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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Fracassini, Angelo P14 Sep 191923 Apr 1997Roanoke
Fracassini, Mary M23 Feb 192422 Mar 1997New Haven
Frahm, Mary13 Jan 1907Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Frahm, Wilmer J14 Apr 19062 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Frain, William19 Aug 1886Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Fraizer, Catherine1 Aug 1916Apr 1983Yoder
Frakes, Blanche18 Oct 1882May 1988New Haven
Fraley, Helen29 Jun 1903Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Fraley, James M8 Jan 196417 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Fralick, Anna7 Nov 1889Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Fralick, Helen M31 May 191913 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Fralick, Lewis W7 Nov 191418 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Frame, Callie13 Jun 1894Dec 1979Fort Wayne, New Haven
Frame, George21 Oct 1893Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Frame, Goldie25 Jun 1915Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Frame, Harold11 Dec 1889Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Frame, Margaret E13 Oct 192230 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Frame, Pauline13 Apr 1893Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Frame, Rhea C21 Jun 190512 May 1999Fort Wayne
Frampton, Laura M17 Jun 191916 May 2002Monroeville
France, Ardill10 Nov 1918Nov 1980Fort Wayne
France, Bernice Bertha28 Sep 19182 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
France, Bessie28 Apr 1903Aug 1977Fort Wayne
France, Charles O21 Jan 192416 May 2007New Haven
France, Edna3 Dec 1889Mar 1970Fort Wayne
France, Edna20 Feb 1888May 1969Fort Wayne
France, Elmer J5 Feb 191316 May 1996Fort Wayne
France, Frank M30 Nov 19206 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
France, Gezina29 Dec 1888Mar 1979Fort Wayne
France, Glenn16 Jun 1898May 1980Fort Wayne
France, Harley3 Jan 1917Jul 1982Fort Wayne
France, Jessie B12 Jun 1915Feb 1992Fort Wayne
France, Joann2 Apr 191215 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
France, Kathryn L12 Oct 191915 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
France, Loren W14 Oct 194016 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
France, Louise22 Jan 1901Dec 1985Fort Wayne
France, Mark L23 Jun 19085 May 1997Fort Wayne
France, Martha M21 Feb 192421 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
France, Mary H22 Apr 191130 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
France, Matilda22 Jun 1889Jun 1972Fort Wayne
France, Melvin6 Apr 1899Jun 1964Fort Wayne
France, Nancy J13 Jan 193717 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
France, Rosemary K18 Mar 194931 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
France, Sharon E14 Dec 194613 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
France, Viola W5 Jun 19168 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
France, Virgle S15 Feb 1906May 1989Fort Wayne
France, Walter4 Aug 1900Apr 1966Fort Wayne
France, William H24 Aug 194925 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
France, Willie15 Aug 191914 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Frances, Charlotte M27 May 1926Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Frances, Emma27 Jun 1898Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Francesconi, Julia4 Sep 191021 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Francesi, Joseph19 Sep 19178 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Francies, Charles16 May 1897Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Francies, Everett13 Feb 1895Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Francies, Floyd R16 Aug 193117 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Francies, Lolabelle J31 Oct 192524 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Francies, Mabel29 Oct 1898Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Francies, Russell26 Jul 1927Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Francies, Thelma M11 Sep 194016 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Francies, Viola M1 Nov 192412 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Francis, Bertha13 May 1895Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Francis, Emma12 Sep 1892Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Francis, Emma C7 Jun 193219 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Francis, Gene L3 Jun 19506 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Francis, Hazel18 Sep 1892Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Francis, Lillie11 Jan 1879Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Francis, Melvin2 Sep 192815 May 1996Fort Wayne
Francis, Sandra Carol19 Aug 195714 May 2008Fort Wayne
Franco, Ray V9 Jul 192917 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Francois, E C20 May 19101 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Francois, Robert O3 Jan 191924 Jan 1994New Haven
Frandson, Iva M16 Jul 191029 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Frane, Angeline A28 Apr 19118 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Frane, Arthur17 Oct 1910Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Frane, Darwin F12 Jul 192827 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Frane, Francis G16 Feb 19081 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Frane, G30 Jan 1938Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Frane, Jerome G14 Sep 19303 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Frane, Joyce A7 Jul 19412 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Frane, Myrtle30 Oct 1913Jul 1979New Haven
Franey, Robert30 Aug 1914Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Frank Jr, Wilson J11 Dec 193617 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Frank, Bobby W3 Feb 192919 Jan 1992New Haven
Frank, Bradford W18 Apr 195818 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Frank, Carrie5 Sep 1894Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Frank, Dorothy6 Aug 1907Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Frank, Esther Christina19 Aug 191416 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Frank, George E4 Apr 192223 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Frank, Jack2 Mar 1899Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Frank, John7 Feb 1903Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Frank, Lawrence3 Jan 1896Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Frank, Lenore F20 Jan 192617 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Frank, Lucile M28 Jun 19111 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Frank, Marion O18 Jul 191710 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Frank, Maurice31 Jan 1912Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Frank, Morton C8 Dec 192714 Jan 2005Roanoke
