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Blatnick, Jeanne16 Sep 192015 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Blaugh, Arthur16 Sep 1890Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Blaugh, Dale24 Nov 1919May 1985Fort Wayne
Blaugh, Deetta7 Nov 191622 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Blaugh, John L30 Dec 192628 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Blaugh, Louise A18 Nov 19195 Dec 2004Churubusco
Blaugh, Thomas8 Oct 1925Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Blauser, Beverly10 Jul 1935May 1978Spencerville
Blauser, Lloyd22 Nov 1902Nov 1970Harlan
Blauser, Phyllis10 Jun 1930Jul 1983Grabill
Blauvelt, Alice H2 Sep 19162 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Blauvelt, Arthur Roy1 Oct 192021 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Blauvelt, Berl30 Jul 1880Aug 1968Monroeville
Blauvelt, Carl13 Apr 1897Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Blauvelt, Charlotte4 Mar 1910Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Blauvelt, Earl30 Sep 1900Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Blauvelt, Ilene A18 Nov 192629 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Blauvelt, Irene C24 Apr 19007 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Blauvelt, Larry L16 Oct 193915 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Blauvelt, Lester7 Jan 1907Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Blauvelt, Mabel I16 Jun 192318 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Blauvelt, Ruby17 Feb 1905May 1987Fort Wayne
Blauvelt, Viola M3 Jul 192211 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Blauvelt, Wayne E26 Jun 193528 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Blay, Nondis5 Apr 191718 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Blazer, Albert28 Oct 1905Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Blazer, Althea18 Sep 1913Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Blazer, Doris M5 Nov 1911Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Blazer, Ernest3 May 1893Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Blazer, Ernest L1 Aug 193215 May 2009Fort Wayne
Blazer, Eugene W16 Dec 193421 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Blazer, Fred7 Mar 1887Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Bleakney, Menes A22 Mar 192017 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Bleakney, Thomas28 Oct 1913Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Blech, Dorothy H7 Jul 191515 May 2005Fort Wayne
Blech, Edwin A17 Jan 19215 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Blech, Harold Frank31 Jan 19167 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Bledsoe, Alfreda1 May 19503 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Bledsoe, Delores L8 Oct 19237 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Bledsoe, Floyd7 Feb 1924Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Bledsoe, Fred A20 Mar 195627 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Bledsoe, James W24 Oct 19256 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Bledsoe, Thelma A8 Jun 192229 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Bledsoe, Tyrone2 Feb 195015 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Bledsoe, William T23 Apr 1921Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Blee, Agnes27 Mar 1894Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Blee, James28 Jun 1910Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Blee, James C8 Jun 192828 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Bleeke, Alfred11 Jan 1899May 1980Fort Wayne
Bleeke, Dorothy23 Aug 1905Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Bleeke, Erich H27 Aug 19017 Mar 2002Monroeville
Bleeke, Flora L22 May 191227 Feb 1988Monroeville
Bleeke, Florence M21 Dec 190330 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Bleeke, Harold W28 Oct 190411 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Bleeke, Harry6 Sep 1921Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Bleeke, Herbert3 Jun 1891Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Bleeke, Hulda24 Jan 1895Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Bleeke, Lawrence24 Nov 1911Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Bleeke, Louis A13 Aug 191922 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Bleeke, Pauline I20 Jan 192723 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Bleeke, Ronald D12 Aug 193714 Oct 2008Monroeville
Bleeke, Vera18 Dec 1906May 1985Fort Wayne
Bleekman, Arthur13 May 1887Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Bleekman, Max W30 Dec 19158 May 1995Fort Wayne
Bleich, Donna18 Jun 1915Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Bleich, Ella O30 Jul 190414 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Bleich, Helen20 Jan 1906Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Bleich, Marcella22 Oct 1919Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Bleich, Marian23 Aug 1908Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Bleich, Robert D15 May 192931 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Bleich, Velma3 Mar 1917Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Bleiler, Carl S1 Mar 192322 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Bleiler, Vera30 Jun 1921May 1979Fort Wayne
Bleke, Alvin C23 Jan 192712 Feb 2008New Haven
Bleke, Arnold28 Jul 1895Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Bleke, Bertha24 Jun 1896Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Bleke, Blanche12 Jul 193221 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Bleke, Carl26 Mar 1892Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Bleke, Caroline29 Jan 1877Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Bleke, Clarence2 Sep 1891Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Bleke, Elmer14 Sep 1899Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Bleke, Elmer M29 Mar 193128 Oct 2005New Haven
