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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Cucinelli, Donata28 Aug 190522 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Cucinelli, Mary D19 Jul 19368 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Cuellar, Alice J18 Jul 192621 May 2007Fort Wayne
Cuellar, Carmen G4 Jul 190631 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Cuellar, Maria5 Feb 191711 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Cuellar, Raul16 May 1952Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Cuellar, Raul10 Jan 192611 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Cuellar, Raul2 Sep 1898Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Cuff, Lyda G24 May 193110 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Cuff, Steve C11 Oct 193017 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Culbertson, Anna21 Dec 1879Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Culbertson, Dewayne R27 May 195218 Jan 2004New Haven
Culbertson, Frances E23 Aug 193017 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Culbertson, Frank19 Dec 1923Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Culbertson, Gertrude23 Apr 1890Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Culbertson, Harlan18 Nov 1916Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Culbertson, Judith K29 Dec 19403 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Culbertson, Leslie6 Nov 1926Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Culbertson, Michael A11 Mar 195426 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Culbertson, Olive F9 Mar 192310 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Cullen, Edna29 Jul 1900Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Cullen, Ethel L2 Sep 191712 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Cullen, Eugene3 Oct 1914Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Cullen, Harold25 Feb 1921Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Cullen, John5 Nov 1909Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Cullen, Katherine Lucille26 Mar 192115 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Cullen, Mary28 Dec 1908Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Cullen, Mary C17 May 19044 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Cullen, Nellie M22 Mar 191622 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Cullen, Richard11 Apr 1922Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Cullen, William5 Jul 1913Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Culler, Cecil1 Nov 1904Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Culler, Viola6 Jan 1894Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Cullimore, Arthur L31 Aug 19135 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Cullimore, Patty V30 Apr 193528 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Cullimore, Robert Jr21 Oct 193323 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Culliton, Elizabeth P29 Dec 191229 Jun 2006New Haven
Cullnane, Vivian J28 Aug 192127 Jun 2008Huntertown
Cullum, Maude23 Jan 1888Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Cully, Chloe9 Sep 1894Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Cully, Dewey17 Aug 1899Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Cully, Mary J17 Aug 192513 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Cully, Richard C14 Jun 192314 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Cully, Robert W19 Nov 191716 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Culmann, E Joy13 May 192111 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Culmann, Louis C13 Oct 191826 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Culmann, Mamie4 Feb 1887Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Culmer, Howard7 Jun 1876Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Culp, Eric B1 Jun 194322 May 2007Fort Wayne
Culp, George R12 Sep 191924 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Culp, Jettie23 Aug 1886May 1982Fort Wayne
Culp, John E20 Mar 19047 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Culp, Louis25 Jan 1916Oct 1977Fort Wayne, Monroeville
Culpeper, Lillian8 Jan 1905May 1976Fort Wayne
Culpepper, Phalby E19 Jun 193211 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Culpepper, Willie C12 Dec 193215 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Culpher, Carrie D6 Sep 190915 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Culpher, Charles27 Sep 1903Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Culshaw, Kathryn M6 Dec 191424 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Culver, Arlington18 May 1900Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Culver, Clayton23 Mar 1892Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Culver, Curtis A23 Oct 198623 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Culver, Diana M4 Apr 194613 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Culver, Oren7 Aug 1923Feb 1993Roanoke
Culver, Velma24 Jul 1898Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Culy, Helen27 Sep 1911Mar 1978New Haven
Culy, Walter R10 May 191225 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Cumback, Mary18 Sep 1901Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Cumbey, Erma M29 Aug 19131 Jun 2002Roanoke
Cumbey, Fletcher21 Nov 1909Oct 1983Roanoke
Cumley, Hal T25 Jul 195722 Nov 2000Yoder
Cummings, Albert16 May 1892Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Cummings, Alfred E25 Dec 19297 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Cummings, Constance M22 Mar 1900Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Cummings, Douglas W27 Dec 192911 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Cummings, Gertrude22 Mar 1883Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Cummings, John8 Oct 1917May 1983Fort Wayne
