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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Foar, Helen Mae4 Jan 19226 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Fodge, Irene29 May 1907Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Foelber, Esther17 Jun 1895Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Foelber, Herbert11 Jun 1894Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Foelber, Martha W26 Jun 1921Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Foelber, Rosella B19 May 19067 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Foellinger, Albert30 May 1907Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Foellinger, Arthur21 Nov 1895Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Foellinger, Bernice9 Aug 1903Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Foellinger, Dorothy25 Mar 1898Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Foellinger, Esther14 Apr 1890Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Foellinger, Frederick29 Jul 1886Feb 1965Fort Wayne
Foellinger, Helene12 Dec 1910Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Foellinger, Herbert30 Dec 1910May 1976Fort Wayne
Foellinger, Juanita25 Sep 1950Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Foellinger, Ralph5 Jul 1901Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Foerster, Clara M21 Nov 189815 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Foerster, Gertrude28 Aug 1891Feb 1981Leo, Fort Wayne
Foerster, Gertrude1 Jun 1918Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Foerster, William26 Mar 1891Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Fogarty, Florence15 Jun 1887Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Fogel, Dexter5 Sep 1899Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Fogel, George20 May 1906Jan 1972Churubusco
Fogel, Mabel G23 Jun 190327 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Fogel, Morris1 Jul 1893Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Fogel, Sam13 Sep 192625 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Fogelson, Emma7 Aug 188815 Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Fogg, Phillis A2 Sep 19243 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Fogle, Angeline A29 Jan 192116 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Fogle, Charles M26 Mar 193624 Jan 2000Spencerville
Fogle, Clara B10 Jan 19098 Mar 2001Harlan
Fogle, Clarence9 Jan 1902Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Fogle, Donald R17 Dec 19255 May 2003Fort Wayne
Fogle, Forest N18 Feb 191211 Feb 1994Harlan
Fogle, Gertie25 Jul 1881Oct 1978Harlan
Fogle, Kenith W16 Jan 191425 Jul 2005Harlan
Fogle, Martin20 Jun 1881May 1970Harlan
Fogle, Nancy J3 Oct 193625 Oct 2004Spencerville
Fogle, Raymond S4 Oct 190710 Sep 1995Spencerville
Fogle, Roy S29 Oct 191718 Apr 1996Harlan
Fogle, Steven R8 Jul 194719 Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Foglesong, Marquise6 Jan 1896Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Fogt, Byron G10 Nov 19306 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Fogwell, Dorothy M8 Aug 19143 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Fogwell, Frank24 Dec 1892Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Fogwell, Herman31 May 1895Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Fogwell, Rebecca29 Apr 1894Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Fogwell, Richard12 Apr 1888Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Fogwell, Rosemary M11 Nov 192911 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Fogwell, Ruth25 Sep 1900Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Fogwell, W G19 May 191118 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Fohrer, Katherine J5 Oct 193021 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Fojtik, Stanley J19 May 19242 Jul 2005Harlan
Fojtik, Wanzie L21 Jun 192813 Feb 2010Harlan
Foland, James6 Oct 1918Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Foland, Lela24 Jul 1904Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Foland, Virgil H29 Jun 190227 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Folds, Jessie15 Nov 1905Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Foley, E M9 Feb 192318 Sep 2004Huntertown
Foley, Frederick J21 Jan 19139 Sep 1998Leo
Foley, Imo25 Apr 1900Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Foley, Jean C11 Aug 19366 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Foley, Milton1 Sep 1909Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Foley, Ross M7 Apr 192222 Aug 2001Huntertown
Foley, Ruth A7 Feb 191430 Jan 2007Leo
Foley, William E9 Dec 191829 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Folk, Emma18 Dec 1890Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Folk, Foss14 Nov 1894Oct 1966Roanoke
Folk, Foss D4 May 192010 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Folk, Harry17 Aug 1888Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Folk, Irid17 Sep 19248 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Folk, Margaret C18 Feb 191920 May 1999Fort Wayne
Folk, Norris R17 May 191514 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Folk, Richard14 Sep 1926Aug 1982New Haven
Folken, Martha E24 Apr 19286 Oct 2007Huntertown, Fort Wayne
Folkers, Charles23 May 1879Aug 1973Woodburn
Folkerth, Nellie C9 May 190428 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Folkner, George11 Aug 1932Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Folkner, George W21 Feb 189913 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Folkner, Lucille M1 Mar 191017 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Folkner, Peggy J22 Sep 19348 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Follett, Robert Alan22 Apr 194129 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Follins, Della12 Jun 1929Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Follins, Willie2 Jul 1953Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Follins, Willie1 Oct 192730 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Follis, Alvin G17 Aug 19106 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Follis, Chester29 Jun 1902Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Follis, Dorothea J26 Jun 192416 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Follis, George J5 Nov 191615 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Follis, Hazel D29 May 192228 Oct 1993Roanoke
