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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Cabeen, Betty M12 Aug 193018 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Cabeen, Charlene12 Jan 195717 Aug 2006New Haven
Cabel, Helen20 Nov 1900Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Cabell, Curtis E26 Dec 194018 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Cabell, John A19 Jun 194926 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Cable, Arthur12 Dec 1897Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Cable, Ida10 Mar 1902Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Cable, Ulysses27 Oct 1908Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Cabler, Florence M8 Nov 19247 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Cabler, Helen3 Jul 1893Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Cabral, Rita M1 Jan 194431 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Caccamo, B A17 Jul 193715 May 1989Fort Wayne
Caccamo, Francis A15 Jun 192722 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Caccamo, Jean M1 Oct 192629 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Caccamo, John A4 Sep 19295 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Caccamo, Joseph A13 Apr 19237 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Cadagan, Grace16 Aug 1887Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Cade, Betty7 Feb 1895Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Cade, Dolores30 Jan 193121 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Cade, Edward16 Jun 1902Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Cade, Ercell28 Aug 1900Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Cade, Rosie1 Apr 1899Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Cade, Sam28 Sep 1901Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Cade, Walter25 Feb 1890Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Cadman, Jonathan2 Oct 1921Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Cadmus, Betty L6 Oct 1919Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Cadmus, John24 Jan 191718 Aug 2000Spencerville
Cadwallader, Raymond M4 Aug 191923 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Cadwallader, Warren E5 Dec 192421 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Caffee, Stephan Bruce6 Jul 195211 Jan 2009Roanoke
Caffoe, Frank E23 Feb 192925 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Caffrey, Thomas J23 Aug 194417 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Cagle, K C29 Sep 19508 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Cagnet, Betty J17 Feb 192530 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Cagnet, John B20 Aug 19242 Jul 2006Monroeville
Cagnet, Lawrence L13 Sep 194213 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Cagnet, Oris N8 Jan 192318 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Cagnet, Ruth3 Jul 1915Sep 1978Monroeville
Cahill, Albert7 Apr 190816 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Cahill, Annas23 Jan 190615 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Cahill, Isaiah2 Apr 1917Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Cahill, Rosella6 May 19068 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Cahn, Benjamin2 Dec 1902Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Cahoon, Benjamin13 Nov 1903Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Caiazzo, Gaetano18 Jan 192420 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Cain Sr, Jack E1 Apr 192817 Jun 2001New Haven
Cain, Clinton21 Apr 1886Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Cain, Edythe L10 Jul 190815 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Cain, Glenn L17 Aug 190819 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Cain, Johnnie M8 Apr 194615 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Cain, Levina1 Jun 1897Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Cain, Lola Mae25 Jan 193130 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Cain, Rebecca K1 May 19389 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Cain, Roger5 Apr 1926Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Caine, George J14 Mar 195330 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Caine, H26 Aug 192415 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Caine, Rolland H19 Sep 19121 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Cains, Mary Jane28 Sep 1914Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Calbeck, Elnore E27 May 192128 Mar 2006Harlan
Calbetzer, Mildred V23 Sep 189815 Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Calcoff, Anna21 Nov 1891Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Calder, Annie4 Jun 18971 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Calder, Jasper A10 Nov 190915 Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Calder, John20 Jan 1881Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Calder, Norman H10 Jul 192011 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Billy J2 Jun 192813 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Dolph26 Oct 1913Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Ellsworth15 May 1903Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Florence13 Jul 1916Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Frances E13 Jul 192015 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Francis J25 Sep 191926 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Frederick D24 Sep 196219 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Caldwell, James11 Jul 196622 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Mae9 Jun 192617 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Mamie12 Oct 1901Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Margaret A30 Apr 190916 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Marion1 Apr 1902Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Mary A25 Jun 191331 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Olga11 Sep 1895Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Richard19 Aug 19485 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Robert9 Oct 1909Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Samuel6 Apr 1906Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Virginia5 Aug 1901Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Walter16 Aug 1900Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Caldwell, William5 Jan 1898Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Caldwell, William10 Feb 1890May 1976Fort Wayne
Caldwell, Wright12 May 192822 Aug 2001Churubusco
Cale, Harry19 Jul 1925Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Caley, Bert14 Dec 1893Jul 1974Roanoke
Caley, Bessie19 Sep 1895Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Caley, Bruce E10 Jun 19141 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Caley, Carol Ann30 Mar 19529 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Caley, Dewey2 Aug 1898Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Caley, Earl13 Feb 1889Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Caley, Edith14 Aug 1891Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Caley, Elbridge9 Feb 1891Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Caley, Joyce M13 Mar 192626 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Caley, Leona F16 Feb 192320 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Caley, Mabel22 Nov 1895Jun 1974Roanoke
Caley, Mildred27 Aug 1912Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Caley, Mildred E29 Aug 19143 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Caley, Robert9 Mar 1919May 1977Roanoke
Caley, Vern18 Sep 1893Oct 1983Churubusco
Caley, Vernon20 Jun 1924Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Calger, Clella M18 Sep 19036 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Calhoun, Charles T19 Mar 192917 Feb 2007New Haven
Calhoun, Deloris J15 Apr 195531 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Calhoun, Ed9 May 190225 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Calhoun, Edith M24 Sep 192619 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Calhoun, Esther18 Nov 19121 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Calhoun, Herman26 May 193730 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Calhoun, Jacob8 Jun 191420 Dec 2009New Haven
Calhoun, John11 Jul 191830 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Calhoun, John C11 Mar 193615 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Calhoun, John R25 Aug 192115 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Calhoun, Junior26 Dec 192615 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Calhoun, Olive16 Apr 1909Nov 1977Woodburn
Calhoun, Omer4 Aug 1936Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Calhoun, Thelma M23 Dec 1914Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Calkins, Annie M21 Oct 190531 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Calkins, Frank B27 Mar 190631 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Calkins, Irene26 Mar 1903Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Calkins, Jack C13 Oct 191011 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Calkins, Jack W10 Jun 193914 Jul 2009Roanoke
Calkins, Kathryn13 Jul 1886Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Calkins, Lillian7 Jul 19185 Oct 2001Roanoke
Calkins, Luella29 Apr 1908Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Calkins, Mary D9 Mar 190711 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Call, Beatrice V16 Mar 191811 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Call, Elizabeth R21 Feb 191413 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Call, Hobert22 Apr 1900Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Callaghan, Dorothy V6 Mar 19166 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Callaghan, Thomas W12 Jul 193715 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Callahan, Andrew16 Jun 1896Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Callahan, Donald18 Dec 1908Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Callahan, Eleanor21 Nov 1912Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Callahan, Elsie K31 Mar 190625 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Callahan, Frank23 Nov 1885Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Callahan, James7 Sep 1913Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Callahan, Margaret30 Aug 1913May 1978Fort Wayne
