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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Boals, Addie1 Aug 1905Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Board, Shelby B24 May 192017 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Boardman, Jennifer10 Aug 1976Feb 1982Spencerville
Boards, Benton12 Dec 1918Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Boatman, Lois27 Jul 1906Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Boatwright, Donald B20 Oct 191810 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Bobay, Adolph F29 Sep 191522 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Bobay, Alfred6 Oct 1895Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Bobay, Alfred G18 May 193115 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Bobay, Andrew25 Apr 1890May 1979Fort Wayne
Bobay, Arthur30 Jun 1898Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Bobay, Arthur C13 Dec 19091 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Bobay, Catherine11 Feb 1898Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Bobay, Elmer21 Oct 1895Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Bobay, Emmet23 Apr 1899Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Bobay, Esther14 Mar 1899Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Bobay, Ethel G10 Aug 190625 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Bobay, George4 Jun 1910Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Bobay, Gertrude A7 Mar 190821 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Bobay, Grace B6 Mar 191529 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Bobay, Harley31 May 1907Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Bobay, Herman22 May 1913Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Bobay, James19 Jan 1936Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Bobay, Jennie1 Oct 1889Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Bobay, Jessie20 Sep 1902Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Bobay, Joan M16 Nov 193131 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Bobay, John26 Apr 1909Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Bobay, Julia E18 Apr 188815 Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Bobay, Lawrence18 Mar 1905Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Bobay, Leta F29 Jan 191117 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Bobay, Louise17 Jun 1898Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Bobay, Louise24 Mar 1904Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Bobay, Marcella M25 Dec 191111 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Bobay, Maria12 Jun 1902Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Bobay, Mary A16 Mar 19152 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Bobay, Mary Isabelle15 Jun 19132 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Bobay, Maxine3 Feb 1916Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Bobay, Oscar15 Aug 1901Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Bobay, Raymond22 Jul 1899Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Bobay, Richard E12 Apr 191817 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Bobay, Shirley A15 Nov 194423 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Bobay, Susan13 Dec 1889Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Bobay, Sylvester1 Jun 1903Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Bobay, Victor J22 Jun 19159 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Bobay, Violet F28 Sep 190917 May 1995Fort Wayne
Bobay, Wanda M26 Sep 191716 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Bobay, Wilbur5 Jul 1909Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Bobbitt, Forrest2 Dec 1903Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Bobbs, Hattie17 May 1886May 1981Fort Wayne
Bobcik, Ann M14 Oct 190319 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Bobeck, Harold24 Nov 1909Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Bober, Ottilie12 Feb 19363 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Bobilya, Amos3 Dec 1891Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Bobilya, Celeste29 Nov 1924Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Bobilya, Clarence28 Aug 1887May 1977Monroeville
Bobilya, Claude Sr22 Apr 1896Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Bobilya, Claude M16 Feb 19231 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Bobilya, Dorothy H30 Mar 191516 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Bobilya, Hazel5 Feb 1892Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Bobilya, James A3 May 192426 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Bobilya, Linda M19 Aug 189715 Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Bobilya, Louis4 Jun 1916Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Bobilya, Louis31 Jan 1895Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Bobilya, Mae19 Aug 1896Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Bobo, Mae16 Sep 189925 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Boch, John Alan5 Nov 194912 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Bock, Arthur24 Jun 1896Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Bock, Dorothy M3 Jun 19198 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Bock, Ethel15 Jan 1893Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Bock, Eugene Albert17 Apr 191528 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Bock, Frank H22 Nov 19113 Apr 1998Leo
Bock, Hazel28 Jun 1910Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Bock, Helen28 Feb 1921Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Bock, Larry W9 Mar 195719 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Bock, Mary24 Apr 1910Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Bock, Nancy Lynn25 Aug 195312 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Bock, Walter2 Mar 1880Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Bock, Walter J12 Mar 191111 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Bock, Wilmer24 Feb 1893Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Bockelman, Bert M26 Jan 191130 Aug 1992Churubusco
Bockelman, Ruby L21 Jul 1911Mar 1993Churubusco
Bocock, Marie23 Nov 1900May 1987Churubusco
Boddie, Annie L21 May 19443 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Boddie, John18 May 1930Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Bode, Anthony7 Jul 1901May 1965Fort Wayne
Bode, Eleanore12 Sep 1894Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Bode, Henry6 Sep 1897Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Bode, Mabel13 Jul 1903Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Bode, William29 Jul 1899Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Bodeker, Edna R24 Aug 1899Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Bodeker, Mary16 Jan 1906Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Bodenhamer, Naomi4 Sep 19096 Apr 1998New Haven
Bodenheimer, Virginia D25 Apr 193725 Nov 1994Yoder
Bodenhorn, Estel R4 Aug 19115 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Bodenhorn, Fred16 Mar 1899Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Bodenhorn, Henrietta20 Nov 1902Aug 1987Roanoke
Bodenhorn, Howard26 Jun 1904Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Bodey, Evelyn K1 Aug 194613 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Bodey, Harold29 Apr 1914Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Bodey, Henry4 Oct 1905Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Bodey, Treva A14 Mar 190811 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Bodey, Walter29 Jan 1901Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Bodie, John O10 Oct 19266 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Bodigon, Luca25 Jun 1914Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Bodine, Wanda M25 Aug 19232 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Bodinka, Golf F8 May 192416 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Bodkin, Eleanor8 Nov 1923Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Bodkin, Sarah J14 Jul 19137 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Bodle, Earl5 Mar 192025 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Bodle, Evelyn M20 Aug 192423 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Bodle, Michael29 Jan 1949May 1986Fort Wayne
Bodle, Rees31 Aug 1883Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Bodle, Roy30 Nov 192727 Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Bodnar, Ruth M29 May 193021 May 2006Fort Wayne
Body, Dorothy24 Nov 1919Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Boe, Mike5 Mar 1879Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Boedecker, Edwin26 Nov 1902Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Arthur10 May 1907Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Charles11 Jan 1890Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Edward5 Feb 1885Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Edward11 Jun 1894Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Edward G9 May 191220 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Ella23 Jul 1891Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Esther E23 Apr 1900Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Helen M3 Nov 191723 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Henry27 Apr 1887Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Joseph J23 Jul 189717 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Julia4 Dec 1901Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Karoline12 Mar 1892Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Paul21 Sep 1915Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Phyllis31 Jul 19288 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Timothy A28 Jan 19569 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Velora C1 Dec 191128 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Virginia13 Jan 19113 May 1999Fort Wayne
Boedeker, Waneta M24 May 191717 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Boedeker, William17 Dec 1897Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Boegli, Gertrude14 Apr 1896Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Boegli, Howard5 Jan 1898Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Boehm, Anita5 May 1920Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Boehm, Augusta1 Aug 1891May 1974Fort Wayne
Boehm, Charles P9 Dec 191911 May 2009Fort Wayne
Boehm, Claudia5 Aug 1949Apr 1979Churubusco
Boehm, Edith6 Mar 1893Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Boehm, Fred26 Apr 1911Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Boehm, Frederick W28 Nov 19346 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Boehm, Genevieve8 Apr 1902Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Boehm, Helen W6 Jun 191324 May 1999Fort Wayne
Boehm, Iloe11 Aug 1928Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Boehm, Virginia4 Mar 192717 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Boehme, Kurt9 Oct 1910Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Boehrer, Esther11 Sep 190024 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Boelter, Margaret E6 May 19148 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Boenker, Alma22 Dec 1887Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Boerger, Bertha10 Oct 1884Feb 1986Monroeville
Boerger, Carl12 Mar 1887Jan 1974Monroeville
Boerger, Clell G10 Oct 191615 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Boerger, Della B6 Jul 191111 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Boerger, Louis23 Jul 19228 Mar 1995Hoagland
Boerger, Lucille E18 Mar 191825 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Boerger, Lydia17 Oct 1885Jan 1968Monroeville
