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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Feagler, Harry29 Apr 1905Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Feagler, Melvin J10 Jun 192911 Oct 2000New Haven
Feagles, Alva25 Mar 1900Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Feagles, Maxine30 Nov 192529 Nov 2007Churubusco
Feasby, Doris J23 Jun 193430 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Feasby, Willis6 Jun 1895Aug 1984Monroeville
Feasel, Charles G6 Jun 192017 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Feasel, Dianna Belle21 Jun 194324 May 2008Fort Wayne
Feasel, Dorl26 Jan 1905Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Feasel, E K11 Jan 19164 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Feasel, Marion T18 Mar 19141 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Feasel, Mildred Norma29 Jan 192325 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Feasel, Velma22 Sep 1905Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Feasel, Verna V17 Jun 191823 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Feaselman, Clayton E8 Sep 192730 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Feaselman, Maryellen E19 Oct 192115 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Feaser, Aletha30 Dec 1916May 1984Fort Wayne
Feaser, Debra L30 Jul 195612 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Feaser, Harry18 Aug 1893Sep 1976Roanoke
Feaser, Nellie22 Jun 1897Dec 1985Roanoke
Feaster, Clifford22 Jan 1915Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Feber, James24 Aug 193421 Sep 2009Leo
Feber, Mildred O20 Jan 19076 May 1995Fort Wayne
Fecher, Elizabeth M18 Feb 1917Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Fecher, Esther11 Oct 1906Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Fecher, Leo J12 Dec 190719 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Fecher, Loretta M6 Sep 191722 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Fecher, Magdalen18 Mar 1906Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Fecher, Marcella A2 Feb 191527 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Fedeli, Gilberta5 May 1920Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Fedeli, Rocco P26 May 192715 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Federer, Florence J6 Sep 18995 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Federoff, James13 Sep 191713 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Federspeil, Zora5 Nov 1900Jan 1978New Haven
Federspiel, Adelaide C1 Jul 191025 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Federspiel, Albert31 Mar 1891May 1970New Haven
Federspiel, Alfred3 Oct 1895Oct 1972New Haven
Federspiel, Bernadine4 Nov 1889Aug 1971New Haven
Federspiel, Cecilia20 Nov 1895Mar 1973New Haven
Federspiel, Diana L1 Sep 195911 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Federspiel, Donna E28 Feb 193422 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Federspiel, Earl E13 Nov 19141 Apr 1992New Haven
Federspiel, Edwin24 Oct 1913Apr 1981Fort Wayne, New Haven
Federspiel, Ella31 Aug 1886Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Federspiel, Frank J29 Nov 191521 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Federspiel, Frieda24 Aug 1897Nov 1986New Haven
Federspiel, George19 Jan 1879May 1974Fort Wayne
Federspiel, Gisela12 May 191520 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Federspiel, James A13 Nov 193227 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Federspiel, Jesse P19 Dec 192317 May 1994Fort Wayne
Federspiel, John7 Aug 1878Jan 1968New Haven
Federspiel, Joseph17 Feb 1890May 1977New Haven, Fort Wayne
Federspiel, Joseph12 Feb 1920Aug 1985New Haven
Federspiel, Joseph27 Dec 1933Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Federspiel, Josephine20 Jan 1888Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Federspiel, Leon18 Jun 1915Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Federspiel, Michael5 Sep 1946Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Federspiel, Perry21 Sep 1905Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Federspiel, Regina R3 Mar 19349 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Federspiel, Vivian L26 Sep 190318 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Federspiel, William J2 Jul 193229 Oct 2008New Haven
Fedock, Patricia9 May 1939Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Fedor, Violet M22 Jan 19122 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Fedorcsak, Mike1 Oct 1895Aug 1970Yoder
Fee, Dorothy E11 Oct 19235 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Fee, John F10 Sep 19225 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Fee, Loretta24 Sep 1903Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Fee, Morris N22 Nov 1911Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Fee, Raymond C22 Aug 19049 May 1995Fort Wayne
Fee, Sara29 May 1886May 1972Fort Wayne
Feeback, Allen P14 Jul 192426 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Feemster, Catherine3 Dec 1925Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Feemster, Mildred15 Apr 1919Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Feemster, Raymond B27 Apr 192012 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Feeney, Donald9 Sep 1925Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Feeney, Hazel L4 Feb 19447 May 2000Monroeville
Feezel, Charles L5 Sep 191523 May 1994Fort Wayne
Feggeller, Louise C19 Jan 19093 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Fegley, Edith16 Nov 1892Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Fehman, Louise3 Sep 191914 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Fehman, Tyre17 Nov 1903Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Feichter, Adella M4 Mar 191519 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Feichter, Anna30 Mar 1893Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Feichter, Brian9 Nov 1957Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Feichter, Charles20 May 1893Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Feichter, Charles9 Aug 1900Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Feichter, Clarence28 Dec 1901Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Feichter, Cleo A2 Apr 19061 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Feichter, Clifford6 Mar 1906Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Feichter, Cornelius S22 Dec 192222 May 2004Fort Wayne
