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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Duane, Walter O22 Jul 190611 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Duba, Cecil J10 Oct 194419 May 2006Fort Wayne
Dubach, Jackelynn A7 Aug 19286 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Dubaugh, Howard11 Aug 1915Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Dube, Fernand9 Apr 192715 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Dubelko, Mary T4 Jan 193125 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Dubois, Ethel20 Mar 1897Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Dubow, Goldie19 Apr 19115 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Dubow, William15 Mar 1905Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Ducat, Allen20 Jan 1908Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Ducat, Florence18 Mar 1908Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Ducey, Emma7 Dec 1909Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Ducey, Leland Mic20 Nov 1936Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Duchine, Mary A18 Dec 191119 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Duck, Ervin D19 Mar 192330 Jul 2001Roanoke
Duckett, Dorothy12 Oct 1925Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Duckett, James21 May 1929Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Duckworth, James3 Aug 1946Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Duckworth, Karla J14 Dec 195214 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Ducy, Carl11 Nov 1903Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Ducy, Phyllis12 Feb 1904Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Duddleson, Gertrude5 Aug 1894Apr 1985Roanoke
Dudenhoefer, Mary18 Jan 1882Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Dudevoire, Corinne A26 Apr 19102 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Dudgeon, Arlie2 May 18999 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Dudley, Annie27 Apr 1919Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Dudley, Deanna L22 Jul 197017 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Dudley, Fannie T9 Aug 191120 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Dudley, Oliver4 Sep 1945Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Dudley, Shelby14 Feb 1914Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Duehmig, Christine A6 Dec 19608 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Duehmig, Doris5 Feb 192914 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Duehmig, Eugene23 Jun 1899Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Duehmig, Rose25 Jul 1906Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Duemling, Arnold H25 Nov 193611 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Duemling, Jane K3 Mar 189715 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Duer, Doris20 Jan 1904Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Duer, Ruth E12 Mar 18993 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Duesel, Christian20 Jul 190610 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Duesel, Lillian M6 Aug 19171 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Duesler, Alberta M19 Oct 190118 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Duesler, Harold27 Jan 1902Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Dufendach, T E6 May 192612 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Duff, Alice Elizabeth26 Mar 192117 Aug 2008Yoder
Duff, Donna M12 May 19369 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Duff, Duane11 May 1919Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Duff, F23 Aug 19147 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Duff, Golda11 Apr 1895May 1966Yoder
Duff, Helen L18 Sep 191829 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Duff, Mary12 Mar 1888Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Duff, Mearl28 Sep 1888Jul 1979Yoder
Duff, Mildred Lucille13 Oct 191628 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Duff, Peggy J30 Oct 194718 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Duff, Philyss E27 Nov 191412 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Duff, Robert G25 Feb 192719 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Duff, Robert W18 Nov 191318 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Duff, Russell8 Oct 1909Aug 1979Yoder, Fort Wayne
Duffey, Carolyn M18 Nov 193911 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Duffey, Dan E23 Apr 190724 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Duffey, Gertrude J17 Jan 19144 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Duffy, Ann M26 Jun 19241 May 1991Fort Wayne
Duffy, Charles24 Jan 1903Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Duffy, Mary L27 Jul 192727 Feb 2005Huntertown
Duffy, Pearl17 Dec 1892Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Duffy, Zetta23 Sep 1902May 1979Fort Wayne
