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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Daanath, Rita8 Sep 194614 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Daane, Russell10 Oct 1905Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Dabbs, Elizabeth O10 Aug 191116 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Dabbs, James O16 Feb 196215 Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Dabbs, John L25 May 194211 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Dabbs, Luna21 Jul 1889Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Dabbs, R L3 Jun 191325 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Dadisman, Janice R11 Apr 193221 Jul 2001Huntertown
Dady, George J20 Sep 192921 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Dady, Helen L23 Dec 193527 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Daehnke, Eleonore30 May 1888Nov 1972Monroeville
Daenell, Barbara3 Dec 1909Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Daenzer, Carolyn A7 Jul 19506 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Daeschle, Clara27 Mar 1912Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Dafforn, Anna13 Jun 1890Feb 1969Yoder
Dafforn, Carrie26 Feb 1914May 1978Fort Wayne
Dafforn, Charles5 Jan 1892Sep 1972Churubusco
Dafforn, Clara E19 Apr 191721 Feb 2000New Haven
Dafforn, Clayton5 Jun 1906Mar 1986Yoder
Dafforn, Freeda M27 Nov 1913Jan 1996Yoder
Dafforn, George J21 Aug 191527 Dec 2003Churubusco
Dafforn, Halden D23 Nov 19157 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Dafforn, John30 Dec 1888Mar 1968Churubusco
Dafforn, Lester21 Sep 19145 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Dafforn, Margaret I7 Aug 19123 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Dafforn, Mary C28 Apr 19183 Feb 2009Churubusco
Dafforn, Maude E28 Jan 190824 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Dafforn, Maxine J9 Feb 192319 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Dafforn, Nellie28 May 1881May 1967Fort Wayne
Dafforn, Ollie M27 Jul 188524 Oct 1988Yoder
Dafforn, Paul6 Sep 1910Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Dafforn, Robert4 Oct 1916Apr 1987Churubusco
Dafforn, Ruth D13 Nov 191929 Nov 2000Churubusco
Dafforn, Thomas L3 Jul 193023 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Dager, Beverly D31 Oct 194020 Oct 2003New Haven
Dager, Byron P9 Jul 190819 Sep 1992New Haven
Dager, C J7 Sep 192116 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Dager, Charles23 Sep 1880May 1970Fort Wayne
Dager, Delmar13 Mar 1920Aug 1985Monroeville
Dager, Edith12 Jul 1903Dec 1985Monroeville
Dager, Eileen L6 Feb 191718 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Dager, Florence Amelia13 Aug 191527 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Dager, Floyd E5 Sep 190416 Oct 2002Monroeville
Dager, Frederick A13 Jan 191321 Jan 2001New Haven
Dager, Fredrick2 Nov 187415 Aug 1969Monroeville
Dager, Gary Wayne26 Jul 196224 Aug 2009New Haven, Fort Wayne
Dager, Geraldine17 Apr 19245 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Dager, Geraldine B3 May 19227 Jan 2002Monroeville
Dager, Helen H2 May 191423 Dec 2003New Haven
Dager, Helen M20 Jan 19157 Jun 1993New Haven
Dager, Joseph6 Mar 1882Sep 1969Monroeville
Dager, Kenneth2 Sep 1910Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Dager, Kenneth14 Oct 1908Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Dager, Neva31 May 1902Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Dager, Norm17 Jun 196820 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Dager, Orville C23 Mar 19103 May 1993New Haven
Dager, Rick2 Nov 1951Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Dager, Robert D10 Feb 194711 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Dager, Timothy L5 Mar 196122 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Dager, William13 Apr 1884Mar 1976New Haven
Daggett, Adabeth J26 Nov 19185 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Daggett, Rodney14 Aug 1919Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Dagney, Michael T17 Jun 190617 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Dagostino, Eros17 Apr 191229 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Dague, Glen A2 Jun 193125 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Dague, Isabel27 Nov 1895Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Dague, Josephine28 Jul 191027 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Dague, Mary M28 Oct 192814 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Dague, Michael L1 Oct 192731 May 2004Fort Wayne
Dague, Myrtle23 Jun 1902Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Dague, Pansy27 Jun 1899Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Dague, Terri L27 May 196417 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Dahle, Ames20 Jun 1909Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Dahle, Lucille M19 Jan 190814 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Dahlin, Audrea3 Mar 1906Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Dahlin, Edward T15 Sep 191022 May 1991Fort Wayne
Dahling, Clemens15 Mar 1904Mar 1972New Haven
Dahling, Frances C2 Apr 19069 May 1993New Haven
Dahlkamp, Anna L11 Oct 190321 Feb 2003Grabill
Dahlkamp, George14 Oct 1901Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Dahm, Catherine27 Nov 1897May 1984Fort Wayne
Dahm, Dorothy R5 Apr 19236 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Dahm, James G15 Aug 190821 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Dahm, Velma11 May 1903Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Dahman, Donald4 Nov 1924Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Dahman, Eugene15 Feb 1916Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Dahman, Evaleen L24 Feb 191429 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Dahman, Evelyn I23 Mar 192718 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Dahman, Garnet20 Apr 1897Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Dahman, Helen16 Nov 1894Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Dahman, Lester J7 Dec 191518 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Dahman, Phyllis A18 Nov 192716 Jul 2004New Haven
Dahman, Reed E29 Nov 192824 Jul 2007New Haven
Dahman, Robert4 Dec 1920Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Dahman, Thomas J20 Aug 193911 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Dahman, William T23 Aug 19249 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Dailey, Carolyn R7 Mar 19373 Jul 2009Roanoke
Dailey, Charles M31 Oct 19098 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Dailey, Corrinne C5 Jun 190626 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Dailey, Dalbert17 Dec 1934Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Dailey, Elbert26 May 1918Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Dailey, Grace14 Dec 1923Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Dailey, Harry4 Mar 1899Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Dailey, Lester11 Jan 1896Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Dailey, Neva6 Jun 1921Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Dailey, Paul7 Mar 1900May 1972Fort Wayne
Dailey, Randy L29 Dec 19567 Jul 2004Roanoke