Feichter, Donna13 Jun 1911Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Feichter, Edward H31 Oct 193028 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Feichter, Esther M13 Jan 191829 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Feichter, Frank20 Feb 19278 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Feichter, Harold W6 Dec 191810 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Feichter, Homer31 Oct 1909Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Feichter, Leverne K17 Feb 191130 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Feichter, Lucille24 Nov 1908Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Feichter, Phyllis A26 May 19267 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Feichter, Richard18 Oct 1928Nov 1986New Haven
Feichter, Robert E18 Nov 193326 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Feiertag, Eric21 Jul 1913Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Feiertag, Joseph W30 Nov 191425 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Feiertag, Kurt6 Nov 1891Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Feiertag, Linda31 Jul 1889Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Feiertag, Luella11 Nov 18945 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Feiertag, Margaret M21 Aug 191928 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Feighner, Darrel W6 Aug 191711 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Feighner, Guy D17 Jun 19322 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Feighner, Katherine8 Mar 1889Jun 1965Fort Wayne
Feighner, Kenneth W1 Dec 192615 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Feighner, Lorene20 Oct 193410 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Feighner, Margaret E3 Dec 18965 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Feigley, Emma I27 Sep 189520 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Feigley, Roy25 Jun 1894Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Feil, Gisela B3 Jul 190421 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Feil, Nicolas30 Oct 1906Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Feipel, Gregor4 Dec 1902May 1967Fort Wayne
Feipel, Theodore30 Oct 1893Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Feipel, Victor15 Oct 1887Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Feistkorn, Clara17 Dec 1888Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Feistkorn, Harold24 Sep 1892Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Feitz, Louis31 Mar 1906Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Feitz, Sophia M27 May 191125 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Fekete, Eugene A1 Apr 193714 May 2006Fort Wayne
Felber, Homer27 Mar 1905Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Felber, Laura1 Feb 1880Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Felber, Mary3 Apr 1907Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Felber, Militine29 Jul 1918Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Felberg, Evelyn A7 Jul 192415 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Felberg, Raymond P31 Aug 192322 May 1993Fort Wayne
Feldbush, Betty3 Nov 19162 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Felderman, Connie30 Nov 1938Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Felderman, Dora P1 Aug 190915 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Feldheiser, Dave8 Mar 1955Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Feldheiser, Harold3 Oct 1928Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Feldheiser, Harold2 Oct 1897Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Feldman, Edna21 Apr 1887Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Feldman, J2 Apr 1889Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Feldman, Theodore L13 Oct 19325 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Feldner, Alma L10 Sep 191218 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Feldscher, Arthur3 May 1901May 1981Fort Wayne
Feldscher, Carl7 Jan 1899Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Feldscher, Olga26 Sep 1893Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Felger, Alan1 Oct 1938Sep 1987Churubusco
Felger, Arthur24 Nov 1907Mar 1983Grabill
Felger, August17 Jun 1902Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Felger, Bonnie15 Feb 1938Nov 1971New Haven
Felger, Carl18 Sep 1891Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Felger, Catherine P13 Mar 191331 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Felger, Charles26 Jun 1898Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Felger, Daniel15 Feb 1883Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Felger, Donald M14 Mar 192314 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Felger, Edna R3 Jun 189815 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Felger, Elaine Alma19 Oct 193931 May 2009Fort Wayne
Felger, Ernest3 May 1893Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Felger, Ervine8 Sep 1925Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Felger, Estella28 Mar 1884Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Felger, Ethel24 Jan 1890Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Felger, Evelyn M20 Feb 192611 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Felger, Forest C31 May 192123 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Felger, George28 Mar 1906Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Felger, Grace22 Apr 1900Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Felger, Helen5 Oct 1898Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Felger, Helen2 Jun 1916Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Felger, Herbert H1 Jul 19157 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Felger, James3 Mar 1949Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Felger, Joyce A17 Jul 19392 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Felger, Kenneth F12 Aug 191022 May 2006Churubusco