Frank, Nicholas F20 Dec 19088 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Frank, Rita C12 Jun 19208 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Frankart, Curtis R19 Jun 19297 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Frankart, Mary E31 Dec 192920 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Franke Jr, Julian13 May 1902Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Franke, Alma12 Jun 1895Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Franke, Alma M9 Apr 191026 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Franke, Ann C27 Nov 19161 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Franke, Anna L20 Apr 191413 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Franke, Barbara L13 Nov 193930 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Franke, Bertha27 Feb 1891Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Franke, Blanche11 Mar 1915Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Franke, Clara11 Mar 1890May 1982Monroeville
Franke, Clara22 Sep 1888Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Franke, Clara14 Dec 1900Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Franke, Della1 Oct 190414 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Franke, Delmer J7 Aug 19118 Feb 1994Monroeville
Franke, Dorothy E17 Jun 19228 Sep 2009Monroeville
Franke, Edith21 Feb 1887Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Franke, Edward24 Nov 1894Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Franke, Edward13 Jun 1900Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Franke, Ella M12 Sep 188415 Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Franke, Esther L10 Apr 191615 Dec 2005Monroeville
Franke, Evelyn22 Jun 1911Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Franke, Fred23 Mar 1901Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Franke, Gabriele2 Jun 1896Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Franke, Gene R26 Aug 19401 May 1998Fort Wayne
Franke, Gerhard18 Mar 190619 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Franke, Gladys S11 Nov 190112 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Franke, Harry22 May 1900Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Franke, Helen19 Jul 1901Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Franke, Henry9 Sep 1905Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Franke, Herbert12 Jul 1902May 1978Fort Wayne
Franke, Herman3 Jun 1892Jan 1967Hoagland
Franke, Hilda17 Dec 1903Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Franke, Iva3 Jun 1895Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Franke, John27 Mar 193431 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Franke, Julia21 Jan 1909Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Franke, Lavera L14 Aug 191414 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Franke, Marie A9 Aug 1907Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Franke, Martha A8 Jul 193719 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Franke, Pauline B1 Apr 189922 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Franke, Ralph W7 Jun 192530 May 2005Fort Wayne
Franke, Raymond22 May 1899Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Franke, Reinhard25 May 1918Dec 1987Monroeville
Franke, Richard16 Jul 1910Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Franke, Richard H25 Dec 192919 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Franke, Robert29 Jun 1905Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Franke, Thomas J26 Feb 191118 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Franke, Vera L27 Mar 19218 Aug 2007Monroeville
Franke, William29 Feb 1888Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Franke, William J23 Feb 191514 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Franke, William P25 Jul 19227 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Franke, Wilma H11 Mar 190117 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Franken, Elias N27 Jun 192027 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Franken, Mary22 Nov 1880Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Franken, Ruth6 Jan 1902Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Franken, William12 Apr 1918May 1975Fort Wayne
Frankenberg, Carl2 Apr 1908Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Frankenberg, Clyde13 Sep 1901Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Frankenberg, Ethelyn L12 Apr 190426 May 2004Fort Wayne
Frankenstein, Adolph E13 Apr 191328 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Frankenstein, Carl17 Apr 1909Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Frankenstein, Helen27 Nov 1876Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Frankenstein, Julia23 Feb 1893May 1973Fort Wayne
Frankenstein, Kenneth F28 Aug 190719 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Frankenstein, Marian24 Nov 1924Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Frankenstein, Mildred J8 Jun 1911Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Frankewich, Mary25 Mar 1881Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Frankewich, Stanley P8 Dec 191831 May 2006Fort Wayne
Frankhauser, Helen L3 Jan 1920May 1994Fort Wayne
Frankhouser, Barbara2 Oct 192411 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Frankill, Eva24 May 1895Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Franklin, Albert27 May 1909Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Franklin, Angeline24 Jun 1904Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Franklin, Anna M6 Sep 19161 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Franklin, Barry D25 Nov 194928 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Franklin, Bernard R3 Apr 191619 May 1993Fort Wayne
Franklin, Bessie I13 Aug 192615 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Franklin, Darrell6 Jan 1900Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Franklin, David2 Nov 1892Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Franklin, Everett17 Apr 1908Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Franklin, Ezra24 Feb 1881Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Franklin, Glenn30 Jun 1908Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Franklin, Horace8 Jun 1898Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Franklin, Jackie A4 Jan 194821 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Franklin, John15 Jan 1920Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Franklin, John2 Oct 1892Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Franklin, Kathleen31 Dec 192419 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Franklin, Mary L25 Mar 19335 Nov 2009New Haven
Franklin, Maurice7 May 1909Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Franklin, Phyllis A12 Dec 19301 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Franklin, R A10 Aug 193615 Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Franklin, Richard A9 Oct 192629 Oct 1995New Haven
Franklin, Ruth A3 Jan 191415 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Franklin, Shirley L9 Aug 193214 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Franklin, Solomon17 Sep 1884Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Franklin, Treva A8 Jun 19117 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Franklin, William E10 Dec 192313 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Franklin, William F1 Feb 192819 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Franklin, William S5 Oct 192618 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Frankovich, Adolph4 Feb 1915Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Frankovich, Charles28 Mar 1894Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Frankovich, Jeanette E31 Dec 191913 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Frankovich, Mabel E25 Sep 18982 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Franks, Georgia Lucille14 Aug 19171 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Franks, M3 Apr 1902Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Franks, Nora24 Apr 1887May 1967Roanoke
