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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Buanno, Alda29 Sep 190511 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Buanno, Angelo6 May 1899Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Buanno, Barbara L20 Sep 193131 Jul 2005New Haven
Buanno, Patrick V6 Oct 192730 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Bubb Jr, Patrick J15 Oct 19737 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Bubb, Agnes C4 Apr 188415 Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Bubb, Clara27 Jan 1882Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Bubb, Constance14 Nov 191414 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Bubb, Henry J3 Sep 190621 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Bubb, Jerome A1 Feb 191325 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Bubb, Mildred A7 Mar 19089 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Bubb, Robert28 Aug 1912Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Bubp, Marion F12 Oct 194621 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Bucey, Robert James1 Sep 194323 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Buchan, Frank4 Apr 1915Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Buchan, Nellie A16 Jul 190011 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Buchan, Norman M18 Sep 193416 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Bernadine A14 Nov 191931 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Bernice M28 Nov 191523 Feb 2008Churubusco
Buchanan, Ellen2 Jun 1885Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Emily4 Aug 1910Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Eugenie13 Aug 1890Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Fred C25 Jul 190417 May 1993Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Helen E2 Aug 19066 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Herschell27 Jan 1912Oct 1982Churubusco
Buchanan, John Ray15 Jan 191923 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Lois G27 Jun 191317 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Margaret1 Mar 1897Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Michael1 Sep 1942Apr 1976Churubusco
Buchanan, Mildred12 May 1887Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Opal L1 Oct 191020 Jul 2001Harlan
Buchanan, Ray26 Jun 1884Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Samuel G21 Jul 192330 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Terry Lee15 Nov 194528 Dec 2008Churubusco
Buchanan, Thomas16 May 1888Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Vera23 Jan 1903Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Verlin25 Aug 1907Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Buchanan, Virgil B13 Feb 190720 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Buche, Eva16 Sep 190019 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Buche, William8 Mar 1903Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Buchele, Ruth A16 Jun 191828 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Bucher, Clara10 Jun 1884Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Bucher, Deborah G10 May 19551 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Bucher, Edwin D4 Jun 192830 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Bucher, Ella M29 Jul 19318 May 1993Fort Wayne
Bucher, Ervin H4 Apr 191910 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Bucher, Gerald Lee21 Nov 192126 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Bucher, Henry25 Jan 1885Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Bucher, Joseph22 Aug 1898Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Bucher, Kenneth18 Aug 1917Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Bucher, Martha5 Apr 1893Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Bucher, Mary18 Dec 1885Oct 1973New Haven
Bucher, Mary C5 Jun 191429 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Bucher, Mary M25 May 191616 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Bucher, Mary M25 May 1916Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Bucher, Mary Margaret15 Oct 191911 Aug 2009Churubusco
Bucher, Paul24 May 1928Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Bucher, Roscoe28 Nov 1915Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Bucher, Ruth S30 Aug 191422 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Buchheit, Alois30 Oct 1908Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Buchheit, James25 Jul 1914Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Buchheit, Katherine C22 Mar 191118 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Buchheit, Mary15 Feb 1910Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Buchholz, Fred22 Jun 1891Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Buchholz, Lena18 Jun 18953 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Buchman, Dessie5 Mar 1901Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Buchman, Evelyn23 Jul 1896Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Buchman, Ross12 Mar 1893May 1969Fort Wayne
Buchner, Anne S26 Jul 191916 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Buchner, Ernest A30 Aug 192312 May 1992Fort Wayne
Buchtman, Bernice F29 Aug 192411 Mar 2000Churubusco
Buchwald, Arthur11 Aug 1912Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Buchwald, Doris27 Mar 1914Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Buck, Adrian16 Apr 1905Dec 1980Hoagland
Buck, Beverly B8 Dec 193520 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Buck, Clarence11 May 1908May 1979Fort Wayne
Buck, Cleamon7 Mar 1916Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Buck, Colette B10 Feb 191019 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Buck, Edna L5 May 191811 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Buck, Edward22 Jun 19044 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Buck, Eleanore B1 Mar 18955 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Buck, Elizabeth W24 Jun 1905Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Buck, Euphemia1 Jul 1886Mar 1977Fort Wayne, New Haven
Buck, George13 Nov 1920Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Buck, Helen24 Jan 1916May 1980Fort Wayne
Buck, Herbert21 Jun 1895Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Buck, Howard26 Apr 1907Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Buck, James5 Nov 1909Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Buck, James5 Dec 1911Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Buck, Marie15 Aug 1908Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Buck, Marietta5 Dec 1906Oct 1976Yoder
Buckel, Howard13 Dec 1901Apr 1974Roanoke
Buckel, Jack W9 Mar 19233 May 2006Fort Wayne
Buckel, Kenneth J27 Sep 19197 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Buckel, Robert Lee13 Jul 19435 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Buckel, Ruth12 Sep 1902Dec 1984Roanoke
Buckels, Charles K18 Oct 19088 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Buckhanon, Nora15 Feb 193213 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Buckhanon, Vickie V20 Jun 196217 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Buckhardt, George2 Apr 1920Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Buckingham, Emil23 Nov 1904Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Buckingham, Helen5 Feb 190517 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Buckio, Anna8 Dec 1909Jan 1984Spencerville
Bucklad, Janet L21 Apr 192828 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Buckland, Beulah E23 Dec 19063 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Buckles, Arthur6 Aug 1892Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Buckles, Barbara A13 Jan 192117 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Buckles, Evelyn21 Feb 192626 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Buckles, Franklin16 Oct 1910Jul 1984Huntertown
Buckles, George W20 Jul 194112 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Buckles, James9 Sep 1904May 1970Fort Wayne
Buckles, John G11 Mar 194815 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Buckles, Lina2 Oct 1912Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Buckles, Linda25 Jun 19475 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Buckles, Nellie29 Aug 1899Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Buckles, Oris J27 Aug 19165 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Buckles, Truman17 Jan 1897Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Buckley, Barbara L14 Oct 19372 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Buckley, Chauncey9 Jun 1890Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Buckley, Edwina M17 Nov 19088 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Buckley, Lena24 Apr 1898Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Buckley, Mary V27 Mar 192511 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Buckley, Meril24 Jan 1906Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Buckley, Ruth29 Jul 19007 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Buckley, Sam14 Sep 1900Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Bucklin, Rosemary L30 Jun 191721 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Buckmaster, Adrian16 Oct 1895Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Buckmaster, Charles M9 Jan 191727 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Buckmaster, Dennis K6 Jun 194718 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Buckmaster, Elsie M27 Sep 19129 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Buckmaster, Evelyn M27 Nov 19171 May 1999Fort Wayne
Buckmaster, Geneva Ann10 Nov 192914 Oct 2009New Haven
Buckmaster, Gladys F22 May 19109 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Buckmaster, Glen M24 Oct 1916Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Buckmaster, Harry T16 Mar 191520 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Buckmaster, Josephine L18 Nov 191327 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Buckmaster, Kenneth F23 Aug 191020 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Buckmaster, Maria T18 Oct 193528 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Buckmaster, Mildred23 Jun 190411 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Buckmaster, Samuel11 Jan 1911Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Buckmaster, Veora Lucy25 Feb 191619 Jul 2009Hoagland