Callahan, Michael28 Mar 1892Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Callahan, Rachel M10 Aug 192125 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Callahan, Robert E23 Sep 193526 May 1998Fort Wayne
Calland, Bernice V4 Sep 1919Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Calland, Ella25 Apr 1894Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Calland, Ella B29 Dec 193117 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Calland, Flora Bell E17 Dec 1923Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Calland, Joshua22 Aug 1928Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Calland, Lee A2 May 191522 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Calland, Lora E16 Mar 191818 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Calland, Matilda B8 Sep 1889Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Callant, Emma21 Sep 1893Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Callen, Florence M5 Nov 19224 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Callicoat, Jerrel5 Sep 1914Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Callihan, Paul4 Mar 1904May 1981Fort Wayne
Callihan, Thomas3 Nov 1890Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Callines, Gregory G12 Nov 196116 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Callines, Jimothy6 Apr 196521 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Callines, Markus D29 Jan 198628 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Callison, June M9 May 191626 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Callison, Max K16 Jul 191410 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Callison, Ralph14 Jan 1895Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Callow, Delores L20 Nov 192719 Feb 1995Spencerville
Callow, William C6 Mar 192216 Sep 2000Spencerville
Calloway, Catherine E25 Apr 191521 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Calloway, Dorris R2 Apr 193312 May 1998Fort Wayne
Calmes, William J16 Oct 194720 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Calton, Mabel E14 Oct 19235 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Calumba, Anselma A21 Apr 19395 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Calvelage, Ronald J6 Feb 194226 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Calvert, Alta24 Aug 1901Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Calvert, Ralph3 Jul 1898Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Calvert, Roland H2 Oct 19379 Jun 2001New Haven
Calvillo, Victoriano5 Sep 19757 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Calvin, Hazel22 Aug 1896Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Calvin, Riley L29 Dec 19177 Jul 2007Woodburn
Camacho, Francisco10 Mar 1916May 1981Fort Wayne
Camargo, Wilfredo22 Jul 194718 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Cambray, Fred K8 Jan 191027 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Cambray, Helen M4 Oct 191425 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Cambre, Carrie D2 May 19071 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Cambre, Max12 Jan 1897Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Cambron, John T17 Jun 194616 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Camburn, Adah13 Jul 1884Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Cameron, Amos28 Apr 1881Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Cameron, Amos A3 Feb 192831 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Cameron, Angela E22 Sep 19095 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Cameron, Ann9 Mar 1911Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Cameron, Betty L22 Jun 191925 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Cameron, Carol M16 Mar 192817 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Cameron, Edward8 Aug 1894Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Cameron, George A20 Nov 19212 Aug 1998Leo
Cameron, Grover17 Nov 1923Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Cameron, Jay B19 Jan 192729 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Cameron, John2 Feb 1906Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Cameron, Martha F12 Oct 191413 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Cameron, Mary15 Sep 1905Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Cameron, Miles26 Mar 1916May 1987Fort Wayne
Cameron, Patricia A8 Nov 194227 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Cameron, William3 May 1915Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Cameron, Winifred14 Mar 1898May 1977Fort Wayne
Caming, Virginia4 Nov 1918Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Cammarata, Leon16 May 1901Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Camos, Frank F12 Jan 190827 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Camos, Lois Oneita21 Jul 191228 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Camos, Mary14 Aug 1918Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Camp, Chester10 Jul 1892Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Camp, Claude20 Apr 1908Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Camp, Helen E2 Jun 1919Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Camp, Irma M24 May 192426 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Camp, Martha E6 Apr 191815 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Camp, Nellie4 May 1886Oct 1973Roanoke
Camp, Richard L19 Mar 191518 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Campanella, Peter23 Apr 1930May 1985Fort Wayne
Campau, Jules11 Apr 1899Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Campbell, Alfred1 Mar 19303 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Campbell, Ann Lee10 Feb 193718 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Campbell, Anna M31 May 1917Nov 1989New Haven
Campbell, Arthur4 Aug 19093 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Campbell, Benjamin10 Aug 1891Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Campbell, Bernice F31 May 191310 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Campbell, Betty31 Jan 1922Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Campbell, Betty J28 Apr 19231 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Campbell, Betty M16 Jun 1920Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Campbell, Burl G13 Feb 192128 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Campbell, Carlos19 Sep 1898Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Campbell, Carroll12 Oct 1904May 1984Fort Wayne
Campbell, Charles E15 Dec 192210 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Campbell, Charlotte M26 Jul 192923 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Campbell, Chloe5 Apr 1898Jul 1986New Haven
Campbell, Clarence R6 May 191714 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Campbell, Cleo K11 Mar 19151 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Campbell, Clyde27 Feb 1897Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Campbell, Clyde28 Aug 1899Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Campbell, Donald4 Mar 1922Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Campbell, Donald Eugene22 Aug 193527 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Campbell, Donald F16 Sep 19288 Feb 2010Huntertown
Campbell, Donna M29 May 1900May 1992Fort Wayne
Campbell, Dora L12 Nov 191320 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Campbell, Dorothy6 Nov 1910Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Campbell, Dorothy E26 Feb 192421 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Campbell, Douglas2 Sep 1922Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Campbell, Dwight11 Apr 1906Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Campbell, Edna24 Jan 1898Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Campbell, Elsie M3 Feb 192424 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Campbell, Ernest19 Jan 19271 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Campbell, Ernest19 Sep 1900Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Campbell, Esther15 Dec 1916Aug 1983Huntertown
Campbell, Esther27 Nov 1909Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Campbell, Eva16 Aug 1893Oct 1978Churubusco
Campbell, Evelyn F20 Aug 191529 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Campbell, Fern M17 Jun 190221 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Campbell, Floyd2 Mar 1900Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Campbell, Fred2 Mar 1902Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Campbell, George9 Nov 1886Mar 1965Churubusco
Campbell, George A23 Feb 191827 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Campbell, Gertrude13 Nov 1906Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Campbell, Girtha Mae16 May 192624 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Campbell, Hazel N16 Aug 193526 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Campbell, Helen Minnick29 Oct 192829 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Campbell, Homer2 Jan 1898Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Campbell, Homer28 Dec 1882Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Campbell, Hoyt17 Jan 1909May 1985Fort Wayne
Campbell, Isaac23 May 1901Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Campbell, Jack13 Jul 1912Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Campbell, James21 Aug 1896Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Campbell, James E14 Oct 193629 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Campbell, James R10 Jun 192326 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Campbell, Janice M4 Feb 194011 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Campbell, Jean22 Feb 193028 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Campbell, Joan M1 Sep 19272 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Campbell, John25 Aug 1912Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Campbell, John17 Aug 1920Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Campbell, John C18 Jul 19394 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Campbell, Joseph G2 Oct 191523 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Campbell, Julius9 Feb 1921Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Campbell, Kenneth E1 Apr 19088 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Campbell, Lee A9 Apr 191830 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Campbell, Lilly M11 May 192131 May 2004Harlan
