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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Coad, Clifford23 Jul 191616 Aug 2003Grabill
Coak, Arthur6 Mar 1899Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Coak, Bernard L20 Dec 1929Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Coak, Charles14 Jan 1923May 1970Huntertown
Coak, Esther18 Feb 1902Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Coak, Lillian M25 Oct 19269 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Coak, Mary2 Dec 1906Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Coak, Maxine E28 Sep 193118 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Coak, Patsy4 Mar 1927Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Coak, Richard18 Jun 1904Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Coak, Ruth19 Mar 1902May 1984Fort Wayne
Coak, Thelma M7 Oct 193228 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Coakley, Glen6 Apr 1886Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Coakley, Ulysses22 Dec 1900Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Coalla, Hortense20 Oct 191318 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Coane, Catherine7 Mar 1904Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Coane, John25 Apr 1904Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Coar, Erie V19 Oct 19136 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Coar, Harold G30 Sep 19159 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Coar, Robert B30 Mar 191128 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Coates, Geraldine L26 Jun 192918 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Coates, Richard F4 May 192829 May 2003Fort Wayne
Coats, Limuel11 Jan 191912 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Coats, Lowell S2 Aug 19182 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Coats, Mary M11 Jun 193822 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Coats, Novella27 Oct 1897Mar 1974Churubusco
Cobb, Charles W4 Nov 193329 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Cobb, Darwin E14 Nov 191215 Jul 1998Spencerville
Cobb, Denzil W10 Apr 192022 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Cobb, Donald M13 Jan 193413 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Cobb, Eben M28 Nov 195417 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Cobb, Eva M21 Jan 192319 Sep 2006Spencerville
Cobb, Robert19 Nov 1904Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Cobble, Bonne J26 Oct 194228 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Cobble, Dorothy M21 May 192110 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Cobble, Martha G1 Sep 19229 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Cobble, Robert17 Dec 1918Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Cobbum, Nellie M12 Apr 191318 Dec 2002New Haven
Cobbum, Raymond M28 Jul 192128 Apr 2007New Haven
Coble, Mary E17 Nov 191822 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Coble, Mary F13 Sep 19465 Mar 2003New Haven
Coble, Terry M19 Mar 194530 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Coble, Virgil L23 Sep 191328 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Coble, Walter1 Feb 1890Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Coblentz, B Jean5 Jul 192912 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Coblentz, Doris24 Dec 1907Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Coblentz, Florence29 Sep 1914Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Coblentz, Howard C5 Nov 19035 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Coblentz, Lorena L22 Jan 1917May 1998Fort Wayne
Coblentz, Margaret24 Aug 1910Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Coblentz, Ralph E2 Apr 19067 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Cobler, Florence14 Apr 1897Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Coburn, Anna M29 Dec 188920 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Coburn, Buford4 Feb 19408 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Coburn, Edna16 May 1916Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Coburn, Floyd5 Nov 1888Jul 1981Spencerville
Coburn, Juanita4 Mar 1892Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Coburn, Lloyd29 Oct 1884Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Coburn, Marian J9 Feb 192912 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Coburn, Max16 Aug 192416 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Coburn, Nancy22 Mar 1899May 1984Fort Wayne
Coburn, Robert5 Aug 1913Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Coburn, Robert B29 Jul 19137 Dec 2005Grabill
Coburn, William H26 Jun 19292 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Cocherille, Robert14 Dec 1907May 1987Fort Wayne
Cochoit, Joseph5 Feb 1894Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Cochran, Alverda22 Dec 1905Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Cochran, Anita L10 Sep 193618 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Cochran, Burnett C28 Sep 192312 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Cochran, Carlotta J26 Oct 19392 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Cochran, Donald G9 Aug 192810 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Cochran, Eileen N19 Feb 191613 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Cochran, Harold18 Mar 1906May 1982Fort Wayne
Cochran, Harry26 May 1909Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Cochran, John W22 May 19061 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Cochran, Lucille A14 Oct 192430 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Cochran, Mary D29 Dec 192120 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Cochran, Myrtle24 Sep 1893Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Cochran, Nellie L23 May 190516 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Cochran, Noble H6 Oct 190415 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Cochran, Olga29 Jul 1901Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Cochran, Paul D17 Apr 189712 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Cochran, Richard L23 May 19306 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Cochran, Rulo12 Mar 1894May 1970Fort Wayne
Cochran, Samuel R6 Feb 19365 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Cochran, Wildia20 Jan 1872Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Cochrane, Kathryn20 Oct 191926 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Cochrane, Marie E16 Feb 193411 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Cochren, Arthur J30 Dec 19224 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Cochren, Bessie18 May 1889Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Cochren, Clara3 Sep 1894Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Cochren, Doris J7 Jun 19311 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Cochren, Frona Alberta14 Dec 191815 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Cochren, Georgia J7 Apr 192411 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Cochren, Iva14 Aug 1921Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Cochren, Leonard E1 Feb 192810 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Cochren, Louise18 Sep 19152 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Cochren, Mary5 Apr 1947Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Cochren, Melvin L7 Sep 192125 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Cochren, Raymond L2 Apr 193020 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Cockerham, Ester J18 Sep 192016 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Cockerill, William15 Nov 1896Oct 1965Fort Wayne
Cocklin, Russell29 Jul 1932Oct 1969Roanoke
Cockram, Hildegarde R23 Dec 191518 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Cockrell, Antonia A1 Apr 195527 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Cocks, Edward W13 Nov 19178 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Cocks, Harry10 May 1894Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Cocks, Harvey28 Aug 1904Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Cocks, Jean M21 Aug 19254 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Cocks, Larry L1 Jul 194720 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Cocks, Marie27 Feb 1896Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Coddens, Rene C1 Jul 192430 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Coddington, Orpha24 Dec 1899Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Cody, Mary Z4 Apr 18927 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Cody, Richard G15 Apr 192415 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Coe, Arthur26 Jul 1903Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Coe, Dwight3 Apr 1962May 1981Fort Wayne
Coe, Eva M21 Jan 19182 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Coe, Florettaa I31 Aug 192026 Jul 2007Roanoke
Coe, Frank H30 Apr 19237 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Coe, Kandy M6 Feb 195227 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Coe, Lola27 Aug 1920Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Coe, Marjorie A23 Nov 192223 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Coe, Mary J1 Nov 191915 Jul 2006Roanoke
Coe, Max L8 Aug 192524 Aug 2007Huntertown
Coe, Merl E3 Oct 193821 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Coe, Oscar29 Oct 1905Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Coe, Robert A7 Jan 191625 Oct 1997Roanoke
Coe, Ronald L19 Jul 195710 May 1987Fort Wayne
Coe, Russell G21 Jul 190730 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Coe, Shirley M8 Feb 19301 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Coen, Clair15 Apr 1910Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Coen, Wilma G19 Sep 191116 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Coffee, Frank29 Jun 1918Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Coffee, Louis D25 Nov 19286 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Coffee, Nancy19 Apr 1933Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Coffee, Patricia A24 Sep 19343 May 1997Fort Wayne
Coffee, Patricia E18 Nov 19276 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Coffee, Thomas L28 Jan 193223 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Coffelt, Beatrice J5 Apr 1911Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Coffelt, Delphos23 Mar 1919Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Coffelt, Gerald D10 Dec 192511 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Coffelt, Wilbur4 Sep 1909Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Coffey, Donald L5 Oct 192820 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Coffey, G18 Dec 1905Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Coffey, Gertrude16 Mar 1903Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Coffey, Irene K23 Jun 19111 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Coffey, Marcia Rae4 Aug 192822 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Coffey, Patrick D5 Jun 192912 Jun 2004Churubusco
Coffey, Robert E30 Aug 193631 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Coffey, Robert G2 Dec 189819 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Coffey, Robert W6 Nov 192431 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Coffey, Walter5 May 1917Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Coffield, Kenneth R9 Jan 19581 Mar 2007Roanoke
Coffin, Fraklin D22 Oct 19233 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Coffin, Jean E17 Jan 193116 May 2001Fort Wayne
Coffman, Chales11 Dec 1923Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Coffman, Donald E28 Dec 19215 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Coffman, Gerald14 Jun 1906Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Coffman, John5 Jul 1890Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Cogswell, Virginia M10 Jan 193023 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Cohee, Damon H18 Feb 191222 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Cohee, Edith L11 Oct 19148 Dec 1989Roanoke
Cohee, Effie19 Apr 1891May 1987Fort Wayne
Cohee, Florence28 Jul 1916Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Cohen, Archibald14 Jan 1907Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Cohen, Barbara A13 Sep 19305 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Cohen, Chalon A9 Jan 19522 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Cohen, Helen20 Oct 1917Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Cohen, Hyman L7 Aug 192521 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Cohen, Jocelyn9 Feb 193611 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Cohen, Max10 Mar 1886Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Cohen, Ray H3 Apr 19147 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Cohen, Sarah15 Mar 1894Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Cohen, Stephen21 Feb 1928May 1987Fort Wayne
Cohrs, Freddie18 May 191625 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Cohrs, Wanda7 Feb 19152 May 2001Fort Wayne
Coil, Cecil7 Sep 1892Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Coil, Christine2 Sep 1917Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Coil, Gloria5 Feb 19343 Aug 2003New Haven
Coil, Wilma J7 Mar 19041 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Coke, Lois25 Nov 1901Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Coker, Chelcy16 Feb 1912May 1985Fort Wayne
