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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
De Armond, Bryce23 Jul 1906Jan 1982Fort Wayne
De Bolt, Raymond F2 Jun 19212 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
De Kelaita, Laura Lee27 Nov 19391 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
De La Grange, Irvin30 Jul 1899Sep 1980Fort Wayne
De Marco, Linda A28 Apr 195613 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
De Vela, Maria Guadalupe7 May 192913 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
De Zutter, Elizabeth M29 Oct 19154 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Deady, Daniel A26 Sep 19219 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Deagle, Helena12 Dec 1912Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Deahl, Helen23 Jan 1905Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Deahl, Mae3 May 1900Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Deahl, Raymond14 Mar 1895Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Deahl, Richard R22 Jul 191520 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Deal, Bertha L20 Apr 19079 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Deal, Esther27 Sep 18948 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Deal, Leonard25 Jan 1903Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Deal, Leonard A9 Aug 19188 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Deal, Leroy T21 Apr 19243 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Deal, Mary30 May 1878Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Deal, Raymond11 Jun 1918Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Deal, Thomas10 May 1907Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Deal, Todd D16 Jan 196620 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Deam, Harry2 Apr 1894Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Deam, Lola8 Oct 18947 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Deam, Nellie29 Aug 1902Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Deam, Russell D19 May 192615 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Dean, Dorothy14 Aug 1887Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Dean, Elmer12 Feb 1897Sep 1971Woodburn
Dean, Florence D29 Aug 19058 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Dean, Gail1 May 1909Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Dean, Herbert20 Sep 1915Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Dean, Lester22 Sep 19215 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Dean, Lois9 Apr 1902Jun 1979Woodburn
Dean, Mabel R17 Nov 19235 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Dean, Marvin E28 Aug 194122 Jun 2004Churubusco
Dean, Mary25 Oct 1885Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Dean, Micheal Andrew25 May 19522 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Dean, Norman8 Mar 1929Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Dean, Opal D21 Nov 1908Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Dean, Patricia E3 Apr 192829 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Dean, Raymond1 Feb 1896May 1969Fort Wayne
Dean, Richard31 May 1901Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Dean, Wallace15 Nov 1922Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Dean, Walter9 May 1913Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Dean, William A27 Mar 19241 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Dearborn, Helen M27 Sep 19201 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Deardorff, Gladys15 Sep 1896Jan 1979Leo
Dearduff, Ethel F19 Mar 190910 Dec 1995Roanoke
Dearduff, Howard19 Sep 1906Dec 1970Roanoke
Dearing, Myrtle11 Apr 1900Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Dearing, Ralph10 Jun 19208 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Dearmond, Frieda6 Jul 1912Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Dearmond, Murray6 Jan 1909Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Dearmond, Roberta J13 Oct 19132 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Deason, Hansel D13 Jul 19511 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Deason, Wanda I20 Jul 192712 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Deaton, Anna M16 Mar 19321 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Deaton, Ed27 Nov 1893Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Deaton, John14 Nov 1913Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Deaton, Lester17 Apr 1917Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Deavers, James L28 Nov 19604 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Debaillie, Ann L13 Jan 192522 May 1998Fort Wayne
Debaillie, Grace E31 Jan 19213 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Debaillie, Henrie27 Jan 1876Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Debaillie, Phillip10 Sep 1906Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Debeaumont, Edward G10 Feb 19148 Jul 2002Leo
Debella, Dorothy I29 Jun 191014 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Debenedittis, M E27 Sep 191613 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Debolt, Chauncey17 Feb 1887Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Debolt, Delores M27 May 19294 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Debolt, Dora26 Oct 193428 Nov 1993Monroeville
Debolt, Elaine A23 Sep 192417 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Debolt, Floyd22 Sep 1895Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Debolt, Garnet I7 Sep 191820 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Debolt, Irene I13 Aug 19106 May 1994Fort Wayne
Debolt, Lloyd E25 Oct 19232 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Debolt, Mabel L3 Jun 190624 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Debolt, Miriam26 Nov 1898Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Debolt, Raymond12 Mar 1906Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Debolt, Richard A29 Jan 193729 Nov 2005Monroeville
Debolt, Robert E12 May 19249 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Debolt, Rodney L5 Mar 193327 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Debolt, Wanetta J17 Jul 193118 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Debraillie, Michael28 Sep 1907Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Debrosse, Josephine S6 Jun 19014 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Debrular, Anna M6 Oct 191612 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Debruler, Edgar J26 Aug 19204 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Debruler, Edna M3 Nov 191117 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Decamp, Arthur J12 Feb 188715 Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Decamp, Nancy L5 Dec 19405 Jan 2007New Haven
Decamp, Ruth M24 Jun 190926 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Decamp, Virginia12 Aug 1915Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Decamp, Virginia June13 Jun 192625 Aug 2009Churubusco
Decamp, Wilbur5 Mar 1906Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Decamp, William26 Aug 1872Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Decarbo, Charles9 Mar 1936Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Decarlo, Joseph A24 May 192919 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Decero, Shirley26 Aug 193215 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Deck, Aloysius30 Jul 1897Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Deck, Carl16 Jul 1891Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Deck, Clarence21 Jun 1911Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Deck, Cletus A22 Jul 19126 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Deck, Clyde15 Feb 1902Feb 1977Churubusco
