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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Braaten, George19 Aug 1933Aug 1972Hoagland
Braaten, Perina10 Feb 19359 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Brabandt, Alfred20 Jan 1884Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Braben, Anna30 Mar 1880May 1976Fort Wayne
Brabender, Velma10 Jan 1910Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Brabson, Herman30 Jul 1908Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Brabson, Mark8 Oct 1912Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Brace, Ethel6 Jun 1894Dec 1972Spencerville
Brace, Glenn L19 Oct 19137 Sep 1994Spencerville
Brace, Ruthelise28 Sep 19258 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Bracey, Nettie M24 Aug 19158 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Bracht, Charles9 May 1887Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Bracht, Charles27 Sep 1900Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Bracht, Edward4 Oct 1893Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Bracht, Eileen E13 May 192316 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Bracht, Francile29 Nov 1902Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Bracht, Gladys J23 Dec 190126 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Bracht, Jean E20 Apr 191313 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Bracht, John R9 Nov 192520 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Bracht, Marcus O29 Sep 190222 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Bracht, Margaret15 Sep 1887May 1968Huntertown
Bracht, Neil E6 Mar 19253 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Bracht, Paul L30 Apr 192212 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Bracht, Raymond E6 Apr 189517 Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Bracht, Robert L24 Aug 19321 Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Bracht, Roy28 Apr 1904Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Bracht, Thelma M4 Apr 19256 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Bracken, Hal Lantz22 Oct 193831 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Brackett, Christine12 Nov 190322 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Brackman, Otto18 Sep 1898Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Brackmann, Edward R26 May 192815 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Brackmann, Ervin22 Jun 1914May 1996Fort Wayne
Brackmann, Fred20 Jun 1892Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Brackmann, Henry5 Dec 1889Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Brackmann, Lavon1 Apr 1915Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Brackmann, Leona8 Jul 1895May 1984Fort Wayne
Brackmann, Ronald F26 Aug 192415 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Brackney, Hubert27 May 1908May 1971Fort Wayne
Brackney, Nellie29 Sep 1898Dec 1982Spencerville
Bracy, Thelma L30 Dec 191214 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Bradburn, Evelyn3 Dec 1901Dec 1977Roanoke
Bradburn, Goldie3 Apr 1894Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Bradburn, Gregory20 Jun 1951Mar 1980Roanoke
Bradburn, Thomas Junior26 Nov 191825 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Bradbury, Evelyn M8 May 191718 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Bradbury, Harvey W6 Mar 19142 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Bradbury, Jacqueline L30 Aug 19323 Feb 2000Yoder
Bradbury, Lloyd E6 Nov 193416 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Bradbury, Opal M16 Feb 191630 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Bradbury, Richard Dean19 Dec 19315 Mar 2008Yoder
Bradbury, Verla20 Jan 19109 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Bradd, Grace F2 Dec 190326 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Braddock, Fern E16 Aug 191316 May 1994Fort Wayne
Braddock, Thad21 Feb 1893Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Braddy, Edith29 Sep 1907Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Braden, Alice12 Sep 1910Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Braden, Alice P30 Apr 1906Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Braden, Charles11 Feb 1929Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Braden, Edna L9 Jun 190510 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Braden, Eldon2 May 1908Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Braden, Harold M12 Jul 19196 Aug 2002New Haven
Braden, Hazel L29 Jan 191428 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Braden, Helen7 Apr 1914Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Braden, John W2 Jan 19107 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Braden, Mary25 Sep 1931Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Braden, Mary C11 Apr 193227 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Braden, Neil E29 Nov 19296 May 2000Fort Wayne
Braden, Paul F20 Jan 193331 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Braden, Ralph D17 Aug 190419 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Braden, Robert D14 Jun 19296 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Braden, Robert W12 Sep 192722 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Braden, Roger R4 Aug 19419 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Braden, Russell26 Oct 1900Feb 1975Grabill
Braden, Wendell W5 Feb 194125 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Bradfield, Frank C1 Dec 19173 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Bradfield, John W18 Nov 193528 Mar 2009Yoder
Bradfield, Lester L29 Apr 193129 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Bradfield, Rose R14 Oct 191317 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Bradford, Blanche30 Nov 19041 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Bradford, Donald L25 May 193819 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Bradford, Elizabeth A16 Dec 193824 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Bradford, Fern11 Mar 191220 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Bradford, Harold R4 Sep 19054 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Bradford, James M26 Sep 193712 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Bradford, Laurel27 Sep 1891Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Bradford, Lavon25 Apr 1910Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Bradford, Michael10 Apr 195219 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Bradford, Mildred9 Jul 1904Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Bradford, Ossie3 Sep 1908Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Bradford, Sadie M23 Mar 19131 May 1988Fort Wayne
Bradford, Veda Louise31 Mar 193130 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Bradle, Dona19 Aug 192619 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Bradley, Alice13 Oct 1905Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Bradley, Annette5 Jul 1888Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Bradley, Benny E7 Aug 193126 May 2008Fort Wayne
Bradley, Bernice W11 Jan 191619 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Bradley, Catherine L16 Mar 19283 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Bradley, Clara M11 Feb 192013 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Bradley, Clark L26 May 195330 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Bradley, Cynthia M4 Aug 195710 Dec 2005New Haven
Bradley, Dennis M5 Mar 194815 May 2004Fort Wayne
Bradley, Doris J6 Jun 192430 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Bradley, Floyd8 Apr 1886Sep 1972Huntertown
Bradley, Freda15 Jun 1900May 1981Fort Wayne
Bradley, George23 Oct 1936Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Bradley, Glen12 Oct 1901Jan 1966New Haven
Bradley, Gordon1 Feb 1897May 1979Fort Wayne
Bradley, Howard J26 Jan 19223 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Bradley, Howard O19 Apr 191726 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Bradley, Jacqueline18 Aug 194714 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Bradley, James3 Oct 1903Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Bradley, John S28 Dec 19209 May 2005Fort Wayne
Bradley, Josephine10 Aug 1908Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Bradley, Kenneth W16 Mar 191422 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Bradley, Leland H11 Oct 192325 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Bradley, Lillian9 Nov 1891Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Bradley, Louanna V14 May 19189 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Bradley, Margaret C25 Feb 190723 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Bradley, Marguerite F9 Oct 18997 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Bradley, Mary L2 Aug 19232 May 2009Fort Wayne
Bradley, Mary M8 Aug 19113 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Bradley, Orphea27 Jan 1910Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Bradley, Osee L18 Mar 19143 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Bradley, Richard H2 Dec 191314 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Bradley, Robert E6 Oct 19121 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Bradley, Rowena5 Feb 1896Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Bradley, Vern F17 May 192113 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Bradley, Vivian L17 Nov 192426 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Bradow, Mildred M27 Aug 19194 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Bradow, Robert A18 Jul 191626 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Bradshaw, Clyde R24 Jun 193923 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Bradshaw, Frank11 Jun 1905Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Bradshaw, Homer D26 Sep 19008 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Bradshaw, Jessica L10 Jul 196013 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Bradshaw, Ralph H29 Apr 19281 May 2005Fort Wayne
Bradshaw, Richard E25 Jun 193215 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Bradshaw, Rosemarie31 Aug 19301 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Clarence9 Oct 1902Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Edward18 Apr 19169 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Fred2 Oct 1897Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Helena26 Oct 1896Sep 1982New Haven
Bradtmiller, Janice10 Feb 1944Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Julius11 Jul 1902Jul 1980Fort Wayne, New Haven
Bradtmiller, Kenneth16 Sep 1958May 1981Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Leona S29 Jul 19326 May 1996Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Luella31 May 190921 Apr 1998New Haven
Bradtmiller, Maxine R15 Nov 193425 May 2000Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Mildred5 Feb 1909Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Paul29 Dec 192414 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Ralph10 Jul 192110 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Richard W22 Jul 19206 May 2008Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Robert21 Feb 1908Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Rosina27 Apr 1905Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Vera Jane24 Jul 192326 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Virginia B18 May 192317 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Wallace28 Jul 1924Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Bradtmiller, Wilbert30 Jan 1905Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Bradtmueller, Anna21 May 1898Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Bradtmueller, Clarence A13 Oct 192018 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Bradtmueller, Diana L17 Nov 194922 Mar 1995Hoagland
Bradtmueller, E Leona24 Jul 1918Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Bradtmueller, Edward W11 Oct 193515 Nov 1996Hoagland
Bradtmueller, Edwin F4 Oct 191422 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Bradtmueller, Elanore14 Jan 192615 Jul 2000Yoder
Bradtmueller, Elmer J24 Apr 19195 May 2005Fort Wayne
Bradtmueller, Ferd15 Apr 1904Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Bradtmueller, Hattie T27 Jun 192722 May 2006Fort Wayne
Bradtmueller, Karl25 Jan 193214 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Bradtmueller, Lawrence30 Dec 1893Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Bradtmueller, Lawrence R24 May 192513 Jul 2008Yoder
Bradtmueller, Louise16 Mar 1900Jan 1987New Haven
Bradtmueller, Loyd E29 Aug 19411 Jul 2008Hoagland
Bradtmueller, Mary A1 Jan 194212 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Bradtmueller, Norman W10 Mar 19254 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Bradtmueller, Otto12 May 1896Apr 1971Hoagland
Bradtmueller, Ruby A28 Sep 193917 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Bradtmueller, Victor H25 Jan 192824 Jun 2004New Haven
Bradtmueller, Wilbert15 Apr 193327 Oct 2004Hoagland
Brady, Alberta M16 Jun 19185 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Brady, Carolyn R3 Jul 19275 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Brady, Evelyn R2 Mar 19304 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Brady, Frances L22 Oct 192721 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Brady, Herbert15 Mar 1904Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Brady, Jean I9 May 19261 Jun 1999Fort Wayne, Grabill
Brady, Joseph27 Aug 1922Dec 1978Grabill
Brady, Margo L7 Apr 1947Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Brady, Rose10 Feb 1886May 1970Fort Wayne
Bragalone, Geraldine16 Jan 1920Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Bragalone, John16 Jan 1897Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Brager, Edmund28 Dec 1928Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Brager, Eleanor17 Jul 1904Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Brager, William29 Aug 1898May 1984New Haven
Bragg, Alberta10 Jun 19126 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Bragg, Beulah31 Aug 1936Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Bragg, Douglas3 Dec 1895May 1972Fort Wayne
Bragg, Fern10 Oct 1887Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Bragg, Guy11 Aug 1918Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Bragg, Guy Charles29 Dec 194225 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Bragg, William29 May 1916Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Brahier, Evelyn M26 Oct 191117 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Brahm, Faye17 Jun 1894Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Brahm, Jack20 Nov 1893Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Brahs, Robert12 Mar 19131 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Braidwood, Edward L25 Feb 192118 Aug 2005New Haven
Braidwood, Sylvia M4 Feb 19276 Mar 1997New Haven
Brainerd, R5 Aug 1911Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Braithwaite, JamesDec 1905Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Brake, Bernard16 Mar 1899Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Brake, Clara31 Jul 1893Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Brake, Elizabeth F12 Mar 190528 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Brake, Floid7 Sep 1888Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Brake, George17 Dec 1918Oct 1987Huntertown
Brake, Imogene A31 Aug 191327 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Brake, Maxine M13 Jul 191214 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Brake, Patricia A26 Sep 193016 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Brake, Robert2 Jul 1910Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Brake, Ulrich16 Feb 1896Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Brake, Walter J16 Dec 190211 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Brakenhoff, Grace R13 Dec 189913 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Bramble, Gertrude4 Jan 1892Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Bramblett, Marie1 Feb 1905Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Bramblett, Mary L17 May 191714 May 2001Fort Wayne
Brame, Maude22 Aug 1889Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Brame, Mound8 Mar 1893Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Bramel, Elizabeth10 May 1924Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Bramel, James W14 Oct 19171 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Brames, Benedict28 Oct 1906Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Brames, Bernard16 Jun 1881Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Brames, Carl31 Mar 190926 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Brames, David J11 Nov 190222 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Brames, Elmer29 Aug 1914Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Brames, Esther R15 Mar 192625 Apr 2002New Haven
Brames, Joan C20 Apr 193716 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Brames, Karen20 Aug 1941Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Brames, Kenneth14 Sep 1926Oct 1983Monroeville
Brames, Lawrence25 Apr 1921Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Brames, Lester E11 May 191025 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Brames, Luella A14 Jul 19106 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Brames, Margaret M1 Oct 192828 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Brames, Marie6 Aug 1897Sep 1973Monroeville
Brames, Marie H21 Jul 191125 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Brames, Melvin5 Jan 1913Mar 1981Fort Wayne, New Haven
Brames, Orin27 Jan 1916Dec 1983Hoagland
