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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Faber, Cleo26 Apr 1887Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Faber, William M26 Mar 19097 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Fabian, Alfred J6 Oct 192823 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Fabian, Anna1 May 1892Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Fabian, Bertha23 Aug 1901Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Fabian, Dorine E9 Sep 192718 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Fabian, Emil29 Jan 1899Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Fabian, Ernest3 Mar 1895Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Fabian, Herbert21 Dec 1899Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Fabian, Herman15 Dec 1896May 1968Fort Wayne
Fabian, Loretta C10 Aug 1897Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Fabian, Ruth A8 Apr 192412 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Fabian, William M27 Jun 192320 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Fabina, Catherine6 Feb 1888Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Fabina, Stephen5 Jun 1894Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Fabini, Audrey D3 Jan 191611 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Fabini, Gerald6 Aug 1923Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Fabini, John Eugen6 Aug 1919May 1981Fort Wayne
Fabini, Steven14 Mar 1948Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Fabricius, Raymond C14 Apr 192910 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Fackler, Anna M10 Mar 193626 Feb 1999New Haven
Fackler, Arthur6 May 1900May 1983Fort Wayne
Fackler, Bertha A11 Apr 194115 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Fackler, Christine2 Jan 1903Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Fackler, Edna14 Jan 1897Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Fackler, Elizabeth20 Jul 1883Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Fackler, Estella E28 Jun 1905May 1992Fort Wayne
Fackler, Gerhard24 Jan 1898Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Fackler, Gettys14 Aug 1903Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Fackler, Kenneth G30 Sep 193415 Jul 1990New Haven
Fackler, Merle Lavo N8 Jan 19242 Oct 2003New Haven
Fackler, Otto5 Jan 1903Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Facks, Byron A13 Oct 191829 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Facks, Edward A16 Jun 192025 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Facks, Henry15 Dec 1888Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Facks, Lois31 Dec 1926Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Facks, William F18 Jun 191724 Jun 1992Grabill
Fadus, Betty J24 Feb 193115 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Fadus, Gertrude11 Oct 1904Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Faehnrich, Doris E8 Nov 191912 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Faehnrich, Larry L25 Feb 19494 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Faehnrich, Stephen H23 Jan 194426 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Faehrich, Harold C29 Jan 192129 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Faeth, Alfred C28 Mar 190010 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Faeth, Mary21 Jun 1926Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Faeth, Paul A23 Jun 192826 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Fagan, Andrew15 May 1901Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Fagan, Clara30 Apr 190422 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Fagan, Dale K30 Oct 192728 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Fagan, Eileen R21 Mar 19251 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Fagan, Esther D7 Nov 19174 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Fagan, Euna M16 May 19087 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Fagan, Joseph9 Aug 1913Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Fagan, William P15 Jul 193124 May 2005Fort Wayne
Fager, Amy M19 Jul 190716 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Fager, Cordill W4 Sep 19319 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Fager, Patricia Frances Jane5 Jan 193413 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Fager, Warren C3 Jan 19005 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Fagervik, Wanda20 Apr 190817 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Fagg, Ann M19 Jul 1906Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Fagg, Elizabeth6 Sep 1891Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Fagg, Emil E22 May 190619 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Fagg, Lyle W21 May 19273 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Faherty, Janet Jeanene17 Oct 194629 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Faherty, Vera E10 Jan 191712 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Fahey, Gertrude19 Jan 1906Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Fahl, Jon B21 Sep 196117 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Fahl, Lloyd11 Mar 1895Dec 1971Woodburn
Fahl, May25 Mar 1899Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Fahl, Ralph15 Feb 1907Jan 1980New Haven
Fahling, Helen31 Mar 1898Nov 1980Grabill, Fort Wayne
Fahling, Mae25 May 1917Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Fahling, Violet21 Jan 1897Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Arthur3 Aug 1930Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Bernard E15 Apr 19293 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Carl H26 Oct 18998 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Edna H3 Feb 192117 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Edna M13 Sep 190223 Dec 1994New Haven
Fahlsing, Elsie E24 May 192130 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Emil29 Jul 1903Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Erwin13 May 1901Apr 1983New Haven
Fahlsing, Frederick13 Feb 19274 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Genevieve J7 Aug 192222 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Harry30 May 1897Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Jane8 Jun 1933Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Joann Louise13 Feb 19326 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Lillie M3 Oct 19237 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Marguerit E4 Aug 191519 Sep 1988New Haven