Campbell, Lois7 Oct 1890Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Campbell, Lorah R30 Jun 19326 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Campbell, Louella M10 Feb 193419 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Campbell, M26 Mar 1906Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Campbell, Marian P14 Jan 191723 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Campbell, Marianne30 Jan 193226 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Campbell, Martha9 Apr 191511 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Campbell, Martha J24 May 191719 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Campbell, Mary E25 Oct 191820 May 2007Churubusco
Campbell, Mary K11 Jul 19144 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Campbell, Mary M4 Aug 19103 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Campbell, Mary M19 Mar 19281 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Campbell, Mary M15 Jul 19235 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Campbell, Merle L3 Dec 192029 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Campbell, Michael J18 Dec 193812 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Campbell, Mildred29 Sep 191014 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Campbell, Muriel O27 Jul 19217 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Campbell, Nadja C20 Aug 195723 May 2003Fort Wayne
Campbell, Nora B27 Sep 189819 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Campbell, Ollie22 Jul 1913Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Campbell, Patrick D31 Mar 19393 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Campbell, Rachel D8 Jun 190814 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Campbell, Ralph R23 Mar 19192 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Campbell, Ralph T10 Aug 191429 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Campbell, Reola18 Jul 19214 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Campbell, Reuben12 Feb 1902Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Campbell, Rexford10 Aug 1898Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Campbell, Richard E27 Jan 193312 May 2006Fort Wayne
Campbell, Richard L5 Apr 193613 Jan 1999New Haven
Campbell, Robert E3 Jul 19302 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Campbell, Robert M24 May 193426 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Campbell, Robert R28 Jul 190431 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Campbell, Ruth16 Jun 1898Aug 1978Churubusco
Campbell, Sharron L23 Jul 193524 May 2009Fort Wayne
Campbell, Sherrill J13 Feb 193321 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Campbell, Theodore A13 Mar 19033 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Campbell, Victoria E20 Jul 191531 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Campbell, Walter4 Nov 1886Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Campbell, Walter W4 May 192526 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Campbell, Wanda Chloe11 Jan 192026 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Campbell, Willis22 Sep 1882Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Campbell, Winnie B4 Nov 19081 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Campbell, Zoa29 Oct 1898Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Camperman, Helen A4 Sep 18952 Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Campetti, Anthony23 Dec 1914Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Campfield, Edith19 Mar 1910May 1981Fort Wayne
Campfield, Howard4 Jan 1902May 1983Fort Wayne
Camplin, Albert25 Jul 1916Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Campos, Barbara A14 Nov 194422 Sep 1993New Haven
Campos, Jesse J9 Oct 19594 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Campos, Jesus14 Mar 193821 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Campos, Maria G19 Feb 193110 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Campos, Michael A7 Jan 196127 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Canaan, Margaret G12 Jul 190812 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Canada, Judith A21 May 193831 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Cane, Irafay30 Dec 1927Dec 1979New Haven
Caney, Marjorie I19 Sep 19166 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Caney, Richard8 Feb 1900Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Canfield, Jane M11 Nov 195011 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Canine, Ida M18 Jun 19118 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Cannaday, Steve L8 May 194919 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Cannici, Donna J28 Feb 194813 Feb 2006Roanoke
Cannizzaro, Stephen10 Apr 192612 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Cannon, Cleveland7 May 1909Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Cannon, Dennis21 Nov 195815 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Cannon, Elizabeth M8 Aug 191710 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Cannon, Gaynelle C13 Dec 19075 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Cannon, MaggieFeb 1903Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Cannon, Paul R11 Jul 191910 May 1991Fort Wayne
Cannon, Rosa24 Aug 1937Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Cannon, Wilford4 Nov 1909Dec 1985Spencerville
Cannon, Will5 Nov 1895Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Cannon, Willie10 Mar 1957Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Canter, Lucilla M4 Oct 191628 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Canter, Rolland M14 Jan 19189 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Cantey, Harry3 Feb 193418 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Cantlon, Mabelle31 May 1888Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Cantrell, Callie B24 Jul 19085 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Cantrell, Lee R24 Sep 19253 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Cantrell, Minnie E23 Jun 1903Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Cantrell, Royce G13 Apr 19364 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Cantrell, Walter11 Apr 1899Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Cantrell, Wilda I10 Oct 190415 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Cantwell, Bonnie R21 May 194020 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Cantwell, Helen B7 Jan 19185 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Cantwell, Kathleen16 Sep 1921May 1980Fort Wayne
Cantwell, Kathryn E23 Apr 191423 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Cantwell, Richard1 Aug 1912Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Cantwell, Robert24 Mar 1915Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Cantwell, Thomas12 Feb 1921Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Canvin, James14 Jan 1916Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Capatina, June11 Jun 1894Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Capatina, Sharon Lee17 Aug 193815 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Cape, Nadene9 Mar 1926Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Capehart, Georgia A18 Sep 192110 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Capers, Albertha3 May 192327 May 2008Fort Wayne
Capers, J31 Jan 1991Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Capin, Clarence15 Jan 1904Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Capin, Goldie28 Dec 1905Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Capin, John R22 Mar 192319 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Capin, Margaret5 Dec 1923Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Caplinger, Bertha31 Aug 1887Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Caplinger, Harley6 Mar 1889Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Caporale, Carmen22 Aug 19222 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Capps, Ena N12 Jan 189715 Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Capps, James M13 Nov 192321 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Capps, Jesse S18 Feb 192614 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Capps, Leon A13 Feb 1918Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Caras, Gayle E4 Sep 19599 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Caras, Jon M26 Jan 195817 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Carbaugh, Edna1 Feb 1897Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Carbaugh, James R14 Sep 19309 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Carbaugh, Kenneth3 Jul 1920May 1987Fort Wayne
Carbaugh, Nancy J9 Mar 193320 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Carbaugh, Paul7 Jul 1921Jul 1982Yoder
Carboni, Constance T25 Feb 192028 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Carboni, Frank24 Jan 1916Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Carboni, Frank J17 Jul 19414 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Carboni, John B24 Nov 192311 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Carboni, Sharon7 May 1947Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Carby, Leola13 Mar 192211 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Carcillo, Margaret M16 Oct 192512 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Carcione, Sebastian2 Nov 1899May 1975Fort Wayne
Card, Isabelle V16 Jun 192522 Mar 2008Grabill, Fort Wayne
Card, William N4 May 192330 May 2009Grabill