Coker, David L24 Mar 196810 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Coker, Earl12 Nov 1939May 1983Fort Wayne
Coker, Gary25 Mar 1945Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Coker, Helen L13 Aug 191629 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Coker, Ivan J15 Aug 192114 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Coker, Judy25 May 1947Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Coker, Mack19 Mar 1934Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Coker, Mack10 Jun 1902Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Coker, Ora30 Jun 19158 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Coker, Wayne E3 Oct 19141 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Cokins, Lillian F9 Oct 19248 May 1993Fort Wayne
Colazo, Pedro Campos31 Jan 193619 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Colberg, Rose F24 May 18996 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Colbert, Donald B13 Jun 19059 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Colbert, Emma M5 Apr 191027 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Colbert, Kenneth10 Aug 1917Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Colburn, Harry11 Oct 1909Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Colburn, Helen28 Aug 1887Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Colby, Agnes24 Jan 1917Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Colby, Drew A16 Aug 193312 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Colby, George4 Oct 1891Apr 1965Fort Wayne
Colby, Grace20 Dec 1878Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Colby, Harry20 Sep 1893Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Colby, Howard16 Oct 1920Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Colby, Irma27 Jan 1910Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Colby, Margret E31 Oct 19425 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Colby, Wayne C19 Jun 193312 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Colchin, Frances3 Jul 1905Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Colchin, Gladys K2 Jun 19026 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Colchin, Kenneth17 Apr 1907Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Colchin, Margaret6 Feb 1889Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Colchin, Ruby P17 Feb 190520 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Colchin, Shirley A28 Jan 193126 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Colchin, Walter C23 Jan 190015 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Colclesser, Clarence18 Mar 1892Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Colclesser, Mae28 Apr 1889Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Colclesser, Violet J22 Sep 191517 Nov 1988Roanoke
Colclesser, Warren16 Jan 1910May 1980Roanoke
Colcord, Lee E24 Jul 19077 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Colcord, Robert L19 Jun 192910 Apr 1998Leo
Coldiron, Dwayne E9 May 196020 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Coldwell, Lillian15 Feb 1896Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Cole Jr, Alvin6 Sep 1926Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Cole, Anelda R11 Oct 191711 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Cole, Anissa L9 Jan 197520 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Cole, Annabelle29 Dec 1922Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Cole, Belle5 Aug 190211 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Cole, Bernice M19 Oct 19171 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Cole, Christine11 Apr 1908Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Cole, Diana2 Jan 19586 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Cole, Dora28 Nov 1882Jan 1977New Haven
Cole, Douglas W29 Mar 196618 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Cole, Edward H23 Oct 192414 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Cole, Edward J24 Feb 193225 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Cole, Eleanor M5 Mar 192022 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Cole, Elliottt26 Jun 1918Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Cole, Elouise R2 Jul 19285 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Cole, Emma M2 Jul 195621 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Cole, Erma29 Jun 1907Jan 1983New Haven
Cole, Eugene21 Aug 1896Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Cole, Evelyn M27 Jun 19315 Apr 2001New Haven
Cole, Frank10 Jun 1915Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Cole, Fred24 Nov 1913Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Cole, George R5 Mar 19372 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Cole, Georgia R18 Jul 19163 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Cole, Harold27 Jun 1904Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Cole, Harold W5 Feb 192625 Jun 1998New Haven
Cole, Harry11 Feb 1893Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Cole, Harry P30 Mar 191230 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Cole, John A8 Mar 191111 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Cole, Joseph A9 May 191525 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Cole, Julia21 Jul 1893Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Cole, Kathryn22 Apr 1914Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Cole, Katy S5 Aug 192815 Dec 2007New Haven
Cole, Ladonna D25 Dec 19197 Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Cole, Lois A28 Jul 191824 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Cole, Lonnie29 Dec 191910 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Cole, Lou Jean4 Nov 192824 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Cole, Mabel M10 Aug 189010 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Cole, Margaret3 May 1892May 1985Fort Wayne
Cole, Martha14 Jul 1918Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Cole, Mary10 May 1891Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Cole, Melinda Gail27 Nov 19556 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Cole, Minta I9 Jan 1902Mar 1993New Haven, Fort Wayne
Cole, Myron17 Jan 1916Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Cole, Phillip E16 Nov 19411 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Cole, Raben H2 Apr 191229 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Cole, Raymond12 Oct 1931Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Cole, Robert8 Oct 1938Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Cole, Robert E19 May 192517 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Cole, Roy8 Aug 1928Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Cole, Ruth H1 Aug 190028 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Cole, Samuel20 Nov 192422 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Cole, Steven L18 Jul 195929 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Cole, Timothy R7 Mar 19525 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Cole, Virginia A11 Nov 19343 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Cole, Walter23 Jul 1889Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Cole, Willie B12 Apr 192715 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Cole, Wolford J24 Feb 190919 May 2001Fort Wayne
Colelli, Gregory19 Aug 1909Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Colelli, Mary19 Jun 1913Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Coleman, Anna E24 Dec 190931 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Coleman, Bessie M4 Jun 19343 May 2003Fort Wayne
Coleman, Carl L12 May 192831 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Coleman, Clarence R5 Sep 190510 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Coleman, Dorothea J7 Oct 19369 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Coleman, Edward3 Jun 1894Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Coleman, Edward A12 Aug 192116 Sep 1993New Haven
Coleman, Elbert Jr31 Oct 194330 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Coleman, George26 Dec 1908Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Coleman, Harry E7 Nov 19236 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Coleman, Isabel C14 Mar 191419 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Coleman, James A22 May 19193 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Coleman, Jerry D18 Nov 19546 May 2009Fort Wayne
Coleman, Judith A31 Oct 19407 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Coleman, Laurence28 Sep 1914Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Coleman, Lena9 Feb 1906Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Coleman, Lois C10 Sep 1921May 1996Fort Wayne
Coleman, Luvenia9 May 19103 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Coleman, Nora15 Jan 1894Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Coleman, Paul11 Jun 1916Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Coleman, Ralph30 Apr 1885Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Coleman, Richard C14 May 193225 Apr 1996New Haven
Coleman, Robert27 Feb 1924May 1979Fort Wayne
Coleman, Robert L29 Apr 19302 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Coleman, Ruth F5 Apr 191217 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Coleman, Sandra L19 Jul 195115 May 1995Churubusco
Coleman, Selma12 Jun 1894Feb 1980New Haven, Fort Wayne
Coleman, Wava J10 Nov 192526 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Coleman, William5 Nov 1906Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Coleman, William A9 Jan 193022 Apr 1998Churubusco
Coleman, William H27 Mar 191227 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Colerick, Alice9 May 1890Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Colerick, Mary E6 Apr 193928 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Coles, Charles15 Aug 1910Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Coles, Philipina F9 Apr 192324 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Coles, Sidona K9 Aug 1914Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Coles, Vera B14 May 191226 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Colicho, Alice1 Oct 1891Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Colicho, Casper5 Apr 1887Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Colicho, Raymond5 Jun 1909Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Colip, Margaret22 Nov 1895Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Collar, Darlene10 Aug 1937Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Collar, Karen Sue8 Jul 195226 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Coller, Earl16 Dec 1912Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Collett, Matt J14 Jan 191211 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Collett, Sallie16 Apr 189911 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Colley, Donald25 Apr 1949Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Colley, Edward14 Apr 1886May 1977Fort Wayne
Colley, Lucille7 Jan 1920Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Colley, Morris E6 Nov 191421 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Colley, Vera11 Nov 1911Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Collias, George15 Aug 1884Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Collias, Nan A6 Nov 193213 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Collias, Peter George9 Jul 192515 May 2008Fort Wayne
Collie, Zula20 Mar 1901Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Collier, Alice13 Apr 1925Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Collier, Beulah16 Sep 1911May 1987New Haven
Collier, Carolyn S11 Sep 19275 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Collier, Catherine11 Dec 1890May 1971Fort Wayne
Collier, Dennis24 Nov 1904Oct 1984New Haven
Collier, Earl S26 May 192428 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Collier, Flossie L1 Jun 191813 Jul 1997Roanoke
Collier, Gladys A23 Sep 19067 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Collier, Glenna17 Jan 1915Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Collier, Gregory A23 Jul 194721 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Collier, Harry2 Sep 1905Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Collier, Hugh22 Jul 1920Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Collier, Jeffrey M6 Dec 19601 Nov 2003Spencerville
Collier, Lola7 Jul 1890Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Collier, Mary T10 May 19271 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Collier, Maxine23 Jun 190928 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Collier, Nellie G3 Jan 19071 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Collier, William9 Mar 189515 Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Colligan, Joseph18 Jul 1901Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Colligan, Marie F10 Apr 190713 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Collin, C22 Jun 1962Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Collin, P1 Nov 1971Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Colling, George30 Dec 1903Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Collingwood, Barbara C12 Oct 190930 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Collingwood, William22 Nov 1911Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Collins, Alberta R14 Dec 192421 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Collins, Allen17 Aug 1925Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Collins, Avis M28 Sep 192810 May 2009Fort Wayne