Deck, Corrella28 Jan 1917Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Deck, Delbert W14 Sep 19308 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Deck, Frances12 Jul 1887Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Deck, Glenn31 Mar 1903Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Deck, Gwendolyn M28 Oct 190623 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Deck, Henrietta L22 Aug 191517 Apr 1999New Haven
Deck, Herman D27 Jun 191612 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Deck, Hilda Mari E18 Mar 19251 May 2004Churubusco
Deck, John27 Apr 1899Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Deck, Loo30 Sep 1895Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Deck, Mabel G22 Sep 191820 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Deck, Margaret13 Dec 1896Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Deck, Olivia L23 Jun 198619 May 2003Fort Wayne
Deck, Robert18 Aug 1918Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Deck, Robert J24 Jan 193522 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Deck, Robert L13 Oct 192411 Jul 2002Churubusco
Deck, Roy31 Aug 1911Aug 1976Churubusco
Deck, Theodore W31 Mar 192111 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Deck, Warren G8 Apr 192211 Oct 1996Churubusco
Deckard, Fred27 Jun 1914Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Decker, Charles E16 Dec 190530 Sep 1994Huntertown
Decker, Dollie M13 Dec 18934 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Decker, Donald9 Sep 1894Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Decker, Dorothy19 Oct 1913Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Decker, Elisabeth1 Oct 1896Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Decker, Elmer17 Oct 1905Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Decker, Eva6 Dec 1913Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Decker, Gay19 Nov 1916Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Decker, Guy11 May 1889Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Decker, Irene3 Sep 1919Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Decker, Isaac4 Jul 1904Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Decker, Ivan2 Oct 1889Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Decker, James13 Feb 1906Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Decker, James D14 Oct 195013 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Decker, James H18 Sep 19169 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Decker, Joella16 Apr 1912Apr 1977Huntertown
Decker, Juanita11 Aug 1907Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Decker, Julia A19 May 191530 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Decker, Lester L2 Jun 191518 Mar 1997Leo
Decker, Mabel I17 Nov 1920Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Decker, Marie17 Apr 1911Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Decker, Marie3 Jun 1912Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Decker, Mary L1 Jun 192924 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Decker, Maxwell G30 Jun 19126 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Decker, Mindy A8 Oct 196718 Nov 2007Roanoke
Decker, Olive E15 Mar 191828 Jun 2007Leo
Decker, Pearl28 May 1894Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Decker, Ralph16 Apr 1914Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Decker, Ralph11 Feb 1908Jul 1980Huntertown, Churubusco
Decker, Russell14 Sep 1905Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Decker, Ruth23 Jul 1893Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Decker, Vera L17 Aug 191513 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Decker, Walter10 Jul 1910Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Decker, William8 Oct 1902Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Declercq, Doris U3 Apr 192620 May 2006Fort Wayne
Declercq, Lillian H30 Aug 19105 Jan 2000Monroeville
Declercq, Raymond J2 Jan 191723 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Decook, Robert C24 Apr 193124 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Decriscio, James4 Mar 192619 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Decriscio, Mary Ann20 Dec 196110 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Dedario, Doris18 Jan 191126 Mar 1991Fort Wayne
Dedden, Audrey A20 Jan 19418 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Dedman, Carl E5 Jul 191329 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Dedman, Marjorie23 Jul 191722 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Deeb, Genevieve C27 Apr 193726 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Deeds, Harold E20 Mar 192828 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Deegan, Dorothy26 Apr 1916Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Deel, Clifford F5 Nov 190415 Sep 1992Churubusco
Deel, Ethel R16 May 190015 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Deel, Mary E27 Sep 19051 Oct 1993Churubusco
Deeley, A16 Jan 1911Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Deeley, Lorraine13 Oct 191223 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Deems, Margaret E7 Apr 191628 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Deering, Patricia P6 Apr 192926 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Deerwesder, Juanita M27 Dec 19268 Feb 2001Churubusco
Deerwester, Dorothy7 Mar 1906Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Deerwester, Marjorie25 Feb 1914Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Deeter, Harry19 Sep 1905Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Deeter, Hilda S2 Jun 1905Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Deeter, Mildred15 Sep 1905Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Deetz, Mildred I2 Mar 190720 Jan 2003Woodburn
Deetz, William C5 Dec 191126 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Deetz, Willis22 Feb 1909Mar 1978Churubusco
Defay, Richard W24 Nov 192520 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Defenbaugh, Bess16 Jan 1903Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Defoor, Evonna L29 Jun 191326 Aug 1992New Haven
Defoor, Morris5 Jul 1895Jul 1974Woodburn
Deford, James H23 Aug 193412 Sep 1998New Haven
Deford, Joseph15 Aug 1905Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Deford, Joseph S3 Sep 193619 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Deford, Roscoe11 Nov 1901Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Deford, Rowena K10 Aug 19389 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Deforest, Dorothea11 Jul 1890Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Defravel, Ferne17 Jul 1902Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Degelman, Edward23 Mar 1904Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Degelman, Ethel15 Jan 1901Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Degitz, Arthur8 Jul 1897Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Degitz, Dorothy18 Mar 1905Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Degitz, John23 Jul 1883Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Degitz, Joseph28 Aug 192324 May 2007Fort Wayne
Degitz, Laura1 Jun 1892Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Degitz, Lily1 Jul 192720 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Degitz, Richard23 Mar 19259 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Degitz, Vera28 Oct 1887Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Degler, Cleo26 Sep 1902Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Degler, Thurl E30 Nov 19254 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Degraff, Ruth15 Feb 1908Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Degraffenree, James W30 Mar 192214 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Degrandchamp, Marilyn J3 Nov 193613 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Degrasse, Mildred L27 Dec 192520 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Degrattery, James22 Dec 1883May 1966Fort Wayne