Brames, Parnell L21 Nov 193520 Feb 2008Monroeville
Brames, Paul11 Mar 1898Dec 1975Monroeville
Bramley, Mollie1 Oct 192514 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Brammell, Gerald F1 Jul 19162 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Brammell, Zora L26 Aug 19185 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Branam, John27 Apr 1907Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Brancfield, Betty L10 May 192810 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Brancfield, Robert E15 Apr 192625 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Branch, Mable3 Oct 1893Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Brand, Albert W15 Apr 191728 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Brand, Ella M19 Nov 189618 Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Brand, F8 Dec 190428 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Brand, Luella M20 Jul 19221 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Brand, Margaret L23 Nov 19106 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Brand, Mary W2 Dec 191613 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Brand, Naomi12 Jul 1913Feb 1982New Haven
Brand, Vivian I20 Dec 192022 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Brand, Wilbur7 Apr 1915Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Brand, Willis23 May 1909Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Brand, Zola Marie24 Jan 19133 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Brandeberry, Leon22 Jan 1910Jul 1973Huntertown
Brandehoff, Elizabeth B13 Mar 190428 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Brandehoff, John G2 Mar 19055 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Brandenberge, Alberta22 Jan 1923Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Brandenberge, Jacob11 Apr 1880Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Brandenberger, Daniel J24 Apr 191615 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Brandenburg, E Catheri27 Jan 19231 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Brandenburg, Herbert D16 Jun 19167 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Brandenburg, Mary A7 Nov 19237 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Brandenburg, Nancy A27 Oct 195515 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Brandenburg, S5 Nov 1941Oct 1987Monroeville
Brandenburg, Woodrow L17 Oct 19207 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Brandenburge, Arthur7 Feb 1896Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Brandenburge, Martha11 Dec 1899Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Brandenstein, Dona M7 Dec 191619 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Brandhorst, Lydia29 May 1893Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Brandhorst, Walter21 Jul 1897Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Brandmo, Dorothy21 Jul 1907Jul 1980Spencerville
Brandom, Clara L11 Dec 19019 Mar 1997Harlan
Brandon, Effie19 Dec 1881Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Brandon, John15 Jan 1898Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Brandt, Alberta Carol29 Dec 191519 Nov 2009Churubusco
Brandt, Alice16 Aug 1911Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Brandt, Anna20 Sep 1878Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Brandt, Betty H29 Jun 192628 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Brandt, Carl H30 May 19188 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Brandt, Christena19 Feb 1886Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Brandt, Dale L7 Jul 191627 Nov 1992New Haven
Brandt, Diedrich H6 Nov 192330 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Brandt, Donald R23 Jun 192422 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Brandt, Dorothy1 Jun 1915Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Brandt, Dorothy M16 Oct 192414 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Brandt, Elfreda14 Sep 1894Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Brandt, Ethel B18 Aug 190631 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Brandt, Flora1 Oct 1888Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Brandt, Florence V3 Nov 191625 Apr 2003Churubusco
Brandt, Francis22 Apr 1912Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Brandt, Gertrude M18 Jan 192020 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Brandt, Hannah17 Jun 1876Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Brandt, Henry W27 Jul 191926 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Brandt, Henry W3 Aug 189623 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Brandt, Jahni27 May 1957Jan 1980New Haven
Brandt, Jeanette V19 Jun 19108 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Brandt, Joan B28 Jan 19212 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Brandt, Joseph28 Jul 1943May 1985Fort Wayne
Brandt, Josephine25 Dec 1900Jul 1972Grabill
Brandt, Marie4 Jan 1897Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Brandt, Marjorie E11 Dec 19167 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Brandt, Martha6 Nov 1898Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Brandt, Mary E10 Aug 190930 Jan 1993Churubusco
Brandt, Mina19 Jan 1883Mar 1974Churubusco
Brandt, Nancy A18 Jul 19416 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Brandt, Patricia30 Dec 1929May 1977Fort Wayne
Brandt, Paul L19 May 19224 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Brandt, Paul R22 Dec 192123 Feb 2003Churubusco
Brandt, Raymond19 Sep 1908Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Brandt, Raymond W3 May 192919 Jun 2001Leo
Brandt, Robert21 Jan 1917Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Brandt, Robert K4 Apr 193527 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Brandt, Velma27 Jun 1904Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Brandt, Willard O16 Jan 19103 Jan 2005Churubusco
Brandt, William6 Apr 1915Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Brandt, Wyndall27 Apr 1910Apr 1983Churubusco
Brandyberry, Gregg20 Jul 1902Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Brandyberry, Lillian28 Feb 1889Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Brandyberry, Marie N5 Dec 19045 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Brandyberry, Pauline7 Oct 1900Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Brane, William S3 Aug 192610 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Brangain, Mary13 Jan 1927Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Brangain, Sam14 Mar 19071 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Branham, Robert4 Apr 1935Jan 1984Yoder
Branigan, Sallie25 Feb 19121 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Brankle, Edna23 Nov 1884Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Branly, Quentin10 Jul 1950Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Brannan, Grace10 Jan 1890Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Brannan, Irma14 Jun 1891Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Branning, Amelia21 Jun 1895Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Branning, Clara22 Sep 1897Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Branning, Clara24 Feb 1898May 1976Fort Wayne
Branning, Edward31 Jan 1896Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Branning, George3 May 1957May 1981Fort Wayne
Branning, Harold F19 Oct 192327 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Branning, Henry Jr25 Feb 1890Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Branning, Herbert M1 Apr 192924 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Branning, Hubert E1 Apr 19296 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Branning, Joyce A8 Oct 193116 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Branning, Joyce A5 Aug 19389 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Branning, Larry D2 Mar 19409 May 2005Fort Wayne
Branning, Leonard E8 May 192510 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Branning, Marie3 Apr 1916Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Branning, Martha6 Dec 1894Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Branning, Robert9 Jan 1926Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Branning, Theodore H19 Nov 189816 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Branning, Virginia B24 Nov 192527 May 2007Fort Wayne
Branning, Wilda4 Sep 1896Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Branning, William27 Nov 1892Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Branning-jr, Fred C16 Jul 192922 Sep 2006New Haven
Brannon, Betty J8 Dec 19262 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Brannon, Delores J7 Jan 192721 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Brannon, Willis L25 Jun 19238 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Branson, Anna6 Feb 1937Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Branstetter, Eleanor R11 Aug 194022 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Branstetter, Robert S25 Jan 193817 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Branstrator, Bernice13 Sep 19112 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Branstrator, Bertha3 Apr 1892Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Branstrator, Charles21 Nov 1901Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Branstrator, Clover15 May 1904Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Branstrator, Etta L29 Dec 190530 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Branstrator, Helen31 Dec 1919Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Branstrator, Howard2 Nov 1892Jun 1978Roanoke
Branstrator, Robert H31 Mar 19242 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Branstrator, William D10 Apr 19218 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Brant, James L18 Aug 190812 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Brant, Mabel A25 Jul 190913 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Brant, Maryann26 Sep 191126 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Brant, Robert J14 May 193914 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Brant, Ruth12 Jun 1903Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Brant, Ruth L11 Nov 190125 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Brantley, Doc M15 Jan 19133 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Brantley, Edward F5 Nov 194028 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Brantley, Ethel8 Jun 1925Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Brantley, Jackie B22 Mar 194915 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Branum, Charles W31 Jan 19193 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Brase, Della30 Apr 1883Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Brase, Jane6 Jul 1899Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Brase, Norma J30 Oct 192612 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Brase, Shirley L17 Dec 191211 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Brase, Walter1 May 1889Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Brase, Yolande17 Feb 1895Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Brashear, Sharon M27 Mar 19604 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Brashears, Elzora25 Mar 1895Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Brasher, James31 Oct 1920Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Brashier, Todd A29 Jul 197229 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Brassfield, George2 Jul 1904Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Braster, Yvonne22 Jan 193616 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Brateman, Samuel30 Dec 189927 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Brateman, Sylvia29 Nov 1907Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Bratt, Betty17 Jul 1923Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Bratt, Blanche E17 Sep 19187 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Bratt, Kenneth18 Aug 1917Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Brattain, Georgia13 Feb 1903Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Brattain, Harry7 Oct 1902Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Brattain, Lucile8 Oct 1904Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Bratth, D25 May 1928Feb 1990New Haven
Bratton, D H7 May 19269 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Bratton, Dorris20 Sep 1938Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Bratton, Lena6 Jun 194222 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Bratton, Lucy M21 Mar 193619 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Bratton, Sarah L28 Mar 193423 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Braucher, Georgia A31 Aug 191519 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Braucher, Lewis J5 Oct 191027 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Brauchla, Randall4 Jul 1927May 1983Fort Wayne
Braun, Agnes J1 Nov 1928Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Braun, Albert14 Aug 1916Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Braun, Andrew20 Nov 1890Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Braun, Anna4 Oct 1886Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Braun, Anton15 Apr 1894Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Braun, Arnold5 Nov 1902May 1974New Haven
Braun, Arthur13 Jul 1899Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Braun, Arthur30 Oct 1909Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Braun, Arthur C8 Jan 190216 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Braun, Bernice W27 Apr 189717 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Braun, Bertha29 Aug 1888Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Braun, Bertha5 Oct 1892Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Braun, Bertha18 Nov 1882Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Braun, Betty J28 Nov 192420 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Braun, Carl29 Nov 1889Jul 1973Grabill
Braun, Catherine4 Oct 1885Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Braun, Cecilia17 Jan 1891Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Braun, Clara7 Nov 1891Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Braun, Clara10 Nov 1889Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Braun, Clara M8 Jun 19086 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Braun, Clarence16 Jun 1898Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Braun, Clarence14 Jun 1906Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Braun, Dorothy2 Aug 1924Oct 1977New Haven
Braun, Dorothy M2 Jan 1914Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Braun, Edna M6 Jul 1920Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Braun, Eldon W2 Oct 19225 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Braun, Elmer8 Sep 1908Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Braun, Elmer29 Aug 1908Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Braun, Ethel30 Jan 1897Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Braun, Florence15 Jul 1889Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Braun, Florence23 Aug 1906May 1985Fort Wayne
Braun, Fred9 Oct 1875Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Braun, Georgia23 Aug 1909Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Braun, Geraldine6 Sep 1914Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Braun, Grace18 Sep 1894May 1987Fort Wayne
Braun, Harold G28 May 191426 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Braun, Harry30 Jun 1898Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Braun, Herbert18 Nov 1895Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Braun, Herman9 Aug 1899Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Braun, James H30 Mar 192221 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Braun, Jerome J31 Mar 192728 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Braun, Jessie7 May 1898Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Braun, Julia23 Oct 1886Jun 1975New Haven
Braun, Lavern9 Aug 1918Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Braun, Leah30 Nov 1910Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Braun, Leona R15 Mar 19259 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Braun, Lloyd I21 Jul 189917 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Braun, Lois J24 Apr 19358 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Braun, Lucille G27 Jun 19117 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Braun, Lucille V6 Mar 19204 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Braun, Mary C13 Jan 190122 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Braun, Melvin W20 Apr 191016 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Braun, Michael A25 Feb 195515 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Braun, Minnie L18 Mar 191824 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Braun, Myrtle2 Jul 191215 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Braun, N10 Jun 192915 Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Braun, Naomi17 Mar 1905Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Braun, Nellie T14 Apr 190723 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Braun, Oscar24 May 1902May 1984Fort Wayne
Braun, Otto2 Apr 1896Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Braun, Paul A11 Nov 193328 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Braun, Pearl16 Aug 1916Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Braun, Ralph E9 Aug 19251 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Braun, Richard A11 Feb 19234 Mar 2006New Haven