Collins, Barton26 Apr 1897May 1982Fort Wayne
Collins, Bertha W22 May 190726 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Collins, Charles29 Nov 1888Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Collins, Charles9 Nov 1946Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Collins, Charles F10 Jul 192324 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Collins, Clara B11 Dec 19258 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Collins, Clayton H4 Aug 192920 Mar 1996New Haven
Collins, Curtis A10 Aug 193427 Dec 2001Leo
Collins, Dora22 Mar 1886Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Collins, Dorothy Yvonne23 Sep 192312 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Collins, Edith23 Sep 1890Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Collins, Edward14 Feb 1888Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Collins, Edward J30 Sep 190714 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Collins, Eileen E21 Oct 193522 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Collins, Esther M25 Jun 191419 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Collins, Fern5 Feb 1900Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Collins, Florence6 Feb 1886Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Collins, Frank L8 Jan 192116 Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Collins, Genevieve18 Apr 1900Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Collins, George18 Jan 1941Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Collins, George1 Jul 1915Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Collins, Gloria2 Feb 192625 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Collins, Grace15 Nov 1894May 1985Fort Wayne
Collins, Grace18 Mar 1905Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Collins, Harley19 Mar 1904Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Collins, Harry25 Nov 1890Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Collins, Harvey L31 Dec 192313 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Collins, Hearel27 Mar 19096 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Collins, Hearel W15 Sep 193921 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Collins, Henrietta23 Jul 1909Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Collins, Herbert28 Jul 1911Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Collins, Hugh28 Jul 1930Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Collins, I Jeanne29 Jul 19214 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Collins, Isabelle19 Jul 1911May 1983Fort Wayne
Collins, James A7 Mar 19351 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Collins, Jane H30 Mar 19152 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Collins, Jayne A25 Feb 192017 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Collins, Jean Mary8 Sep 191813 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Collins, Jerry R12 Jul 195229 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Collins, Joseph R22 Nov 192027 May 2001Fort Wayne
Collins, Julius F25 Jan 192819 Feb 2008Leo
Collins, Junelle M24 Feb 193431 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Collins, Kathryn14 Oct 1884Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Collins, Kenneth C Jr8 Feb 195829 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Collins, Leon C29 Jul 19441 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Collins, Loretta6 Dec 18994 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Collins, Louise22 Sep 1914Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Collins, Marguerit C14 Nov 1909Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Collins, Mary23 Jan 1899Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Collins, Mary E8 Sep 19182 Mar 1991Fort Wayne
Collins, Mary E27 Apr 190726 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Collins, Mary J4 Jan 19321 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Collins, Mary R3 Sep 192131 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Collins, Max23 Feb 1915Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Collins, Millard L16 Jun 190918 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Collins, Mossie22 Aug 1910Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Collins, Pauline3 Apr 192315 May 1997Fort Wayne
Collins, Pearline23 Dec 193126 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Collins, Robert21 Feb 194030 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Collins, Robert D1 Jul 194421 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Collins, Robert H5 Jul 191128 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Collins, Robert J25 Oct 191326 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Collins, Rocky W30 Sep 196325 Apr 2003New Haven
Collins, Roy2 Apr 1899Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Collins, S S5 Jul 192711 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Collins, Sam7 Mar 1912Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Collins, Stanford H26 May 192827 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Collins, Thomas1 Sep 1920May 1982Fort Wayne
Collins, Thomas F Jr6 Feb 192921 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Collins, Thurman M31 Dec 192218 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Collins, Vincent13 May 1901Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Collins, Viola11 Apr 1899Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Collins, Walter E27 Jan 19131 Jul 1999Leo
Collins, Waneta C3 Oct 191921 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Collis, Joseph M14 Feb 19109 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Collom, Julia C31 Oct 193924 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Collova, Lorraine J18 Dec 192216 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Colon, Arleene20 Aug 191124 May 2000Fort Wayne
Colone, Ann M11 Jun 193012 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Colone, Anthony J10 Nov 19204 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Colone, Dominic21 Jan 1913Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Colone, Franklin D6 Dec 193515 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Colone, Joseph R8 Nov 194430 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Colone, Lois E11 Sep 19447 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Colone, Mary20 Jan 1894Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Colone, Mary G1 Feb 192111 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Colone, Patricia A6 Feb 193225 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Colone, Ralph J22 Mar 191613 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Colone, Rose E6 Apr 192214 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Colpetzer, Cora5 Jan 1887Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Colpetzer, Cora M16 Feb 192210 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Colpetzer, John8 Feb 1919Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Colpetzer, Wayne R30 Jul 194125 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Colquitte, Ollie9 Aug 1907Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Colter, Estella29 Apr 1883Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Colter, Gerald R18 Dec 195011 May 2004Fort Wayne
Colter, Jean10 Jun 1927May 1980Monroeville
Colter, Richard B3 Apr 192324 Oct 2006Monroeville
Colvin, A7 Mar 191113 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Colvin, Albert M28 Mar 192327 Apr 2004Churubusco
Colvin, Floyd D8 Jan 192021 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Colvin, Luther R3 Sep 192329 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Colvin, Pauline M15 Jul 1923Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Colvin, Raymond L25 Jun 192329 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Colvin, Robert9 Jul 1912Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Colvin, Terrace6 Apr 1905May 1982Fort Wayne
Colvin, Thomas C13 Oct 19305 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Comar, Ida11 Apr 1899Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Combes, Harry4 Nov 1894Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Combes, Mildred25 Jan 1901Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Combes, Stella23 Jun 1895Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Combess, Henry9 Nov 1910Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Combs, Ethel M3 Mar 1911Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Combs, Harrison13 May 192621 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Combs, Hazel8 Dec 1912Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Combs, Hollen14 Sep 191510 May 2000Fort Wayne
Combs, Lonas30 Aug 1913Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Combs, Lorraine15 May 1896Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Combs, Marshall1 Nov 19529 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Combs, Orville28 Aug 193317 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Combs, Paula29 Nov 19468 May 2009Fort Wayne
Combs, Ruie10 Aug 1901Jan 1973Woodburn
Combs, Vicy E28 Jul 190215 Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Combs, Wilma E1 Mar 19232 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Comer, Anita5 Feb 1884May 1967Fort Wayne
Comer, Billy O20 Mar 192416 Feb 1983Churubusco
Comer, Donald L7 Oct 191714 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Comer, Florence L16 Jul 19017 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Comer, George L10 Apr 193517 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Comer, Helen V16 Sep 192027 Feb 1993Churubusco
Comer, Isabelle12 May 1925Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Comer, John10 Apr 1896Apr 1972Churubusco
Comer, Katherine3 Apr 1906Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Comer, Mary7 Apr 1919Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Comer, Paul J6 Mar 192019 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Comer, Robert4 May 1904Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Comer, Robert L1 Jun 190811 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Comer, Stephen19 Jan 1951Nov 1987Spencerville
Comer, Tawnia L19 May 19677 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Comito, Gennaro E18 May 192611 Sep 2007New Haven
Comment, Cecil28 May 1912Jul 1982Monroeville
Comment, Chester23 Nov 1893Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Comment, Emile13 Jan 1884Jun 1971Monroeville
Comment, Eugene1 Apr 1890Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Comment, Florence27 Jul 1889Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Comment, Lena M27 Feb 189626 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Comment, Noble W6 Aug 190812 Feb 1989Monroeville
Comment, Teresa L14 Oct 193621 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Commers, Benjamin18 Oct 1895Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Commers, Raymond R21 Jan 192311 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Complick, Anna J22 Mar 190413 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Complick, John G12 Sep 190319 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Compton, Alfred1 Mar 1924Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Compton, Aretha10 Aug 191124 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Compton, Frances21 Nov 1898Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Compton, Jason Bo26 Aug 19873 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Compton, Judith A1 Nov 19436 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Compton, Laura30 Jun 1883Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Compton, Lorine21 Feb 1897May 1987Fort Wayne
Compton, Nellie B16 Jul 1927Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Compton, Robert11 Mar 1896Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Compton, Ruby J3 Jan 194723 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Comstock, Helene A11 Nov 19308 Jan 2003New Haven
Comstock, Hertha L23 Oct 193228 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Comstock, Tressie15 Apr 1902Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Conahan, John21 Mar 1898Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Conard, M6 Feb 1892Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Conard, Martha W20 Dec 191128 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Conboy, Agnes1 Sep 1880Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Concepcion, Jose Q30 May 192312 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Concordia, Ralph1 Feb 1922Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Concordia, Valerie A7 Feb 192518 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Condrey, Arthur4 Jul 1892Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Condron, John E14 Apr 19093 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Cone, Geneva9 Apr 1891Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Cone, Gerald11 Aug 1909Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Cone, Madge19 Oct 190114 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Conet, Ralph E28 Oct 192527 May 2007Fort Wayne
