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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Di Filippo, Donald T21 Dec 192426 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Dial, Christine G30 Aug 197028 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Dial, Florence M20 Mar 1913Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Dial, Gerald E1 Jun 192314 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Dial, J8 Sep 1967Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Dial, Johnnie21 Oct 1964Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Dial, Lavahn17 Nov 191616 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Dial, Leona12 Sep 19102 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Dial, Leonard T25 Dec 19301 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Dial, Lillie M3 May 19322 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Dial, Mamie22 Feb 1894Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Dial, Ruby M23 Jul 192016 Sep 2008Woodburn
Dial, Walter10 Apr 1912Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Diamente, Albina7 Apr 1926Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Diamente, Carmine6 Mar 1955Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Diamente, Gian19 Feb 1965Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Diamond, Richard T7 Sep 193423 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Diaz, Helen16 Feb 1923Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Diaz, Michael20 Oct 1954Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Diaz, Rafael C10 Dec 19222 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Diaz, W J21 Feb 19318 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Dibble, Carolyn R2 Aug 193423 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Dibble, Clara J21 Aug 192615 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Dibble, Donald L2 May 193418 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Dibble, Gordon E1 Mar 192931 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Dibble, Hilda C2 Jul 18992 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Dibble, Ila R17 Feb 191426 Nov 2004Roanoke
Dibble, Kathleen12 Oct 1912Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Dibble, Margaret D8 Apr 18999 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Dibble, Roland22 Dec 1911Jun 1986Roanoke
Dibble, Shirley B3 Jul 191825 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Dibert, Anne A18 Feb 191222 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Dibert, Paul12 Jun 1918Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Dibreta, Rose29 Apr 1909Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Dibrita, Rocco21 Sep 1901Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Dice, Anna17 Feb 1886Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Dice, Charles2 Jan 1902Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Dice, Charles E24 Feb 193215 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Dice, Effie21 Jan 1893May 1975Fort Wayne
Dice, Joyce E29 Jul 193428 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Dice, Margery E12 May 190215 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Dice, Richard E28 Dec 191927 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Dick, Alpha L24 May 189923 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Dick, Bernice I16 Jul 193126 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Dick, Daisy10 Jul 1908Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Dick, Doris M4 Dec 192030 May 2007Grabill
Dick, Ferol20 Mar 1899Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Dick, Mary Frances5 Jun 192729 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Dick, Ralph5 Sep 1876May 1971Fort Wayne
Dick, Ruth A2 Sep 193219 May 1999Fort Wayne
Dick, Vern16 Aug 1901Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Dicke, Arthur17 Jul 1899Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Dicke, Carl5 Sep 1896Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Dicke, Ethel22 Dec 1900May 1981Fort Wayne
Dicke, Helen M17 Aug 19123 May 1999Fort Wayne
Dickelman, Merle14 Oct 1924Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Dicken, Anne K25 May 190212 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Dicken, Phyllis L6 Aug 19301 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Dickens, Grace11 Feb 1890Jan 1965Fort Wayne
Dickenson, George K22 Jun 19177 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Dickenson, Mary12 Nov 1886Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Dickerhoof, Jack A26 Jun 193421 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Dickerman, Clara11 Aug 1902Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Dickerson, Cegil19 Mar 1901Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Dickerson, Dorothy4 Jul 1910Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Dickerson, Frances J10 Nov 193024 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Dickerson, Grace L27 Aug 191111 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Dickerson, Helen15 Apr 1895Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Dickerson, Ina20 Mar 1922Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Dickerson, Jason23 May 1920May 1977Fort Wayne
Dickerson, Jesse B31 Jan 190628 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Dickerson, John W28 Jul 19203 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Dickerson, Joseph31 Aug 1895Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Dickerson, Joseph L7 Jan 190826 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Dickerson, Robert21 Apr 191721 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Dickey, Carl2 Jan 1909Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Dickey, Chester22 Jul 1912Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Dickey, Clarence27 Aug 1887Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Dickey, Clyde L14 Dec 195130 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Dickey, Ethel L4 Oct 191127 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Dickey, George W9 Aug 192917 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Dickey, Gertrude E3 Oct 19115 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Dickey, Helen24 May 1921Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Dickey, Herman4 Oct 1906Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Dickey, Jolene19 Jul 1950Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Dickey, Kenton31 Jul 1918Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Dickey, Lorraine F3 Feb 190615 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Dickey, Mary B14 Mar 1904Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Dickey, Neva R1 Jun 193511 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Dickey, Ollie L3 Mar 192230 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Dickey, Samuel1 Sep 1918Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Dickinson, Charles8 Apr 1917Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Dickinson, Harold27 Oct 1911Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Dickinson, Harry23 Jan 1896Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Dickinson, Helen30 Jan 1891Mar 1976New Haven