Follis, Helen22 Sep 1904Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Follis, Jack B8 Aug 191726 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Follis, James E6 Jun 192928 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Follis, Lola E8 Jul 191328 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Follis, Lottie26 Aug 1895Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Follis, Ned P23 Sep 192413 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Follis, Ralph B23 Feb 191712 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Follmar, Edward4 Feb 1902Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Follmar, Frank27 Jan 1905Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Follmar, Marcella C13 Sep 191028 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Followell, James15 Jun 1917Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Folsom, Charles G31 Aug 19092 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Folsom, Margaret L14 Sep 19088 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Folsom, Mary6 May 1877May 1981Fort Wayne
Folsom, Perry7 May 189715 Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Foltz, Augusta5 Feb 1896Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Foltz, Betty L4 Apr 19238 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Foltz, David E28 Apr 194721 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Foltz, Donna J6 Nov 193922 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Foltz, Glen C24 Mar 19063 May 1995Fort Wayne
Foltz, Guinevere D14 Oct 189118 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Foltz, Helen C31 Oct 189829 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Foltz, Joan Catherine30 Jan 192616 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Foltz, Larry E21 May 195429 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Foltz, Martha20 Dec 1879Mar 1975Spencerville
Foltz, Mary J12 Sep 191516 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Foltz, Ray14 Feb 1890Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Foltz, Raymond22 Nov 190830 Dec 1996Spencerville
Foltz, Robert W20 Jun 19205 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Foltz, Sara H6 Jul 191610 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Foltz, Theron26 Apr 1891Jul 1968Spencerville
Foltz, Tommy V7 Feb 19354 May 2006Fort Wayne
Foltz, Venus28 Nov 1895Jun 1984Spencerville
Foltz, Wayne C19 Dec 191324 May 1993Fort Wayne
Fomby, Raymond B2 Jan 19729 May 1998Fort Wayne
Fong, Doe5 Jun 192827 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Fonner, Harry H3 Apr 19312 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Fonner, Helen7 Jun 190210 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Fonner, Melba26 Jun 1911Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Fontaine, Dessie7 Jan 1898Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Fontenette, Dorothy S18 Mar 194415 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Fontenette, R21 Oct 19214 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Fontenette, Tyrone D19 Nov 197912 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Foor, Birl13 Jan 1911May 1985Fort Wayne
Foord, Edna R11 May 19253 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Foord, Frank14 Aug 1921Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Foos, Virginia3 Aug 192322 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Foote, Anna M23 Jul 191723 Jan 2001Huntertown
Foote, Catherine25 Dec 1881Mar 1975Huntertown
Foote, Clara I27 Jul 189915 Sep 1967Churubusco
Foote, David W5 Dec 193410 Apr 1999Churubusco
Foote, Dorothy13 Jun 1903Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Foote, Helen30 Jul 190324 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Foote, Helen K30 May 19357 Jun 1998Hoagland
Foote, Marceil M8 Mar 192720 Oct 2001Churubusco
Foote, Marjorie L19 Sep 192123 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Foote, Matilda15 Mar 1890Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Foote, Neville C19 Mar 19258 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Foote, Oscar L4 Aug 1910Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Foote, Richard5 Apr 1931Dec 1984Churubusco
Foote, Richard1 Nov 1918Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Foote, Victor A18 Aug 19568 Dec 2008Churubusco
Foote, Willard A11 Dec 19423 Jul 2001Churubusco
Foran, Kathryn4 Sep 1895Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Forbes, Chester H10 Sep 192412 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Forbes, Marcella1 Jun 1890Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Forbes, Mildred23 Mar 1908Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Forbes, Richard A2 Apr 192721 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Forbes, Theresa4 Apr 192017 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Forbing, Agnes31 Aug 1891Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Forbing, Jack D24 Dec 194429 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Forbing, Ruth E4 Aug 192111 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Forbing, Vanessa M3 Jan 198427 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Forbing, Vincent9 Mar 1889Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Forbis, Flora12 May 191213 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Ford, Andrew N15 Aug 19803 Jul 2007New Haven
Ford, Arlington P8 Jun 190627 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Ford, Benjamin I21 Jul 19196 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Ford, Beverly3 May 1940Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Ford, Caroline R8 Jun 193220 May 1998Fort Wayne
Ford, Chris L22 Aug 195814 Oct 2000New Haven