Boerger, Marguerite R13 Nov 19326 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Boerger, Mervyn21 Mar 1909Mar 1976Yoder
Boerger, S20 Apr 1890Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Boerger, Sally W22 Feb 19123 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Boerger, Sara29 Jun 1896Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Boerger, Wilbur23 Feb 1906Apr 1980Yoder, Fort Wayne
Boesch, George30 Dec 1890Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Boesch, Rebecca8 Oct 19178 Dec 1997Monroeville
Boesch, William L9 Apr 19317 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Boese, Algine A7 Dec 192211 Aug 1999New Haven
Boese, Arnold22 Mar 1921Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Boese, Carl25 Dec 19159 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Boese, Carl2 Jul 1897Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Boese, Dora4 Jan 1891Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Boese, Eldina W26 Apr 191017 Jan 2008Monroeville
Boese, Justus20 Jul 1891Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Boese, Otto11 Apr 1893Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Boese, Pauline5 Jun 1897Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Boese, William F31 Jan 1905Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Boeshore, Jay22 Feb 1883Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Boeshore, Minnie26 Feb 1891May 1976Fort Wayne
Boester, Adelheit H19 Feb 188015 Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Boester, Alfred J13 Oct 190917 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Boester, Eugene A1 Feb 192531 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Boester, Gertrude12 May 19163 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Boester, Irene4 Nov 19197 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Boester, Mary26 Nov 1879Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Boester, Wayne12 Oct 1922May 1986Fort Wayne
Boettcher, Emma20 Jan 1887Feb 1974New Haven
Boettcher, Marie31 Aug 1900Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Boettcher, Paul30 Nov 1899Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Boeykens, Shirley E27 May 193112 Apr 2009Leo
Bogard, Marvin W23 Jun 19251 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Bogardus, L E14 Mar 1907Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Bogardus, Mildred2 Apr 1909Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Bogart, Patsy2 Feb 1941May 1985Fort Wayne
Bogart, William10 Sep 1872Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Bogash, Neva6 Aug 1898Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Bogdon Sr, Daniel25 Dec 191230 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Bogdon, Ann E29 Dec 191815 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Bogdon, Daniel A18 May 19367 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Bogdon, Marie28 Aug 1914Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Bogdon, Mary9 Feb 191227 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Bogdonoff, Nick15 May 1896Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Bogdonoff, Sophia15 May 1900Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Bogel, Ernestine D1 Apr 19002 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Bogel, Henry31 Oct 1903Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Bogel, Patricia J18 Jul 193418 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Bogenschuetz, Louella21 Nov 1904Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Bogenschuetz, Robert J19 May 190226 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Bogenschutz, Carl13 Apr 1897Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Bogenschutz, Celeste21 May 1895Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Bogenschutz, Louise6 Jul 1904May 1987Fort Wayne
Bogenschutz, Mary E27 May 19262 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Bogenshutz, Edward17 Jun 1904Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Boger, Allen E11 Aug 193918 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Boger, Charles19 Aug 1905Sep 1971Harlan
Boger, Clyde23 Nov 1907Jan 1974Spencerville
Boger, Doris5 Nov 1922Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Boger, Gerry27 Jun 1876May 1967Grabill
Boger, John W21 Feb 191724 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Boger, Judy J10 Aug 194230 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Boger, Kenneth11 Jul 191512 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Boger, Leora3 Apr 1891Aug 1976Grabill
Boger, Marian E10 Sep 192423 Jul 2008Harlan
Boger, Mildred R22 Jun 192514 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Boger, Robert D27 Dec 192520 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Boger, Russell1 Mar 1911Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Boger, William2 May 1916Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Bogert, Howard E17 May 192023 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Bogert, Lewis E8 Nov 193019 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Bogetto, Charles11 Aug 194910 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Boggess, Edward M19 Oct 191529 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Boggess, John5 Jun 1918Sep 1975Churubusco
Boggs, Archie8 Feb 1890Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Boggs, Betty I19 May 192027 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Boggs, Christophe D1 Feb 195327 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Boggs, Clayton13 Jul 1922Sep 1987Churubusco
Boggs, Forest16 Sep 1898Feb 1971Churubusco
Boggs, Forrest24 Jul 1892Mar 1972Churubusco
Boggs, Hobert A7 Oct 19272 May 2004Fort Wayne
Boggs, Ida2 Apr 1887Jul 1970Churubusco
Boggs, J D29 Mar 192831 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Boggs, Janet R4 Jan 192424 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Boggs, Joyce14 May 1929Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Boggs, Martha22 Feb 1878Jul 1975Churubusco
Boggs, Mellie G1 Mar 192721 May 1993Churubusco
Boggs, Steven L12 Jul 195421 May 2009Fort Wayne
Boggs, William5 Mar 1954Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Bogner, Barbara15 Sep 193810 May 2006Yoder
Bogner, Delores M8 Sep 192317 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Bogner, Larry2 Dec 1922Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Bogner, Laverne6 Oct 191715 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Bohannon, Alice18 Jan 1919Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Bohde, Arnold17 May 1900May 1966Fort Wayne
Bohde, Clarence30 May 1893Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Bohde, Donna Z5 Aug 191824 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Bohde, Edward H17 Nov 192616 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Bohde, Ella16 Dec 1902Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Bohde, Elmer22 Mar 1902Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Bohde, Henry18 Feb 1898Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Bohde, Jerry L25 Sep 19414 Jun 2003Churubusco
Bohde, Luella24 Feb 19389 May 2007Fort Wayne
Bohde, Martha A9 Feb 1903Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Bohde, Richard23 Dec 1919Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Bohde, Richard M20 Jan 19361 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Bohde, Ronald D30 Sep 192416 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Bohde, Tharon O13 Dec 19226 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Bohen, Betty C14 Oct 192131 Mar 2009Leo
Bohen, Jennie9 Mar 1888Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Bohl, Lester10 Jan 1913Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Bohl, Maxine S5 Aug 19116 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Bohlander, Dan H1 Sep 193122 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Bohlander, Jay P10 Sep 19435 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Bohlander, Velda K22 Oct 194027 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Bohlender, Kenneth N7 Apr 19073 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Bohler, Geneva E13 Jul 191211 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Bohler, Ralph25 Aug 1891Feb 1966Woodburn
Bohlinger, Dania J20 Jan 193723 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Bohlinger, Fred13 Feb 1898Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Bohn, Carl5 Aug 1911Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Bohn, Edgar17 Oct 1906Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Bohn, Elsbeth12 Feb 1898Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Bohn, Frank24 Nov 1883Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Bohn, Kathleen R U23 May 19172 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Bohn, Raymond17 Nov 1955Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Bohn, Rose6 Nov 1880Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Bohn, Victor3 Sep 1916May 1986Fort Wayne
Bohn, Virginia L22 Nov 193320 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Bohn, Wilford22 May 1924May 1976Fort Wayne
Bohne, Edna26 Mar 1890Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Bohne, Gertrude29 Dec 1891Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Bohne, Leo10 Aug 1889Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Bohne, Marilyn L1 Sep 192426 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Bohne, W Kent1 Aug 192016 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Bohne, William10 Jan 1894Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Bohner, Carl27 Mar 1892Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Bohnke, Albert H15 Sep 191423 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Bohnke, Candace11 Apr 1898Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Bohnke, Carl6 Feb 1898Sep 1965Fort Wayne
Bohnke, Charles23 Jan 1901Jul 1972Hoagland
Bohnke, D E20 Apr 1962Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Bohnke, David13 Dec 19744 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Bohnke, Donald D28 Oct 192122 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Bohnke, Donald F6 Jul 192416 May 1995Monroeville
Bohnke, Edna22 Dec 19043 Oct 2001Monroeville
Bohnke, Edna M2 Aug 190916 Dec 2004Monroeville
Bohnke, Emma14 Jan 1879Feb 1968Hoagland
Bohnke, Florence J18 Jul 19151 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Bohnke, Frank25 Feb 1899Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Bohnke, Fred25 Sep 1890May 1979Monroeville
Bohnke, Henry5 Dec 1902Sep 1974Monroeville
Bohnke, Herman9 Sep 1892May 1968Fort Wayne
Bohnke, Lawrence18 Nov 1904Apr 1983Monroeville
Bohnke, Mae E15 Mar 190518 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Bohnke, Sophie8 Aug 1900Mar 1983Monroeville
Bohnke, Virginia E18 Jul 19212 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Bohnstedt, Clinton M5 Apr 19088 May 1994Churubusco
Bohren, Arthur13 Apr 1902Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Bohren, Elmer22 Apr 1919Oct 1985Woodburn
Bohren, Ernest W20 Aug 191615 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Bohren, Margaret D23 Jan 192023 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Bohren, Marie B14 Jun 192227 Jun 2004Fort Wayne, Woodburn
Bohren, Ruth H15 Aug 1904Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Bohrer, Isabel M30 Jan 190729 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Bohrer, Jeffrey L22 Jun 196411 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Bohrer, Joann29 Nov 1927Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Bohrer, Marie E28 Jul 190727 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Bohrer, Robert L19 Feb 193014 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Bohrer, Stewart26 Mar 1903Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Bohyer, Dora29 Aug 1878May 1974Fort Wayne