Coney, Evelyn L21 Feb 192214 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Coney, Lee27 Dec 1919Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Confer, Hazel4 Feb 1899Sep 1975Yoder
Confer, James20 Jan 1897Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Confer, John4 Feb 1880Aug 1969Yoder
Conforti, Anna M20 Jul 191820 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Congdon, Beverly C23 Dec 19372 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Congdon, Roger W24 Jun 193619 May 2005Fort Wayne
Conge, Lucille D4 May 191428 May 1992Fort Wayne
Conge, Tony13 Jun 191530 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Conger, Dorothy19 Jul 190630 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Congleton, Harold2 Apr 1907May 1971Fort Wayne
Congleton, Mary V14 Sep 192724 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Congoon, Paul E10 May 19073 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Congoon, Ruth E6 May 1910Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Conine, Burch E13 Dec 189921 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Conine, Dilemma B28 Sep 19053 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Conine, Edna E13 Jun 191525 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Conine, Norval R19 Jan 190713 May 2003Spencerville
Conkle, Ethel C26 Sep 191621 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Conkle, John R7 Dec 190828 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Conklin, Cecil10 Jun 1903Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Conklin, Charles3 Apr 1907Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Conklin, Howard5 Dec 1904Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Conklin, Mildred5 Mar 1910Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Conklin, Thelma3 Dec 1917Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Conkling, Ethel1 Sep 1890May 1985Fort Wayne
Conkling, Glenn G4 Feb 192215 May 2004Fort Wayne
Conkling, Lyle W21 Jun 192530 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Conkright, Alfred21 May 1916May 1984Fort Wayne
Conley, Aleaner15 Mar 192512 May 1998Fort Wayne
Conley, Barbara S26 Nov 194714 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Conley, Betty F5 Nov 192127 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Conley, Dave M20 Dec 191930 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Conley, Donald18 Apr 1909Oct 1978Grabill
Conley, Helen L4 Mar 193826 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Conley, Hildred29 Nov 1909Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Conley, James27 Feb 1897Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Conley, Lloyd10 Jul 1905Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Conley, Phyllis J28 Sep 192919 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Conley, Samuel L24 Apr 193225 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Conley, William B21 Oct 192817 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Conn Iii, Rex3 Aug 194129 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Conn, Albert B27 Oct 192411 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Conn, Clifford C11 Jun 189729 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Conn, Eda A9 Apr 191330 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Conn, Florence2 Sep 1885Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Conn, Lucille11 Jul 19123 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Conn, Marcellyn M9 Feb 19314 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Conn, Phyllis27 Jun 1923Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Conn, Pirly12 Dec 1891Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Conn, Ralph7 Jun 1924Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Conn, Sidney24 Jan 1911Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Conn, William6 Dec 1914Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Connally, Maurice1 Jun 1900Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Connally, Mildred9 Oct 1900Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Connell, Cornelius Q25 Dec 19083 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Connell, Edwin15 Nov 1916Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Connell, Frank P6 Apr 19055 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Connell, Geneva F20 Jul 19125 Jul 1999New Haven
Connell, Marguerite B13 Mar 190726 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Connell, Robert E19 Jun 191426 Dec 1999New Haven
Connelly, Harriett1 Nov 1897Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Connelly, Richard6 Jan 1919Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Connelly, Richard17 May 192814 Mar 2001Spencerville
Connelly, Thelma I29 Jan 192517 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Conner, Albert24 Apr 1897Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Conner, Arba J1 Jun 191623 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Conner, Clarence2 Sep 1918Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Conner, Clarence6 Mar 1904Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Conner, David13 Feb 1889Jun 1976Churubusco
Conner, Dorothy W28 Aug 191213 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Conner, Earl17 Mar 1929Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Conner, Eldon4 Nov 1920Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Conner, Evelyn13 Sep 192825 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Conner, Everett17 Jan 1933Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Conner, Forrest W9 Jan 19204 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Conner, Frank E5 Mar 192517 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Conner, Gary5 Jul 1960Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Conner, Harry24 Apr 1896Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Conner, Howard3 Aug 1913May 1977Churubusco
Conner, Irwin19 Apr 1909Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Conner, Jessica N24 Jul 198111 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Conner, Karl F7 Jun 189824 May 1996Fort Wayne
Conner, Lavonne31 Oct 1905Apr 1978Roanoke
Conner, Lelia M19 Jun 191924 Feb 2001Churubusco
Conner, Lessie28 May 1887Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Conner, Margaret A18 Oct 19274 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Conner, Mary21 Jan 1901Apr 1980Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Conner, Mike1 Apr 1873Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Conner, Norma L25 Jan 19412 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Conner, Oliver20 Jan 1899Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Conner, Oneva14 Aug 1923Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Conner, Orlie4 Apr 1900Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Conner, Richard E18 Mar 19352 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Conner, Richard Lee16 Nov 193920 Feb 2008Churubusco
Conner, Roy20 Nov 1915Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Conner, Ruth13 Aug 1901Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Conner, Ruth M15 Sep 192025 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Conner, William B11 Mar 195430 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Conners, Margaret M31 Jul 191425 Apr 1999New Haven
Connett, Arthur D5 Feb 193130 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Connett, Charles10 Oct 1897Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Connett, Crystal L26 May 191019 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Connett, Donald E11 Apr 19223 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Connett, George26 Feb 1901Mar 1965Fort Wayne
Connett, Hazel24 Dec 1898Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Connett, Jerry Joseph6 Dec 194713 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Connett, Lois M6 Aug 192117 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Connett, Mary M22 Oct 193219 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Connett, Richard A22 Nov 195517 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Connett, Robin L23 Feb 19729 May 2007Fort Wayne
Connin, Curtis E27 Feb 191028 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Connin, Dolores E23 May 191315 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Connin, Donald Lewis29 Dec 19344 Dec 2008New Haven
Connin, Mildred18 Jul 1904Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Connin, Roy22 Feb 1903Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Connolly, Eileen M30 Aug 192026 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Connolly, Henry23 May 1902May 1966Fort Wayne
Connolly, James J19 Feb 19288 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Connolly, Richard5 Jun 1916Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Connor, Ada25 Dec 1876Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Connor, Alice26 Sep 1895Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Connor, Esther14 Jul 1897Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Connor, Esther M23 Apr 191612 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Connor, Harry17 Jul 1897Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Connor, Jeanne B6 Oct 19228 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Connor, Julia E26 Apr 19047 May 1993Fort Wayne
Connor, May P10 May 190313 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Connor-perl, Ethel19 Apr 191121 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Connors, Harriett18 May 1909Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Connors, Thomas G2 Jan 195627 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Conover, Marie9 Oct 1900Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Conover, Sue A31 Jul 193725 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Conover, William L28 Jul 192512 May 2005Fort Wayne
Conover, William R16 Nov 192927 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Conrad Sr, Homer8 May 1896May 1967Fort Wayne
Conrad, Adele26 Nov 1892Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Conrad, Albert9 Sep 1888Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Conrad, Alvin13 Feb 1900Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Conrad, Anne28 May 192315 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Conrad, Antoinette21 Sep 1888Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Conrad, Arnold3 May 1921Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Conrad, Bertha20 Sep 1903Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Conrad, Carl C18 Nov 19134 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Conrad, Carol E21 Jul 1937Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Conrad, Clara M14 May 190531 May 2004Fort Wayne
Conrad, Clarence2 Feb 1904May 1987Fort Wayne
Conrad, Cora2 Apr 190518 May 1999Fort Wayne
Conrad, Cyrus28 Apr 1910Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Conrad, Diana9 Jun 1886Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Conrad, Dorathea24 Mar 1905Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Conrad, E8 Aug 1993Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Conrad, Edwin24 Apr 1893Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Conrad, Elaine25 Jan 1906Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Conrad, Elizabeth20 Apr 1891May 1979Fort Wayne
Conrad, Elizabeth18 Dec 19125 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Conrad, Emma24 Nov 1897Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Conrad, Eugene12 Feb 1888Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Conrad, Evelyn M11 Oct 19165 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Conrad, Frances26 May 1916Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Conrad, Frieda E16 Nov 189613 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Conrad, Genevieve E13 Nov 1911Apr 1994Grabill
Conrad, Gladys1 Jul 1904Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Conrad, Gloria A23 Feb 195327 Jun 2009Monroeville
Conrad, Helen20 Nov 1912Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Conrad, Herman5 Apr 1890Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Conrad, Herman E27 Aug 191820 May 2002Monroeville
Conrad, Irene6 Jan 192115 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Conrad, Jack Allen30 Nov 193729 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Conrad, James J21 Feb 192717 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Conrad, John P1 Sep 19296 Aug 2001New Haven
Conrad, Joseph27 Jul 1876May 1975Grabill
Conrad, Karen A23 Aug 194619 Dec 2001Harlan
Conrad, Leah9 May 1882Jan 1975Grabill
Conrad, Lorene M28 May 192117 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Conrad, Louis J19 May 19324 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Conrad, Lydia17 Aug 1885Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Conrad, Maxine26 Mar 1924Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Conrad, Maytha10 Jun 1898Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Conrad, Paul15 Aug 1911Aug 1981Grabill