Dufor, Mary19 May 1922Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Dufor, Welton5 Oct 191519 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Dugan, Elizabeth30 Dec 1892Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Dugan, Helen23 May 1921Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Dugan, James23 Apr 1876Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Dugan, Russell C13 Dec 193217 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Duguid, Lee S5 Oct 191130 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Duguid, Ronald W23 Mar 19281 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Duhadway, Cedric19 Apr 1907Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Duhn, Otto12 Jul 1900Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Duke, Irma Catherine13 Feb 19157 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Duke, James1 Dec 191124 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Duke, Robert L24 May 190928 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Duke, Ruth F27 Jan 191812 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Duke, Sylvia J8 Jul 193924 Mar 2006Spencerville
Dukes, Dazman R29 Mar 19967 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Dukes, Katherine A3 Sep 19206 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Dukes, Roger F14 Jun 194110 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Dulaghan, William23 Jul 1907Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Dulin, Frank22 Jun 19139 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Dulin, Myrtle15 Jan 191528 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Dulin, William8 May 1917Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Dull, Bruce H5 Jan 192015 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Dull, Catherine30 May 1921Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Dull, Clarence L7 Oct 192927 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Dull, Harry27 Apr 1924Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Dull, Joyce14 Oct 1931Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Dull, Ottis25 Oct 1908Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Dull, Paul A14 Sep 192214 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Dull, Robert28 Mar 1923Jun 1979Churubusco
Dull, Robert O14 Jun 191826 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Dull, Wayne6 Oct 1910Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Dull, Wayne W26 Jul 19286 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Dulla, Dennis12 Apr 19484 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Dullaghan, Edward M7 Jan 192412 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Dullaghan, Marion29 Jan 1902Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Dullaghan, Vera12 Jun 191321 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Duly, Diana M23 Dec 192819 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Duly, Rodney E24 Jul 192718 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Duly, Russell3 Jan 1903Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Duman, Suzzane M2 Oct 19463 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Dumas, James F14 Feb 191115 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Dumas, Ludwina E29 Apr 190913 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Dumas, Richard19 Sep 1904Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Dumas, Ruth R27 Nov 19142 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Dumato, Carol J17 Mar 19338 May 1997Fort Wayne
Dumato, Elizabeth6 Jun 191117 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Dumato, George31 Oct 1895May 1967Fort Wayne
Dumato, James G7 Sep 190623 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Dumato, James V8 Mar 193010 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Dumato, Paul C6 Sep 192129 Mar 1998Woodburn
Dumato, Ruby27 Jul 1901Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Dumford, Hope E5 Mar 190911 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Dumford, Raymond E17 Mar 190413 May 1992Fort Wayne
Dumford, Robert S3 Aug 190720 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Dumont, Daniel4 Mar 1904Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Dumont, Lillian27 Sep 1916Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Dunaway, Frankie14 Mar 1899May 1987Fort Wayne
Dunaway, James21 Aug 1895May 1971Fort Wayne
Dunbar, Annie19 Dec 19494 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Dunbar, Carl2 Nov 1918May 1981Fort Wayne
Dunbar, Deryll3 Oct 1898Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Dunbar, Doris M28 May 1905Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Dunbar, Dorothy28 Mar 1931Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Dunbar, Earl21 Aug 1940Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Dunbar, Eleanora26 Nov 1906Feb 1974New Haven
Dunbar, Emmett17 May 1902Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Dunbar, Ethel M16 Oct 190310 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Dunbar, Homer29 Nov 1895Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Dunbar, Jack3 May 1927Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Dunbar, Jame J25 Aug 194320 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Dunbar, Joice I30 Mar 193921 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Dunbar, Larry B25 Jul 193117 May 2000New Haven
Dunbar, Mamie29 Sep 1891Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Dunbar, Marcella9 Apr 192713 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Dunbar, Virginia12 May 1912May 1986Fort Wayne
Duncan, Betty L25 Mar 19293 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Duncan, Deborah S14 Oct 195325 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Duncan, Earnest3 Dec 192126 Jan 2000Churubusco