Ford, Clyde8 Feb 1894Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Ford, Dave25 Dec 191230 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Ford, David W5 Mar 192521 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Ford, Donald8 Oct 1933Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Ford, Donna L16 Apr 191813 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Ford, Doris J17 Mar 19299 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Ford, Doris L12 Jan 189811 May 1989New Haven
Ford, Dorothy27 Apr 1933Jul 1983New Haven
Ford, Dorothy E12 Jan 19094 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Ford, Eddie21 Feb 1921Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Ford, Edith E11 Nov 190921 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Ford, Enoch E19 Oct 19343 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Ford, Estellene1 Dec 1915Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Ford, Eva2 Sep 1886Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Ford, Evelyn F3 Jul 19197 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Ford, Frances14 Feb 1883Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Ford, Helen5 Aug 192914 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Ford, Helen L8 Jul 191816 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Ford, Henry H26 Feb 191527 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Ford, Howard11 Feb 1891Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Ford, Icea31 Jan 1909Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Ford, Irene1 May 1902Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Ford, Irma L9 Oct 190722 Jun 2003Churubusco
Ford, James16 Jan 1916Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Ford, Jane25 Sep 1913Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Ford, Janet K10 Aug 193722 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Ford, Jesse25 Jun 1902Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Ford, Jimmy22 Feb 1932Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Ford, John22 Oct 1903Aug 1977Churubusco
Ford, John R9 Mar 19328 Nov 1998Churubusco
Ford, Joseph H25 Jun 190715 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Ford, Joseph W27 Jun 192620 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Ford, Juanita9 Oct 1909Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Ford, Katie24 Jul 191414 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Ford, Kenneth29 Jan 1896Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Ford, Laneta11 May 1916Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Ford, Leo26 Nov 1896Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Ford, Lillie M11 Jun 19414 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Ford, Louise21 Mar 193817 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Ford, Mary24 Dec 1929Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Ford, Mary25 Oct 1905Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Ford, Maynard J14 Apr 193330 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Ford, Merland23 May 1906Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Ford, Necie B26 Nov 19427 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Ford, Nick7 Jan 1912Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Ford, Otha C28 May 194216 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Ford, Otis15 Aug 1915Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Ford, Paul H30 Mar 192724 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Ford, Raymond4 Sep 1931Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Ford, Robert J15 Oct 192528 May 2001Fort Wayne
Ford, Robert P16 Nov 19491 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Ford, Susie A6 Apr 191615 May 1999Fort Wayne
Ford, Vallie V9 Jan 189424 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Ford, Virginia L21 May 193017 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Ford, Wanda M22 May 192822 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Forde, Daisy22 Nov 19399 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Fordham, Elvin23 Feb 1913Jun 1981Grabill
Fordham, Frank7 Apr 1884Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Fordham, Mary M1 Dec 19128 Dec 1996Grabill
Fordham, Veronica28 Mar 1896Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Fording, Wernert23 May 1927Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Fore, Billy R24 Aug 19548 May 1995Fort Wayne
Fore, Eldon F27 Jul 192823 Nov 2007New Haven
Fore, Henry31 Mar 19266 May 2009Spencerville
Fore, Holly R23 Nov 197729 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Forehand, Thelma L23 Dec 191012 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Foreman, Andrew24 Nov 1914Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Foreman, Arthur7 Mar 1904Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Foreman, Bernice20 Mar 1903Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Foreman, Bertha22 Dec 1898Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Foreman, Bessie17 Nov 1906Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Foreman, Charles26 Aug 1898Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Foreman, Charles W23 Nov 193721 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Foreman, Dorothy M7 Mar 19201 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Foreman, Earl21 Dec 1918Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Foreman, Edna23 Apr 1907Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Foreman, Frances2 Apr 1906Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Foreman, Fred5 Apr 1939Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Foreman, Gerald R13 Jul 190211 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Foreman, Gertrude J10 Jul 19043 May 1994Fort Wayne
Foreman, Helen4 Apr 1917Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Foreman, Herbert20 May 1904Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Foreman, Herschel30 Mar 1921Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Foreman, James D28 Mar 1889May 1988Fort Wayne
