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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Chacon, Antonio18 Jul 1882May 1981Fort Wayne
Chadwell, Esther Irene26 Apr 192524 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Chadwell, Joseph5 Jan 1923Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Chadwell, Pierce H2 Apr 19061 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Chadwick, Thomas12 Apr 1892Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Chaffer, Wayne D22 Aug 190721 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Chaffin, Gene A14 Jan 19544 May 2007Fort Wayne
Chaffin, Leona M13 Aug 191617 May 1992Fort Wayne
Chaffin, Sheri L19 Oct 195619 Jul 2006Churubusco
Chaffin, Walter1 Sep 1912Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Chakeres, Tom N9 Jun 19236 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Chalfant, Fred18 Nov 1883Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Chalfant, Icy K20 Jun 191213 Jun 2001New Haven
Chalfant, Ralph12 Jan 1911Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Challenger, Margaret15 Dec 1896Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Chalme, J17 Jan 1939Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Chalmers, Bertha5 Sep 1880May 1971Fort Wayne
Chalmers, Margaret J2 Dec 19206 May 2007Fort Wayne
Chalmers, Raymond E3 Mar 19173 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Chaloupek, Billy J5 Apr 195414 Feb 2004Monroeville
Chamar, Myrtle9 May 1890Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Chamber, Raymond3 Sep 1925Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Chamberlain, Gretchen2 Dec 1888May 1975Fort Wayne
Chamberlain, Helen24 May 1897Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Chamberlain, Paul R15 Sep 192119 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Chamberlin, Frances L25 Sep 192417 Dec 2002Harlan
Chamberlin, James30 Nov 1904Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Chambers, Arthur J14 Sep 193121 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Chambers, Charles R25 Jul 19183 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Chambers, Clara7 Jul 1915Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Chambers, Clayton16 Apr 1900Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Chambers, David A7 Feb 19265 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Chambers, Dorothy17 Mar 1928Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Chambers, Dorsey17 Jan 192212 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Chambers, Everett15 Mar 1894Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Chambers, Frank11 May 1892Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Chambers, Goldie6 Mar 1900Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Chambers, Harley V19 Feb 19347 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Chambers, Herman27 Sep 1911Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Chambers, Jack L3 May 193014 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Chambers, Jeannette31 Mar 1895Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Chambers, Karen L27 Oct 19373 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Chambers, Lloyd20 Dec 1898Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Chambers, Lucy M26 Jan 190529 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Chambers, Mary12 Jul 1902Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Chambers, Maurine25 Mar 1915May 1987Fort Wayne
Chambers, Paul5 Sep 1899Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Chambers, Ralph13 May 1889Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Chambers, Robert26 Jun 1901Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Chambers, Rosella10 Aug 1889Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Chambers, Ruth14 Feb 1893Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Chambers, Ruth A22 Jun 19205 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Chambers, Ruth Merle25 Oct 190310 Mar 2008New Haven
Chambless, Dolores26 Feb 1952Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Chamness, Ambrozine17 Aug 1897Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Chamness, Harry L3 Apr 192123 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Champ, Charles J10 Feb 19005 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Champer, Effie23 Mar 1899Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Champlin, Iris R2 Jan 192813 May 2002Fort Wayne
Chandler, Addison15 Dec 194424 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Chandler, Berthula15 Dec 192217 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Chandler, Beverly17 Nov 1931Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Chandler, Charles C1 Aug 192129 May 1997Fort Wayne
Chandler, Christine25 Apr 19295 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Chandler, Curtis J1 Sep 192824 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Chandler, Esther P20 Nov 191112 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Chandler, Ethel23 Apr 1911Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Chandler, Ethel7 Nov 1903Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Chandler, George14 Jun 1904Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Chandler, Georgia23 May 1911Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Chandler, James15 Jun 194112 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Chandler, James H7 Nov 193610 Dec 2006Churubusco