Fahlsing, Maria17 Apr 1910Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Martha13 Mar 187815 Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Martin23 Nov 1893Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Martin3 Jan 1912Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Fahlsing, Nettie12 Mar 1895Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Fahlsing-tro, Verna A17 Jan 193724 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Fahncke, Luella3 Sep 1892Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Fahncke, Rudolph23 Nov 1892Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Fahrenback, Esther G16 Jul 1903Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Failor, L T18 Oct 19065 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Failor, Richard G20 Aug 19209 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Fair, Edith P26 Jun 190322 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Fair, Evelyn M24 Apr 190415 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Fair, George A31 Jan 190324 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Fair, Gladys29 Apr 1891Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Fair, Glenn10 Oct 1887May 1974Fort Wayne
Fair, Helen M29 Jan 192025 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Fair, Jack16 Jun 1920Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Fair, James4 Feb 192824 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Fair, Jean18 Apr 1913Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Fair, Jon D25 Sep 19495 May 2009Fort Wayne
Fair, Lizzie28 Aug 1888Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Fair, Martha A29 Nov 190227 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Fair, Maurice G17 May 191118 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Fair, Raymond E23 Jun 192814 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Fair, Richard A7 Apr 19323 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Fair, Robert23 Sep 1899Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Fair, Sharon L21 Mar 193817 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Fair, Terry12 Aug 1941Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Fair, Virginia25 Apr 1914Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Fair, Weldon C22 Aug 193730 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Fairbanks, Anna6 Sep 1914Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Fairchild, Almeada14 Aug 1889Oct 1973Roanoke
Fairchild, Bonita M26 Apr 192524 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Fairchild, Crate14 Apr 1905Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Fairchild, Mary M12 Mar 191723 Mar 2007Roanoke
Fairchild, Robert E9 Jun 192910 Sep 1993Roanoke
Fairfield, Charles K9 Jun 19212 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Fairfield, Dorothy L27 Apr 190524 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Fairfield, Josephine E11 Jan 190513 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Fairfield, Lillian J11 Jan 19074 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Fairfield, Marilyn J21 Jun 194015 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Fairfield, Paul W22 Jun 191418 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Fairfield, Ruth E23 Mar 191710 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Fairman, Grace Jean22 Jun 19211 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Fairweather, David E13 Apr 194520 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Fairweather, H E22 Apr 191720 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Fairweather, Mary J9 Jul 191820 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Faison, Billy19 Dec 1943Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Faith, Helen M1 Jul 191418 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Faith, Maynard D14 May 190728 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Faith, Ottie24 Oct 1882Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Fajen, Agatha B4 Jul 191316 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Falardeau, Florence28 Mar 1908Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Falardeau, Rollo2 Feb 1898Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Falb, Dema12 Dec 1890Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Falb, Ivan R30 Jul 190820 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Falba, Bruno F13 Nov 192320 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Falbe, Russell17 Apr 191515 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Fales, Jay24 Jul 1889Apr 1976Churubusco
Faley, Helen E13 Jul 19011 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Falk, Guy18 Feb 1893Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Falk, Jerome5 Jan 1925Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Falk, Julius20 Sep 1902Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Falk, Lois1 Aug 1906Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Falk, Lorin G18 Feb 191828 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Falk, Lynda K25 Feb 195729 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Falk, Mabel17 Mar 1893Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Falk, Marjorie E5 Feb 19209 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Falk, Mary M31 May 19309 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Falk, Misty A8 Jul 1977Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Falkenberry, Claud28 Nov 1915Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Falkner, Guy9 Jul 193710 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Falkner, Sam25 Aug 1909May 1977Fort Wayne
Falldin, Richard22 Jan 1897Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Falls, Ada V1 Jul 19179 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Falls, Anna3 Jul 1889Dec 1981New Haven
Falls, Anne R30 Oct 19029 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Falls, Ardath2 Jul 1904Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Falls, G27 Jul 1892Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Falls, June N29 May 192611 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Falls, Letha27 Apr 1904Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Falls, Miriam M7 Nov 18963 Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Falls, Robert E25 Jun 192128 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Falvy, Alvina29 Aug 1919Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Falvy, Anna9 Mar 1885Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Fancher, Ellen T11 Dec 192113 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Fancher, Ernest21 Aug 1892Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Fancher, Mary21 Sep 1901May 1974Fort Wayne