Duncan, Esther G6 Jul 191114 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Duncan, Floyd29 Sep 1889Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Duncan, Gertrude22 Jan 1912Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Duncan, Godfrey9 Jan 1893Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Duncan, Henry H14 Nov 19254 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Duncan, James25 Aug 1891Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Duncan, Kendal7 Oct 1926Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Duncan, Kenneth L5 Jul 191422 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Duncan, Kenneth R2 Dec 192225 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Duncan, Laura A14 Jun 191815 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Duncan, Mabel B21 Feb 191513 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Duncan, Marian F15 Mar 19055 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Duncan, Marit23 Aug 1888Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Duncan, Marjorie E23 Nov 19161 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Duncan, Mary10 Jul 1898Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Duncan, Mary M20 Feb 19224 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Duncan, Nora21 May 1890Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Duncan, Raymond22 May 1903Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Duncan, Robert L10 Jun 193715 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Duncan, Vera E17 Mar 19256 Aug 2003Churubusco
Duncan, Virgil18 Apr 1919Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Duncan, William C6 Apr 19187 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Dunfee, Elijah23 Sep 1889Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Dunfee, Eula30 Dec 1920Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Dunfee, Franklin3 Nov 1891Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Dunfee, George12 Jun 1905Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Dunfee, Hilda M26 Mar 19144 Nov 1993Roanoke
Dunfee, Leona8 May 1910Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Dunfee, Leonard15 Sep 1920Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Dunfee, Lester F2 Feb 19159 May 2004Roanoke
Dunfee, Marie23 Jun 190420 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Dunfee, Marilyn L25 Sep 193129 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Dunfee, Myrtle9 Nov 1901Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Dunfee, Phyllis R7 May 192431 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Dunfee, Ralph11 Nov 1908Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Dunfee, Robert D28 Apr 191818 May 1995Fort Wayne
Dungan, Nettie5 Sep 1872Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Dungey, Margaret A13 May 19143 Dec 2008New Haven
Dungey, Stanley O30 Dec 19114 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Dungy, Donita L5 Aug 198015 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Dunham, Margaret T13 Apr 18953 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Dunham, Mildred8 Jun 1918Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Dunham, Paul A22 Nov 19161 May 1988Fort Wayne
Dunham, Roy21 May 1913May 1979Fort Wayne
Dunican, Elijah2 Oct 19178 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Dunifon, Custer A10 Jan 19025 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Dunifon, Frieda4 May 1906Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Dunifon, George2 Jan 1907Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Dunifon, Jean C9 Nov 19239 May 2000Fort Wayne
Dunifon, Leo14 Feb 1894Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Dunifon, Mathilda20 Apr 1890Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Dunifon, Vera M1 Feb 19057 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Dunkelberg, Charles16 May 1896Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Dunkelberg, Otelia F2 Feb 190015 May 1993Fort Wayne
Dunker, John25 Apr 1900Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Dunker, Wilhelmine O15 Aug 190129 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Dunkin, Agnes17 May 1893Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Dunkin, Evelyn E22 Jul 19209 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Dunkin, Nell6 Jul 1888Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Dunkin, Richard L16 Oct 19538 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Dunkin, Wesley A26 Oct 191612 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Dunkleberger, Joy M17 Jul 192313 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Dunkleberger, Reginald J28 Oct 191920 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Dunlap, Berl A2 Mar 191426 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Dunlap, Clara E22 Jun 191620 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Dunlap, Dencil29 May 1928Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Dunlap, Devera22 Dec 1917Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Dunlap, Forest29 Sep 1890Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Dunlap, Grace17 Oct 1898Jun 1986New Haven
Dunlap, Hubert25 Sep 1899Aug 1981New Haven
Dunlap, Lillie M19 Jul 191019 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Dunlap, Mildred20 Mar 1888Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Dunlap, Norman L24 Sep 192127 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Dunlap, Ralph15 Oct 1903Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Dunlap, Raymond25 May 1892Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Dunlap, Robert14 May 1916Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Dunlap, Rosemary5 Dec 192417 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Dunlap, Troy E21 Nov 19222 Apr 1994New Haven