Chandler, James T26 Jul 19298 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Chandler, John4 Jul 1910Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Chandler, John W29 May 19078 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Chandler, Joseph30 Jun 193817 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Chandler, Joseph15 Aug 19171 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Chandler, Joseph L20 Jan 195715 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Chandler, Margaret H16 Mar 193220 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Chandler, Mary E24 Apr 195116 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Chandler, Mary Margaret8 Jan 19469 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Chandler, May25 Nov 1883Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Chandler, Michael L20 Oct 193826 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Chandler, Myrtle16 May 1889Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Chandler, Ollie1 Feb 187815 Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Chandler, Reynus14 Mar 1924Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Chandler, Russell J18 Feb 193229 May 2009Fort Wayne
Chandler, Sam13 Feb 1904Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Chandler, Thomas13 Jul 1905Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Chandler, Vernice B27 Mar 191929 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Chaney, Adeline22 May 1886Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Chaney, Arla11 Nov 1899Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Chaney, Bonetha18 Dec 1920Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Chaney, Dale M30 Jan 191710 May 2009Fort Wayne
Chaney, Evelyn N3 Jun 19184 May 2008Fort Wayne
Chaney, Florence27 Mar 1908May 1983Fort Wayne
Chaney, Garnet18 Sep 1903Nov 1987Leo
Chaney, Gene D30 Jun 192123 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Chaney, Helen16 Jun 1909Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Chaney, Ida23 Jun 1891Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Chaney, Iris E15 May 190919 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Chaney, June G1 Jul 19249 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Chaney, Kedric J29 Feb 192013 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Chaney, Laura23 Dec 1903Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Chaney, Lavergne27 Jul 1907Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Chaney, Lester13 Jul 1905Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Chaney, Margaret22 Jun 1919Apr 1981Spencerville
Chaney, Marvin28 Mar 1896Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Chaney, Mary E29 Jan 19279 Mar 2007Huntertown
Chaney, Mary Lou12 Apr 193214 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Chaney, Mary Lou17 Nov 193323 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Chaney, Maurice W10 Oct 19166 Aug 2001Roanoke
Chaney, Mildred19 Dec 19472 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Chaney, Mont9 Jun 1894Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Chaney, Paul12 Mar 1900Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Chaney, Press22 Mar 1907Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Chaney, Richard R30 May 192719 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Chaney, Roy11 Jan 1923Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Chaney, Ruth24 Jul 1911Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Chaney, Scudder A17 Oct 19102 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Chaney, Tennis3 Apr 1912Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Chaney, Thomas10 Aug 1890Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Chang, Roland14 Dec 1919May 1985Fort Wayne
Chao, Tommy16 Nov 19345 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Chapin, John L11 Mar 19408 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Chapin, Richard L13 Apr 19219 Jan 2002Yoder
Chapin, Yvonne S15 Nov 19221 Dec 2002Yoder
Chaplin, Ruby22 Oct 1905Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Chapman, Beatrice24 Apr 191211 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Chapman, Billy Jr2 Dec 191910 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Chapman, Charles3 Mar 1913Apr 1975Spencerville
Chapman, Charles3 Dec 19628 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Chapman, Charles8 Feb 194223 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Chapman, Cheryl D15 Jul 195826 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Chapman, Douglas22 Mar 1886Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Chapman, Elaine G2 Jun 19221 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Chapman, Elsie22 Dec 1906Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Chapman, Elvin20 Dec 19158 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Chapman, Frances2 Dec 1891May 1982Spencerville
Chapman, Fred13 May 1884Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Chapman, George12 Jul 1905Jul 1977Harlan
Chapman, George J7 Jan 193413 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Chapman, Gordon D11 Apr 191014 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Chapman, Grace8 Jan 1909Feb 1983Harlan
Chapman, Harlan22 Feb 1889Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Chapman, Harold E7 Jul 19148 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Chapman, Harry1 Jul 1884Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Chapman, Harry L2 Oct 192026 Jun 1995Churubusco
Chapman, Helen J17 Jun 19468 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Chapman, Howard8 Dec 1918May 1987Fort Wayne
Chapman, Ida Mae12 Jul 19221 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Chapman, Ivola22 Sep 1916Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Chapman, James29 Dec 195630 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Chapman, Jerry15 Feb 1914Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Chapman, Jessie5 Jun 1885Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Chapman, John L26 Dec 190323 Jul 1992Yoder