Dehabey, Abraham15 Jul 1909Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Dehabey, Assad A15 Jul 191519 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Dehabey, Ned A22 Sep 191123 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Dehabey, Rahmee15 Oct 188815 Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Dehabey, Sara25 Oct 192520 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Dehass, William W28 Oct 19227 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Dehaven, Clark14 Jan 1905Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Dehaven, Frank3 Jan 1891Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Dehaven, Grace6 Apr 1901Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Dehaven, Jean18 Jun 1899Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Dehaven, Juanita B10 Feb 191619 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Dehaven, Patricia L13 Mar 19251 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Dehaven, Tomas L26 Oct 196311 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Dehler, Evan6 Nov 1893Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Dehler, Hazel11 Jun 1891Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Dehmlow, Dorothy W22 Feb 192413 May 2003Fort Wayne
Dehne, Theodore11 Sep 1887Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Dehner, Edith23 Nov 1890May 1973Monroeville
Dehner, Edward L17 Nov 192024 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Dehner, Henry L30 Sep 191630 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Dehner, Joan4 May 1922Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Dehner, John21 Apr 1887Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Dehner, Katharina M14 Apr 1915Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Dehnert, Agnes N19 May 191722 Apr 2001Leo
Dehnert, Carl12 Sep 1918Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Dehnert, George30 Jun 19132 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Dehnert, John27 Sep 1914Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Dehnert, Wilma M14 Feb 191412 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Deibert, Dorothy M13 Sep 19308 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Deichelbohre, Joseph15 Jul 1910Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Deichelbohre, Lawrence10 Aug 1870Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Deihl, Elmer F14 Oct 19124 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Deihl, Fernonda C20 Dec 192219 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Deihl, Lois20 Aug 1914Nov 1982Churubusco
Deindoerfer, Mary16 Nov 1892Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Deininger, Anna6 May 1885Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Deininger, Capitola2 Dec 19091 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Deininger, Edward R24 Sep 192210 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Deininger, Golda28 Nov 1890Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Deininger, Theresa5 Jul 1933Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Deiser, Max30 Dec 1914Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Deisler, George14 Aug 1883Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Deisler, Margaret4 Aug 1883Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Deist Jr, Fred H1 Mar 192124 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Deist, David A8 Mar 195919 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Deister, Arnold28 Apr 1907Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Deister, Emil25 Sep 1903Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Deister, Gertrude L4 Feb 19106 Jan 2010Hoagland
Deister, Herman25 Nov 1904Dec 1973Hoagland
Deister, Martha22 Jul 190211 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Deister, Sophia27 Feb 1904Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Deister, Virginia H11 Sep 19167 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Deitche, Carl4 Dec 1893Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Deitche, Carol J2 Jan 193123 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Deitche, Caroline3 Feb 1893Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Deitering, Oliver H11 Feb 193024 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Deitering, Robert R7 Sep 192614 Nov 1997New Haven
Deits, Loretta H6 Dec 189413 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Deitschel, Edward24 May 1918Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Deitschel, Eileen C10 Mar 19228 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Deitschel, Maxine18 Oct 1916Jul 1980New Haven
Dekarske, Louisa A8 Apr 191329 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Dekau, Adolph20 Nov 1888Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Dekau, Mayme15 Apr 1890Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Dekker, Anna26 Apr 1921Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Dekoninck, Al14 Feb 1885Dec 1976Hoagland
Dekoninck, Shirley A5 Oct 193514 Sep 2001Monroeville
Dekoninck, Velma A8 Aug 192627 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Dekoning, John23 Jul 1901Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Del Cueto, Maria T5 Oct 189013 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Del Priore, Mona G16 Jul 19275 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Delacoma, Georgiann I2 Jan 19144 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Delacoma, Sharon18 May 193914 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Delacomo, Romolo2 Jan 1923Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Delaet, Gloria J14 Dec 192810 May 2003Fort Wayne
Delagrange, Amos28 Apr 1895Jul 1966Woodburn
Delagrange, Amos D24 Mar 192225 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Delagrange, Ann4 Feb 1897Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Delagrange, Anna16 Nov 19129 Apr 2006Woodburn
Delagrange, Ben24 Nov 19197 Jan 2001Grabill
Delagrange, Christian6 Feb 1908Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Delagrange, Clarence21 Jun 1897Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Delagrange, Constance11 Apr 1911Apr 1971Spencerville
Delagrange, Dale11 Oct 1902Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Delagrange, Dale T9 Jun 194029 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Delagrange, Delbert J25 Oct 192729 Apr 1994Woodburn
Delagrange, Edward9 Oct 1883Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Delagrange, Esther19 Apr 192012 Nov 1993Grabill
Delagrange, Gerard P4 Jan 191729 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Delagrange, Gladys I19 Feb 19066 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Delagrange, Henry4 Jan 192029 Nov 1994Spencerville
Delagrange, Henry H5 Nov 19119 Sep 1998Leo
Delagrange, Jacob19 May 1909Apr 1976Woodburn
Delagrange, Katie10 Jan 1902Nov 1974New Haven
Delagrange, Katie1 May 1895May 1983New Haven
Delagrange, Larry31 Mar 1947Nov 1971Grabill
Delagrange, Leah C24 Jan 192212 Jul 2003Woodburn
Delagrange, Linda R4 Apr 193712 Oct 2002Grabill
Delagrange, Louise21 Aug 1887Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Delagrange, Mabel M29 Nov 190526 Mar 2001Leo
Delagrange, Maggie20 Oct 1898Mar 1976Woodburn
Delagrange, Mary1 Feb 1909Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Delagrange, Mary19 Jul 1904Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Delagrange, Mary E28 Dec 19126 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Delagrange, O21 Sep 192815 Jul 1987New Haven
Delagrange, Rosa15 Mar 190814 Nov 1992Harlan
Delagrange, Rose L15 Mar 193318 Feb 1999Woodburn
Delagrange, Salome19 Feb 1889Apr 1966Grabill
Delagrange, Samuel J18 Jul 19326 Jul 1994Woodburn
Delagrange, Verna6 Feb 193119 Apr 2009Woodburn
Delagrange, Victor27 Apr 1908Feb 1978Harlan
Delamarter, Thomas M28 Nov 195516 Mar 2005Leo