Dailey, Roberta25 Nov 192218 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Dailey, Ronald28 Dec 1901Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Dailey, Russell31 May 191927 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Dailey, Velma21 May 1910Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Dailey, Woodson R20 Jun 192916 Jul 2004Roanoke
Daily, Ernest12 Mar 1893Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Daily, Helen8 Jan 1896Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Daily, Pauline Scott17 Nov 19253 May 2008Fort Wayne
Dale, Clara B10 Mar 188929 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Dale, Grover1 Jun 1885Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Dale, Hazel12 Apr 1900Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Dale, Helen7 Jan 1895Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Dale, Helen L30 Dec 190727 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Dale, Robert30 Nov 1914Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Dale, Roselma A18 Jun 19172 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Dale, Vaughn L5 Nov 192618 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Dale, Walter F31 Jul 19378 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Dalenberg, Beatrice E31 Jan 192827 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Daler, Walter30 Jan 1897Aug 1980New Haven
Dales, Evelyn S25 Jul 191023 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Dales, Frank17 May 1903Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Daley, Catherine4 Sep 1893Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Daley, Elizabeth28 Dec 1899Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Daley, John22 Feb 1894Sep 1971New Haven
Daley, Margaret F12 Nov 190618 Feb 1993Huntertown
Daley, Susie6 Aug 1884Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Dally, Madeline18 Oct 1921Mar 1976New Haven
Dalman, Albert30 Oct 1879Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Dalman, Alta F10 Feb 191011 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Dalman, Charles12 Jan 1907Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Dalman, Clyde A20 Mar 191030 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Dalman, Guy6 Sep 1884Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Dalman, Ina L26 Feb 188115 May 1967Fort Wayne
Dalman, Larry D14 Apr 194430 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Dalman, Latonia C29 Jan 19125 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Dalman, Lloyd8 Dec 1904Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Dalman, Luella29 Jun 1911Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Dalman, Matilda28 Aug 1909Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Dalman, Rosa10 Mar 1878Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Dalman, Rosella G24 Jun 193214 Oct 2003Harlan, Fort Wayne
Dalman, Roy20 Nov 1882Jul 1973Yoder
Dalman, Virgil26 Mar 1909Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Dalman, William C13 Apr 192729 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Dalrymple, Andrew B6 Dec 196431 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Dalton, Edna24 Sep 1891Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Dalton, Harold L26 Nov 193527 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Dalton, Michael P8 May 190130 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Dalton, Vinson9 Mar 1937Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Dalton, Willia18 Oct 193530 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Daly, Carol I6 Jan 193428 Oct 1998New Haven
Daly, Catherine15 Mar 1919Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Daly, Cecil10 Jul 1901Nov 1978New Haven
Daly, Thomas J31 Mar 19324 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Daly, W J5 Sep 193215 Jul 1987New Haven
Daly, William12 Sep 1919Oct 1981New Haven
Dalzell, Madge24 Feb 190711 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Dalzell, Maude28 Jul 1883Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Damask, Ray15 Mar 1900Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Dame, David19 Jul 1939Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Damelio, Charles20 Apr 1899Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Damey, Pearl18 Mar 1902Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Damiano, Thomas16 May 191527 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Damm, Herman15 Aug 1903Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Damman, Frances S20 Jul 193223 Sep 2002New Haven
Damman, Fred21 Oct 19173 Sep 2002New Haven
Damman, Hazel26 Feb 1896Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Damman, William16 Oct 1893Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Dammann, Manila18 May 190112 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Dammeier, Adeline20 Mar 1918Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Dammeier, Bernard14 Oct 1909Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Dammeier, Emilie12 May 1878Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Dammeier, Harold E11 Mar 191116 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Dammeier, Pauline20 Sep 1899May 1969Fort Wayne
Dammeier, Thelma I9 Feb 191729 May 2002Fort Wayne
Dammeier, William19 Mar 1909Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Dammeyer, Anna Maria7 May 191516 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Dammeyer, Clara30 Aug 189823 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Dammeyer, Edwin15 Oct 1903Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Dammeyer, Elmer E10 Nov 192030 May 2007Fort Wayne
Dammeyer, William9 May 1896Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Danaher, Carl23 Oct 1912Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Danahey, Patricia L23 May 19304 May 2001Fort Wayne
Danahey, William C31 Dec 193112 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Dance, Bertha8 Aug 1923Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Dance, Percy28 Jul 192227 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Dancel, Dorothy11 Oct 1910Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Dancel, Jose1 Apr 1904Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Dancer, Betty L14 Mar 191712 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Dancer, Cecelia R25 Apr 193229 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Dancer, Edward G22 Aug 19103 Apr 2002New Haven