Franks, Paul10 Jun 1899Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Franks, Ronald25 Jul 196413 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Franks, William25 Oct 19108 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Frans, Clara M28 Feb 187415 Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Frans, Edna9 Sep 1898Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Frantz, Cecelia22 Jan 1909Apr 1969Yoder
Frantz, Edward J8 Oct 192026 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Frantz, Estella2 Mar 1913Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Frantz, Everett10 May 1905Apr 1986New Haven
Frantz, George13 Aug 1914Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Frantz, Joseph3 Jan 1911Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Frantz, Lucy I9 May 19121 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Frantz, Mary26 Mar 1910Jan 1986New Haven
Frantz, Melba Lavern17 Mar 192510 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Franz, Erwin10 Aug 1913Feb 1986Monroeville
Franz, Harold2 Aug 1902Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Franz, Herman15 Jan 1882Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Franz, John31 Dec 1880Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Franz, Martha20 Apr 1902Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Franz, Rosella E17 Dec 192017 Aug 1999Monroeville
Franz, Sandra J25 Sep 196430 Jun 2006Monroeville
Franze, Larry20 Dec 195522 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Franzen, Margaret K7 Jan 192114 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Frappier, Dorothy A21 Oct 19123 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Frary, Claude17 Apr 1882Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Fraser, Agnes23 Feb 1895Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Fraser, C19 Feb 1902Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Fraser, Dorathea B12 Jun 191419 Mar 2001New Haven
Fraser, Duncan Charles3 Sep 192816 Nov 2009New Haven
Fraser, John18 Sep 1901Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Fraser, Mary K25 Apr 191422 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Fraser, Richard10 May 1960Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Fraser, Robert16 Jun 1891Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Fraser, Violet10 Oct 1913Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Frasure, Luella K2 Nov 19247 Aug 1994Monroeville
Frasure, Richard V15 Feb 195218 Dec 2005Monroeville
Frasure, Sam12 May 1922Dec 1986Monroeville
Fratcher, Adelaide G12 Aug 190224 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Frato, Aurelia30 Oct 1904Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Frato, B M30 Nov 194115 Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Frato, Nicholas17 Sep 1901May 1978Fort Wayne
Frato, Nick J16 Oct 194127 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Frauenfelder, Alfred15 Jun 1905Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Frauenfelder, Erwin5 Sep 1903Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Frauenfelder, Leona D29 Oct 190718 Oct 1994Yoder
Frauenfelder, Regina M22 Apr 191626 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Frauhiger, Donald E22 Oct 192513 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Frauhiger, Everett13 Sep 1917Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Frauhiger, Theo I9 Oct 19105 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Frauhiger, Vivian16 Jan 1921Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Fraund, Elfriede29 Dec 1908Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Fraunfelder, Bobbie J16 Dec 194915 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Fraylich, Harry18 Nov 1886Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Frayne, Kathryn24 Feb 1884Apr 1971Hoagland
Frays, Alma E14 Mar 192327 Apr 2007New Haven
Fraze, Charles C5 Feb 190827 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Frazer, Nellie B17 Apr 19388 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Frazer, Willie23 Aug 1922May 1980Fort Wayne
Frazier, Betty B22 Aug 19291 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Frazier, C Marjorie24 Dec 19238 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Frazier, Chester27 Jan 1892Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Frazier, Dorwin E23 Sep 19179 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Frazier, Dwight A2 Oct 19219 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Frazier, Forrest13 Jul 1893Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Frazier, Gladys20 Oct 1897Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Frazier, Harold16 May 1899Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Frazier, Hiram14 May 1871Mar 1967Churubusco
Frazier, Jimmie15 Mar 1908Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Frazier, Larry L19 Jan 194226 Dec 2007Churubusco
Frazier, Leonard23 Feb 1906Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Frazier, Leonard D2 Mar 191811 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Frazier, Mary16 Sep 1896Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Frazier, Naomi14 Aug 189924 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Frazier, Natalie17 Aug 193522 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Frazier, Robert J1 Mar 192924 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Frazier, Rosalind26 May 1908May 1984Fort Wayne
Frazier, Sally7 Feb 1894Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Frazier, William2 Mar 1898Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Freas, L10 Oct 1906Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Frebel, Warren29 Jul 1921Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Frech, Henry29 Feb 1912Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Freck, Nora29 Jan 1881May 1977Fort Wayne
Frecker, Gertrude28 Sep 1881Jul 1970Monroeville
Frecker, Marie A22 Nov 189930 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Frecker, Myra L9 May 193421 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Fred, Wayne6 Sep 19105 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Fredbloom, Olga20 Jun 1893Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Frede, Clara W8 Mar 18944 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Frede, Elsa31 Jan 1899Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Frede, Lydia25 Aug 1898Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Frede, Marie O17 Feb 191419 May 1999Fort Wayne
Frede, Martin14 Jun 1896Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Frede, Reinhold14 Apr 1905Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Frede, Richard M8 Jul 192318 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Frede, Wilmer H1 Jun 191129 May 1996Fort Wayne
Fredenburg, A S3 Aug 193515 Feb 1987Churubusco
Fredenburg, Wilma J13 Jan 193714 Apr 2005Churubusco
Frederick, Addie9 Jan 191327 Jul 2000Roanoke
Frederick, Beatrice26 Dec 1912Jan 1994New Haven