Braun, Richard E29 Feb 193215 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Braun, Richard P16 Apr 192218 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Braun, Robert E28 May 192810 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Braun, Rolland F14 Feb 191024 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Braun, Rudolf A18 Feb 192114 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Braun, Ruth14 Nov 1901Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Braun, Terry L13 Feb 19449 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Braun, Thomas A11 Sep 19314 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Braun, Victor22 Dec 1906Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Braun, Viola5 Apr 1892Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Braun, Viola I26 Sep 191426 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Braun, Wilbert G19 Apr 191422 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Braungart, Mae9 Dec 1897Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Brautzsch, Jemina L21 Sep 192222 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Brautzsch, Marjorie E2 Feb 19156 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Bravick, Joel K30 Aug 19332 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Brawner, Louvenia9 Aug 1897Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Bray, Agnes11 Jun 1896Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Bray, Beverly A2 Jun 193913 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Bray, Billy1 May 19351 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Bray, Charles5 Sep 1883Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Bray, Freda6 May 1920Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Bray, Juanita18 Jul 19097 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Bray, Leona5 Oct 1888Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Bray, Mildred E13 Feb 19073 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Bray, William23 Dec 1909Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Brayer, Amy7 Dec 1905Jan 1980Grabill
Brayer, Celeste26 Mar 1901Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Brayer, Donald31 Dec 1904Jan 1980Grabill
Brayer, Michael N27 Feb 190317 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Brayton, A Opal2 Jul 191611 May 1990Fort Wayne
Brayton, Ellen R15 Aug 191427 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Brayton, George9 Aug 1907Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Brayton, L5 May 1907Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Brayton, Russell M26 Apr 19129 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Brazelton, James3 Jun 1908Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Brazelton, Mabel6 Mar 1910Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Brazier, Edward1 Dec 1892Jun 1966New Haven
Brazil, Martha L26 Oct 192111 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Brazill, James V20 Nov 19529 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Brebner, Doris25 Oct 1914Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Brecheisen, Elsie27 Sep 1890Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Brecht, Carl8 Jun 1901May 1967Fort Wayne
Brecht, Eugene E9 May 192210 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Brecht, Iver4 Oct 19166 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Brecht, Mary C20 Jan 191421 May 2008Fort Wayne
Breckler, M Magdalen M3 May 190113 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Bredemeier, Anita24 Jul 1890May 1966Fort Wayne
Bredemeier, Astrid J20 Apr 191214 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Bredemeier, Herbert G14 Feb 191123 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Bredemeier, Ottilie29 Sep 1881Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Bredemeyer, Carl W1 Feb 19149 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Bredemeyer, Caroline21 May 19077 Dec 2006New Haven
Bredemeyer, Donald E23 Dec 19263 May 1997Fort Wayne
Bredemeyer, Dorothy J15 Oct 192016 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Bredemeyer, Elmer T2 Apr 193118 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Bredemeyer, Esther A22 Oct 1901Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Bredemeyer, Ferdinand W10 May 1906Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Bredemeyer, Fred A4 Apr 191730 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Bredemeyer, Fred W26 Dec 193015 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Bredemeyer, Gerry J18 Sep 191916 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Bredemeyer, Herman12 Sep 19056 Mar 1988New Haven
Bredemeyer, Hermina P18 Jun 19101 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Bredemeyer, Marcelle H13 Mar 192026 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Bredemeyer, Richard C7 Aug 193022 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Bredemeyer, Robert H1 Oct 19155 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Bredemeyer, Robert W15 May 190931 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Bredemeyer, Virginia M19 Nov 191721 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Breece, Dorothy10 Jul 190828 Jul 1995New Haven
Breeden, Bethel W1 Dec 19108 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Breeden, Charles W12 Jan 193411 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Breeden, Clara E17 Mar 191921 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Breeden, Frank E20 Aug 19211 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Breeden, Lillian17 Oct 1914Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Breeden, Nolena11 Jun 1901Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Breeden, William H20 Dec 192911 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Breedlove, Essie11 Jun 1897Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Breedlove, Evelyn H1 Jun 192212 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Breedlove, Fannie7 Apr 1926Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Breedlove, George13 Jul 1900Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Breedlove, James7 Jan 1903Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Breedlove, James I13 Jul 19198 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Breedlove, Jason31 Dec 1970Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Breedlove, Lillian2 Apr 1903Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Breese, Nona21 Dec 1904Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Bregendahl, Elsie20 Sep 1894Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Bregin, Rosemary M12 May 194222 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Brehm, Armonella R22 Jan 192224 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Brehm, Chloa20 Aug 1900Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Brehm, Doris L6 Oct 192822 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Brehm, Marie E30 May 190614 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Brehm, Sandra18 Aug 1941Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Breidenstein, Rodney15 Sep 1893Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Breidert, Evelyn H10 Mar 191711 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Breidert, Robert F29 Nov 191615 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Breight, Herman27 Dec 1888Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Breihof, Jacob25 May 1888Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Breimeier, Bertha1 Apr 1886Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Breimeier, Clara27 Apr 190610 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Breimeier, Eleanor25 Dec 1894Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Breimeier, Otto20 Sep 1891Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Breimeier, Paul31 Jan 1905Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Breimeier, Theodore15 Nov 1881Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Breiner, Mary Frances23 Jun 190620 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Breinfalk, Catherine M31 Dec 192319 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Breinfalk, Eileen M7 Jul 19208 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Breinfalk, George28 Mar 1907May 1987Fort Wayne
Breinfalk, George30 Sep 192214 May 2007Fort Wayne
Breinfalk, Jeanette R21 Mar 192210 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Breinfalk, Joseph3 May 190511 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Breinfalk, Max15 Jan 191728 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Breininger, Carrie8 Apr 1888Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Breininger, Ned E16 Mar 19262 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Breininger, Patricia J22 Mar 19281 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Breisch, Juanita J6 Mar 192915 Dec 2002New Haven
Breisch, William21 Oct 1899Jul 1980New Haven
Breit, Geneva M7 May 191723 Oct 1998Woodburn
Breit, John13 Jul 1914Mar 1984Woodburn
Breitenbach, Dominic P9 Nov 189615 Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Breitenbach, Mayme15 Oct 1891Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Breive, T R30 Nov 194211 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Breman, Carl R14 Dec 19258 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Breman, Clara9 Jun 1920Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Breman, Joseph H10 Aug 190513 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Breman, Marie28 Nov 1906Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Breman, Ruth10 Dec 1904Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Bremer, Anna19 Jan 1885Apr 1977New Haven
Bremer, Anna15 Dec 1895Feb 1976New Haven
Bremer, Billie2 Nov 1906Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Bremer, Clara10 Feb 1893Apr 1979New Haven
Bremer, Frank21 Apr 1894Aug 1982New Haven
Bremer, Gladys6 Jul 1899Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Bremer, Harold1 Apr 1901Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Bremer, Kenneth H16 Jul 193125 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Bremer, Lalah F16 Aug 1905Jun 1992New Haven
Bremer, Margaret21 Jan 1930Feb 1986New Haven
Bremer, Marguerit P21 Feb 191515 Dec 1998Woodburn
Bremer, Martin1 Mar 1903Jan 1986New Haven
Bremer, Ruth E21 Nov 191827 Oct 2004Monroeville
Bremer, Walter E15 Aug 191524 Oct 1992Woodburn
Bremer, William3 Nov 1902Feb 1982New Haven
Bremer, William30 Aug 1927Jul 1984New Haven
Bremer, William C5 Apr 192923 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Bremerkamp, Clara25 Jul 1889Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Bremerkamp, Mary L18 Dec 1918Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Bren, J13 Aug 1937Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Brendel, Arthur18 Jun 1915Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Brendel, Charles W8 May 190825 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Brendel, Genevieve L3 Aug 19119 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Brendel, George23 May 1905May 1979Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Brendel, Glenn J16 Mar 191214 May 1997Spencerville
Brendel, Ione13 Jul 1910Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Brendel, Jacquelyn D13 Apr 195327 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Brendel, John24 May 1905Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Brendel, Lew C18 Jun 190527 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Brendel, Martha22 Feb 1909Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Brendel, Ruth B16 Apr 191313 Feb 2003Harlan
Brendell, Harry R17 Jun 19302 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Brendle, Evelyn L11 Aug 192514 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Brendle, Fred1 May 1922May 1986Fort Wayne
Breninger, Paul E11 Oct 189815 Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Brenizer, Leo12 Jan 1897Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Brenizer, Nelda G28 Jul 191712 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Brenkus, Aloysius16 Jun 190421 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Brenn, Earl19 Jun 191723 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Brenn, Honee11 Oct 1937Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Brenn, L O4 Feb 194115 Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Brenn, Ruth6 Sep 19209 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Brennan, Anna27 Aug 1891Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Brennan, Bartlett T6 Dec 192920 Jan 2007Churubusco
Brennan, Fay24 Jul 1899Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Brennan, Helen21 Mar 1908Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Brennan, P W18 Sep 191425 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Brennan, Robert25 Apr 1896Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Brennan, Thomas E3 Nov 194713 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Brennan, William11 Mar 1910Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Brenneke, Carrie26 Aug 1886Jun 1970Woodburn
Brenneke, Emma14 Apr 1891Jan 1986Woodburn
Brenneke, Harold D1 Mar 191322 May 1999Woodburn
Brenneke, Herman21 Nov 1888Aug 1970Woodburn
Brenneke, Ida24 Apr 1890Aug 1970Woodburn
Brenneke, Lorenz3 Sep 1918May 1974Woodburn
Brenneke, Norbert A14 Mar 191517 Mar 1990Woodburn
Brenneke, Norman H27 Mar 192025 Apr 2005Woodburn
Brenneman, Dean M16 Oct 193228 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Brenneman, Elsie L15 Nov 189920 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Brenneman, Herber16 Jan 1898May 1981Fort Wayne
Brenneman, Kerry E4 Jun 195219 Jun 2006Huntertown
Brenneman, Mabel S28 Jan 191326 Jan 1998New Haven
Brenneman, Michael L18 Mar 194627 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Brenneman, Ralph A5 Apr 191310 Dec 2002Woodburn
Brenneman, Virgil11 Oct 1906Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Brennenstuhl, Donna F23 Feb 194621 May 2008Churubusco
Brenner, Chris R31 Aug 193210 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Brenner, Helen31 Jan 1900Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Brenock, John W6 Sep 191420 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Brenock, Martha G28 Sep 191427 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Brenstrom, Bernice E28 Oct 191312 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Brenstrom, John26 Jun 1908Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Brenton, Leonard15 Jul 1907Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Brenton, Ray24 Aug 1903Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Brents, Chester10 Aug 1892Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Bresler, Ruth29 Jan 1912Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Bresnahan, Edmond29 Apr 1906Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Bresnahan, Edward3 Mar 1881Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Bresnahan, James A7 Sep 19258 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Bressler, Edward E20 Oct 1921Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Bressler, George26 Jan 1907Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Bressler, Lois15 Dec 1930Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Bressler, Violet W22 Nov 1910Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Brett, Emily21 Feb 1896Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Brett, Lewis22 Sep 1896Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Brettelle, Alexander15 Mar 1876Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Brettelle, Euphemia1 Jan 1891Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Bretz, Alice18 Dec 1888May 1986Huntertown
Bretz, Dorothy A20 Jan 192820 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Breuning, Alice J18 Sep 192319 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Brewer Ii, Victor H7 Sep 197027 May 2002Fort Wayne
Brewer Roberts, Julia Mae30 Aug 192031 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Brewer, Barbara J6 Nov 19345 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Brewer, Betty20 May 1927Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Brewer, Beverly A15 Sep 194910 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Brewer, Cecile Keesee30 Jun 191119 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Brewer, Coleridge L9 Jul 191624 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Brewer, Daisy6 Aug 1889Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Brewer, Doris8 Sep 1914Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Brewer, Eileen23 Feb 192431 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Brewer, Elizabeth M16 May 19232 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Brewer, Elsie11 Jul 1891Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Brewer, Evelyn14 Feb 191514 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Brewer, Faye H3 Apr 193328 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Brewer, Georgia L4 May 192923 May 1994Fort Wayne
Brewer, Harold2 Apr 1954Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Brewer, Henry I22 Feb 192323 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Brewer, Irene31 Oct 19433 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Brewer, J31 May 192517 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Brewer, Jack21 Jan 1909Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Brewer, Leo26 Apr 1893Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Brewer, Lillian23 Mar 1921Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Brewer, Marvin25 Oct 193524 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Brewer, Mary D17 Jun 1908Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Brewer, Nora E17 Jul 19231 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Brewer, Paul23 Feb 1907Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Brewer, Robert L4 Jan 19501 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Brewer, Ruth C17 Nov 192210 Dec 1992Grabill