Chapman, Josephine W2 Sep 191012 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Chapman, Lincoln N24 Apr 192718 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Chapman, Lois10 Nov 1894Jan 1985Churubusco
Chapman, Lorain21 Apr 1908Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Chapman, Louann16 Nov 194028 May 2003Fort Wayne
Chapman, Louise9 Jul 19373 May 2008Fort Wayne
Chapman, Lowell18 Nov 192023 May 2005New Haven
Chapman, Luella M20 Dec 189514 Oct 1996New Haven
Chapman, Luellen3 Dec 193511 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Chapman, Luellen18 Dec 191115 May 1997Fort Wayne
Chapman, Marian11 Dec 1878Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Chapman, Mary7 Mar 1876Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Chapman, Mary20 May 1921Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Chapman, Mary M9 May 192018 Feb 1994Spencerville
Chapman, Maryann R17 Sep 190114 Jun 1995Yoder
Chapman, Maxia23 Mar 1888Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Chapman, Maybelle A3 May 19041 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Chapman, Melvin30 May 19516 May 2005Fort Wayne
Chapman, Minnie21 Mar 191528 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Chapman, Olena10 Mar 1890Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Chapman, Peggie7 Nov 1889Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Chapman, Phil J15 Mar 19302 Oct 1998New Haven
Chapman, Prince1 May 193415 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Chapman, Rachel15 Oct 1915Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Chapman, Rachel15 Oct 191510 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Chapman, Randy18 Oct 1960May 1978Fort Wayne
Chapman, Ray26 Jul 1903Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Chapman, Reid G27 Jul 192029 Nov 2006New Haven
Chapman, Robert21 Feb 1908Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Chapman, Ronald E28 Sep 193210 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Chapman, Rosetta10 Jan 192914 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Chapman, Sara11 Jun 1905Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Chapman, Sarah23 Mar 1907Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Chapman, Sigrid16 Aug 1905Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Chapman, Susie20 Oct 19105 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Chapman, Vickie Lee23 Oct 194613 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Chapman, Walter3 Oct 1900Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Chapman, William3 Aug 1909Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Chappelear, Eva16 Nov 192318 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Chappell, Gurry19 Mar 1902Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Chappell, James13 Jul 1893Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Chappell, Marion M1 Sep 193215 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Chappell, Mary23 Jul 1903Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Chappell, Rachael A24 Jan 190825 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Chappell, Rosella11 Nov 1897Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Chappell, William R26 Feb 192825 May 2003Fort Wayne
Charais, Evelyn3 Apr 1899Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Chard, Florence M10 May 19193 May 2001Fort Wayne
Chard, Jack1 Jun 191822 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Charhita, John19 Nov 1900Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Charles, Angeline26 Jul 1898Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Charles, Bernice6 Apr 1911Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Charles, Dorothy2 Jan 19151 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Charles, John26 Apr 1927Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Charles, Theodore25 Sep 191212 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Charleston, Ethel2 May 1916Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Charleston, Ivah C17 Sep 190921 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Charleston, Johnie12 Mar 1899Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Charleston, Myrtle20 Jul 191222 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Charleston, William9 Jun 1906Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Charlesworth, Hazel20 Apr 1900Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Charlesworth, Trueman F23 Aug 193626 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Charlick, Sophie T5 Sep 191818 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Charlton, Beulah17 Jun 1885Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Charlton, Eugene8 Jul 191125 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Charlton, James D30 Oct 19214 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Charlton, Mary Lucy16 May 192521 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Charlton, Robert L18 Nov 192821 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Charlton, Ruby24 Jul 1923Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Charlton, Thomas16 Aug 1910Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Charnote, John10 May 1899Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Charter, Minnie24 Jan 1880Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Chartrain, Mary Y26 Oct 190610 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Chartrain, Raymond H2 Aug 191029 May 1999Fort Wayne