Frederick, Bessie28 Mar 1887Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Frederick, Burton29 Aug 1883Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Frederick, Cecil23 Sep 1898May 1980Fort Wayne
Frederick, Dale M3 Sep 19177 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Frederick, Della V18 Feb 1912Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Frederick, Dolores1 Aug 1911May 1983New Haven
Frederick, Edna9 Jul 1891Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Frederick, Esta17 Oct 1893Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Frederick, Esther E3 Nov 189911 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Frederick, G W10 Oct 193415 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Frederick, George15 Nov 1904Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Frederick, George W22 Feb 19123 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Frederick, Grace1 Jun 1884Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Frederick, Harvey W11 May 192923 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Frederick, Hazel M6 Nov 190117 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Frederick, Howard G6 Jul 192827 Feb 1999Monroeville
Frederick, Hubert N20 Dec 192326 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Frederick, Lucille M11 Jul 190823 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Frederick, Marilyn A27 Jun 19276 Dec 2001Monroeville
Frederick, Martin H14 Jan 1901Oct 1988Monroeville
Frederick, Mary F11 Jun 19092 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Frederick, Paul R16 Mar 192326 Apr 2001New Haven
Frederick, Pauline19 Oct 190527 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Frederick, Phyllis2 Jul 192414 Jun 2004New Haven
Frederick, Ralph E27 Dec 19239 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Frederick, Robert O10 Jul 192014 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Frederick, Ruth Ann22 Jan 19217 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Frederick, Sharon2 Mar 1939Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Frederick, Sondra P25 Aug 194027 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Frederick, Thresa L19 Jan 191429 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Frederick, Vern E4 Sep 19152 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Frederick, Walter19 Jun 1910May 1976Fort Wayne
Frederick, Walter11 Jan 1901May 1971Fort Wayne
Frederick, Walter23 Aug 1909Feb 1981Roanoke
Frederick, William11 Oct 1898Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Frederick, Wynnette L17 Sep 192011 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Frederickson, Margaret21 Mar 1895Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Fredrich, Florence E27 Aug 189514 May 1991Fort Wayne
Fredrick, Arley14 Jan 1883Nov 1976Huntertown
Fredrick, Charles21 Dec 1894Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Fredrick, Eleanora L12 Sep 19029 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Fredrick, George1 May 1906May 1985Fort Wayne
Fredrick, Glenn21 Feb 1920Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Fredrick, Jo E1 Apr 195326 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Fredrick, Marguerite28 Feb 1904Feb 1982Monroeville
Fredrick, Norma G2 May 192116 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Fredrick, Rilla V8 Aug 188827 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Fredrick, Robert22 Sep 192212 May 2002Huntertown
Fredricks, Helen19 Aug 1916Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Fredricks, Ralph25 Jun 1914Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Fredrickson, Harry W26 Aug 19121 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Freds, Evelyn2 Feb 1911Mar 1987Roanoke
Freds, Homer22 Jan 1916May 1982Roanoke
Free, Virginia M12 Jun 191518 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Free, Walter T21 Jun 191411 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Freed, Andrew14 Jun 1890Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Freed, Andrew12 Sep 19251 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Freed, Catherine18 Sep 1918Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Freed, Irene L4 Jul 19153 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Freed, John12 Feb 1919Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Freede, Harrison9 Sep 19057 Nov 1991New Haven
Freehill, Clarence8 Jan 1906Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Freehill, Fannie5 Jul 19256 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Freehill, Gertrude E23 Mar 191413 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Freehill, Helen E29 Dec 190813 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Freehill, John A20 Sep 19215 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Freehill, Michael16 Jan 1908Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Freehill, Patricia R28 Jan 19392 Mar 2010Fort Wayne
Freehill, Vesta5 Mar 1910Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Freehill, Walter6 Apr 1910Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Freeland, Bette18 Oct 19249 May 2002Fort Wayne
Freeland, Claris M14 Dec 190725 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Freeland, Delores L19 Apr 195030 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Freeland, Fred J17 Mar 189430 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Freeland, Helen6 Mar 1904Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Freeland, Mildred M21 Apr 1902Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Freeman, Alan L29 Jul 192929 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Freeman, Alice22 Oct 1906Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Freeman, Amber M6 Nov 198631 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Freeman, Anita18 Aug 1956Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Freeman, Betty17 Sep 19344 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Freeman, Bobby J28 May 195222 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Freeman, Charles E22 Dec 19364 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Freeman, Charlie W22 Nov 192730 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Freeman, Clara29 Mar 1903Feb 1973Huntertown
Freeman, Clella7 Mar 1887Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Freeman, Daniel B3 Jul 195315 Aug 2001Leo
Freeman, Dora14 Aug 1895Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Freeman, Elizabeth31 Mar 1901Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Freeman, Elsie K15 Feb 190324 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Freeman, Emma8 Aug 1909Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Freeman, Fred12 Nov 1895Dec 1970Huntertown
Freeman, Gladys M5 Sep 190820 Mar 1994Churubusco
Freeman, Harry24 May 1892Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Freeman, Herbert A6 Jan 196418 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Freeman, James E30 Aug 193411 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Freeman, Lula B10 May 192920 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Freeman, Margaret E23 Aug 191728 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Freeman, Mark A17 Jun 19759 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Freeman, MatildaMay 1889Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Freeman, Minnie L5 May 193617 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Freeman, Nicholas20 Apr 1982Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Freeman, Olga22 Sep 19006 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Freeman, Paul29 May 1897Feb 1975Grabill