Brewer, William5 Jan 1946Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Brewer, William L3 May 191222 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Brewster, Chester O12 Jul 1916Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Brewster, Donald T28 Nov 194627 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Brewster, Eunice19 Nov 1932Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Brewster, Gwendolyn11 Mar 1910Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Brewster, Hazel V7 Sep 190730 Aug 2008New Haven
Brewster, Joseph1 Sep 1912Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Brewster, Mainard24 Jun 1906Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Brewster, Melvin25 Dec 1910Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Brewster, Rex A21 Feb 195722 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Brewster, Susan E3 Feb 192129 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Brewster, Thomas E7 Feb 196824 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Brewster, William7 Mar 1908Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Brezette, Robert M6 Sep 19369 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Brice, Charles C28 Apr 192817 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Brice, Ida25 May 1891Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Brice, Leona T3 Apr 191918 Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Bricker, Calvin J16 Apr 192510 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Bricker, Earl19 Feb 1884Sep 1967Churubusco
Bricker, Florence30 Mar 1881Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Bricker, Louis5 Nov 192410 Dec 1991New Haven
Bricker, Lucille W1 Jan 1921Apr 1994Churubusco
Bricker, Mabel31 Oct 1897Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Bricker, Nathan27 Sep 1894Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Brickley, Delila B8 Oct 192716 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Brickley, Elijah A24 Jun 19991 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Brickley, Hillard13 Apr 1894Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Brickley, Jack B3 Nov 19285 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Brickley, John J19 Aug 195030 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Brickley, Justine L28 Feb 191331 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Brickley, Kathryn4 Nov 1905Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Brickley, Leonard24 Aug 1912Nov 1981Yoder
Brickley, Louise A12 Feb 192530 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Brickley, Luverne E4 Aug 19128 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Brickley, Marvel L15 Sep 19048 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Brickley, Max J8 Jun 19254 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Brickley, Maxine W9 Feb 191611 Mar 2002Yoder
Brickley, Vaughn11 May 1903Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Brickley, Wayne D12 Feb 192419 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Bridegam, Elias22 Dec 1874Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Bridge, Arlo26 Mar 1906May 1978Fort Wayne
Bridge, Daniel24 Dec 1908Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Bridge, Helen21 Jun 1908Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Bridge, Kathryn21 Nov 1910Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Bridge, Marie M23 Nov 190819 Jul 2001Woodburn
Bridge, Richard15 Feb 193514 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Bridge, William26 May 1904May 1975Fort Wayne
Bridges, Clarence2 Feb 194130 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Bridges, David A28 Nov 189825 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Bridges, Dollie R8 Jan 19044 Dec 1991Yoder
Bridges, George7 Nov 1891Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Bridges, Lynda D22 Apr 195024 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Bridges, Myrle18 Sep 1914Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Bridges, Opal26 Aug 1902Mar 1986New Haven
Bridges, Prince5 May 1894Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Bridges, William22 May 193727 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Bridges, William L31 Aug 192128 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Bridgett, George7 Aug 1900Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Bridgett, Pearl22 Apr 1905Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Bridgewater, Gerald L15 Aug 192816 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Bridgewater, Wilma12 Jul 190820 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Briede Jr, Willard23 Jan 1929Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Briede, E L17 May 19029 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Briegel, Arnold Eug E21 Jul 191718 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Briegel, Donald T14 Nov 191916 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Briegel, Fey K5 Nov 188719 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Briegel, Ida S5 Feb 19285 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Briegel, Kathleen25 Oct 1925May 1987Fort Wayne
Briegel, Ruth3 Feb 1903Jun 1985Woodburn
Briel, Esther14 Mar 1898May 1987Fort Wayne
Briel, Fred25 Jul 1897Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Brielmaier, Frederick30 May 1903Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Brielmaier, Lucille9 Apr 190511 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Briggeman, Bernadette6 Mar 1902Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Briggeman, Harold F17 Dec 190023 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Briggeman, Joanne6 May 19271 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Briggeman, Margaret P28 Aug 190414 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Briggemann, Frederick27 Nov 1888Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Briggins, Samuel L26 Oct 194813 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Briggs, Charles A2 Nov 193631 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Briggs, Charles E6 Sep 190923 May 2002Fort Wayne
Briggs, Charlotte C14 Nov 191115 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Briggs, Clayton2 Jun 1904Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Briggs, Ed R19 May 191630 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Briggs, Ethel25 Dec 1902Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Briggs, Fred E26 Apr 191814 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Briggs, Hildegarde26 Aug 1897Jan 1981Churubusco
Briggs, Joe27 Jan 1915Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Briggs, Joseph L8 Oct 192111 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Briggs, Linda J1 Jan 19522 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Briggs, Lucinda5 Feb 1897Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Briggs, Maud N14 Jul 19121 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Briggs, Orie23 Nov 1896Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Briggs, Rollin G21 Mar 191025 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Briggs, Shirley1 Jul 1942Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Brigham, Bertha3 Jun 1893Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Brigham, Dolina2 Jun 1923Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Brigham, George11 Dec 1929Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Brigham, Mary A9 Oct 194226 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Brigham, Mildred4 Aug 1898Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Bright, George E1 Sep 194917 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Bright, Gerald F15 Oct 192021 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Bright, Grace E21 Nov 19223 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Bright, Helen8 Aug 191318 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Bright, Jeanne17 Oct 1942Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Bright, Johnella9 Jan 193628 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Bright, Margaret11 Aug 1887Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Bright, Mary L2 Jun 191710 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Bright, Robert L14 May 193319 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Bright, Terry E17 Mar 19418 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Brighton, Don26 Oct 1896Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Brighton, Homer20 May 1894Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Brigman, Elvina D31 Dec 191421 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Brigman, Virginia M16 Sep 193926 Dec 2005Roanoke
Brimeyer, Roy26 Oct 1898Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Brimmer, Mary3 May 1881Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Brincefield, Vera19 Jun 1907Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Brinck, Clara1 Jun 1887Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Brindle, Cordelia4 Nov 1902Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Brindle, Edwin D18 May 19211 Mar 2010Fort Wayne
Brindle, Frank4 Nov 1895Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Brindle, Gladys A23 Mar 190413 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Brindle, Guy4 Dec 1891Aug 1971Roanoke
Brindle, Jewel W19 Jan 19141 Jul 1996Yoder
Brindle, Lydia1 Apr 1907Jul 1983Roanoke
Brindle, Mark3 Mar 190328 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Brindley, Eileen E1 Aug 191425 May 2003Churubusco
Brineman, David B23 Nov 19338 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Brineman, Marceline S22 Jan 192526 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Briner, Dora H5 Nov 190818 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Briner, Robert11 Jan 1891Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Bringham, Alice M14 Dec 192921 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Bringham, John12 Sep 1902Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Brink, Carl L12 Jul 191110 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Brink, Catherine29 May 19159 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Brink, David K10 May 19488 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Brinker, Bert18 Feb 1908Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Brinker, Dolores20 May 191729 May 1998Fort Wayne
Brinker, Edward20 Jan 1884Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Brinker, H E19 Nov 194215 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Brinker, Harriett V19 Feb 191721 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Brinker, Jeanette M10 Nov 191325 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Brinker, John3 Aug 1884Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Brinker, Mary17 Jan 1887Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Brinker, Mary E27 Feb 192129 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Brinker, Verree4 Feb 191817 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Brinker, William17 Sep 1913May 1983Fort Wayne
Brinker, William C23 May 195524 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Brinkerhoff, Harry29 Nov 1900Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Brinkman, Bertha8 Nov 1886Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Brinkman, Carl L20 Apr 191317 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Brinkman, Elzina3 Apr 1909Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Brinkman, Ernest8 Apr 1906Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Brinkman, Fred4 Jul 1903May 1974Fort Wayne
Brinkman, George H17 Nov 190824 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Brinkman, Karen S9 Dec 194727 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Brinkman, Kathleen26 Aug 1922Dec 1984New Haven
Brinkman, Lucile S31 Dec 19071 May 1996Fort Wayne
Brinkman, Roger V29 Oct 192129 Jun 1995New Haven
Brinkman, Velma Grace18 Feb 19125 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Brinkroeger, Blanche13 Aug 1903Jan 1980New Haven, Fort Wayne
Brinkroeger, Edith24 May 1884Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Brinkroeger, Herbert26 Oct 1900Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Brinkroeger, Paul4 Apr 1909Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Brinneman, Lilly2 Jan 1883Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Brintley, Evie9 Jun 1921Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Brintley, German28 Jun 1904Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Briones, Maria G25 Jan 194514 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Briseno, Delores M16 Jan 193622 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Briseno, M2 Aug 194915 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Brisentine, Mamie D1 May 19278 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Brisentine, Ronny L16 Jan 19637 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Brisentine, William C16 Dec 19234 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Bristle, Robert W18 Feb 192530 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Bristol, Irene24 Aug 1890Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Bristol, Oscar L30 Jun 19256 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Bristol, Virginia6 Dec 1929Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Bristow, Barbara J15 Jan 192719 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Bristow, James M31 Dec 191620 May 2000Fort Wayne
Bristow, Matthew A1 Jul 195713 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Brita, Anthony F28 Jul 192030 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Brita, Antoinette R23 Jun 19239 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Britt, John5 May 1897Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Britt, Myrtle22 Jun 1917Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Brittain, Austin R21 Apr 190924 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Brittain, Mary A14 Apr 194413 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Britten, Mildred29 Mar 1917Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Britten, Raymond L22 Feb 192826 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Brittenham, Catherine R26 Sep 19178 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Brittenham, George29 Sep 1881Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Brittenham, John W15 Sep 191522 May 1997Fort Wayne
Brittin, James26 May 1909Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Brittin, Jeannette29 Jan 1910Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Britton, Dorothy S22 Feb 19214 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Britton, Ellen M6 Dec 192416 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Britton, Faye H27 Aug 191610 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Britton, Frank27 Mar 1906May 1983Fort Wayne
Britton, James B4 Apr 194318 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Britton, Jewell13 Dec 1897Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Britton, Lee A29 Jan 19362 May 2004Fort Wayne
Britton, Park L4 Jan 191728 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Brittson, John1 Apr 1916Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Brittson, Joseph12 Feb 1881Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Broadnax, Edward24 Aug 1954Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Broadnax, Eloise13 Jul 193010 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Brock Priebe, Phyllis A26 Nov 193312 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Brock, Beatrice I8 Aug 19075 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Brock, Bernice3 May 19032 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Brock, Burley15 Dec 193518 Mar 2009New Haven
Brock, Catherine9 Jun 19099 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Brock, David N8 May 196313 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Brock, Donald28 Oct 193425 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Brock, Dora14 Oct 192629 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Brock, Dora H15 Nov 19388 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Brock, Doris J23 Dec 193126 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Brock, Dorothy7 Jun 192826 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Brock, Elisha8 Jan 193024 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Brock, Fred2 Sep 1912Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Brock, Garfield22 Aug 1920Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Brock, Gilbert B7 Jan 195111 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Brock, Grant26 Aug 1915Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Brock, Herman8 Mar 19563 May 2001Fort Wayne
Brock, Herman27 Mar 192716 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Brock, J V20 Jan 190428 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Brock, John16 Nov 1915Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Brock, Joseph O23 Mar 190216 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Brock, Judith A17 May 194514 Nov 2002Woodburn
Brock, Junior15 Oct 1935Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Brock, Leta M7 Aug 190519 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Brock, Luther27 Mar 192727 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Brock, M E23 Mar 196015 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Brock, Martha28 Feb 191613 Feb 2005New Haven