Charvat, Agnes28 Apr 1885Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Charvat, William J20 Aug 19125 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Chase, Alma C1 Sep 192326 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Chase, Carolyn H22 Sep 19238 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Chase, John1 May 1917Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Chase, Mary A31 Mar 19246 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Chase, Spencer18 Mar 1906Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Chasey, Julia2 Jan 1890Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Chasey, Milo25 May 192126 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Chasey, Vivian Charlotte31 Mar 192117 May 2009Fort Wayne
Chastain, Kathryn C17 Dec 191320 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Chastain, Warren G14 Feb 19322 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Chatfield, Mary7 Jun 1915Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Chatman, William T15 Apr 1915Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Chausse, Allen K29 Jul 190616 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Chausse, Clara25 Dec 1905Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Chausse, Edna17 Jul 1904Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Chausse, Florence20 May 1886Jun 1967Monroeville
Chausse, Patricia10 Jul 1917Nov 1986New Haven
Chauvey, Juanita M5 May 191715 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Chauvey, Viola M2 Mar 187715 Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Chavarria, Aurora18 Jul 1925Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Chavarria, Emanuel D12 Jan 19272 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Chavarria, Joseph P19 Oct 19475 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Chavez, Kathleen S28 Jun 195014 Feb 2003Huntertown
Cheatham, Carrol P21 Sep 19311 Aug 1995New Haven
Cheatham, Marie H30 May 19102 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Cheatham, Olivia F12 Apr 19384 Sep 2006New Haven
Cheek, Beulah10 Sep 1883Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Cheever, Florence6 Mar 1905Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Cheever, Francis A2 Feb 19385 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Chehi, Bruce A4 Nov 19538 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Chelf, Elizabeth12 Jul 1919Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Chelf, Sarah L10 Jul 191526 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Chell, Harold W14 Nov 191129 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Chemerenko, Anna7 Mar 19129 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Chemerenko, Michael15 Sep 1902May 1982Fort Wayne
Chen, Lydia31 Mar 1922Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Chen, Pearl26 Apr 1907Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Chen, Yuan15 Aug 1917Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Chenault, A26 Nov 192915 Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Chenault, Barbara18 May 193720 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Cheney, Ernest J18 Aug 189924 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Cheney, Nina3 Jul 1899Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Cheney, Robert1 Jun 1930Apr 1983New Haven
Chenoweth, Alice11 Nov 1876Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Chenoweth, Eva25 Mar 1895Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Chenoweth, Frances J24 Sep 191617 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Chenoweth, John23 Oct 1909Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Chenoweth, Juanita G19 May 191324 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Chenoweth, Levi13 Jul 1888May 1973Fort Wayne
Chenoweth, Marilyn J18 Apr 1926Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Chenoweth, Pearl29 Nov 1884Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Chenoweth, Ralph28 Jul 191911 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Chenowith, Lulu26 Mar 1887Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Cherniak, Olga10 Jun 190631 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Cherry, Bessie1 Apr 1897Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Cherry, Carolyn Sue28 Dec 193328 May 2009Fort Wayne
Cherry, Charles6 Sep 1890Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Cherry, George22 Jul 1902May 1975Fort Wayne
Cherry, Marion29 Sep 189815 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Cherry, Murvin H25 Jun 192417 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Cherry, Ruth18 Jun 1894Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Cheshier, Irene E6 Nov 191221 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Cheshier, Torrence K27 Sep 191431 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Chesney, Charles B4 Dec 195316 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Chessare, Barbara A15 Jan 193626 Aug 2003Roanoke
Chessare, Evelyn D31 Jan 19401 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Chesser, Alice A9 Oct 19177 Jan 1997New Haven
Chesser, Judy E6 Jul 195228 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Chester, Berniece M22 Aug 192127 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Chester, Dayton E9 Apr 192327 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Chester, Donald M24 Oct 192917 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Chester, Edna29 Aug 1899Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Chester, Ervin L5 Dec 193129 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Chester, Frank8 May 1891Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Chester, Fred13 Sep 1883Jan 1967Grabill
Chester, Harold D14 Jun 192516 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Chester, Logan7 Jan 1887Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Chester, Malissia R27 Apr 19275 Sep 1996New Haven
Chester, Oliver Evrett18 Mar 19265 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Chester, Pearl21 Mar 1889May 1982Grabill