Dunlap, Violet5 Jul 190515 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Dunlap, Winston G30 Nov 191517 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Dunlavy, Thom D19 Jan 193226 May 2002Fort Wayne
Dunmire, Reba A13 Nov 19234 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Dunmire, William30 Oct 1915Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Dunn Ii, Paul T20 Oct 195222 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Dunn, Alice9 May 1903Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Dunn, Charles19 Mar 19226 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Dunn, Corbit L23 Sep 198116 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Dunn, Crystal L31 Dec 191430 May 2008Fort Wayne
Dunn, Doris31 Jan 1897Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Dunn, Dorothy7 Jul 1891Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Dunn, Eddie18 Oct 1911Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Dunn, Ethel22 Feb 1899Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Dunn, Everett L22 Oct 19158 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Dunn, George B3 Jul 19194 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Dunn, Harriet L28 Jul 193625 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Dunn, Herbert16 Jan 1894Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Dunn, Homer11 Jun 1897Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Dunn, Imogene27 Jul 1924Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Dunn, James P4 Jan 191829 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Dunn, Julia A24 Jan 19213 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Dunn, Leon22 May 19419 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Dunn, Lura9 Mar 1891Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Dunn, M Marie M1 Oct 190523 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Dunn, Martha24 Oct 1899Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Dunn, Martin5 Feb 1900Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Dunn, Mildred I28 Oct 192824 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Dunn, Patricia A31 Mar 195112 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Dunn, Pearl4 Jun 1890Jul 1967Spencerville
Dunn, Ralph6 Jul 192515 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Dunn, Robert2 Apr 1900Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Dunn, Ronald H19 Jun 19313 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Dunne, Dora B17 Sep 190215 Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Dunne, Mildred E26 Dec 1912Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Dunnigan, George21 Feb 1918Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Dunnigan, Hazel24 Jun 1906Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Dunning, Dorothy13 Oct 1898Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Dunning, James7 Aug 194510 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Dunning, Patricia A23 Jul 195324 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Dunnuck, Joseph W1 Dec 19226 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Dunson, Barbara J25 May 193725 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Dunson, Joe A11 Aug 194017 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Dunson, Lula M11 Nov 192324 May 1988Fort Wayne
Dunten Sr, Russell25 Feb 1898Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Dunten, Bernice13 Sep 1885Jan 1981Churubusco
Dunten, Bess7 Dec 1890May 1979Fort Wayne
Dunten, Donald21 Apr 1894Mar 1981Huntertown
Dunten, George Hunter9 Dec 193012 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Dunten, Lela M4 Nov 189623 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Dunten, Louis3 Aug 1889Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Dunten, Lydia17 Jun 1899Apr 1986Huntertown
Dunten, Opal19 Mar 1903Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Dunten, Rhena5 Oct 1895Feb 1979Huntertown, Fort Wayne
Dunten, Sylvia23 Jan 1890Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Duntley, Elizabeth J6 Mar 192226 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Dunton, Clayton6 Jan 1909Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Dunton, Jane L16 May 196316 May 2006Fort Wayne
Dunwiddie, Ferne E24 Oct 191510 May 2001Huntertown
Dunwiddie, John2 Apr 1910May 1987Huntertown
Dupree, Arthur25 Oct 1917Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Dupree, John T28 May 191413 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Dupree, Margaret A23 Mar 193319 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Dupree, Ola E14 Dec 1923Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Dupree, Paul27 Aug 19243 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Dupree, Stella18 Aug 1928Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Dupuy, Vernetta G8 Sep 191923 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Durand, Helen M26 Jul 1906Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Durand, John D9 Feb 190828 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Durand, Walter19 Feb 1906Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Duranek, William H Jr20 Jan 195215 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Duras, Robert3 Feb 1914Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Durbin, Arthur7 Mar 1884Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Durbin, C D23 Feb 190419 Jun 1992Grabill