Carden, Nathan E19 Sep 193010 Jul 2002Yoder
Carder Sr, Earl15 May 1892Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Carder, Edith10 Aug 1893Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Carder, Edith28 Sep 1894Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Carder, Ellen3 Feb 1915Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Cardin, Donna D1 Aug 193716 Sep 1999Churubusco
Cardin, Marvin R20 Jun 19236 Dec 2008Churubusco
Cardin, Nancy K1 Sep 196010 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Cardinali, Catherine25 Apr 1893Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Cardinali, David28 Sep 1889Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Cardinali, Fred J19 Aug 191117 May 2003Fort Wayne
Cardini, Georgia I3 Jan 193631 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Cardini, John J18 Feb 192617 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Cardone, William J17 Jul 192125 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Cardwell, Beulah M5 Oct 194223 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Cardwell, William8 May 1900Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Carey, Alice12 Mar 1926Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Carey, Alice Naomi13 Jul 19171 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Carey, Clyde23 Jul 1911May 1981Fort Wayne
Carey, Esther25 Feb 1917Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Carey, Florence J8 Aug 192123 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Carey, Frieda14 May 1894Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Carey, Gene H16 Aug 192820 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Carey, George F22 Dec 190315 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Carey, Herman23 Feb 1905Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Carey, Jack20 Sep 1913May 1979Fort Wayne
Carey, James11 Apr 1911Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Carey, John C22 Jul 193418 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Carey, Judson J30 Mar 196021 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Carey, Lamar G27 Jan 19182 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Carey, Lester16 Dec 1895Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Carey, Lester P14 Mar 192218 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Carey, Rachel14 Jul 1906Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Carey, Richard L22 Nov 19373 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Carey, Thomas7 Mar 1938Jul 1983New Haven
Carfer, Robert26 Dec 1902May 1976Fort Wayne
Carkenord, Frances7 Jul 1896Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Carl, Eunice17 May 1891Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Carl, Marjorie J29 Oct 192429 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Carl, Marjory12 Jun 1897Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Carle, Alda1 May 1893Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Carles, Carrie21 Apr 1880Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Carleton, Mildred3 Apr 1900Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Carlile, Karen K7 Dec 193918 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Carlin, Earl14 Jun 1898Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Carlin, Edna M14 Sep 190215 Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Carlin, Inez10 Jul 1923Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Carlino, Michael30 Apr 1931May 1976Fort Wayne
Carlisle, Annie17 Apr 1897Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Carlisle, Arthur24 Jun 19408 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Carlisle, Charles14 Jul 194914 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Carlisle, Charlie11 Dec 192820 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Carlisle, David28 Apr 192513 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Carlisle, Ethel14 Nov 1892Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Carlisle, Florence18 Jun 1891Sep 1982Roanoke
Carlisle, Gilbert Lawrence28 Jan 19418 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Carlisle, Isaac14 Apr 1935Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Carlisle, Marie4 Jul 1901Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Carlisle, Richard17 Jul 192811 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Carlisle, Tom9 Jan 1894Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Carlisle, William14 Jun 192228 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Carlisle, Willie B2 Sep 189624 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Carlo, Donald24 Apr 1899Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Carlo, Donald R19 Jun 192320 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Carlo, Ernest23 Sep 1892Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Carlo, Helen10 Dec 1909Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Carlo, Jean L10 Oct 192813 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Carlo, Lucile31 Jan 1895Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Carls, Viola19 May 1889Dec 1978Hoagland
Carlson, Albert24 Sep 190710 May 2002Fort Wayne
Carlson, Anita E10 Jan 191217 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Carlson, Bess8 Sep 1923Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Carlson, Charles29 Jan 1898Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Carlson, Clarence Jr3 Jun 1920Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Carlson, D D7 Apr 192815 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Carlson, Deborah24 Oct 1954Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Carlson, Doris K9 Oct 19235 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Carlson, E Rolland19 Jul 192012 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Carlson, Edith K21 Apr 190210 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Carlson, Florence7 Apr 1903Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Carlson, Forrest13 Jun 1915Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Carlson, Fred12 Feb 1886May 1968Fort Wayne
Carlson, Jack L30 Sep 192317 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Carlson, Julius22 Jan 1895Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Carlson, Lorena P14 Dec 191418 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Carlson, Martin3 Feb 1899Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Carlson, Mary E5 Apr 192017 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Carlson, Mildred M24 Nov 1895Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Carlson, Randall A26 Aug 190227 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Carlson, Robert21 Jun 1916Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Carlson, Robert O8 Mar 19151 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Carlson, Roy12 Aug 1891Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Carlson, Ruzela14 Jul 1903Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Carlson, Samantha D15 Sep 194221 May 2006Fort Wayne
Carlson, William14 Nov 1899Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Carlstein, Eva20 Mar 1895Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Carlstrom, Mildred E5 Jun 19116 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Carlton, Donald T28 Apr 193510 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Carmack, Pearl4 Jul 1892Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Carman, Goldie13 Jan 1911Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Carman, Hildegarde19 Jun 1907Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Carman, Inez M7 Aug 191216 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Carman, Marcella K13 Mar 1916Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Carmean, Jack M11 Dec 192822 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Carmean, James L25 Mar 193328 May 1997Harlan
Carmean, Ora23 May 1904Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Carmean, Virgil22 May 1902Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Carmer, B V1 Oct 189515 Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Carmer, Beatrice P27 Jun 1918Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Carmer, Ella28 Apr 1882Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Carmer, Gladys E29 Apr 18965 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Carmer, Vern3 Mar 1896Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Carmer, Weaver22 Dec 1892Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Carmichael, Virginia31 Mar 1931Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Carmicheal, Beatrice A25 Jul 1926Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Carmicheal, Harley E18 Sep 190214 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Carmicheal, Hazel6 Mar 1901Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Carmicheal, Loron L30 Aug 192421 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Carmicheal, Marjorie M4 Jul 19296 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Carmien, Robert F1 May 193826 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Carmoney, Floyd26 May 1898Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Carmoney, Irene M31 May 190416 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Carnahan, Betty L14 Nov 191724 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Carnahan, Elizabeth K20 Dec 190624 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Carnahan, Evert D26 May 191324 Feb 1993Churubusco
Carnall, Helen14 Jul 1905Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Carnall, Jerry W11 Feb 194122 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Carnall, Olive2 Apr 1914Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Carnall, Ronald D8 Aug 19445 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Carner, Barbara H8 Nov 193722 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Carner, Doyle7 Feb 19388 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Carnes, Adelyn24 Mar 1917Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Carnes, Marie29 Apr 191316 Oct 1997Leo
Carnes, Michael7 Oct 1942May 1977Fort Wayne
