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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Crabb, Genevieve4 Aug 1898Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Crabbs, Carl E17 Jun 192112 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Crabbs, Carrie29 May 1890Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Crabbs, Elmer30 Nov 1891Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Crabbs, Josephine M22 Sep 191122 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Crabbs, Lynn N29 Mar 194313 Jun 2000Roanoke
Crabbs, Nora9 Mar 1893Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Crabbs, William19 Aug 1894Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Crabill, Agnes21 Jun 1880Dec 1969Monroeville
Crabill, Albert27 Mar 1874Dec 1969Churubusco
Crabill, Arthur E6 Sep 192415 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Crabill, Bessie1 Jan 1890Nov 1977Monroeville
Crabill, Charles2 Nov 1886Nov 1971Monroeville
Crabill, Charles17 Jan 1904Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Crabill, Cledith5 Apr 1906Aug 1983Churubusco
Crabill, Clifford J3 Aug 192422 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Crabill, Dwight10 Apr 1905Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Crabill, Florence H10 Feb 190913 Jul 2006Churubusco
Crabill, Florence M13 Apr 19013 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Crabill, Franklin18 Feb 1889Dec 1977Monroeville
Crabill, Fred15 Jan 1900Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Crabill, G3 Apr 1903Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Crabill, Garold21 Jan 1921Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Crabill, Gertrude I8 Jul 19147 May 2002Fort Wayne
Crabill, Guy K1 Dec 187715 Dec 1966Monroeville
Crabill, Hazel26 Jun 1887Apr 1981Monroeville
Crabill, Jack31 May 1927Nov 1985Churubusco
Crabill, James A6 Oct 19431 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Crabill, Joe8 Jul 1890Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Crabill, Judith5 May 1942May 1987New Haven
Crabill, Larry22 Aug 1915Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Crabill, Lavon7 Sep 1915Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Crabill, Lydia18 Apr 1899Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Crabill, Mary J4 Jul 190414 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Crabill, Mary M4 Aug 192325 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Crabill, May E4 Oct 191325 Jul 1996New Haven
Crabill, Raymond16 Sep 1920Dec 1982Monroeville
Crabill, Roy10 Mar 1890Jun 1981Monroeville
Crabill, Ruth M18 Aug 19276 Oct 1998Monroeville
Crabill, Walter9 Oct 1885Jun 1965Fort Wayne
Crace, Ian Jacob6 Jul 197729 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Craddock, Dollie30 Apr 192210 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Craddock, Helen16 Feb 1932Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Craddock, Tressa N6 Dec 194824 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Craft, Cindy L18 Apr 196418 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Craft, Glen T31 Jul 193518 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Craft, Helen26 Sep 1918Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Craft, Jack L15 Nov 193417 May 2008New Haven
Craft, Jessie M7 Mar 192711 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Craft, Lona4 Mar 189215 May 1966Fort Wayne
Craft, Mary13 May 1913Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Craft, Mike S2 Oct 193823 May 2007Fort Wayne
Craft, Richard L12 Sep 191828 Oct 2005New Haven
Crager, Carl4 Apr 19374 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Crago, Robert S29 Nov 191828 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Craig Jr, Howard16 Jun 194211 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Craig, Alice A13 Aug 19077 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Craig, Alice J7 Aug 193528 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Craig, Andrew L11 Mar 194822 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Craig, Audrey E11 Oct 19317 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Craig, Betty A8 Sep 19269 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Craig, Carol J16 Feb 19325 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Craig, Cornelia3 Sep 1903Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Craig, Delores8 Nov 1931Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Craig, Donald E18 Mar 193311 Jan 2007Churubusco
Craig, Earl18 Jul 1900Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Craig, Eliza20 Dec 1912Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Craig, Elizabeth E30 Aug 191423 Apr 1994Yoder
Craig, Forest L27 Apr 19212 Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Craig, Fred13 Nov 1930Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Craig, G B14 Mar 191118 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Craig, George23 Mar 1881Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Craig, Gloria12 Jan 1951Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Craig, Hattie B15 Aug 193527 May 2002Fort Wayne
Craig, Helen28 May 1904Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Craig, Helen31 Jan 1917Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Craig, Helen F1 Feb 192312 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Craig, Ira A7 Mar 191316 Jan 1991Churubusco
Craig, James12 May 1933Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Craig, James7 Nov 1952Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Craig, James28 Apr 1914Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Craig, James1 Feb 1916May 1967Fort Wayne