Fancher, Ray J22 Nov 192425 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Fancil, Helen18 May 1921Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Fanders, Charles22 Oct 1905Sep 1978New Haven
Fanger, Alice14 Sep 1901Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Fanger, Dorothy28 Aug 191925 May 2006Fort Wayne
Fanger, Marietta1 Jan 1871Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Fanger, Phyllis M18 Jun 192719 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Fanger, Ralph20 Mar 1898Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Fanger, Wayne A6 Dec 19122 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Fankhauser, Audrie10 May 1905Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Fankhauser, Donald D1 Feb 193429 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Fankhauser, Gladys4 Apr 1907Jul 1985Spencerville
Fankhauser, Richard19 Aug 1907Mar 1985Spencerville
Fann, Alice30 Dec 1896Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Fann, Francis20 Mar 1908Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Fann, George R1 Mar 19064 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Fann, Venus12 Sep 1908May 1986Fort Wayne
Fannin, Gladys13 Aug 1926Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Fannin, Norma J4 Oct 192424 Jul 2006Churubusco
Fanning, C J6 Jun 196215 Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Fanning, David E17 Jun 193126 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Fanning, Harold Mil T4 Mar 191823 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Fanning, John1 Sep 1912Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Fanning, Josephine S29 Dec 191920 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Fanning, Juanita19 Dec 1929Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Fanning, Judson11 Nov 1920Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Fanning, Louise M31 Mar 190831 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Fanning, Mae18 Jan 1910Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Fanning, Mina28 Jan 1903Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Fanning, Ruth J13 Apr 194330 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Fannon, Earl28 May 1902Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Fansler, Howard W14 Apr 1913Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Fansler, Louise23 Sep 19107 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Fansler, Sylvia19 Aug 1895May 1978Fort Wayne
Faor, John27 Jul 1920Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Faor, Michael John8 May 19473 May 2008Fort Wayne
Farah, Violet8 Jun 1903Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Farber, Charles11 Dec 1917Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Farber, Clarence O19 Dec 191930 May 2003Fort Wayne
Farber, Elmer O15 Jun 191310 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Farber, Jacob F6 Jul 191112 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Farber, Jennie M22 Jan 192021 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Farber, Thomas E24 Mar 19431 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Farhi, Victor N13 Jan 192929 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Farias, Salvador26 Sep 19464 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Faris, Charles29 Mar 1909Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Faris, Rosa21 Apr 1883Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Fark, Raymond18 Nov 19379 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Farley, Alice9 Oct 1878Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Farley, Annie13 Mar 1929Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Farley, Bessie18 Jul 1892May 1970Fort Wayne
Farley, Frieda M22 Jul 190623 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Farley, Lucy5 May 1907May 1976Fort Wayne
Farley, Veva M8 Nov 190914 May 1999Fort Wayne
Farlow, Anna E15 Jan 1915Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Farlow, Lester L14 Jun 191326 Aug 2002Spencerville
Farmer, Augusta20 Aug 1886Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Farmer, Bruce3 Sep 1890Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Farmer, Deborah L14 Mar 195611 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Farmer, Elmer13 Feb 1898Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Farmer, Helen S27 Sep 191930 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Farmer, Kathleen C29 Jul 19279 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Farmer, Lawrence V20 Aug 192317 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Farmer, Martin L27 Oct 191910 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Farmer, Myrtle25 Dec 191713 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Farmer, Sylvia Joa3 Sep 192312 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Farmer, Timothy Wayne31 Aug 195315 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Farney, Kenneth E31 Oct 191222 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Farney, Opal M17 Jun 191415 May 2006Fort Wayne
Farnham, Alma22 Feb 1897Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Farnham, Alma25 Mar 1904Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Farnham, Robert6 Mar 1918Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Farnham, Vern29 May 1892May 1977Fort Wayne
Farnsworth, Beaulah J6 Jan 192718 Aug 2009Monroeville
Farnsworth, Elma G25 Feb 190827 Apr 2006Spencerville
Farnsworth, Robert M25 Jun 192718 May 2008Fort Wayne
Farr, Arnicia May4 Jul 195230 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Farr, Eliza M15 Jan 19337 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Farr, Emma20 Nov 1899Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Farr, Homer13 Sep 1899Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Farr, Lois A6 May 193518 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Farra, Anna28 Jun 1893Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Farrand, Hazel13 Aug 1885Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Farrar, James18 Feb 1917Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Farrar, James R27 Sep 193413 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Farrar, Pauline J10 Dec 191919 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Farrell, Agnes A17 Oct 192030 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Farrell, Bertha5 Sep 1894Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Farrell, Bobby21 Jul 1918Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Farrell, Cheri M24 Apr 194417 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Farrell, Daniel J13 Oct 19236 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Farrell, Earnest P8 Mar 191715 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Farrell, Edward15 Nov 1893Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Farrell, Elizabeth10 May 189517 May 1988Fort Wayne
