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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Fiandt, Angelia8 May 1899Mar 1980Huntertown
Fiant, Bertha26 Sep 1904Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Fichtel, Adele24 Aug 191824 May 2007Fort Wayne
Fichtel, Rudolf1 Sep 191926 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Fichter, Helen D8 Feb 193216 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Fick, Delmar Dean12 Apr 19305 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Fick, Ella L5 Jun 19074 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Fick, Irene20 Aug 1915Dec 1971New Haven
Fick, Louis5 Feb 1897Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Fick, Paul3 Dec 1893Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Fickert, Helen B2 Oct 19234 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Fickle, Clarence13 Nov 1908May 1977Fort Wayne
Fickle, Roba27 Mar 1886May 1971Fort Wayne
Fidler, Cloie7 Sep 1877Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Fidler, Forest J9 Feb 190830 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Fidler, Wanda B8 Feb 191217 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Fiebig, Jeanette M1 Sep 192928 Dec 2004New Haven
Fiebig, Oliver A11 Jun 191214 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Fiebig, Opal A27 Jun 191211 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Fiebig, Paul E28 Feb 192413 Sep 2008New Haven
Fiedler, Adah E17 Dec 19059 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Fiedler, Adam10 Sep 1874Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Fiedler, Clarence18 Mar 1909Feb 1982Woodburn
Fiedler, Donald G8 Nov 191623 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Fiedler, Donald M22 Feb 194612 Sep 2009New Haven
Fiedler, Edith M18 Mar 191813 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Fiedler, Edna O28 Aug 190430 Dec 2000New Haven
Fiedler, Edwin7 Apr 1899Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Fiedler, Gene P4 Apr 193222 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Fiedler, Gerald J13 Jul 192815 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Fiedler, Herman7 Nov 1897Feb 1969New Haven
Fiedler, Hortense21 Nov 1901Jan 1978Fort Wayne, Woodburn
Fiedler, Kenneth C10 Jul 193129 Mar 1996Woodburn
Fiedler, Larry D1 Jan 19486 May 2009Fort Wayne
Fiedler, Laverne W12 Jun 192615 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Fiedler, Lawrence11 Jun 1899Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Fiedler, Marcille F20 Aug 19188 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Fiedler, Martin C20 Aug 190518 Jan 1997New Haven
Fiedler, Mary13 Aug 189215 Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Fiedler, Mary S6 May 190913 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Fiedler, Melinda M18 Jun 190814 Apr 2005Woodburn
Fiedler, Robert B24 Jan 19224 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Fiedler, Robert E13 Oct 19258 May 1992Fort Wayne
Fiedler, Sarah15 Aug 1898Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Fiedler, William12 Aug 1900May 1967New Haven
Fiegle, Herman J25 Jul 19247 Feb 2005New Haven
Field, Don D8 Dec 19222 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Field, Hyacinth18 Feb 1897Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Field, Nellie3 Jan 1912Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Field, Ruth C21 Sep 19159 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Fielder, Robert6 Feb 191631 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Fieldhouse, Marvin J28 Jan 196028 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Fielding, Hellen7 Mar 1893Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Fields, Adelaide10 Jan 192410 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Fields, Clarence E20 Oct 19044 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Fields, Dorys G4 Apr 192212 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Fields, Edward5 Feb 1939Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Fields, Ella8 Jan 19039 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Fields, Emma11 Jan 1882Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Fields, Fannie M6 Feb 19545 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Fields, George5 Nov 1903Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Fields, Geraldine A5 Apr 1923May 1992Fort Wayne
Fields, Louis21 Sep 1920Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Fields, R W5 May 191619 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Fields, Richard H8 Apr 192518 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Fields, Roy30 Jan 1903Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Fields, Thelma D13 Dec 1907Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Fields, William14 Apr 1930Nov 1986Grabill
Fields, Wilma21 Mar 1933May 1976Grabill
Fields, Zamesha Dashay3 Jul 199513 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Fielitz, Henry15 Feb 1906Oct 1971Grabill
Fielitz, Max8 Apr 1892Jul 1967Roanoke
Fielitz, Maxine E21 Mar 19168 May 2004Harlan
Fierro, Jean F20 Jul 190316 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Fiesler, Margaret25 Mar 194322 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Fife, Florence29 Apr 1887Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Fifer, Velma21 Dec 1905Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Fiffick, David27 Jul 1921Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Fiffick, Geraldine A19 Sep 191820 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Figares, Angelica S16 May 195012 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Figel, Carl26 Oct 1899Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Figel, Clarence23 Aug 1898Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Figel, Clarence A26 Aug 191918 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Figel, Donald8 Nov 1920Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Figel, Dorothy14 Feb 1904May 1976Fort Wayne