Craig, James Z30 Dec 194010 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Craig, Jessie19 Sep 1892Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Craig, John6 Dec 1914Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Craig, John23 Sep 1904Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Craig, John6 Nov 1889Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Craig, John D11 Dec 192715 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Craig, Joseph26 Apr 1893May 1977Fort Wayne
Craig, Katherine29 Apr 1890Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Craig, Kenneth18 Jun 1906Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Craig, Lola7 May 1898Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Craig, Loretta B15 Jan 191523 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Craig, Mable3 Sep 1904Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Craig, Mary K9 May 191429 May 1998Fort Wayne
Craig, Nelson3 Sep 1887Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Craig, Owen29 Sep 1923Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Craig, Paul L14 Dec 190215 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Craig, Robert12 Sep 1920Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Craig, Robert17 Jul 19411 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Craig, Robert A19 Jan 191713 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Craig, Thomas E16 Sep 19321 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Craig, Ward25 Oct 1903Sep 1982Leo
Craig, William7 Jul 1898Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Craig, Willis8 Jun 192020 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Craighead, George18 Jan 1895Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Craighead, Irene16 Nov 1893Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Craighead, Marie24 Sep 1894Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Craighead, Ralph E6 Dec 192613 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Craighead, Robert G4 Jun 191727 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Craighead, Shantell Marie12 Jul 198031 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Crail, Gerald L30 Sep 19435 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Crain, Aileen M15 Aug 192523 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Crain, Alma6 May 1911Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Crain, Charles C18 Apr 190821 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Crain, Jane13 Mar 1915May 1978Fort Wayne
Crain, Josie C9 Jun 190813 Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Crain, Richard L7 Aug 19292 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Crain, Yvonne E23 Dec 19315 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Craine, Robert C3 Dec 193510 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Crall, Alta B4 Nov 19251 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Crall, Lula26 Feb 1900Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Crall, Ralph O1 Jun 191631 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Crall, Wallace10 Aug 1929Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Crall, Wanda D17 Jun 191720 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Cram, L6 Nov 1940Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Cramar, Daniel R28 Feb 193028 Jul 1990Churubusco
Cramar, Edmond L24 May 192028 Mar 2001Churubusco
Cramar, Emery L3 Feb 19046 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Cramar, Esther6 May 1906May 1976Fort Wayne
Cramar, Ida28 Mar 1916Nov 1983Churubusco
Cramer, Ada S31 May 18995 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Cramer, Agnes1 Nov 1884Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Cramer, Agnes M25 Jan 191310 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Cramer, Albert25 Jul 1903Nov 1986Roanoke
Cramer, Alec18 Aug 1908Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Cramer, Carl L18 Oct 191025 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Cramer, Celeste8 Jul 1903Apr 1979Roanoke
Cramer, Daisy22 Aug 1890May 1976Fort Wayne
Cramer, David S31 Dec 191011 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Cramer, Della18 Sep 1899Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Cramer, Dennis L27 Mar 19539 Aug 2008Churubusco
Cramer, Doc5 Oct 1893Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Cramer, Earl R11 Jul 191924 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Cramer, Goldie E8 Sep 192813 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Cramer, Hazel4 Aug 1901Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Cramer, Howard11 Mar 1903Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Cramer, Ione25 Jun 1912Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Cramer, James E4 Apr 193715 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Cramer, Jerome31 Dec 1896Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Cramer, John31 Oct 1889Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Cramer, Karol S1 Jul 193614 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Cramer, Leone M28 Jan 191523 May 2000Fort Wayne
Cramer, Luella19 Aug 1897Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Cramer, Maggie2 May 1882May 1968Fort Wayne
Cramer, Marlo F13 May 193213 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Cramer, Matilda9 Apr 1889May 1984Fort Wayne
Cramer, Mildred H19 Aug 1923Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Cramer, Ralph7 Nov 1939Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Cramer, Suzanne J16 Oct 19382 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Cramer, Walker W18 Jun 19274 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Cramer, Weldon J2 Oct 193219 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Cramer, William22 May 1891Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Cramer, William6 Nov 193325 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Crampton, Arthur31 Jan 1902Feb 1974Churubusco