Freeman, Paul C13 Mar 191331 May 2003Fort Wayne
Freeman, Pearl27 Mar 1889Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Freeman, Raymond9 Jun 1898Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Freeman, Robert8 Feb 1905May 1983Fort Wayne
Freeman, Robert13 Feb 1897Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Freeman, Robert J26 Apr 19343 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Freeman, Roselyn R26 Oct 192317 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Freeman, Thomas10 May 1906Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Freeman, Virgil1 Mar 1900May 1975Fort Wayne
Freeman, Virginia11 Aug 1911Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Freeman, Waldomer29 Aug 1897Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Freeman, Walter L11 Jul 192830 Jun 1996Huntertown
Freeman, Willie7 Mar 191711 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Freese, Esther18 Sep 1892Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Freese, Harry27 Oct 1896Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Freese, Margaret19 Aug 1894Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Freese, Margaret J28 Apr 192520 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Freese, Paul J15 Apr 19471 May 2008Fort Wayne
Freese, Richard G31 Dec 192514 Jan 1993Spencerville
Freese, Rolland19 Nov 1919Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Freeze, Andrew27 Feb 1887Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Freeze, Leland24 Feb 1909Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Alma29 Nov 1892Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Bernadine17 Apr 1888Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Bernice M4 Feb 192913 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Charles A8 Sep 191428 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Evelyn E6 Feb 19251 May 2007Yoder
Freiburger, Gerald F17 Oct 192824 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Gerald J25 Aug 193520 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Hazel M5 Oct 1911Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Herman27 Nov 1908May 1977Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Jane13 Nov 192327 May 2004Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Julia12 Dec 1884May 1973Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Keith Richard11 Feb 195329 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Lawrence26 May 1891May 1970Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Lenora26 Jul 1890Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Leona5 May 1920Feb 1983Yoder
Freiburger, Louis6 Feb 1910Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Mary M30 Jan 19189 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Norman A31 Oct 191721 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Phillip Charles25 Aug 19226 Feb 2010Yoder
Freiburger, Robert16 Oct 1912Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Rose22 Mar 1891Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Stella1 May 1895May 1978Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Therlene L7 May 192017 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Thomas12 Oct 1923Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Thomas E5 Mar 193711 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Freiburger, Veronica20 Feb 1892Mar 1975Yoder
Freiburger, Walter C25 Jul 190718 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Freiermuth, Marie29 Dec 1898Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Freigy, Richard20 Jul 1908May 1979Fort Wayne
Freigy, Stewart27 Apr 1918Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Freimuth, Clarence12 Nov 1890Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Freimuth, Claude25 Jul 1892Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Freimuth, Claude A29 Aug 191211 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Freimuth, Ferdinand6 Oct 1888Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Freimuth, Grace4 Sep 1884Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Freimuth, Hilda P23 Apr 19126 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Freimuth, Marjorie A11 Apr 193313 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Freimuth, Mary M13 Mar 191118 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Freimuth, Minnie29 Jan 19151 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Freimuth, Paul11 Aug 1926Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Freimuth, Robert J26 Jul 19392 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Freimuth, Robert J5 Oct 19167 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Freimuth, Wava M18 Jul 189131 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Freistroffer, A E12 Feb 1894Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Freistroffer, Donald R26 Jul 192519 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Freistroffer, Harriett22 Jan 1914Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Freistroffer, Henry23 Feb 1919Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Freistroffer, Marie9 Sep 1901Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Freistroffer, Raymond22 Nov 1895Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Frellick, Maude21 Mar 1903Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Fremion, August26 Jun 1896May 1974Fort Wayne
Fremion, Betty C19 Jul 19236 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Fremion, Clarence7 Jan 1893Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Fremion, Claude8 Jul 1886Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Fremion, Frank A14 Aug 19003 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Fremion, Harold11 May 1921Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Fremion, Hazel8 Aug 1902Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Fremion, Jean M13 Dec 19221 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Fremion, Marian J20 Oct 192519 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Fremion, Paul D22 Jul 192223 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Fremon, Florence31 May 1896Jul 1982Fort Wayne
French, Bessie7 Oct 1888Feb 1982Fort Wayne
French, Clara10 Dec 1888Apr 1974Roanoke
French, Daniel H10 Jun 19255 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
French, Donald K27 Mar 193115 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
French, Harriet E25 Nov 191422 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
French, Kenneth H5 Jul 19101 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
French, Margaret L24 Dec 191522 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
French, Nellie O29 Oct 190919 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
French, Norma L21 Mar 194123 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
French, Pearl25 Jan 1894Mar 1985Fort Wayne
French, Robert L8 Feb 19204 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
French, Ruth B7 Oct 1936Dec 1997Fort Wayne
