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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Elam, Carolyn Kay4 Dec 194519 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Elam, Eric2 Mar 194722 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Elam, Georgia M25 Oct 191626 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Elam, John E11 Jan 191211 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Elam, Martha23 Sep 1910Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Elberson, Carl10 Jan 1895Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Elberson, Ronald K5 Dec 192319 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Elbrecht, Margaret E22 Aug 190919 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Elder Sr, Frank16 Dec 1882Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Elder, Betty E5 Mar 192310 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Elder, Carroll13 Nov 1890Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Elder, James M26 Sep 193318 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Elder, John1 Apr 1911Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Elder, Levon7 Oct 1895Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Elder, Marguerite L1 Jul 189716 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Elder, Marjorie15 May 1911Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Elder, Maxine H7 Aug 19207 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Elder, Ralph E17 Oct 189012 Sep 1991Grabill
Elder, Robert21 Nov 1921May 1974Roanoke
Elder, Thomas16 Jun 1937Aug 1980Churubusco
Eldridge, Annie5 May 1915Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Eldridge, Dennis17 Jan 1900Feb 1981Huntertown, Fort Wayne
Eldridge, Edna25 Jun 1905Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Eldridge, Edward L9 Apr 193430 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Eldridge, Ethel W13 Aug 192712 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Eldridge, James27 Dec 1913Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Eldridge, Nellie22 Dec 1901Feb 1980Huntertown
Eldridge, Rose17 Dec 193318 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Eldridge, Tina J21 Aug 196312 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Elett, Lula3 Apr 1896Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Elett, Mary L23 May 193226 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Elett, Ralph1 Jun 192614 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Eley, Bessie27 Nov 1913Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Eley, Charles26 Feb 1933Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Eley, Geraldine5 Mar 193110 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Eley, Gertrude10 Aug 1897May 1984Fort Wayne
Eley, John26 Oct 1903Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Eley, John E27 Jun 19289 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Eley, Lorna15 Dec 19225 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Eley, Roger B22 Apr 193723 Sep 2006New Haven
Elias, Joseph3 Jan 1892Nov 1975Grabill
Elick, Dennis18 Dec 1885May 1976Fort Wayne
Elick, James F25 Jun 193515 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Elick, Stella13 Sep 1892Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Elick, William6 Mar 1917Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Elisa, Mona Mae24 Dec 192210 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Elkins, Blanche12 Mar 1888Mar 1978Grabill
Elkins, Clifford5 Sep 1888Jan 1969Woodburn
Elkins, Danny J15 Apr 19835 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Elkins, Edward24 Jan 19245 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Elkins, George J12 May 192313 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Elkins, Louie E19 Mar 192311 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Elkins, Marie19 Feb 1891Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Elkins, Patricia A8 Feb 19338 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Elkins, Quimby10 Nov 1901Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Elkins, Robert4 Feb 1898Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Elkins, Rose19 Apr 192113 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Elle, Frances17 Jan 1902Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Ellefson, Dorothy28 Apr 1903Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Ellen, Walter7 Jun 1896Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Ellenberger, Beverly E21 Jan 193124 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Ellenberger, Dale1 Nov 1909Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Ellenberger, Edna H14 Mar 191124 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Ellenberger, Howard21 Nov 1925Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Ellenberger, Vernal14 Aug 190926 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Ellenburg, Carrie S8 Dec 1909Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Ellenburg, Edward15 Jun 1906Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Ellenburg, Louise M19 Oct 189615 Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Ellenwood, Betty I22 Jun 192031 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Ellenwood, Gloria L5 Aug 193324 May 2009Fort Wayne