Buckmaster, Virginia H30 Aug 19217 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Buckmaster, Warren2 Mar 1891Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Buckner, Archie7 Nov 1910May 1978Fort Wayne
Buckner, Clint7 Sep 1910Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Buckner, George D7 Aug 1921Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Buckner, Geraldine21 Mar 1912Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Buckner, James25 Feb 1902May 1978Fort Wayne
Buckner, Jessie27 Aug 190316 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Buckner, Marie L25 Apr 189829 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Buckner, Roy30 Jan 1888Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Buckner, Terry D15 Jun 19471 May 2003Fort Wayne
Budai, Louis20 Sep 193311 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Budd, Earl D15 Jun 193416 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Budd, Elmer12 Feb 1905Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Budd, Hazel2 Sep 1914Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Budd, Jack P9 Dec 191918 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Budd, Jeanette M24 Apr 191331 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Budd, Larry M5 Sep 19527 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Budd, Mary10 Jun 1896Feb 1987Churubusco
Budd, Mary2 Mar 191329 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Budd, Opal4 Mar 1909Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Budd, Philip L3 Aug 191610 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Budd, Robert L28 Jun 192723 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Budd, Wanda L31 May 192813 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Budde, Jane Ellen31 Jan 19188 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Budde, Leroy2 Mar 1899Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Budecki, Henry21 Nov 19128 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Budecki, Thelma D24 Jun 191412 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Budenz, Lawrence F28 Nov 192510 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Budny, F J17 Jan 190520 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Budoso, Julianna29 Jun 192028 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Budowski, Leon5 Apr 1916Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Budreau, Steven28 Feb 1968Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Budrey, Helen27 Apr 191630 May 2005Fort Wayne
Budzon, Anna10 Nov 1910Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Budzon, Stanley29 Jan 1930Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Budzon, Walter16 Oct 1906Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Buechner, Aaron5 Mar 1899Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Buechner, Cletus30 Apr 1898Mar 1986Hoagland
Buechner, Otto21 Jan 1888Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Buechner, Willard22 Feb 1925May 1982Fort Wayne
Buecker, Edward18 Feb 1883Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Buehler, Carl Maurice14 Apr 19159 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Buehler, Emma7 Sep 1902Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Buehler, Herbert29 Jun 1899Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Buehler, Marjorie E16 Nov 191712 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Buehrer, Frederick1 Oct 1897Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Buehrer, Joseph M6 Aug 19025 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Buehrer, Kenneth E29 Mar 192724 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Bueker, Betty13 Jul 1926Jun 1975Roanoke
Bueker, Ida10 Nov 1889Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Bueker, Lester E22 Aug 191818 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Bueker, Ralph J10 Dec 192124 Sep 2005Churubusco
Buell, Chauncey4 May 1893Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Buell, Gladys M14 Feb 190022 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Buell, Mary H1 Nov 192315 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Buell, Oliver6 Jul 1903Aug 1968Roanoke
Buell, Paul8 Jul 1897Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Buelow, Catherine9 Jan 1895Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Buelow, Donald J9 Aug 195123 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Buelow, Kathy A3 Apr 19458 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Buelow, Lois21 Sep 1915Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Buelow, Michael6 Jul 1889Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Buenconsejo, James2 Sep 1946Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Buenconsejo, Roberto R7 Dec 19449 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Bueneman, Frances9 Jan 1917Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Buerkle, Jacob21 Jan 19075 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Buerkle, Rosie K25 Feb 190511 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Buescher, Anna16 Sep 1885Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Buescher, Dolores M25 May 192627 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Buescher, Martin2 Feb 1889Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Buescher, Philip15 Nov 19262 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Buescher, Rita21 Aug 192130 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Buesching, Alma A18 Dec 1909Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Buesching, Anne28 Jul 1902Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Buesching, Augusta30 Dec 1888May 1973Fort Wayne
Buesching, Delores L19 Jul 19163 Sep 2005New Haven
Buesching, Dorothy M16 Apr 192711 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Buesching, Emma13 Sep 1891Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Buesching, Esther9 Sep 1895Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Buesching, Esther20 Feb 1905Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Buesching, Fred28 Feb 1891Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Buesching, Frederick G28 Sep 191619 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Buesching, Henry21 Aug 1896Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Buesching, Herbert J31 May 19137 Oct 1989New Haven
Buesching, Irene21 Apr 1895Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Buesching, Oscar30 Aug 1901Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Buesching, Paul19 Jun 1926Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Buesching, Theodore5 Jul 1886Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Buesching, Virginia12 Feb 1922Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Buesing, Cora11 Mar 191415 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Buesking, Clara29 Jul 1894Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Buesking, Enita M14 Sep 191815 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Buesking, Otto24 Mar 1889Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Buesking, Pauline7 Feb 1897Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Buesking, Theodor18 Dec 1918Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Buesking, Violet M12 May 1914Sep 1992New Haven
Bueter, Annette6 Jul 1897Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Bueter, Helen T13 Sep 19084 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Bueter, John R28 Dec 19161 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Bueter, Joseph Herman8 Jan 192724 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Bueter, Mildred A23 Jan 190626 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Bueter, Monica4 May 1892Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Buettgenbach, Irah H12 Aug 193322 Mar 2004New Haven
Buettner, Elmer H26 Apr 190620 Mar 2002Huntertown
Buettner, Ilo L7 Sep 19136 May 2000Huntertown
Buettner, Joe31 Oct 1908Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Buettner, Oscar28 Mar 1912Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Buettner, Ruth A24 Feb 192731 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Buettner, Virginia22 Aug 1903Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Buffenbarger, Dolores J20 Feb 193223 May 1996Fort Wayne
Buffenbarger, Donald J25 Apr 193229 May 2005Fort Wayne
Buffenbarger, Frank19 Jul 1887Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Buffenbarger, Marlyn R5 Mar 192320 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Buffenbarger, William E14 Oct 192623 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Buffington, Dave L7 Sep 19517 May 2009Fort Wayne
Buffington, Dean H9 Jul 192519 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Buffington, Jane E5 Feb 19289 May 2005Fort Wayne
Bufink, Carl18 Nov 1894Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Bufink, Dollie21 Apr 1890Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Bufink, Donald12 May 1908Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Bufink, Marie G18 Apr 19166 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Bugajenko, Anastasia10 Apr 1902Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Bugajenko, Maksym16 Apr 1891Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Bugajenko, Wasil3 Feb 1906Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Bugert, Edwin12 Oct 1911Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Bugert, John9 Dec 1887Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Bugert, Marcella P30 Mar 191417 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Bugg, Betty B14 Mar 191411 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Bugg, Kenly20 Jan 1906Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Buggs, Clarence E18 Jul 194021 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Buggs, Nathanial24 Feb 1911Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Buggs, Susie A21 Sep 191719 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Bugher, Kirk A4 Sep 19632 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Buheker, Kenneth17 Apr 192713 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Buheker, Ruth M15 Nov 192829 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Buhr, Anna4 Dec 1881Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Buhr, Delbert W29 Oct 190113 May 1999Fort Wayne