Chesterman, Lawrence27 Nov 1908Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Chevalier, Martha E24 Feb 194824 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Chevillet, Charles20 Jul 1896Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Chevillot, Carolyn S6 Jul 194316 Sep 2000New Haven
Chevillot, Louis18 Jul 1903Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Cheviron, Edward5 Jan 1939Jan 1981New Haven
Cheviron, Elizabeth K19 Jul 19094 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Cheviron, George18 Aug 1906Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Cheviron, John S4 Aug 19445 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Chew, Guadalupe R19 Jan 19126 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Chewning, Albert4 Oct 1892Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Chickowski, Mary4 Jan 191218 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Chicovsky, Stefoni10 Mar 190816 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Chiddister, Edna25 Dec 190511 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Chiddister, Merle O22 Mar 19076 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Chidester, Charles B19 Jun 191827 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Chidester, Hazel A25 Jan 189829 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Chidester, Jean H10 Dec 191727 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Chiesa, Miranda14 Oct 1901Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Chigovsky, Nikoloff6 Aug 1896Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Chilcote, Alice W20 Dec 193022 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Chilcote, Delvia J13 Mar 19139 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Chilcote, Eber4 Oct 1901Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Chilcote, Floyd24 Mar 1908Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Chilcote, George1 Sep 1917Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Chilcote, Harvey28 Oct 1899Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Chilcote, Hazel7 Jan 1902Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Chilcote, Homer17 Dec 1877Nov 1965Fort Wayne
Chilcote, Irene M11 Jun 193122 Apr 2005Leo
Chilcote, Margaret L1 Jun 192024 May 1998Fort Wayne
Chilcote, Martha M21 Feb 192916 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Chilcote, Richard H11 Aug 192919 Mar 2005Woodburn
Childers, Alice M3 Feb 191710 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Childers, Audie L28 Aug 190622 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Childers, Bertha26 Sep 1915Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Childers, Eugene A Sr4 Jul 191410 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Childers, Harold F28 Oct 19256 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Childers, John A1 Sep 192021 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Childers, Marjorie E7 Sep 1920Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Childers, Mary J12 Jan 192530 Oct 2007New Haven
Childers, S Edith29 Aug 1904Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Childers, Sharon A4 May 194812 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Childers, Walter G3 Nov 193019 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Childress, Millard C29 Jun 192517 Feb 2009New Haven
Childs, Barbara A9 Jun 192614 Nov 2008Churubusco
Childs, Gladys M7 May 190829 May 2003Fort Wayne
Childs, Gus17 Aug 1891Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Childs, Herman21 Feb 1914Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Childs, Isabell20 Sep 19373 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Childs, Pearl23 Mar 1904Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Childs, Theodore22 Nov 1904Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Childs, Virginia A9 Sep 19594 May 1994Fort Wayne
Chilton, Clyde B29 Jun 193528 May 2002Fort Wayne
Chilton, Janet E20 Jul 194313 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Chin, Charles23 Aug 192617 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Chin, George26 Nov 1924May 1985Fort Wayne
Chin, Karol R10 Oct 193419 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Chin, Mo W28 Dec 19313 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Chin, Sidnette A15 Aug 19403 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Chin, Wing T1 Nov 192621 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Chirstman, Louis3 May 1914Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Chislet, Minnie26 Oct 1877Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Chitwood, Jerry F18 Oct 193523 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Chivington, Bernice13 Aug 1918Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Chivington, Richard B5 Jul 19372 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Choka, Alexander D22 Dec 192412 Apr 1998New Haven
Choka, Christy S24 Feb 193118 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Choka, Stas22 Jan 1922Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Chollar, Gordon30 Apr 1894Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Chollar, Margaret E24 Jul 189614 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Chomey, Doris N23 Feb 191811 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Chomey, Jeanette T23 May 19282 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Chomey, Joseph1 Jun 1923Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Chrisman, Harry18 Jan 1901Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Chrisman, Howard T22 Jun 191910 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Chrisman, Marlene E20 Jan 190419 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Chrisman, William8 Aug 1907Nov 1983Yoder