Bohyer, Frank12 May 1873Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Boice, Carl28 Mar 1933Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Boice, Elma4 Oct 1897Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Boice, Forest D29 Sep 19245 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Boice, Georgianna25 Oct 19263 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Boice, Helen R3 Mar 1911Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Boice, Okey G10 Sep 19044 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Boice, William20 Oct 1892Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Boigi, Andrew19 Aug 1896Nov 1970Roanoke
Boise, Pearl5 Sep 1887Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Boissenet, Charles W28 Dec 19242 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Boisvert, William H10 Apr 19427 May 2006Fort Wayne
Boitet, Clarence17 Mar 1893May 1969Fort Wayne
Boitet, Donald J12 Nov 192214 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Boitet, Eugene2 Oct 1898Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Boitet, Leo18 Apr 1899Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Boitet, Margaret7 Nov 1904Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Boitet, Vernie8 Oct 1897Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Boitet, Warren18 Jul 192628 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Boitet, Wayne F4 May 192227 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Boivin, Elma T1 Jun 19139 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Boivin, Harry28 Oct 1905Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Bojinoff, Chris25 Sep 1913Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Bojinoff, Marian E1 Nov 19287 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Bojinoff, Mildred D11 Oct 1916Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Bojinoff, Pete28 Apr 191915 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Bojrab Sr, Fred10 Oct 191426 Sep 1994Grabill
Bojrab, Charles26 Aug 191617 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Bojrab, Charley2 Dec 1894Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Bojrab, Crystal M23 Feb 19089 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Bojrab, Herbert15 Aug 1884Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Bojrab, Imen17 Jan 191321 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Bojrab, Isabelle21 Mar 1915Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Bojrab, Jean E17 May 1921Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Bojrab, Jeanette19 Aug 191824 Apr 2001Grabill
Bojrab, John H14 Nov 191922 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Bojrab, Joseph24 Jul 191122 Apr 1997Grabill
Bojrab, Josephine9 Feb 19141 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Bojrab, Lorraine17 Nov 192010 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Bojrab, Mary1 Jan 1897Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Bojrab, Mary B19 Dec 192329 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Bojrab, Peter D1 Mar 19181 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Bojrab, Rose4 Oct 1915Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Bojrab, Sam5 Jul 1885Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Bok, Arthur1 Dec 1904Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Bok, Hilda22 Feb 190530 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Bokelkamp, Rose13 Jan 1897Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Bokemeier, Helen11 Mar 1906Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Boknecht, Esther20 Mar 19043 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Boksa, John29 Jan 1904May 1984Fort Wayne
Boland, Bert22 Mar 1883Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Boland, Deloris6 Sep 1911Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Boland, Helen21 Dec 191019 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Boland, Lillian25 Oct 1906Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Boland, Madeline22 Mar 1901Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Boland, Matthew1 Jul 1897Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Boland, Maurice1 Sep 1901Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Boland, Ralph17 Feb 1905Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Bolander, Asenath P30 Oct 190930 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Bolander, Betty V9 Aug 192121 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Bolden, Beverly J11 Aug 194315 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Bolden, Eddie18 Mar 19267 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Bolden, Emmett10 Nov 1920Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Bolden, James L1 Apr 193631 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Bolden, Joe C28 Dec 192817 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Bolden, Patricia L22 Dec 196718 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Bolds, Helen R24 Mar 190723 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Boldt, Clara16 Dec 1889Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Boldt, Julie11 Oct 19586 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Boldt, Mary L14 Nov 191516 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Boldt, Ronald C25 Jun 194719 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Bolen, Berchel1 Jan 1927Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Bolen, Harold9 Jul 1903Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Bolen, Kathryn R11 Aug 1914Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Bolenbaugh, Alfred13 Feb 1911Dec 1983Churubusco
Bolenbaugh, Eileen F15 Nov 192512 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Bolenbaugh, Esther4 Dec 19123 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Bolenbaugh, George14 Feb 1891Oct 1985Churubusco
Bolenbaugh, Helen M15 Sep 193212 Feb 2001Churubusco
Bolenbaugh, James A6 Oct 19289 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Bolenbaugh, Rhea M2 Sep 193317 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Bolenbaugh, Richard2 Jan 1925Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Bolenbaugh, Robert R8 Oct 193110 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Bolenbaugh, Walter V1 Oct 192426 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Boles, Max C13 Apr 191829 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Boley, Albert15 Feb 1906May 1976Fort Wayne
Boley, Mamie24 Mar 1903Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Boley, Orra E6 Sep 187715 May 1966Fort Wayne
Boleyn, Naomi24 Oct 1905Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Boleyn, Thornton A11 Jul 190513 May 1992Fort Wayne
Boleyn, Wayne3 Dec 19341 Oct 2009Spencerville
Bolger, James F28 Jan 191421 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Bolger, Mary J9 Jan 19278 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Bolin, Edna M2 Dec 19347 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Bolin, Willis L31 Jan 193325 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Boling, Audrey M23 Oct 19188 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Boling, Claude J3 May 192320 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Boling, Gloria V4 Aug 191621 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Boling, Imogene L31 Oct 19274 Oct 2003Roanoke
Boling, Jack28 Jul 1916Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Bolinger, Alma5 Jul 1923Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Bolinger, Calvin3 Jul 1912Jul 1976Roanoke
Bolinger, Carrie K21 Nov 190627 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Bolinger, Dennis A5 Feb 194919 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Bolinger, Genevieve J16 Jun 19203 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Bolinger, Hilda D31 Oct 19108 May 2001Fort Wayne
Bolinger, June L14 Nov 192417 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Bolinger, Lillie8 Jul 1893Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Bolinger, Lula7 Apr 1907Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Bolinger, Maro18 Dec 1905Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Bolinger, Mary L25 Jul 19307 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Bolinger, Norma F4 Oct 19234 Apr 2005Churubusco
Bolinger, Norman E20 Jan 193023 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Bolinger, Pearl16 Sep 1868Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Bolinger, Raymond C4 Jun 1907Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Bolinger, Sally L31 Dec 195414 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Boll, Frank16 Dec 1891Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Bollan, Dave18 Sep 1958Dec 1977Roanoke
Bollenbacher, Berneice A4 Jul 191721 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Bollenbacher, Cecil D29 Oct 192016 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Bollenbacher, Dorothy S20 Nov 191410 Aug 2005Woodburn
Bollenbacher, Francis A22 Jun 190310 May 1993Fort Wayne
Bollenbacher, James27 Jan 1941Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Bollenbacher, Margaret18 Aug 1892Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Bollenbacher, Rose E30 Oct 192125 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Bollhauve, Marie3 Apr 190522 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Bollier, John10 Dec 1895Feb 1967Harlan
Bollier, Martha20 Oct 192418 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Bollier, Robert W3 May 19255 Dec 2002Harlan
Bollier, Theodore J20 Feb 191911 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Bollier, Velma L9 Aug 19264 Sep 2000Grabill
Bolling, Frennie7 Oct 1921Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Bollinger, David V18 Aug 193224 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Bollinger, Edna5 Feb 1905Jul 1968New Haven
Bollinger, Richard E16 Aug 19322 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Bollinger, Samuel28 Apr 1951Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Bollman, David A9 May 196826 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Bolman, Hilda3 Feb 1901Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Bolner, James4 Dec 1881Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Bolt, Ezmark12 Aug 1888Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Bolte, Robert P17 May 193426 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Bolte, Sara-jo K29 May 19353 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Boltin, Edward B17 Apr 192122 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Boltin, Evelyn A7 Feb 19192 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Bolton Sr, Henry L26 Jul 187115 May 1966Fort Wayne
Bolton, Bernard17 Sep 1898Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Bolton, Charles14 Aug 1914Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Bolton, Donald G7 Jul 195912 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Bolton, Dorothy14 Jul 1909Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Bolton, Harold8 Dec 1912Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Bolton, Ioma Louise5 Feb 192521 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Bolton, James F15 Oct 195331 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Bolton, Joann29 Mar 1935May 1985Fort Wayne
Bolton, Kenneth E23 Jul 191224 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Bolton, Margaret24 Oct 1911Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Bolton, Mary A2 Jun 193230 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Bolton, Nelle19 Oct 189015 Dec 1994Yoder
Bolton, Robert10 Oct 1918Mar 1987Monroeville