Crance, Alice20 Jun 1880Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Crance, Donald31 Jan 1915Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Crance, Florence28 Nov 1886Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Crance, Helen I14 Oct 190819 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Crance, Jack R24 Feb 191811 May 1997New Haven
Crance, Katherine B17 Sep 193025 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Crance, Lillian C15 May 191011 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Crance, Ruby E11 Oct 192031 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Crandal, Ida6 Aug 1908Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Crandal, Ira E31 Jan 191726 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Crandal, Winfred J6 Dec 191222 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Crandall, Charles25 Sep 1918Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Crandall, George26 Sep 1909Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Crandall, Helen12 Feb 1904Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Crandall, Janice13 Oct 1933Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Crandall, Ruby4 Aug 1898Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Crandall, William S27 Sep 190815 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Crandell, Michael23 Jan 1911Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Crane, Axie E20 Nov 193319 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Crane, Clarence L11 Jul 19186 May 2003Fort Wayne
Crane, James15 Aug 1941Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Crane, Rosanna23 Oct 1914May 1977Fort Wayne
Crane, Sue C22 Mar 194010 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Crane, William27 Jul 1910Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Craney, Louis10 Feb 1906Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Cranford, Roy27 Jun 1915Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Cranmer, Abram22 Mar 1890May 1987Fort Wayne
Cranmer, Joseph W19 Dec 19266 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Cranmer, Julea18 Jul 1891May 1981Fort Wayne
Cranston, Kathleen1 Apr 1910Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Crapser, Dale20 Apr 1923Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Crapser, Leona27 Aug 190626 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Crater, Pearl20 Dec 1885Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Crates, Elsie M2 Mar 1904Dec 1995Monroeville
Crates, Jon B11 Mar 19454 Jun 2007Monroeville
Crates, Joseph L13 Feb 187615 Apr 1966Monroeville
Crates, Josephine E13 Mar 1913May 1996Monroeville
Crates, Lisle15 Oct 1901Jul 1985Monroeville
Cratic, L C21 Mar 192926 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Craven, William14 Oct 191323 May 2000Fort Wayne
Cravens, Robert24 Dec 1912Mar 1987Churubusco
Cravens, Trella4 Jan 1913Mar 1987Churubusco
Cravens, William W24 Oct 191421 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Craver, Emory W28 Mar 1921Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Craver, Margaret18 Jun 1900Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Craw, Mildred M6 Mar 191512 May 1996Fort Wayne
Crawford Gerber, Lucinda I19 Dec 195828 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Crawford, Bernice27 Dec 1923Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Crawford, Bessie L24 Mar 19353 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Crawford, Betty G9 Nov 193629 Jan 1994New Haven
Crawford, Cecil12 Jan 1919Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Crawford, Charles W17 Sep 192414 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Crawford, Clara23 May 1898Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Crawford, Clara30 Jan 1890Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Crawford, Darwin9 Sep 1907Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Crawford, Dorothy20 Jul 1920Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Crawford, Dorothy J19 Sep 190814 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Crawford, Edna E16 Apr 192026 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Crawford, Eldon E3 Apr 189628 Sep 1994New Haven
Crawford, Fay27 Jul 1916Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Crawford, Flora24 Sep 190915 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Crawford, Georgiana14 Mar 1894Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Crawford, Glenn25 Jul 1893Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Crawford, Harry3 Mar 1889Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Crawford, Helen M26 Oct 19196 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Crawford, Isabel1 Feb 1906Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Crawford, Jack16 Sep 1909Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Crawford, James13 Dec 1921Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Crawford, Jessie P18 Mar 1907Jun 1994Roanoke
Crawford, John17 Jan 1910Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Crawford, John10 May 1905Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Crawford, John17 Feb 1898Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Crawford, Leona29 Jan 190525 Sep 2000Monroeville