Delancey, Lois B11 Apr 19039 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Delancey, Marlin12 Jun 1913Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Delancey, Merlyn D4 Oct 191210 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Delancey, Ora L7 May 191527 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Delancey, Rose24 Mar 1895Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Deland, Samsone E22 Oct 192210 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Delaney, Edward A15 Sep 19066 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Delaney, Hazel M28 May 193422 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Delaney, Jessie17 Sep 1891Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Delano, Margaret13 Aug 191720 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Delanoy, Olin2 Nov 1899Apr 1974Churubusco
Delaruelle, Fielmon10 Apr 1891Feb 1976Woodburn
Delawter, James31 Oct 1938Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Delcamp, Betty E11 Feb 192114 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Deleon, Don25 Jul 1939Mar 1981New Haven
Deleon, John26 Jan 1928Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Deleon, Margaret V15 Jul 191010 Mar 2006Harlan
Delfs, George19 Mar 1884Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Delgado, Rogerio3 Nov 1924Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Delianis, Vasiliki N20 Sep 190730 Nov 1991Roanoke
Delisle, Brian17 Sep 1938Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Delisle, Frank13 May 1899Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Delisle, Phyllis4 Jun 1902Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Dell, Rosella29 Sep 1903Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Deller, Gerald2 Jun 19232 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Dellinger, Adam15 Oct 1905Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Dellinger, Clara6 Dec 1895Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Dellinger, Clela25 Oct 1892Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Dellinger, Donald E4 Sep 193520 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Dellinger, Ernest25 Aug 1895Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Dellinger, Ethel21 Jul 191520 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Dellinger, Jason A16 Jun 1989Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Dellinger, Melvin E6 Mar 190930 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Dellinger, Orvis11 Dec 1892Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Dellinger, Richard R23 Aug 191811 Jun 1992New Haven
Dellinger, Robert O8 Dec 192523 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Dellinger, Rosalie D1 Jan 193830 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Deloff, Christ10 May 1895Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Deloff, Dorothy S20 Aug 191718 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Deloff, George C19 Sep 191421 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Delong, Dolores A3 Jul 190517 May 2003Fort Wayne
Delong, Garold R26 Feb 19207 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Delong, Goldia30 Aug 1910Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Delong, Harry8 Feb 1905Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Delong, Jeannette14 Jun 1894Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Delong, Jerry A4 Sep 194728 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Delong, L E16 Nov 191731 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Delong, Larry E5 Feb 19446 Feb 2009Fort Wayne, New Haven
Delong, Lois June20 Jun 192014 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Delong, Mary J22 Jul 191715 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Delong, Myrtle17 Apr 19157 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Delong, Orville18 Aug 1894Oct 1970New Haven
Delong, Violet M2 Jul 191611 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Delp, Bessie2 Aug 1889Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Delp, Blythe13 Dec 1888Oct 1978Fort Wayne, Roanoke
Delp, Marian J25 Sep 1915Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Delp, Tommy B30 Jun 190829 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Delp, Warren6 May 1907Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Delph, Charles E7 Mar 193114 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Delph, Roy8 Mar 1900Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Delpriore, Donald A16 Feb 192920 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Delsignore, Gladys17 Aug 1912Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Delvdge, Beatrice22 Mar 1912Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Dely, Joyce L7 Sep 19333 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Demange, Aimee18 Aug 1886Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Demaray, Geraldine M13 Jul 1925Apr 1996New Haven
Demarco Walt, Florence A15 Jan 192217 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Demarco, Constantin17 Jul 1917Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Demato, Elizabeth E6 Dec 194115 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Demerly, Ruth K4 Aug 191731 May 2009Huntertown
Demetre, Constantin15 Jun 1892Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Demetre, James1 Oct 191219 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Demetre, Juanita B8 Jan 192421 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Demetre, Katherine1 Feb 1893Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Demetre, Robert19 Apr 192612 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Demetriades, Catherine23 Apr 1898May 1972Fort Wayne
Demetroff, Alexander T20 May 19243 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Demetroff, C Irene3 Mar 192030 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Demetroff, Tarpen14 Sep 1888Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Demille, Earle1 Mar 1911Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Demilta, Eleanor G12 Aug 191814 Mar 1996Woodburn
Deming, Eunice K2 Dec 191231 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Demiroff, John25 Oct 1898Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Demland, Mary M28 Aug 191417 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Demland, Wilbur2 Oct 1905Mar 1978Roanoke
Demler, Charles11 Apr 1911Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Demler, Evelyn1 Apr 1911Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Demlow, Rosemary K22 Jan 19202 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Demo, George5 Feb 1889Jun 1978Roanoke
Demo, Lilian15 Sep 1899Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Dempewolf, Lillian23 Sep 191225 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Dempsey, Marilyn14 Jun 1937Jan 1980Churubusco
Demsey, Emma P3 Jan 191218 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Demsey, Howard W18 Jun 192118 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Demsey, William18 Jul 1892Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Demske, Valeria25 Dec 1905Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Den Hartog, Geraline24 Dec 19222 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Den Hartog, Gerrit9 Jul 1923Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Denard Jr, Aubery27 Feb 19558 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Denard, Alex15 Dec 19295 May 2006Fort Wayne
Deneke, Eugene27 Jul 1894Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Deneve, Al17 Jul 191330 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Deneve, Maxene16 Jan 19168 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Dengler, Paul1 Nov 1897Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Denherder, Dorothy1 Mar 19126 May 1999Fort Wayne