Chrisp, Willie F14 Mar 192324 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Chrissikos, Louis E18 Jul 194010 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Christ, Berniece A10 Jun 192424 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Christ, Boris L18 Feb 19287 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Christ, Katherine14 Oct 1904Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Christ, Raymond L6 May 19227 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Christ, Todorka21 Sep 18978 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Christen, Arlo15 Feb 1915Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Christen, Catherine23 Dec 1887Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Christen, Elsa14 Jul 1887May 1973Fort Wayne
Christen, Helen E3 Oct 191020 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Christen, Helene K20 Jul 1905Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Christen, Hellmut2 Jun 1906Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Christen, Henry12 Feb 1882Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Christen, Kathyrn9 Feb 1903Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Christen, Marcella L8 May 19221 May 1999Fort Wayne
Christen, Margaret27 Apr 1909Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Christen, Richard14 Aug 1883Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Christen, Vear11 Nov 1902Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Christensen, Odd14 Sep 1907Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Christian, Glen9 Sep 191322 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Christian, James17 Feb 1905Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Christian, Lear K21 Aug 191611 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Christian, Mansil8 Aug 1914Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Christian, Margaret J31 Jul 19108 Oct 1992New Haven
Christianer, Alton W4 Feb 19325 Jul 1999New Haven
Christianer, Edna30 Mar 1889Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Christianer, Herman26 Sep 1885Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Christianson, Jean23 Dec 193115 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Christianson, Vernon11 Nov 1913Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Christie, Ada M6 Jan 19221 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Christie, Adeline23 Jan 1885Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Christie, Carl25 Apr 1890Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Christie, Catherine A2 Aug 190528 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Christie, Cecil13 May 1889Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Christie, Dana B9 Jun 191726 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Christie, Dorothy11 Mar 1890Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Christie, Gerald25 Apr 1912Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Christie, Gerald F11 May 191511 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Christie, Josephine R26 Oct 191130 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Christie, Medea L14 Jun 19089 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Christine, Sister M25 Dec 189815 Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Agnes30 Dec 1905Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Angie M28 Jul 1904Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Barbara M4 May 19322 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Bernard A18 Mar 193421 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Bertha E25 Dec 1917Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Bessie24 Feb 1895Oct 1979Churubusco
Christlieb, Carl22 Apr 1910Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Clem E16 Dec 19154 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Curtis28 Nov 1895Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Ella18 Apr 1884Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Emory T11 Apr 19131 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Frank6 Jul 1892Feb 1968Churubusco
Christlieb, Gertrude16 May 1908Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Gladys25 May 1899Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Harry L3 Sep 190826 Jun 1995Huntertown
Christlieb, J C12 Jan 194215 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Leonard24 Feb 1931Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Linva L11 Jun 191512 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Robert18 Apr 1903Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Ruth16 Apr 1912Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Christlieb, Wilma29 May 1910Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Christman, Albert26 Nov 1900Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Christman, Alice28 Nov 1909Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Christman, Bertha16 May 1908Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Christman, Connie S3 Nov 194917 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Christman, Delores17 Jun 193014 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Christman, Doris4 Jul 1906Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Christman, Edwin F28 Sep 19245 May 2005Fort Wayne
Christman, Frank P13 Nov 191219 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Christman, Gerald11 Jun 1930Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Christman, Hattie C16 Aug 19099 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Christman, Hazel H4 Apr 190219 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Christman, Helen31 Oct 1905May 1977Fort Wayne
Christman, Ida E12 Sep 189624 Oct 2001Yoder