Farrell, Esther17 Mar 1893Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Farrell, Florence24 May 1894Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Farrell, George6 Jul 1883Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Farrell, Gerald E14 Jul 192229 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Farrell, Harold B3 Jun 193024 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Farrell, James D23 Dec 192426 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Farrell, James E16 Jan 19217 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Farrell, James P8 Mar 19151 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Farrell, Janet A11 Jul 19394 Jan 2000Spencerville
Farrell, John28 Oct 1897Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Farrell, Joyce N26 Apr 19213 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Farrell, Jrobert9 May 192312 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Farrell, Kathryn4 Oct 1885Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Farrell, Loretta16 Apr 1901Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Farrell, Martha G22 Feb 19264 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Farrell, Mary H10 Aug 191224 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Farrell, Ralph20 Oct 1895Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Farrell, Raymond11 Oct 1912May 1977Fort Wayne
Farrell, Ruth M1 Aug 191517 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Farrer, Harry H12 Sep 19272 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Farrie, C B27 Dec 191928 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Farrington, Ellen8 Apr 1904Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Farrington, James31 May 1922Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Farris, Barney16 Dec 1918Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Farris, Celia16 Mar 1906May 1986Fort Wayne
Farris, Mary J22 Apr 1918Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Farriss, George E13 Jul 191010 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Farrow, Frank21 Jun 1892Jul 1977Huntertown
Farrow, Netina21 Jul 1905Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Farthing, Thelma M12 Apr 1923Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Farver, Cleland F26 Jun 19143 Jan 1993Woodburn
Farver, Faye13 Jul 191920 Oct 2002Woodburn
Farver, Harry J20 Jul 19142 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Farver, John R12 Jul 191228 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Fasick, Ernest J8 May 19278 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Fast, Adeline11 Jul 1905Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Fast, Dayton19 Oct 1875Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Fast, Donald D5 Mar 19399 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Fast, Gladys F25 Apr 191115 Sep 1997New Haven
Fast, Harry8 Dec 1903Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Fast, Jean16 Aug 1922Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Fast, John H7 Jun 191926 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Fast, Joseph Edward4 Jun 192026 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Fast, Kenneth23 Jul 1915Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Fast, Orvis11 Jun 1900Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Fast, Ricky Gene12 Mar 19463 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Fast, Ruth C21 Jun 192015 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Fastenmeier, Joseph14 Oct 1895May 1987Fort Wayne
Fate, Albert3 Feb 1901Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Fate, Iva M1 Sep 19122 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Fate, Juanita M16 Jul 192821 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Fate, Marjorie A3 Nov 193023 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Fate, William L19 Apr 192723 May 2002Fort Wayne
Fathauer, Berniece E23 Sep 191219 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Fathauer, Carl H21 Jan 190628 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Fathauer, Fred15 Jun 1881Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Fathauer, Henry7 Dec 1889Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Fatma, Ghulam15 May 192524 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Fatsinger, Alta26 Nov 1903Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Fatter, Dixie M25 May 19234 Apr 2007Huntertown
Fatzinger, Helen27 Aug 1897Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Fatzinger, Mary A24 Feb 19337 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Faudree, Lula16 Sep 1901Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Faudree, Robert L7 Apr 19233 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Faught, Glenn7 Jan 1885Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Faulk, Nancy2 May 1935Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Faulk, Sidney P17 Oct 192931 May 2006Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Albert J6 Jan 191819 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Barbara J13 Oct 193315 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Bonnie16 Sep 1908Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Chester J8 Jun 191113 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Clyde15 Apr 1922Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Darwin J7 Jan 192327 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Dolores K13 Oct 193010 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Donald E25 Dec 192320 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Dorothy I21 Apr 191614 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Elizabeth3 Dec 1916Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Imogene12 Oct 19183 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Jon A3 Oct 195827 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Jonathan E15 Mar 197113 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Joseph27 May 1894Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Joseph T26 Dec 191810 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Lewis17 Oct 1889Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Lillian I14 Feb 191414 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Loyal5 Aug 1883May 1968Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Margie I13 Apr 192420 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Maurice D1 Oct 1906Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Faulkner, May22 Jan 1880Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Prudence5 Aug 1898May 1967Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Ralph1 Aug 1902Aug 1985Woodburn