Ellenwood, Helen V30 Nov 191918 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Ellenwood, Howard16 Nov 1923Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Ellenwood, Irene M9 Sep 1911Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Ellenwood, James A25 Aug 19174 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Ellenwood, Laura4 Sep 1882Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Ellenwood, Lela D3 Sep 189026 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Ellenwood, Leonard Harold26 Oct 195019 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Ellenwood, Lorain22 Jan 1926Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Ellenwood, Lydia6 Aug 1897Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Ellenwood, Martin10 Mar 1910Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Ellenwood, Mildred16 Apr 1904Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Ellenwood, Richard M11 Sep 192728 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Eller, Chester23 Feb 1928Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Eller, Jennie18 Oct 1882Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Ellerbrock, Anna3 Feb 1907Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Ellerbrock, Henry13 Apr 1909Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Ellerbusch, Dean S25 Dec 194830 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Ellert Sr, William4 Sep 1886Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Ellert, Augusta25 Jul 1880May 1972Fort Wayne
Ellert, Elva10 Nov 1898Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Ellert, James L22 Aug 19319 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Ellert, Joseph2 Jun 1892Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Ellert, Victoria16 Dec 1895Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Ellert, William11 Nov 1921Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Ellet, Russell D31 Oct 191911 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Ellibee, Muriel26 Jul 1895May 1980New Haven
Ellington, Clifton21 Sep 1900May 1980Fort Wayne
Ellington, Francele14 Dec 192813 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Ellington, Freddie M4 Sep 192610 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Ellington, Mary15 Feb 1904Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Ellington, William GApr 192326 Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Ellingwood, Claude A6 Jun 190811 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Ellingwood, Ethel11 Jan 1903Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Ellingwood, Inis4 Feb 1901Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Ellingwood, Pearl I5 Aug 19104 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Ellingwood, Roy24 Oct 192014 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Elliot, Mary12 May 1919Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Elliot, Robert9 Dec 1898Nov 1981Roanoke
Elliot-fergu, Thelma R15 Aug 19009 Jan 2007Roanoke
Elliott, Anna7 Mar 1915Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Elliott, Beatrice V16 Jan 192020 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Elliott, Betty27 Jun 1930Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Elliott, Betty J19 Jul 191812 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Elliott, Charles D27 Apr 189610 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Elliott, Chloe6 Mar 188814 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Elliott, David H15 Jan 195710 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Elliott, Dennis L10 Jan 19563 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Elliott, Dorena R18 Feb 190210 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Elliott, Dorothy H13 Jun 190327 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Elliott, Dorothy J17 Apr 192725 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Elliott, Earl11 Mar 1895Jun 1979Fort Wayne, New Haven
Elliott, Edgar M16 Jun 18982 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Elliott, Edna F26 Mar 1911Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Elliott, Elsie15 Dec 1907Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Elliott, Ethel M2 Feb 19189 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Elliott, Forest17 Nov 1895Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Elliott, Francis15 Sep 1916Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Elliott, Gladys16 May 1936Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Elliott, Gladys11 Jul 1903Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Elliott, Gretna B1 Jul 191631 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Elliott, Harriet29 Apr 1907Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Elliott, Helene H13 Sep 19162 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Elliott, Jack16 Aug 1884Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Elliott, Jenny M16 May 19099 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Elliott, John15 Feb 1908Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Elliott, Kresser30 Apr 19181 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Elliott, Larry8 Jul 1938Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Elliott, Lewis M17 Aug 19129 May 1993Fort Wayne
Elliott, Lucile22 Oct 1898Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Elliott, Margaret1 Mar 1905Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Elliott, Mary E10 Dec 191014 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Elliott, Mary F7 Jul 192725 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Elliott, Mervin Tucker23 Oct 192520 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Elliott, Murl4 Jan 1882Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Elliott, Myron T24 Dec 190918 Oct 1992Monroeville