Felger, Laura A1 Nov 19179 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Felger, Lavon I11 Feb 191624 May 1998Churubusco
Felger, Lewis G7 Dec 192515 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Felger, Luther31 Aug 1903Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Felger, Marcella29 Oct 1923Jul 1981Fort Wayne, Monroeville
Felger, Marjorie24 Oct 192424 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Felger, Mary22 Dec 1906Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Felger, Mary E31 Jan 191024 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Felger, Mary L26 Jul 191510 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Felger, Maurice M5 Feb 190826 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Felger, Mildred7 Mar 190422 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Felger, Morris A10 Sep 192227 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Felger, Patricia17 Jan 1930Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Felger, Paul H30 Aug 190919 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Felger, Ralph29 Mar 1903Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Felger, Ralph D22 May 191220 Feb 1997Churubusco
Felger, Raymond E31 Mar 192422 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Felger, Richard L12 Feb 191717 Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Felger, Ruby25 Apr 1914Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Felger, Victor G14 Dec 192711 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Felger, Viola V8 Feb 191825 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Felger, Virginia L18 Jul 191415 May 2001Fort Wayne
Felger, Wilma R10 Oct 190723 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Felix, Johnnie Ma E26 Jul 19317 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Felix, Jose A12 Jan 192817 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Felix, Sister M11 Dec 188315 Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Felkey, Joel G24 Nov 193423 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Fell, Clifford W1 Jun 19161 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Fell, Daisy17 Aug 1877May 1970Fort Wayne
Fell, James20 Sep 1914Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Fell, James C11 Nov 195330 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Fell, Jean K12 Nov 1917Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Fell, John17 Mar 1890Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Fell, Linda L17 Apr 194210 Dec 2008Spencerville
Fell, Mabel14 Jun 1888Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Felland, Julia2 Nov 1869Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Feller, J8 Jan 1962May 1988Fort Wayne
Feller, Margaret L16 May 191313 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Feller, Raymond6 Sep 1908Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Feller, Weldon E19 Jul 192526 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Feller, William C4 Jan 190519 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Fellers, Clyde26 Jan 1916Oct 1986Grabill
Fellers, Elizabeth11 Jun 1900Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Fellers, Marjorie E29 Jan 191025 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Fels, Rena5 Apr 1892Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Felt, George14 Jan 1894Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Felt, Herman29 Jul 1907Jun 1984Monroeville
Felt, James R22 Sep 192020 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Felt, Jean12 Oct 1914Aug 1978New Haven
Felt, Lena24 May 1909Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Felt, Lillian L10 Oct 192218 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Felt, Lillie10 Jul 1899May 1987Fort Wayne
Felt, Lina17 Dec 1886Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Feltenberger, Jeanne13 Jan 1919Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Felter, Freda13 Apr 1907Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Feltes, Charles30 Aug 1900Jun 1981Churubusco
Felton, Helen19 Feb 1921Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Felton, Norma J28 Sep 193126 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Felton, Robert R22 Apr 19196 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Felts, Anna31 Dec 1888Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Felts, Charles5 Apr 1883Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Felts, Charles W18 Feb 19096 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Felts, Constance L25 May 191211 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Felts, Linda24 Dec 1891Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Felts, Margaret26 Mar 1888Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Feltz, Henry19 Aug 1884Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Femyer, Dick E18 Jul 194313 Jan 2010New Haven
Fendt, Michele P10 Apr 19622 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Fenker, Bertha7 Dec 1885Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Fenker, Carol M13 Jun 19337 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Fenker, Catherine8 Jun 1897Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Fenker, Dale Edmund29 Apr 193410 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Fenker, Frank24 Sep 1901Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Fenker, Herman5 Jan 1906May 1977Fort Wayne
Fenker, Jeanette5 Oct 1896Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Fenker, Joseph20 Aug 1899Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Fenker, Mary E26 Aug 189919 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Fenker, Robert J17 Jun 19287 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Fennell, Edmond J19 Jul 191717 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Fennell, Geraldine M26 Nov 191818 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Fennelly, Ursula5 Jun 191511 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Fenner, Albert17 Nov 1892Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Fenner, Irene6 Nov 1898Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Fennessy, Ray16 Sep 1913Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Fennig, Lyle9 Aug 1908May 1969Fort Wayne