Buhr, Dorothy M30 Jul 191120 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Buhr, Frank2 Jan 1886Nov 1965Fort Wayne
Buhr, Frieda J17 Jul 1913Oct 1995New Haven
Buhr, Herman8 Dec 1886Aug 1970New Haven
Buhr, Jo Lee30 Oct 192723 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Buhr, Marie7 Apr 1907Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Buhr, Martha2 Feb 19032 Aug 1994New Haven
Buhr, Martha S13 Sep 191111 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Buhr, Paul2 Feb 1905Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Buhr, Robert30 Sep 1912Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Buhr, Robert F21 Sep 19241 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Buhr, Roberta20 Oct 1930Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Buhr, Theodore11 Apr 1894Apr 1985New Haven
Buhr, William3 Mar 1889Sep 1977Fort Wayne, New Haven
Buker, C Roberta15 Dec 19181 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Buker, Charles H2 Jun 191612 May 2003Fort Wayne
Bulen, Alpha20 Nov 1884Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Bullard, Armella6 Jan 1907Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Bullard, Ethel3 Mar 1893Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Bullard, Grace20 Dec 1909Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Bullard, Lulu9 Jul 1894Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Bullard, Margaret29 Apr 1877Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Bullard, Paul15 May 1900Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Bulleit, John14 Jul 1895May 1971Fort Wayne
Bullerman, Albert9 Feb 1914Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Bullerman, George30 Nov 1888Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Bullerman, Hedwig20 Sep 191323 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Bullerman, Myra12 Oct 1895Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Bullerman, Robert Alan7 Mar 195220 Feb 2008Monroeville
Bullerman, Ruth W5 Mar 190916 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Bullerman, Virgil W3 Nov 191917 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Bullman, James M26 Jun 192827 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Bullman, Maria Mitzi15 Jan 19276 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Bullock, Beatrice21 Jul 1915Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Bullock, George26 Mar 1912Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Bullock, Pete4 Feb 1905Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Bullock, Peter23 Dec 19445 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Bullock, Sara J3 Sep 193928 Jan 2002Monroeville
Bulmahn, Amanda20 Jun 1904Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Bulmahn, Dorothy E15 Feb 190931 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Bulmahn, Herbert F5 Feb 192921 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Bulmahn, Jessie31 Aug 1886May 1972Fort Wayne
Bulmahn, Larry W1 Oct 194222 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Buls, Harold H4 Jan 19205 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Bulson, Phyllis P9 Aug 190126 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Alfred17 Jan 192613 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Anita E7 Apr 192817 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Emilie21 Oct 1902Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Emma10 Oct 1883Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Erhard3 Jun 1910Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Erwin F7 Jan 192220 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Frieda29 Aug 1911Dec 1973New Haven
Bultemeier, Geraldine2 Jan 192524 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Harold12 May 191620 Mar 2006New Haven
Bultemeier, Herbert8 Nov 1899Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Ida18 May 190516 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Katherina27 Dec 1891Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Laura18 Sep 1898Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Louis17 Sep 1891Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Norma31 May 1927Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Norman F29 Jun 192010 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Reinhard C28 Jul 191318 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Robert C9 May 19338 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Selma10 Apr 191330 May 1992Fort Wayne
Bultemeier, Susanna C13 May 19179 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Bultemeir, Minnie17 Oct 1884Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Bultemeyer, Calvin L28 Oct 192328 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Bultemeyer, Carma L2 Jun 193422 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Bultemeyer, Franklin F13 Oct 192714 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Bultemeyer, Raymond C14 Feb 19308 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Bumbuc, Cornelia17 Jul 193618 May 2007Fort Wayne
Bumgardner, Alice J29 Mar 193225 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Bumgardner, Donald O12 Dec 192423 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Bumgardner, Edna24 Sep 1904Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Bumgardner, Ralph23 Nov 1899Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Bumgardner, Russell30 Jun 1904Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Bumgerdner, Mary M7 Apr 191910 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Bumke, Margaret1 Feb 1900Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Bump, Alvin17 Jun 1904Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Bump, Charles2 Jun 1887Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Bump, Edna M4 Mar 191226 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Bump, Fern B7 Mar 190820 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Bump, Forest7 May 1901Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Bunch, Betty R2 Aug 19253 May 1999Fort Wayne
Bunch, Billy J5 Aug 19237 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Bunch, Leslie6 Oct 1905Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Bunch, Mary15 Apr 1927Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Bunch, Merle E20 Oct 191523 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Bunch, Otis27 Aug 191513 May 2009Fort Wayne
Bundy, Oral2 May 1884Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Bundza, Carol M22 Jun 19186 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Bunewitz, Harry5 Dec 1888Oct 1977Roanoke
Bunker, George31 Jul 1905Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Bunkley, William5 Jul 191811 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Bunn, Clarence25 Jan 1907Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Bunn, Dean E23 Dec 19333 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Bunn, Donald E11 Dec 192631 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Bunn, Dorothy18 Sep 1908Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Bunn, James J12 Jul 19258 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Bunn, Margaret I12 Jun 19335 Sep 2006Churubusco
Bunn, Robert L19 Dec 19277 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Bunnell, Catherine13 Jan 1955Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Bunnell, Charles D11 Jul 19072 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Bunnell, Donald D21 Jul 192830 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Bunnell, Ella14 Aug 1886Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Bunnell, Helen15 Aug 1911Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Bunnell, Janis M8 Oct 193820 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Bunnell, John B17 Jul 196116 Nov 2009New Haven
Bunnell, Josephine B27 Oct 192113 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Bunnell, Louis W5 Mar 193114 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Bunnell, Raymond C18 Feb 19188 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Bunnell, William L5 Aug 194524 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Bunner, James E21 Aug 1929Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Bunsold, Jim A20 Nov 19357 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Bunsold, Mabel11 Feb 1903Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Bunsold, Richard11 May 1923Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Bunt, Terry G5 Oct 195320 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Buntain, Debbie K19 Mar 19508 May 1995Fort Wayne
Buntain, Ronald L23 Feb 194823 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Bunting, Elizabeth10 May 1926Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Bunting, Grace E28 Jun 1898Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Bunting, John28 Sep 1908Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Bunton, David24 Feb 1893Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Bunton, Rosemary1 Feb 193525 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Bunzel, Imogene L7 Sep 191719 Dec 1998New Haven
Buonauro, Andrew J1 Jun 194117 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Buonauro, Louise H5 Dec 191329 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Buonomo, Alfred N14 May 19212 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Buonomo, Evelyn19 Jan 19146 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Buonomo, John5 Mar 1905Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Buonomo, Nick P5 Oct 1912Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Buonomo, Stella A28 Oct 191613 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Bura, Michael24 Dec 1899Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Buraczynski, Josephine M11 Mar 19037 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Burban, Mychajlo25 Aug 1925Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Burban, Nadia14 May 192524 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Burch, Alvah23 Aug 1885Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Burch, Beatrice8 May 1902Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Burch, David30 Nov 1945Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Burch, Dorothy L23 Apr 19135 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Burch, Grayce31 Dec 1895Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Burch, Helen G16 Aug 19099 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Burch, Henry10 Mar 1898Mar 1985New Haven