Durbin, Doyle W29 Jul 192229 May 1989Fort Wayne
Durbin, Evelyn M16 Aug 19244 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Durbin, Ladonna26 Sep 192012 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Durbin, Mary E17 Sep 1905Jun 1993Grabill
Durflinger, Helen1 Aug 1918Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Durflinger, Louis L5 Apr 191414 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Durham, Forrest13 Feb 19322 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Durham, Henry12 Feb 1913Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Durham, Josephine11 Aug 1911Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Durham, Thomas E30 Nov 19344 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Durkes, Melissa14 Mar 1909Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Durkes, Ottilie22 Mar 1900Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Durkes, Ronald D14 Feb 19364 May 2007Fort Wayne
Durkin, Thomas14 May 1909May 1977Fort Wayne
Durkovich, Andrew J23 Sep 192216 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Durnbaugh, Jule Adarene21 Jan 19165 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Durnell, Bertha9 Feb 1880Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Durnell, Charles11 Jul 1914Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Durnell, Esther E9 Jun 1911Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Durnell, Gerald27 Sep 1929Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Durnell, Harold A13 Dec 193930 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Durnell, Harriet B31 May 19201 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Durnell, Harry20 Nov 1901Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Durnell, Harry10 Feb 1903Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Durnell, Howard3 Jan 1911Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Durnell, Joseph30 Aug 1901Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Durnell, Kenneth E23 Jun 19423 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Durnell, Mary3 Dec 1920Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Durnell, Minnie31 Mar 1909Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Durnell, Paul7 Nov 19196 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Durnell, Ralph26 Oct 1902Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Durnell, Ronald D13 Nov 19345 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Durnell, Ruth G22 Jun 191321 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Durnell, Shirley A22 Nov 193530 Nov 1997Roanoke
Durr, Doris M1 Feb 19231 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Durr, Eva5 Jan 1892Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Durr, Lester8 Nov 1906Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Durr, Robert J6 Jan 192215 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Durr, Willie L1 Mar 193911 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Durre, Edith M13 Aug 190922 Nov 2006New Haven
Durre, Frieda E14 Jul 19149 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Durst, Fredonna E4 Sep 19214 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Durst, Katherine27 Dec 1895Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Dusendschon, Alan L15 Jun 192915 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Dush, Flo7 Aug 1898Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Dush, Heber26 Jan 1879Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Dush, Rodney9 Oct 1895May 1974Fort Wayne
Dusing, Dale A1 Jan 192910 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Dusing, Delbert2 Apr 1905Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Dusing, Dennis C9 Apr 193914 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Dusing, Marjorie31 May 190726 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Dusing, Raymond15 May 1906Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Dussoulas, Gustave19 Sep 1889Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Dust, Frederick C17 Jul 19258 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Dustin, Jane H7 Nov 192928 Nov 2003Huntertown
Dustin, Thomas E26 Aug 19239 Jul 2004Huntertown
Dustman, Esther C11 Aug 189415 Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Dutcher, Helen M2 Oct 189811 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Dutkiewicz, Stanley6 Nov 1907Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Dutt, Betty M14 May 193826 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Dutt, John R7 Nov 19271 Nov 2001New Haven
Dutter, Homer13 Oct 1888Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Dutterer, Joseph27 Feb 19061 Jan 1998Monroeville
Dutton, Celestia31 Jul 1882Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Duty, Karen K30 Mar 194117 Sep 2001Churubusco
Duvall, Arlene V6 Aug 191821 Apr 1998New Haven
Duvall, Burl20 Dec 1898Jun 1983New Haven
Duvall, Clifford10 Jul 1904Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Duvall, Darrell B10 Jan 192615 Mar 2000New Haven
Duvall, Esther8 Jan 1898Nov 1986New Haven
Duvall, Eugene Maurice9 Dec 19367 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Duvall, Leonard21 Sep 1906Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Duvall, M Jane26 Mar 192517 Aug 1995New Haven
Duvall, Michael A23 Apr 19474 Oct 1997New Haven
Duvall, Patricia A9 Jan 19474 May 2003Fort Wayne
Duvendeck, Flora E19 Jun 191627 Dec 2002Fort Wayne

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