Foreman, Janet L3 Mar 19457 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Foreman, John4 Dec 1922Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Foreman, Lavon8 Feb 1904Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Foreman, Marcella R31 Dec 191918 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Foreman, Phyllis E10 May 19304 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Foreman, Robert L18 Jul 192027 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Forester, Claude24 Jul 1889Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Forester, Katherine P16 Mar 191315 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Forester, Kenneth D8 Feb 193516 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Forgue, Elaine V18 Dec 192911 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Forguson, Merle C15 Sep 1918Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Fork, Fred19 Oct 1886Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Forker, J3 Aug 1896Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Forker, Lena A2 Sep 190324 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Forkert, Charlotte29 May 1900May 1982Fort Wayne
Forkert, John8 Jul 1897Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Forks, Dora20 May 188015 Sep 1969Yoder
Forks, Raymond4 Oct 1905May 1976Fort Wayne
Forman, Barbara E30 Sep 193310 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Fornel, C20 Jan 1982Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Forney, Jacqueline L5 Apr 192320 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Forrest, Anita29 Jul 1888Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Forrest, Irene19 Jul 1895Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Forrest, Ralph5 Jul 1907Dec 1969Churubusco
Forrester, Frank4 Apr 1912Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Forrester, Lucille V30 Nov 192530 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Forrester, Patricia L13 Oct 19355 Jun 2005Yoder
Forschner, Agnes29 Jul 1894Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Forschner, Harlan28 Nov 1890Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Forshea, Nina15 Jun 1890Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Forss, John Edward23 Jun 19187 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Forst, Blanche5 Nov 1891Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Forst, Evelyn29 Dec 1909Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Forst, Francis9 Apr 1876Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Forst, Glenn4 Aug 1902May 1974Fort Wayne
Forst, Glenn M26 Jun 192417 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Forst, Marie S5 Apr 190410 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Forst, Mary21 Aug 1905Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Forst, Paul24 Sep 1920May 1981Roanoke
Forst, Sherman30 Nov 1898Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Forste, Lloyd M8 Mar 189914 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Forsyth, Alpha14 Jun 1893Dec 1977New Haven
Forsyth, Eleanor I17 Mar 192530 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Forsyth, Virginia J28 May 193217 Sep 2006New Haven
Forsythe, Delbert O23 Mar 191917 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Forsythe, Lloyd8 Jan 1904Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Forsythe, Opal30 May 1895Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Forsythe, Ruth27 Jan 1916Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Forsythe, Shirley Ann31 Aug 195123 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Fort, Charlotte1 Oct 1889Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Forte, L P9 Jan 19365 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Fortenberry, Annie M11 Jul 19379 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Forth, James16 Dec 1903Oct 1980Grabill
Forth, Jean M28 Jun 190330 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Fortich, Julieta Floresca26 Jul 192712 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Fortier, Daniel V29 Nov 196011 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Fortier, Doris M10 Feb 192518 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Fortier, Wilma J13 Apr 193326 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Fortin, Hilda J15 Oct 19087 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Fortin, James J28 Jun 193114 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Fortino, Helen17 Oct 1906Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Fortman, Carl W4 Mar 191529 Mar 2001New Haven
Fortman, Frank2 Apr 1903Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Fortman, Freida24 Feb 1914May 1984Fort Wayne
Fortman, Helen23 Aug 1921Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Fortman, Julia9 Jun 1891Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Fortman, Rita M25 Dec 19198 Jan 1999New Haven
Fortman, Theresa10 Feb 189218 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Fortmeyer, Dorothy19 Oct 1920Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Fortmeyer, Elizabeth Jean17 May 192317 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Fortmeyer, Fred25 Dec 1893Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Fortmeyer, Laura8 Nov 1896Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Fortmeyer, Paul8 May 18995 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Fortmeyer, Roberta Joe6 Jul 19284 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Fortmeyer, Thelma R3 Nov 190020 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Fortmeyer, Wayne Frederick7 Aug 191910 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Fortner, Barbara H24 May 194429 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Fortner, Donald F27 Nov 19122 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Fortner, Hazel24 Jun 1888Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Fortner, Julianne5 Sep 1918Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Fortner, Robert I16 Mar 191624 May 1994Fort Wayne
Fortney, Donald M9 Oct 191716 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Fortney, Howard29 Mar 1918Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Fortney, Joseph W13 Sep 195515 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Fortney, Kenneth B26 Dec 190511 May 1992Fort Wayne
Fortney, Luella11 Mar 190924 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Fortney, Morgan8 Apr 1882Sep 1967Monroeville