Figel, Esther4 Mar 1904Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Figel, Fondah J17 Jul 19229 May 2004New Haven
Figel, Frank16 Jul 1897Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Figel, Fred7 Jun 1892Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Figel, H Paul1 Dec 191727 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Figel, Ina14 Feb 1888Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Figel, Leo14 Oct 1896May 1986Fort Wayne
Figel, Malinda24 Aug 1898Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Figel, Mary K13 Aug 192428 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Figel, Willard12 Jul 1912Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Figel, William28 Nov 1886Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Figert, Donald L17 Aug 19275 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Figert, Russell21 May 1893Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Figley, Martha17 Jul 1903Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Figley, Mildred G4 Jul 192513 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Fike, Orphia A31 May 193811 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Fike, Rebecca6 Sep 190110 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Fikes, Richard L22 Apr 194825 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Filchak, Andrew30 May 1897Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Filchak, Barbara A17 Apr 19313 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Filchak, Robert A31 Jul 19243 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Files, William24 Jul 19228 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Filiberto, Marianna9 Oct 190623 May 1996Fort Wayne
Filichia, Susan D1 Sep 194413 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Filipiak, Dorothy E15 Jan 19186 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Filipiak, John S13 Jun 191323 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Filippou, Evangelos13 Sep 192016 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Filler, Dale24 Mar 1930Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Filler, Jessie G20 Sep 190515 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Filler, Orville30 Nov 1899Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Filler, Pauline E29 Sep 1910Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Filler, Rogers21 Aug 1904Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Fillman, Cozy20 Feb 1899May 1978Spencerville
Fillman, Fred10 Dec 1893Feb 1982Spencerville
Fillman, Howard6 Oct 1902Sep 1986Spencerville
Filloff, Richard D29 Apr 195319 Jan 2006New Haven
Filson, Cleo26 Aug 1902Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Filus, Frank10 May 1916Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Filus, Richard Eugene13 Dec 193914 Oct 2009Roanoke
Finan, Pearlie M18 Dec 193920 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Finan, Roselyn M6 Apr 192031 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Finan, Thomas E11 Aug 191622 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Finch, Caroline M8 Oct 19001 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Finch, Lewis30 Mar 1930Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Finch, Louis17 Jul 1894Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Finch, Ora31 Mar 1893Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Finch, Viola21 Jul 1897Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Finche, R31 Jan 1926Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Fincher, Arthur L4 Oct 191115 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Fincher, Luevinua18 Jun 188415 May 1969Fort Wayne
Fincher, Mary E16 Oct 191614 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Fincher, Robert J10 Feb 195129 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Fincher, Ruby18 Jul 1898Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Finchum, Nancy L9 Mar 19322 Mar 2010Fort Wayne
Finchum, Robert31 Mar 1907Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Finck, Carrie24 Oct 1896Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Finderson, Charlotte15 Nov 190422 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Findlay, Joan Marie23 Aug 193620 May 2008Fort Wayne
Findley, Byron H15 Mar 192119 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Findley, Edith W29 Jun 19165 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Findley-davi, June M11 Jun 19384 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Fine, Mae26 Jan 1895Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Fineout, Randy W17 Apr 195613 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Finfrock, Dorothy20 Feb 1907Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Finfrock, H22 Nov 1904Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Finger, Frieda9 Jun 1890Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Finger, Helen Lucille16 Dec 192112 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Finger, James22 Apr 1933Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Finger, Susan12 Nov 1941Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Fingerle, E K4 Jul 194015 May 1998Fort Wayne
Fink, Barbara A8 Sep 194023 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Fink, Cecilia19 Aug 1903Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Fink, Celeste27 Mar 1902Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Fink, David A3 Oct 196226 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Fink, Eleta23 Sep 1906Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Fink, Elizabeth12 Feb 1889Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Fink, Juliana12 Apr 191615 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Fink, Mathias17 Dec 1914Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Fink, Sarah21 Mar 1909Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Fink, Sharon L12 Jan 19429 Aug 1994New Haven