French, Thomas J14 Apr 194528 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Frenger, Lowell K12 May 191925 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Frentz, Clara W10 Oct 19239 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Frentz, James15 Sep 1915Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Frentz, Robert A27 Apr 191711 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Frentz, Virginia R1 Apr 192013 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Freon, Filomina19 Mar 1906May 1981Fort Wayne
Frericks, Patricia L31 Aug 19283 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Fresco, Lillian M17 Sep 190514 May 1989Fort Wayne
Freshour, Frank3 Apr 195017 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Fretz, Erma L16 Oct 191423 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Fretz, Eva12 Feb 1888Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Fretz, Gerald J9 Nov 190510 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Fretz, Helen30 May 1892Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Fretz, Max A21 Mar 191321 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Fretz, Nancy A16 Jul 190724 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Freudemann, Karl26 Nov 1895Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Freund, Orville O2 Feb 192713 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Freund, Rosalie A23 Mar 192724 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Freund, Shirley12 Jan 1926Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Frewer, Ann28 Jun 1888Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Frewer, Edward11 May 1900Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Frewer, Mary1 Dec 1885Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Frewer, Mary E28 Oct 191523 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Frewer, Max N4 Feb 192410 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Frey, Ethel C8 Dec 18992 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Frey, Henry13 Oct 1897Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Frey, Leola7 Oct 1960Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Frey, Lillian R5 Mar 192422 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Frey, Mary3 Dec 1923Mar 1986New Haven
Frey, Russell13 Apr 1896Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Frey, Stephanie13 Jan 1981Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Frey, Velma J9 Oct 19075 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Freygang, Carl13 Dec 1904Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Freyhof, Dwight17 Apr 1889Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Freytag, Carl10 May 1890Aug 1976Roanoke
Friar, Ann E9 Sep 1914Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Friar, Earl8 Jul 1908Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Friar, Letha31 Jan 1929Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Frick, Grace17 Apr 1890Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Frick, John10 Apr 1883Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Frick, Kenneth26 Mar 1905Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Fricke, Evelyn M19 Aug 190727 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Fricke, Harold25 Nov 1918Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Fricke, Raymond26 Oct 1906Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Fricke, Rosemary L26 Dec 194030 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Fricke, William13 Jul 1909Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Friddle, Lucinda25 Aug 1901Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Friddle, Marvin26 Feb 1911Feb 1965Fort Wayne
Friddle, Melba17 Apr 1903Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Friddle, Oliver27 May 1902Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Friddle, Robert7 Aug 1910Jan 1979Fort Wayne, New Haven
Fridley, Dorothy J13 Aug 192427 Sep 2001Churubusco, Fort Wayne
Frie, George18 Jan 1894Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Frie, Helen21 Apr 1895Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Friedel, Elizabeth M10 Sep 191212 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Frieden, Mary G5 Jul 191721 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Friedley, Betty E28 Jul 1925Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Friedley, Letitia18 Nov 1902Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Friedley, Roy B26 Apr 192421 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Friedley, Virgil25 Apr 190319 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Friedline, Robert L9 Jan 191411 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Friedly, Donald2 Dec 1897Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Friedman, Carl18 Mar 1909Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Friedman, Clarence1 Oct 1906Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Friedman, Dorothy21 May 191931 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Friedman, Frank7 Nov 1883Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Friedman, Mary A2 Aug 1913Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Friedrich, Alice W15 Sep 190312 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Friedrich, Dorothy J5 Jun 191913 May 2003Fort Wayne
Friedrich, Dorothy J5 Jun 19191 May 2003Fort Wayne
Friedrich, Frederika20 Mar 1894Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Friedrich, Paul L10 Nov 19314 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Friedt, Clifton10 Oct 1892Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Friedt, Rosa1 Sep 1896Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Friedt, Zelda L21 Oct 192111 May 2006Fort Wayne
Friend, Alice2 Aug 1899May 1982Fort Wayne
Friend, Bernice6 May 1901Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Friend, Betty E27 Jan 192112 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Friend, Carrie19 Feb 1883Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Friend, Eleanor L5 Jun 190529 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Friend, Joan E2 Oct 19206 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Friend, John W19 Aug 191821 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Friend, Joseph9 Jul 1920Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Friend, Rista19 Mar 1892Mar 1973Churubusco
Friend, Wilma B19 Jan 191625 Sep 1995New Haven
Friermood, Beatrice28 Jan 1898Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Fries, Charles1 Oct 1891May 1968Fort Wayne
Fries, Elida6 Nov 1894Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Fries, Greggory16 Nov 1953Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Fries, Katherine6 Sep 1898Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Fries, Margaret30 Jan 1899May 1983Fort Wayne
Friesner, Lynn D1 Aug 194210 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Friesner, Sandra D1 Nov 194523 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Frieson, Mamie L10 Jul 192522 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Frieson, Raymond12 Dec 1924May 1977Fort Wayne
Friess, Beatrice E27 Dec 1903Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Friess, George16 Dec 1902Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Friley, Dorothy25 Nov 1906May 1986Woodburn