Conrad, Ralph25 Dec 191919 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Conrad, Retha M5 Dec 19121 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Conrad, Robert23 Feb 1909Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Conrad, Ronald E23 Feb 19352 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Conrad, Rose10 Apr 1885Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Conrad, Sarah2 Oct 1918Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Conrad, Sharon P2 Dec 193619 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Conrad, Steve J18 Mar 195019 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Conrad, Vera J3 Dec 19267 May 2003Monroeville
Conrad, Wilbur J10 Mar 191131 Dec 2002New Haven
Conrad, Willard W20 Aug 190915 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Conrey, Carol C5 Jan 1918Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Conrey, Frank C3 Dec 192010 May 1993Fort Wayne
Conrey, Michael Trent22 Jul 19495 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Conroy, Catherine17 Apr 1893Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Conroy, Daniel16 Nov 1900Aug 1979New Haven
Conroy, James F2 May 191327 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Conroy, Jeanette H20 Dec 192321 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Conroy, Mary27 Mar 1907Aug 1984New Haven
Conroy, Robert20 Oct 1920Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Consalvo, Andrew C1 Jun 192925 May 2007Fort Wayne
Consalvo, Eula J14 Mar 19262 May 1992Fort Wayne
Consalvo, Thelma16 Jan 19262 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Conser, William1 Feb 1898May 1986Fort Wayne
Constable, Jack R12 Oct 194627 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Constante, Raymond28 Jun 19257 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Constantino, Margaret13 Aug 1932Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Contadeluci, Dolly20 Jun 1927Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Contant, Robert W5 Dec 192016 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Contant, Theresa23 Dec 1891Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Conter, Estella5 Nov 1885Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Contreras, Evelyn I9 Sep 191529 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Contreras, Pedro23 May 1895Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Contreras, Petra22 May 1904Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Converse, Donald R27 Apr 192326 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Converse, Lucille9 Nov 1916May 1987Roanoke
Converse, Zelma M16 Jul 191113 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Converset, Alice L6 Feb 190531 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Converset, Nola M9 Mar 191928 May 2001Monroeville
Conway, Add1 Jun 192112 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Conway, Hazel10 Dec 1890May 1981Fort Wayne
Conway, Hosea12 Apr 1909May 1968Fort Wayne
Conway, Martha B1 Jun 192512 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Conwell, David12 Oct 1912Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Conwell, Eddie29 Jan 1915Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Conwell, Elbert F7 Feb 19728 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Conwell, Gracie M20 Jun 19435 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Conwell, Lorene4 Oct 195426 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Conwell, Marsha Marie27 Jul 193110 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Conwell, Robert Earl8 Jun 194626 Feb 2008Churubusco
Conwell, Rolland22 Nov 1880Jun 1968Spencerville
Cook, Ada15 Jan 1894Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Cook, Agnes28 Mar 1903Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Cook, Alta M17 Jan 19392 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Cook, Andrew C17 Jun 191922 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Cook, Anna K24 Jul 187915 Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Cook, Archie7 Dec 1889Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Cook, Arthur5 Aug 1916Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Cook, Arthur21 Jan 1925Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Cook, Beatrice B4 Dec 190115 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Cook, Bernard5 Feb 1917Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Cook, Betty B28 Feb 19019 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Cook, Beverly J13 Jun 19237 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Cook, Carl R22 Jul 19345 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Cook, Carl V17 Apr 19371 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Cook, Carolyn F12 Sep 190115 Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Cook, Carrie2 Mar 1893Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Cook, Catherine V5 Aug 191910 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Cook, Charles1 Jun 1904Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Cook, Charles E22 Nov 19197 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Cook, Charles M17 Jun 191321 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Cook, Chloe9 Feb 1893Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Cook, Cornelia A3 Jan 19144 May 1998New Haven
Cook, Cotta A10 Feb 19201 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Cook, Coy M16 Dec 192227 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Cook, Dale J13 Aug 192622 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Cook, Donald6 Apr 1923Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Cook, Donald E20 May 191815 May 2000Spencerville
Cook, Dorothy L24 Dec 190813 Nov 2001Roanoke
Cook, Elmer23 Oct 1921May 1984Fort Wayne
Cook, Elmer10 Mar 1887Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Cook, Elsie12 Feb 1893Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Cook, Emma3 Feb 1888Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Cook, Ernest7 Feb 1891Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Cook, Esther10 Apr 1901Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Cook, Esther L7 May 189820 Aug 1992Huntertown
Cook, Evelyne8 Jan 1924Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Cook, Florence14 Dec 1884Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Cook, Fonda9 Nov 1901Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Cook, Freda Elaine12 May 189912 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Cook, George T21 Feb 191919 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Cook, George W27 Apr 191415 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Cook, Gertrude29 Apr 1908Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Cook, Goldie M29 Mar 191718 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Cook, Grace15 Dec 1902Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Cook, Harold E17 Aug 192011 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Cook, Harold H26 Jul 191420 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Cook, Harry4 May 1912Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Cook, Harry W23 Dec 189522 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Cook, Hazel M18 Feb 192220 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Cook, Helen C14 Sep 191522 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Cook, Helen L4 May 192420 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Cook, Henry29 Dec 1892Mar 1969Roanoke
Cook, Henry5 Mar 1888Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Cook, Herbert B18 Jan 189723 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Cook, Ida28 Sep 1882Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Cook, Iverna A2 Aug 191519 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Cook, Jack D13 May 192330 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Cook, Janice A6 Mar 194623 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Cook, Jeannette M25 Jul 1926Dec 1995New Haven, Fort Wayne
Cook, Joe14 Oct 1917Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Cook, John17 Jan 1882May 1968Fort Wayne
Cook, Josephine10 Jun 1899May 1976Fort Wayne
Cook, Josie29 Jan 1890Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Cook, Kenneth1 Dec 1923Jan 1984Churubusco
Cook, Kenneth18 Aug 1924Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Cook, Kenneth E7 Oct 19484 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Cook, Linda L13 Sep 194325 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Cook, Loretta30 Nov 1899Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Cook, Lucille C15 Aug 19111 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Cook, Lucille D3 Mar 1921Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Cook, M J28 Feb 192030 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Cook, Madge21 Oct 191517 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Cook, Margueritt L24 Feb 19066 Mar 2000New Haven
Cook, Marian J16 Mar 191226 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Cook, Marjorie A23 Aug 191917 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Cook, Mary30 Sep 190117 May 1999Fort Wayne
Cook, Mary F26 Oct 194225 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Cook, Mary W13 Jul 191327 Jun 2002New Haven
Cook, Maurice22 May 1899Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Cook, Maurice29 Jan 1909Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Cook, Maxine C23 Jun 193028 Sep 2003Huntertown
Cook, Maynard H5 Aug 191424 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Cook, Melvin27 Dec 1898Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Cook, Melvin C2 Jul 19137 Apr 1990New Haven
Cook, Nelson1 Apr 1907Jan 1975New Haven
Cook, Opal18 Apr 1907Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Cook, Orange22 Apr 1882May 1972Fort Wayne
Cook, Orion E11 Mar 192018 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Cook, Patricia L25 Mar 193812 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Cook, Paul18 Mar 1894Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Cook, Paul3 Feb 1908Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Cook, Pearl3 Jan 1890Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Cook, Rachel L16 Jul 19273 May 2006Spencerville
Cook, Ralph31 Aug 1910Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Cook, Ramona R14 Aug 19329 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Cook, Randall27 Aug 1960May 1979Spencerville
Cook, Richard M21 Jul 19284 Apr 2002New Haven
Cook, Robert29 Mar 1917Aug 1977Woodburn
Cook, Ronald M8 Sep 19382 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Cook, Roy29 Jun 1916Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Cook, Roy C2 Oct 192620 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Cook, Ruth E1 Feb 19316 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Cook, Savannah11 Jan 191610 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Cook, Susie29 Nov 1903Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Cook, Thelma5 Aug 1912Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Cook, Truman21 Feb 1885Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Cook, Verna15 Dec 1891Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Cook, Veva J14 Dec 192028 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Cook, Vincent9 Jan 191819 Jun 1998Huntertown
Cook, Virginia F11 Oct 192227 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Cook, Vivian24 May 19137 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Cook, Walter21 Feb 1912Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Cook, Walter6 Feb 1889Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Cook, Walter E13 Oct 19185 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Cook, Wanetta25 Dec 1914Jun 1984Huntertown
Cook, William A15 Sep 19166 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Cook, Winifred21 Nov 1894Mar 1976Grabill
Cook, Zella5 Jul 1890May 1977Fort Wayne
Cooke, Bertha R8 Mar 191326 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Cooke, Edwin28 Jan 1898Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Cooke, Harold18 Sep 1885Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Cooke, Loretta M27 Apr 19239 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Cooke, Margaret5 Jan 1906Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Cooke, Peggie15 Feb 1908Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Cooke, Velma20 Feb 1902Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Cookston, Margaret A25 Mar 192511 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Cool, Othie E18 Jan 1927Feb 1993New Haven
Cooley, Anna C30 Jan 192614 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Cooley, Dorothy J13 Aug 194715 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Cooley, Geraldine E24 Mar 19185 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Cooley, Hazel M24 Jul 193529 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Cooley, Lucille F4 Jun 190715 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Cooley, Paul6 Jul 1923Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Cooley, Robert24 Sep 1898Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Cooley, Robert17 Jul 1921Mar 1985New Haven
Cooley, Shannon K19 Oct 196829 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Cooley, Willie6 May 1912Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Coolman, Beulah4 Apr 1912Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Coolman, Dale5 Nov 1911Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Coolman, Emma L26 Mar 19241 May 2003Fort Wayne