Fortney, Orpha L24 Jan 188115 Jan 1971Monroeville
Fortney, Vera27 Aug 1922May 1983Fort Wayne
Fortress, Orian12 May 1903Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Fortriede, Albert24 Jan 1891Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Fortriede, Edwin24 Jul 1886Sep 1970New Haven
Fortriede, Lorena23 Nov 1893Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Fortriede, Louis25 May 1884Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Fortriede, Waldemar25 Apr 1920Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Fosdick, Mary30 May 191630 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Fosnaugh, Alta6 Sep 1896Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Fosnaugh, Andrew13 May 1903Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Fosnaugh, Arthur10 Sep 1926Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Fosnaugh, Dorothy3 Jul 1928Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Fosnaugh, Dorothy21 May 190525 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Fosnaugh, Evelyn19 Oct 1901Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Fosnaugh, Harold E27 Dec 19314 May 2003Fort Wayne
Fosnaugh, Homer19 Feb 1895Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Fosnaugh, Josephine F12 Sep 191214 Jan 1992Huntertown
Fosnaugh, Juanita13 Aug 191610 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Fosnaugh, Kenneth L31 Jul 192214 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Fosnaugh, Newton5 Mar 1878Feb 1967Huntertown
Fosnaugh, Richard J8 Aug 193918 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Fosnaugh, Virginia M21 Jan 192613 Jan 2002Grabill
Fosnight, Marie M24 Aug 191125 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Fosnight, Ora16 Sep 1894Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Foss, Edward W17 Aug 19333 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Foss, John11 Sep 1884Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Foss, Norma16 Nov 192031 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Fosselman, Robert J11 Nov 191427 May 2003Fort Wayne
Fosselman, Ruth E31 Dec 190613 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Foster, Amelia19 Apr 1911May 1985Fort Wayne
Foster, Amelia S10 Oct 191613 May 1998Fort Wayne
Foster, Angela L7 Mar 19128 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Foster, Arie2 Jul 1900Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Foster, Barney L13 Jul 193917 May 2007Fort Wayne
Foster, Beatrice15 Dec 191914 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Foster, Clarence2 Jul 1904Feb 1981Churubusco
Foster, Cleota E8 Dec 191918 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Foster, Clyde L30 Dec 191918 Dec 1993Monroeville
Foster, Dorothy I19 Apr 191926 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Foster, Edison D27 Nov 191521 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Foster, Edwin16 May 1903Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Foster, Elaine E13 Mar 192321 May 2002Monroeville
Foster, Esther15 Mar 1895Jul 1986Monroeville
Foster, Eve11 Sep 19213 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Foster, Fred8 Aug 1891Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Foster, Freda25 May 192427 Jun 2005Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Foster, Gordon29 Nov 1911Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Foster, Helen M22 Aug 191321 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Foster, Helen P1 Jul 1905Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Foster, Henry14 Oct 1910Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Foster, Howard23 Oct 1908Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Foster, Ionena29 Oct 1901Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Foster, Jacquelin3 Sep 1934Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Foster, Jean K19 Sep 192724 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Foster, John W28 Oct 192128 Nov 2005Monroeville
Foster, Junior11 May 19228 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Foster, Kay H11 Jul 191225 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Foster, Loraine1 Mar 1894Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Foster, Louise7 Jun 19185 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Foster, Mabel5 Jul 19118 May 1996Fort Wayne
Foster, Margaret28 Dec 1915Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Foster, Mary K1 Feb 191222 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Foster, Maxwell1 Nov 1890Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Foster, Nellie B25 Oct 19095 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Foster, Norman E3 Jan 191914 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Foster, Nova L28 May 192816 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Foster, Phil25 Jan 191721 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Foster, Robert P17 Oct 19182 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Foster, Rose6 Jul 1879Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Foster, Shelby B3 Oct 192912 May 1996Fort Wayne
Foster, Shirley A23 Jun 194728 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Foster, Stephen23 Sep 1921Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Foster, Thelma29 May 1913Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Foster, Thelma Louise28 Aug 192221 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Foster, Viola K19 Jan 191027 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Foster, Virginia13 Mar 1905Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Foster, Walter29 Jan 1896Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Foster, Wilbur F26 Nov 190928 May 1998Fort Wayne