Frincke, Viola M17 Jul 191724 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Frioli, Dorothy13 Mar 191830 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Frisby, Homer21 Jun 191827 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Frisby, Stella14 Jun 1883May 1972Fort Wayne
Frisinger, Lewis M12 Mar 192410 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Frisinger, Maxine H9 Apr 192624 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Friskney, Archie17 Aug 1891Aug 1980Churubusco
Friskney, G D18 Nov 19292 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Friskney, Phyllis11 Jun 1908Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Fritcha, Edwin29 Aug 1895Mar 1975Woodburn
Fritcha, Elmer24 Sep 1914Apr 1985New Haven
Fritcha, Esther10 Feb 1895Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Fritcha, Helen19 Jul 191514 Apr 2006New Haven
Fritcha, Henry M4 May 192615 Apr 2009Woodburn
Fritcha, Martin23 Nov 1897Feb 1971Woodburn
Fritcha, Orville A27 May 191927 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Fritcha, Patricia V27 Jul 192226 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Fritchen, Colleen22 Mar 193121 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Fritchey, Merle21 Dec 1891Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Fritter, Wayne5 Sep 1960Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Fritz, Adolf5 May 1899Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Fritz, Albert E6 Dec 190412 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Fritz, Alvin Wayne19 Aug 19343 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Fritz, Andrew25 Apr 1889Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Fritz, Carl3 Sep 19226 May 1996Fort Wayne
Fritz, Carolyn14 Sep 1890May 1969Fort Wayne
Fritz, Charles26 Jan 1910Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Fritz, Charles10 Feb 1885Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Fritz, Douglas L11 Jul 192225 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Fritz, Elsie M14 Jun 189928 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Fritz, Ervin A28 Nov 191628 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Fritz, Erwin30 May 1899Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Fritz, Garnet11 Apr 1914Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Fritz, Genevieve M17 Jul 191613 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Fritz, George18 Jun 1886Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Fritz, George18 Jan 1893Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Fritz, George22 Aug 1899Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Fritz, Gertrude H6 Aug 191424 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Fritz, Harry28 Sep 1902Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Fritz, Hilda5 Nov 1897Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Fritz, Howard R30 Apr 19178 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Fritz, Jacob5 Nov 1893Aug 1966Churubusco
Fritz, Janet E10 Oct 19186 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Fritz, Jeffrey T23 Sep 19576 May 2009Fort Wayne
Fritz, June29 Dec 1927Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Fritz, Kenneth E24 May 194826 May 1999Fort Wayne
Fritz, Lavern M21 Jun 191015 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Fritz, Lawrence23 Nov 1906Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Fritz, Lewis L21 Jan 19336 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Fritz, Pearl M3 Feb 192211 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Fritz, Ralph19 Jul 1909Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Fritz, Robert2 Nov 1911Sep 1987New Haven
Fritz, Saben27 Jun 1913Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Fritz, Sharon3 Dec 1936Jan 1986Churubusco
Fritz, Violet14 Aug 1916Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Fritz, Wilbur26 Feb 1911Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Fritz, William1 Oct 1879Jan 1966Churubusco
Fritzche, Paul23 Nov 1891Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Fritze, Clara27 Jan 1893Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Fritze, Harold19 Nov 1915Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Fritzinger, Beverly A30 Dec 194830 Jul 2009Monroeville
Fritzinger, Evelyn I12 Feb 192218 Jun 1999Monroeville
Fritzinger, Robert O13 Dec 191612 Dec 1995Monroeville
Frobenius, Ann S14 Jul 19069 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Frobenius, Reno21 Aug 1906Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Frock, Everett4 Jun 1901Dec 1966New Haven
Frock, Francis1 Jan 1906Nov 1986New Haven
Frock, Harper1 Aug 1898May 1970New Haven
Frock, Ibeal26 Jul 19068 Sep 1996New Haven
Froebe, Thad21 Sep 1923Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Froelich, Anton17 Apr 1903Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Frohmuth, William18 Sep 1887May 1976Fort Wayne
Frohnapfel, Martha23 Sep 1893Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Frolow, Fedor26 Jun 1890Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Fromm, Arlow10 Mar 1914Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Fromm, Calvin L17 Aug 19221 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Fromm, Carolyn M11 Oct 19404 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Fromm, Gary L1 Apr 195119 Feb 2009New Haven
Fromm, Kathleen L7 Jul 19243 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Fromm, Laura16 Jul 1916Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Fromm, Lloyd P17 Mar 19086 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Fromm, Marissa G27 Jun 20013 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Fromm, Richard M13 Apr 192023 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Fromm, Samuel19 Sep 1959Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Fromm, Virginia R7 May 19258 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Fromn, Wayne D26 Jul 191822 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Fronk, Hollice22 Aug 1904Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Froom, Ruth E19 Sep 192020 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Frosch, Arnold M29 May 191911 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Frosch, Conrad1 Dec 1887Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Frosch, Ernest25 Nov 1894Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Frosch, Lonah4 Mar 1888Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Frosch, Martin23 Apr 1885Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Frosch, Melvin C27 Sep 192625 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Froshaug, Gary K6 Oct 194529 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Froshaug, Gustave20 Sep 1874Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Froshaug, Gustave J23 Jul 191310 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Froshaug, Norma K18 Oct 19128 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Frost, Adah23 Sep 1875Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Frost, Charles9 Feb 1919Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Frost, Estella13 May 1905May 1978Fort Wayne
Frost, George19 Jun 1904Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Frost, Margaret E9 Oct 19312 May 2002Fort Wayne
Frost, Mary M21 May 191524 Jun 1993Huntertown