Coolman, Jessie L20 May 19225 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Coolman, John A15 Sep 193015 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Coolman, Leah L15 Jun 191922 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Coolman, Roy16 Nov 1901Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Coolnetznik, Dorothy M3 Oct 193129 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Coombs, Paula J7 Mar 194815 Dec 2008New Haven
Coombs, Terrence R16 Jun 194213 Aug 2006Leo
Coomer, Della10 Aug 1879Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Coomer, Derald J14 Apr 19253 May 1994Fort Wayne
Coomer, Esther K4 Jul 19124 May 2003Fort Wayne
Coomer, Harold4 Dec 1917May 1981Fort Wayne
Coomer, Hollis25 Jan 190929 Oct 1993Woodburn
Coomer, James E1 Mar 19325 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Coomer, Mary J24 Apr 19389 May 2003Fort Wayne
Coomer, Maude29 Nov 191013 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Coomer, Richard29 Oct 1928Dec 1967Monroeville
Coomer, Virgil1 Apr 190613 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Coomey, Edward30 Dec 1901Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Coomey, Hazel V19 Feb 1904Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Coon, Floyd7 Dec 1900May 1973Fort Wayne
Coon, George8 Nov 1920Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Coon, Jessie H15 Dec 19266 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Coon, Londa16 Aug 1936Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Coon, Sally A9 Oct 19226 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Coonan, James Joseph27 Sep 195727 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Cooney, Charles J11 Nov 190118 May 1994Fort Wayne
Cooney, George W17 Jun 190514 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Cooney, James B17 May 194229 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Cooney, Thomas8 Jul 1907Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Cooney, Vivian22 Oct 1903Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Cooney, Vivien V23 Dec 191014 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Coonrod, Elmer F26 Jun 191419 Nov 1996New Haven
Coonrod, Ernestine1 Jan 1889Mar 1983Monroeville
Coonrod, Estella M19 Jan 192315 Jan 2010Monroeville
Coonrod, Frank1 Jan 1892Apr 1983Monroeville
Coonrod, Leslie19 Apr 1907Mar 1982New Haven
Coonrod, Leslie J7 Jun 19422 May 2007Woodburn
Coonrod, Lester14 Nov 1898Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Coonrod, Robert5 Apr 1901Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Coonrod, Ruth Ann11 Sep 192521 Oct 2004Monroeville
Coonrod, Viola21 Jul 1905Dec 1978New Haven
Cooper Iii, Austin27 Nov 1902Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Cooper, Ada27 Jan 1902Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Cooper, Agnes C10 Oct 191823 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Cooper, Alfred22 Jan 1895Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Cooper, Alfred2 Oct 1900Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Cooper, Alma A20 Sep 18977 May 1995Fort Wayne
Cooper, Alma C4 Mar 189618 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Cooper, Alta11 Dec 1880Nov 1972Churubusco
Cooper, Amos10 Sep 194315 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Cooper, Arthur B19 Mar 190920 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Cooper, B Trent2 May 19201 May 2005Roanoke
Cooper, Betty J7 Aug 19538 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Cooper, Brown10 Jul 1888May 1976Fort Wayne
Cooper, Camille27 Sep 1903Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Cooper, Charlotte13 Dec 1913Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Cooper, Charlotte14 Nov 1907Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Cooper, Cleophas19 Jul 19205 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Cooper, Daniel12 Jan 1909Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Cooper, Dewey26 May 1898Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Cooper, Dora13 Sep 1931Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Cooper, Doris J13 Nov 19287 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Cooper, Eddie L20 Dec 193427 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Cooper, Eddie M9 Sep 1928Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Cooper, Edward F12 Mar 192420 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Cooper, Elizabeth H26 Mar 191718 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Cooper, Elizabeth R3 Jan 192419 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Cooper, Elouise10 Apr 193011 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Cooper, Emile18 Sep 189912 Dec 1997Monroeville
Cooper, George28 Jun 1898Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Cooper, George R24 May 19292 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Cooper, Gloria Winifred16 Jan 193219 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Cooper, Harriet M15 Dec 189725 Oct 1997Monroeville
Cooper, Harriett6 Jun 1901Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Cooper, Herbert W17 Oct 191013 May 1996Fort Wayne
Cooper, Howard30 Jun 1914Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Cooper, Iva22 Dec 1883Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Cooper, Jane P13 Oct 19348 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Cooper, Janet E19 Jul 191612 May 2006Fort Wayne
Cooper, Jesse C4 Jul 192524 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Cooper, Jimmy R25 Apr 195025 Jun 2009Roanoke
Cooper, Joan18 Feb 1938Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Cooper, Joanne D6 Aug 193116 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Cooper, Laura G21 Sep 190217 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Cooper, Leona17 Aug 1910Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Cooper, Lester8 Jan 1902Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Cooper, Lois A3 Nov 19242 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Cooper, Luvater3 Jul 1905Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Cooper, Mae A14 Jan 192919 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Cooper, Margaret E14 Feb 19122 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Cooper, Nellie K27 Jan 191720 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Cooper, Nellie M22 Jun 19023 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Cooper, Nellie M7 Jun 192926 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Cooper, Noland T6 Apr 191325 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Cooper, Olive L9 Jun 1918Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Cooper, Paul31 Mar 1957Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Cooper, Pink26 Oct 1887Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Cooper, Richard L8 Feb 1915May 1993Churubusco
Cooper, Robert17 Sep 1924Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Cooper, Robert J4 Feb 19233 Jun 2000Leo
Cooper, Sharon Ann5 Dec 195827 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Cooper, Vivian26 Jul 19161 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Cooper, Wilbert3 Jan 1901Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Cooper, William9 Jul 1897Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Cooper, William3 Nov 1886Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Cooper, William B2 Jun 191026 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Cooper, William G18 Apr 192018 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Cooper, Willowdene H2 Nov 191511 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Coover, Adelma17 Sep 1903Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Copas, Mildred I23 Aug 190715 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Cope, James B23 Jul 195618 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Cope, Mary L1 Apr 191827 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Cope, Maynard7 Mar 1887Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Cope, Maynard5 Apr 1914Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Cope, Oscea M16 Nov 191220 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Cope, R Dean18 Jul 191810 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Cope, Robert D17 Feb 193414 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Cope, Russell4 Jun 1891Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Copela, M15 Dec 1986Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Copeland, Bonnie L4 Dec 194629 May 2009Fort Wayne
Copeland, Brenda Lee9 Nov 197029 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Copeland, Darlene6 May 193625 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Copeland, Edith27 Sep 1907Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Copeland, Elmer16 Aug 19351 May 2009Fort Wayne
Copeland, Frieda22 Jun 1902Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Copeland, James28 Jan 1902Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Copeland, James L25 Jun 193320 Feb 1997Monroeville
Copeland, Lucille S21 May 18991 May 1988Fort Wayne
Copeland, Marjorie1 Oct 19098 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Copeland, Robert B30 Nov 191523 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Copenhaver, Agnes M14 Aug 19226 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Copenhaver, Juanita1 Feb 191325 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Copenhaver, Leona M6 Aug 190914 May 2001Fort Wayne
Copenhaver, Lorene24 Nov 1897Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Coplen, Allen7 Jun 1925Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Coplen, Dorothy M26 Jun 193030 May 2005Fort Wayne
Coplen, Geneva2 Oct 1905Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Coplen, George1 Jan 1901Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Coplen, Hilda F12 Mar 192922 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Copley, Edna22 Feb 191317 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Copley, Richard C7 Oct 191422 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Copp, Bessie2 Oct 1886Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Copp, John15 Jan 1885May 1970Fort Wayne
Copp, Virgil28 Dec 1913Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Copp, Walter D24 Oct 19589 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Copper, Ada K15 May 1896Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Copper, Clarence22 Dec 1896Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Copper, Eva E21 Sep 19071 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Coppock, Reba5 Apr 1890Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Coppock, Vera K3 Jan 190826 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Coppolino, Margaret19 Apr 1900Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Coppolino, Phena M23 Feb 192521 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Coppolino, Thomas18 Apr 1884Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Copsey, Ray H28 Jun 19192 Oct 2005Harlan
Copsey, William4 Apr 1898Mar 1983Leo
Coquillard, Donna28 Jul 19168 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Corah, Ferm22 Aug 1889Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Corbat, Merle16 Apr 1915Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Corbat, Robert17 Jul 1897Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Corbat, Sophie C13 May 192224 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Corbett, Annie B14 Aug 191926 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Corbett, Charles K23 Jan 191411 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Corbin, Alice K8 Mar 190613 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Corbin, Carl7 Mar 1902Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Corbin, Norma R17 Feb 191518 May 2006Fort Wayne
Corbin, Rusia8 Feb 190316 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Corbin, T4 Apr 192412 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Corbitt, Donald11 May 1911Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Corbitt, Lyle1 Mar 1913Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Corbitt, Wanda E13 Nov 191210 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Corcoran, Ann M30 Aug 193615 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Corcoran, Paul W3 Jun 190830 Mar 2000Hoagland
Cordell, Georgiana E31 Oct 192125 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Cordell, Robert J23 Sep 191721 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Corder, Carl D5 Aug 1911Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Corder, Cleo9 Jun 1899Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Corder, Velma L14 Aug 191313 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Cordes, Celia16 Jul 1897Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Cordes, Charles E11 Apr 192728 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Cordes, David H8 May 19307 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Cordes, Fred13 Nov 1903Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Cordes, Gladys M12 Oct 190812 Apr 1999Churubusco
Cordes, Harold29 Oct 1904Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Cordes, Henry21 Apr 1901Oct 1986Churubusco
Cordes, Magdalena14 Sep 1908Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Cordes, Rosa K16 Sep 190415 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Cordes, Rosemary E4 Aug 19291 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Cordes, V Evelyn10 Jul 1917Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Cordes, Viola M20 Feb 190621 May 1992Fort Wayne