Bleke, Emilie20 Mar 1901Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Bleke, Harold C28 Feb 192624 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Bleke, Laura27 Feb 1877Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Bleke, Leonora S29 Dec 18992 Jan 1997Huntertown
Bleke, Lorena M17 Dec 19235 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Bleke, Paul A9 Nov 19278 Jun 1995Hoagland
Bleke, Rose3 Apr 1896May 1973Fort Wayne
Blem, Dorothy4 Oct 1916Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Blem, Harry25 Apr 1915Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Blesch, Edwin H22 Apr 191223 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Blesch, Grace D28 Jul 191022 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Blessing, Barbara A25 Jul 19355 Oct 2006Huntertown
Blessing, Carl25 Dec 1898Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Blessing, Clara22 Sep 1887Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Blessing, Dale E7 Nov 192028 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Blessing, Denelda E3 Jan 19139 Aug 1995New Haven
Blessing, Douglas A2 Jun 19098 Feb 1994New Haven
Blessing, Florence18 Feb 1909Nov 1980Churubusco
Blessing, Fred18 Oct 1900Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Blessing, Helen E7 Jun 192120 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Blessing, Herman5 Jul 1900Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Blessing, Julia27 Mar 1905Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Blessing, Lawrence5 Jun 189626 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Blessing, Ora15 Oct 1892Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Blessing, Richard29 Dec 1922Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Blessing, Rosemary18 Jul 192514 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Blessing, Roy8 Mar 1899Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Blessing, Ruth E21 May 191227 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Blessing, Stella M12 Feb 19014 Nov 1993Churubusco
Blessing, Velma15 Feb 1906Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Blessing, Wilbur D25 Mar 19186 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Blessing, William26 Jan 1886Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Bletzacker, Leo16 Jul 1901Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Blevens, Christe Ann11 Nov 195222 May 2009Fort Wayne
Blevins, Cora17 Apr 1908Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Blevins, Dorothy J26 Nov 191111 Jun 2001New Haven
Blevins, Eugene9 Mar 1908Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Blevins, Everett R25 Mar 19256 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Blevins, Lucinda17 Aug 19184 May 1989Fort Wayne
Blevins, Mary M7 Mar 193713 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Blevins, Moses18 Apr 191611 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Blevins, Omer8 Dec 192720 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Blevins, Rosie9 May 1912Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Blevins, Wilda2 Sep 1922Mar 1985New Haven
Blew, Glen K9 Feb 190411 May 1992Fort Wayne
Bley, Beatrice30 Jul 1902Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Bley, Jessie8 Nov 1888May 1968Fort Wayne
Bley, John15 Nov 1927May 1978Fort Wayne
Bley, Madeline27 Aug 193223 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Bley, Vera13 Jan 190128 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Bliahu, Paul25 Oct 1885May 1968Fort Wayne
Blickenstaff, Charlotte I29 Aug 192329 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Blickenstaff, Jessie19 Jun 1889Nov 1983Roanoke
Blievernicht, Henry23 Sep 1883Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Blievernicht, Mildred26 Aug 1914Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Bligh, Mary19 Apr 1912Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Blinn, Lois2 Aug 19034 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Blinn, Vera5 Mar 1909Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Bliss, Eileen L16 Apr 192212 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Bliss, Elizabeth16 Aug 1896Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Bliwernitz, Erhard30 Jul 192619 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Bliznoff, Katerina26 Jun 190616 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Bliznoff, Nick10 Oct 192617 Jan 1997Huntertown
Bliznoff, Tom24 Mar 1900Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Bloch, William C3 Sep 19143 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Blocher, John24 Feb 1904Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Block, Anna2 Apr 1888Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Block, Betty Jane1 Oct 19296 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Block, Elizabeth A17 Feb 192719 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Block, Isabelle9 May 1908Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Block, Lenora E6 Sep 190817 Apr 2000New Haven