Dancer, Jack E20 Oct 193020 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Dancer, Mary Jane13 Jul 1921Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Dancer, Robert L1 Mar 192315 Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Dandrea, Daniel28 Jun 1924Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Danehy, Beatrice2 Jan 1893Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Danehy, Dorothy27 Nov 187815 Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Danehy, George12 Nov 1889Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Danehy, Jack D25 Jul 192622 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Danehy, Lois M2 Dec 192214 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Danehy, Marian V28 Jul 19055 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Danehy, Sheila A24 Nov 193212 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Danford, William2 Nov 1887Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Danford, William Ray15 Apr 19211 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Danforth, John F26 Mar 193420 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Dangelo, James P27 Oct 19256 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Dangelo, Lena1 Aug 1903Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Dangerfield, Spencer10 Jun 1908Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Dangler, Donald19 Jun 1905Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Dangler, Harold27 Nov 1903Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Dangler, Jeanne A11 May 192511 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Daniel, Anna3 Mar 190124 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Daniel, Antoinette M12 Dec 190514 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Daniel, Arthur G30 Nov 192311 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Daniel, Bernice9 Mar 1908Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Daniel, Dolores M20 Apr 19271 May 1994Fort Wayne
Daniel, Elma28 Jan 1895Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Daniel, Jeffery A20 Feb 196018 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Daniel, John12 Feb 1899Mar 1973Roanoke
Daniel, Willie M16 Aug 193524 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Daniels, Agnes2 Mar 1936Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Daniels, Augustus1 Oct 1920Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Daniels, Caroline9 Aug 1896Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Daniels, Clifford19 Apr 1914Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Daniels, Doris I6 May 190624 Oct 2003New Haven
Daniels, Doyle16 Aug 1908Jun 1980Monroeville
Daniels, Estella6 May 1880Oct 1972New Haven
Daniels, Fannie6 Mar 1897Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Daniels, Frank2 Oct 1913Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Daniels, Frank L8 Jan 19079 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Daniels, Fred28 Dec 1902Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Daniels, Harold27 Sep 1905Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Daniels, Harriet M18 Sep 190510 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Daniels, Helen24 Mar 1911May 1982Fort Wayne
Daniels, Ina M24 Nov 19065 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Daniels, Joseph28 Dec 1882Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Daniels, Leo Byron18 Sep 193524 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Daniels, Leroy22 May 1925Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Daniels, Margarethe4 May 1894Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Daniels, Mary23 Jun 1902Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Daniels, Mary11 Nov 191126 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Daniels, Mary Ann3 Mar 194818 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Daniels, Maxine31 Aug 1919Jan 1977New Haven
Daniels, Nathan13 Mar 1892Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Daniels, Neil11 Jul 1892Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Daniels, Pearl3 Jul 1905Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Daniels, Richard L22 Sep 19296 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Daniels, William25 Sep 1898Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Daniels, Woodrow7 Nov 19185 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Danielsweiz, Irene9 Mar 191321 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Danklefsen, Donald3 Sep 1906Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Dankowski, Harry19 Sep 192127 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Danks, Edith11 Jul 1888Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Danley, Bernard R16 Jan 191926 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Danley, Betty L24 Feb 192419 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Danley, Edythe16 Sep 1893Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Dannecker, Blanche N2 Apr 19105 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Dannecker, Henry16 Jun 1899Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Dannecker, Ruth E3 Sep 192518 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Dannells, Adelaide A15 Sep 190914 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Dannells, Charles24 Nov 1904Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Dannenberg, Edna F15 Jul 1911Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Dannenberg, Walter A19 Dec 190627 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Dannenfeldt, Paul7 Mar 1887Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Dannenfelser, Emma25 Dec 1902Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Dannenfelser, Freeman7 Dec 1907May 1974Fort Wayne
Dannenfelser, Helen23 Jun 1908Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Dannenfelser, Herman1 Jun 1894Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Dannenfelser, Robert G10 Apr 191822 May 1994Fort Wayne
Danner, Alice J17 May 194213 Jul 1996Woodburn
Danner, Allen11 Aug 1896Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Danner, Judith E25 Apr 191211 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Dannerbeck, Alphonse17 Jul 1898Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Dansby, Ocea3 Aug 19186 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Dansby, William N30 Mar 19289 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Dantzer, Paul4 Nov 1918Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Danuser, Leo10 Jan 1888May 1970Fort Wayne
Danuser, Una12 Aug 1901Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Danuser, Virginia27 Oct 1910Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Danusis, Dimitrios22 Oct 191814 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Daoust, Lucien R23 Apr 194312 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Dapp, Aloysius14 Nov 1920Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Dapp, Louise10 Feb 1894Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Dapp, Monica F1 Jan 19236 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Darby, Velda10 Aug 1902Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Darchangel, Lorene6 Jul 19432 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Darchangel, Peter J28 Mar 192516 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Darco, Catherine24 Sep 1914Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Darding, Elsie K5 Jul 190910 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Dare, Amelia26 Jun 1904Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Dare, Charles17 Aug 1891May 1972Fort Wayne