Christman, Lois A23 Aug 193028 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Christman, Maria19 Feb 1888Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Christman, Paul J2 Nov 19097 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Christman, Paul R11 Nov 193215 May 2006Fort Wayne
Christman, Phillip26 Mar 1958Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Christman, Raymond24 Sep 1895Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Christman, Robert C26 Sep 191317 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Christman, Virgil16 Aug 1905Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Christmas, Alex14 Oct 1886Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Christmas, Anna11 Apr 1889Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Christner, Lawrence E28 Jul 19268 May 2000Fort Wayne
Christner, Matilda28 Dec 1897Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Christoff, Anna14 Jun 1899Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Christoff, Eleanor M12 Nov 191029 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Christoff, Fanny15 Feb 1911Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Christoff, George15 Mar 1887Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Christoff, John4 Dec 1926Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Christoff, John28 Jul 1895Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Christoff, Luba10 Dec 19099 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Christoff, Tom28 Jul 1904Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Christoffel, Geraldean10 Jun 1912Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Christoffers, Louise P24 Aug 190130 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Christon, Aspasia25 Jan 1902Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Christon, Eva10 Oct 1907Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Christon, Robert26 Oct 19341 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Christon, Sam23 Apr 191811 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Christon, Steve6 Nov 1894Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Christoph, Kay28 Oct 193030 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Christoph, Michael E1 Feb 196717 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Christopher, Alice R26 Apr 190516 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Christopher, Clarence12 Jan 1907Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Christopher, Donald30 May 1910Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Christopher, Mattie15 Mar 1883May 1979Fort Wayne
Christopher, Tama28 Jun 1907Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Christopher, Violet V2 Jul 193012 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Christy, Agatha20 Aug 1897Nov 1974Roanoke
Christy, Dorotha10 Jan 191324 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Chronister, Eleanore M18 Apr 193116 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Chronister, Fauna8 Jan 1897Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Chronister, Janet B30 Nov 19306 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Chronister, Jeanette5 Apr 1919Dec 1984New Haven
Chronister, Nora I30 Jun 191515 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Chronister, Richard5 Oct 1923Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Chronister, Robert17 Feb 1901Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Chronister, Robert23 Apr 1917Mar 1982New Haven
Chrzan, Dan5 Jan 1948Jan 1980New Haven
Chrzan, Herbert S9 Jul 192223 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Chrzan, Raymond E2 Feb 19262 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Chrzan, Virginia R29 Mar 192924 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Chubb, Geneva3 Sep 1885Dec 1966Churubusco
Chumley, Edward18 Feb 1879Nov 1964Fort Wayne
Chumney, Loretta12 Apr 1921Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Chupp, Forrest2 Oct 1902Dec 1970Roanoke
Chupp, Lolla S3 Aug 19088 May 2002Roanoke
Church, Beatrice29 Nov 1899Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Church, Bernadine15 Nov 19486 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Church, Eugene24 Feb 193121 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Church, Fred13 Sep 1885Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Church, Johnnie15 Nov 1893Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Church, Margaret31 Oct 1884Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Church, Maxine J29 Oct 191424 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Church, Mildred A28 Dec 191129 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Church, Murphy24 Aug 1895Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Church, Ralph E6 Jun 19318 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Church, Rosa G14 Nov 1907May 1995Fort Wayne
Church, Thomas C8 Nov 19113 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Church, Virginia C27 Feb 192915 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Church, Willard11 Jul 1899Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Church, William23 Dec 1896Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Churchill, Eva10 Jun 1888Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Churchill, Howard W14 Feb 193111 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Churchill, Penny2 Dec 19418 May 2006Fort Wayne
Churchman, Lester11 Dec 1922Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Churchwa, Edna12 Dec 1897Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Churchward, Charles17 May 1892Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Churchward, John P13 Feb 191715 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Churchward, William W28 Sep 192310 May 2006Fort Wayne
Chwartz, Carl5 Feb 1908Jul 1972Fort Wayne

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