Elliott, Olive1 Nov 1895Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Elliott, Opal M18 Nov 191026 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Elliott, Paul22 Mar 1904Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Elliott, Paul R3 Jul 192224 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Elliott, Randal S28 Dec 196331 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Elliott, Reta A21 Feb 19317 Dec 2006Churubusco
Elliott, Richard E23 Oct 192312 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Elliott, Riley7 May 1890Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Elliott, Robert18 Jul 1915Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Elliott, Samuel1 Oct 1912Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Elliott, Samuel25 Oct 19173 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Elliott, Thomas M4 Oct 19308 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Elliott, Tommy23 Oct 1924May 1973Fort Wayne
Elliott, Walter24 Nov 1913Sep 1974Harlan
Ellis, Abner2 Jul 1900Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Ellis, Altha M5 Apr 190528 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Ellis, Annie R23 Sep 196029 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Ellis, Britten R17 Mar 19622 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Ellis, C21 Mar 192515 Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Ellis, Cathy Ann3 Jan 19572 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Ellis, Charles25 Sep 1903Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Ellis, Christophe G9 Jan 197614 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Ellis, D N5 Oct 19284 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Ellis, Dewey30 Aug 1900Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Ellis, Dorothy R20 Dec 19103 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Ellis, Easter8 May 1927Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Ellis, Edna27 Nov 1906May 1986Fort Wayne
Ellis, Edna25 Aug 1925Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Ellis, Effie A31 Oct 190010 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Ellis, Essie M15 Oct 193110 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Ellis, Flora M27 Aug 1906Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Ellis, Forrest11 Dec 1915Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Ellis, Frances7 Dec 192228 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Ellis, Gladys3 May 1899Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Ellis, Jack16 Jun 1918Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Ellis, James Arthur28 Oct 192422 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Ellis, Jennie14 Jan 1892Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Ellis, Jesse29 May 1919Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Ellis, Jesse J12 Oct 193918 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Ellis, Jessie R4 Oct 189515 Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Ellis, John26 Sep 1897May 1967Fort Wayne
Ellis, John29 Aug 1886Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Ellis, John H16 Dec 19279 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Ellis, Lee24 Jul 1920Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Ellis, Leonard9 May 1903Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Ellis, Linda E10 Sep 194718 Nov 2006New Haven
Ellis, Lois I10 Jan 192330 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Ellis, Lola25 Apr 1885Mar 1974New Haven
Ellis, M C6 May 196515 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Ellis, M C30 Mar 195715 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Ellis, Mable28 May 1901Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Ellis, Marie F29 Nov 190324 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Ellis, Marion14 Aug 1890Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Ellis, Marjorie L10 Aug 192114 May 2000New Haven
Ellis, Maurice A26 Sep 19299 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Ellis, Mervin S2 Aug 192128 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Ellis, Novadale3 Aug 1921Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Ellis, Ophelia23 Jun 1925Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Ellis, Patricia L25 Apr 192818 May 2007Fort Wayne
Ellis, Paul23 Dec 1908Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Ellis, Pauline18 Feb 1888Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Ellis, Richard A4 Jan 193017 Aug 2007Roanoke
Ellis, Robert E17 Apr 192315 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Ellis, Rosebud11 Aug 19444 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Ellis, Sam15 Jul 1881Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Ellis, Steven E5 Dec 195315 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Ellis, Stuart A11 Aug 194221 Nov 2004Churubusco
Ellis, Tillie A10 Oct 192510 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Ellis, Walter C25 Mar 19029 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Ellis, Wayne A8 Feb 191731 Mar 1995New Haven
Ellis, Wilma8 Aug 1908Jul 1974Yoder
Ellison, Anasta4 Nov 1887Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Ellison, Catherine26 Nov 1899May 1979Fort Wayne
Ellison, Charles29 Mar 1889Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Ellison, Ellen16 Feb 1908Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Ellison, Frank20 Apr 1885Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Ellison, George8 Mar 1902Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Ellison, Georgia7 Sep 1900Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Ellison, Joseph E31 Jan 19298 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Ellison, Julia M19 Oct 192026 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Ellison, Lloyd8 Feb 1897Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Ellison, Louise1 Jun 189811 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Ellison, Mary28 Dec 1905Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Ellison, Mary K13 May 191612 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Ellison, Matilda20 Feb 1902Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Ellison, Paul30 Dec 1919Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Ellison, Ralph H1 Dec 192213 May 1994Fort Wayne