Dare, Helen16 Jan 1904Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Dare, Walter4 Jun 1895Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Daring, Beryl E18 Aug 188922 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Daring, Clara26 Mar 1906Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Daring, Fred28 Mar 1895Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Daring, Pamela M20 Feb 19526 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Darling, Alice17 Jun 187815 Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Darling, Beryl10 Apr 1923Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Darling, James T10 Feb 193414 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Darling, Joseph29 Dec 1896Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Darling, Normanda19 Apr 1886Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Darling, Orin26 May 1885Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Darling, William A15 Aug 191918 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Darlington, Viola9 Jan 190612 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Darms, Velma M20 Aug 191022 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Darnall, Alma21 Aug 1905Dec 1979Roanoke
Darnall, John3 May 1904Dec 1979Roanoke
Darnall, Julia25 Oct 1927May 1980Fort Wayne
Darnall, Robert W22 Mar 19298 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Darnell, Elmer8 Mar 1910Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Darnell, Helen E20 Jun 191410 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Darnell, Raymond C29 May 19227 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Darnell, Sandra L15 Apr 194425 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Darnell, Steven L24 Nov 19478 Aug 2004New Haven
Darnell, William J12 Dec 193018 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Daron, Karol J17 Nov 194721 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Darr, Genevieve27 May 1925Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Darr, Jessie3 Feb 1883Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Darr, Veo26 Mar 1901Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Darroch, Albert4 Nov 1904Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Darrough, Steven L15 May 194629 Oct 2004Spencerville
Darrow, Margaret27 May 1888May 1968Fort Wayne
Darrow, Robert M10 Mar 191824 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Darst, Charles V9 Aug 192018 May 2005Fort Wayne
Dart, Adah1 Jun 1882Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Dartey, Betty J25 Sep 193720 Feb 2007New Haven
Darwachter, Elmer9 Aug 1900Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Daseler, Eric B15 Jun 19593 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Daseler, Esther C21 Jun 1909Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Daseler, Esther H11 Sep 191326 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Daseler, Vernon F1 May 190530 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Daseler, Walter19 Dec 1908Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Dasher, Alma12 Sep 1906Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Dasher, Charlotte J25 Oct 192719 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Dasher, Clifford2 Oct 1892Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Dasher, Gaylord21 May 1900Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Dasher, Marguerite14 Sep 1905Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Dates, Lilla M27 Feb 191417 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Dates, Luecna22 Mar 19233 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Dates, Willie J21 Oct 19229 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Dates, Willie J29 Mar 19744 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Datta, Bimol K28 Feb 193420 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Dau, Daniel29 Mar 1955Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Daub, Ethel19 Nov 1893Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Daub, Ethel R14 Dec 1921Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Daub, Howard15 Feb 1920Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Daub, James R18 Aug 193026 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Daub, Perry22 Nov 1891May 1974Fort Wayne
Dauer, Jacqueline K29 Jan 19425 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Dauer, Norbert1 Mar 193215 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Dauer, Sophia7 Nov 19089 Jul 2003New Haven
Dauer, William4 May 1907Jun 1965Fort Wayne
Daughdrill, Forrest26 Sep 1913Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Alfred22 May 1885Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Annie M6 Oct 19086 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Arthur19 Feb 1903Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Carole27 May 193824 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Celeste1 Jun 1894Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Charlotte22 Jun 1910Apr 1975Monroeville
Daugherty, Claude13 Dec 1878Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Earl W1 May 19164 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Effie10 Mar 1871Feb 1968Hoagland
Daugherty, Elaine E2 Oct 193221 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Esther A21 Apr 191323 Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Esther J6 Oct 192629 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Fanchion9 Sep 1890Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Flossie14 Feb 1914Jan 1985New Haven
Daugherty, Frank10 Aug 1880May 1965Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Georgia H21 Mar 19074 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Gleamouth9 Dec 1932Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Glenn C24 Nov 190514 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Harold22 May 1897Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Harold12 May 1915Sep 1972Monroeville
Daugherty, Hazel27 Aug 1886Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Helen11 Dec 1921Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Helen E14 Apr 191226 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Helen E1 Aug 191631 May 2006Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Jack L17 Sep 19319 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Jeananne6 Jun 1934Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Daugherty, John W10 Mar 19142 Feb 2003New Haven
Daugherty, Leroy9 Dec 1905Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Mabel19 Sep 1906Apr 1977Monroeville
Daugherty, Marie M3 Sep 1906Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Mary14 Sep 1934Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Mary14 Sep 1883Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Polly31 Jan 1914Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Robert27 Sep 193219 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Robin22 Feb 19544 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Susie R29 Apr 19075 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Daugherty, True24 Jan 1887Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Vernon5 Oct 1900Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Daugherty, William20 Dec 19302 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Daugherty, Wilma E14 Aug 191427 Mar 1994Roanoke
Dauler, Doyt25 Apr 1910Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Dauler, Harold16 Aug 1904Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Daulton, Bertha18 Apr 1888May 1968Fort Wayne