Dickinson, Walter E4 Aug 191313 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Dickman, Annabelle M2 Jul 19125 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Dickman, Harold1 Dec 1911Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Dickman, Lucy6 Mar 1885Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Dickman, Marjorie29 Dec 191219 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Albert15 Aug 1899Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Alfred4 Apr 1898Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Alfred2 Jul 1895Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Arthur9 May 1912Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Beatrice21 May 1923Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Catherine N5 Oct 192020 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Charles O17 Jun 19187 May 1998Hoagland
Dickmeyer, Daniel R13 Jul 193011 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Edwin24 Sep 1892Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Frank E11 Mar 19276 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Gordon B9 Apr 192325 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Harold26 Sep 1913Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Helen L13 Jun 191919 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Helen M29 Mar 190922 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, John D9 Feb 191924 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, M Joan24 Apr 19236 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Marie28 Feb 1898Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Mary Jane25 Apr 192221 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Mary M6 Jan 192927 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Oscar6 Jan 1896Mar 1987Hoagland
Dickmeyer, Paul F14 Jun 190826 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Paula J17 May 19256 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Retha15 Mar 1896Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, Richard S30 Jul 192123 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Dickmeyer, William1 Jul 1883Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Dickover, Amelia16 Feb 1898Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Dickover, Arthur10 Sep 1891Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Dickson, Edward A8 Jul 19103 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Dicola, Catherine5 May 1884Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Dicola, John14 Nov 1874Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Dicola, O Frank23 Dec 191819 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Dicus, Donald A24 Aug 19403 May 2006Fort Wayne
Didier, Agnes C3 Jun 19287 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Didier, Clarence28 Jun 1892Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Didier, Clement23 Oct 1890Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Didier, Eleonora6 Nov 1895Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Didier, Elsie H16 Nov 19057 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Didier, Frank B15 Feb 192515 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Didier, Goldie5 Dec 1906Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Didier, James M12 Nov 193024 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Didier, John J21 Jun 192512 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Didier, Leo21 Nov 1905Oct 1982Roanoke
Didier, Loretta7 Jul 1892Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Didier, Louis10 Jan 1896Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Didier, Mary J21 Jun 191822 May 2002Roanoke
Didier, Paul5 Jan 1919Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Didier, Ralph23 Jul 1900Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Didier, Richard C24 May 19226 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Didier, Robert24 Jan 1915Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Didier, William14 Jul 1920Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Didier, William19 Apr 1902Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Didier, William A15 Oct 189326 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Didierjohn, Ann4 Dec 1892Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Didierjohn, John24 Nov 1896Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Didion, Anna15 Apr 1886Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Didion, Bette5 Apr 1923Aug 1987Fort Wayne, New Haven
Didion, Charles T11 Jul 19357 Feb 2006New Haven
Didion, D29 Sep 1908Mar 1976Churubusco
Didion, David L17 Apr 195719 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Didion, Geraldine M22 Apr 190820 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Didion, Ida26 Mar 1884Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Didion, Joseph21 Nov 1908Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Didion, Lawrence J22 Nov 19247 May 1993Fort Wayne