Crawford, Lizzie25 Nov 1898Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Crawford, Lucille L9 Feb 1923Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Crawford, Lyda24 Apr 1899Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Crawford, Margaret30 Jul 1883Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Crawford, Martha20 Oct 1897Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Crawford, Mary E30 Nov 192620 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Crawford, Meddie2 May 1912Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Crawford, Owen H17 Jun 192125 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Crawford, Pearl E28 Oct 1900Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Crawford, Phil6 Feb 1920Feb 1987New Haven
Crawford, Phil M8 Sep 19185 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Crawford, Robert William9 Nov 194713 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Crawford, Rosa A11 Jun 192915 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Crawford, Roy30 Jun 1904Jan 1975Roanoke
Crawford, Roy14 Jul 1910Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Crawford, Stanley25 Feb 1907Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Crawford, Stephen E12 Oct 194623 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Crawford, Theopher28 Jun 1948Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Crawford, Thomas C29 Oct 192325 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Crawford, William5 Mar 1895Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Crawford, William2 Feb 1912Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Crawford, William28 Jul 1886Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Crawford, Willie11 Jun 1918Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Crawford, Wilma18 May 1888Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Crawl, Albert14 Jun 1893Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Crawl, Myrtle25 Sep 191319 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Crawley, James26 Jun 1892Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Crawley, Julia3 Jun 192230 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Crayton, Earl3 May 1894Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Creager, Alice8 Sep 193724 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Creager, Curtis30 Sep 1918Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Creager, Dixie E17 Sep 194027 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Creager, Donald9 Mar 1930Feb 1977New Haven
Creager, Rosa18 Sep 1887Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Creager, Sharon Ann27 Oct 193914 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Creager, Wilma J29 Mar 193111 Feb 1998New Haven
Creasey, Orval22 Dec 1891Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Crebb, Emil13 Oct 1900Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Creech, Charlotte J23 Sep 19325 Jul 2001Churubusco
Creech, Doris M17 Apr 190428 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Creech, Earl11 Mar 1902Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Creech, Loren R17 Jul 19298 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Creech, Mary E5 Sep 187815 Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Creech, Millie31 Jul 19181 Jun 2008Roanoke
Creech, Russell9 May 192320 Nov 1998Churubusco
Creech, Vickie Lynn23 May 19609 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Creed, Sarah Ellen27 Dec 19424 May 2009Fort Wayne
Creek, Earl30 May 1940Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Creek, Grace21 Sep 190825 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Creek, Herald2 Aug 1908Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Creek, Johnnie10 Nov 1896Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Creel, Kathleen Mae2 Aug 192114 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Creigh, Eugene J10 Nov 191630 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Creigh, Hugh M6 Nov 190311 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Creigh, Mable1 Sep 1887May 1974Fort Wayne
Creigh, Michael S24 Feb 19428 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Cremean, Charles W13 Jan 190017 May 1990Fort Wayne
Cremean, Lelia28 Nov 1897Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Cremer, Amanda5 Nov 1892Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Crenshaw, Evelyn19 Nov 1914May 1975Fort Wayne
Creque, Stephen J30 Apr 195424 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Cress, Albert J5 Aug 19137 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Cress, Ethie L8 Oct 191519 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Cress, Fred2 Jan 1897Feb 1971Monroeville
Cress, Guy15 Apr 1888Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Cress, Harry20 Jul 1893Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Cress, Helen I8 May 191819 Apr 2000New Haven
Cress, Phyllis J23 Apr 192731 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Cress, Wilma Elizabeth5 Aug 191622 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Cressy, Josephine P27 Jan 191516 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Cretsinger, Oscar E13 Aug 191423 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Cretzer, Claude12 Jul 1898Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Cretzer, Jess28 Jul 1892Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Creviston, Ralph E28 Jun 192731 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Crew, Muriel6 Sep 1897Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Crewdson, Ken R3 Sep 193014 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Crews, Annie20 Apr 1927Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Crews, Eunice26 Jul 1913Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Crews, James24 Jul 193423 May 1997Fort Wayne