Daum, Elsie20 Dec 1911Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Daum, Frank27 Dec 1911Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Dauplaise, Esther I13 Feb 191325 May 2005Fort Wayne
Dauscher, Edward A16 Apr 190712 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Dauscher, Erma M20 Jan 19025 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Dauscher, Frances22 Jun 1907Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Dauscher, Michael25 Sep 1898May 1972Fort Wayne
Dauth, John6 Aug 1899Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Dautremont, Louis22 Jul 1891Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Dautz, Herbert18 May 1912Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Dautz, Mary S15 Sep 191119 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Dautz, Rosemary J26 Sep 193716 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Davee, Marie14 Nov 1904Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Davenport, Arthur3 Jan 1892Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Davenport, Florence E23 Sep 1903Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Davenport, Herman10 Jun 1898Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Davenport, Isabelle18 Feb 189630 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Davenport, James19 Jan 1903Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Davenport, James27 Sep 1895Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Davenport, Jasper2 Dec 1899Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Davenport, Minnie6 Sep 191315 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Davenport, Paul16 Apr 190730 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Davenport, Sam7 May 19267 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Davenport, Sunshine H7 Nov 19054 Jan 1992Leo
Davenport, Virginia E11 May 19261 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Davich, Josephine3 Jun 192414 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
David, Alexander T17 Aug 191530 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
David, Annie P21 Dec 191422 May 2003Fort Wayne
David, Arthur E27 Jun 192923 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
David, Arthur M13 Jun 194119 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
David, Clarence16 Nov 1915Oct 1983Fort Wayne
David, Dolores M17 May 192517 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
David, Dorothy24 Jan 1900Oct 1969Fort Wayne
David, Dorothy J16 Feb 191812 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
David, Eleanor20 Aug 1918Jul 1986Fort Wayne
David, Genevieve A8 Oct 1919Jun 1994Fort Wayne
David, Harold21 Nov 1912Jun 1982Fort Wayne
David, Herbert G28 Feb 191727 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
David, Joe10 Jun 1890May 1971Fort Wayne
David, Joyce F22 Mar 193126 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
David, Kenneth19 Apr 1907Aug 1973Fort Wayne
David, Kenneth D2 Mar 195926 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
David, Lillian5 Jan 191929 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
David, Lloyd16 May 1897Jan 1971Fort Wayne
David, Lodemma25 Oct 1894Oct 1979Fort Wayne
David, Margaret10 Apr 1908Jan 1977Fort Wayne
David, Matilda6 Jun 1894Apr 1970Fort Wayne
David, Michael D1 Mar 195926 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
David, Phillip12 Jul 19603 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
David, Phillip J4 Jul 192719 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
David, Richard3 Aug 1914Aug 1986Fort Wayne
David, Selma25 Sep 1897Dec 1983Fort Wayne
David, Virgil E5 Jun 191917 May 1997Fort Wayne
David, William H19 Jun 192724 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Davidsen, Alva Louise10 Jun 19114 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Davidsen, Harold27 Jul 1909Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Davidson, Ben23 Jan 1903Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Davidson, Harriet C30 Oct 190613 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Davidson, Hattie M2 May 191617 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Davidson, Hester15 Jan 1899Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Davidson, Joanne23 Nov 192413 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Davidson, John23 Jul 1903Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Davidson, Lina17 Feb 1884Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Davidson, Martha17 Nov 1905Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Davidson, Philip13 Dec 1929Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Davidson, Philip E21 Sep 192327 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Davidson, Robert4 May 1903Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Davidson, Rosetta10 Mar 1914Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Davidson, Sarah24 Jan 1904Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Davidson, Shirley Ann11 Oct 194018 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Davidson, Vern19 Feb 1925Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Davies, Alice L12 Aug 19278 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Davies, Bertice7 Jun 1912Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Davies, Betty L12 Oct 192618 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Davies, Clarence25 Jan 1890Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Davies, Claude7 Mar 1883Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Davies, Doyt D5 Feb 19331 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Davies, Edith25 Jul 1893May 1978Fort Wayne
Davies, Florence11 Nov 1885Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Davies, Frank B13 Apr 192128 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Davies, Harry L11 Feb 191527 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Davies, John11 Mar 1891Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Davies, Lenora16 May 1889Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Davies, Lewis2 Nov 1889Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Davies, Mary9 Sep 1910Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Davies, Mary L24 Dec 192826 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Davies, Richard P13 Mar 191525 Sep 1992New Haven
Davies, Robert P12 Dec 19499 May 1991New Haven
Davies, Royal B3 Jan 192521 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Davies, William2 Aug 193030 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Davila, Josefina H12 Apr 197526 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Davilla, Jose20 Feb 195320 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Davis, Addie R11 Jul 19307 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Davis, Albert L20 Apr 19012 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Davis, Albert L27 Jan 193811 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Davis, Alfred4 Jan 1891Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Davis, Alice L21 Oct 1908May 1993Fort Wayne
Davis, Andre C5 Jul 19736 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Davis, Anita L26 Feb 193319 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Davis, Ann D11 Jun 195217 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Davis, Ann P14 Mar 193221 May 2007Churubusco