Foster, Willard26 Feb 1916Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Foth, Mary T16 Jan 191427 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Fouch, Minnie15 Nov 18989 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Fouet, Berdene13 Dec 191025 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Fough, Celia25 Oct 1890Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Fough, Rita8 May 1925Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Fought, Cleveland8 Jan 1893Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Foughty, Ralph18 Jul 1907Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Foulk, Everett26 Apr 1909Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Foulk, Gertrude14 Sep 1894Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Foulk, June2 Apr 1919Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Foulk, Ruby29 Mar 1918Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Foulke, Don30 Sep 1906Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Foulks, Albert11 May 1905Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Foulks, Alva5 Oct 1907Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Foulks, Charles10 Nov 1899Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Foulks, Dave20 Aug 1908Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Foulks, Dwight A21 Sep 19251 Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Foulks, Glen23 Mar 1924Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Foulks, Lloyd3 Nov 1889Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Foulks, Norman19 Apr 1898May 1970Fort Wayne
Foulks, Thom27 Aug 193514 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Fountain, Catherine P8 Mar 191313 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Fournier, Margaret23 Jan 1900Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Fousnought, Lillian O4 Feb 19165 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Foust, Arvilla M13 Jan 191726 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Foust, Elda16 Aug 191727 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Foust, Elvin7 Oct 191231 Dec 1995New Haven
Foust, Fern14 Jul 19073 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Foust, Helen13 Aug 1892Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Foust, Lester16 Aug 1910Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Foust, Lewis20 Aug 19177 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Foust, Lloyd5 Nov 1888May 1973Fort Wayne
Foust, Mary E7 Sep 192615 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Foust, Myrtle E22 Sep 191727 Nov 2007New Haven
Foust, Ralph4 Apr 191029 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Foust, Velma25 Nov 1912Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Foust, Viola D17 Sep 191922 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Fouts, Jacob W6 Sep 192522 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Fouts, Oren L20 Sep 19126 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Foutz, Elsie14 Apr 1903Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Foux, John B17 Nov 192118 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Fowler, Alvina29 Oct 1907Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Fowler, Carol A11 Nov 194126 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Fowler, Delbert7 Mar 1909Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Fowler, Dorothy M18 Jun 191612 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Fowler, Eliza M24 Apr 19077 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Fowler, Frances L30 Nov 191827 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Fowler, Franklin K7 Sep 193814 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Fowler, Fred4 Jun 1901Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Fowler, Hallie V10 Aug 19647 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Fowler, Harold K4 Oct 19264 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Fowler, Jerry John2 Dec 194323 Mar 2009Monroeville, Fort Wayne
Fowler, Lena2 Oct 1900Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Fowler, Luella9 Apr 193118 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Fowler, Marjoriel31 Jul 191517 May 1994Fort Wayne
Fowler, Patrick K5 Dec 19566 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Fowler, Philip A22 Dec 193215 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Fowler, Rita E26 Jun 193521 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Fowler, Robert13 Apr 1916Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Fowler, Robert C7 Dec 190814 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Fowler, Rohland9 Sep 1907Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Fowler, Rosie9 Jul 1894Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Fowler, Ulysses24 Mar 19237 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Fowler, Violet D13 Jul 19271 May 1998Fort Wayne
Fowler, Virgil M3 Oct 191427 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Fowler, William2 Oct 1900Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Fowlkes, Bammie2 Aug 1911Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Fowlkes, David L9 Nov 19559 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Fowlkes, Dennis29 Oct 190725 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Fowlkes, Dennis Jr25 Oct 19358 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Fowlkes, Doris17 Apr 1952Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Fowlkes, Eddie21 Jan 1935Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Fowlkes, Elston3 Sep 1960Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Fowlkes, Eugene27 Mar 192725 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Fowlkes, Fronie Mae28 Apr 19185 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Fowlkes, James2 Oct 194010 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Fowlkes, Joe26 Sep 193018 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Fowlkes, Nannie L15 Apr 191229 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Fowlkes, R C7 Aug 19154 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Fowlkes, Willie4 Jul 1912Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Fox, Alexander4 Mar 1912Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Fox, Alice M19 May 192029 May 2009Fort Wayne
Fox, Alma1 Aug 1884Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Fox, Aloysius27 Sep 1894Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Fox, Aloysius V23 Mar 190630 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Fox, Andrew29 Oct 1899May 1973Fort Wayne