Bolton, Ronald K16 Mar 193217 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Bolton, William C13 Jul 192715 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Boltz, Desdemona17 Oct 1903Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Boltz, Herbert12 Dec 1899Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Boltz, Mary15 Apr 1893Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Boltz, Robert24 Sep 1893Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Boltz, Wilbur16 Jan 1902Sep 1964Fort Wayne
Bolyard, Blanche17 Oct 1899May 1982Fort Wayne
Bolyard, Carole J26 Oct 19305 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Bolyard, Christena14 Dec 1899Feb 1982Monroeville
Bolyard, Clara E11 Aug 190230 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Bolyard, David E13 Jul 19234 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Bolyard, Glenn29 Jul 1903Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Bolyard, Harold11 Feb 1897Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Bolyard, Herschel7 Feb 1901Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Bolyard, Leona17 Nov 1907Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Bolyard, Pauline7 Feb 1893Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Bolyard, Rhea14 Mar 1906Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Bolyard, Robert W4 Dec 192021 May 2009Fort Wayne
Bolyard, Virginia M13 Nov 191212 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Bolyard, Walter28 Dec 1894Nov 1979Monroeville
Bolz, Esther9 Aug 1901Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Bolz, George A6 Jan 190125 May 1993Fort Wayne
Boman, George19 Feb 1924Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Bombka, Barbara M20 May 191415 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Bombka, Boyce1 Jul 1908Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Bomersback, Victorine A10 May 194415 May 1993Fort Wayne
Bomgardner, Arveita22 Jan 192131 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Bonahoom, Garnet I24 Dec 19061 May 2003Fort Wayne
Bonahoom, Louise M7 Sep 191022 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Bonahoom, Selma B26 Jun 190431 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Bonano, Adalberto5 Mar 19549 May 2007Fort Wayne
Bonar, Berenice N6 May 190819 Apr 1993Churubusco
Bonar, Cora6 Nov 1877Apr 1979Churubusco
Bonar, Edith16 Oct 19137 Feb 1998Churubusco
Bonar, Helen Z2 Sep 1899Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Bonar, Lena23 Nov 1881Oct 1977Churubusco
Bonar, Lester7 Sep 1906Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Bonar, Trevor5 Feb 1908Jan 1985Churubusco
Bonar, Walter5 Nov 1909Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Bonbrake, Charles W13 Jan 194110 Mar 1992Harlan
Bonbrake, Lillian M5 Feb 191516 Apr 2001Harlan
Bonbrake, Wilson7 Oct 1910Jan 1987Harlan
Bond, Alice C7 Mar 187515 Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Bond, Cornelia L24 Apr 195011 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Bond, Frank1 Apr 1882Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Bond, Hadyn13 Jun 191114 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Bond, Louise15 Jun 1912Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Bond, Lynn19 Apr 1905Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Bond, Mabel I3 Jul 191115 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Bond, Sadie20 Sep 1894Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Bond, Virginia E8 Aug 192027 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Bond, William L20 May 193518 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Bond, Winifred11 Jul 1896Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Bondarenko, Alexandria23 Apr 18989 May 1994Fort Wayne
Bone, Frances6 Apr 1900Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Bone, Gladys4 Jul 1891Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Bone, Jeffrey E15 Dec 196025 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Bone, Joan O16 Oct 192522 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Bone, Marguerite24 Nov 1892Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Bone, Robert12 Sep 1901Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Bonebrake, Margaret J28 Sep 192326 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Bonebrake, Nona E17 Mar 190428 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Boneff, Dorothy A7 Feb 192225 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Boneff, Scott K24 Apr 196420 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Boner, Everence16 Sep 1900Nov 1980Churubusco
Boner, George3 Jul 1896Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Boner, Hazel12 Apr 189115 Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Boner, Louis4 Aug 1892Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Boner, Margie M8 Jul 192428 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Boner, Robert E15 Jul 19184 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Boner, Samuel3 Oct 189115 Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Boness, Donald R3 Mar 193027 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Bonewi, D23 Feb 1961Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Bonewitz, Denny D24 Jun 194114 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Bonewitz, Donald18 Nov 19156 Nov 2007Roanoke
Bonewitz, Hazel M22 Mar 189912 Sep 1992Roanoke
Bonewitz, Maribel13 Feb 192031 Mar 2006Roanoke
Bonewitz, Maribel13 Feb 192031 Mar 2006Roanoke
Bonfiglio, Albert17 Jan 1907Aug 1974Roanoke
Bonfiglio, Flora J8 Jan 193511 May 2005Fort Wayne
Bonfiglio, Robert25 Aug 1902Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Bonfiglio, Thelma A8 Sep 190929 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Bonham, Anne14 Nov 1913Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Bonham, Gertrude15 Jun 19178 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Bonham, Lovilla13 Apr 1897May 1981Fort Wayne
Bonham, Martha9 Jan 1897Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Bonham, R I15 Jul 191229 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Bonham, Roy D25 Oct 191523 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Bonham, Walter W23 Jan 19138 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Bonheur, David2 Feb 1909Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Bonhomme, Clara31 Jan 1895Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Bonifas, Charles28 Feb 1927Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Bonifas, Crescentia J3 Aug 1919Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Bonifas, James R21 Aug 194215 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Bonifas, John E13 Feb 192110 May 2003Fort Wayne
Bonifas, Lewis J2 Jul 1903Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Bonifas, Mary7 Nov 1883May 1969Fort Wayne
Bonifas, Ruth27 Nov 1905Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Bonjour, Maurice R6 Aug 191911 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Bonjour, Nellie10 May 1889Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Bonjour, Rolland21 Aug 194613 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Bonjour, Virgil23 Feb 1913Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Bonkhofer, Johann5 Feb 190322 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Bonnell, Eugenie27 May 1893Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Bonnell, Loreen G1 Feb 191613 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Bonnell, Paul2 Apr 1915Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Bonnell, Ralph W20 Jun 191518 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Bonner, Dessie30 Nov 1898Apr 1985Roanoke
Bonner, Emmett L6 Oct 192028 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Bonner, Harold1 Feb 1909Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Bonner, Helen25 Nov 1909May 1972Fort Wayne
Bonner, Jimmie L20 Dec 19445 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Bonner, Leroy21 Sep 194414 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Bonner, Marion L7 Jul 19355 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Bonner, Rose8 Apr 1903Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Bonner, William13 Jan 1900Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Bonsib, Louis10 Mar 1892Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Bonsib, Marietta25 Aug 1898Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Bonsib, Richard E8 Nov 193116 May 2003Fort Wayne
Bontempo, Annette20 Dec 1921Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Bontempo, June28 Jul 1923Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Bontempo, Mary29 May 1902Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Bonter, Louise2 Aug 1883Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Bontrager, Tonya L20 Feb 197519 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Bonvillian, Thomas11 Aug 1887Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Booher, Cletus30 Apr 1922Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Booher, Flisa27 Apr 1981Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Booher, Genevieve C1 Feb 192527 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Booher, Glendora18 Nov 192317 Feb 2005Roanoke
Booher, James6 Feb 1899Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Booher, Jonathan30 Jul 1955Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Booher, Linda Ann16 Jun 19591 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Booher, Mabel A12 Dec 190225 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Booher, Wm25 Jan 1904Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Book, Adrian T20 Feb 194117 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Book, Cameron A15 Aug 191720 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Book, Dorothy A9 Apr 191915 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Book, Frances A3 Nov 191524 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Booker, Belle1 Mar 1893Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Booker, Frank James2 Oct 192621 May 2009Fort Wayne
Booker, Geraldine26 May 19331 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Booker, J24 Oct 1991Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Booker, Joe29 Sep 1909Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Booker, Linda V8 Jul 194418 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Booker, Lisa24 Sep 1956Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Booker, Lou Henry25 Apr 192110 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Booker, Marilyn L14 Jan 194015 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Booker, Obadiah13 Nov 1919Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Booker, Rachel3 Feb 1925Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Booker, Robert18 Jan 192529 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Booker, Robert Devan4 Mar 196328 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Booker, Vernon16 Dec 1915Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Booker, Vivian23 Jun 1930Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Bookmiller, Donald A10 Feb 19285 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Bookmiller, Martha8 Sep 1893Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Bookmiller, Virginia J3 Nov 19279 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Bookmyer, Irma12 Apr 1903Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Books, Albert1 Feb 1892Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Books, Dorothy Evelyn27 Mar 192811 Apr 2009Churubusco
Books, Robert R25 Feb 19473 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Boomershine, Bessie J19 Jan 192611 May 1995Fort Wayne
