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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Eichel, Bertha7 Oct 1886Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Eichel, Helen11 Oct 1887Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Eichel, W27 Sep 1919Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Eichenauer, Eldon C12 Aug 192610 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Eichenauer, Erna4 Jan 1901Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Eichenauer, Leonard2 Aug 1901Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Eicher, Albert C26 Dec 19068 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Eicher, Andrew21 Nov 1899Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Eicher, Andrew N9 Oct 192021 Sep 2006Spencerville
Eicher, Anna4 Jul 192423 May 2009Leo
Eicher, Artimese C10 Dec 190521 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Eicher, Christina15 Aug 1892Jul 1974Woodburn
Eicher, Daniel G17 Jan 191419 Dec 1997Grabill
Eicher, Daniel M5 Nov 191929 Jul 2008New Haven
Eicher, David5 Nov 192018 Nov 2004Leo
Eicher, Delila7 Dec 1910Sep 1995New Haven
Eicher, Donna M16 Aug 19166 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Eicher, Emily E8 Dec 190915 Sep 1993Grabill
Eicher, Emma A16 Aug 191619 Aug 2003Leo
Eicher, Howard B30 Nov 19098 Jan 2000Spencerville
Eicher, Jacob9 Aug 1897Aug 1967New Haven
Eicher, Joe19 Sep 191230 Sep 1999Leo
Eicher, John24 Feb 1896Apr 1972Huntertown
Eicher, Kimberly K14 Apr 196424 Jan 2004Woodburn
Eicher, Loretta M22 May 193031 Jan 2003Woodburn
Eicher, Lovina M14 May 192129 Oct 1993Huntertown
Eicher, Margaret13 May 1919Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Eicher, Mary2 May 19155 Aug 1997Leo
Eicher, Mildred V27 Jun 19093 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Eicher, Oscar18 Aug 1910Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Eicher, Samuel24 Mar 1904Apr 1981Grabill
Eicher, Samuel G28 May 19105 Jan 1995New Haven
Eichhorn, Agnes5 Sep 1900Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Eichhorn, James C27 May 19267 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Eichhorn, Mary L11 May 192817 Feb 2002Monroeville
Eichler, Mildred18 Apr 1912Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Eichman, Harold17 Mar 1906Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Eichman, Thomas23 Jul 1932May 1977New Haven
Eichman, Virginia C17 Jan 19055 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Eichstaedt, Jeanette13 Oct 1937Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Eickhoff, Charles26 Jun 1885Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Eickhoff, Charles W21 Jun 190819 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Eickhoff, Clara16 Feb 1884Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Eickhoff, Martha22 Mar 1905Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Eickhoff, Robert E27 Oct 19157 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Eickhoff, Rudolph17 Nov 1887Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Eickhoff, Waldemar8 Aug 1888Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Eickmeyer, Helen7 Feb 1899Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Eicks, Bob14 Mar 192825 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Eicks, Eugene15 Apr 1910Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Eicks, George23 Jul 1896Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Eicks, Ida12 Jul 1917Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Eiden, Luella5 Jul 1896Feb 1979New Haven
Eidner, Mabel13 Oct 1899May 1985Fort Wayne
Eifel, John19 Jun 1899Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Eifel, Joseph14 May 1892Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Eifert, Clara23 Feb 1895Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Eifert, Hugo16 Jul 1900Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Eifert, Jane3 Jun 1900Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Eiffel, Rudisell18 Jun 1913Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Eifler, Gustav15 Jan 1898Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Eifret, Joseph16 Dec 1887Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Eifrid, Jeanene L10 Jan 194122 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Eifrid, Joseph12 Jul 1911Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Eifrid, Martin10 Apr 1924Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Eifrid, Mary A1 May 1914Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Eifrid, Richard A24 Apr 193522 May 2007Fort Wayne
Eikenberry, Dorothy19 Nov 1916Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Eiler, Frances Ja N6 Jun 19197 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Eiler, Lois C3 Nov 193029 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Eiler, Ruth19 Sep 1899Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Eiler, T14 Mar 1891Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Eilers, Herman6 Jul 191513 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Eilers, Merle2 Jan 1897Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Einhorn, Louise S16 Sep 19047 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Einhorn, William D28 Nov 189926 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Einsiedel, Carl13 Feb 1904Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Einsiedel, M29 Aug 1904Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Einsiedel, Martin7 Mar 1885Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Eisaman, Edna4 Sep 1882Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Eisberg, Clara2 Aug 1905Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Eisberg, John E29 Apr 191412 Feb 1995Yoder
Eisberg, William L6 Mar 190515 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Eisele, Russell B8 Oct 19185 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Eisenach, Elizabeth27 Aug 190018 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Eisenach, Raymond J22 Oct 192915 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Eisenacher, Alfred E18 May 191622 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Eisenacher, Mary E3 Jul 191530 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Eisenacher, Otto24 Feb 1894Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Eisenberg, Charlotte19 Apr 191019 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Eisenbise, Opal M14 Oct 191615 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Eisenhart, Russell M24 Sep 192028 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Eisenhauer, Albert3 Dec 1904Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Eisenhauer, Elma A17 Feb 190719 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Eisenhauer, George17 Jul 1893Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Eisenhauer, Martha28 Oct 1896Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Eisenhut, Emma5 Apr 1877Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Eisenhut, Lester4 May 1908May 1979Fort Wayne
Eisenhut, Ruth E15 Jun 191218 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Eisenhut, Virgil N13 Oct 191110 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Eisenmann, Lee E5 Jun 19232 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Eisenmann, Mary L16 Nov 192927 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Eisennacher, Clara22 Jan 1887Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Eisennacher, Emma7 Jul 1885Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Eisennacher, Ernest31 Oct 1881Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Eisennacher, William8 Sep 1890Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Eiser, Betty L9 Nov 19222 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Eiser, Clara K11 Jan 190523 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Eiser, Jack F26 Jun 191813 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Eishen, Donald M20 Jan 19162 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Eishen, Viola2 Feb 1920Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Eising, Albert4 Apr 1901Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Eissler, Margaret T30 Jan 193023 Dec 2001Roanoke
Eiswirth, E June18 Jun 1927Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Eiter, John K11 Jan 19086 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Eiter, Kathy K17 Nov 194612 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Eiting, Mary R9 May 192022 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Eitman, Adele16 Mar 1902Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Eitman, Allan17 Oct 1941May 1977Fort Wayne
Eitman, Joseph1 May 1898Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Eitniear, Della M2 Apr 192529 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Eitniear, Sadie M26 Feb 189721 May 2001Fort Wayne
Eix, Christina L18 Jan 197511 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Eix, Sandra9 Nov 1952Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Eix, Velma R9 Oct 190224 Feb 1997Huntertown
Eix, Walter C1 May 19232 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Eizinger, Arthur31 Jul 1897Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Eizinger, Gladys O17 May 190817 Nov 2004Roanoke
Eizinger, Jerry R20 Jan 194324 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Eizinger, Raymond3 Sep 1899Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Eizinger, Vera1 Oct 1907Jan 1982Fort Wayne

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