Didion, Leo30 Mar 1905Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Didion, Louis J26 May 193027 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Didion, Malcolm30 May 1905Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Didion, Marie4 Mar 1907Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Didion, Marie4 Apr 1908Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Didion, Olivia C2 Sep 19082 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Didion, Raymond H10 Oct 191619 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Didion, Theresa4 Jun 1890Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Didomenico, Fred10 Jul 19289 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Didomenico, John10 Feb 1903Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Didrick, Edward J14 Dec 191415 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Didrick, Jean F2 Apr 192311 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Didrick, Mary S11 Aug 19143 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Didrick, May21 Nov 1899Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Didrick, Richard10 Oct 1906Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Dieckman, Arthur F6 Apr 191831 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Dieckman, Louise29 Jun 1916Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Diederich, August11 Mar 1901Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Diederich, Edith23 Dec 1909Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Diederich, Ronald31 Jan 1930Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Diedrich, Charles H11 May 19282 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Diedrich, Eva27 Jan 19047 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Diedrich, Lawrence2 Dec 1906Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Diefenthaler, Jack L18 Jun 19311 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Diefenthaler, Mark A21 Apr 194626 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Diehl, Alfred R22 Aug 191821 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Diehl, Bertha15 Jul 1886Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Diehl, Elizabeth J29 Mar 192430 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Diehl, Evelyn E30 Jul 19171 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Diehl, Marion L4 Aug 19204 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Diehl, Vernon28 May 1897Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Diehlman, Grace5 Jul 1888Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Diehm, Aldie11 Mar 1889Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Diehm, Anna27 Nov 1904Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Diehm, Betty E28 Jul 192428 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Diehm, Chris W26 Jul 197212 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Diehm, Frank28 Apr 1887Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Diehm, Irvin2 May 1905Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Diehm, Marvin11 Aug 1910Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Diehm, Mary26 Oct 1919Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Diehm, Patricia J9 Sep 193816 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Diehm, Pearl17 May 1901Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Diehm, Ralph17 Jul 1904Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Diehm, Virgil6 Jan 190811 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Diek, Alma11 Sep 1888Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Diek, Charles F19 Jul 19207 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Diek, Irene20 Oct 1910Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Diek, Marcella A24 Oct 190617 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Diem, Katherine6 Jan 1892May 1975Fort Wayne
Diemer, Arthur11 Feb 1908Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Diemer, Carrie9 Mar 1909Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Diemer, Donna J19 Aug 19238 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Diemer, Elmer F1 Feb 191310 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Diemer, Ethel28 Apr 1899Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Diemer, Grover2 Dec 1905Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Diemer, H Marian20 Mar 191610 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Diemer, Lorina M12 Feb 191024 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Diemer, Martin26 Jan 1883Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Diemer, Sophia A14 Mar 190824 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Diemond, Blanche E6 Sep 192230 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Diemond, George R15 Aug 191823 May 1997Fort Wayne
Dienelt, Gertrude15 Mar 1888Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Dienelt, Victoria17 Oct 192216 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Dierstein, Eleanor M10 Oct 19098 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Dierstein, Emma S11 Aug 187715 Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Dies, Patricia L17 Mar 192921 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Diesel, Kathryn22 Aug 1880Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Dietel, John C9 Dec 191810 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Dieter, Paul5 Feb 1924Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Dietrich, Adolph F24 Feb 191822 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Dietrich, Ethel14 Oct 1902Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Dietrich, F Joan J8 Jan 191528 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Dietrich, Mable8 Feb 1892Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Dietrich, Merle O11 Feb 196121 Feb 1996Woodburn
Dietrichson, Dolores L29 Dec 18938 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Dietsch, John19 Jan 1886Jul 1972Huntertown
Dietsch, Joyce29 May 194525 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Diettrich, Michael29 Sep 19042 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Dietz, Erma M19 Apr 19157 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Dietz, Gary J27 Aug 194811 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Dietze, Helene13 Aug 1885Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Diffendarfer, Ellen17 Dec 1894Jul 1982Churubusco
Diffendarfer, Evelyn30 Apr 191114 Nov 2006Churubusco
Diffendarfer, Floyd16 Dec 191221 Mar 2001Churubusco
Diffendarfer, Jesse H19 May 19098 Mar 1992Churubusco
Diffendarfer, John30 Oct 1891Nov 1976Churubusco