Carnes, Oscar1 Sep 1907Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Carnes, Viola27 Nov 1912Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Carney, Adena L24 Jun 190621 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Carney, Alice V22 Jan 191225 Feb 2000Yoder
Carney, Alva18 Apr 190913 Nov 1992Yoder
Carney, Baxter1 May 1921Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Carney, Benjamin21 Sep 1892May 1966Fort Wayne
Carney, Carl18 Oct 1901Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Carney, Catherine M21 Jun 19399 May 2008Fort Wayne
Carney, Edith30 Aug 1884Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Carney, Edrie7 Oct 1910Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Carney, George H20 Dec 191921 May 1996Fort Wayne
Carney, Glenn27 Feb 1885Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Carney, Glenn L19 Jun 191924 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Carney, Harry W26 Apr 193820 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Carney, Irene6 May 1899Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Carney, Jean1 Apr 1905Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Carney, John B16 Jan 19473 May 2002Fort Wayne
Carney, Kenneth19 May 1909Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Carney, Laura E12 Jun 1906Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Carney, Lucile18 Dec 1916Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Carney, Marcia2 Jun 1944Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Carney, Mary E26 May 192017 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Carney, Mary L24 Oct 193825 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Carney, Mary M26 Nov 1902Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Carney, Mearl13 Jul 1906Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Carney, Robert N13 Nov 193017 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Carney, Russell H8 May 191631 May 1996Fort Wayne
Carney, William A27 Jan 191515 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Carnochan, David H7 May 193312 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Caron, Joseph I3 Jan 19392 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Carpen, Robe L15 Mar 194926 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Alice J14 Jun 19358 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Carl3 Apr 1898Jul 1979Spencerville
Carpenter, Carl8 May 1904Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Charles23 Apr 1900Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Charles W31 Aug 19338 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Cloid3 Mar 1904Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Cloid M4 Apr 19286 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Carpenter, David1 May 1918Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Denver19 Mar 1910Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Donald1 Jun 1922Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Donald A25 Mar 190516 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Donna E15 Apr 191810 Feb 2006Monroeville
Carpenter, Dorothy1 Oct 1905Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Edith E19 Oct 192616 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Edna12 May 1911Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Edna9 Feb 1905May 1980Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Edna23 May 1899Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Elaine S1 Sep 19495 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Elsie14 Jun 1924Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Esther I4 Oct 190631 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Eugene I26 Jul 19244 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Evelyn31 Oct 1925Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Faye15 Jun 1900Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Frances4 Oct 19339 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Geary20 Apr 1905May 1987Fort Wayne
Carpenter, George16 Jun 1906Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Carpenter, George25 Mar 1906Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Georgia5 Apr 1893Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Gertrude2 Oct 1911Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Gilbert30 Aug 1902Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Glenn11 Mar 1917Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Harley5 Oct 1911Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Hazel11 Sep 1907Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Helen15 Dec 1905May 1970Roanoke
Carpenter, Helen G24 Feb 19106 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Henrietta24 Feb 1884Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Hillis J2 Jan 192715 Feb 2007New Haven
Carpenter, Homer20 Nov 19161 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Ira4 Mar 1902Apr 1972Monroeville
Carpenter, Jack R14 Dec 192626 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Levi27 Jul 1905Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Lois3 May 190626 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Lona C11 Oct 19197 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Lucy17 Mar 1886Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Mabel26 Oct 1894Feb 1983Roanoke
Carpenter, Mabel M23 Sep 19091 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Mae8 Jun 1902Oct 1977New Haven
Carpenter, Marcile M20 Aug 19267 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Marie31 Oct 1900Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Martha6 Dec 1916Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Mary Ann1 May 193410 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Mary L3 Oct 190130 Apr 1997Spencerville
Carpenter, Mildred E13 Jan 191430 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Mildred L27 Sep 191018 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Minnie6 Jan 1884Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Minta27 Oct 1899Jun 1984Woodburn
Carpenter, Myrtle12 Jul 1914Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Nellie12 Mar 1897Oct 1986Fort Wayne, New Haven
Carpenter, Oliver2 Apr 190015 Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Paul E29 Jul 191610 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Perry11 Apr 1887Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Ralph8 Feb 1895Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Ramesh S9 Nov 192126 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Ray25 Mar 1883Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Ray21 Jul 1918Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Rita M26 Jun 192620 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Robert C13 Oct 192311 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Robert H25 Feb 192312 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Robert L4 Feb 194624 May 1999Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Robert R18 Jul 19276 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Rose8 Sep 1899Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Rose A20 Jul 191513 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Ruth6 Aug 1895Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Sarah A22 Feb 191214 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Sharon19 Dec 1933Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Terry L21 Jun 194213 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Vergie16 Jun 1896Mar 1968Monroeville
Carpenter, Versa L15 Apr 19061 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Virginia M25 Oct 192021 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Carpenter, Washington27 Dec 1879Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Carpenter, William H4 Nov 191812 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Carpenter, William R3 Nov 192316 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Carper, Beauford J7 Oct 192227 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Carper, Harvey B2 Dec 192116 Nov 2006Leo
Carper, Lloyd27 Jul 1910Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Carper, Opal J21 Apr 1918May 1996Fort Wayne
Carper, Ruby D19 Aug 192217 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Carper, Samuel E26 Dec 19367 Nov 1994New Haven
Carpino, Anna24 Apr 1906Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Carpino, Anthony8 Jan 1903Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Carpino, Dominic26 Dec 1906Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Carpino, Frank F3 May 191823 Dec 1991New Haven
Carpino, Joseph N30 Sep 19275 May 1998Fort Wayne
Carpino, Lola L7 Sep 193220 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Carpino, Martha F20 Aug 191423 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Carpino, Onnetta15 Aug 1910Dec 1983New Haven
Carr, Arno7 Aug 1898Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Carr, Betty Jean5 Feb 19236 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Carr, Charles15 Dec 1896Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Carr, Donald L10 Feb 19371 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Carr, Dorothy V11 Mar 190522 Sep 1990Leo
Carr, Elmer Lee12 Jul 19248 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Carr, Eunice M3 Apr 19101 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Carr, Forest26 Jul 1912Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Carr, Frank2 Aug 1892Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Carr, Helen16 Oct 191330 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Carr, Helen L22 May 191524 May 2005Fort Wayne
Carr, Herbert9 Oct 1929Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Carr, Howard23 Jun 1906Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Carr, Irene6 Dec 191815 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Carr, Irma2 Jan 1900Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Carr, James28 Oct 1898Jan 1982Huntertown