Frownfelter, Edna22 Nov 1905Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Fruchey, Don R30 Apr 192422 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Fruchey, F W8 Jun 190711 May 1988Fort Wayne
Fruechtenich, Arthur H25 Aug 19174 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Fruechtenich, Dorathea13 Jun 1893Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Fruechtenich, Dorothea F8 Jun 191819 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Fruechtenich, Florence31 May 191015 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Fruechtenich, Frank5 Oct 1894Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Fruechtenich, Fred18 Sep 1904Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Fruechtenich, Frieda29 Jan 1904Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Fruechtenich, George E7 Jul 19252 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Fruechtenich, Helen9 Feb 1908Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Fruechtenich, Loreen14 Feb 1920Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Fruechtenich, Ruth E20 Jun 193514 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Fruechtenich, Virginia L16 Jan 191627 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Fruechtenich, William1 Oct 1915Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Fruechtenicht, Barbara Jane26 Jul 19267 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Fruechtenicht, Carl E16 Aug 192521 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Fruechtenicht, Walter J2 Oct 190727 May 2008Fort Wayne
Fruit, Edward J5 Jan 192210 Jan 1990New Haven
Fruit, Patricia M1 Feb 1934Jan 1986New Haven
Frushour, Harvey16 Jun 1919Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Frushour, James3 Dec 1902Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Frushour, Lela29 Dec 1888Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Frushour, Merrill17 Apr 1911Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Frushour, Neva A2 May 1908Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Fruth, Helen E18 Dec 19188 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Frutos, Salvador D25 Dec 192911 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Fry, Albert14 Jan 1907Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Fry, Bessie23 Mar 1909May 1984Fort Wayne
Fry, Charles18 Mar 1931Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Fry, Cleveland17 Oct 1884Sep 1967Churubusco
Fry, Clifford J27 Jun 193017 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Fry, Cloyde4 Dec 19196 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Fry, Ellwood E14 Apr 19346 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Fry, Elma L18 Oct 187815 May 1966Fort Wayne
Fry, Elsie L8 Jul 192512 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Fry, Elwood18 Jul 1903Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Fry, Emma21 Dec 1895Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Fry, Eugene M21 May 195418 May 2004Fort Wayne
Fry, Fannie29 Feb 1912Apr 1986Churubusco
Fry, Florence E9 Mar 19169 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Fry, Fred30 Dec 1898Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Fry, Fred5 Nov 1894Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Fry, Helen N5 Mar 191317 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Fry, Helen R3 Jul 193817 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Fry, Homer31 Oct 1917Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Fry, Homer4 Aug 1893Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Fry, James8 Nov 1890Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Fry, James F22 Sep 193431 May 2005Churubusco
Fry, Laura4 Jul 1885Mar 1973Monroeville
Fry, Leonard A19 Nov 19292 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Fry, Leota I5 May 190514 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Fry, Leslie23 Dec 1896Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Fry, Luella6 Apr 1898Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Fry, Mabel1 Nov 1899Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Fry, Maxine E14 Jul 192629 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Fry, Melvin14 Jun 1890May 1968Fort Wayne
Fry, Nancy7 Jul 1900Aug 1979Churubusco
Fry, Orval12 Apr 1896Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Fry, Orville15 Mar 1922Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Fry, Paul E2 Mar 192626 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Fry, Richard E8 Jul 19251 May 2009Fort Wayne
Fry, Rita P14 May 19192 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Fry, Robert L11 Dec 191720 Apr 2009Churubusco
Fry, Samuel B5 Nov 19111 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Fry, Selma M15 Feb 19099 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Fry, Thomas11 Jun 1932Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Fry, Verona8 May 1894Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Fry, William26 Nov 1881Dec 1970Monroeville
Fryback, Charles18 Nov 1894Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Fryback, Clarence14 Aug 1911Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Fryback, Effie24 Jun 1894Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Fryback, Gary L12 Sep 193320 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Fryback, George L6 Dec 19008 Jul 1994Huntertown
Fryback, Hugh12 Nov 1906Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Fryback, Ireta14 Oct 1900Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Fryback, Leo21 Nov 1917Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Fryback, Linn L14 Jun 192112 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Fryback, Louise15 Feb 1917Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Fryback, Myrl B6 Jul 190226 Dec 2001Huntertown
Fryback, Nellie M3 Jul 193317 May 1997Fort Wayne
Fryback, Norman L8 May 193228 May 1999Fort Wayne
Fryback, Robert12 Apr 1937Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Frybarger, Clarence E23 Oct 192122 May 2000Fort Wayne
Frye, Dean J31 May 19306 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Frye, Druzella P18 Oct 190314 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Frye, Effie21 Jun 1900Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Frye, Erna3 Apr 190822 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Frye, Lillian P11 Jan 190711 May 1992Churubusco
Frye, Louise K27 Aug 192528 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Frye, Robert F1 Jun 191821 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Frye, Tommy L17 Jul 193430 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Fryer, Clare7 Jun 1914Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Fryer, Elizabeth25 Nov 191928 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Fryer, Florence13 Aug 1901Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Fryer, Madalyn12 May 1907Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Fryer, Marlin16 May 1907Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Fryhover, Dorothy F31 Aug 19107 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Fryhover, Lois6 Dec 1894Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Frykberg, Harry6 Dec 1892Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Frymire, Edward22 Jan 1888Apr 1966Fort Wayne

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