Crews, Janie27 Jun 1905Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Crews, Lillian Margrette10 Oct 196022 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Crews, W13 Feb 1935Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Crews, Walter24 Dec 1915Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Crichton, Ruby E10 Jul 1891Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Crick, Christophe A23 Oct 19726 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Crick, Dolores15 Nov 1917Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Crick, Ellsworth B8 Dec 191227 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Crick, Fernando7 Jun 1888Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Crick, Lucy10 Jan 1888Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Crick, Martha27 Jul 194426 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Crick, Milford G27 Sep 191520 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Crick, Richard R27 Jun 191621 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Crick, Virginia H11 Jul 1913Sep 1993New Haven
Crickmore, Alton17 Aug 1906Jan 1976Yoder
Crickmore, Elmer17 Jul 1896Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Crickmore, George9 Dec 1920Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Crickmore, Georgene F15 Jul 192611 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Crickmore, Martha25 Jan 1898Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Crickmore, Mary I24 Mar 192310 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Crickmore, Mildred A27 May 190817 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Crickmore, Pearl I21 Oct 1899Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Crider, Artie3 Nov 1893Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Crider, Elizabeth24 Jul 1904Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Crider, Ruth R16 Nov 19211 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Crider, Terry F19 Apr 193825 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Crill, Charles4 Aug 1926Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Crill, Clarence H19 Jun 191120 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Crill, Marcielle A14 Sep 19094 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Crilly, Everett24 Jun 1901Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Crilly, Robert A11 Oct 19273 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Crilly, Thelma A4 Jan 19041 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Crimm, Glorine20 Jan 191810 May 2003Fort Wayne
Crimm, Helen P19 Jul 191812 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Criner, Boneta L18 May 194913 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Cripe, Bertha19 Feb 1889Aug 1975Churubusco
Cripe, Clara17 Jul 1893Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Cripe, Donald4 Nov 1930Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Cripe, Earnie13 Feb 1891May 1973Churubusco
Cripe, Mary C1 Jan 1908Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Cripe, S A24 Jun 190928 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Cripe, William4 Nov 1913Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Crippen, Raymond R25 Aug 191815 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Crippen, Wilda E28 Mar 191931 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Criseman, Frank30 Apr 1880Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Crisher, Ina26 Mar 1910May 1983Fort Wayne
Crismore, Harold7 Oct 1901Oct 1964Fort Wayne
Crismore, Reba7 Sep 1905Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Crisp, Ogle W25 Dec 191418 Apr 2003Monroeville
Crisp, Pauline H23 Jan 191212 Apr 2006Monroeville
Crissman, Charlotte9 Feb 1895Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Crist, Albert29 Nov 1907Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Crist, Carl Reed13 Jul 191731 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Crist, Clinton9 Jan 1888Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Crist, Dorothy C16 Oct 19127 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Crist, Edwin L22 Jan 19211 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Crist, Elizabeth J9 Sep 19231 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Crist, Evalena22 Feb 1893Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Crist, Frances10 Oct 1910Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Crist, Gertrude23 Sep 1909May 1980Fort Wayne
Crist, Helen2 Aug 191721 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Crist, Kermit2 Mar 1928Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Crist, Mary17 Nov 1896Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Crist, Mildred L24 Oct 192613 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Crist, Quentin R26 Dec 192521 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Crist, Ralph16 Sep 1908Dec 1966Roanoke
Crist, Richard L25 May 19201 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Crist, Terry L7 Nov 194323 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Crist, William L18 Oct 194219 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Cristil, Beatrice20 Nov 19111 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Cristil, Pauline16 Sep 1884Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Criswell, Esther M8 Jun 19296 Nov 1992Spencerville, Fort Wayne
Criswell, Helen19 Sep 1902Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Criswell, Mary8 Oct 1953May 1973Fort Wayne
Criswell, Nimrod22 Apr 1924Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Criswell, Ollie6 Nov 1883Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Criswell, Ormal E26 Jan 193531 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Criswell, Randolph K20 Aug 194331 Oct 2007Monroeville
Criswell, Robert8 Mar 1893Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Criswell, Victor W4 Jul 19267 May 1996Fort Wayne