Fink, Stefan21 Jun 1919Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Fink, Timothy A14 Jul 195917 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Fink, William E29 Jan 19343 Mar 1991Fort Wayne
Fink, Willis E16 Oct 19257 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Finkbeiner, Hazel27 Jan 1891Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Finkbeiner, Marilyn27 Apr 192227 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Finkel, Edward31 Oct 1931Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Finkhouse, Jesse31 Jan 1897Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Finkhouse, Richard E24 Dec 19231 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Finkhousen, Chester R8 Jun 19223 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Finkhousen, Enid10 Jun 1900Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Finkhousen, Frank22 Sep 1890Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Finkhousen, Lee Max17 Mar 192330 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Finkhousen, William2 Jul 1893Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Finley, Gwen A15 Mar 19451 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Finley, Mary V7 Jul 190914 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Finnell, Galen11 Apr 1906Mar 1970New Haven
Finnell, Julia1 Oct 1898Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Finner, Viola8 Oct 192228 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Finney, Helen V1 Jan 191120 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Finney, Karol1 Aug 1933Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Finney, Lawrence26 Jul 1901Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Finney, Robert W21 Jun 192411 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Finney, Ruth E27 Mar 190225 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Finrow, Mildred E4 Oct 192129 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Finsterle, Kenneth15 Oct 1911Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Finsterle, Lois I4 Jun 19164 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Finton, Bess Louise10 May 19316 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Finton, Erma2 Jun 1901Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Finton, John T19 Mar 192816 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Finton, Rex W17 Apr 193013 May 1999Fort Wayne
Fiore, Florence31 Dec 1927Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Fiore, William J23 May 192730 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Fipp, August8 Jan 1900Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Fireoved, Mavaline F1 Aug 192028 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Firestine, Frank19 Apr 1895Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Firestine, Frank L26 May 19202 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Firestine, George J19 Jun 19067 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Firestine, Jack26 Mar 1916Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Firestine, James G25 Jul 19236 May 2003Fort Wayne
Firestine, John F20 Apr 194817 May 2002Fort Wayne
Firestine, Louise21 Aug 1914Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Firestine, Muriel3 Apr 1897Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Firestine, Olive R12 May 190227 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Firestine, Robert22 Jan 1914Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Firestine, Roby30 Dec 192730 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Firestine, Theodocia17 Jul 1902Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Firestone, Cleva J31 Jan 19245 Jul 2006Churubusco, Fort Wayne
Firestone, Deborah L16 Jan 195724 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Firestone, Donna E8 Jan 191229 Apr 2004Churubusco
Firestone, Floyd28 Mar 1898May 1968Fort Wayne
Firestone, Guy E1 Sep 188415 Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Firestone, Harry J4 Apr 192621 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Firestone, Hazel27 Jul 1893Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Firestone, Merle A25 Apr 191910 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Firks, Albert E22 Apr 189515 Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Firks, Beulah30 Nov 1915Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Firks, Carl W1 Sep 192621 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Firks, Charles Henry12 Dec 192319 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Firks, Freda2 Jul 1890Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Firks, Marguerit C14 Jun 19115 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Firks, William17 Aug 1891Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Firks, William M20 Mar 192015 May 2008Fort Wayne
Firstenberge, Wilma5 Jul 190625 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Firth, Pauline A12 May 191213 May 1996Harlan
Fischbach, Gerhard28 Feb 1904May 1984Fort Wayne
Fischbach, Lena M29 Mar 1906Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Fischback, Clara3 Dec 1882Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Fischer, Catherine P25 Mar 193215 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Fischer, Edward D23 Aug 19453 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Fischer, Emil29 Mar 191115 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Fischer, Emma12 May 1886Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Fischer, Florence22 Sep 1886Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Fischer, Fred W11 Sep 190811 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Fischer, Gertrud10 Mar 191521 May 2001Fort Wayne
Fischer, Harold4 Nov 1910Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Fischer, Helen K29 Nov 191022 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Fischer, James R27 Jun 192716 May 1989Fort Wayne