Boomershine, Deloris L16 Jan 192619 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Boomershine, Paul E12 Jun 192119 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Boon, Burton21 Jan 1906Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Boone, Addie L18 Sep 19123 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Boone, Alice20 Dec 191012 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Boone, Charles18 Aug 1913Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Boone, Claude20 May 1922Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Boone, Donnabell12 Jan 192815 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Boone, Ethel A5 Jul 190616 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Boone, George25 Dec 1911Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Boone, George M23 May 194921 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Boone, Irene3 Sep 19181 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Boone, Janet A16 Dec 19529 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Boone, Joseph26 Oct 194113 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Boone, Joseph6 Apr 195825 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Boone, Maggie12 Jan 19104 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Boone, Ora14 May 1906Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Boone, Richard D2 Jul 192525 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Boone, Robert7 Jun 1942Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Boone, Robert6 Jul 1908Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Boone, Rose31 Mar 1887Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Boone, William5 Sep 1914Dec 1976New Haven
Boose, Walter E24 Feb 193215 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Booth, Allan D1 Jan 195822 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Booth, Earl27 Oct 1916Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Booth, Harry J26 Oct 192129 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Booth, Howard W9 Dec 192322 May 1996Fort Wayne
Booth, Loretta11 Apr 1887Dec 1974Roanoke
Booth, Patrick J26 Aug 19913 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Booth, Wanda3 Jan 1915Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Booth, William4 Oct 1920Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Boots, Delbert31 Oct 1909Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Boozer, Lula B25 Sep 190515 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Bope, Betty J2 Jun 191915 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Bope, James L22 Mar 191524 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Bope, Louis4 Jan 1892Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Bopp Jr, Joseph P17 Dec 19306 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Bopp, Camille E1 Feb 191017 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Bopp, Carrie17 Apr 1922Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Bopp, Lucille M6 Sep 193325 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Bopp, Margaret3 Sep 19094 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Bopp, Robert L28 Mar 192021 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Bopp, William12 Sep 1896Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Borausky, Marguerite3 Oct 19117 Dec 2002New Haven
Borchelt, Adela17 Sep 1905Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Borchelt, Anita M20 Jan 190928 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Borchelt, Beverly20 Feb 1924Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Borchelt, Georgia R5 Jan 193421 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Borchelt, Herbert15 Aug 1906Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Borchelt, Hilda B12 Oct 190015 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Borchelt, Ruth E14 Jan 19306 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Borchelt, Waldemar2 Jun 1898Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Borcherding, Alice A19 Sep 19143 May 2007Fort Wayne
Borcherding, Melvin H12 Oct 191212 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Borcherding, Velma13 Feb 190722 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Borcherding, Walter F23 Jun 19353 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Borden, Philip21 Nov 1910May 1976Fort Wayne
Borders, Andrew W22 Apr 199130 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Borders, Beatrice E21 Aug 190515 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Borders, Hildred9 Jun 1906Jul 1986Grabill
Borders, Louis H7 Feb 193517 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Bordner, Andrew17 Apr 1904Feb 1984New Haven
Bordner, Earl W9 Jun 19356 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Bordner, Edna17 Jan 1905May 1979New Haven
Bordner, Floyd24 Mar 1906Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Bordner, Geraldine13 Dec 1915Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Bordner, Glenn30 Nov 1921Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Bordner, Laura18 Oct 1907Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Bordner, Orville21 May 1908Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Bordon, Lois A6 Jan 19293 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Boreani, Gino25 Jul 1901May 1979Fort Wayne
Boreani, Naomi E4 Jun 191520 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Boreani, Ottorino18 Sep 1903Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Boren, Ada17 Mar 1891Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Boren, Archie22 Aug 1898Jun 1969Huntertown
Boren, Clarence20 Oct 1890May 1970Fort Wayne
Boren, Elmore6 Dec 1914May 1984Fort Wayne
Boren, Howard D25 Aug 191814 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Boren, Isabella28 Oct 189630 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Boren, Joan Virginia21 Oct 193416 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Boren, Lester9 Mar 1903Dec 1973Huntertown
Boren, Richard10 Apr 1917Dec 1985New Haven
Boren, Ruth D16 Mar 191819 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Borgen, Betty6 Jan 1901Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Borger, Donald H22 Feb 191010 May 1997Fort Wayne
Borger, Melba L3 Dec 190729 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Borgert, Herman30 Sep 1909Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Borgman, Lillian29 Mar 1898Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Borgman, Paul7 Apr 1901Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Borgman, Rowena19 Jun 1900Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Borgmann, Helen Louise2 Feb 191727 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Borgmann, Pauline27 Dec 1889Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Borisow, Stefania11 Nov 192522 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Borisow, Wasily10 Apr 1920Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Bork, Albert2 Jan 190724 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Bork, Chester H29 Apr 191316 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Bork, Ella21 Nov 1887Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Bork, Gloria A30 Jul 193812 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Bork, Henry8 Jan 1902Aug 1976New Haven
Bork, Janet H22 Jan 195018 Jul 2004Roanoke
Bork, Lawrence20 Jun 1904Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Bork, Mary M30 Oct 191312 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Bork, Muriel6 Oct 1890Dec 1983New Haven
Bork, Viola9 Dec 1909Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Bork, William7 Jan 1898Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Borkenstein, Alfred6 May 1897Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Borkenstein, Carl31 Jan 1891May 1973Fort Wayne
Borkenstein, Christine12 Apr 1886Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Borkenstein, Donald19 Oct 1913Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Borkenstein, June M9 Jun 191525 May 2005Fort Wayne
Borkenstein, Mary E12 May 189111 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Borkenstein, Otto19 Sep 1894Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Borkenstein, Phyllis E22 Jan 19176 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Borkenstein, Vivian9 Mar 1896Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Borkowski, Frederick29 Nov 1958Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Borkowski, Jacqueline A10 Oct 193612 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Borleske, Mildred E12 Dec 191110 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Borleske, Paul9 May 1908Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Bormuth, Clara11 Jul 1892Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Bormuth, George15 Jul 1892Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Born, Frederick E23 May 193112 Feb 2008Churubusco
Born, Phyllis L18 Apr 193217 Feb 1996Churubusco
Born, Ralph11 Apr 1909Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Borne, Brooks M18 Apr 191911 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Borne, Chalmer R19 Jun 192121 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Borne, Donna B5 Dec 192217 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Borne, Dorothy E17 Jan 19249 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Borne, Henry23 Jun 1893Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Borne, V B29 Jun 19138 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Borneman, Robert25 Feb 1927Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Bornkamp, Catherine K9 Oct 190130 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Bornkamp, David23 Dec 1925May 1986Fort Wayne
Bornkamp, Edward8 Aug 1904Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Bornkamp, Elsie23 Mar 1895Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Bornkamp, Oscar5 Jun 1900Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Bornkamp, Wanda M10 Dec 190715 May 1995Fort Wayne
Bornman, Lisa L29 Sep 196513 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Boroff, Douglas2 Sep 1953Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Boroff, Freda T2 Apr 19119 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Boroff, Ruth L24 Mar 193211 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Borom, Henry25 Dec 1885Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Borowiak, Frank2 Nov 193130 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Borowski, Anthony M30 Mar 191820 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Borowyj, Genowefa3 May 192028 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Borr, Martin E26 Jul 19518 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Borreson, Stanley28 Oct 1892Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Borret, Anna5 Mar 1894Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Borris, James E2 Apr 192513 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Borror, Helen13 Dec 191112 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Borror, Lucille M3 Nov 192619 May 2008Fort Wayne
Bortles, Brenda22 Jul 1941Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Bortner, Dewey8 Mar 1898Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Bortner, Rita M15 Jun 1908May 1994Fort Wayne
Borton, Charles A23 Dec 1937Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Borton, Charles C8 May 192312 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Borton, David A6 Apr 193020 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Borton, Georgia16 Apr 1908Jan 1984Woodburn
Borton, Hazel21 Mar 1900Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Borton, Henrietta G9 May 19066 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Borton, Herman27 May 1896Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Borton, James8 Aug 1930Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Borton, Janet E24 Dec 194129 Nov 2004Churubusco