Fennig, Orville L6 Jan 191725 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Fennig, Thomas E18 Sep 193028 May 2000Fort Wayne
Fensler, Floyd5 Feb 1905Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Fensler, Helen23 Nov 1909Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Fensler, Russell M4 May 19244 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Fensler, Ruth7 Sep 1903Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Fenstermache, Grace G2 Aug 189418 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Fenstermache, Russell16 Aug 1895Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Fenstermaker, Margaret12 Aug 1912Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Fenstermaker, Walter18 Jan 1905Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Fenton, Marion27 Mar 1878Dec 1969Monroeville
Fenton, R E21 Mar 193715 Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Fenyes, Gabor27 Feb 19143 May 2001Fort Wayne
Ferber, Adolph16 Aug 1916May 1986Fort Wayne
Ferber, Herman5 Jul 1895Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Ferber, Lisetta21 Jan 1893Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Ferber, Oswald F13 Feb 191415 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Ferber, Ruth2 Apr 191718 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Ferber, Ruth E16 Apr 19079 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Ferckel, Anne20 Nov 1898Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Ferckel, Charles26 May 1902Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Ferckel, Richard E28 May 192613 Feb 1994Huntertown
Ferckel, Sarah16 Jun 194112 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Ferg, Augusta E18 Mar 191318 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Fergus, D3 Nov 1974Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Fergus, Roselene M11 Apr 1923Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Ara8 Aug 192826 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Artimishia8 Jun 1883Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Cecelia E1 Mar 191222 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Charles23 Jun 1909Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Churl18 Aug 19297 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Dale31 Dec 1891Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Daniel1 Jan 1903Apr 1973Churubusco
Ferguson, Daniel B12 Jul 192516 Aug 1992Churubusco
Ferguson, Donald12 Oct 1903Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Edna M7 Feb 192516 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Eleanor Beryl12 Jul 192223 May 2009Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Elizabeth27 Aug 1872Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Eugene20 Dec 1897Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Floyd10 Sep 19033 May 1998Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Frederick18 Mar 1907Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Geneva25 Apr 1910Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Harold M27 Nov 191211 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Helen Louise28 May 19301 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Henry N1 Jan 19195 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Irene26 Aug 1912Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Ferguson, James29 Oct 1884Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Julius F10 Jul 19176 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Ferguson, June T3 Jul 18992 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Leila G18 Mar 191526 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Lela I22 Jul 19138 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Marcella20 Aug 1904Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Mary M19 Jul 191223 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Melvin D11 Jun 198622 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Mercy7 May 1900Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Merl9 Sep 1908Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Opal7 Aug 1893Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Phyllis L20 Jun 192712 Jan 1997Churubusco
Ferguson, Richard Neil15 Jan 192426 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Richard R30 Jul 192418 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Robert C28 Aug 19147 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Roosevelt H6 Apr 190727 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Rose4 Dec 1935Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Samuel31 Mar 1896Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Stuart W15 Nov 19185 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Vernon4 Sep 1954Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Vernon D13 Jan 190218 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Ferguson, William E7 Nov 191811 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Ferguson, William M6 Jan 19262 May 2001Fort Wayne
Ferguson, Winnie17 Sep 1906Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Fernanders, Joseph B26 Dec 19315 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Fernandez, Fernando23 Jul 192426 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Fernandez, Maria2 Jul 1888Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Fernandez, Orlando J22 Sep 192116 May 2004Fort Wayne