Burch, Johnnie B3 Nov 191823 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Burch, Robert15 Sep 1914Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Burch, Roxie J16 Dec 195023 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Burch, Wilma E9 Sep 19091 Dec 1990New Haven
Burchard, Clara2 Feb 1892Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Burchardt, Alma15 Mar 1907Apr 1980New Haven
Burchardt, Harold22 Mar 1905Nov 1979New Haven
Burchardt, Ronald M14 Jun 193522 Mar 2007New Haven
Burchardt, Theresa26 Feb 1892Feb 1966New Haven
Burchfield, Glenn J12 Jun 19241 May 2009Fort Wayne
Burd, Harry L18 Jul 191312 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Burd, Helen J25 Jan 192028 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Burd, Norah M28 Feb 192123 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Burd, Oliver22 Nov 1914Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Burd, Ruby I16 Feb 19171 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Burden, Alfred4 Mar 191828 May 1992Fort Wayne
Burden, Georgia12 Jun 1893Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Burden, Gregory26 Dec 195429 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Burden, Harry24 Jul 1917Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Burden, Martha Louise19 Sep 193625 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Burden, Melvin17 Mar 1885Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Burdett, John17 Oct 1890Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Burdge, Hazel8 Jul 1894Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Burdine, Raymos E18 Aug 193411 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Burdoine, Goldie5 Aug 1884Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Bure, Dora M22 Mar 192320 Dec 2003New Haven
Bure, Scott L18 Oct 195517 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Burelison, Barbara A18 Feb 19386 Jul 2006Churubusco
Burelison, Lillian E21 Apr 1912Dec 1995Churubusco
Burelison, Richard L2 Feb 19367 Aug 2006Churubusco
Burford, Hardin T13 Sep 192230 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Burford, Mildred E26 Mar 190814 Aug 1998New Haven
Burford, W26 Aug 1906Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Burg, Anna2 Nov 1884Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Burg, Edward3 Sep 1905Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Burg, Edward L22 Sep 192826 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Burg, Floris12 Jul 1906Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Burg, Gertrude9 Mar 1912Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Burgan, Frank26 Dec 1908Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Burgan, Stewart F26 Dec 193811 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Burgard, William21 Jan 1899Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Burgderfer, Meda17 Dec 1885Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Burgener, Mabel23 Nov 1891Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Burger, Edgar3 Dec 1899Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Burger, Ethel10 Mar 1903Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Burger, Floyd E15 Oct 1912Nov 1988Roanoke
Burger, H Eugene23 Jun 192012 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Burger, James6 Sep 1898Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Burger, Kennis M19 Aug 19208 Nov 2006Yoder
Burger, Mary A16 May 19118 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Burger, Mary L7 Apr 191616 Nov 2004Churubusco
Burger, Roy C23 Jun 191323 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Burger, Ruth J19 May 19099 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Burger, William24 May 1904Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Burgess, Gnome29 May 190630 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Burgess, Lulu25 Jan 1900Nov 1979Fort Wayne, New Haven
Burget, Eudora13 Dec 1918Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Burget, Everett W31 Jan 19186 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Burget, Harold28 Jun 19567 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Burget, Judith A29 Sep 194329 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Burget, Leonard5 Jan 192125 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Burget, Richard K3 Jan 195011 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Burget, Roxie13 Jun 1921Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Burgette, Clara A1 Oct 1921Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Burgette, Donna J3 May 192720 Nov 1997New Haven
Burgette, Herbert W6 Jan 192518 Feb 1995New Haven
Burgette, Hubert W6 Jan 1924Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Burgette, M5 Apr 1914Aug 1971New Haven
Burgette, Matilda31 Mar 1912Apr 1983New Haven
Burgette, Ronald2 Nov 191627 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Burgette, Serelda24 Jun 1891May 1967New Haven
Burgette, Thomas A6 Apr 195623 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Burghardt, Marguerite2 Dec 192711 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Burgin, Anne D15 Mar 191014 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Burgman, Linnea26 Oct 1885Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Burgo, Barbara G11 Nov 192815 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Burgo, Elizabeth16 May 1925Jan 1978New Haven
Burgo, Kenneth E25 May 191629 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Burgo, Warren H22 Apr 192022 Sep 2003New Haven
Burgoyne, Naomi R24 Sep 190616 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Burhenn, Gertude23 Jul 1877May 1972Fort Wayne
Burhop, Esther T19 Oct 19145 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Burhop, Waldemar W11 Aug 191411 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Burhop, William21 Oct 1884Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Burian, Francis J27 Apr 192016 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Burk, Avon8 Mar 1888Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Burk, Claud3 Mar 1935Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Burk, Cleon2 May 1905May 1986Fort Wayne
Burk, Edith9 Jan 1893Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Burk, Glen R4 Sep 19174 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Burk, John M22 Aug 193010 Sep 2003New Haven
Burk, Leonard20 May 1896Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Burk, Lucile12 Mar 189617 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Burk, Rose M22 Oct 192221 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Burk, Vernon18 Jun 1910Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Burk, Virgil7 Aug 1904Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Burkamp, Evelyn M12 Aug 191529 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Burkamp, Henry4 Dec 1908Sep 1978Woodburn
Burkas, Clarence11 Sep 1888Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Burkas, Frieda16 May 1891Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Burkas, Inez24 Jan 1891Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Burke, Ann M3 Apr 193531 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Burke, Anna14 Sep 1888Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Burke, Betty25 Jun 1926Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Burke, Bulah M25 May 19091 May 2000Huntertown
Burke, Carmela16 Jul 193121 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Burke, Elizabeth R21 Jun 192824 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Burke, Irma6 Sep 1898Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Burke, John23 Sep 1901Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Burke, John M1 Apr 19521 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Burke, Linda K4 Sep 194016 Mar 2005New Haven
Burke, Loretta A25 Dec 19143 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Burke, Louis B29 May 193427 May 2003New Haven
Burke, Marie1 Dec 1885Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Burke, Marilyn E18 Oct 193827 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Burke, Myrtle C17 Jul 190812 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Burke, Myrtle H14 Jun 190910 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Burke, Phyllis A19 Jul 193211 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Burke, Robert C7 Apr 19283 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Burke, Ruth C2 Nov 190714 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Burket, Nathalia30 Apr 1907Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Burkett, Adella14 Nov 1903Aug 1978New Haven
Burkett, Clifford R29 Jun 190727 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Burkett, Roy21 Dec 1896Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Burkhalter, N R15 Sep 191229 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Burkhalter, Phyllis N18 Apr 19359 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Burkhalter, Wava L15 Jul 193223 May 2004Fort Wayne
Burkhardt, Elsie30 Jun 1898Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Burkhardt, Mary L18 Dec 192713 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Burkhart, Agnes18 Jan 191211 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Burkhart, Ami C3 Apr 190910 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Burkhart, Anna29 Mar 1915Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Burkhart, James15 Oct 1907Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Burkhart, Louisa8 Jun 1891May 1979New Haven