Davis, Audie L14 Sep 190828 May 2002Fort Wayne
Davis, Audrey11 May 1899Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Davis, Audrey7 Feb 1926Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Davis, Autrie22 Nov 1920Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Davis, Beatrice19 Mar 1896May 1985Fort Wayne
Davis, Bessie22 Aug 1893Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Davis, Betty J22 May 1926Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Davis, Betty J24 Dec 192920 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Davis, Betty Jane9 Dec 192731 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Davis, Bettye R7 Mar 19504 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Davis, Beverly J24 Mar 193016 May 2006Churubusco
Davis, Billy R21 Jun 193415 Sep 2005Churubusco
Davis, Blaine K27 Aug 194918 Jul 2001Leo
Davis, Bobbie J7 May 19289 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Davis, Bobby14 May 1963Aug 1986Churubusco
Davis, Caleb L24 Nov 192331 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Davis, Carl B1 Jun 191517 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Davis, Carol F29 Sep 19281 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Davis, Carole A2 Jan 193410 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Davis, Carolyn8 Jun 1901May 1995Fort Wayne
Davis, Carrie17 May 193219 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Davis, Carrie E3 Mar 191615 May 1997Fort Wayne
Davis, Charles17 Jan 1918Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Davis, Charles29 Dec 1955May 1978Fort Wayne
Davis, Charles6 Mar 1887Nov 1966Churubusco
Davis, Charles14 Feb 1909Dec 1978Grabill, Churubusco
Davis, Charles D28 Apr 19339 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Davis, Charles W16 Jun 19248 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Davis, Charlotte M11 Oct 19128 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Davis, Clara L14 Dec 191615 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Davis, Clarence15 Jan 1893Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Davis, Clarence E6 Dec 192617 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Davis, Cleo3 Apr 193130 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Davis, Cleo G7 Aug 1931Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Davis, Cloyd J1 Oct 192225 May 1997Fort Wayne
Davis, Cornelius E4 May 193321 Jul 1999Roanoke
Davis, Dale A29 Jan 194520 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Davis, Dana L17 Nov 193226 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Davis, David E7 Apr 19265 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Davis, David L5 Nov 193527 Oct 2001New Haven
Davis, Dewey27 Apr 1898Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Davis, Donald7 Sep 1903Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Davis, Donald24 Sep 1892Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Davis, Donald E14 Dec 19259 Feb 2005Woodburn
Davis, Donald R17 Jun 192815 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Davis, Dora B27 Jul 192715 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Davis, Dorotha I10 Jan 19226 Nov 1999Leo
Davis, Dorothy L25 Mar 19263 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Davis, Dorothy M11 Apr 192120 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Davis, Edith3 May 1899Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Davis, Edna N19 Jan 1900Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Davis, Edwin E26 Aug 192722 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Davis, Eileen18 Sep 1917Dec 1972Grabill
Davis, Eilene3 Jan 1925Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Davis, Eleanor J30 Nov 190726 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Davis, Elizabeth M5 Aug 191727 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Davis, Ella M13 Nov 191225 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Davis, Emily R29 Jun 19095 May 1999Fort Wayne
Davis, Erma S19 Aug 19135 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Davis, Ernest B26 May 192615 Feb 1996Leo
Davis, Estelle12 Jul 192921 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Davis, Estelle2 Jul 1889Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Davis, Eugene R14 Apr 192421 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Davis, Evelyn M24 Oct 191224 May 2000Fort Wayne
Davis, Everlouise19 Nov 192317 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Davis, Fern R12 Nov 1928Feb 1996Churubusco
Davis, Flossie E23 May 189419 May 1990Fort Wayne
Davis, Frances21 Jul 1899Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Davis, Frances14 Oct 1926Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Davis, Frances R3 Apr 19172 May 1999New Haven
Davis, Francis25 Dec 1906May 1972New Haven
Davis, Fred27 Mar 1905Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Davis, Gary Wayne29 Dec 196924 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Davis, George5 Sep 1909Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Davis, Georgia8 May 1893Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Davis, Geraldine26 Jun 1925Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Davis, Gertrude16 Oct 191425 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Davis, Gertrude E23 Apr 1908Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Davis, Gladys29 May 1908Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Davis, Gladys18 Jul 1898Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Davis, Glen4 Jul 19195 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Davis, Gloria L27 Feb 193112 May 1998Fort Wayne
Davis, Grace19 Mar 1910Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Davis, Grace A30 Dec 19199 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Davis, H I4 Aug 190418 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Davis, Harold16 Feb 1923Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Davis, Harold W26 Dec 19301 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Davis, Harry29 Apr 1894Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Davis, Harvey30 Jul 1921Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Davis, Hattie16 Oct 1899Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Davis, Haywood28 Jun 1902Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Davis, Hazel I19 Nov 19046 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Davis, Helen11 Jan 1908Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Davis, Helen M2 Sep 191221 Nov 2005New Haven
Davis, Henry25 Sep 1905Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Davis, Herbert19 Jul 1897Jan 1986Harlan
Davis, Herman12 Nov 1922Apr 1986New Haven
Davis, Hilda Paul I11 Feb 192311 May 1991Fort Wayne
Davis, Homer3 Oct 1905Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Davis, Howard8 Nov 1905May 1971Fort Wayne
Davis, Howard10 Nov 1896Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Davis, Howard W23 Feb 191717 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Davis, Hy21 Jun 191215 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Davis, Ila N13 Feb 193711 Apr 2000Roanoke