Ferneau, Frances28 Jul 1901Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Fernwalt, Edna16 Dec 1891Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Fernwalt, Oliver22 Oct 1910Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Fernwalt, Robert1 Nov 1890Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Ferraiolo, Mary8 Mar 190525 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Ferraiolo, Sam9 Mar 1909Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Ferraro, Frank L10 Sep 19226 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Ferraro, Mary M6 Sep 192815 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Ferree, Catherine R19 Sep 192525 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Ferree, Wilbur J23 Jan 1925Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Ferrell, Alice L19 Jan 191912 Sep 2006Harlan
Ferrell, Annie L29 Mar 195729 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Ferrell, Annie Loui S4 Oct 192323 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Ferrell, Bueford3 Jul 1918Mar 1982Harlan
Ferrell, Dave L5 Apr 19587 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Ferrell, Dudley Bry A6 Oct 192622 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Ferrell, Laura19 Jun 1879Mar 1973New Haven
Ferrell, Luella R29 Jun 19149 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Ferrell, P J16 Feb 195615 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Ferrell, Richard H11 Aug 19258 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Ferrell, Russell29 Aug 1902Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Ferrell, Wilbert9 Dec 1909Feb 1987Roanoke
Ferrey, Betty H27 Mar 19295 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Ferrey, Herbert G17 Mar 193114 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Ferrey, Lauretta10 Aug 1907Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Ferrier, Floyd O2 Jan 192920 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Ferrier, Otis30 Nov 1893Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Ferrier, Violet L14 Sep 19029 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Ferris, Allie26 Oct 1879Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Ferris, Emerson16 Jul 1932Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Ferris, Erma G23 Jul 19166 May 2005Fort Wayne
Ferris, Georgine F15 Apr 191021 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Ferris, Maynard L11 Jul 191620 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Ferro, Emil28 Apr 1903Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Ferry, Arthur George13 Aug 193816 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Ferry, Audrey B30 Apr 19109 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Ferry, Carolyn H11 Apr 193224 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Ferry, Cecilia25 Aug 1899Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Ferry, Charles R19 Jun 192522 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Ferry, Margaret26 Nov 1899Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Ferry, Mary Alice13 Jan 1927Jun 1992Leo
Ferry, Robert J27 Jul 192919 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Ferry, Seneca T14 Oct 190923 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Ferry, Vera L14 Mar 1925Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Ferry, Virgil20 Nov 1908Oct 1967New Haven
Fesler, Dolores A22 Nov 193931 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Fesler, Wahneta16 Jun 19071 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Fetro, Vera19 Nov 1893May 1975Fort Wayne
Fett, Alvin21 Sep 1919Oct 1986Leo
Fett, Dolores13 Jul 1928Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Fett, Donald11 Mar 1930Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Fett, Elizabeth O12 Feb 192328 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Fett, Flora E13 Jul 188115 Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Fett, Joseph F20 Oct 196128 May 2003Fort Wayne
Fett, Melda A30 Mar 191310 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Fett, Norman L12 Sep 19165 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Fett, Richard M15 Oct 19304 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Fett, Ruth M8 Aug 191712 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Fett, Wilford30 Jan 1911Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Fetter, Grace26 Sep 1892Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Fetter, Mary Alice20 Jun 193429 May 2008Fort Wayne
Fetterhoff, Hazel24 Jan 1895Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Fetters, Charles31 Oct 1903Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Fetters, Dayne1 Apr 1907Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Fetters, Lela29 Dec 1892Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Fetters, Lloyd4 Jul 1900Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Fetters, Oscar1 Jun 1886Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Fettig, Helen I9 Oct 191211 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Fettig, Julianne13 Dec 195323 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Fettig, Lawrence15 Dec 1908Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Fettig, Peter P10 Jan 19073 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Fettig, Tommy24 Mar 1940Apr 1975Huntertown
Fetzer, Leah C1 Feb 19235 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Feuchter, Fred25 Aug 1894Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Feuchter, Lois A11 Feb 192817 Mar 2004Roanoke
Feuchter, Loretta23 May 1908Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Feusner, Emil27 Dec 1903Dec 1977Fort Wayne, New Haven
Feusner, Paul12 May 1901Mar 1973New Haven
Feustel, Catherine H15 May 19105 May 1997Fort Wayne
Feustel, Charles D8 Jan 194215 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Feustel, Dorothy E29 Sep 19082 May 1999Fort Wayne
Feustel, Robert11 Apr 1909Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Fey, Alexandra N19 Jul 19964 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Fey, Erwin27 May 1903Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Fey, Fairy1 Dec 1912Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Fey, Lester14 Oct 1911May 1987Fort Wayne
Fey, Marilyn S10 Mar 19563 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Fey, Max D12 Sep 195123 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Fey, Omer3 May 1913Jul 1982Fort Wayne

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