Brock, Mary15 Oct 1923Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Brock, Norma21 Sep 1929Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Brock, Patricia M14 Feb 193620 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Brock, Sue A27 Sep 193812 Aug 2004Hoagland
Brock, Violus21 Dec 1933Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Brock, Virginia17 Mar 192314 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Brocke, Elmer14 Jan 1904Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Brockerman, George L18 Jan 192924 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Brockerman, Viola M5 Apr 192228 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Brockhaus, Edward6 Oct 1902Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Brockhaus, Edward17 May 1924Jul 1983Churubusco
Brockhaus, Lavern10 Dec 1920Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Brockhaus, Lynn Edward24 Oct 194615 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Brockhaus, Marcella29 May 1904Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Brockhaus, Robert D7 Jul 19224 Jan 1996New Haven
Brockhaus, Ruth E26 Sep 191520 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Brockhouse, Carol J15 Jan 19346 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Brockhouse, Elmer14 Aug 1920Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Brockhouse, Lucille B22 May 19295 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Brockhouse, Richard J28 May 192415 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Brockman, Catherine14 Feb 1883Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Brockman, Clarabelle L28 Aug 192626 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Brockman, Clyde15 Feb 1933Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Brockman, Harry1 Jan 1889Oct 1975New Haven
Brockman, Larry C15 Jan 19384 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Brockman, Wayne30 Jun 193024 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Brockman, William24 Oct 1882Jun 1969New Haven
Brockmann, Anna27 May 1911Oct 1980New Haven
Brockmann, Ernst H24 May 190526 Dec 1992New Haven
Brockmann, Wavelene24 Feb 190926 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Brockmeyer, Anna30 Apr 1880Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Brockmeyer, Arthur14 Aug 1902Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Brockmeyer, Irwin17 Nov 1906Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Brockmeyer, Josephine A13 Jun 193313 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Brockmeyer, Luella30 Mar 1910May 1994Fort Wayne
Brockmeyer, Paul27 Jan 1896May 1979Fort Wayne
Brockmeyer, Roland M11 Jan 19288 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Brockmeyer, Theodore3 Jul 1912Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Brockmyer, Anne31 Aug 1939Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Brockmyer, Eva17 Feb 1899Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Brockmyer, Herbert C13 Jun 191020 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Brockmyer, Waunetah M10 Mar 191128 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Brockriede, Lydia18 Jul 1887Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Brockup, Joseph22 Jun 1880Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Brockup, William23 Jul 1925Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Brockway, Marsha D4 Apr 194828 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Brockway, Paul E10 Jun 192221 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Brockway, Thomas L23 Jan 194719 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Brockway, Virginia14 Jan 1927Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Broda, Henry J6 Oct 193519 Aug 2003Grabill
Broda, Marguerite F31 Jul 19314 May 2001Grabill
Brodbeck, Bernice M28 Sep 190426 Aug 2002Churubusco
Brodbeck, Donna Mae28 Sep 192925 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Brodbeck, Lawrence Eugene29 Jun 19262 May 2008Fort Wayne
Brodbeck, Louise30 Sep 19051 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Broddie, John8 May 1913Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Broddie, Mary L2 Apr 191530 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Broderick, Claire M4 Feb 190230 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Broderick, James T17 May 191528 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Broderick, M21 Feb 1888May 1968Fort Wayne
Broderick, Patrick6 Feb 1878Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Brodrick, Dorothy15 May 190613 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Brodrick, Robert29 Oct 1915Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Broeking, Robert W29 Sep 193129 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Broemmel, M21 Feb 1874Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Broermann, Elizabeth1 Feb 1893Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Brofford, Ray7 Aug 1918Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Brogan, John D7 Jun 19288 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Brogan, Mary A6 Jun 192730 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Brohm, Norman H30 Sep 191629 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Brohman, Mary J26 May 190729 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Broka, Buddy K9 Apr 194311 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Brokamp, Johanna22 Mar 1890Oct 1983Monroeville
Brokaw, Carl17 Nov 1898Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Brokaw, Helen23 Mar 1903Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Brokaw, Oscar24 Mar 1878Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Brolyer, Bertha16 Dec 1891Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Bromberek, Arthur C4 Nov 192412 May 2003Fort Wayne
Bromelmeier, Helen11 Sep 1899May 1979Fort Wayne
Bromelmeier, Ralph30 Apr 1900Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Bromley, Luman7 May 1925Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Bronaugh, Phillip E14 Sep 193915 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Bronsing, Charles28 Aug 1894Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Bronstein, Fannie S4 Oct 19026 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Bronstein, Isreal10 Feb 1894Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Bronstetter, Margaret15 Nov 19159 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Brooke, Alice19 Feb 1905Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Brooke, Chloie14 Jan 1887Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Brooke, David7 Jan 194626 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Brooke, Isabel J15 May 191427 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Brooke, James F21 Nov 190911 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Brooke, Rita L4 Sep 1944Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Brooker, Ruby Irene2 Nov 192223 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Brookhart, Ermal19 Aug 1895Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Brookins, Mary13 Apr 1893Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Brookmyer, Floyd J15 Apr 191330 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Brooks, Anne12 Jul 1927Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Brooks, Arlene18 Nov 1936Jan 1984New Haven, Fort Wayne
Brooks, Bailey L9 Mar 19295 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Brooks, Bessie28 Dec 18933 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Brooks, Betsy6 Jul 1901Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Brooks, Blanche28 Feb 1909Dec 1973New Haven
Brooks, Carl22 Jan 1906Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Brooks, Clifton R26 Apr 192014 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Brooks, Corrinne M13 Dec 19145 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Brooks, Donald P23 Apr 194910 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Brooks, Dorothy Ruth29 Oct 194327 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Brooks, Douglas P26 Jun 193116 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Brooks, Earl13 Aug 195218 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Brooks, Earlean25 Oct 193230 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Brooks, Edward5 Sep 1908Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Brooks, Edward25 Apr 192317 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Brooks, Elizabeth P20 Jan 19107 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Brooks, Elsie5 Feb 1890Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Brooks, Emma12 Aug 1884Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Brooks, Emmett4 Aug 1888Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Brooks, Eugene9 Jun 1896Aug 1969New Haven
Brooks, Evins8 Jan 19513 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Brooks, Evins8 May 192829 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Brooks, Fannie M11 Jan 192530 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Brooks, Gertrude2 Jul 1901Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Brooks, Grace T9 Jan 19084 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Brooks, Gwendolyn26 Mar 1909Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Brooks, Harold B9 Dec 194213 Oct 2004New Haven
Brooks, Helen E5 May 190925 Mar 2004New Haven
Brooks, Hosey10 Sep 1899Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Brooks, Howard30 Jan 1900Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Brooks, Irene A9 Sep 18996 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Brooks, Ivan K8 Feb 190529 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Brooks, James14 Jul 1914Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Brooks, James W22 Oct 1913Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Brooks, Jeffrey M3 Jul 195918 Nov 2007New Haven
Brooks, John29 Oct 195515 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Brooks, Joyce K7 Sep 194728 Aug 2005Roanoke
Brooks, Lawrence P24 Nov 19314 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Brooks, Leola Y17 Jul 1906Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Brooks, Leroy25 Aug 1908Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Brooks, Lucille A8 Dec 19138 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Brooks, Maggie5 Mar 1929Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Brooks, Margaret4 Feb 19186 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Brooks, Martha V1 Mar 192425 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Brooks, Mary16 Nov 1906Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Brooks, Mary J28 Jul 192511 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Brooks, Milton W22 Oct 19267 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Brooks, Nancy M1 Jan 19225 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Brooks, Nora13 Sep 1906Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Brooks, Orla15 Jul 1902Jan 1970New Haven
Brooks, Otis J2 Jan 195015 May 2005Fort Wayne
Brooks, Patricia A19 Jun 193126 Feb 2009New Haven
Brooks, Penne C24 Sep 194322 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Brooks, Richard A11 Dec 192915 Oct 1994New Haven
Brooks, Richard L4 Nov 194419 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Brooks, Robert C7 Aug 1922Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Brooks, Robert L13 Sep 193724 Jul 2000Churubusco
Brooks, Roosevelt28 Apr 1932Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Brooks, Russell E15 Sep 19073 Nov 1993New Haven
Brooks, Shirley A14 Dec 19556 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Brooks, Susan A10 Jun 196612 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Brooks, Vernon29 Jun 192216 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Brooks, Wayne A12 Jun 196226 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Brooks, Willa6 Dec 1913Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Brooks, William J22 Jan 191715 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Brooks, Willie M7 Aug 192022 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Brooks, Wodie10 Mar 19263 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Brookshire, James H29 Sep 193426 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Brookshire, Leslie2 Apr 193628 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Brookshire, Rachel24 Aug 192820 May 1995Fort Wayne
Brookshire, Willie18 Sep 1937Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Broom, John J W9 Apr 191721 Sep 2000New Haven
Brophy, Gertraude H27 Sep 19255 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Brosher, Jane F4 Mar 1895Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Brosius, Martha25 Sep 1887Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Brosius, Robert11 Feb 1911Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Brosler, Clara18 Mar 1897Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Brosler, William22 Mar 18966 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Brososki, Minnie1 Mar 1873Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Brososky, Donald F5 Jun 19382 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Brothers, Anthony R26 Jul 19058 Oct 1998New Haven
Brothers, Dorothy M8 Oct 19259 May 2004Fort Wayne
Brothers, Esther M21 May 190710 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Brothers, Hazel16 Jan 19088 Oct 1998New Haven
Brothers, John13 May 1903Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Brothers, Orville12 Oct 192121 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Brothers, Otis10 Nov 1925May 1979Fort Wayne
Brotherton, John15 Aug 1890Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Brotherton, Judy15 Sep 194018 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Brott, Frieda L24 Dec 19102 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Brott, Mary I14 Jul 191828 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Broucek, Clarence J3 Apr 191525 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Broucek, Dorothy M30 Apr 191924 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Brouer, Anneliese16 Feb 1903Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Brouer, Fritz21 May 1902Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Broughton, Alice3 Jul 1914Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Broughton, Oliver2 May 1906Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Brouse, Wayne W12 May 191927 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Brouwer, Asa31 Oct 1902Dec 1968Monroeville
Brouwer, Betty L1 Mar 193216 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Brouwer, Dollie24 May 1889Nov 1971Monroeville
Brouwer, Frank25 Mar 1899Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Brouwer, Grace4 Apr 1887Sep 1968Monroeville
Brouwer, Mary5 Jul 1886Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Brouwer, Mary J16 Apr 19255 Sep 2006Fort Wayne, Monroeville
Brouwer, Richard B22 Oct 19234 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Brouwer, Ronald J29 May 19327 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Brouwer, Russell9 Jul 1910Sep 1981Monroeville
Brouwer, Una G2 Oct 189923 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Browarsky, Bertha22 Apr 1897Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Browarsky, Harry7 Sep 1898Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Brower, Catherine M11 Sep 190721 May 1999Fort Wayne
Brower, Etta16 Apr 1893Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Brower, George26 Apr 1901Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Brower, Jessie A8 Jan 190011 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Brower, Josephine26 Aug 191622 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Brower, Miriam L13 Apr 19191 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Brower, Ronald Fay4 Jun 193623 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Brower, Roy17 Aug 1890Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Brower, Violet15 Jul 1900Jul 1980New Haven
Brower, Winona12 Jun 1889Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Brown Leedy, Anna F8 Sep 191527 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Brown, A J4 Nov 193315 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Brown, Adah V21 Nov 191427 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Brown, Agnes L12 Nov 19183 Jan 1996Monroeville
Brown, Albert4 Dec 19062 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Brown, Albertus29 Sep 1899Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Brown, Alfred12 Mar 1916Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Brown, Allen L4 Jan 193112 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Brown, Alma A26 Feb 192129 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Brown, Alma K17 Mar 190526 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Brown, Alonzo R22 Jun 189015 Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Brown, Alvin D13 Jul 192919 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Brown, Alvin S22 May 194518 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Brown, Annie27 Apr 1932Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Brown, Archibald14 Oct 19001 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Brown, Armetta L3 Aug 19159 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Brown, Artha V6 Aug 195724 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Brown, Arthur25 Oct 1897Apr 1986Hoagland