Davis, Irene27 Mar 192424 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Davis, Isaac22 Apr 1917Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Davis, Ivan K12 Apr 19252 Jul 2000Churubusco
Davis, Ivaree7 Nov 19201 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Davis, Jackie L24 Jun 193624 May 2001Fort Wayne
Davis, James18 Dec 1889Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Davis, James15 Aug 1917Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Davis, James25 Jul 1907Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Davis, James G14 Oct 193315 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Davis, James L28 Mar 194910 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Davis, James Lee L23 Jun 195728 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Davis, James O3 Apr 192820 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Davis, James R27 Oct 19245 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Davis, Jeanette8 Nov 1882Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Davis, Jeanette A9 Sep 19261 Dec 2003New Haven
Davis, Jessie1 Jul 1880Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Davis, Joan C9 Dec 193830 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Davis, Joan P29 Apr 193124 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Davis, John4 Apr 1884Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Davis, John L16 Sep 194615 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Davis, John O11 Feb 190113 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Davis, Johnnie1 May 1917Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Davis, Johnson8 Dec 193920 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Davis, Joseph1 Mar 1895Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Davis, Joseph A30 Sep 19264 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Davis, Josephine30 May 1907Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Davis, Juanita M20 Feb 19323 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Davis, Judith A4 Apr 19277 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Davis, June25 May 19162 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Davis, Kathryn3 Sep 1951Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Davis, Kelton L12 Jul 19755 May 2006Fort Wayne
Davis, Lacy20 Jan 1903Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Davis, Larry A13 May 19581 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Davis, Larry L29 Nov 195223 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Davis, Laura9 Jan 1889Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Davis, Lavinia30 Dec 1893Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Davis, Lena10 Nov 1893May 1995Fort Wayne
Davis, Leonard E4 Apr 192511 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Davis, Leroy3 Aug 191412 May 1998Fort Wayne
Davis, Leroy F1 Oct 193515 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Davis, Lewis R21 Nov 191127 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Davis, Linda M25 Nov 194729 Jul 2002Spencerville
Davis, Lloyd E22 Feb 190828 May 2000Fort Wayne
Davis, Louis20 Jan 1889Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Davis, Mable M10 Mar 19261 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Davis, Mae A20 Sep 191531 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Davis, Mae H20 Jun 191826 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Davis, Maggie E12 Aug 19393 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Davis, Malinda17 Mar 1895Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Davis, Margaret24 Oct 1927Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Davis, Margaret L4 Oct 192130 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Davis, Marie5 Dec 1902Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Davis, Marie23 Nov 1904Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Davis, Marie L19 Dec 19364 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Davis, Mark R27 Apr 195529 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Davis, Martha R8 Oct 191815 May 1993Fort Wayne
Davis, Mary19 May 1928May 1985Fort Wayne
Davis, Mary A5 Jan 19372 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Davis, Mary E7 Nov 19072 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Davis, Mary E29 Apr 191012 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Davis, Mary E24 Jul 191715 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Davis, Marybelle A24 Sep 19155 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Davis, Maxine M19 Sep 191910 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Davis, Michael G3 Jul 19609 May 2002Fort Wayne
Davis, Mildred15 Jul 1898Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Davis, Myrtle4 Aug 1907Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Davis, Myrtle E29 Sep 191619 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Davis, Nancy7 Mar 1952Feb 1976Harlan
Davis, Ned9 Feb 19403 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Davis, Nordine17 Dec 19361 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Davis, Ora20 May 1885Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Davis, Ora17 May 1898Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Davis, Parthenia2 May 192724 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Davis, Paul C7 May 191616 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Davis, Paul F24 Dec 192119 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Davis, Pearl11 Oct 1938Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Davis, Pearl22 Oct 192529 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Davis, R M15 May 191622 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Davis, Rachael11 Dec 1885Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Davis, Ralph12 Apr 1912Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Davis, Raymond21 Jan 1891Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Davis, Raymond L18 Jan 193217 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Davis, Rebecca J11 Sep 194712 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Davis, Reginald12 Aug 1924Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Davis, Robbie29 Jul 192819 May 2003Fort Wayne
Davis, Robert8 Nov 192413 Dec 2001Woodburn
Davis, Robert9 Apr 1906May 1975Fort Wayne
Davis, Robert22 Mar 191816 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Davis, Robert12 Feb 1922May 1987Fort Wayne
Davis, Robert D11 May 193722 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Davis, Robert D20 Aug 191830 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Davis, Robert G8 Sep 19357 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Davis, Robert P25 Jun 192118 Aug 2001Leo
Davis, Rose C17 Aug 193210 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Davis, Roy17 May 1904Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Davis, Rozella17 Jul 1885Jun 1975Roanoke
Davis, Ruth10 May 1894Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Davis, Samuel J3 Jan 192416 Aug 2001Roanoke