Carr, Jeanne K21 Jan 19443 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Carr, Kenneth17 Feb 1929Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Carr, Kenneth17 Nov 1905Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Carr, Leah K15 Nov 194229 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Carr, Lorraine24 Aug 1932Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Carr, Lyman J18 May 19096 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Carr, Mae19 Jul 1911Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Carr, Margaret P2 Sep 19271 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Carr, Marjorie M23 Jul 192420 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Carr, Nadyne1 Nov 1908Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Carr, Peggy J5 Apr 193214 May 2004Fort Wayne
Carr, Robert F20 Jul 191731 May 2003Fort Wayne
Carr, Rufus29 Feb 1895Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Carr, Rufus17 May 1897May 1972Fort Wayne
Carr, Ruth D2 Sep 19445 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Carr, Suzanne1 May 1918Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Carr, T19 Nov 1905Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Carr, Thomas W24 Mar 192310 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Carr, Virgil L5 May 19246 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Carr, Virginia E13 Feb 19176 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Carr, W Neale7 Sep 19234 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Carr, Walter E9 May 190111 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Carrell, Edith4 Mar 1890Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Carrell, Edna30 Aug 1891May 1976Fort Wayne
Carretta, Angelina8 May 1909Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Carrier, Beulah25 Nov 1899Sep 1980Monroeville
Carrier, Byron R25 May 19313 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Carrier, Florence31 Dec 1891Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Carrier, Floyd26 Jul 1891Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Carrier, Helen L26 Feb 1902Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Carrier, Howard O18 Dec 18989 Jan 1994Monroeville
Carrier, Irene N23 Jul 190228 Apr 1994Monroeville
Carrier, Joseph6 Jul 1898Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Carrier, Marjorie20 Nov 1925Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Carrier, Paul E12 Mar 19142 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Carrier, Ralph B1 Feb 19186 Feb 2008New Haven
Carrier, Violet L29 Jul 19134 May 2007Fort Wayne
Carrig, Cecilia18 Oct 1906Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Carrig, Walter14 Mar 1904Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Carriger, Clarence28 Mar 1891Jun 1977Churubusco
Carriger, Clora28 Mar 1891Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Carriger, Parley10 Oct 1888Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Carrillo, Felice5 Jun 1932Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Carrillo, Ignacio31 Jul 192630 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Carrington, Agatha B11 Dec 189420 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Carrington, Edward E13 Jan 190429 Sep 1999New Haven
Carrington, Erbin30 Jan 1884May 1970Fort Wayne
Carrington, Germaine5 Sep 1901Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Carrington, Irene24 Jul 1900May 1975Fort Wayne
Carrington, Ruth5 Jun 1908Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Carroll, Dewey17 Jun 1917Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Carroll, Dolores M18 Apr 192723 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Carroll, Donald16 Aug 1913Mar 1977Roanoke
Carroll, Doris M21 Sep 19337 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Carroll, Edna R17 Jan 1905Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Carroll, Edward13 Jul 1897Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Carroll, Eloise B9 Mar 19257 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Carroll, Francis17 Feb 1899Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Carroll, Frank10 Sep 1899Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Carroll, Helen11 Feb 1899Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Carroll, Howard C26 Jul 190125 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Carroll, Howard T22 May 192821 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Carroll, John24 Aug 1930Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Carroll, Lois S21 Aug 19019 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Carroll, Pamela S3 Jul 195626 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Carroll, Pauline M17 Jul 19154 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Carroll, Ramona K12 Mar 190619 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Carroll, Rhonda A11 Mar 190327 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Carroll, Richard15 Feb 1954Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Carroll, Richard Andrew28 Mar 19516 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Carroll, Starling20 Feb 1899May 1976Monroeville
Carroll, Thomas11 Jul 1897Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Carroll, Thomas P2 Jul 191023 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Carroll, Willie5 Aug 1922May 1987Fort Wayne
Carroll, Willis1 Aug 191327 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Carrott, Ruth28 Jun 1903Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Carruthers, Ronald17 Jul 1923Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Carson, Alda J5 Jan 189826 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Carson, Basil30 Apr 1913Jun 1987New Haven
Carson, Gertrude M16 Nov 189315 Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Carson, John15 Oct 1914Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Carson, John Daniel16 Jul 193715 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Carson, Louise G25 Aug 192114 May 2001Fort Wayne
Carson, Ruth13 Aug 1922Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Carson, Theodore28 May 1897Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Carson, Thomas S27 Feb 194215 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Carsten, Betty A21 Jun 192219 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Carsten, Floyd A26 Sep 191927 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Carstens, Afra H11 Apr 192125 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Carstens, Emma8 May 1893Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Carswell, Coralee25 Mar 1918Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Carswell, Daniel12 Jun 194414 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Carswell, Elora S25 Aug 19627 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Carswell, Gracie30 Jan 193014 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Carswell, Isaac17 Apr 1925Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Carswell, Johnnie B16 Aug 193618 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Carswell, Rosa A21 Jan 188115 Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Carswell, Rufus26 Oct 194729 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Carteaux, Caroline9 Nov 1905Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Carteaux, Francis3 Sep 1915Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Carteaux, Glennys A6 Apr 196115 May 1994Fort Wayne
Carteaux, John E3 Aug 193227 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Carteaux, Lawrence15 Mar 1912May 1983Fort Wayne
Carteaux, Margaret24 Oct 1910May 1975Fort Wayne
Carteaux, Norbert A28 Mar 19299 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Carteaux, Veronica Lee9 Jul 195529 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Carter, Ardith E11 Jan 191513 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Carter, Bernard1 Nov 1916Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Carter, Bernetta7 Mar 1898Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Carter, Christina R10 Dec 196927 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Carter, Dan19 Jun 1929Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Carter, Darlene28 Mar 193012 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Carter, Darlene S9 Apr 19576 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Carter, Donald6 Jul 1917Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Carter, Edith13 Jan 1902Jul 1983Woodburn
Carter, Edith G25 Aug 18986 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Carter, Elsie M24 Apr 192227 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Carter, Elvin9 Jan 1902Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Carter, Evelyn12 Oct 190712 Mar 1994Roanoke
Carter, Fern3 Jan 1910Nov 1983Churubusco
Carter, Florence J8 Mar 1914Jun 1993New Haven
Carter, Frances C13 Jan 189910 May 1992Fort Wayne
Carter, Francis23 Jan 1908Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Carter, Francis E8 Apr 18993 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Carter, Frieda9 Nov 1903Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Carter, George19 Nov 1909Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Carter, Gladys27 Sep 192619 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Carter, Grace25 May 1911May 1973Fort Wayne
Carter, Grace B25 Mar 18993 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Carter, Harold8 Jun 1906Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Carter, Herbert2 Apr 1901Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Carter, J W27 Feb 190721 Dec 2000Churubusco
Carter, Jack D26 Jan 192917 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Carter, James L30 Mar 191322 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Carter, James L15 Dec 19373 Feb 2006Roanoke