Cordill, Archie11 Sep 191318 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Cordill, Gloria J27 Dec 193227 May 2007Roanoke
Cordill, Mary4 May 1887Sep 1964Fort Wayne
Cordill, Ruth7 Apr 1913Sep 1984Roanoke
Cordill, Sharon A18 Jun 19445 May 2004Roanoke
Cordray, Lena12 May 1894Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Corey, Bobby G1 Aug 194128 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Corey, Johnnie B17 Aug 193331 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Corey, Lorenzo16 Oct 192822 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Cork, Pauline A7 Jan 191012 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Cork, Wanda14 Oct 191310 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Corkwell, Olive29 Sep 1899Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Corley, Annette M16 Nov 195528 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Corley, William15 Dec 1906Oct 1978Grabill
Corll, Gertrude20 Jun 1888Sep 1979Roanoke
Corll, Homer12 Nov 1889Nov 1972Roanoke
Cormany, Jason29 Dec 1915Mar 1981Roanoke
Corn, Elaine9 Dec 1922Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Cornacchia, Albert15 Jun 1915Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Corneille, Gertrude16 Oct 1886Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Cornelius, Edna E26 Sep 191315 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Cornelius, Myrl17 Dec 191013 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Cornelius, Walter E26 Sep 190720 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Cornelius, William D13 Oct 19122 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Cornell, James A29 Sep 195324 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Cornell, Jay9 May 1898Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Cornell, John12 Sep 1900Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Cornell, John W28 Mar 191710 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Cornell, Louise E20 Dec 19146 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Cornell, Lyle F12 Oct 193524 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Cornell, Maudie E13 Nov 192124 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Cornell, Myrtle7 Jul 1905Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Cornell, Rosella15 Apr 1926Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Cornell, Sydney28 Mar 1911Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Cornett, Curtis D13 Sep 195610 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Cornett, Mary C1 Aug 191918 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Cornett, Willis2 Jun 1918Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Cornette, Dorothy16 Oct 1913Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Cornette, William27 Apr 1917Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Cornewell, Catherine24 Feb 1894Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Cornewell, Elsie M24 Aug 193317 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Cornwell, Lisa L3 Dec 195822 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Corpe, Ernest17 Jun 1897Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Correa, Dortha G27 Jan 1923Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Correa, George J10 Feb 19203 May 1998Fort Wayne
Correll, Grace7 Nov 1897Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Corrigan, Mary15 Feb 1909Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Corson, Dallas4 May 190816 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Corson, Harold26 Jun 1906Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Corson, J28 Jan 1892Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Corson, Kermit L24 Jul 19386 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Corson, Luetta8 Oct 1908Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Corson, Rhonda Sue7 Apr 197320 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Cortez, Juan F3 Dec 190715 May 1995Fort Wayne
Cortise, Sara14 Oct 1940May 1978Fort Wayne
Corville, Clyde21 Jan 1905Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Corville, Esther22 Jan 1900Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Corville, Franklin25 Mar 1891Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Corville, Lewis22 Jun 1900Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Corville, Mabel S5 May 190621 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Corville, Vernon6 Jun 1895Nov 1985Hoagland
Corwin, Donelda A31 May 191728 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Corwin, Esther22 Sep 1893Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Cory, Barbara G31 Jan 193913 May 2003Fort Wayne
Coryworthman, Shirley A25 Oct 193614 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Corzine, Emma19 Feb 1907Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Cosbey, Winifred N1 May 191710 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Cosby, James31 Oct 1899Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Cosby, Johanna L10 Oct 190526 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Coslet, Russel31 Mar 194421 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Coslow, Jerry12 Sep 1930Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Cost, Marilyn M14 Aug 194311 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Costanza, Jane A24 Sep 19414 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Costello, Anna12 Mar 18992 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Costello, Cecilia25 Nov 1897Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Costello, Eleanor M21 Oct 19066 Dec 1994New Haven
Costello, Mary18 Sep 1904Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Costello, Mary23 Sep 1901Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Costew, Sylvia C12 Sep 191012 May 2004Fort Wayne
Costin, Woodrow16 Feb 1917May 1980Fort Wayne
Costo, Mary31 Oct 1893Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Coston, William30 Mar 1898Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Cothrell, Dorothy22 Nov 1901Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Cothrell, Harold10 May 1902Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Cotner, Eleanor26 Jun 1922Apr 1986Woodburn
Cotner, Ola18 Sep 1894Aug 1976Woodburn
Cotrall, Sophia24 May 1877Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Cotterman, Carolyn J12 May 191224 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Cotterman, Charles17 Sep 1962Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Cotterman, Dale E13 Jan 192219 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Cotterman, Helen A19 May 191116 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Cotterman, Royal T13 Jan 19105 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Cottier, George13 Dec 1890Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Cottier, Glenn H24 Apr 192429 May 2000Monroeville
Cotton, David11 Nov 1924Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Cotton, Eliza S19 Mar 19226 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Cotton, Mary1 Feb 1905Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Cotton, Steven13 Aug 1910Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Cottrell, James L6 Aug 19396 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Cottrell, Michael S20 Jan 19774 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Cottrell, Myrtle7 May 1881Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Cottrell, Paul O30 May 19059 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Cottrell, Ruth B18 Apr 190717 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Cottrell, Suzanne M13 Mar 193615 Jul 1997New Haven
Coty, Donald20 Oct 1956Sep 1977New Haven
Coty, Donald J29 Feb 193226 Apr 1998Monroeville
Coty, George3 Aug 1891Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Couarm, Sylvia L22 Mar 193014 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Couch, Edna L9 Nov 191512 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Couch, Fred H14 Apr 192410 May 2004Fort Wayne
Couch, Howard J9 Dec 192712 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Couch, Leo16 May 192227 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Couch, Selsa6 Mar 1945Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Coudret, Alice L12 Sep 190113 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Coudret, Harry1 Jun 1902Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Couger, Marian B14 Dec 19069 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Coughlin, Bernadette13 Jul 1896Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Cougill, Mary23 Dec 1896Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Coulardot, Audrey M30 Jun 192229 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Coulardot, Charles S28 Jun 192220 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Coulardot, Clifford15 Oct 1902Oct 1974Monroeville
Coulardot, Leonard7 Oct 1902Jan 1985Churubusco
Coulardot, Loretta18 Apr 189926 May 1997Fort Wayne
Coulardot, Narcis25 Nov 1906Sep 1979Monroeville, New Haven
Coularpot, Charles31 Jan 1901May 1972Fort Wayne
Coulette, Anna27 Sep 1908Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Coulter, Ceral16 May 1892May 1971Fort Wayne
Coulter, Earl S17 Jun 19113 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Coulter, Frank8 Apr 1906Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Coulter, Junior B13 May 192320 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Coulter, Louine A3 Dec 191612 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Coulter, Mabel A24 Aug 191210 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Coulter, Pearl28 May 1900Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Coulter, Robert T2 Aug 19147 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Coulter, Ruth L11 Dec 191117 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Coulter, Sylvan L9 Aug 191115 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Council, Winston A14 Aug 192324 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Counseller, Dorothy14 Apr 190717 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Counseller, Eugene16 Oct 1903Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Counseller, Josephine E17 Sep 192727 Mar 2000Yoder
Counseller, Marie26 Feb 1898Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Counseller, Ronald D11 Apr 192727 Dec 2009Yoder
Counterman, Brice E11 Apr 19177 Apr 1991Hoagland
Counterman, Clarence15 Apr 1897Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Counterman, Clarence11 Feb 1896Dec 1968Hoagland
Counterman, Elnora12 Oct 1895Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Counterman, Mary M4 Sep 192311 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Counterman, Murl13 Apr 1901Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Counterman, Orville3 Nov 1898Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Counterman, Paul E1 Mar 192929 Sep 1997Hoagland
Counterman, Tishie18 Apr 1906Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Counts, Annie L2 Feb 191725 Nov 2004New Haven, Fort Wayne
Counts, Bonnie G9 Jan 194314 May 2006Fort Wayne
Counts, Glen10 May 19134 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Counts, Gordon H5 Jul 193327 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Counts, Katherine17 Feb 19201 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Counts, Mary4 Jan 1930Jan 1980Churubusco
Cour, Bernard R4 Jul 193415 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Cour, Charles J7 Jan 19331 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Cour, Clarence1 Aug 1898Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Cour, Eileen15 Sep 1905Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Cour, Evelyn27 Aug 1906May 1987New Haven
Cour, Mabel24 Mar 1908Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Cour, Shirley M19 Nov 19372 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Courdevay, Mary20 Mar 1891Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Court, Lois I7 Jun 192313 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Court, Richard K2 Sep 19369 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Courtesis, Ruth A5 Mar 191118 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Courtland, Inez5 Dec 191015 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Courtnex, Mamie F2 Nov 19061 May 2005Fort Wayne
Courtney, Benjamin G8 Jun 191428 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Courtney, Berniece I5 Nov 192512 Apr 1994New Haven
Courtney, Glen4 Oct 1905Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Courtney, Helen E21 Jul 19165 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Courtney, Kenneth L5 Sep 19067 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Courtney, Kenneth L6 Jan 19158 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Courtney, Kenneth L18 May 192615 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Courtney, Martha W8 May 191413 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Courtney, Miriam J10 Jul 192124 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Courtney, P V15 Dec 194415 May 1991Fort Wayne
Courtney, S J19 Dec 193415 Jan 1995New Haven