Davis, Sophie C30 Dec 191328 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Davis, Stella M5 Apr 19307 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Davis, Stephen R19 Jan 195228 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Davis, Sterling6 Mar 1905Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Davis, Susie12 Jan 1901Aug 1984Harlan
Davis, Susie B21 Sep 19364 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Davis, Suzanne P4 Apr 193116 Jan 1999Churubusco
Davis, Syier E27 Apr 200228 May 2002Fort Wayne
Davis, Thomas3 Apr 1902Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Davis, Thomas13 Nov 1927Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Davis, Thomas3 Nov 1942May 1985Fort Wayne
Davis, Thomas Lee17 Jan 19523 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Davis, Thomas W9 Feb 19319 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Davis, Thomas W25 Apr 191618 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Davis, Tornor K27 Jul 197630 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Davis, Velma K22 Oct 19179 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Davis, Violet3 Dec 191910 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Davis, Violet2 Apr 1913Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Davis, Virgie M15 Nov 192110 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Davis, Virginia21 Sep 1903Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Davis, Virginia L18 Aug 19319 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Davis, Vivian P18 Jan 191527 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Davis, Walter8 Dec 1906Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Davis, Wanda I14 May 1909Jan 1996New Haven
Davis, Wava M30 Aug 192231 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Davis, Will30 Oct 1893May 1980Fort Wayne
Davis, William30 Apr 1899Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Davis, William9 May 1921Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Davis, William M21 Nov 19186 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Davis, William P14 Feb 196511 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Davison, Della22 Nov 1913Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Davison, Edna12 Jun 1907Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Davison, Edna L15 Jul 190627 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Davison, Edward23 Apr 191522 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Davison, Innie24 Nov 1874May 1967Yoder
Davison, Lewis25 Jan 1908Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Davison, Lorna7 Feb 1955May 1985Fort Wayne
Davison, Natasha K17 Dec 199725 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Davisson, Nelda S6 Jun 19148 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Dawald, Elmer S17 Jun 192327 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Dawes, Agnes24 Jun 1906Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Dawkins, Augusta5 Mar 1894Jan 1969New Haven
Dawkins, Daymon E18 Mar 196022 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Dawkins, George22 Feb 1893Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Dawkins, Hazel24 Aug 1896Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Dawkins, Ione M9 Nov 1924Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Dawkins, John W3 Jan 192416 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Dawkins, Robert19 Mar 1901May 1971Fort Wayne
Dawn, D6 Sep 1932May 1994Yoder
Dawson, Adele3 Oct 1918Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Dawson, Aldon5 Jul 19431 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Dawson, Calvin18 Dec 1911Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Dawson, Charles R25 Apr 191820 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Dawson, Donald D29 Sep 191524 Aug 1996Huntertown
Dawson, Ellene E19 May 19124 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Dawson, George18 Jun 1883Mar 1970Monroeville
Dawson, Harold30 Oct 1897Feb 1970Monroeville
Dawson, Hazel27 Mar 1893Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Dawson, Ida16 Dec 1882Apr 1969New Haven
Dawson, James13 Nov 191316 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Dawson, James21 Feb 1884Mar 1972New Haven
Dawson, James W8 Mar 192424 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Dawson, Jan D11 Mar 193719 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Dawson, Keith Frank22 Jun 194629 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Dawson, Lucy4 Feb 1890Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Dawson, Marshall E18 Oct 191716 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Dawson, Mary25 Jun 1914Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Dawson, Mary7 Sep 1896Dec 1980Monroeville
Dawson, Max12 Mar 1926Mar 1982Huntertown
Dawson, Pearl18 Jul 1882Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Dawson, Pearl L30 Aug 19229 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Dawson, Roberta M17 Jun 192130 Apr 2006Monroeville
Dawson, Ruth28 Apr 1900Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Dawson, Vera25 Dec 1893Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Day, Betty25 Mar 1917Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Day, Blanchard6 Apr 19261 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Day, Blanchard10 Dec 1887Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Day, Blanche14 Nov 1903Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Day, Carolyn16 Jun 1893Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Day, Catherine E11 May 191722 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Day, Chester24 Mar 191528 Oct 1999New Haven
Day, Douglas28 Aug 19637 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Day, Elbert14 May 1917Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Day, Florie6 Mar 1910Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Day, Frederick F26 Sep 19156 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Day, Grace6 Jun 1903Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Day, Hiram E2 Oct 19115 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Day, Jackie M3 Dec 194729 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Day, Jesse22 Dec 1916Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Day, Joe10 Apr 1908Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Day, Joe23 Apr 193928 Jun 1992Spencerville
Day, Julia A25 May 19311 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Day, Lillian Ethelene15 Jul 19273 May 2009Fort Wayne
Day, Luella30 May 1905Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Day, Phyllis R14 Jul 193029 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Day, Polly Ann22 Jul 191631 Jan 2008New Haven
Day, Roberta M27 Nov 191611 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Day, Ruby J13 Apr 192325 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Day, Ruth14 Aug 1901Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Day, William16 Sep 1902Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Day, William W22 Jan 191425 May 1997Fort Wayne
Daye, Anthony D1 Dec 196013 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Dazey, Berniece E11 Feb 190131 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Dazey, Ray11 Jan 1888Feb 1983Fort Wayne

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