Denhouten, Eileen21 Sep 190523 May 1994Fort Wayne
Denig, Catherine A20 Feb 1906Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Denig, Karoline L24 Mar 190922 May 2005Fort Wayne
Denig, Maurice26 Dec 1903Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Denig, Warren15 Nov 190817 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Denis, Carlos W22 Jan 193028 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Denis, Charles K18 Jan 193224 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Denis, Clifford1 May 1899Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Denis, Helen20 Jul 1897Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Denis, Ruth2 Nov 1898Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Denis, Uneta17 Jan 189325 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Denker, Mary25 Jul 1890May 1969Fort Wayne
Denley, Henry14 Jun 1900Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Denman, Gaynell1 Dec 1895Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Denman, Louise3 May 1915Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Denman, Robert20 Dec 1899Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Denner, Arthur4 Jan 1901Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Denner, Bertha B28 May 19038 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Denner, George3 Aug 1922Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Denner, Joellen D29 Feb 193219 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Denner, Mildred16 Aug 1913Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Denner, Vivian17 Apr 1909Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Dennett, Joann W21 Oct 192820 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Denney, Carl26 Jan 1898Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Denney, Clementine3 Feb 191426 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Denney, Edna20 Mar 1896May 1980Fort Wayne
Denney, Gerald29 Sep 1903Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Denney, Harry27 Jan 1887Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Denney, James21 Sep 1902Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Denney, John A4 Jul 19131 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Denney, Juanita8 Sep 192015 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Denney, Pauline M24 Dec 191118 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Denney, Pearl G3 Feb 1913May 1993Fort Wayne
Denney, Robert D15 Jul 19527 May 2003Roanoke
Denney, Sue Ellen30 Jul 194514 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Dennie, Agnes M31 Dec 189730 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Dennie, Annabell17 Mar 192312 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Dennie, Darrell D10 Jul 19229 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Dennie, Donald1 Jan 192615 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Dennie, Eugene F17 Jan 192413 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Dennie, Florence M1 Nov 192330 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Dennie, M12 Mar 195512 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Dennie, Tina Marie30 Sep 196228 May 2008Fort Wayne
Denning, Helen L4 Aug 1916Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Denninger, William O25 Jul 191523 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Dennis, Augusta19 Jan 189715 Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Dennis, Betty J13 Jun 19223 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Dennis, Bill5 Nov 1936May 1986Fort Wayne
Dennis, Carolyn28 Sep 1894Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Dennis, Charley7 Jul 1885Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Dennis, Claude31 Aug 1913Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Dennis, Cleo16 Jan 1895Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Dennis, Dal2 Feb 1918Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Dennis, Darryl D28 Jun 195915 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Dennis, Delbert R14 Jan 191530 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Dennis, Earl8 May 1898Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Dennis, Elaine22 Apr 194227 Oct 2005New Haven
Dennis, Elda1 Dec 1900Mar 1985Roanoke
Dennis, Elline7 Apr 1922Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Dennis, Elmer E27 Jan 19225 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Dennis, Evelyn E9 Feb 191627 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Dennis, Florence2 Oct 1917Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Dennis, Floyd2 Sep 1893May 1983Fort Wayne
Dennis, Hazel M25 Jan 19302 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Dennis, Henry20 Jan 1916Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Dennis, Hollie23 Jan 1912Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Dennis, Homer29 Jul 1897Dec 1965Fort Wayne
Dennis, Howard20 Dec 1901Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Dennis, Ignatius30 Aug 1892May 1970Fort Wayne
Dennis, Irene29 Feb 1912Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Dennis, John19 Jul 1900Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Dennis, Joseph21 May 1920Mar 1985Roanoke
Dennis, Lawrence20 Oct 1894Oct 1972Roanoke
Dennis, Leroy12 Apr 1885Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Dennis, Lova17 May 1885Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Dennis, Loy R4 Jun 191821 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Dennis, Lulu26 Aug 1901Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Dennis, Mabel21 Mar 1902Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Dennis, Madrill L25 Apr 19305 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Dennis, Marie C15 Jan 191825 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Dennis, Marion4 Dec 1914Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Dennis, Marvin17 Jul 1919Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Dennis, Mary15 Dec 1916Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Dennis, Mattie12 Jul 1909Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Dennis, Maxine24 Mar 19181 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Dennis, Nina23 Apr 1897Apr 1985Yoder
Dennis, Paul24 Jul 1919Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Dennis, Pearl27 Nov 1896Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Dennis, Sylvester8 Mar 1896Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Dennis, Thelma I21 Feb 1922Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Dennis, Tillie8 Oct 1894Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Dennis, Violet16 Oct 1898Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Dennis, Virgil24 May 1911Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Dennis, William26 Jul 1884May 1974Fort Wayne
Dennison, John W29 Feb 192429 May 1998Fort Wayne
Dennison, Mary F25 Nov 194117 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Dennison, Teresa A3 Jan 190219 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Dennon, Patricia M2 Jan 192922 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Dennon, Russell E23 Feb 19259 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Denny, Gerald13 Feb 1916Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Denny, June E8 Jun 192418 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Denny, Patricia12 Mar 1961Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Densel, Patricia E1 Dec 193020 Mar 1996Monroeville
Densinger, Leslie19 Feb 1897May 1971New Haven