Borton, Mildred A11 Dec 1926Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Borton, Robert A27 Jun 19407 Dec 2006Churubusco
Borton, Ruth30 Nov 1903Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Borton, Sidney26 Oct 1894Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Borton, William29 Nov 1903Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Boruh, Elena A4 Dec 190826 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Boruh, Walter7 Oct 1907Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Borum, Marie29 Dec 19536 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Boschet, Douglas J13 Jan 193725 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Boschet, John26 Dec 1890Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Boschet, Leroy25 Oct 1903Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Boschet, Nancy5 Jun 1897May 1971Fort Wayne
Boschet, Richard8 Feb 1923Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Boseker, Adeline16 Mar 1877Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Boseker, David28 Feb 193919 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Boseker, Herbert W26 Oct 19058 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Boseker, Judy14 Sep 1939Jul 1986Leo, Grabill
Boseker, Sophie18 Jun 1883Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Boseker, Warren24 Mar 1936Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Bosell, Sarah5 Jun 1891Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Bosi, John P11 Mar 193511 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Bosk, Maryamber21 Feb 192117 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Bosler, Fred17 Jul 1898Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Bosler, John H24 Mar 193026 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Boss, John1 Jun 1900Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Bossard, Esther H19 Oct 192517 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Bossard, Paul12 Oct 1892Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Bosse, George16 Sep 1887May 1975Fort Wayne
Bosselman, Arnold10 May 1904Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Bosselman, Arthur17 Nov 1897Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Bosselman, Earl W30 Jul 192526 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Bosselman, Ella17 Oct 1898Sep 1986Woodburn
Bosselman, Emil8 Apr 1893Aug 1981New Haven
Bosselman, Frances B20 Oct 19034 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Bosselman, Gerhard H16 Dec 190020 May 1992Fort Wayne
Bosselman, Louise10 Dec 1875Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Bosselman, Otto17 Dec 1895Jun 1975New Haven
Bosselman, Susan E25 May 192530 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Bosselman, Wilhelmina29 Jan 1903May 1982New Haven
Bosserma, Grace14 Jul 1889Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Bosserman, Gerald E4 Apr 190715 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Bosserman, John P10 Apr 19322 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Bosserman, Margaret1 Jun 191329 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Bostelman, Arthur F21 Jun 191618 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Bostelman, Ella11 Apr 1897Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Bostelman, Marcella L27 Sep 192123 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Bostic, Daryl S2 Jul 195712 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Bostic, Gerdine25 Oct 19295 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Bostic, Gertrude14 Apr 1923Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Bostic, James4 Jun 1923Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Boston, Adelaide K9 Dec 1913May 1992Fort Wayne
Boston, Don19 Feb 1893Jun 1978Leo, Harlan
Boston, Gary A5 Nov 193612 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Boston, H L1 May 191628 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Boston, Hazel18 Sep 1894Oct 1974Harlan
Boston, Willa M4 Sep 192820 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Bostrom, Albert9 Aug 1894Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Bostwick, Charles Edward12 Jul 193327 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Bostwick, Evelyn M23 Aug 19106 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Boswell, Garfield24 Mar 1885Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Boswell, Molly19 Jun 1888May 1975Fort Wayne
Bosworth, Beatrice C14 May 190023 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Bosworth, Ferne A30 Jun 19121 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Botas, Marcos7 Oct 19344 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Boterf, Mildred F18 Oct 192721 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Boterf, Richard L23 Oct 19206 Jan 1999Harlan
Boterf, William29 Oct 1921Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Both, Nathaniel25 Dec 1906May 1971Fort Wayne
Botka, Margaret N22 Aug 191711 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Botkin Jr, Virgil29 May 1914Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Bott, Amelia26 Mar 1888May 1979Fort Wayne
Bott, Robert15 Jul 1908Dec 1979New Haven
Bottenberg, Maurice21 Aug 1896May 1983Monroeville
Botteron, Donna Rae11 May 193228 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Botteron, Gerald30 Jan 1908May 1986Fort Wayne
Botteron, Irvin20 Sep 1907Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Botteron, Louise17 Dec 19149 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Botteron, Lucille7 Mar 1913Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Bottoms, Arthur31 Mar 1898Dec 1986Harlan
Bottoms, Arthur C1 Mar 194930 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Bottoms, Ora1 Jul 1896Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Bottoms, Vivian G24 May 191027 Aug 1996Harlan
Botts Sr, Minor26 Sep 1892Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Bottum, Kathryn E5 Feb 191922 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Botz, Eugene G13 Jun 19204 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Botz, James F14 Jul 191921 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Boucheron, Pierre22 Aug 1889Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Boudia, Cecelia17 Mar 1904Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Boudreaux, Lela28 Aug 1893Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Bough, Deetta1 Feb 1894Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Bougher, Frank13 Oct 1892Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Bougher, Mauriece1 Feb 1897Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Bougher, Michael18 Feb 1956Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Bougher, Thomas F3 Jun 193221 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Boughman, Dixon William22 Oct 195121 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Boughton, Robert27 Jan 192419 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Bouilelet, Emile10 Dec 1878Apr 1965Fort Wayne
Bouillon, Irma L29 Apr 192722 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Bouillon, Lloyd N9 Dec 190120 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Bouillon, Nettie3 Sep 1878Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Bouillon, Richard L9 Feb 192413 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Boulton, Edna22 Aug 1898Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Boulton, Herma8 Jan 1881Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Boulware, Betty J14 Dec 19285 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Bouman, Erna M21 Aug 1900May 1994Fort Wayne
Bourguin, James R3 May 193920 May 2001Fort Wayne
Bourne, Daniel H20 Jul 191816 May 1996Fort Wayne
Bourne, Emma N29 Jan 190615 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Bourne, Fred25 Jun 190222 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Bourne, Ralph27 May 1906Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Bourne, Thelma D15 Oct 190713 Jan 2003New Haven
Bourquin, Emmajean25 May 193023 May 2009Fort Wayne
Bouse, Forrest17 Apr 1920Feb 1979Woodburn
Bouse, Harley O17 Nov 19238 Mar 2001New Haven
Bouse, June M7 Mar 192414 Apr 1998New Haven
Bouskey, Denman15 Sep 1914Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Bousman, Gladys15 Apr 192925 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Bousman, Grover18 Feb 1888Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Boussum, Beatrice J26 Mar 191823 May 1992Fort Wayne
Boutall, Mary21 Jun 1922Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Boutall, Richard R22 Dec 192112 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Bouthot, Martha R8 Jul 193015 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Boutte, Norbert11 May 19253 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Boutwell, Jacque A9 Feb 193630 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Boveine, Arthur19 Jun 1901Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Bovie, Donald21 Oct 1912Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Bovie, Kathleen1 Aug 1915Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Bovie, Sharon S18 May 194629 Jan 2006Huntertown
Bovine, Almina29 Dec 1880Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Bovine, June19 Jun 1908Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Bovio, Carmen Leonard24 Sep 19486 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Bovio, Carmen V6 Jan 192028 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Bowden, Arthur J14 Feb 19237 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Bowden, Joan G28 Apr 19312 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Bowdoin, George25 Mar 1898Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Bowdon, Becky L21 Sep 192116 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Bowdy, Elizabeth3 Apr 1893Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Bowe, Harriet L3 Dec 190423 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Bowen, Aaron13 Sep 1894Sep 1970Monroeville
Bowen, Chester8 Jul 1919Jun 1976Monroeville
Bowen, Chester23 May 1921May 1977Fort Wayne
Bowen, Dorothy20 Jul 1903Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Bowen, Frances8 Jan 1879Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Bowen, Glenn20 Apr 1888Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Bowen, Harvey5 Feb 1906Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Bowen, Hazel22 Dec 1907Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Bowen, Jessie10 Sep 1906Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Bowen, Judith19 Dec 19044 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Bowen, Kenneth H3 Oct 19428 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Bowen, Roxie9 Sep 1907Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Bowen, Ruby6 Feb 194330 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Bowen, Virginia19 Aug 19154 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Bowen, Walter17 Jan 1893May 1973Fort Wayne
Bowen, Walter D22 Feb 19135 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Bowen, Willis L24 Jul 190419 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Bowen, Zelma6 Sep 1893Jun 1978Monroeville
Bower, Charles N5 Mar 191021 Jul 1997Churubusco
Bower, Debora D4 Oct 19624 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Bower, Dorothy29 Jan 1906Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Bower, Forrest D22 Aug 193329 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Bower, Gerald M25 Jan 192112 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Bower, Harold18 Oct 1896Mar 1965Fort Wayne