Fox, Audrea G25 Apr 192920 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Fox, Benita25 Oct 1888May 1981Fort Wayne
Fox, Bernice29 Jun 1889Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Fox, Bernice20 Apr 1912May 1980New Haven
Fox, Berniece5 Dec 19089 Oct 2003Churubusco
Fox, Bill17 Dec 1933Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Fox, Clara4 Feb 1901Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Fox, Clem12 Dec 1901Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Fox, Cleo10 Jun 1901May 1982Fort Wayne
Fox, Corinne M5 Oct 19242 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Fox, Darel21 Apr 1927May 1983Fort Wayne
Fox, Debra20 Mar 1955Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Fox, Desford5 Nov 1901Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Fox, Dorothy13 Dec 1916Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Fox, Echo8 Jul 1911Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Fox, Edna15 May 1895Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Fox, Eleanor30 Oct 1917Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Fox, Ellouise L29 Aug 1902Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Fox, Elmer28 Mar 1896Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Fox, Elsie20 Nov 1906Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Fox, Erlinda22 Dec 194421 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Fox, Esther17 Mar 1898Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Fox, Esther4 Nov 1899Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Fox, Eugene29 Dec 1887Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Fox, Evelyn24 Aug 1917Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Fox, Evelyn E13 Nov 19214 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Fox, Everett14 Mar 1900Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Fox, Fred15 Feb 1895Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Fox, Fred5 Aug 1895Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Fox, Grace19 Feb 190324 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Fox, Harold27 Jul 1909Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Fox, Harold R6 Nov 19069 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Fox, Hazel P4 Dec 192711 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Fox, Helen L4 Dec 191226 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Fox, Hilda A1 May 192516 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Fox, Howard W15 Jan 19177 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Fox, Imogene M27 Mar 190724 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Fox, Jack16 Nov 1902May 1973Fort Wayne
Fox, Jack12 Mar 1926Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Fox, James L30 Nov 192316 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Fox, James N28 Jul 195724 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Fox, Jeanette L10 Aug 189615 Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Fox, Jennie31 May 189020 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Fox, Julia I25 Apr 192817 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Fox, La N26 Sep 1901Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Fox, Larry C11 Sep 19367 Jun 2003Huntertown
Fox, Lola7 Sep 1919Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Fox, Loyce17 Jun 1896Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Fox, Lydia31 Oct 1904Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Fox, Margaret M26 Jun 192419 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Fox, Marie23 Nov 1961Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Fox, Marie M9 Apr 191329 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Fox, Mary L10 Jan 191917 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Fox, Maurice25 Feb 1905Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Fox, Mera2 Aug 1882Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Fox, Michael W23 Jul 1968Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Fox, Norma G15 Jul 1925Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Fox, Olos12 Aug 1926Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Fox, Phyllis C28 Mar 192626 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Fox, R L8 Oct 189414 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Fox, Richard26 Mar 1931Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Fox, Richard E30 Jan 193418 Jun 2008Roanoke
Fox, Robert12 Apr 1888Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Fox, Robert3 Mar 1956Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Fox, Robert D16 Apr 19193 May 2002Fort Wayne
Fox, Robert H27 Nov 19228 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Fox, Sarah M5 Dec 192229 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Fox, Susan18 Jul 192228 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Fox, Sydonna L19 Oct 190521 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Fox, Thomas L16 Sep 19096 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Fox, Vernon W9 Apr 193227 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Fox, Viol25 Dec 191325 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Fox, Violet6 Mar 192226 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Fox, Virginia F23 Dec 191011 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Fox, Wanda11 Oct 191927 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Fox, Ward H26 Sep 192424 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Fox, Wayne C8 Feb 193910 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Fox, William C14 Nov 19263 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Fox, William P1 Feb 194329 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Fox, Zeno N20 Nov 191218 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Foy, Blanche E4 Jun 190728 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Foy, Edna F21 Mar 192425 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Foy, Edward J30 Dec 192415 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Foy, Mary23 Feb 1893May 1981Fort Wayne

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