Densmore, Richard W10 Mar 195011 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Densow, Olga L29 Jan 19036 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Dent, Charles11 Sep 1919Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Dent, Edward6 Nov 1903Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Dent, G L13 Oct 194715 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Dent, Marie E19 Sep 191616 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Dent, Martha G11 Mar 191919 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Dent, Thomas3 Feb 1892Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Dentel, Richard P29 Oct 19191 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Dentelcombs, Leslie14 Feb 195112 Nov 2009New Haven
Denton, Charles16 Jul 1891Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Denton, Charles5 Jul 1888Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Denton, Cleo R6 Dec 191819 Nov 1998New Haven
Denton, E L9 Nov 1907Feb 1983New Haven
Denton, Emerson L16 Mar 19362 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Denton, Ervin19 Jan 1905Feb 1979New Haven
Denton, George9 Oct 1907Jun 1978New Haven
Denton, James Milton19 Apr 192922 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Denton, Madonna A20 Jun 193113 May 1994New Haven
Denton, Walter26 Jun 1905Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Denton, Warrena21 Feb 1901Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Dentzer, Bertha19 Apr 1897Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Dentzer, Dale13 May 1901Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Dentzer, Myron3 Jan 1919Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Dentzer, Philip3 Feb 1894May 1970Fort Wayne
Dentzer, Virginia A16 Jun 19167 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Denuyl, Daniel12 Aug 193515 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Denzel, Edward G3 Feb 19128 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Denzel, Helen4 Oct 1913Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Denzel, Joseph29 Jul 1877Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Denzel, Mabel25 Aug 1897Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Denzel, Martin23 Nov 190925 May 1994Fort Wayne
Denzel, William13 Sep 1882Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Denzer, Helen24 Apr 1912Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Depasquale J, Simone15 Mar 194430 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Depaul, Charles24 Mar 19052 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Depaul, Christine K28 Apr 192124 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Depew Young, Cherie R17 Jun 193419 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Depew, Delores3 Jun 1923Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Depew, Donna M3 Feb 193022 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Depew, Ella30 Apr 1900May 1982Fort Wayne
Depew, Floyd19 Jan 19309 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Depew, Margaret P18 Aug 1902Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Depew, Ruby8 May 191315 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Depew, Violet M11 Oct 19139 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Depfuhl, Francis18 Jun 1887Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Depfuhl, Lorraine18 Jun 1900Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Depoy, Dorothy L26 Jun 191213 Jun 2002New Haven
Deppen, Clifford E30 Mar 19262 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Deprey, Harold E29 Sep 19228 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Deprey, Robert4 Apr 1921Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Deprisco, Hildegarde P12 Aug 191526 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Depue, Bert7 Sep 1904Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Depue, Marie29 Apr 1908Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Depue, Raymond28 Feb 1919Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Depung, Ralph17 Apr 1894Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Deputy, Daniel S1 Mar 195812 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Deputy, Faye K7 Mar 192921 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Depuy, Patricia17 Mar 19128 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Derbas, Frank31 Aug 192224 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Derby, Hazel A19 Sep 19251 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Derbyshire, Chase7 Jun 1889Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Derbyshire, Olive Marie1 Apr 192011 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Derck, Jessie4 Feb 1887Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Derck, Richad G8 Feb 19246 May 1991Fort Wayne
Dereemer, Leon31 Dec 1897Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Derek, Jean B18 Dec 19256 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Deremer, Alta6 Mar 1893Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Deremer, Dorothy2 Aug 1912Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Deremer, Roberta J24 Apr 1929Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Dergans, Myra24 Sep 190826 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Dergins, Lala12 Sep 191011 May 1995Fort Wayne
Dergins, Richard A5 Aug 193029 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Dergins, Ross5 Jun 1905Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Dergins, Sarah25 Dec 193929 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Derhammer, Minnie26 Dec 1878Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Derheimer, Cecelia R17 Aug 190822 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Derheimer, Ellen2 Sep 1901Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Derheimer, Evelyn M10 May 1915Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Derheimer, Harold27 Jun 1904Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Derheimer, Jessie E15 Jul 1913Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Derheimer, Louis A27 Jul 191131 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Derheimer, Marilou C25 Feb 19488 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Derheimer, Mary18 Aug 1943Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Derheimer, Ross3 Jan 1947Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Derheimer, Terri Michelle9 May 19608 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Derickson, Carol17 Aug 1932Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Derickson, Donald W30 Sep 192911 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Derickson, Edward30 Mar 1899Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Derickson, Elsie M21 Nov 19023 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Dering, Georgette P23 Dec 192231 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Derkach, Dmytro24 Oct 192012 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Derloshon, Lucretia21 Dec 1889Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Derloshon, N E15 Sep 193715 Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Derloshon, Thomas P12 Jul 191116 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Dermer, Richard D26 Apr 191318 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Dernier, Rosemary25 Sep 192215 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Deroche, George M28 Feb 193814 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Deroo, Howard E18 Nov 194724 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Derose, Marcile D5 Apr 192117 Jul 1994New Haven
Derose, Patrick J21 Apr 192414 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Derrick, Beatrice16 Jun 1905Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Derrick, Frances C29 Mar 19302 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Derrick, Frank24 Sep 1921Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Derrick, Fred R23 Aug 1927May 1995Fort Wayne