Carter, Jamie R15 Oct 197827 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Carter, John16 Aug 1881Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Carter, John D14 Sep 191214 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Carter, John J5 Oct 19653 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Carter, Lewis2 Feb 1892Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Carter, Lida9 Aug 1898Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Carter, Loretta F8 Feb 19518 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Carter, Lucille4 Jun 1903Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Carter, Luella24 Sep 1894Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Carter, Luevella15 Sep 1910Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Carter, Mary24 Jun 1893Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Carter, Mary9 Mar 1937Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Carter, Matilda3 Mar 1895Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Carter, Mercedes C5 Jan 192421 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Carter, Nancy J27 Mar 19394 May 2007Fort Wayne
Carter, Ned F12 Mar 193622 May 2008Fort Wayne
Carter, Perry22 Oct 1889Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Carter, Phyllis K24 Nov 192217 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Carter, Rissie30 Sep 192625 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Carter, Ronald T2 Sep 193611 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Carter, Susie M1 May 190810 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Carter, Trilby2 Jul 1895Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Carter, Vincent G5 Sep 196228 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Carter, Virgil25 Jan 1904Nov 1975Roanoke
Carter, Wade2 Oct 1890Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Carter, Willie15 Oct 1926Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Carter, Willie C21 Oct 192416 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Carter, Willie L30 Jul 19335 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Carter, Zack C10 Jun 191017 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Cartmel, Daryl1 Nov 1925Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Carto, David S24 Nov 191320 May 1997Fort Wayne
Carto, Marjorie L11 Aug 192331 May 2006Fort Wayne
Cartwright S, Dorothy H13 Mar 192729 May 2009Roanoke
Cartwright, Bessie1 Jan 1885Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Charles29 Jul 1918Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Clarence28 Nov 1889Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Cora2 Feb 1889Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Daisy L29 Oct 192025 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Dorothy R13 Oct 191121 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Emor13 Sep 1887Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Ethel1 Sep 1892May 1979Roanoke
Cartwright, George12 Dec 1913Oct 1985Grabill
Cartwright, Glen1 Jul 1892Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Helen2 May 1915Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Helen A19 Mar 192515 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Homer A7 Aug 189929 May 1989Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Irene1 Apr 1897May 1980Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Larry Lee27 Sep 193523 May 2008Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Leo23 Nov 1911Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Leota29 Jun 1894Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Cartwright, M F12 Mar 19252 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Marcella J13 Jun 19233 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Pauline L13 Jul 19144 Dec 2001Grabill
Cartwright, R D1 Sep 193415 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Cartwright, Virginia L26 Nov 194428 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Caruso, Ferdinand J29 Aug 19257 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Caruso, Helen V12 Sep 191522 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Caruso, John F3 Jun 191317 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Caruso, Mary C6 Jun 192022 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Caruso, Tony C13 Aug 19169 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Carver, Aileen M13 Sep 19161 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Carver, Bernard R1 Mar 194823 May 1996Woodburn
Carver, Mary E4 Dec 191017 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Carver, Olive M23 Dec 192822 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Carver, Valette V2 Jul 19225 Apr 2003Harlan
Carvey, Dorothy J1 Jul 1925Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Carvey, Ted B6 Nov 192013 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Carvin, Alden20 Jul 1913Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Carvin, Bess22 Feb 1892Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Carvin, Earl28 Feb 1887Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Carvin, Kathleen L13 Aug 191312 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Cary Ray, Donna D9 Oct 193124 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Cary, Albert F15 Jan 192511 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Cary, Alda13 Aug 1881Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Cary, Clinton9 Apr 1918Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Cary, Doris Ann20 Oct 192820 Mar 2008New Haven
Cary, Frank22 Dec 1944Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Cary, Irene18 May 1891Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Cary, Jean M24 Jul 19309 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Cary, Ruth M22 Nov 191719 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Case, Aline11 May 187215 Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Case, Alva15 Jan 1905Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Case, Annabelle1 Mar 1906Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Case, Evan18 Feb 1920Jun 1981Monroeville
Case, Gladys L8 Jun 1902Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Case, Harriet14 Dec 1900Sep 1976Monroeville
Case, Leo E20 Jun 190722 May 1999Fort Wayne
Case, Lewis28 Aug 1904Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Case, Olive A16 Mar 19067 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Case, Ora L29 Aug 192727 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Case, Russell2 Jan 1894Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Case, Shirley24 Aug 1935Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Casebeer, Elnora28 Oct 1890Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Casebeer, Gladys O19 Sep 190826 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Casebeer, Jessie9 Sep 1885Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Casebeer, Robert8 Jul 1891Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Casey, Donald24 Aug 1908Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Casey, Ethel15 Jan 1891Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Casey, Evelyn M29 Jan 19099 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Casey, Glenda W8 Aug 191517 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Casey, Hazel10 Mar 1897Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Casey, Louise15 Jun 1911Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Casey, Lucile9 Jun 192014 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Casey, Maurice24 Aug 1907Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Casey, Paul E31 Oct 192527 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Casey, Paula3 Feb 1899May 1981Fort Wayne
Casey, Thomas23 Aug 1905Sep 1979New Haven
Casey, William L27 Nov 191515 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Cash, Darrell19 May 1897Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Cash, William16 Nov 1913Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Cashdollar, Harry16 Mar 1891May 1972Fort Wayne
Cashdollar, Leo8 May 1897Jun 1975New Haven
Cashdollar, Marie8 Feb 1896Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Cashdollar, Ruth21 Mar 1898Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Cashion, Minnie3 Nov 1891Nov 1972Churubusco
Cashman, Carol L26 Aug 19345 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Cashman, Gerald T8 Apr 193012 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Cashman, William13 Jun 1894Mar 1964Fort Wayne
Casiano, Anzio D4 Apr 197511 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Casiano, Elena19 Apr 1900Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Casiano, Fernando1 Jan 192213 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Casiano, Maryann16 Apr 195715 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Casiano, Oscar O23 Jan 19602 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Casillas, Cristino15 Dec 198011 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Caskey, Denzil7 Apr 1918Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Caskey, Ellen3 Sep 1906Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Casler, Wesley G15 Mar 191621 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Casner, Arthur22 Jul 1895Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Cason, Hilda M2 Mar 1916Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Casper, Douglas C24 May 194912 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Casper, George9 Mar 1905Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Casper, Hazel10 Apr 1898Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Casper, Magdalene E25 Apr 191119 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Casper, Paul17 Apr 1911Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Cass, Donald Charles25 Jul 19258 Jan 2009Huntertown
Cass, Dorothy25 Sep 1896Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Cass, Everett L3 Oct 191623 Nov 1992New Haven
Cass, Helen L18 Oct 19107 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Cass, Irven20 Aug 1902Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Cass, Lewis25 Jan 1887Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Cass, Ruth M10 Nov 1899Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Cassad, R19 Mar 198524 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Cassaday, Robert G11 Oct 192629 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Cassaday, Valeria G27 Nov 192624 Mar 1995New Haven
Cassaday, Wannitta R2 Oct 1924May 1987Fort Wayne
Cassady, Raymond W31 Oct 190230 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Cassady, Vivian I18 Sep 191116 May 2001Fort Wayne