Criswell, Virginia A14 Apr 19274 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Criswell, Wayne13 Jan 1882Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Criswell, Wilson6 Apr 1902Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Critchfield, Lillian7 Dec 190215 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Critchfield, Vernon3 May 1899May 1987Fort Wayne
Critchlow, Sharlot20 Sep 1899Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Crite, Anna22 Aug 1914Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Crite, Robert V15 Nov 190511 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Critell, Agnes Mary16 Jun 192410 Jan 2008New Haven
Critell, Robert W8 Jun 192513 Jun 2000New Haven
Croaff, Evelyn H15 Jun 19237 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Crocker, Gloria K9 May 195319 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Crocker, Jordan3 Jun 1899Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Crocker, Jordan W21 May 192815 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Crocker, Ruth2 Nov 1898Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Crockett, Charles M8 Feb 192815 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Crockett, Ester T30 Sep 1897Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Crockett, Evelyn C9 Oct 19051 Dec 2002Leo
Crockett, Laura7 Dec 1900Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Crockett, Robert24 Aug 1887Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Croco, Henry17 Dec 1922Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Croft, Samuel J18 Jul 191626 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Croft, Virginia A13 Jan 192031 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Croftcheck, Joseph10 Oct 1893Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Croghan, Anna J20 Oct 191710 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Croghan, Elmer1 Jan 1897Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Croghan, Fred2 Oct 1903Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Croghan, Gladys20 Nov 1907Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Croley, Orbey23 Apr 192027 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Cromie, Jessie A9 Nov 190717 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Cromly, Floyd1 Jan 1900Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Cromwell, Beverly D9 Sep 194516 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Cromwell, Emma27 Dec 1892Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Cromwell, Margaret J16 Feb 193810 Jul 2002Huntertown
Cromwell, Wilma L6 Nov 192022 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Cron, Clio26 Jul 1881Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Cron, Dorothy A21 Aug 19144 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Cron, Paul9 Sep 1909Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Crone, Don Parr21 Mar 19189 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Crone, Eva F27 Oct 192225 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Croneis, Evelyn C5 Oct 19158 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Cronin, Delight21 Oct 190721 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Cronin, Desales M5 May 193219 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Cronin, Etta24 Aug 187615 Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Cronin, Raymond J7 Jun 193626 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Cronk, Leola16 Mar 1902Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Cronkhite, Forrest D4 Apr 187315 Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Cronkhite, Frank14 Mar 1883May 1977Fort Wayne
Cronkhite, Frank C30 Oct 191822 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Cronkhite, James F8 Aug 19343 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Cronkhite, John23 May 1911Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Cronkhite, Mildred E15 Sep 1914Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Cronkhite, Norman30 Jun 1910Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Cronkhite, Norman D5 Dec 193226 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Crooks, Alice25 Dec 1905Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Crooks, Cathy A23 Apr 195915 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Crooks, Dessie M4 Apr 192521 Apr 2003Huntertown
Crooks, Donald8 Sep 1925Aug 1987Huntertown
Crooks, Gladys27 May 1899Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Crooks, Irene E28 Oct 191117 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Crooks, Jimmie T3 Feb 192610 May 1998Fort Wayne
Crooks, Patrick H9 Jan 19126 Sep 2004Churubusco
Crooks, Paul22 Sep 1899Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Crooks, Robert8 Dec 1907Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Crooks, Theodore14 Oct 1902Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Crooks, Verna I6 Sep 191518 Jun 1984Churubusco
Croom, B A3 May 194915 May 1992Fort Wayne
Croom, Johnnie M15 Aug 192314 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Crooms, Sacha A30 May 198114 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Crosbie, James P22 Oct 192017 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Crosbie, Kenneth27 Jul 1907Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Crosby, Alta30 May 1899May 1982Fort Wayne
Crosby, Bertha8 Feb 1888Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Crosby, Charles25 Nov 1894Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Crosby, Helene L30 Jan 190628 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Crosby, Josephine Rose9 Jun 191926 May 2009Fort Wayne
Crosby, Margaret11 Nov 1895Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Crosby, Mary E25 May 191618 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Crosby, Mary W25 Nov 19171 May 2005Fort Wayne