Derrick, Herbert J25 Aug 194624 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Derrick, Rose L17 May 1922Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Derrick, Rose L17 May 1922Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Derrickson, Charles15 Jun 192221 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Derrow, Ethel Louise31 Aug 19208 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Derrow, Gerald19 May 1912Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Derrow, Grace27 Dec 1885Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Derrow, Jewell A28 Oct 1909Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Derrow, Paul5 Jan 1935Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Derrow, Ruth F17 May 191820 May 1996Fort Wayne
Dershem, Faye10 Feb 1924Mar 1986New Haven
Deryk, Diane J27 Sep 19498 Nov 2006Huntertown
Deryk, Elsa17 Aug 191026 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Deryk, William11 Jul 190814 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Desanto, Charles P25 Sep 19238 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Desch, Joseph6 Nov 1884Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Desch, Lester14 Jan 1906Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Desch, Marceline8 Feb 1931Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Desch, Oswald24 Feb 1912Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Deschler, Michael L27 Sep 193716 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Deselm, Don7 Dec 1927Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Deselm, Florence12 Sep 1890Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Deselm, James L27 Jun 192420 May 1997Fort Wayne
Deselm, Lester12 Dec 1889Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Deshazier, Johnny5 Mar 1937Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Deshon, Dorothy30 Sep 1914Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Desmond, Gail22 Nov 1928Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Desmonds, Ernest22 Jun 1902Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Desmonds, Eugenie16 Jul 1890May 1986Fort Wayne
Desmonds, Helen21 Nov 1924Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Desmonds, John10 Apr 1893Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Desmonds, Robert1 Aug 1923Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Desocia, Sanford C1 Mar 187015 Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Despos, Helen L19 Oct 191816 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Despos, Thomas C6 Jan 19136 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Dessauer, Flora30 May 1876Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Dessauer, Julia6 Dec 1889May 1969Fort Wayne
Detamore, Hazel2 Nov 1893Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Deter, Harold31 Oct 1915Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Deter, Margaret A24 Sep 191617 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Deter, Pansy M22 Nov 1898Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Deter, Ross2 Mar 1895Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Detert, Luella4 Sep 1904Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Detilly, Irene11 Sep 1906Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Detmer, Alma5 Apr 1920Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Detmer, Gregory6 Jan 1907Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Detmers, Larry D18 Mar 193320 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Detraz, Mildred E18 Aug 19039 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Detraz, Orville R23 Aug 193022 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Detrick, Kathleen20 May 1910May 1987Fort Wayne
Detrick, Maryann10 Jan 191916 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Detrick, Nellie25 Apr 1888Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Detro, Barbara A5 Sep 193325 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Detro, Everett1 Mar 1897Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Detter, Joan C24 Jul 194620 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Detter, Miles6 Feb 1905Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Detter, Modena12 Aug 1919Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Dettinger, Eleanor M11 Feb 190815 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Dettling, Paul E5 Feb 191929 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Dettmer, Alvina20 Jul 1906Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Dettmer, Anna J27 Oct 193331 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Dettmer, Berneda24 Jun 192524 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Dettmer, Charles2 Feb 1895Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Dettmer, Donald29 Aug 1926Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Dettmer, Edith Bell8 Jan 192126 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Dettmer, Evelyn A5 Jul 193524 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Dettmer, Glen A2 Apr 194830 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Dettmer, Herold C23 Oct 191821 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Dettmer, Luther A9 Apr 191218 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Dettmer, Meta H5 Apr 190926 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Dettmer, Meth6 Jan 1895Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Dettmer, Milton5 Jul 1912Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Dettmer, Roland28 Jul 1918Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Dettmer, Siemon John22 Dec 19162 May 2008Fort Wayne
Deturk, Florence3 Jan 1883Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Deturk, Henry19 Jul 1887Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Deturk, John L7 Jun 193817 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Deturk, Magdalena6 Nov 1905Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Deturk, Nellie M17 Mar 19118 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Deturk, Russell6 Dec 190725 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Detweiler, Joseph2 Apr 1888May 1965Fort Wayne
Detweiler, Paul11 Nov 1926Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Detwiler, Evanelle11 Jul 19269 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Detwiler, Henry19 Feb 1904Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Detwiler, Irene29 Nov 190514 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Detwiler, Jess16 Feb 1903Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Detwiler, Lucile27 Apr 1904Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Detwiler, Nellie7 Feb 1900Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Detwiler, Nona22 Jul 1908May 1996Fort Wayne
Detzer, Berneice8 Mar 1894Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Deuter, Arthur H12 Feb 19188 Nov 2000New Haven
Deuter, Harry30 Mar 1904Feb 1970Roanoke
Deuter, Helen M30 May 190625 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Deuter, William2 Mar 192425 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Deutsch, Clara28 Jun 1881Nov 1972Churubusco
Deutsch, Hazel M12 Oct 1909Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Devaney, Stephen R28 Jan 194822 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Devaux, Adolph31 Mar 1897Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Devaux, Albert H26 Jun 191831 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Devaux, Cecelia22 Dec 1892May 1974Fort Wayne
Devaux, Frances S18 Jan 192711 Dec 2003Woodburn
Devaux, Frank18 Aug 1891Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Devaux, Gladys D20 Jan 190929 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Devaux, Harold J5 Apr 19283 Dec 2007New Haven
Devaux, Harry4 Aug 1914Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Devaux, Irma28 Sep 1899May 1978Fort Wayne
Devaux, Marie7 May 1902Feb 1983Woodburn
Devaux, Marjorie E18 Aug 192119 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Devaux, Robert D25 Oct 191626 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Devaux, Ronita R2 Dec 193419 May 2008Fort Wayne