Burkhart, Malvan22 Jul 1914Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Burkhart, Pauline11 Nov 1918Oct 1982New Haven
Burkhart, Robert19 Mar 1916Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Burkhart, Thelma F23 Feb 19158 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Burkhart, William W19 Aug 192418 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Burkhead, Cora19 Dec 1884Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Burkholder, Clara12 Feb 1891Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Burkholder, Mary Elizabeth28 May 191726 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Burkholder, Olga2 Nov 1889Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Burkitt, Ruth27 Feb 1905Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Burkland, Fred11 Jan 1890Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Burks, Eugene5 Mar 1910Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Burks, James15 Jan 19566 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Burks, Mary M20 May 191910 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Burks, Willie29 Aug 194530 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Burlage, Arthur25 Jun 1897Mar 1987Grabill
Burlage, Beatrice15 Oct 1896Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Burlage, Della7 Sep 1893Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Burlage, Elizabeth12 Apr 1896Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Burlage, Hazel19 Aug 1893Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Burlage, Homer15 Dec 1901Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Burlage, Mary K26 Apr 1911Aug 1989Grabill
Burlage, Maxine17 Jan 191816 May 2009Fort Wayne
Burlage, Ralph L24 Jun 191126 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Burleson, Edna22 May 1895Mar 1986Roanoke
Burlew, Mabel3 Oct 1897Jul 1976New Haven
Burlew, Paul13 Oct 1897Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Burley, Carrie27 Mar 1901Feb 1977Roanoke
Burley, Daniel15 Nov 1892Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Burley, Howard14 Sep 1896Dec 1970Roanoke
Burley, Richard7 Apr 1922Sep 1985Hoagland
Burley, Robert E19 Jul 192316 Jan 2010Roanoke
Burman, Emily E28 Jan 19307 May 2009Fort Wayne
Burnam, Helen C24 May 191217 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Burnam, Joseph7 Sep 1898Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Burnau, Delight W26 Jun 191330 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Burnau, Ford D31 Mar 190913 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Burnau, Paul Z7 Jun 19113 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Burnau, Robert E24 Jun 19322 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Burnau, Rosamond G3 Jun 191328 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Burnau, Russell27 Sep 1913Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Burnett, Avis15 Feb 1908Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Burnett, Diane11 Feb 194926 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Burnett, Edna25 Dec 1907Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Burnett, Edward30 Nov 191626 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Burnett, Elizabeth23 Oct 1917Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Burnett, Eugene13 Apr 194615 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Burnett, Eunice M4 Aug 193316 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Burnett, Excell29 Oct 1904Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Burnett, Fannie13 Jan 192322 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Burnett, Fount28 Feb 190914 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Burnett, Gladys Marie23 Jun 19211 May 2009Fort Wayne
Burnett, Guy J16 Nov 192616 Jul 2000New Haven
Burnett, Iva29 Mar 1888Jul 1975Monroeville
Burnett, James L2 Sep 193518 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Burnett, James T29 Jul 193215 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Burnett, Jerry M17 Feb 192922 Jan 1995Monroeville
Burnett, Joe22 Feb 191519 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Burnett, John8 Mar 1905Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Burnett, John A7 Aug 190414 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Burnett, Laverne19 Jul 1922Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Burnett, Leon L10 Sep 194127 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Burnett, Louise S1 Oct 194412 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Burnett, Lucy M22 Dec 191813 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Burnett, Luke Jr25 May 1941Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Burnett, Marian E22 Oct 191718 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Burnett, Martha8 Oct 1926Dec 1984New Haven
Burnett, Minnie17 Nov 1890Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Burnett, Ralph W7 Sep 193213 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Burnett, Richard A25 Dec 1938Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Burnett, Ruth L14 Aug 1924May 1995Fort Wayne
Burnett, Theodore7 Apr 191330 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Burnett, Vestrel26 Jul 1904Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Burnett, William28 May 192626 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Burnett, William10 Dec 1890Jan 1980Monroeville
Burnette, Howard C18 Jul 192915 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Burney Jr, Roland11 Dec 19307 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Burney, Barbara26 May 195529 May 2000Fort Wayne
Burney, Cassie10 Mar 1885Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Burney, Essie B19 Sep 192826 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Burney, Florence E21 Nov 194212 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Burney, Lenzie Marrain4 Nov 19525 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Burney, Walter A28 Jan 192528 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Burnham, Donald L16 Jun 193513 May 2000New Haven
Burnham, Maridean J1 Aug 193022 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Burnham, Norman15 Aug 196627 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Burnheimer, L D11 Feb 190110 May 1989Churubusco
Burniston, Betty J9 Apr 193215 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Burnos, Frank19 Apr 1913Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Burnoski, Eleanor P18 Mar 19196 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Burnoski, Ernest21 Jan 191825 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Burns, Albert31 May 1895Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Burns, Ann17 Jan 1908Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Burns, Arthur16 Aug 193415 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Burns, Blakely21 Aug 1891Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Burns, Carl L15 Jan 193526 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Burns, Cecil E21 Aug 19129 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Burns, Charles E12 Jan 190813 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Burns, Charlotte J27 Nov 19172 Apr 2002Leo
Burns, Christine E7 Nov 19004 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Burns, Christophe25 Nov 1916Jun 1986Leo
Burns, Darlene25 Jan 191429 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Burns, Donald J31 May 191424 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Burns, Dorothy K24 Sep 192030 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Burns, Edna14 Apr 1906Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Burns, Eldon V20 May 19181 May 1994Fort Wayne
Burns, Eugene15 Apr 1914Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Burns, Francis2 Jan 1914May 1979Fort Wayne
Burns, Harry4 Dec 1901May 1985Fort Wayne
Burns, Hazlette10 Oct 1885Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Burns, Helen13 May 1892Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Burns, James17 Nov 1909Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Burns, James25 Nov 1894Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Burns, James A11 Sep 193710 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Burns, James E9 Nov 192128 Jun 1996Churubusco
Burns, James F17 Jan 187815 Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Burns, Jim M13 Aug 196230 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Burns, John P11 Nov 19429 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Burns, Josephine D2 Jul 19061 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Burns, Kathleen N14 Sep 19448 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Burns, Larry W18 May 194012 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Burns, Louis9 Jan 1912Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Burns, Lucile29 Sep 1910May 1975Fort Wayne
Burns, Margaret J30 Jul 19382 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Burns, Marie P27 Mar 19062 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Burns, Martin23 Jul 19255 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Burns, Mary A18 Sep 1916Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Burns, Mary C28 Mar 19226 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Burns, Max E14 Nov 192511 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Burns, Mildred N30 Nov 1906Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Burns, Nelson1 Jul 1911Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Burns, Nora19 Sep 1897Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Burns, Olava12 Nov 1903Nov 1985Huntertown
Burns, Opal M18 Jun 19227 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Burns, Paul7 Jan 1897Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Burns, Robert7 Aug 1899Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Burns, Robert31 Aug 1905Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Burns, Robert25 May 1899Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Burns, Robert21 Apr 1915Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Burns, Robert C4 Mar 189915 Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Burns, Robert E23 Nov 192914 May 1998Fort Wayne