Blocker, Marvin5 May 1901Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Blockson, Michael A18 Jun 195919 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Blodgett, Alta5 Jul 1906Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Blodgett, James13 Aug 1897Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Bloebaum, Raymond C18 Jan 191613 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Bloebaum, Sharon A6 Feb 194229 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Bloebaum, Veronica20 Jul 1915Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Bloechel, Elizabeth S30 Sep 19057 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Bloechel, Herman15 Aug 1901Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Bloemker, Alma6 Apr 1889Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Bloemker, Max E1 Apr 193816 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Bloemker, Rex A16 Apr 195921 Jun 1995Leo
Bloemker, William17 Jan 1891Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Blombach, Albert19 Jul 1889Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Blombach, Arthur30 Aug 1886Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Blombach, Bernice L29 Aug 191525 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Blombach, Herbert R5 Aug 191914 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Blombach, Irene26 Nov 1919Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Blombach, Lillis28 Jun 18987 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Blombach, Otto J20 Mar 191422 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Blomberg, Agnes26 Sep 1899Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Blomberg, Paul E10 Nov 192812 Feb 2005Huntertown
Blomenberg, Camille18 Mar 1897Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Blomenberg, Helen M20 May 190221 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Blomenberg, Laura22 Dec 1914Nov 1987New Haven
Blomker, Margaret S13 Dec 19178 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Blomker, Robert15 Dec 1916Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Blommestein, John20 Jan 1902Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Blondell, August W4 Apr 192630 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Blondell, Iola J26 Jun 19052 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Blondheim, Harry3 Mar 1895Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Bloodgood, Charles E23 Jul 192814 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Bloom, A E14 Oct 190310 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Bloom, Agnes2 Oct 1894Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Bloom, Allan E16 Oct 193218 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Bloom, Alton L18 Oct 190527 May 1992Fort Wayne
Bloom, Anthony R10 Dec 195317 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Bloom, Burrous7 Dec 1912Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Bloom, Cindy A20 Nov 194526 Jul 2009Roanoke, Fort Wayne
Bloom, Clarence N14 Aug 192619 May 2005Fort Wayne
Bloom, Clement Ho4 Oct 1921Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Bloom, Donna R16 Oct 1926Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Bloom, Dorothy L3 Mar 191313 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Bloom, Emmett S17 Nov 19223 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Bloom, Era A26 Oct 19132 Oct 2005Churubusco
Bloom, Gloria J18 Mar 19419 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Bloom, Helen25 Aug 1911Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Bloom, Jesse H16 Mar 19151 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Bloom, Jimmy E25 Feb 193314 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Bloom, John3 Oct 1910Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Bloom, John M22 May 193127 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Bloom, Lawrence9 May 1900Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Bloom, Margaret13 Mar 1893Jun 1984Churubusco
Bloom, Pauline9 Aug 1916Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Bloom, Robert24 Nov 1912Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Bloom, Robert W27 Oct 193127 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Bloom, Ruby16 Sep 1899Jan 1980Yoder, Fort Wayne
Bloom, Velma27 Jan 1904Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Bloom, Vera B25 Jun 190826 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Bloom, Verna E5 Aug 19103 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Bloomfield, Dale3 Mar 1917May 1978Fort Wayne
Bloomfield, Lenore J17 Dec 191921 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Bloomquist, Wayne17 Dec 1927Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Blosser, Amos L19 Nov 19192 Oct 1997New Haven
Blosser, Bart13 Apr 193617 Dec 2001Huntertown
Blosser, Barton8 Aug 1910Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Blosser, Betty27 Jun 1924Sep 1979New Haven
Blosser, Carrie3 Aug 1882Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Blosser, Dorothy M27 Aug 192324 Jan 2003New Haven
Blosser, Frank17 Mar 1890Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Blosser, George M1 Mar 195917 Aug 2003New Haven
Blosser, Gerald W30 Oct 19264 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Blosser, Jessie N14 Aug 192014 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Blosser, John R27 Jul 19056 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Blosser, Laverne26 Jul 190423 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Blosser, Leone12 Jan 1912Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Blosser, Martha R22 Aug 190115 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Blosser, Richard M14 Jul 191820 May 2003Fort Wayne
Blossom, Lucille L13 Feb 19167 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Blossom, Richard16 May 1886May 1972Fort Wayne
Blossom, Ruth F20 Jan 1892Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Blossom, Sallie J31 Dec 192419 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Blotkamp, Clara C12 Feb 191929 Oct 2002Leo