Brown, Arthur7 Dec 1899Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Brown, Arthur12 Jan 19166 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Brown, Barbara7 Nov 1889Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Brown, Barbara J13 Oct 19336 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Brown, Beatrice7 Mar 1900Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Brown, Benjamin24 Nov 1888May 1981Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Brown, Bernard20 Aug 1900Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Brown, Bertha B28 Feb 194720 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Brown, Bertha M10 Jun 191820 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Brown, Bessie26 Jan 1894Oct 1977Roanoke
Brown, Bessie E21 Mar 190523 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Brown, Betty2 Jul 192021 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Brown, Betty J8 Jul 19336 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Brown, Betty M1 May 192526 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Brown, Blanche R29 Mar 189715 Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Brown, Bonnie N16 Oct 19141 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Brown, Boyde R14 Jul 193125 May 2003Fort Wayne
Brown, Bruce12 Oct 1903Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Brown, Burney10 Mar 1897Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Brown, Carl A7 Apr 195522 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Brown, Carl E8 Dec 19239 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Brown, Carl R28 Dec 195017 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Brown, Caroline27 Nov 1907Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Brown, Caroline18 Mar 1893May 1974Fort Wayne
Brown, Carrie27 Jun 19076 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Brown, Catherine H27 Aug 192321 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Brown, Charles26 Jun 1911Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Brown, Charles15 Mar 1929Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Brown, Charles13 Jul 1892Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Brown, Charles21 Nov 1918Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Brown, Charles14 Oct 1877Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Brown, Charles E14 Sep 193822 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Brown, Charles R14 Apr 19183 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Brown, Charlotte31 Oct 1905Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Brown, Charlotte2 Feb 1916Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Brown, Charlotte A6 Mar 19006 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Brown, Charlotte P11 Oct 1907Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Brown, Chelsea12 Feb 1901Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Brown, Christine17 Mar 190412 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Brown, Christine26 Apr 1905Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Brown, Christine E17 Nov 195126 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Brown, Cinda26 Feb 19201 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Brown, Clara4 Feb 1889Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Brown, Clara26 Sep 1912Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Brown, Clarence5 Feb 1886Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Brown, Clarence10 Jun 193628 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Brown, Clay23 Jan 1913Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Brown, Clyde1 Mar 1890May 1974Fort Wayne
Brown, Constance Jeanne29 May 192528 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Brown, Cora1 Apr 1904Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Brown, Cora15 Apr 191222 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Brown, Coy4 Nov 1914Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Brown, Curtis19 Oct 193418 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Brown, Cyril4 Feb 1899Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Brown, D1 Mar 1905May 1978Harlan
Brown, D W11 Apr 194015 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Brown, Daisy10 Feb 1878Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Brown, Dale D25 Apr 191226 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Brown, David25 Dec 191614 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Brown, Della21 Feb 193723 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Brown, Dennis E5 Jun 195924 May 2007Fort Wayne
Brown, Dessie8 Mar 1893Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Brown, Don19 Jan 1900Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Brown, Donald29 Jul 1909Aug 1986Churubusco
Brown, Donald6 Aug 1917May 1983Fort Wayne
Brown, Donald10 Mar 1924Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Brown, Donald5 May 1919Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Brown, Donald E30 Apr 193710 Mar 2006Woodburn
Brown, Donna8 Mar 1918Nov 1982Leo
Brown, Donna L3 Aug 19594 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Brown, Dora17 Oct 1900Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Brown, Dorcas23 Aug 19077 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Brown, Doris E27 May 19269 May 1997Fort Wayne
Brown, Doris J8 Sep 190329 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Brown, Doris R27 May 193213 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Brown, Dorothy P28 May 191323 May 2000Fort Wayne
Brown, Dorothy Rita6 Sep 192113 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Brown, Dwayne1 Mar 193316 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Brown, Earl E20 Jul 190417 Dec 1996New Haven
Brown, Earle29 Nov 1918Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Brown, Edgar10 Aug 1896Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Brown, Edgar21 Jan 190417 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Brown, Edgar T12 May 19266 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Brown, Edna L23 Apr 192422 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Brown, Edward5 Nov 1934Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Brown, Eileen30 Apr 192014 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Brown, Eileen4 Jun 1918Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Brown, Elizabeth V27 Jan 193316 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Brown, Ella12 Jan 1917Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Brown, Ella Mae6 May 1915Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Brown, Elmer14 Feb 1893Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Brown, Elmer L30 Dec 192620 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Brown, Elmer W7 Mar 190712 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Brown, Elnor5 Dec 1898Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Brown, Elvita L11 Sep 195615 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Brown, Emil20 Sep 1910Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Brown, Emma12 Aug 1881Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Brown, Emma30 Oct 1889Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Brown, Ennis6 Nov 1917Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Brown, Eric3 Aug 1975May 1985Fort Wayne
Brown, Erma15 Oct 1905Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Brown, Ernest25 Dec 1901May 1978Fort Wayne
Brown, Erwin B22 Dec 19858 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Brown, Estelle11 Sep 1905Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Brown, Esther21 Oct 1905Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Brown, Esther R7 Aug 19112 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Brown, Eula2 Apr 1899Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Brown, Eva6 Mar 1900Jun 1978Woodburn
Brown, Evelyn8 Jun 191531 Mar 1998Monroeville
Brown, F Wayne18 Sep 192526 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Brown, Falda5 Jul 1911Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Brown, Fannie23 Feb 19367 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Brown, Flora18 Nov 1894Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Brown, Flora5 Jun 1909Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Brown, Florence A8 Dec 191019 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Brown, Florence M16 May 192026 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Brown, Floyd28 Aug 1911Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Brown, Fonda Elaine23 Sep 194423 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Brown, Forrest17 Jun 192220 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Brown, Fred5 Mar 1886Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Brown, Fred17 Apr 1889Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Brown, Freda19 Feb 1905Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Brown, Frederick A3 Dec 192823 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Brown, Frederick A26 Feb 195927 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Brown, George14 Apr 1920Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Brown, George2 Aug 1911Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Brown, Gerald23 Jun 1914Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Brown, Gerald2 Mar 1912Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Brown, Gerald J16 May 19151 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Brown, Gertrude9 Sep 1918Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Brown, Gilbert15 Jan 1904Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Brown, Gilbert22 Sep 1903May 1977Fort Wayne
Brown, Gladys L9 Aug 19113 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Brown, Glenn15 May 1891Jun 1980Roanoke
Brown, Glenn12 Mar 1917Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Brown, Gloria J15 Jul 19258 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Brown, Goldie17 Feb 1892Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Brown, Gregory K21 Feb 195711 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Brown, Guy31 Mar 190822 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Brown, Harold19 Feb 1896Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Brown, Harry20 Jul 1904Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Brown, Harry M18 Jan 191819 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Brown, Hazel17 Mar 1903Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Brown, Hazel K27 Jan 19123 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Brown, Helen4 Mar 1890Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Brown, Helen27 Jul 1913Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Brown, Helen E27 May 191220 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Brown, Helen F28 Jul 192014 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Brown, Helen L7 Sep 192510 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Brown, Helen L10 Jun 190630 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Brown, Helen P14 Aug 19293 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Brown, Henrietta24 Mar 1907Nov 1970Roanoke
Brown, Henry J6 Mar 191119 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Brown, Herman19 Nov 1905Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Brown, Hermione V14 Aug 190717 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Brown, Howard G3 Oct 191814 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Brown, Idonna R16 Mar 19082 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Brown, Ina11 Apr 1895Dec 1978Huntertown
Brown, Inez O26 Nov 191319 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Brown, Ira4 Mar 1883Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Brown, Ira L1 Jul 190522 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Brown, Irene12 May 1906Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Brown, Irene4 Jun 1907May 1971Fort Wayne
Brown, J B8 May 194815 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Brown, J Wallace2 Jan 19136 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Brown, Jabez7 Apr 1878Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Brown, Jack29 Jun 19307 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Brown, James1 Feb 1919Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Brown, James21 May 1928Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Brown, James D27 Dec 193227 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Brown, James D16 Jan 193716 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Brown, James F23 Nov 192626 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Brown, James F23 Sep 192410 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Brown, James J19 Jul 190616 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Brown, James W1 May 190517 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Brown, James W22 Oct 191922 Apr 2004Monroeville
Brown, Jean L9 Oct 19341 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Brown, Jeanette A3 Jun 19074 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Brown, Jeffrey P16 Sep 19704 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Brown, Jessica M20 Mar 1921Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Brown, Jessie28 Mar 1892Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Brown, Jim12 Apr 1894Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Brown, Joe17 Sep 19084 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Brown, Joe21 Dec 196611 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Brown, Joe S29 Aug 193515 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Brown, John18 Aug 1893Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Brown, John31 Jan 1874Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Brown, John12 Jan 1884Oct 1969Monroeville
Brown, John19 Jun 1890Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Brown, John Joseph25 Jun 194410 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Brown, John L6 Jun 191313 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Brown, John R15 May 193112 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Brown, John R11 Feb 192724 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Brown, Josefa12 Jul 193027 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Brown, Joseph22 Jul 1914Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Brown, Juanita21 Oct 19117 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Brown, Kate29 Dec 1934May 1985Fort Wayne
Brown, Kathryn L4 Dec 19214 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Brown, Kenneth23 Jun 1894Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Brown, Kenneth E11 Feb 19328 Oct 1997New Haven
Brown, Kent6 Sep 194024 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Brown, Larry5 Dec 19279 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Brown, Larry G4 Feb 193714 May 2009Fort Wayne
Brown, Larry L16 Feb 194528 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Brown, Laura3 Apr 1894Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Brown, Laura M18 Apr 192427 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Brown, Lavaun19 May 1910Jun 1984Churubusco
Brown, Lavon H20 Dec 190718 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Brown, Lawrence25 Apr 1921Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Brown, Lawrence P22 Oct 194918 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Brown, Lawrence W4 Aug 191519 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Brown, Leland13 Nov 1894Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Brown, Leona29 Jan 1917Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Brown, Leonard N21 Apr 19309 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Brown, Leora10 Apr 1898May 1979Monroeville, Fort Wayne
Brown, Leroy27 Jun 1902Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Brown, Leroy1 Jan 1887Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Brown, Levi22 Mar 1885Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Brown, Lida13 Nov 1889Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Brown, Lillian R23 Mar 19241 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Brown, Lillie28 Oct 1893Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Brown, Linda A10 Oct 1911Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Brown, Lloyd C15 Jan 191223 Apr 2005Hoagland
Brown, Lottie31 Mar 1897Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Brown, Louise9 May 1880Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Brown, Louise8 Jan 1914May 1977Fort Wayne
Brown, Louvern17 Dec 1902Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Brown, Lowell L1 Dec 193015 Nov 1995Churubusco
Brown, Lucille22 Jul 1904Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Brown, Lula M18 Feb 1923Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Brown, Lula M19 Sep 189118 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Brown, Lulu24 Jun 1888Apr 1967Churubusco
Brown, Lyman17 Feb 1915Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Brown, Mabel M1 Mar 190920 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Brown, Madge1 May 1894Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Brown, Maggie26 Apr 1928May 1985Fort Wayne
Brown, Malcolm E2 Apr 19218 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Brown, Mamie G16 Jun 19101 May 1998Fort Wayne
Brown, Mamie L17 Jun 19442 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Brown, Marcelyn16 Jun 1905Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Brown, Margaret2 Dec 1902Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Brown, Margaret E19 Nov 1919Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Brown, Margaret H24 May 190214 Sep 1996New Haven
Brown, Marie3 Oct 1916Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Brown, Marie2 Apr 1902Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Brown, Marie G8 Jan 190510 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Brown, Marion27 Oct 1889Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Brown, Marion J14 Nov 192116 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Brown, Martha L11 Jul 192013 Jul 1996Churubusco