Crosby, Mattie S30 May 19179 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Crosby, Melvin27 Jun 1914Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Crosby, Richard23 Mar 1906Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Crosby, Thelma15 Jul 1906Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Crosby, Thomas W10 Dec 192926 Jan 1999Grabill
Crosby, William G31 Oct 191010 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Crosier, George S11 Oct 19205 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Crosley, G13 Jun 1914Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Crosley, George22 Jul 1881Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Crosley, Max F12 Aug 191617 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Cross, Bonnie8 Mar 1894May 1977Fort Wayne
Cross, Evalyn20 Dec 191719 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Cross, Gennie O18 Jan 19113 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Cross, H L21 Jul 189926 May 1992Fort Wayne
Cross, Isaac26 Apr 19504 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Cross, Iva18 Sep 1895Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Cross, Lulu6 Jun 1879Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Cross, Mabel2 May 1900Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Cross, Marion8 Aug 1923May 1987Fort Wayne
Cross, Mell20 Nov 1897Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Cross, Nell20 Sep 1900Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Cross, Ross5 May 1902Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Cross, Virgil29 Nov 1898Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Crossgrove, Orvil J16 Mar 19195 Oct 1995Leo
Crosson, Betty J11 Aug 19243 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Croteau, Clarence8 Dec 1895Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Croteau, John16 Jul 1926Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Croteau, Mary M21 Apr 192621 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Croteau, Mildred6 Feb 1903Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Crothers, Arthur E13 Feb 194321 Sep 1996Spencerville
Crothers, Edna25 Sep 19164 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Crothers, Ella A25 Feb 19015 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Crothers, Harry11 Apr 1916Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Crotts, Martin Luther9 Dec 191717 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Crouch, Anna L12 Dec 191712 Jul 2003Yoder
Crouch, Belva M22 Mar 1910May 1995Fort Wayne
Crouch, Clifford7 Jul 1913Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Crouch, Geraldine18 Jan 1921Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Crouch, Helen9 Oct 1901Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Crouch, James5 Sep 1905Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Crouch, John P21 Sep 192428 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Crouch, Lanny O3 Jul 19423 Oct 2006Roanoke
Crouch, Mary24 Feb 1907May 1983Fort Wayne
Crouse Jr, William H6 Feb 19307 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Crouse, Blanche A15 Jan 193020 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Crouse, Charles13 Oct 1893May 1971Fort Wayne
Crouse, Clifford14 May 1906May 1987Fort Wayne
Crouse, George17 Jun 1903Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Crouse, Hazel P21 May 190614 May 1992Fort Wayne
Crouse, Mark29 Aug 1903Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Crouse, Marvin L11 Feb 191814 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Crouse, Minnie7 Jan 1869Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Crouse, Noah23 Dec 1877Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Crouse, Vivian L28 Mar 191417 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Crouse, William H24 Dec 190626 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Crousore, Lawrence E26 Sep 19318 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Crow, Blanch6 Jan 1883Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Crow, Clyde27 Jul 1912Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Crow, Edna26 Aug 1893Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Crow, Elizabeth14 Oct 1885Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Crow, Harold12 Oct 1926Aug 1978Roanoke
Crow, Lyle B28 Dec 19182 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Crow, Meta10 Nov 1888Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Crow, Myrtle30 Oct 1884Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Crow, Richard W4 Jul 193310 Jan 2002New Haven
Crow, Vaughn20 Jan 1896May 1978Fort Wayne
Crow, Walter W11 Aug 191119 May 1992Fort Wayne
Crowder, Blanche10 Apr 1921Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Crowe, Daisy30 Mar 1902May 1979Fort Wayne
Crowe, James A4 Jan 191315 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Crowe, James R5 Oct 191720 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Crowe, Leonard12 Sep 1904May 1968Fort Wayne
Crowe, Mary26 Dec 1898Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Crowe, Mary L24 Feb 190728 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Crowe, Maxine W7 May 19213 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Crowe, Ruth11 Jul 19134 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Crowel, Rhoda27 Feb 1905Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Crowell, Alverna2 Oct 1911May 1974Fort Wayne
Crowell, Berta L25 Oct 190623 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Crowell, Blanche E11 Oct 19311 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Crowell, Claud13 Jun 1905May 1975Fort Wayne
Crowell, Donal L10 Jul 193125 May 2004Fort Wayne