Burns, Robert E28 Feb 19288 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Burns, Robert L4 Jun 190819 Feb 1992New Haven
Burns, Russell E21 Feb 19214 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Burns, Susan12 Oct 1889Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Burns, Thagrus A19 Feb 191727 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Burns, Thelma M22 Feb 191419 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Burns, Thomas5 Aug 1889Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Burns, Velma29 Jun 1903Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Burns, Viola31 Jan 192215 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Burns, Virginia1 Nov 1903Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Burns, Walter E26 Aug 19184 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Burns, Walter J14 Dec 191519 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Burns, William G2 Mar 190725 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Burns, William K15 Sep 192714 Jan 2009New Haven
Burns, William T7 Oct 19204 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Burns, Wilson21 Aug 1910Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Burns, Zelma R18 Sep 190630 Jan 2000Monroeville, New Haven
Burnside, Betty17 Jul 1924Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Burnside, Donald C30 Sep 192130 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Burnside, Henrietta18 Mar 1893Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Burnworth, Garnet L23 Dec 19304 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Burnworth, Josephine18 Mar 1896Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Buroff, Lillie23 May 1941Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Burr, Alice B2 Jan 191819 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Burr, Charlotte F5 Jun 1911Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Burr, Edward1 Nov 1915Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Burr, Helen15 May 1900Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Burr, Helen28 Jun 191026 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Burr, Linda B8 Mar 19324 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Burr, Morris15 Jul 1905Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Burrell, Susan D3 Aug 188015 Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Burrell, Thomas C5 Apr 19272 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Burridge, Leonard L8 Mar 19263 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Burrier, James A1 Dec 191223 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Burris, Arthur R29 Jul 192215 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Burris, Carol A26 Aug 19366 Feb 2006Woodburn
Burris, Denise K11 Oct 195824 May 2002New Haven
Burris, Dorothy M12 Jan 191726 Jan 2006Roanoke
Burris, J K9 Dec 193915 Jan 1989Churubusco
Burris, John8 Apr 1917Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Burris, Kenneth31 Dec 1899Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Burris, Kent K20 Oct 19392 Jan 1999Roanoke
Burris, Raymond7 May 1912Nov 1984Roanoke
Burroughs, Donovan C4 Aug 192715 May 2002Fort Wayne
Burroughs, Frank16 Oct 1903Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Burroughs, Georgianna3 Mar 192514 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Burroughs, Russell L9 Sep 193417 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Burrow, James T26 Nov 195614 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Burrows, Elizabeth S6 Mar 190731 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Burrows, Ford22 Oct 1906Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Burrows, John S10 Jul 192813 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Burrows, Mary C6 Mar 193110 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Burrus, Wilson6 Feb 19651 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Burry, Andrew2 Feb 1873Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Burry, Clarence M16 Jul 190827 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Burry, Edison27 Jul 1894Nov 1983Churubusco
Burry, Gladys28 Aug 1900Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Burry, Howard24 Jun 1920Jan 1984Hoagland
Burry, John E13 Jun 19383 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Burry, Lavona S29 Jun 189515 Dec 1993Churubusco
Burry, Margaret3 Sep 1913Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Bursell, Frances16 Nov 1917Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Burson, Gregory8 Apr 1957Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Burt, Irene17 Dec 1905May 1987Fort Wayne
Burt, Johnnie9 Mar 1920Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Burt, Lyndell H8 Oct 19278 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Burt, Monika Mashanda Terry19 Sep 197628 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Burtch, David L4 Jan 192726 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Burtch, Robert L28 Dec 192512 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Burtnett, Alice3 Jul 1903Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Burtnett, Gerald5 Jul 1901May 1967Fort Wayne
Burtnett, Michael D16 May 194712 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Burton, Auriel13 Jan 1925Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Burton, Betty L2 Sep 19264 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Burton, Bill A14 Sep 19206 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Burton, Bonita10 Dec 191511 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Burton, Carrie18 Aug 1889May 1976Fort Wayne
Burton, Charles29 Dec 1888Nov 1973Roanoke
Burton, Clarence E12 May 192217 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Burton, Clyde21 Sep 1907Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Burton, Clyde A26 Jul 19235 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Burton, Dora8 Jul 1888Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Burton, Ed1 Jan 1890Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Burton, Edgar11 Jan 1897Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Burton, Evelyn May29 Jun 192020 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Burton, Fred20 Sep 1914Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Burton, Hartley R26 Nov 191816 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Burton, James10 Feb 1889Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Burton, James G5 Oct 192219 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Burton, Johnny B24 Mar 195011 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Burton, Lamoille V24 Apr 190827 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Burton, Lawrence23 Sep 1883Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Burton, Lillian23 Sep 1896Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Burton, Lou A30 Nov 192728 Oct 2008Roanoke
Burton, Louise23 Jul 1892May 1975Roanoke
Burton, Marie E20 Jun 192422 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Burton, Mary E9 Oct 192815 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Burton, Millicent1 Apr 1895Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Burton, Nona23 Sep 1896Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Burton, Rebecca S1 Jun 19499 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Burton, Rex H12 Jan 191425 Jan 2001Spencerville
Burton, Rhoda27 Feb 190825 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Burton, Russell C24 Feb 192729 Dec 1999Roanoke
Burton, Samuel31 Mar 1890Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Burton, Shirley Ann20 May 193612 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Burton, Toni L14 Jul 195815 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Burton, Vera4 Jun 195321 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Burton, Wallace I8 Aug 19267 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Burtz, Nila J19 Jul 193918 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Burtzner, Lyndes3 Oct 1903Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Burtzner, Thelma M17 May 190926 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Burwell, Betty4 Mar 1928Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Burwell, Carolyn M23 Aug 192010 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Burwell, Geneva8 Dec 1889Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Burwell, Maude17 Sep 1886Jul 1975Churubusco
Burwell, Richard26 Aug 19497 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Bury, Juanita E29 Apr 1907Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Busbee, Elizabeth10 Aug 1897Jun 1971Spencerville
Busch, Anna B27 Jul 191312 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Busch, Earl W8 Oct 189530 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Busch, Elsworth D D7 Aug 192125 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Busch, Estella5 Aug 1897Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Busch, Ethel11 Oct 1894Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Busch, Georgia16 Jul 1899Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Busch, Lulu7 Nov 1882Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Busch, Richard E14 Mar 191827 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Busch, Roger T19 Oct 19227 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Busch, Theodore A16 Apr 190121 May 1994Fort Wayne
Buschbaum, Delbert A11 Oct 190628 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Buschbaum, Irene29 Nov 1920Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Busche, Alfred15 Aug 1897Jan 1972New Haven
Busche, Bryan K15 Sep 19647 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Busche, Carl29 Jul 1898Jul 1969Woodburn
Busche, Carl Ernest2 Oct 192024 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Busche, Carol R1 Dec 193128 May 2004Fort Wayne
Busche, Delbert E18 Sep 193522 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Busche, Delbert R23 Apr 19172 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Busche, Ethel M27 Apr 191513 Nov 1994Spencerville
Busche, Fred25 Dec 1885Sep 1974Grabill