Cummings, Kenneth14 Jul 1922Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Cummings, Lavondah H1 Aug 192730 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Cummings, Louise31 Dec 1904Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Cummings, Ora D13 Apr 192515 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Cummings, Richard M16 Jun 19317 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Cummings, Rosalie M6 Jul 191623 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Cummins, Darwin23 May 1913Aug 1980Grabill
Cummins, Dorothy E6 Dec 191621 Nov 1994Leo
Cummins, Elizabeth4 Oct 1887Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Cummins, Eugene15 Jan 1905Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Cummins, Eugene A8 Jul 19284 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Cummins, Eva J24 Jun 191619 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Cummins, Harry26 Jul 1899Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Cummins, Hugh7 Mar 1925Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Cummins, Joann F23 Jun 193114 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Cummins, Lena M25 Apr 192715 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Cummins, Maggie23 Jun 1889Jul 1976Spencerville
Cummins, Margaret27 Jan 1902Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Cummins, Merritt10 Feb 1877Sep 1968Grabill
Cummins, Milvia22 Oct 1911Feb 1979New Haven
Cummins, Robert A5 May 19408 Apr 2004Woodburn
Cummins, Ruth P22 Jan 1911Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Cummins, Samantha19 Aug 194617 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Cummins, Vera L8 Aug 192616 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Cummins, Wilma G7 Feb 190828 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Cundey, Helene K27 Oct 191722 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Cundiff, Elbert28 Dec 1926Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Cunegin, Clifford C15 Nov 192223 May 2000Fort Wayne
Cunegin, Michael W1 Nov 192628 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Cunegin, Romilda1 Aug 1898Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Cuney, Cecilia E9 Mar 19113 May 2000Fort Wayne
Cuney, Henry17 Dec 1889May 1970Fort Wayne
Cuney, Jesse23 Oct 1896Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Cuney, Lawrence A29 May 19049 May 1997Fort Wayne
Cuney, Robert20 Jan 1903May 1977Fort Wayne
Cuney, Walter8 Sep 1898Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Cung, William N7 Sep 190021 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Alida24 May 1891May 1974Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Alma24 May 1905Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Betty J24 Apr 192128 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Carlie E16 Feb 19126 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Carmel11 Oct 1893Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Catherine2 Aug 1897Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Darrell G3 Jul 19224 Mar 2005New Haven
Cunningham, David2 Sep 190918 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Cunningham, David5 Dec 1960Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Cunningham, David D9 Aug 193510 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Delvin H15 Nov 192312 Nov 2008New Haven
Cunningham, Edna6 Jan 1905Nov 1987New Haven
Cunningham, Eldon R2 Dec 19208 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Elsie9 Mar 1898Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Eugene P27 Apr 191525 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Evan S6 Oct 19012 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Evelyn Ile N30 Oct 19169 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Cunningham, George30 Aug 1890Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Cunningham, George E10 Dec 19282 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Gerald25 Dec 1930Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Gerald H9 Feb 19242 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Grace A25 Apr 1907Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Harold G22 Jun 19215 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Harold J6 Jan 191716 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Harvey1 Sep 192315 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Howard23 Sep 1918May 1982Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Jack L5 Sep 193324 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Cunningham, James12 Jun 1908May 1984Fort Wayne
Cunningham, James R26 Jul 193014 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Joan3 Oct 1926Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Joseph19 Mar 1914Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Joyce C19 Dec 19218 May 2005Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Katherine9 Jul 1874Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Leonard29 Oct 1904Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Madge10 Dec 1910Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Margaret20 Sep 1878Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Marie24 Jul 1895Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Martha J31 Aug 191017 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Mary5 May 1906Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Murry10 Jun 1887Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Nellie14 Aug 1894Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Nellie20 Feb 1894Feb 1977New Haven
Cunningham, Nelson E11 Jun 191813 May 1999Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Ovel3 Oct 1898May 1976Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Robert E3 Dec 191726 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Robert M16 Jun 192029 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Rosa23 Oct 1887Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Roy14 Aug 1885Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Cunningham, S8 Feb 1894Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Terry J13 Feb 195530 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Thomas S25 Sep 19409 May 2005Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Vergil L20 May 190325 Apr 1997Roanoke