Devbrow, Robert W24 Jan 191130 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Deveau Sr, Roger5 Mar 19226 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Devega, John N22 Jan 192819 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Deventer, Homer22 Oct 1922Oct 1984Spencerville
Dever, Lilian E20 Jan 191620 Aug 1999Leo
Dever, Mary E22 Dec 192219 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Dever, Nelson16 Jul 1909Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Dever, Raymond F3 Aug 19206 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Dever, Roland W19 Jun 194612 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Dever, Veda27 Jul 1912Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Dever, Verda23 Nov 1912Feb 1983Leo
Devido, Anne7 Jun 1941Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Devilbiss, Laurinda28 Feb 1882Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Deville, Barbara24 Jun 193219 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Deville, Kathryn6 Nov 1905Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Deville, Paul E28 Jul 19291 May 1997Fort Wayne
Devincent, Sam8 Jan 191829 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Devine, Callistus14 Oct 1891Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Devine, Everett D10 Jan 193520 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Devine, John A10 Jan 191928 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Devine, Rose21 Dec 188920 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Devine, William J18 Nov 193116 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Devinney, Alvin11 Jan 1924Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Devinney, Robert A28 Dec 191430 May 2008Fort Wayne
Devinney, William W12 Feb 19284 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Devlin, Earl Anthony30 May 19312 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Devlin, Irene C12 May 190229 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Devlin, Saydee24 Jun 1902Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Devoe, Lewis29 Nov 1908Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Devoe, Melvin16 Jan 1907Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Devoe, S M15 Dec 193415 Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Devor, Paul21 Jan 1913Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Devore, Bert1 Apr 192023 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Devore, Lavonne31 May 1906Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Devore, Sara S27 Dec 194114 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Devries, Al25 Mar 1905Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Devries, Allen D18 May 193510 May 2008Fort Wayne
Devries, Mary F26 Feb 192224 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Dew, Lyndea H4 Dec 191125 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Dewaelsche, Ermida4 Feb 1905Aug 1985New Haven
Dewald, Arvilla27 Feb 191730 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Dewald, Elvin12 Aug 1906Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Dewald, Jean A18 Feb 191226 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Dewald, John21 Nov 1898Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Dewald, Marie P24 Jul 1897Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Dewald, Maurice J6 Sep 191018 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Dewald, Nellie L29 Sep 190721 Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Dewald, Paul C27 Feb 191431 May 2003Fort Wayne
Dewald, Wilhelmina25 Mar 1886Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Dewalt, Clark J12 Sep 19162 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Dewalt, Verdella M7 Aug 192015 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Dewart, David R29 May 192721 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Dewart, Delmer E25 Dec 19233 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Dewart, Harriett20 Oct 1903Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Dewart, Reuben18 Feb 1903Apr 1974Grabill
Dewart, Ruth12 Apr 1897Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Dewees, Mary4 Dec 1896Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Dewees, Opal25 Jun 1903May 1981Fort Wayne
Deweese, Arlene J16 Jun 193211 Jul 2000Leo
Deweese, Clara8 Aug 1899May 1983Fort Wayne
Deweese, Lenpha C13 Jul 1907Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Deweese, Orene L1 May 191228 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Dewells, Betty24 Mar 192921 May 2000Fort Wayne
Dewey, Allan M11 Apr 191523 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Dewey, Florence B23 May 1914Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Dewey, Franklin J21 Jun 194110 Mar 2008Monroeville
Dewit, Harry4 Feb 192022 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Caroline A30 Jul 19445 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Cynthia A16 Jul 196923 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Dewitt, David6 Jun 1895Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Delvia23 Jun 19125 Mar 1998Churubusco
Dewitt, Donald17 Jun 1904Nov 1983Yoder
Dewitt, Edison E1 Mar 192323 Mar 1996Roanoke
Dewitt, Euda1 Jun 1898Feb 1987Roanoke
Dewitt, Gertrude B25 Jun 19073 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Harley6 Feb 1898Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Harry6 Mar 1896Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Harry16 Nov 1898Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Harvey2 Feb 1913Apr 1978Churubusco
Dewitt, Howard M22 Sep 193026 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Jack4 Sep 191717 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Julia8 Aug 1902Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Lawrence26 Jan 1903Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Mary7 Sep 1889Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Mary H5 Nov 191930 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Opal C17 Dec 191021 Nov 2002Huntertown
Dewitt, Paul H30 Nov 191216 May 2003Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Robert E9 Oct 192621 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Robert Wesley5 Oct 193127 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Ronald D31 Aug 193928 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Ruth5 Sep 1901Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Shirley M26 Dec 19347 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Vernon R27 Dec 191524 May 1995Fort Wayne
Dewitt, Wilma11 Aug 1917Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Dewood, James P17 Oct 190931 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Dewood, Lilah8 Feb 1898Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Dewood, Mary20 Feb 1893Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Dewood, Nimmer17 Feb 1900Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Dewood, Paul25 Jun 1893Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Dewood, Rose25 Sep 1897Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Dewulf, Maurice20 Feb 191611 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Dexter, Mary17 Aug 19497 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Dey, Fay5 Jan 1896Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Dey, Florence M2 Feb 191919 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Dey, Patricia J15 Aug 194420 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Deye, Mable20 Jul 1892May 1987Fort Wayne
Deyoung, John12 Mar 1923Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Deyoung, John12 Jun 1889Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Deyoung, John J21 Nov 19188 Apr 1997Fort Wayne

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