Brown, Martin7 Sep 1886Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Brown, Mary E30 Sep 187515 Mar 1974Grabill
Brown, Mary J29 Dec 190725 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Brown, Mary J25 Apr 191530 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Brown, Mary J25 Nov 195210 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Brown, Mathilda7 Jul 190112 Dec 1993Hoagland
Brown, Maude18 Sep 1875Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Brown, Maurice14 Sep 1902Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Brown, Maxine V8 Apr 192124 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Brown, Melba28 Aug 1905Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Brown, Melva L1 Feb 19214 May 2001Fort Wayne
Brown, Melvin20 May 1920Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Brown, Melvin L15 Jun 1917Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Brown, Michael G25 Jun 194416 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Brown, Michael L15 Apr 195824 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Brown, Mildred20 Aug 1910Nov 1992Harlan
Brown, Mildred L10 Apr 191226 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Brown, Mildred T19 May 19134 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Brown, Minnie12 Sep 1892Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Brown, Minnie L9 Dec 193012 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Brown, Molly10 Jun 1892Feb 1973Monroeville
Brown, Nellie30 Nov 1883Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Brown, Nellie11 Mar 1879Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Brown, Nellie7 Nov 1890Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Brown, Nina Jane2 Feb 19404 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Brown, Nolan7 Feb 1904Sep 1983Roanoke
Brown, Nora K13 Mar 19067 May 2002Fort Wayne
Brown, Norman2 May 1940Dec 1981Grabill
Brown, Norman V5 May 192111 Jul 1999New Haven
Brown, Olive5 Oct 1906Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Brown, Oliver28 Jun 1906Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Brown, Orah B28 Jan 18968 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Brown, Orlida J1 Oct 192422 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Brown, Otis D13 Nov 19151 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Brown, Owen11 Feb 1889Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Brown, Patsy Ann12 Apr 194012 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Brown, Paul Glenn19 May 192115 Apr 1994Huntertown
Brown, Pearl30 Nov 1885Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Brown, Peter M22 Oct 195521 May 1998Fort Wayne
Brown, Queen E5 Dec 190431 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Brown, R2 Aug 1907Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Brown, Rachel18 Mar 1885Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Brown, Ralph E17 Nov 19226 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Brown, Ralph W1 Nov 19209 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Brown, Ray10 Nov 1923Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Brown, Raymond20 Jan 1910Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Brown, Richard8 Mar 190319 Mar 1994New Haven
Brown, Richard14 Apr 1918Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Brown, Richard19 Jun 1908Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Brown, Richard C15 Sep 19239 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Brown, Richard W15 Sep 194213 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Brown, Robert A22 Dec 190513 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Brown, Robert C4 Nov 192328 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Brown, Robert H10 Sep 19364 Jan 2005Woodburn
Brown, Robert L13 Mar 193710 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Brown, Robert W19 Jul 191820 May 1999Monroeville
Brown, Ronald18 Jul 1908Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Brown, Rosa26 Jul 1887Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Brown, Rosie16 Mar 1935Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Brown, Rosie M17 Feb 192815 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Brown, Ross9 Mar 1896May 1970Roanoke
Brown, Roy H28 Aug 19257 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Brown, Ruby28 Feb 1918Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Brown, Rudolph1 Jan 1909Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Brown, Russell1 May 1901Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Brown, Ruth30 May 1900Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Brown, Ruth21 May 189927 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Brown, Ruth4 Feb 1900Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Brown, Ruth2 Aug 1891Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Brown, Ruth17 Jul 1908Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Brown, Ruth B22 Mar 19113 May 2006Fort Wayne
Brown, Ruth V10 Aug 191031 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Brown, Ruthann14 Mar 192623 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Brown, Sara W2 Oct 191124 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Brown, Sharon A31 Oct 193114 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Brown, Sharon A8 Apr 194622 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Brown, Sherman12 Apr 1897Nov 1965Fort Wayne
Brown, Sherman13 Mar 196527 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Brown, Shirley14 Jul 1886Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Brown, Shirley F26 May 193531 Dec 2002Grabill
Brown, Stanley27 Aug 190730 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Brown, Stanley22 Mar 1934Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Brown, Thelma J31 Oct 191310 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Brown, Thomas15 Apr 1899Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Brown, Thomas B27 Apr 191829 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Brown, Thomas E14 Oct 19365 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Brown, Thomas M24 Apr 192113 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Brown, Timothy1 Dec 196619 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Brown, Valda B23 May 191730 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Brown, Verna18 Sep 1883Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Brown, Vernon A7 Jan 191418 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Brown, Victor19 Sep 1907Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Brown, Victor P27 Apr 19403 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Brown, Viola16 Sep 1913Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Brown, Violet28 Aug 1894Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Brown, Virgil25 Mar 1918Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Brown, Virginia29 Oct 1922Jan 1978Churubusco
Brown, Virginia B26 Dec 191728 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Brown, Virginia E2 May 192328 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Brown, Virginia E12 Feb 191530 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Brown, Virginia K13 Oct 192119 May 2007Fort Wayne
Brown, Vivian10 Jun 1912Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Brown, Vivian E12 Nov 190718 Sep 1996Woodburn
Brown, Vivian J11 Nov 192720 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Brown, Waldo15 Sep 1901Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Brown, Walter11 Nov 1907Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Brown, Walter C30 Aug 192913 May 2003Fort Wayne
Brown, Wayne11 May 19198 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Brown, Wayne18 Apr 1928Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Brown, Welma K25 Apr 191321 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Brown, Welton18 Jan 192812 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Brown, Wilbur10 Jun 1913Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Brown, Wilbur L3 Mar 19239 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Brown, Wilbur P7 Feb 191410 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Brown, Wiley30 Mar 192916 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Brown, Willene S25 Nov 19352 May 2009Fort Wayne
Brown, William15 Nov 19188 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Brown, William30 Aug 1891Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Brown, William15 Jun 1894Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Brown, William13 Mar 1909Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Brown, William15 May 1900Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Brown, William A23 Oct 191716 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Brown, William A11 Apr 192421 May 1996Fort Wayne
Brown, William Adam22 Apr 19604 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Brown, William D6 Oct 191221 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Brown, William K25 Nov 193226 May 1997Fort Wayne
Brown, William T17 Apr 1901Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Brown, Willidean21 Sep 1901Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Brown, Zura C23 Feb 1888Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Brown-armour, Ethel L9 Jan 19546 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Browne, Gordon E14 Nov 194427 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Brownewell, Thelma L27 Apr 192028 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Brownhill, Mae11 Dec 1882Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Brownhill, Walter16 Jun 1902Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Browning, Albert D7 Aug 189813 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Browning, Carl W8 Nov 19203 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Browning, Dolores8 Dec 19295 Jul 1997New Haven
Browning, Donald G26 Dec 19352 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Browning, Francis A29 Sep 1926Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Browning, L Bessie19 Jun 194128 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Browning, Margaret11 Aug 1898Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Browning, Mary D18 Jan 19112 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Browning, Nancy26 Oct 1892Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Browning, Norma E9 Jul 192621 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Browning, Robert20 Feb 1916May 1978Fort Wayne
Browning, Timothy T20 Jul 196328 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Browning, William30 Dec 1939May 1982Fort Wayne
Brownlee, Almeda2 Jun 1907Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Brownlee, Bonnie B15 Mar 192318 May 1996Fort Wayne
Brownlee, George14 Jan 1894Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Brownlee, Grady21 May 1920May 1980Fort Wayne
Brownlee, Johnson L9 Apr 192027 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Brownlee, Laura31 Jan 189510 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Brownlee, Rowena J6 Oct 192430 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Brownlee, Sam M18 May 192325 Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Brownlee, Wilburn26 Jul 191922 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Brownlee, Wilburn26 Jul 1919Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Brownlee, Wilburt D13 Jan 19385 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Browns, Clarice C18 Dec 192318 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Brownsberger, Vera2 Dec 1890Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Broxon, Betty J12 May 191826 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Broxon, Charles13 Mar 1888Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Broxon, Dallas16 Jun 1898Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Broxon, Hazel7 Jul 1888Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Broxon, Hilda29 Apr 1893Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Broxon, Lorene20 Apr 19156 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Broxon, Mabel31 May 1888Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Broxon, Paul N21 Feb 191721 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Broxon, Rosemary J15 Mar 192113 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Broxon, Violet A28 Jul 19128 May 1997Fort Wayne
Broxon, William E8 Mar 191215 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Broxton, Elsie30 Jul 1909May 1987Fort Wayne
Broyles, Albert G21 Jan 19326 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Broyles, Betty J7 Jul 19318 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Broyles, Carl19 Jul 1922Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Broyles, Mima9 Dec 1892Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Broyles, Ralph25 Jun 1909Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Agnes11 Jul 1902Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Charles21 Aug 1906May 1971Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Dorothy29 Aug 1922Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Dorothy Jane28 Jan 191715 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Edna3 Jun 1893Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Fern29 May 1914Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Florence L25 Jan 191717 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Gay4 Dec 1920Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Brubaker, John29 Jul 1915Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Lawrence6 Aug 1901Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Lena4 Mar 1898Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Lucille I21 Sep 19267 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Maurice10 May 1886Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Otto5 Jul 1891May 1973Churubusco
Brubaker, Ronald L17 Jul 191617 May 2007Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Roy2 Mar 1892Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Russell H10 Aug 192013 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Ruth A26 Dec 190621 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Vera13 Jun 1899Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Brubaker, Winifred E7 Jun 191625 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Bruce, Frances M1 Jan 191524 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Bruce, Frances W14 Dec 191715 May 2005Fort Wayne
Bruce, Gertrude17 Jul 1906Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Bruce, Mattie20 Dec 1926Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Bruce, Ralph2 Apr 191414 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Bruce, Tracie L8 Jul 197420 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Bruchy, Hubert16 Sep 1896Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Bruchy, Nellie26 Apr 1885May 1968Fort Wayne
Bruck, Anthony18 Feb 1888Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Bruck, Charles27 Jul 1885Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Bruck, George4 Jun 1890Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Bruck, Joseph A18 May 191329 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Bruck, Katharina7 Nov 1882Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Bruck, Mary J12 Oct 191312 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Bruck, Richard A8 Nov 193516 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Bruckart, Doris M5 Dec 19204 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Brucker, Clarence10 Jan 1907Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Brucker, Frank28 Nov 1895Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Brucker, Martha30 May 1898Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Bruckman, George R16 Mar 192222 May 2003Fort Wayne
Bruckman, Virginia R25 May 192220 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Brudi, Adelia11 Sep 190218 Dec 1998New Haven
Brudi, Alice11 Sep 1899Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Brudi, Alma18 Aug 1895Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Brudi, Alvin5 Mar 1900May 1967New Haven
Brudi, Clarence31 Mar 1910Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Brudi, F6 Jan 1893Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Brudi, Geraldine17 May 1916Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Brudi, Harold17 Nov 1898Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Brudi, Helen E20 Dec 19225 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Brudi, Helen G29 Jul 190013 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Brudi, Herbert P29 Jun 191821 Jul 1993New Haven
Brudi, Kevin D30 Jan 197313 Dec 2008Churubusco
Brudi, Lois J18 May 192113 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Brudi, M Fred18 Oct 191829 Jun 2006Monroeville
Brudi, Marian14 Nov 1924Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Brudi, Paul25 Sep 1890Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Brudi, Phillip8 Mar 1901Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Brudi, Roger L16 Feb 194724 Jan 2003New Haven
Brudi, Ruth P20 Oct 1920Dec 1994New Haven
Brudi, Selma21 Apr 1881Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Brudi, Sylvia R31 Aug 192427 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Brudi, Willard21 Mar 1902Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Brueck, Arthur13 Feb 1905Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Brueck, Elmer20 May 1907Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Brueck, Esther M17 Jul 19183 Jun 2007Hoagland