Cassel, Jerry W1 Jun 193011 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Cassel, Jewel4 Sep 1896Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Cassell, J3 Feb 195115 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Cassell, Jerry13 Nov 19781 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Cassell, Lydia15 Feb 1897Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Cassell, Wendy L30 Jun 196329 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Casselman, Gloria8 Dec 1947Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Casselman, Helen4 Feb 1901Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Casselman, Kenneth4 Sep 1911Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Cassidente, Jerry27 Apr 1907May 1986Fort Wayne
Cassidy, Mark5 Nov 1957Jan 1981Churubusco
Cassler, Beverly E12 Jun 19307 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Casso, Eva V22 Oct 19046 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Casso, Leo13 Dec 1892Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Castaldo, Margaret Elizabeth25 Jul 192529 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Castaneda, Noah Max21 Oct 198518 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Castator, Delos4 Feb 1898Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Castator, Forrest A12 Feb 192324 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Castator, Loyal10 Aug 1890May 1977Fort Wayne
Castator, Max C2 Mar 19183 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Castator, Thais L16 Nov 191121 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Castator, Thelma E20 Apr 191131 Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Casteel, Paul R17 Sep 192523 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Casteel, Perry14 Sep 1903Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Castelli, Louise14 Feb 1898Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Casterline, Bessie13 May 1887Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Casterline, Paul9 Jan 1913Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Castetter, Deana M5 Aug 193728 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Castetter, Lucille C25 Dec 1905Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Castetter, Marion23 Feb 1905Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Castle, Agnes20 Oct 19157 Aug 2001New Haven
Castle, Charles20 Feb 1904Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Castle, Diana K12 May 195120 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Castle, Edna K3 Aug 19141 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Castle, Hazel E24 Aug 192028 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Castle, Howard15 Jun 191530 Sep 1997Monroeville
Castle, Jimmie G23 Dec 194023 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Castle, Josephine15 Jan 1900Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Castle, Juanita4 Dec 193619 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Castle, Loretta C16 Dec 191023 May 2007Fort Wayne
Castle, Marilyn K11 Aug 19228 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Castle, Ralph29 Dec 1905Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Castle, Robert P27 Jan 193125 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Castle, Timothy M18 Mar 19641 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Castle, Vernon30 May 1896Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Castle, William M30 Sep 191614 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Castleman, Adrienne21 Jun 1907Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Castleman, Ervin D4 Feb 191630 May 2000New Haven
Castleman, Esther B20 Sep 191418 Apr 2004Monroeville
Castleman, Herman W28 Feb 19055 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Castleman, James1 May 1913Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Castleman, Walter J11 Dec 191223 Dec 2002Monroeville
Caston, Dorothy M26 Aug 1908Jun 1995Roanoke
Caston, Emma15 May 1912Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Caston, John30 Jan 1909Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Caston, Nellie15 Apr 188015 May 1967Churubusco
Caston, Rosella22 Oct 1904Feb 1982Churubusco
Caston, William14 Sep 1900Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Caston, William30 Mar 1911Mar 1987Roanoke
Castor, Fred7 Dec 1908May 1983Fort Wayne
Castor, Frieda27 Sep 1919Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Castor, Gladys23 Mar 1889Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Castor, Vera3 Nov 1913Nov 1978Roanoke
Castro, Candido10 Mar 1895Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Castro, Jose24 Jan 1901Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Castro, Margaret K17 Jun 19462 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Castro, Maria29 Mar 1915May 1984Fort Wayne
Castrogiovanni, Dawn M21 Sep 19549 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Caswell, Francis2 Mar 1920May 1986Grabill
Caswell, Garry M3 Aug 19132 Jun 2002Leo
Caswell, Thomas O30 May 19404 Nov 2009Leo
Cataldi, Lillian3 Apr 191917 May 2005Fort Wayne
Cataldo, Connie C8 Sep 194030 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Cater, Ann G15 Aug 189412 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Cates, Eleanor J10 Mar 19137 May 2002Fort Wayne
Cates, Olivia C16 Mar 192618 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Cathcart, John A17 Jan 191621 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Cather, Anton B6 Dec 193430 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Cather, Connie M8 May 193921 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Cather, Lucile H29 Sep 191012 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Cather, Margaret1 Dec 1907Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Cather, William4 May 1900Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Catlett, Ethel13 Oct 1901Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Cato, Alma21 Nov 1901Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Cato, John C31 Oct 192410 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Cato, Nora2 Mar 1927Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Caton, Lillian10 Mar 1902Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Catoris, Louis20 Dec 1906Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Cattez, Louise3 Sep 1883Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Cattin, Edith30 Nov 1882Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Cattin, Mabel K27 Feb 19182 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Cattin, Paul16 Jan 19065 May 1998Fort Wayne
Cattin, Paul R14 Oct 192919 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Caudill, Ellis11 Apr 19206 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Caudill, Homer14 Nov 19078 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Caudill, Inez23 Oct 192410 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Caudill, Lexter B23 Mar 191611 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Caudill, Little18 Apr 1919Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Caudill, Mae15 May 1901Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Caudill, Mitchell8 May 1915Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Caudill, Phyllis L2 Nov 19201 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Caudill, Warden20 Oct 192625 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Caudle, Carl L16 Jul 192821 May 2002Fort Wayne
Caudle, Mada G3 Oct 1899Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Caudle, Martin9 Jan 1899Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Caudle, Wilma10 Apr 1934Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Cauffman, Howard10 Jun 1928Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Caupp, Madeline F12 Jul 194018 Jul 1998Churubusco
Causey, Artia A30 Mar 197711 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Causey, Cora L12 Nov 19282 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Causey, Oakley25 Jun 19326 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Causey, Tishawn C11 Jan 19989 May 2006Fort Wayne
Causland, James13 Sep 1909Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Cavacini, James J27 Dec 191426 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Cavacini, Josephine M15 Jan 19181 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Cavanagh, Thomas G6 Dec 194418 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Cavanaugh, Betty19 Nov 1921Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Cavanaugh, Hazel6 Mar 1889Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Cavanaugh, John4 Nov 1915Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Cave, Ethel L27 Feb 19181 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Cavell, Matthew10 May 1898Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Cavender, Florence23 Sep 191229 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Cavender, Glenn10 May 1908Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Cavicchioni, Mabel R11 Apr 1922Dec 1995New Haven
Cavinder, Elmer21 Aug 1912Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Cavinder, Gerald19 Feb 1919Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Cawby, Elmo14 May 19227 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Cawvey, Mildred7 Apr 1896Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Cayce, Anna J30 Nov 19269 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Cayce, Charles18 Nov 1924Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Cayot, Lela6 Sep 1894Jun 1978Monroeville
Cayot, Marian M24 Apr 193224 Oct 2007Harlan
Cayot, Pearl6 Sep 1894Jun 1978Monroeville
Caywood, Emanuel J6 Sep 19133 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Caywood, Harold M11 Aug 191126 Jul 2000Roanoke
Caywood, James E6 Nov 19381 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Caywood, Marzetta M20 May 191728 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Caywood, Wendell D29 Sep 194013 Sep 1999Leo
Caywood, Wilma Florence27 Jul 19379 Feb 2008Roanoke

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