Fischer, Joseph17 Sep 1889Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Fischer, Kermit25 May 1909Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Fischer, Marvin L3 Mar 193419 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Fischer, Queenie12 Dec 1896Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Fischer, Ruth24 Jul 1908Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Fischer, Violet E14 Nov 191329 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Fischer, Wildemar K8 Jul 190625 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Fischer, William29 Jan 1883Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Fischer, Zona G1 Apr 192919 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Fischetti, Anthony25 Sep 1899May 1980Fort Wayne
Fischetti, Nickolena23 Nov 1905Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Fischoff, Ephraim2 Oct 190430 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Fischoff, Marion J20 Apr 191929 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Fisel, Kenneth27 Jul 191617 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Fish, George T30 May 191520 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Fish, Glen29 Jan 191016 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Fish, James16 Jan 1928Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Fish, June E30 Jun 19369 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Fish, Kenneth E8 Jun 192327 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Fish, Lillian S25 Jul 190620 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Fish, Marguerite23 Mar 1919Apr 1978Spencerville
Fish, Paul C24 Dec 191917 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Fish, Phyllis A24 Feb 192628 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Fish, Ray13 Mar 1926Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Fish, Robert L28 Aug 191818 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Fishbaugh, Fred9 Aug 1916Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Fishbaugh, Mary M8 Apr 19221 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Fishburn, Larry J3 Oct 194424 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Fisher Jr, William H7 Oct 19112 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Fisher Lizot, Elizabeth J22 Apr 196030 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Fisher, Alexander3 Oct 192225 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Fisher, Alice R3 Jul 192526 Sep 2009New Haven
Fisher, Alma F24 Jan 1903Sep 1989Roanoke
Fisher, Alta15 Aug 1889Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Fisher, Anna24 Oct 1887Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Fisher, Annie17 Jun 1905May 1973Fort Wayne
Fisher, Arthur6 Sep 188015 Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Fisher, Bernadette7 Jul 189928 Dec 1996New Haven
Fisher, Berniece26 Jan 19032 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Fisher, Bertha18 May 1900Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Fisher, Calvin23 Dec 1916Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Fisher, Carice31 Jul 1890Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Fisher, Carl23 Apr 1900Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Fisher, Cecil C24 Jun 190724 Apr 1993Roanoke
Fisher, Cerilda B12 Aug 1905Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Fisher, Chalmer J9 Apr 191115 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Fisher, Charles20 Jul 1938Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Fisher, Charles27 Feb 1916May 1987Fort Wayne
Fisher, Chauncey19 Apr 1898Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Fisher, Chester26 May 1897Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Fisher, Christian12 Jun 1895Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Fisher, Clark5 Mar 1893Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Fisher, Clifford11 Sep 1903Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Fisher, Conrad N26 Nov 193619 Jul 1994New Haven
Fisher, Dale E23 Jul 191523 May 1997Huntertown
Fisher, Dallas7 Oct 19237 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Fisher, Dennis4 Aug 1948Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Fisher, Donald16 Jan 1915Jan 1972Churubusco
Fisher, Dorothy D8 Nov 19294 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Fisher, Dorothy K26 Apr 191710 Dec 2005Huntertown
Fisher, Doyt21 May 1901Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Fisher, Edith E16 Aug 19101 May 2004Roanoke
Fisher, Edward J12 Oct 192421 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Fisher, Edward W29 May 195820 May 2008Fort Wayne
Fisher, Elbertine B7 Jul 190719 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Fisher, Eleanor R27 Feb 19171 May 2001Fort Wayne
Fisher, Elfie1 Feb 1894Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Fisher, Elsie26 Aug 1888Apr 1972Spencerville
Fisher, Emerson L7 Jun 19142 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Fisher, Emma E4 May 19131 May 2003Leo
Fisher, Esther V1 Jan 191421 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Fisher, Ethel10 Apr 1904Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Fisher, Eunice J16 Sep 192513 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Fisher, Eva M7 Dec 19024 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Fisher, Evelyn M18 May 191724 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Fisher, F C25 Oct 192511 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Fisher, Florence7 Oct 1902Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Fisher, Floyd E12 Mar 191319 May 1995Fort Wayne