Cunningham, Violet B2 Jun 191316 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Wilford T31 Oct 192918 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Willard M29 May 190715 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Cunningham, William E5 Jul 19303 May 2006Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Willie12 Dec 1900Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Cunningham, Zella F6 May 189630 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Cunnison, Mabel21 Jun 1886Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Cuny, Rosann M6 Oct 19393 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Cupa, Frank P5 Mar 19132 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Cupa, Kathy L27 Jan 196016 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Cupa, Sam4 May 19237 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Cupery, Florence14 Jan 1895May 1984Fort Wayne
Cupito, Mary B21 Jan 192110 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Cupp, Cora16 Jan 1885Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Cupp, Isabelle M17 May 1904Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Cupp, Johnny27 Dec 1960Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Cupp, Lee30 May 1901Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Cupp, Louis9 Jan 192220 May 2000Fort Wayne
Cupp, Vesta22 Jul 1905Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Cupples, Robert4 Jun 1929Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Curd, Jesse5 Apr 1898Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Curdes, Charlotte29 Apr 1905Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Curdes, Edith1 May 1895May 1977Fort Wayne
Curdes, Esther17 Jan 1895Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Curdes, Irene8 Aug 1903Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Curdes, J19 Feb 1895Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Curdes, Louis E2 Nov 19198 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Curdes, Richard A29 Sep 192527 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Curdes, Walter2 Jan 1890Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Curfman, Rex E4 Apr 192312 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Curler, Frederick M18 Nov 192923 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Curless, Bertha20 May 190329 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Curless, Mary16 Apr 1904May 1972Fort Wayne
Curley, Bruce A13 Feb 191123 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Curneal, Evelyn25 Jun 190922 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Curneal, Michael L3 Dec 195310 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Curns, Lucille9 Apr 190328 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Curran, John26 Dec 1900Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Curran, John E11 Jul 192429 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Curran, Lowella11 Aug 1902Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Curran, Lucille F24 Mar 192416 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Curran, Margaret18 Jan 1927Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Curran, Norbert15 Aug 1903Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Current, Aden27 Jun 1908Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Current, Barbara E25 Sep 192627 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Current, Irene14 Jan 1913Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Current, Jessie I14 Aug 19193 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Current, Louise13 Feb 1908Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Current, Philip29 May 1896Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Current, Richard H13 Feb 19297 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Current, Russell H3 Oct 193526 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Current, Vena19 Aug 1894Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Currie, Ferne L13 Mar 192317 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Currie, Harold T3 Feb 191914 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Currie, Priscilla A15 Feb 192025 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Currier, Rosemary5 Jul 1913Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Curry Jr, Pollard26 Oct 193125 May 2004Fort Wayne
Curry, Bonita J10 Jan 195911 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Curry, Bonita L2 Apr 192715 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Curry, Chester H4 Mar 192325 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Curry, Doris L27 Jun 19172 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Curry, Dorothy E12 Dec 19084 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Curry, Dorothy O12 May 190128 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Curry, Eddie16 Jan 19188 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Curry, Floyd16 Oct 1953Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Curry, Gavis15 Feb 19221 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Curry, George15 May 1898Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Curry, Henrietta9 Apr 192825 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Curry, Henry1 Sep 1930Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Curry, Herman20 Jul 1906Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Curry, John A28 Mar 194514 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Curry, Johnnie12 May 1912Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Curry, Joseph23 Aug 1946Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Curry, Joseph7 Aug 19306 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Curry, Lacy14 Aug 192714 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Curry, Lee J10 Sep 193115 Jan 2007Churubusco