Bower, Helen29 Apr 1901Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Bower, Helen Yvonne26 Feb 19366 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Bower, Herbert C14 Aug 191315 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Bower, Jennie F18 Aug 19146 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Bower, Josie L18 Dec 19147 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Bower, Joy16 Jun 1927Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Bower, Katherine G16 Nov 190720 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Bower, Martha L8 Oct 19146 Feb 2003Churubusco
Bower, Opal8 Feb 1902Sep 1981New Haven
Bower, Paul E4 Nov 19241 Feb 2009Hoagland
Bower, Richard E3 Nov 19273 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Bower, Ward30 Apr 1884Dec 1967Monroeville
Bower, Wayne A26 Feb 19633 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Bower, Wilbur H22 Mar 19098 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Bower, Wilfred E11 Nov 192319 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Bowers, Alby29 Sep 1884Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Bowers, Anna R3 Sep 189822 Jan 1993New Haven
Bowers, Arnold16 Aug 1907Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Bowers, Barry23 Nov 194416 Jun 2007New Haven
Bowers, Beatrix A14 Apr 192129 Jun 1998Monroeville
Bowers, Bernard H5 Jul 191127 Feb 2001New Haven
Bowers, Bernice5 Jan 19029 Oct 1994New Haven
Bowers, C L16 Jun 192215 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Bowers, Charles A3 Nov 19221 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Bowers, Charles L12 Feb 193117 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Bowers, Charlotte M16 Aug 19177 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Bowers, Clem16 Nov 1903Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Bowers, Clifford E29 Nov 194114 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Bowers, Curtis W30 Jul 19198 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Bowers, Diana K15 Feb 19468 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Bowers, Donald19 Oct 1918May 1985Fort Wayne
Bowers, Donald L12 Nov 193931 May 2002Fort Wayne
Bowers, Eddie11 Nov 1895May 1984Fort Wayne
Bowers, Edith9 Oct 1914Oct 1982Monroeville
Bowers, Edna20 Feb 1893Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Bowers, Edward18 Nov 1913Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Bowers, Elmer L5 Sep 191324 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Bowers, Elsie10 Nov 1891Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Bowers, Erma Jean21 Nov 193013 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Bowers, Ernest22 Jan 1923Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Bowers, Evelyn E20 Mar 191222 Feb 1999New Haven
Bowers, Forrest11 Feb 1907Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Bowers, Frank20 Dec 1896Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Bowers, Franklin26 Jan 1900Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Bowers, Gah20 May 1905Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Bowers, Geraldine10 Sep 1909Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Bowers, Harry26 Feb 1912Sep 1977Churubusco
Bowers, Helen5 Oct 1926Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Bowers, Helen T31 Dec 191321 Dec 1992New Haven
Bowers, Herbert20 Feb 1921Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Bowers, Ira E30 May 19113 May 1994Fort Wayne
Bowers, Irene26 Nov 1899Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Bowers, Jesse15 Oct 1882Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Bowers, John15 Apr 1898Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Bowers, Juanita E31 Jan 19212 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Bowers, Julian B19 Jun 188515 Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Bowers, Julie Shaw11 Oct 196916 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Bowers, Kenneth11 Mar 1910Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Bowers, Larry F23 Nov 19391 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Bowers, Laura16 May 1914Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Bowers, Laura H13 Sep 191327 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Bowers, Lawrence8 Oct 1886Dec 1969Monroeville
Bowers, Leo18 Mar 1898Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Bowers, Leoline13 Apr 1896Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Bowers, Lillian P5 Mar 19161 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Bowers, Lois E22 Oct 192415 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Bowers, Luella L23 Jul 191516 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Bowers, Manfred4 Jun 1922Sep 1987New Haven
Bowers, Marcella29 Dec 1901Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Bowers, Margaret27 Jun 1905Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Bowers, Margaret8 Mar 1898May 1981Fort Wayne
Bowers, Marie A17 Sep 190513 Sep 2007Monroeville
Bowers, Mary J30 Aug 194320 Mar 1996New Haven
Bowers, Mary J25 Apr 193010 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Bowers, Mildred5 Jun 1920Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Bowers, Monte G8 Apr 193819 May 2001Woodburn
Bowers, Nora14 Sep 1887Apr 1979Yoder, Fort Wayne
Bowers, Pearl3 Jan 1878Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Bowers, Ray F12 Nov 191218 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Bowers, Richard22 May 1928Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Bowers, Robert B16 Mar 191411 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Bowers, Ruth26 Jun 1905Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Bowers, Ruth A28 Jan 19209 Jun 2005New Haven
Bowers, Stephen4 Jan 1888Sep 1972New Haven
Bowers, Sylvester3 Aug 1886Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Bowers, Thelma B22 Mar 192118 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Bowers, Theresa23 Jun 1960Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Bowers, Tishie31 Mar 190310 May 1995Fort Wayne
Bowers, Vernon A27 May 194331 Aug 2000Roanoke
Bowers, Viola4 Oct 1884Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Bowers, Virginia M2 Jun 191220 Feb 2006New Haven
Bowers, Wanda M24 Jul 19205 Mar 2002Monroeville
Bowers, Yudah1 May 1910Feb 1968New Haven
Bowers, Zella6 Jun 191620 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Bowersock, Donnabell22 Nov 19193 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Bowersock, Gail A17 Sep 191226 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Bowersock, Roscoe9 May 1892Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Bowersox, Esther17 Oct 1896May 1986Fort Wayne
Bowersox, Hilda15 Mar 1899Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Bowersox, Shirley W2 Apr 19115 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Bowie, Emmett G1 Jan 19125 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Bowie, Lula22 Jun 1898Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Bowie, Rosie A2 Jun 191230 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Bowker, Galen L23 May 19472 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Bowker, Grace24 Oct 1887Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Bowker, Harold1 May 1904May 1986Huntertown
Bowker, Margaret L26 Jun 191227 Oct 2004Roanoke, Huntertown
Bowker, Richard14 Aug 1944May 1978Churubusco
Bowker, Susan L15 Jul 196222 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Bowlby, Alfred E19 Mar 19452 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Bowlby, Claude11 Feb 1891Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Bowlby, Helen16 Dec 1892Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Bowlby, Jean L13 Dec 194113 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Bowlby, Josephine A11 Mar 191714 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Bowlby, Ralph R2 Dec 191224 May 1998Fort Wayne
Bowles, Cherie K14 Jun 195517 May 2005Fort Wayne
Bowles, James H3 Jun 19431 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Bowles, Sara K22 Oct 190427 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Bowley Sr, Basil E12 Oct 192513 Jul 2001Monroeville
Bowley, Basil24 Mar 1902Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Bowley, Bing T16 May 19644 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Bowley, Louise22 May 1900Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Bowlin, Berniece C5 Sep 192314 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Bowlin, Delmo28 May 1924Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Bowlin, Dessie T1 Jan 19283 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Bowlin, Forest W8 Oct 19157 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Bowlin, Gilbert G14 May 193028 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Bowlin, Rex27 Jul 1893Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Bowling, Baxter12 Aug 1907May 1975Churubusco
Bowling, Charles23 Jun 194315 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Bowling, Clara B26 Feb 19105 Aug 1998Harlan
Bowling, Eliza25 Aug 1891Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Bowman, Annette Kay15 Jun 196111 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Bowman, Bernice I27 Apr 191117 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Bowman, Bertha22 Jan 1893May 1984Fort Wayne
Bowman, Catherine11 Jul 1911Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Bowman, Charles17 Oct 1907May 1982Fort Wayne
Bowman, Charles P29 Mar 195715 Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Bowman, Clair17 Feb 1922Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Bowman, Clark M27 Jul 190429 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Bowman, Clifford K5 Jan 190930 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Bowman, Dixie M13 Nov 194130 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Bowman, Doris L13 Aug 192127 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Bowman, Dorothy B11 Dec 19109 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Bowman, Dorothy L3 Aug 191316 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Bowman, Elizabeth L10 Oct 1912Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Bowman, Elizabeth L4 Jan 192423 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Bowman, Emma10 Aug 1890Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Bowman, Floyd15 Sep 1887Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Bowman, Forrest14 Feb 1904Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Bowman, Grace M6 Apr 19204 Sep 2003Roanoke
Bowman, Harlan F16 Nov 192920 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Bowman, Harold E18 Jul 192114 Aug 1997Woodburn
Bowman, Harry E13 Aug 19172 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Bowman, Howard C19 Dec 192611 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Bowman, Irene C9 Apr 19065 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Bowman, James10 Nov 1917Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Bowman, Jay N6 Sep 19009 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Bowman, Jo A4 Apr 19376 May 2009Fort Wayne
Bowman, Louis11 Mar 1942Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Bowman, Luella27 Jul 19094 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Bowman, Lydia2 Sep 1883Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Bowman, Margaret20 Oct 1911Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Bowman, Margaret V28 Jul 191513 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Bowman, Margaretha R29 Nov 188824 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Bowman, Marybeth26 Jan 192518 Mar 2000Yoder
Bowman, Mertie14 Mar 1884Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Bowman, Mildred15 Jun 1897Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Bowman, Oliver19 Jan 1899May 1968Fort Wayne