Courtney, William10 Oct 1927Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Courtois, Carl L30 Jun 194525 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Cousino, Neoma25 Feb 1908Mar 1982New Haven
Couts, Retha17 Feb 1908Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Couture, Clara3 Dec 1893Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Couture, Geraldine M19 Jan 190816 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Couture, Homer14 Feb 1905Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Couture, James R5 Jan 19291 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Couture, Marilyn A27 Jun 192724 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Couture, Warren A8 Jan 192826 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Covault, Alice2 Apr 1885Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Covault, Lloyd3 Feb 1913Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Covault, Mildred L17 May 191822 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Covault, Orville24 Nov 1900Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Cover, Clyde29 Sep 1897Apr 1981Grabill, Fort Wayne
Cover, Lucy17 May 1897Mar 1978Grabill
Coverdale, Barbara J25 Jul 19322 Mar 1994Roanoke
Coverdale, George15 Mar 1921Dec 1983Roanoke
Covert, Ethel14 Aug 1888Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Covert, Harold18 Dec 1887Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Covey, Arthur27 Jan 1921Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Covey, Lillian1 Sep 1888Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Covey, Lorena Edna29 Jan 192117 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Covington, Esther10 Apr 1888Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Covitt, Jack15 Sep 19194 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Covitt, Mildred G6 Apr 19182 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Cowan, Byron24 Nov 1910Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Cowan, Edward15 Jan 192631 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Cowan, Florence27 Dec 19038 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Cowan, Frank31 May 1903Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Cowan, Herbert30 May 1904Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Cowan, Loren11 Jul 1898Apr 1971Roanoke
Cowan, Mary A29 Jun 19252 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Cowan, Mertie E29 Jan 189927 Dec 2001Leo
Cowan, Mildred W29 Dec 190725 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Cowan, Nylla J16 Aug 193111 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Cowan, Robert G2 Jan 192320 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Cowan, Russell C19 Aug 191430 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Cowan, Willie T10 Mar 191029 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Cowan, Winifred H30 Sep 192910 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Cowan, Zoe13 Jun 1890Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Cowart, Lois13 Jan 1899Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Cowdrey, David15 Sep 1932Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Cowdrey, David A15 Jun 190513 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Cowdrey, Lucille19 Dec 1904Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Cowell, Blanche29 Jul 1908May 1982Fort Wayne
Cowell, Charles W10 Sep 191027 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Cowell, Russell9 Feb 1907Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Cowen, Barbara B25 Aug 193112 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Cowen, Bruce S22 Jul 192827 May 2005New Haven
Cowger Jr, Harry A25 Oct 193330 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Cowherd, Helen T11 Jan 193312 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Cowin, Harold H30 Nov 19195 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Cowles, Edward A13 May 192529 Jan 1996New Haven
Cowles, Elenor17 Jul 1890Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Cowles, Harold G18 Mar 192915 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Cowles, Norma J21 Jul 192928 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Cox, Agnes22 Jun 1909Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Cox, Alice P2 Jun 191830 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Cox, Anna20 Jan 1891Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Cox, Arline E18 Jul 19172 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Cox, Arthur2 Sep 1892Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Cox, Bernadette22 Mar 1895May 1973Fort Wayne
Cox, Bernice M8 Apr 191322 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Cox, Bertha J9 May 193525 May 2009Fort Wayne
Cox, Betty13 Apr 1927Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Cox, Betty J3 Jul 19184 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Cox, Betty M6 Aug 192225 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Cox, Burl19 Nov 1909Jun 1977New Haven
Cox, Byron A2 Oct 190229 Dec 1992New Haven
Cox, Carl5 Apr 1907Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Cox, Carl26 Jan 1893Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Cox, Carl J16 Jul 191922 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Cox, Catherine9 Aug 1951Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Cox, Charles23 Jul 1932Dec 1983New Haven
Cox, Charles E1 Jan 193510 Feb 2007Monroeville
Cox, Christiana3 Nov 192419 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Cox, Clifford31 Aug 1905Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Cox, David7 Jul 1898Jan 1965Fort Wayne
Cox, David L23 Dec 193413 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Cox, Dayton G2 Jul 19264 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Cox, Diana S8 Mar 196325 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Cox, Don G2 Oct 192211 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Cox, Donald27 Jun 1938Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Cox, Doris J7 Jan 193626 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Cox, Dorothy A15 Feb 192914 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Cox, Dortha M1 Feb 19185 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Cox, Earl H8 May 19285 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Cox, Edna2 Oct 1891Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Cox, Edward11 Jul 1906Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Cox, Edward L30 Sep 190815 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Cox, Ellen31 Aug 1890Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Cox, Elvie22 Dec 1935Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Cox, Emma22 Jun 1891Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Cox, Ernest19 Dec 192715 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Cox, Ernest24 Apr 1906Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Cox, Ethel16 Mar 1885Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Cox, Eugene T3 Apr 19066 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Cox, Evelyn M27 Apr 191615 May 1999New Haven
Cox, Everett15 May 1918Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Cox, Frances M1 May 191324 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Cox, Gertrude9 Jul 191119 May 1999Fort Wayne
Cox, Gladys E22 Mar 19089 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Cox, Gloria J11 Aug 19257 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Cox, Grace18 Jun 1908Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Cox, Harold3 May 1922Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Cox, Harold G28 Apr 191916 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Cox, Ida M3 May 190130 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Cox, Irene5 Jun 1897Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Cox, Jack E3 Sep 19238 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Cox, James L15 Oct 19323 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Cox, Jean Bradl7 May 190623 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Cox, Jeffrey28 Nov 1894Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Cox, John H4 Sep 19223 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Cox, Johnie A19 Aug 192417 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Cox, Judith3 Nov 1940Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Cox, June25 Jun 190319 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Cox, Klase29 Mar 1910Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Cox, Lawrence21 Feb 1910Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Cox, Lena19 Sep 1911Jul 1980Monroeville
Cox, Linda L7 Nov 19495 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Cox, Lucy27 Jul 1901Dec 1987New Haven
Cox, Lucy N15 Aug 187315 Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Cox, Luella M2 May 1912Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Cox, Lyle14 Dec 191710 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Cox, M F5 Oct 190929 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Cox, Margaret26 Jan 19223 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Cox, Margaret3 Feb 1889Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Cox, Margaret L20 Dec 193513 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Cox, Marie I11 Nov 19066 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Cox, Marjorie I7 Aug 192425 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Cox, Mark21 Jul 193016 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Cox, Mary6 Feb 1900Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Cox, Melvin27 Nov 1927Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Cox, Merritt30 Sep 1911Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Cox, Mildred13 Jul 1917Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Cox, Nellie20 Oct 19214 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Cox, Norval C5 Mar 190819 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Cox, Opal10 Feb 1910Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Cox, Ora26 Sep 1888Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Cox, Patricia L22 Aug 192620 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Cox, Paul30 Mar 1903Apr 1985Roanoke
Cox, Pauline6 Sep 1904Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Cox, Phillip13 Jun 1923Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Cox, Retha8 May 1914May 1979Fort Wayne
Cox, Riah2 Feb 1892Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Cox, Richard A28 Jan 194420 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Cox, Rita M17 Jun 19373 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Cox, Robert E27 Aug 192524 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Cox, Robert M22 Nov 192824 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Cox, Roy29 Jul 1891Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Cox, Roy E6 May 193125 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Cox, Rubye M8 Jun 191119 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Cox, Ruth1 Mar 191426 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Cox, Ruth H11 Dec 191029 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Cox, Sarah9 Oct 192618 Jul 2008New Haven
Cox, Valeria8 Sep 1900Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Cox, Velma23 Dec 1908Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Cox, Veronica A26 Aug 19378 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Cox, Vonie6 Nov 1921Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Cox, Weldon23 Feb 1909Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Cox, Wilbur28 Aug 1903May 1982Fort Wayne
Cox, William D21 Oct 192811 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Cox, Wilma R17 Jul 19121 May 2006Fort Wayne
Coy, Rita E17 Nov 1926Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Coy, Steven6 Dec 1957May 1977Fort Wayne
Coy, Viola14 Aug 1915Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Coyer, James W22 Oct 19346 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Coyle, Alvin L19 Jan 191425 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Coyle, Charles R14 Jan 192324 Feb 1994Leo
Coyle, Guthrie B15 May 190527 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Coyle, Harry9 Sep 1897Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Coyle, Madalyn18 Dec 1915Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Coyle, Robert12 Mar 1910Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Coyne, Anthony2 Jul 1911Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Coyne, Gerald16 Mar 1916Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Coyne, Margaret A3 Oct 190619 Dec 1993Monroeville
Coyne, Paul21 Sep 190412 Apr 1996Monroeville
Coyne, Reva M27 May 191522 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Cozad, John20 May 1910May 1976Fort Wayne
Cozad, Lawrence31 Oct 1914Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Cozad, Thelma I2 Jul 191428 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Cozik, George9 Feb 1910Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Cozik, Leona5 Mar 1923Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Cozma, Helen25 Mar 1925Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Cozmas, Nicholas14 Jun 191524 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Cozmas, Selma P9 Aug 19181 Apr 2007Fort Wayne

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