Diffendarfer, Ronald14 Nov 1918Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Diggins, Josephine17 Jun 190811 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Diggs, E14 Jan 19234 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Diggs, Ruby O6 Apr 190114 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Digregory, Joseph14 Nov 1887Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Digregory, Josephine16 Jun 18931 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Digregory, Victor12 Feb 1934Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Diianni, Vincenzo21 Dec 19312 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Dikty, Paul E15 Nov 19751 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Dikty, Robert L22 May 19347 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Dildine, Mary B26 Aug 190721 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Dileo, Ethel J18 May 191914 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Dileo, William E27 Jul 19156 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Dilgard, Faye S9 Sep 19016 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Dilgard, Howard10 Jul 1898Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Dill, Dorothy E22 May 1905Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Dill, George C27 Jul 19166 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Dill, Gerald6 Sep 1918Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Dill, Hazel Laura23 Jan 19091 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Dill, Howard26 Jul 1900Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Dill, Jean E20 Oct 191826 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Dill, Lawrence11 Apr 1906Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Dill, Neva A17 Aug 19225 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Dill, Oris9 Nov 1896Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Dill, Robert J2 Feb 193129 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Dill, Wallace17 Aug 1922Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Dillander, Alice M16 Oct 192513 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Dillander, Herbert V10 Jul 195023 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Dillard, Jefferson1 Oct 1896Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Dillen, Roy21 Feb 1904Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Diller, Dorothy M6 Nov 192714 Sep 2005Churubusco
Diller, Eugene28 Apr 1938Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Diller, George2 Oct 1895Dec 1972Churubusco
Diller, George J29 Nov 192128 Sep 1998Churubusco
Diller, Lawrence11 Nov 1901Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Diller, Mahala21 Aug 190929 May 1998Fort Wayne
Diller, Mary17 Sep 1907Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Diller, Mildred28 Oct 1896Nov 1972Churubusco
Diller, William28 Feb 1886May 1970Fort Wayne
Dilling, Eleanor17 Mar 1889May 1979Fort Wayne
Dilling, Lela9 Feb 1898Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Dilling, Virgil4 Aug 1907Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Dillingham, Maybelle M7 Jun 190015 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Dillion, Bobby G2 Mar 193413 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Dillion, Vivian C9 Nov 195517 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Dillman, Frederick M20 Aug 192128 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Dillman, Jean25 May 1895Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Dillman, Larry L14 Feb 193327 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Dillman, Otho E22 Oct 191018 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Dillman, Phyllis H17 Jul 192430 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Dillman, Robert J10 Dec 191926 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Dillman, Ruth I16 Feb 19078 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Dillman, Walter E27 Aug 1899Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Dillmon, Doris11 Jun 190911 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Dillon, Doyle L15 Jul 19393 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Dillon, Etta M12 Aug 190828 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Dillon, Golfrey C16 Sep 192610 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Dillon, Howard R16 May 19374 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Dillon, Jack23 May 1925Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Dillon, Jackson11 May 1897Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Dillon, Kathryn P6 Jun 191020 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Dillon, Mary A18 Aug 192725 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Dillon, Mary E30 Jan 195531 May 2006Fort Wayne
Dillon, Vernon15 Oct 1905Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Dillon, William A27 Aug 19329 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Dills, Earl C7 Jul 193724 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Dills, Ted13 May 1936Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Dilts, Mary J7 Mar 193829 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Diltz, Robert R25 Mar 19325 Jun 1998Grabill
Dilworth, Mary E12 Jun 191622 May 2008New Haven
Dilworth, Melborn27 Apr 1907Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Dimilla, Mary E28 Mar 19202 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Dimit, Sherril15 Aug 193827 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Dimke, Anna12 Sep 1888Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Dimke, Eleanor M28 Jul 191820 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Dimke, Gladys2 May 1895Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Dimmett, Geneva31 Jul 1907May 1978Fort Wayne
Dimmett, Richmond8 Dec 1902Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Dimmich, Harold C20 Aug 190319 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Dimmich, Wilma4 Jun 1906Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Dincoff, Anna10 Aug 189215 Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Dincoff, John C7 Dec 192929 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Dincoff, Virginia L28 Nov 192014 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Dingman, Beatrice6 Jul 1899Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Dingman, Charles29 Jun 1899Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Dingman, Venice C12 Aug 1911Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Dingman, Versa23 Feb 191816 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Dinh, Hoi1 Apr 193011 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Dinius, Audrey Jeanette2 Oct 192527 May 2009Roanoke