Fisher, Frank31 Jul 1890Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Fisher, Frank17 Jul 1890Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Fisher, Georgenna E5 Jul 192130 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Fisher, Georgia17 Jun 19014 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Fisher, Gertrude18 Mar 194031 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Fisher, Glenn8 Aug 1912Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Fisher, Guy W26 Mar 193114 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Fisher, Harold28 May 1906Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Fisher, Harold8 Mar 1915Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Fisher, Harold8 Aug 1921Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Fisher, Harry5 Mar 1894Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Fisher, Harry J30 Sep 191925 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Fisher, Helen6 Jul 1900Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Fisher, Helen F13 Apr 19172 May 2004Huntertown
Fisher, Helen M12 Aug 192817 May 2008Fort Wayne
Fisher, Ilse26 Mar 19372 Nov 2009New Haven
Fisher, Iola17 Oct 1907Nov 1987Monroeville, New Haven
Fisher, Iva M19 Feb 1919May 1996Fort Wayne
Fisher, Jack4 Mar 1903Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Fisher, Jack26 May 192722 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Fisher, Jack H7 May 191611 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Fisher, Jack T18 Apr 193023 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Fisher, James Lawrence29 Jan 194627 Jan 2009Huntertown
Fisher, James M12 Apr 192510 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Fisher, James R10 Jul 191914 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Fisher, James W12 Jan 19241 Jul 2003New Haven
Fisher, Jane C7 Mar 192623 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Fisher, Janet Z18 Sep 190223 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Fisher, Jean A21 Apr 19448 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Fisher, Jennie12 Jun 1908Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Fisher, John10 Jul 1895Aug 1970New Haven
Fisher, John A22 Jul 19311 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Fisher, John H14 Jun 193811 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Fisher, John S9 Aug 192730 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Fisher, John T2 Jun 192714 Mar 2000Roanoke
Fisher, Jonathan P5 Mar 19814 Jul 1998Huntertown
Fisher, Joseph11 May 1905Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Fisher, Joseph N5 Jun 191613 Jun 2000New Haven
Fisher, Kenneth R17 Jul 191912 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Fisher, Kenneth W30 Jul 19138 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Fisher, Klea25 May 1890Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Fisher, Laurine4 Jul 1910Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Fisher, Lee7 Jul 1882Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Fisher, Lillie19 Sep 192514 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Fisher, Lois F25 Sep 192013 Dec 1993Spencerville
Fisher, Lowell11 Sep 1916Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Fisher, Lucille C16 Dec 191930 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Fisher, M Madalene19 May 192011 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Fisher, M Magdalen2 Jan 1918Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Fisher, Mabel14 Jun 1901Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Fisher, Mabel E16 Mar 190913 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Fisher, Marie8 May 1885Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Fisher, Marion16 Mar 1891Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Fisher, Marjory I5 Aug 191021 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Fisher, Marjory L19 Aug 194217 May 2005Fort Wayne
Fisher, Marshall12 Oct 1889Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Fisher, Marvin Lee1 Sep 192514 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Fisher, Mary2 Apr 1893Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Fisher, Maxine M27 Jan 192814 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Fisher, Mildred P3 Mar 190323 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Fisher, Monica27 Jun 1901Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Fisher, Myrtle6 Aug 1905Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Fisher, Nora23 May 1888Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Fisher, Odis14 May 193730 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Fisher, Oma K9 Jan 193231 Jul 2009Harlan
Fisher, Pamela26 Mar 1953Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Fisher, Patricia7 Sep 1930Mar 1983New Haven
Fisher, Paul E28 Dec 19243 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Fisher, Pearl24 Mar 1888Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Fisher, Ralph14 Jun 1904Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Fisher, Randall E11 May 195023 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Fisher, Robert F12 Oct 192013 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Fisher, Robert R6 Nov 192210 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Fisher, Roger13 Nov 1889Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Fisher, Ronald D4 Dec 193027 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Fisher, Rose26 Jan 1895Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Fisher, Ross10 Jun 1903Feb 1978Roanoke
Fisher, Ruth14 Mar 191415 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Fisher, Ruth M15 Aug 19077 Jul 1998Grabill
Fisher, Ruth V7 Dec 19178 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Fisher, Stuart W13 Apr 192329 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Fisher, Velma19 Oct 1908Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Fisher, Vernita L27 Sep 19308 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Fisher, Viola E5 Dec 19167 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Fisher, Virginia11 Feb 1888Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Fisher, Vivian C28 Sep 19229 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Fisher, Vivian L11 Aug 19146 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Fisher, Walter25 Oct 1895Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Fisher, Wayne4 Jun 1926Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Fisher, William14 Aug 1886Nov 1965Fort Wayne