Ellison, S Ruth16 Apr 19146 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Ellowsky, Dorothy6 Feb 1913Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Ellowsky, Joseph A27 Mar 190722 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Ellsworth, Adra E27 Jun 19223 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Elmer, Alta22 Jun 1911May 1987Fort Wayne
Elmer, Carl10 Aug 1912May 1979Fort Wayne
Elmer, David M1 Mar 19521 Mar 2010Fort Wayne
Elmer, Elizabeth F7 Feb 193616 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Elmer, Jay22 Jul 1902Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Elmer, Norma26 Mar 19062 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Elmer, Vivian23 Feb 1920Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Elmore, William22 Apr 194428 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Eloff, Christina22 Mar 19136 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Eloff, George4 Jan 1904May 1987Fort Wayne
Elonzae, Steve24 Apr 1919May 1982Fort Wayne
Eloph, Barbara A8 Oct 19297 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Eloph, Christina18 Feb 193011 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Eloph, Cloyd W27 Sep 192330 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Eloph, Harris D1 Jun 191825 May 1989Fort Wayne
Eloph, Ida6 Feb 1902Jul 1987Roanoke
Eloph, James R31 Mar 19333 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Eloph, Kenneth W3 Feb 196013 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Eloph, Margaret K17 Dec 191717 May 2001Fort Wayne
Eloph, Raymond13 Sep 1901Sep 1981Roanoke
Eloph, Rosie M4 Sep 19156 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Elpers, William A19 Nov 19064 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Elrod, Edgar10 Feb 193223 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Else, Harry2 Dec 1895Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Elsea, Barbara J1 Mar 193126 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Elsea, James26 Aug 1913May 1983Fort Wayne
Elser, Martha4 Jun 1915Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Elser, Sarah Rose14 Feb 194126 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Elsner Jr, Leonard A22 Feb 194127 May 2001Fort Wayne
Elsner, Harry F12 Sep 191214 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Elson Sr, Ross3 Sep 1887Mar 1972New Haven
Elson, Alexander12 Apr 1895Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Elson, Ethel3 Nov 1890Dec 1975New Haven
Elston, Judith3 Mar 1943Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Elston, Lynn9 Apr 1893Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Elston, Margaret30 Jul 1902Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Elston, Miriam22 Oct 1905Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Elston, Ralph W5 Aug 189810 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Eltzroth, Frederick2 Nov 1942Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Eltzroth, Robert L5 Aug 194116 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Eltzroth, Robert O9 May 19224 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Eltzroth, Tracey L8 Dec 19632 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Elvin, Helen E22 Aug 191417 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Elward, Betty J4 Feb 19185 Jun 2001Huntertown
Elward, Jerry E3 Mar 193315 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Elward, Leo D5 Sep 191015 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Elward, Luke R4 Jan 191611 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Elward, Robert29 Nov 1906Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Elward, Thelma18 Nov 1910Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Elwood, Helen M2 Mar 19044 May 1997Fort Wayne
Elwood, Howard3 Sep 1907Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Elwood, James3 Feb 1925Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Elwood, Loraine7 Aug 192819 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Ely, Ardeth18 Jan 19192 Dec 2008Harlan
Ely, Bessie9 Aug 1897May 1983Fort Wayne
Ely, Donald22 May 1888Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Ely, Emma L16 Aug 192327 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Ely, Fay8 Apr 1891Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Ely, Floyd E13 Dec 191718 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Ely, Gladys R27 Sep 191924 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Ely, Harold W18 Aug 191923 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Ely, John6 Apr 1959Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Ely, Robert E10 Mar 192715 Mar 1996Grabill
Ely, Robert F19 Jan 19235 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Elzay, Paul5 May 1903Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Elzea, Hal6 Jan 1889Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Elzea, Ruth29 Aug 1892Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Elzey, Adrian7 Oct 1902May 1985Fort Wayne
Elzey, Ilow3 Dec 1893Mar 1983Fort Wayne

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