Dinius, Clara2 Dec 1888Nov 1984Roanoke
Dinius, Donald5 Nov 1902Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Dinius, Donald L1 Mar 19129 May 2004Roanoke
Dinius, Eza9 Sep 1879Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Dinius, Garland1 Jan 1918Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Dinius, Harley22 Feb 1900Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Dinius, Helen J28 Jul 191024 May 1988Fort Wayne
Dinius, Kim J25 Feb 195215 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Dinius, Mark21 Mar 1899Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Dinius, Mary22 Sep 1889Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Dinius, Mary15 Feb 1905Apr 1978Roanoke
Dinius, Maud12 Feb 1884Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Dinius, Nelta N29 Sep 192615 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Dinius, Robert3 Dec 1908Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Dinius, Stephen H21 Mar 190927 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Dinius, William A6 Jan 192727 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Dinkel, Della20 Oct 1891Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Dinkel, Laura L20 Mar 19043 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Dinkel, William Henry Ernest27 Dec 192114 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Dinkins, Alberta10 Jul 19382 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Dinkins, Freddie30 Oct 19264 May 1989Fort Wayne
Dinkins, Jesse A23 Jul 192029 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Dinklage, Arthur27 Mar 1890Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Dinklage, Margaret2 Apr 1910Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Dinnee, Mary R28 Jan 191231 Dec 2002Spencerville
Dinnee, Roy L7 May 191121 Dec 1993Spencerville
Dinnen, Beryl R17 Mar 19185 May 2006Fort Wayne
Dinnen, Margaret4 Jun 1891May 1972Fort Wayne
Dinovo, Marie J11 May 191915 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Dintsch, Eva M24 Feb 191325 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Dinwiddie, Joan17 Jun 19351 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Dinwiddie, Mary14 Dec 19102 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Dipmore, Carrie1 Sep 1886Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Dipmore, William10 Sep 1890Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Dippel, Mina13 Mar 190316 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Dippold, Margaret S28 Oct 192512 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Dirig, Albert E29 Sep 191317 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Dirig, Donald J21 Mar 19369 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Dirig, Edward16 Jan 1907Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Dirig, Helen C26 Dec 19205 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Dirig, Hilda A15 Oct 19143 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Dirig, John27 Apr 1911Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Dirig, Joyce26 Aug 19439 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Dirig, Kathereen7 Feb 1914Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Dirig, Mildred A20 Feb 191326 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Dirks, Albert27 Mar 1897Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Dirks, Edward2 Aug 1899Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Dirks, Emma14 Jan 190412 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Dirr, Alma R12 Jan 19054 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Dirr, Donald R11 Oct 193325 Feb 2006Churubusco
Dirr, Marion29 Jun 1907Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Dirrim, Devere A18 Dec 191224 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Dirrim, Karl15 Sep 1899Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Dirrim, Marian R25 Jun 192515 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Dirrim, Mary17 Sep 1901Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Dirrim, Patricia A26 Feb 193820 May 2005Fort Wayne
Dirrim, Rex11 Oct 1901Jun 1965Fort Wayne
Disbro, Almeda E26 Feb 1915Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Disbro, Melvin E13 Dec 19154 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Disher, Columbus1 May 1907Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Disher, Lucretia13 May 1910Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Disher, Mildred3 Jul 1905Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Disher, Ray14 Apr 1903Dec 1972Woodburn
Disidore, Jennie27 Nov 1900Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Disidore, Tony20 Dec 1885Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Diskey, Naomi I19 Aug 1929Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Diskey, Richard M1 Aug 192730 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Diskey, Willis E24 Apr 192613 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Disler, Arthur28 Jun 1911Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Disler, Betty21 Apr 1923Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Disler, Daniel13 May 1913Sep 1977Fort Wayne, Harlan
Disler, Dennis27 Feb 1950Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Disler, Elise26 Nov 1891Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Disler, Enlow21 May 1885May 1970Churubusco
Disler, Ernest H16 Dec 189931 Jul 1989Churubusco
Disler, Gladys3 May 1903Nov 1978Churubusco
Disler, Kenneth E16 Dec 19229 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Disler, Lillian27 Feb 1893Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Disler, Louisa12 Oct 1898Sep 1986New Haven
Disler, Mae I13 Jul 192024 May 2007Fort Wayne
Disler, Randall15 Nov 192319 Nov 2000Churubusco
Disler, Ruth G30 Jun 1904Feb 1995Churubusco
Disler, Warren J20 Dec 192021 May 1999Churubusco
Disler, Willis L23 Nov 19278 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Diss, Ada2 Sep 1900Jun 1974Yoder
Diss, Cecil H14 Feb 190520 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Diss, Florence M25 Aug 19136 May 2004Fort Wayne
Diss, Frank J17 Dec 189531 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Diss, Marguerite D22 Dec 19048 May 1992Fort Wayne