Faulkner, Roger A3 Aug 194723 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Ruth16 Feb 1909May 1972Fort Wayne
Faulkner, Shirley6 Jan 1896Jun 1965Woodburn
Faulkner, Sophie4 Jul 1881Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Faulstich, Dorothy26 Apr 1913Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Faulstich, Louis5 May 1912Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Faulstick, Beulah O18 Oct 192310 Feb 2009Monroeville
Faulstick, Charles5 Apr 192219 Apr 2006Monroeville
Faunce, Edward25 Aug 1903Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Faunce, Harry25 Aug 188815 Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Faur, Elizabeth20 May 1895Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Faur, Emil12 Oct 1897Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Faurot, Ellen J8 Feb 19206 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Faurot, Marylou22 Mar 192220 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Faurot, Randall4 Sep 1917Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Faurote, Eva12 Feb 1896Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Faurote, John28 Sep 1919Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Faurote, Joseph12 Feb 1888Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Faurote, Michael J29 Sep 191120 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Faurote, Simeon5 Feb 1897Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Faurote, Virginia M4 Jun 191826 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Faurote, W Edward21 Aug 192428 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Faurote, Walter F14 Feb 192713 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Faus, Paul R11 Nov 192629 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Faust, Charles E5 Nov 191217 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Faust, Daniel Bur T11 Feb 192631 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Faust, Forrest W16 Jan 191327 May 1995Fort Wayne
Faust, Maude M22 Jan 191727 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Faust, Melvin23 May 1911Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Faust, Ruby I23 Dec 19074 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Faust, Ruth20 Sep 1904Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Fausz, Dorothy M5 Sep 1918Oct 1992Roanoke
Fausz, Edward6 Sep 1909Sep 1984Roanoke
Fausz, Florence29 Jul 1907Mar 1984Roanoke
Fausz, Lela28 Jan 1902Aug 1984Roanoke
Faux, Florence Louise16 Sep 192411 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Faux, Inez22 Jan 1883May 1967Fort Wayne
Faux, Jack14 Jan 1920Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Faux, Margaret25 Apr 1921Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Faux, Ralph20 Mar 1892Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Faux, Wilma12 Mar 1901Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Favery, Frank15 Jul 1901Nov 1968Monroeville
Favorite, Jessie19 Oct 187915 Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Favors, Alma18 Jul 191828 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Favors, Hooten1 Aug 192515 May 2000Fort Wayne
Favors, Ruby5 May 192622 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Favory, Arthur A29 May 19316 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Favory, Carol S30 Dec 194512 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Favory, Clark A12 Mar 194127 May 2007Fort Wayne
Favory, Edith29 Jan 1907Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Favory, Hildred7 Nov 1898Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Favory, John2 Jul 1904Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Favory, Leota L25 Apr 19067 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Favory, Marion31 Oct 19296 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Favory, Marion15 Mar 1898Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Favory, Omal M8 Nov 191922 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Favory, Orval20 Oct 1927Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Favory, Russell1 Aug 1901Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Favory, Selma8 May 191016 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Fawcett, Constance22 Sep 1913Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Fawcett, John3 May 1912Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Fawcett, Marguerite27 Jul 1908Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Fawcett, Marian J29 Jun 19131 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Fawcett, Robert L1 Jun 190617 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Fawcett, Rolland10 Aug 1893Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Fawley, Albion1 Nov 1887Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Fawley, Clifford26 Oct 1905May 1970Fort Wayne
Fawley, Dale H1 Jun 19154 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Fawley, Geneva19 Sep 1916Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Fawley, Kathryn M14 Oct 19193 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Fawley, Mary27 Dec 1909Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Fawley, Myrtle12 Apr 1889Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Fawley, Robert16 Mar 1907Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Fawley, Thelma G29 Apr 1906Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Fawley, Toby31 May 1905Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Fay, James H31 May 193916 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Fay, Marguerite3 Jul 1889May 1973Fort Wayne
Fay, Molva L19 May 191415 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Fay, Thomas L27 Apr 192311 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Faylor, Arthur10 Sep 1896Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Faylor, Dorothy H4 May 192210 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Faylor, Edward J1 Dec 192027 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Faylor, Effie2 Jul 1876Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Faylor, Everett3 Aug 1917Sep 1985Huntertown
Faylor, Paul A16 May 191310 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Faylor, Roy10 Nov 1888Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Faylor, Wayne L2 Dec 19211 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Fazekas, Margaret9 Mar 1911Aug 1983Fort Wayne

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