Fisher, William19 Mar 1902Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Fisher, William E19 Sep 192721 Apr 2007New Haven
Fisher, William W28 Feb 192726 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Fishering, George23 Dec 1890Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Fishering, George W24 Aug 192617 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Fishering, Kathleen E20 Jan 192111 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Fishering, Muriel5 Mar 1893Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Fishman, B David8 Apr 1934Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Fishman, Helen20 Jan 1903May 1992Fort Wayne
Fishman, Marvin S4 Aug 19128 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Fishman, Samuel1 Nov 1896Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Fishman, Stan H25 Jul 191517 May 2005Fort Wayne
Fitch, Bessie19 Jun 1897Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Fitch, David W16 Dec 19285 Jul 2000Leo
Fitch, Delmer11 May 1873Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Fitch, Eileen G12 Jun 19183 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Fitch, Ernest27 Jun 1899Jan 1969Huntertown
Fitch, Esther K28 Apr 190029 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Fitch, Forrest22 Sep 1902Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Fitch, Frances2 Apr 1911Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Fitch, Glenn F12 Sep 190721 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Fitch, James F3 Jan 194017 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Fitch, Linwood R22 Oct 193126 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Fitch, Matilda21 Aug 1903Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Fitch, Maurice9 Oct 1901Dec 1974Huntertown
Fitch, Otis14 Jun 1899Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Fitch, Ralph31 Jan 1914Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Fitch, Richard W20 Mar 19217 Dec 2002Huntertown
Fitch, Sally A31 Oct 195019 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Fitch, Viola L31 Mar 19025 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Fitch, Warren J15 Apr 192925 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Fitch, William J21 Dec 19377 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Fitchey, Adeline18 May 1921Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Fitting, Donna F9 Dec 194517 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Fitts, Leanbirgh5 Jul 193012 May 2006Fort Wayne
Fitts, Willie B22 Sep 194924 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald H, Agnes M23 Feb 19361 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, Dale W2 Aug 193620 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, Genevieve30 Sep 1891Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, Helen G28 Jul 193322 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, Jean A14 Sep 194113 Dec 2008Leo
Fitzgerald, John10 May 1902Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, John H18 Feb 191518 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, Joseph William1 Apr 19259 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, June A24 Oct 192418 May 1998Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, Marian C29 Nov 191911 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, Merle J16 Jun 19202 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, Michael E24 Jan 196018 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, Michael M26 Aug 194012 Dec 2007Leo
Fitzgerald, Russell A21 Dec 19517 May 2003Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, Ruth A29 Jan 193310 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, Teresa25 Mar 196818 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, Theresa20 Sep 1889Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, William A19 Jun 192827 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Fitzgerald, William D12 Jun 193313 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Fitzgibbon, Kathryn18 Aug 1880Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Fitzhugh, Betty20 Aug 1921Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Fitzhugh, Jeanette V12 Oct 192712 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Fitzhugh, William26 Jan 1917Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, Edith22 Jan 1881Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth17 Sep 1900May 1982Fort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, Emma7 Mar 1886Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, John Joseph6 Oct 193217 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, Perse10 Oct 1890Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Fitzsimmons, Dorothy I9 Sep 19158 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Fitzsimmons, Guy P5 Jan 191330 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Fitzwater, Barbara A10 Mar 19365 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Fitzwater, Clarence11 Jul 1902Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Fitzwater, Elizabeth28 Dec 1959Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Fitzwater, Ellis Sr28 May 1897Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Fitzwater, Lena24 Aug 1907Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Fitzwater, Margaret E10 May 191329 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Fitzwater, Nellie R27 Dec 19092 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Fitzwater, Vivian10 Jul 1924May 1983Huntertown
Fitzwater, Wayne M6 Nov 19337 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Fizer, Jean A17 Apr 194118 Dec 2006Fort Wayne

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