Blotkamp, Edward8 Apr 1882Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Blotkamp, Edward R18 Mar 19186 Feb 1995Leo
Blotkamp, Franklin20 May 1910Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Blotkamp, Helen30 May 1908Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Blott, Raymond14 Jul 191413 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Blott, Robert J11 Jun 19481 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Blough, Alvin11 Jun 1906Dec 1978Spencerville, Fort Wayne
Blough, Donald L5 Jul 1936Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Blough, Dorothy3 Nov 1908Jan 1979Spencerville
Blough, Frances C17 Jun 190920 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Blough, Lee R10 Jul 190923 May 1997Fort Wayne
Blough, Noah3 Nov 1898Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Blough, Ruth I21 Sep 19065 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Blough, Sam11 Nov 1893Nov 1977Grabill
Blough, Samuel R28 Oct 19243 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Blount, Frederick17 Mar 1911Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Blow, Dorcas12 Sep 1893Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Blowers, Myrl16 Jul 1888Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Bloxham, Mary15 Mar 1913Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Blubaugh, Francis8 Oct 1896Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Blubaugh, Valera T13 Jan 19081 May 1999Fort Wayne
Blue, Charles8 May 1911Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Blue, Flora Mae13 Mar 1917Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Blue, Gladys13 Feb 1905Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Blue, Harmon20 Jul 1909Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Blue, Leona20 Jun 1903Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Blue, Loren Jack28 Mar 192718 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Blue, Mayme C21 Nov 189710 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Blue, Pauline H6 Mar 191416 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Blue, Ralph20 Jun 1899Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Blue, Regina20 May 1947Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Blue, Robert L23 Jan 192425 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Blue, Rosie L6 Sep 192512 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Bluhm, Eric27 Nov 1906Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Bluhm, Pauline11 Jan 1908Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Bluhm, Robert24 Oct 1891Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Blum, Alice22 Aug 1919Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Blum, Clara22 Jan 1918Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Blum, Donald20 Nov 1949Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Blum, Emma3 Aug 1891Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Blum, Fred D17 May 190319 May 1989Fort Wayne
Blum, Lawrence6 Feb 1911Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Blum, Ludwig13 Jan 1915Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Blum, Nancy J8 Jan 19345 May 2000Fort Wayne
Blum, Richard P12 Oct 193517 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Blum, Robert Michael20 Oct 194827 May 2008New Haven
Blume, Billy A14 Aug 193128 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Blume, Daniel13 Apr 1881Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Blume, Eva20 Dec 1888Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Blume, George A30 May 19161 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Blume, Glenice M12 Oct 19251 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Blume, Homer19 Oct 1896May 1973Fort Wayne
Blume, James21 Sep 1925Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Blume, Marjorie L30 Oct 19203 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Blume, Maude15 Feb 1885Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Blume, Nora13 Jul 1883May 1973Fort Wayne
Blume, Ralph J14 Oct 18997 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Blume, Ralph Richard27 Mar 193020 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Blume, Susanne3 Sep 193216 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Blume, Thomas21 Mar 1891Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Blume, Virgil17 Jan 1894Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Blumenherst, Charles9 Jan 1940Oct 1980New Haven
Blumenhorst, Phyllis19 Oct 194229 May 2001Fort Wayne
Blumenschein, Ruth M4 Mar 19074 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Blumenthal, Hurleen B9 Jun 192822 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Blunt, John T20 May 19379 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Blunt, Raymond E6 Aug 19536 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Blust, Harold29 Oct 1913May 1983Fort Wayne
Blust, Irene T30 May 19214 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Blust, Norman E6 Oct 192521 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Bly, David H3 Jul 19477 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Bly, Eugene W17 Apr 191525 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Bly, Helen P9 Feb 19224 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Bly, Jessie17 Jul 1888May 1979Fort Wayne
Bly, Kenneth15 Jul 1913Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Bly, Oliver3 Aug 1884Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Blyth, Hazel L22 Dec 190619 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Blyth, Martha M8 Mar 191011 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Blythe, Linard25 Apr 1908Sep 1971Fort Wayne

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