Brueck, Frieda16 Sep 1908Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Brueck, Helen E24 Jun 19065 Feb 1998New Haven
Brueck, Theodore26 Oct 1898Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Brueck, Vera B5 Apr 191928 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Brueggeman, Freda6 Jun 1897Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Brueggeman, Henry24 Dec 1897Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Brueggeman, Jack H13 Jun 19268 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Brueggemann, Alberta M3 Nov 191511 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Brueggemann, Calvin A6 Jan 193320 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Brueggemann, Loraine11 Dec 1905Dec 1987New Haven
Brueggemann, Walter C8 Oct 190413 Aug 1994New Haven
Brueggemann, William J8 Feb 190222 Mar 1996Huntertown
Brueggmann, Erwin A22 May 19143 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Brueggmann, Irma C23 May 19121 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Bruggeman, Barbara A6 Sep 191917 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Bruggeman, Helen15 Mar 1883Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Bruggeman, Joseph A28 Dec 190627 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Bruggner, George M23 Mar 1958Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Bruggner, James12 Jul 1919Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Brugh, Helen13 Feb 1908Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Brugh, John R5 Aug 194317 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Brugh, Murel23 Dec 1913Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Brugliera, Michael F19 Feb 19231 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Brugliera, Minerva A11 Jul 192730 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Bruick, Arnold18 Dec 1904Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Bruick, Arthur10 Mar 1897Oct 1978New Haven
Bruick, Becky A19 Jun 195819 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Bruick, Doretta23 Jul 190713 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Bruick, Edith21 Aug 1890Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Bruick, Emil25 Sep 1898Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Bruick, George H14 Jul 190111 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Bruick, Herman29 Jan 1888Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Bruick, Hilda S6 Apr 189824 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Bruick, Kathryn1 Jul 1913Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Bruick, Lula5 Jan 190410 May 1993Fort Wayne
Bruick, Malinda M23 May 190512 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Bruick, Marilyn R12 May 19305 Jul 2009New Haven
Bruick, Mary7 Sep 1885Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Bruick, Melvin11 Jan 19211 Jun 2002New Haven
Bruick, Oscar6 May 1909Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Bruick, Theresa4 Feb 1901Feb 1982New Haven
Bruick, Viola30 Apr 1911Sep 1979Fort Wayne, New Haven
Brumbaugh, Dorothy M14 Sep 193724 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Brumbaugh, Emma J14 Oct 192116 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Brumbaugh, Ethel27 Jan 1880Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Brumbaugh, John7 Sep 1908Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Brumbaugh, Louise30 Dec 19038 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Brumbaugh, Pauline18 Aug 1914Nov 1984Churubusco
Brumbaugh, Raymond17 Sep 1911Nov 1979Churubusco
Brumbaugh, Rodney L28 May 195822 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Brumbaugh, Voyce A23 Jan 191419 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Brumbeloe, Therman J25 Jan 192627 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Brumberg, Hattie21 Jun 1895May 1981Fort Wayne
Brumberg, R24 Jul 1894Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Brumit, Lyman23 Jan 1899Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Brumm, Evelyn E27 May 192221 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Brumm, Paul M2 Nov 191725 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Brummell, Emmett10 May 1906Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Brunberg, Nita12 Apr 1891Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Brunberg, Paul E5 Apr 189815 Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Brundage, Jean A18 Sep 19051 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Brundige, Darold5 Apr 1905Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Brundige, Donald L4 Dec 193616 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Brundige, Guy26 Apr 1901May 1977Fort Wayne
Brundige, Keith A3 Feb 193910 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Brundige, Leona26 May 1916Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Brundige, Marie D13 Dec 190829 Nov 1996Roanoke
Bruner, Alma8 Feb 1906Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Bruner, Forrest27 Nov 1901Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Bruner, Frederick D12 Aug 192328 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Bruner, Irene D27 Sep 19221 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Bruner, Mary21 Nov 19276 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Bruner, Mary E26 Jul 193922 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Bruner, Patsy A12 Jan 193822 Nov 1999Fort Wayne, New Haven
Bruner, Robert J13 Mar 193026 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Bruner, Robert L8 Apr 19268 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Bruner, Waldron21 Oct 1882Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Brunett, David F20 May 193320 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Brunett, Helen K23 May 1903Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Brunett, Lester E6 Feb 190619 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Bruning, Francis M14 May 192210 Apr 1988Roanoke
Bruning, George H25 Apr 191311 Jun 1992Roanoke
Brunk, Sarah7 Feb 1886Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Brunkhart, Clarence23 Mar 1894Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Brunkhart, Howard6 Aug 1897Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Brunkhart, Mabel13 Sep 1899Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Brunkhart, Robert D31 Jan 192815 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Brunn, Della16 Jun 1884Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Brunner, Anne L19 Nov 192511 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Brunner, Bernadette5 Jan 1897Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Brunner, Carl24 Mar 1894Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Brunner, Della Mae28 Nov 191322 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Brunner, Dorothy17 Nov 1913Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Brunner, Esther M17 Jul 19005 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Brunner, Eugene5 Aug 1893May 1976Fort Wayne
Brunner, George W30 Dec 190431 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Brunner, Gerald P11 Mar 191824 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Brunner, Gertrude29 Mar 1893Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Brunner, James T15 Aug 192813 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Brunner, Leo21 Feb 1893Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Brunner, Leona13 Jul 1906Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Brunner, Norman C1 May 191627 Feb 1999Churubusco
Brunner, Otto6 Nov 1891Aug 1975Grabill
Brunner, Paul L4 Mar 191317 Jan 2002Leo
Brunner, Raymond18 May 1897Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Brunner, Raymond B31 Oct 192026 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Brunner, Richard L1 Dec 191722 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Brunner, Rudy4 Oct 1899Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Brunner, Ruth M4 Jun 19172 May 2002Fort Wayne
Brunner, Sylvan10 Aug 1920Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Brunner, Thomas3 Sep 1891Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Brunner, William F28 Oct 19164 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Brunni, Helen M22 Jun 191419 May 1988Fort Wayne
Brunni, Orval Reed18 May 191224 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Brunow, Anna9 Jun 190215 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Bruns, Adelia10 Jan 1897Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Bruns, Alice L8 Dec 18953 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Bruns, Alvin W27 Jan 191528 Nov 2002New Haven
Bruns, Bertha3 Jun 1892Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Bruns, Carl18 Mar 1903May 1972Fort Wayne
Bruns, Catherine6 Oct 1885Sep 1971Woodburn
Bruns, Cecelia26 Oct 1893May 1984Fort Wayne
Bruns, Clara Louise21 Feb 191814 May 2008Fort Wayne
Bruns, Edward2 Jul 1896May 1975Fort Wayne
Bruns, Emma13 Jan 1890Feb 1973New Haven
Bruns, Frances C29 Jul 191926 Nov 2009New Haven
Bruns, Henry4 Aug 1891Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Bruns, Herbert M29 Nov 19263 Apr 2005New Haven
Bruns, John24 Mar 1925Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Bruns, Josephine30 Jan 1889Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Bruns, Lenord28 Oct 1917Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Bruns, Paul25 Feb 1892Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Bruns, R H17 Sep 191427 May 2002Fort Wayne
Bruns, Sarah V26 Sep 190426 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Bruns, Stella25 Mar 1914Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Bruns, William31 Oct 1937Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Bruns, William9 Oct 1887Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Brunskill, Alan21 Nov 1904Aug 1981Fort Wayne, New Haven
Brunskill, Mabel R11 Jul 1909Jun 1993New Haven
Brunson, Darrell23 Mar 1911Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Brunson, Delores6 Jul 194023 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Brunson, Estra30 Aug 1901Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Brunson, Henry8 Jan 1941Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Brunson, James28 Jan 192922 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Brunson, James28 Aug 1894Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Brunson, Jeffrey S25 Jun 196217 May 2007Fort Wayne
Brunson, Larry M21 Feb 193617 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Brunson, Lorraine21 Mar 193719 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Brunson, Opal20 Apr 1891Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Brunson, Pauline3 Oct 1911Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Brunson, Ray7 Jul 19243 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Brunson, Robert28 Oct 1913Apr 1983Roanoke
Brunson, Roy F7 Dec 189531 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Brunson, Velma24 May 1902Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Brunson, Wayne A31 Mar 193512 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Brunson, William E31 Dec 19166 May 1997Fort Wayne
Brunstetter, Clarence5 Mar 1885Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Brunton, A Pauline25 Jul 191510 Oct 1998Hoagland
Bruoit, Elizabeth8 Dec 1887Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Bruoit, Louis7 Mar 1888Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Bruot, Dessa F31 Aug 190218 Dec 1996Leo
Bruot, Frieda30 May 1891Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Bruot, Ilene I3 Sep 192319 Nov 2004New Haven
Bruot, Roger8 May 1928Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Bruot, Roy L4 Feb 19225 Dec 2009New Haven
Brush, George7 Nov 1887Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Brutton, Lois L28 Sep 190620 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Bruvold, Alvin J22 Jun 191812 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Bryan, Ella2 Aug 1904Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Bryan, Emma18 Apr 1885Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Bryan, Emory W4 Jul 19174 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Bryan, Forrest19 Aug 1917Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Bryan, Franklin A4 Jul 191726 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Bryan, Helena3 Mar 1892Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Bryan, Ida K24 Aug 191726 May 2005Fort Wayne
Bryan, James W11 Feb 191321 Feb 2009New Haven
Bryan, Jean Ann5 Oct 192912 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Bryan, Jewell9 Dec 19151 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Bryan, John6 Feb 1940Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Bryan, John31 Oct 1912Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Bryan, Lillie E20 Feb 19164 Apr 2006New Haven
Bryan, Lloyd17 Oct 190518 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Bryan, Loretta M11 Dec 19088 Apr 1997Roanoke
Bryan, Marcile I4 Apr 19395 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Bryan, Mary30 Apr 1887Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Bryan, Milton3 Oct 1907Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Bryan, Nona Belle11 Mar 19115 May 2008Fort Wayne
Bryan, Roy17 Sep 1899Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Bryan, Ruth W29 Jan 191819 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Bryan, Sandra6 Jul 194218 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Bryan, William J12 Apr 193024 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Bryant, Bessie1 Jan 1894Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Bryant, Betty J9 Dec 192615 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Bryant, Carl5 Jan 1934Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Bryant, Carrie18 Jun 1886May 1967Fort Wayne
Bryant, Dan J9 Feb 196712 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Bryant, David11 Mar 1919Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Bryant, David31 May 19433 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Bryant, Della6 Jun 1906May 1982Fort Wayne
Bryant, Della L19 Apr 191525 Nov 1996New Haven
Bryant, Earl30 Nov 1924Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Bryant, Edward B10 Jan 19123 Feb 1997New Haven
Bryant, Elnora C16 Jul 193526 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Bryant, Euwin W15 Sep 194231 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Bryant, Frances G14 Dec 1910Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Bryant, Fred18 Apr 1929Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Bryant, Garfield5 Mar 19075 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Bryant, Garnett E19 Jan 19069 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Bryant, Hattie M27 Sep 1914Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Bryant, Herbert19 Mar 1891Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Bryant, James Estel23 Feb 194211 May 2009Fort Wayne
Bryant, James H14 Aug 19231 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Bryant, James R22 Mar 193324 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Bryant, Jennie E10 May 189715 Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Bryant, John W21 Jun 19152 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Bryant, Leonard L26 Nov 19381 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Bryant, Marcia18 Jan 1906Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Bryant, Mary N31 Jul 1911May 1989Fort Wayne
Bryant, Maxine2 Jun 1902Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Bryant, Mervin11 Oct 196215 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Bryant, Miles29 Apr 1926Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Bryant, Miles18 Dec 1954Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Bryant, Robert T17 Mar 19394 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Bryant, Ruby L11 Feb 1915Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Bryant, Samuel18 Feb 1927Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Bryant, Wilfred30 Nov 1904Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Bryant, William14 Sep 1921Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Bryant, Wilson30 Nov 1902Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Bryce, Beverly A1 May 194724 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Bryce, Edwin D28 Jul 192415 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Brydon, Jay17 Mar 1891Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Brygider, Beulah8 Aug 190916 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Bryie, Alice19 Sep 1906Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Bryie, Anna7 Sep 1909Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Bryie, Bessie A10 Jul 189627 Dec 2000Churubusco
Bryie, Bruce14 Nov 1943Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Bryie, C B21 Jan 191417 Aug 2007Huntertown
Bryie, Charles10 Oct 1888Mar 1970Churubusco
Bryie, Faye M4 Mar 19122 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Bryie, Fred11 Nov 1893Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Bryie, Joseph26 Oct 1909Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Bryie, Lottie2 Aug 190029 May 1997Fort Wayne
Bryie, Merl E24 Sep 191318 Apr 1996Huntertown
Bryie, Patricia J8 Mar 193611 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Bryie, Phyllis M14 Mar 192023 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Bryie, Ruth6 Jan 1884Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Bryie, Victor P5 Nov 191913 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Bryson, Anamae B22 Sep 191314 Aug 2002Fort Wayne

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