Curry, Lee J13 Mar 192823 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Curry, Lucy22 Nov 191825 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Curry, Margaret Ann20 Feb 192620 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Curry, Mary K16 Aug 193110 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Curry, Metealea E29 May 19217 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Curry, Offie1 Aug 19334 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Curry, Rosie26 Sep 1883May 1973Fort Wayne
Curry, Russell M1 Jun 191816 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Curry, Sarah8 Jun 191412 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Curry, Saralou J25 Mar 19029 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Curry, Theodore14 May 1910May 1986Fort Wayne
Curry, Theresa9 Aug 1930Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Curry, Walter Mae12 Apr 193226 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Curson, Eileen M4 May 192327 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Curtin Jr, Robert J15 Jan 191111 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Curtin, John J25 Apr 192221 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Curtis, Adelia19 Aug 1895Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Curtis, Bruce W25 Mar 190921 Apr 1994Grabill
Curtis, Clara G2 Jul 19294 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Curtis, Elizabeth M8 Feb 192512 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Curtis, Geneva24 Dec 1906Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Curtis, George22 Mar 1905Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Curtis, Harold6 Apr 1901Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Curtis, Harry E25 Jun 190824 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Curtis, Helen V24 Jun 190427 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Curtis, Joseph E21 Jan 190413 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Curtis, Marie26 Feb 1890Feb 1976Grabill
Curtis, Marion28 May 19274 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Curtis, Marvin7 Jun 19381 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Curtis, Mary8 Feb 1905Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Curtis, Mary H26 Dec 19067 May 2002Fort Wayne
Curtis, Melvin9 Mar 1896Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Curtis, Mildred20 Jan 1907Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Curtis, Mildred10 Jan 1907Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Curtis, Owen3 Dec 1896Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Curtis, Stanley9 Jun 1897Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Curtis, Susanna3 Oct 1904Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Curtis, Terre30 Nov 1907Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Curtis, Verleen1 Dec 1935May 1985Fort Wayne
Curtis, Virginia15 May 1914May 1979Fort Wayne
Curtis, Wayne18 Apr 1906Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Curtis, William E22 Jul 191626 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Curto, Mark9 Jan 1893Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Curts, Cloyd15 Feb 1908Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Curts, Margaret M19 Feb 19463 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Cushing, Caroline M22 May 191712 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Cushing, Otto2 Nov 1893May 1975Fort Wayne
Cushing, William M20 Mar 191910 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Cusimano, Giuseppe26 Jun 195125 May 1993Fort Wayne
Cussen, Ida L16 May 1900Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Custance, Allison8 Sep 1910May 1986Fort Wayne
Custance, Mildred D10 Aug 191626 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Custance, Orla29 Jun 1914Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Custard, Henry E27 Sep 193013 May 1995Fort Wayne
Custard, Pauline R17 Oct 1908Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Custer, C25 Sep 1969Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Custer, Rex E30 Mar 19133 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Custer, Thelma E19 Mar 191818 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Cutcher, Abraham14 Jul 1878Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Cutchin, Mildred E16 Feb 191913 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Cutchin, Sharon S26 Nov 19498 May 2000Fort Wayne
Cutchin, Ted11 Mar 19142 Feb 2000New Haven
Cuthbert, Hazel M7 Jul 191027 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Cuthbertson, Ruth M10 Oct 191416 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Cuthbertson, Sharlena4 May 1908Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Cuthriell, Madeline22 Nov 191627 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Cutigni, Louis18 Jul 192630 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Cutler, Dallas W29 Jun 19307 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Cutler, Luella K11 May 190630 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Cutler, Mary C11 Feb 19154 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Cutler, Raymond E14 Oct 193226 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Cutler, Thomas27 Oct 1941Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Cutshall, Daisy16 Jan 1885Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Cutshall, Dean6 Feb 1909May 1987Fort Wayne
Cutshaw, Rosella M6 Aug 190612 Feb 2004Huntertown
Cutter, Carl7 Sep 1899Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Cutter, Dorothy E30 Aug 190918 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Cutter, Mabel27 Dec 1898Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Cutter, Robert8 Feb 1917May 1979Fort Wayne
Cuttitta, Winifred L25 Dec 19298 Jan 2009Fort Wayne

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