Busche, Freeman17 Nov 193320 Apr 2009New Haven
Busche, Freeman20 Nov 1912Feb 1982Spencerville
Busche, Frieda24 Aug 1898Feb 1974New Haven
Busche, Jean A14 Aug 192525 Dec 2006Spencerville
Busche, Kenneth P12 Jul 19298 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Busche, Laura28 Oct 189825 May 1992Fort Wayne
Busche, Lawrence29 Mar 1901Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Busche, Lois J9 Feb 19215 May 2002Fort Wayne
Busche, Mildred S9 Jul 191227 Apr 1992New Haven
Busche, Otto24 Jun 1894Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Busche, Otto L15 Jul 192315 Dec 2006Leo
Busche, Selma S8 Mar 1925May 1998Fort Wayne
Busche, Sharon D22 Jun 194125 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Busche, Sophie E10 May 19178 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Busche, Wilma18 Oct 190414 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Buscher, William M15 Sep 19655 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Buschey, Gilbert C8 Sep 192514 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Busching, Erwin16 Oct 1909May 1967Fort Wayne
Busching, Michael4 Nov 1938Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Busching, Robert E29 Jun 193110 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Buschman, Anna30 Mar 1895Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Buschman, Frederick William3 Jun 19329 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Buschman, Lillian H22 Aug 191821 May 1993Churubusco
Buschner, Kurt27 Sep 1903Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Buschor, Ann J21 Mar 19256 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Buschor, Jack W26 Feb 19261 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Buser, Ila M6 Jun 192129 Nov 2006Grabill
Buser, Kenneth K14 Jul 190321 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Bush, Albert12 May 191210 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Bush, Carl4 Jul 1902May 1973Fort Wayne
Bush, Clarence4 Jul 1907Apr 1973Spencerville
Bush, Earl29 Sep 193014 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Bush, Eddie G6 Oct 19083 Mar 1995New Haven
Bush, Elsie29 Mar 1921Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Bush, Essie1 Sep 1901Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Bush, Fred21 Jun 1902Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Bush, Helen Thomas13 Jul 19121 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Bush, J T28 Jul 19295 Jul 1995Churubusco
Bush, James E8 Sep 194825 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Bush, James J19 Oct 193015 Jun 2003New Haven
Bush, Jesse19 Jul 1900Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Bush, Lester17 Sep 1926Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Bush, Marcia A15 Sep 192210 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Bush, Mary20 Dec 1904Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Bush, Raymond12 Oct 1926Oct 1982New Haven
Bush, Thomas1 Oct 192211 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Bush, Veneda J14 May 19343 Jan 2008Churubusco
Bush, Wanda A3 Jan 193218 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Bushaw, Dorothy3 Oct 191124 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Bushce, Raymond28 Oct 1916Jun 1979New Haven
Bushee, Barbara J20 Nov 192710 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Bushee, Peggy N19 Mar 193016 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Bushee, Raymond2 Nov 1926Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Bushee, William H19 Oct 191916 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Bushing, Oscar30 Apr 1897Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Bushing, Ringgold10 Dec 1897Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Bushing, William16 Aug 1891Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Bushkill, Betty M5 Sep 19199 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Bushkill, Larry S20 Dec 191517 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Bushman, Grace7 Sep 1903Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Bushman, Irene16 Feb 1897Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Bushman, John8 Oct 1901Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Bushman, Wayne6 Apr 1904Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Bushong, Betty12 Sep 1924Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Bushong, Dale29 Dec 1904Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Bushong, Della17 Feb 1903Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Bushong, Elma25 May 1910Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Bushong, Glenn29 Jan 1890Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Bushong, Harry27 Apr 1890Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Bushong, Jerry1 Feb 1908Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Bushong, Mae21 May 1893Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Bushong, Neva9 Jan 1882Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Busian, Vincent V11 Mar 191517 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Busick, B15 Jun 1873Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Busick, Edwin16 Aug 1904Dec 1969Monroeville
Busick, Florence21 Jul 1909Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Busick, Lois2 Nov 1894Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Busick, Viola4 Oct 1906Apr 1983Monroeville
Busick, Walter25 Jan 1915Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Busick, Walter8 Sep 1899Mar 1979Monroeville
Busick, William W11 Oct 19382 Sep 2009Monroeville
Buskirk, Clair4 Jan 1925Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Buskirk, Lavona7 May 1895Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Buskirk, Lois C23 May 19094 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Buskirk, Ruhl D19 Jan 190912 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Buslepp, Marie K23 Jul 191324 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Busler, Billie9 Aug 1911Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Busler, Roy5 Nov 1905Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Bussard, H19 Oct 1929Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Bussard, James E28 Jul 195919 Jul 1993New Haven
Bussard, Mary F27 Dec 191828 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Bussard, Mildred M5 Sep 19211 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Bussard, Robert N31 Oct 191929 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Busse, Arthur10 Mar 1915Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Busse, Arthur24 Jan 1913Aug 1984New Haven
Busse, August16 Dec 1893Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Busse, Bessie24 Jul 1905Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Busse, Billiette3 Feb 193518 Apr 2002Fort Wayne, New Haven
Busse, Charlotte18 Oct 1898Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Busse, Earl6 Jan 1920Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Busse, Hermann F9 Feb 191113 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Busse, Lillian R17 Apr 1913Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Busse, Louise15 Jul 1884Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Busse, Marie21 Dec 1872Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Bussick, Erwin25 Jul 1895Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Bussing, Henry23 Jul 1892Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Bussing, Louise V7 Jul 19233 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Bussing, Sophia25 Oct 1894Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Bussman, August15 Mar 1889Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Bustos, Audelio8 Feb 1888May 1980Fort Wayne
Busz, Carl26 Aug 191518 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Busz, Mary C1 Jun 191818 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Buta, Iwan12 Mar 192428 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Butch, Alexander P20 Jun 190523 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Butch, Gennetta M21 Sep 1907Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Butcher, Anna F12 Apr 19258 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Butcher, Charles23 Feb 1915Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Butcher, Laverne M23 Apr 192822 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Butcher, Marguerite14 Jul 1917Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Butcher, Robert4 Apr 1938Aug 1986Monroeville
Butcher, Vicki L20 Apr 195021 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Butcher, William E6 May 194131 Mar 2008New Haven
Butine, Robert3 Mar 1904Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Butlemeier, Richard M16 Jul 19248 Jun 2009Hoagland
Butler, Adeline27 Feb 1900Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Butler, Alvin12 Aug 1913Nov 1964Fort Wayne
Butler, Barbara A13 May 192726 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Butler, Bertha20 Dec 1906May 1974Fort Wayne
Butler, Blaine30 Jul 1884Jul 1977New Haven
Butler, Bobbie Jean11 May 192719 Oct 2009Churubusco
Butler, Bonnie J20 Jun 19211 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Butler, Bryan29 Oct 1959Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Butler, Catherine23 Nov 1909Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Butler, Cecil11 Jul 1900Oct 1980New Haven
Butler, Charles13 Oct 1933Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Butler, Charles T25 Aug 192230 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Butler, Clifford18 Nov 1901Jun 1965Fort Wayne
Butler, Clyde18 Sep 1899Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Butler, Dale I23 Apr 191310 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Butler, Dallas4 May 1883Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Butler, Daniel15 Apr 1898Jul 1981New Haven
Butler, David4 Oct 1905May 1974Fort Wayne
Butler, Delores V17 Jan 192618 Apr 2003Grabill
Butler, Donald21 Feb 1917Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Butler, Edmund9 Jun 1921May 1986Fort Wayne
Butler, Edna28 Aug 1902Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Butler, Florence M16 Sep 191317 May 2006Fort Wayne