Bowman, Otto2 Jul 1908Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Bowman, Paul15 Apr 1908Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Bowman, Paul L22 Mar 192316 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Bowman, Perley11 Dec 1890Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Bowman, Ralph8 Apr 1911Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Bowman, Rebecca J15 Aug 19133 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Bowman, Robert26 Mar 1909Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Bowman, Ruth7 Jul 1906Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Bowman, Ruth26 Apr 1917Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Bowman, Ruth C6 Oct 19461 Aug 2003Yoder
Bowman, Van29 Aug 1906Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Bowman, Virginia D10 Sep 19123 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Bowman, Walter18 Sep 1902Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Bowman, Winston16 Jun 1931Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Bowser, Alberta11 Jun 19115 Apr 2003Huntertown
Bowser, Betty A27 Jul 192515 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Bowser, Betty R14 Feb 19225 Oct 2003Churubusco
Bowser, Carol May10 Feb 193512 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Bowser, Charles Junior7 Aug 19212 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Bowser, Clara A8 Jan 192023 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Bowser, Clarence23 Dec 1903Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Bowser, Emily C31 Aug 19037 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Bowser, Glenn13 May 1908Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Bowser, Ivan10 Mar 1910Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Bowser, Jack S11 Feb 193126 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Bowser, James2 Mar 1911Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Bowser, James10 Sep 1928Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Bowser, Jean20 Feb 1922Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Bowser, John27 Dec 1904Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Bowser, John A18 Apr 19358 May 2004Fort Wayne
Bowser, Karen15 Jan 1946Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Bowser, Laura J8 Jan 19235 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Bowser, Lucille25 Apr 1906May 1982Fort Wayne
Bowser, Orlo R11 May 192422 Nov 2004Huntertown
Bowser, Percy L8 Jan 191418 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Bowser, Philip12 Jan 1919May 1981Fort Wayne
Bowser, Ruth25 Feb 191112 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Bowser, Wayne W13 Jun 192020 Mar 1994Churubusco
Bowser, William R6 Sep 192114 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Bowstrom, Ralph25 Sep 1906Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Bowyer, Frances19 Oct 1884Mar 1981Monroeville
Bowyer, John E31 Mar 19233 Dec 2002Monroeville
Box, Josephine6 Mar 1926Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Boxberger, Beatrice C30 Apr 191413 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Boxberger, Bette L15 Aug 192827 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Boxberger, Carl16 Aug 1902May 1968Fort Wayne
Boxberger, Carl C28 Jul 192727 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Boxberger, Clifford Edwin25 Aug 192127 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Boxberger, Edwin22 Oct 1892Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Boxberger, Gertrude B31 Mar 192722 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Boxberger, Harry23 Jul 1890Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Boxberger, Harry L27 Apr 192112 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Boxberger, Ruby E8 Mar 19013 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Boxell, Joanne L20 Mar 19299 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Boxell, Lyle Gordon24 Mar 194129 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Boxwell, Ruby2 Feb 1917Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Boyce, Betty A12 Jan 19209 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Boyce, Esther J27 Nov 192621 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Boyce, Freddie L19 Sep 193223 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Boyce, Jack7 Feb 1921May 1981Fort Wayne
Boyce, Josephine A15 Jan 190131 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Boyce, Katherine9 Feb 1893Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Boyce, Luella8 Jul 1913Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Boyce, Mary L10 Aug 193020 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Boyce, Morris20 Oct 1893Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Boyce, Rosella11 Aug 1896Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Boyce, Suzanne A23 Apr 19639 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Boyce, William C22 Jan 192029 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Boyd, Benjamin12 May 1896Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Boyd, Bernice25 Sep 1907Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Boyd, Clarence27 Mar 193820 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Boyd, Clarence E11 Sep 191325 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Boyd, Cora28 Nov 1880Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Boyd, Donald O25 Sep 193614 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Boyd, Earl21 Aug 1903Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Boyd, Eileen L11 Dec 192015 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Boyd, Eva D16 Jun 1918Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Boyd, George10 Jun 1910Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Boyd, Ilo20 Jan 1903May 1984Fort Wayne
Boyd, John3 Mar 1909Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Boyd, Josephine20 May 193614 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Boyd, Judy28 Jun 1963Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Boyd, Lee10 Sep 1887Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Boyd, Leota12 Feb 1900Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Boyd, Lorene Z21 Sep 190417 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Boyd, Louise7 Oct 1927Oct 1964Fort Wayne
Boyd, Lucille K26 May 194222 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Boyd, Madonna B5 Sep 19033 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Boyd, Marguerite E24 Apr 19069 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Boyd, Mary E13 Dec 190928 Jun 1998Roanoke
Boyd, Mary M20 Jan 191924 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Boyd, Noel I3 Nov 190815 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Boyd, Oscar7 Apr 193817 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Boyd, Paul16 Mar 1912Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Boyd, Robert M2 Aug 193117 May 1999Fort Wayne
Boyd, Sam L6 Dec 191928 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Boyden, Mary L10 Nov 193721 Dec 1999New Haven
Boydston, Grace5 Nov 1907Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Boyer, Carol P28 Mar 1912Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Boyer, Charles7 Apr 1898Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Boyer, Cora J20 Dec 19129 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Boyer, Corvin27 Dec 1909Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Boyer, Dorothy J2 Mar 192316 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Boyer, Edna E21 Dec 191821 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Boyer, Elizabeth15 Nov 1916Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Boyer, James R21 Aug 193327 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Boyer, Janelle L25 Aug 194513 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Boyer, Leroy27 Apr 1907Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Boyer, Luther11 Aug 1924Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Boyer, Maude12 Jan 1909May 1987Churubusco
Boyer, Oliver19 Mar 1925Feb 1979Roanoke
Boyer, Orville18 Aug 1902Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Boyer, Rilla13 Mar 1904May 1975Fort Wayne
Boyer, Robert M26 Mar 19213 Mar 2008New Haven
Boyers, Arthur27 Jan 1902Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Boyers, Eveline27 Sep 1878Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Boyers, F26 Oct 1911Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Boyers, Ida15 Jul 1890Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Boyers, Joe22 Sep 1918May 1983Fort Wayne
Boyers, Mildred D14 Feb 191415 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Boyhtari, Esther24 Dec 1917Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Boykin, David14 Mar 1921May 1980Fort Wayne
Boylan, Alfred N28 Jan 191014 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Boylan, Alice M24 May 19169 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Boylan, Antoinette1 Jun 190431 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Boylan, Daniel W9 Jun 19279 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Boylan, Dorothy E18 Nov 191322 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Boylan, Francis9 Apr 1901Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Boylan, Frank18 Apr 1913Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Boylan, Patricia L15 Apr 19341 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Boylan, Violet R8 Mar 192030 Mar 1999Spencerville
Boyle, Bernice A26 Nov 19202 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Boyle, Cathy J1 Apr 19589 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Boyle, Donald P28 Dec 193116 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Boyle, Ethel29 Jan 1895Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Boyle, Helen L18 Sep 19164 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Boyle, Hubert B30 Dec 19193 May 2007Fort Wayne
Boyle, James26 Nov 1922Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Boyle, Josephine M27 Nov 192923 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Boyle, Kathryn E3 Jul 19214 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Boyle, Mary27 Sep 1871Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Boyle, Mary M24 Aug 19198 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Boyle, Patrick24 Sep 1905Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Boyle, Patrick28 Mar 1936Dec 1982Woodburn
Boyle, Ruth N29 Oct 194221 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Boyle, Timothy J22 Jan 19159 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Boyle, Wilhelmina27 Jul 1899Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Boyle, Winifred1 Sep 1884Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Boyles, Carol J30 May 193815 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Boyles, Clifford L13 Jan 19342 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Boyles, Florence22 Oct 1912Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Boyles, Helen20 Nov 191330 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Boyles, William James23 Oct 192422 Apr 2009Woodburn
Boyll, Marilyn K7 Sep 19372 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Boys, Maxine W26 Sep 19221 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Bozer, Emory R25 Dec 190529 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Bozer, Frieda6 Jun 1910Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Bozer, Martha27 May 1886Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Bozer, Norma G3 Jan 192414 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Bozer, Robert15 Jan 1914Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Bozer, Robert L27 Dec 194020 Mar 2007Fort Wayne

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