Crowell, Franklin14 Jan 1909Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Crowell, Glenn28 May 1895Oct 1984Huntertown
Crowell, Hilda M20 Aug 190819 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Crowell, Jean M25 Mar 192529 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Crowell, Laura A6 Oct 190725 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Crowell, Lee20 Dec 1908Jan 1977Yoder
Crowell, Lovetta M1 Sep 192724 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Crowell, Ray24 Jun 1931Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Crowell, Robert O4 Feb 19339 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Crowell, Velma B6 Apr 19092 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Crowell, Vivian C3 Jun 19365 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Crowell, Willard12 Apr 1887Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Crowl, Beatrice B16 Jan 191226 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Crowl, Edward J9 Mar 191914 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Crowl, Emma14 Aug 1889Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Crowl, Fern20 Feb 1892Feb 1973Yoder
Crowl, Homer28 Jun 1900Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Crowl, Jean C21 Jan 192512 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Crowl, Margaret E24 Jun 19006 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Crowl, Robert A18 Apr 192611 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Crowl, Robert A22 Nov 19248 May 2006New Haven
Crowl, Ruth I13 Feb 192111 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Crowl, Sherman14 Feb 1891May 1982Yoder
Crowl, Sherman K9 Oct 191612 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Crowley, Agnes M10 May 191031 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Crowley, John21 Nov 1902Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Crownover, Gladys S24 Dec 189821 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Croxton, Betty31 May 191613 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Croxton, Florence31 May 1906Jul 1980Churubusco
Croxton, John16 Sep 1917Sep 1975Churubusco
Croxton, Philip11 Apr 1899Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Croxton, Rixte29 Feb 1888Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Croxton, Velma W1 Dec 191930 Jun 2007Huntertown
Croxton, Wilfred15 Dec 1918Jan 1987Churubusco
Croy, Elizabeth16 Feb 1907Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Croy, Ferris B16 Jul 193631 Jan 2006Yoder
Croy, Frank10 Jul 1895Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Croy, Grace29 Jul 1900Dec 1972Churubusco
Croy, John15 Aug 1892Jan 1973Churubusco
Crozier, Clarence3 Oct 1906Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Crozier, Edith2 Feb 1906Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Crozier, Gladys4 Jan 1919Apr 1987Churubusco
Crozier, Harold A29 Aug 191915 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Crozier, James26 Aug 1886Aug 1973New Haven
Crozier, Jean I14 Feb 193121 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Crozier, Joseph E11 Dec 19418 May 2004Fort Wayne
Crozier, Marcella I30 Aug 192221 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Crozier, Melvin M21 Jan 191817 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Crozier, Roger Paul12 Mar 192711 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Cruea, Elizabeth N20 Aug 189731 May 1989Roanoke
Crull, Imogene17 Jun 1892Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Crum, Barbara J16 Nov 192726 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Crum, Charles24 Oct 1882Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Crum, Charles22 Jun 1888Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Crum, Dean E16 Oct 193231 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Crum, Joan23 Apr 193318 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Crum, Kenneth A2 May 191925 Nov 1999New Haven
Crum, Lillian27 Sep 1889Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Crum, Margarete27 Jun 1920Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Crum, Marian J10 Oct 191811 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Crum, Mary H28 Nov 192216 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Crum, Oscar12 Jun 1885Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Crum, Rosella1 Mar 1888Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Crum, Russel12 Dec 1912Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Crumes, Elizabeth19 Jan 190222 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Crumley, Janet R6 Aug 194321 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Crummie, Dora F6 Oct 193930 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Crummitt, Arline27 Jan 1907Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Crummitt, Forrest14 Sep 1903Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Crummitt, Herbert16 Jan 1898Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Crump, Hugh D24 Jun 191426 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Crumrine, Delores M19 Apr 19239 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Crumrine, Russell B6 Feb 192227 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Crupe, Mary L31 Dec 191628 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Crupe, Ronald L9 Oct 19441 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Crutchfield, Ernest25 Nov 1916Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Cruz, Martin5 Aug 1903Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Cruze, Shirley P15 May 192510 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Cryderman, Archie1 Aug 1883Dec 1967Fort Wayne

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