Butler, Flossie19 May 190417 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Butler, Frank J12 Jan 19226 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Butler, Franklin W14 Nov 193914 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Butler, Fred W4 Oct 191817 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Butler, George24 May 1925Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Butler, Glenn18 Aug 1915Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Butler, Goldie28 Apr 1886Jan 1979New Haven
Butler, Grace8 Mar 1900Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Butler, Harold W12 Mar 19186 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Butler, Harry24 Feb 1890Oct 1969Grabill
Butler, Hattie B2 Jun 19334 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Butler, Helen4 Dec 1922Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Butler, Herbert20 Jun 1903Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Butler, Hillis E4 Jan 1918Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Butler, Howard24 Jun 192523 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Butler, Irene15 Sep 1904Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Butler, Ivan4 Sep 1906Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Butler, James B13 Mar 191427 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Butler, James C15 Feb 19342 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Butler, Janet15 Nov 19189 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Butler, Jerry J30 Sep 193521 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Butler, Jerry W17 Apr 196324 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Butler, Joe H5 Jan 191218 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Butler, John12 Sep 1881Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Butler, John11 Nov 1916Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Butler, John5 May 1920Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Butler, John D16 Aug 19383 Jan 2000Harlan
Butler, Judith A27 Nov 193728 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Butler, June M1 Jun 193316 May 2004Fort Wayne
Butler, Kenneth5 Sep 1913Aug 1978Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Butler, L Dean7 Sep 19194 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Butler, Lillian25 May 1903Dec 1978New Haven
Butler, Lillian F20 Jun 192423 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Butler, Linda21 Feb 1897Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Butler, Linda R1 Jul 194527 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Butler, Lucy20 Feb 1906Sep 1977New Haven
Butler, M22 Mar 1904Jan 1984Spencerville
Butler, M H19 Feb 190319 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Butler, Manford31 Oct 1880Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Butler, Margaret14 Feb 1909Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Butler, Margaret19 Apr 1894Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Butler, Margaret K31 Mar 192329 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Butler, Marguerite2 Sep 1913Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Butler, Marie4 Mar 190919 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Butler, Marion L2 Mar 192913 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Butler, Mary27 Jun 1904Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Butler, Mary28 Apr 1919Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Butler, Max E18 Dec 194623 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Butler, Maxine I29 Sep 191530 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Butler, Norman14 Dec 1930Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Butler, Peggy15 Feb 191924 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Butler, Peggy J29 Aug 192322 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Butler, Philip2 May 19283 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Butler, Phyllis A22 Jun 194312 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Butler, Ralph16 Sep 1915Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Butler, Robert L19 Aug 194111 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Butler, Robert L23 Jan 192114 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Butler, Robert W29 Jun 191611 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Butler, Roelif15 Nov 1888Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Butler, Rose3 Mar 1894Jun 1980Grabill
Butler, Ruben20 May 1892Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Butler, Russel31 Mar 1916Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Butler, Samuel J14 Sep 19232 May 2007Fort Wayne
Butler, Theodore L7 May 19549 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Butler, Theresa Kay31 Aug 194325 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Butler, Thomas8 Jan 1905Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Butler, Vada7 Aug 1910Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Butler, Vera10 Jan 191926 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Butler, Veronica13 Feb 1892Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Butler, Viola A28 Nov 193716 Feb 2001Churubusco
Butler, Virginia M30 Apr 191929 May 1996Leo
Butler, William3 Oct 1897Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Butler, William W2 Nov 193023 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Butt, Edith11 Oct 1898Dec 1982Woodburn
Butt, George8 Mar 1899Nov 1980New Haven
Butt, James14 Jun 1894Oct 1973Woodburn
Butt, Jesse23 Sep 1909Sep 1976New Haven
Butt, Pauline M30 Aug 19085 Jun 1994New Haven
Butterbaugh, Ellis30 Jun 1885Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Button, Bonnie M13 May 19306 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Button, Darrell Vincent28 May 19394 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Button, Max L2 Mar 19243 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Butts, Beverly2 Mar 1926Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Butts, Charles10 Dec 1909Oct 1977Grabill
Butts, Dolores M18 Nov 192129 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Butts, Emerson C22 Dec 196427 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Butts, Forrest L5 Jun 191816 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Butts, Frank10 Jan 1895May 1970Fort Wayne
Butts, George4 Jan 1900Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Butts, Helen26 Jul 192125 Jun 2006Grabill
Butts, Ona7 Feb 1901May 1985Fort Wayne
Butts, Opal I17 Dec 191530 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Butts, Phyllis C10 Apr 192013 Nov 2004Churubusco
Butts, Shirley E9 Nov 189615 Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Butz, Beverly C4 Feb 192428 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Butz, Delores L5 Jul 192129 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Butz, Glenn C5 Dec 191426 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Butz, June23 Jun 1896Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Butz, Margaret8 Mar 1902Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Butz, Martha31 Aug 1881Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Butz, Mary17 Mar 1891May 1982Fort Wayne
Butz, Nellie25 Apr 1894Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Butz, Robert11 Nov 1903Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Butz, Ted W14 Dec 191526 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Butz, Theodore20 Apr 1893Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Butz, Viola18 Aug 1895Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Buuck, Alvin Martin8 Dec 191828 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Buuck, Arthur14 May 1904Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Buuck, Clara19 Jul 1899Aug 1973Hoagland
Buuck, Dorothy S5 Apr 191715 Oct 1999Hoagland
Buuck, Elnore T2 Jan 19108 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Buuck, Elsie M16 Aug 191225 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Buuck, Ethel4 Aug 1904Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Buuck, Fred C26 May 19092 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Buuck, Gale C9 Feb 192116 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Buuck, Helen M9 Apr 190719 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Buuck, Herbert F21 Jun 191727 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Buuck, Hildegard B15 Apr 19139 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Buuck, Ida24 Dec 1905Jul 1970Woodburn
Buuck, Jack E20 May 192929 May 2009Fort Wayne
Buuck, Jean C23 Jan 192418 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Buuck, John C26 Oct 19106 May 1997Fort Wayne
Buuck, Lorenz A16 Jul 190515 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Buuck, Louise29 Aug 1884Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Buuck, Martha L16 Jul 192612 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Buuck, Marvin24 May 1913Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Buuck, Paul22 Aug 1887May 1967New Haven
Buuck, Pauline1 Jun 188415 Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Buuck, Peggy23 Feb 1902Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Buuck, Robert H4 Mar 19169 May 2002Hoagland
Buuck, Rudolph18 Jul 1893Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Buuck, Sophie31 Dec 1901Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Buuck, Velma L3 Apr 19113 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Buuck, Vernon H24 Jan 192626 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Buuck, Walter14 Oct 1901Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Buuck, Welma E15 Jun 190616 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Bux, Marie12 Dec 1898Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Buxton, Jamie D5 Apr 19778 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Buzolitz, Shirley M1 Jul 192431 Dec 1996New Haven
Buzzard, Betty26 Mar 1923Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Buzzard, Fredonia2 Jun 1914Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Buzzard, John24 Jul 1910Jan 1986Fort Wayne

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