Diss, William13 Jun 1897May 1972Yoder
Disser, Marie15 May 1892Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Disser, Robert K18 Jul 19206 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Dissinger, Jessie14 Mar 1887Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Dissinger, L B9 Oct 19094 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Distel, Martha26 Mar 1907Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Distel, Ruth25 Dec 1896Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Distel, Sophia A21 May 18975 Feb 1998New Haven
Distelrath, Clarence29 Apr 1911May 1978Fort Wayne
Distelrath, Frances17 Nov 1913Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Distelrath, Sondra L25 Oct 194314 Nov 2006Huntertown
Ditlinger, Agnes6 Sep 1916Sep 1994Monroeville
Ditlinger, Ellen5 Apr 1910Mar 1974Monroeville
Ditmer, Arthur H5 Jul 192119 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Dittmann, Emily28 Apr 19122 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Dittmann, Fred G31 Jul 19072 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Dittmar, Helen M28 Mar 190822 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Dittmer, Milda8 Mar 191022 May 2009Fort Wayne
Ditton, Carl J25 Nov 19218 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Ditton, Fred15 Mar 1922Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Ditton, George23 Sep 1898Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Ditton, Hazel H21 Aug 192813 Oct 2009Yoder
Ditton, Henry Arthur18 Aug 192327 Feb 2009Yoder
Ditton, James C19 Oct 19101 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Ditton, Louis G7 Sep 193419 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Ditton, Martha Jean25 Feb 192322 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Ditton, Mary E2 Jun 191519 Aug 1998New Haven
Ditton, Obie13 Apr 1900Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Ditton, Ralph8 Jan 1898Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Ditton, Ralph N29 Sep 19122 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Ditton, Ray O26 Apr 193715 Nov 2001New Haven
Dittrich, Rudy3 Jul 1920Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Ditzenberger, Ann M23 Feb 19065 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Ditzenberger, Dewey4 Jul 189815 Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Ditzenberger, Frances D7 Dec 193717 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Ditzenberger, Frank15 Apr 1902Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Ditzenberger, Robert C12 Oct 19318 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Ditzenberger, Rosa27 May 1908Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Divelbiss, Delbert G31 Aug 192922 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Dively, Anna T30 Jan 190920 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Diver, Beverly J3 Aug 193018 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Diver, C9 Jan 1905Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Diver, Cornelius P1 May 18996 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Diver, Emma M11 Nov 190630 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Diver, John15 Oct 1892Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Diver, Josephine L1 Jun 190922 May 2000Fort Wayne
Diver, Norbert J22 Jun 192017 May 2004Fort Wayne
Diver, Ruth B30 Jul 190010 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Dix, Carroll J8 Sep 192217 Aug 1996Woodburn
Dix, Clarence31 Jan 1909Jul 1982Grabill
Dix, Lawrence30 Apr 1913Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Dix, Rose Anne29 Apr 194322 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Dixie, Bettie L12 Apr 191118 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Dixie, C R20 Nov 193515 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Dixie, Helen29 Nov 1905Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Dixie, John23 Jul 1901Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Dixie, John H13 Feb 19271 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Dixie, Sadie2 Aug 19232 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Dixie, Timothy8 May 1910Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Dixie, Willa23 Mar 1903Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Dixie, William2 Dec 1906Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Dixon, Alta6 Aug 1892Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Dixon, Beverly J4 Jun 193220 May 2007Fort Wayne
Dixon, Blanche23 Feb 1895Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Dixon, Charles8 Jul 1892Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Dixon, Earl11 Jan 1907Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Dixon, Earl12 Nov 1892Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Dixon, Elizabeth19 Nov 1902Sep 1980New Haven
Dixon, Fred3 Aug 1915Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Dixon, Gertrude19 Apr 1924Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Dixon, Helen R6 Dec 191628 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Dixon, Ida Bell12 Jan 192113 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Dixon, James E16 Dec 19176 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Dixon, Marianna10 Oct 1910May 1981Fort Wayne
Dixon, Mary J15 Jun 192915 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Dixon, Melvin14 Aug 1931Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Dixon, Mildred Y1 May 192127 Aug 2007Leo
Dixon, Minnie27 Sep 1890Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Dixon, Miriam A12 Nov 190016 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Dixon, Neva M12 Sep 19003 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Dixon, Timothy D19 Sep 197220 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Dixon, Vera V21 Oct 18974 May 1991Fort Wayne
Dixon, Vivian4 Feb 19288 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Dixon, William H6 Oct 192419 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Dixon, Winifred J12 Jun 192514 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Dixson, Angela22 Apr 19588 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Dixson, Benjamin16 Jan 1909Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Dixson, Martha L25 Jul 191025 Feb 1994Fort Wayne

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