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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Fuchs, Ellanor S19 Feb 19162 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Fuchs, Elmer23 Aug 1907Nov 1981Roanoke
Fuchs, John12 Aug 1913Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Fuchs, Katherine A6 Jun 1912Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Fuchs, L8 Sep 1908Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Fuchshuber, Alyce2 May 1911Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Fuchshuber, Charles23 Jan 1899Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Fuchshuber, George L11 Jul 19102 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Fuchshuber, Patricia M9 Sep 192228 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Fuchshuber, Ruth E21 Dec 19212 May 2003Fort Wayne
Fudge, Arthur9 Mar 1916Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Fudge, Charles C12 Jan 191218 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Fudge, Henrietta M22 Dec 192025 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Fudge, Joe J23 Apr 19174 Dec 1994Leo
Fudge, Josephine I12 May 192013 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Fudge, Lucille V13 Sep 191827 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Fudge, Luella M2 Mar 1921Jan 1984Roanoke
Fudge, Milo F1 Dec 191328 Apr 2001Roanoke
Fudge, Peggy D26 May 193915 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Fuelber, Otto24 Feb 1890Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Fuell, Doris I21 Feb 193210 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Fuellin, Louis F2 Oct 187915 Nov 1965Woodburn
Fuelling, Arthur20 May 1906Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Fuelling, Carrol Loucia8 Apr 193720 Aug 2009New Haven
Fuelling, Charles23 May 1893Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Fuelling, Charles21 Jul 1895Jun 1971Harlan
Fuelling, Cora11 Apr 1885Jan 1966Monroeville
Fuelling, Delmore D1 Jan 193810 Mar 2006Hoagland
Fuelling, Elnora15 Jun 1906Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Fuelling, Evelyn E6 Jul 19209 Mar 2002Hoagland
Fuelling, Gene G6 Sep 19269 Mar 2008Woodburn
Fuelling, Gerald10 Dec 1909Aug 1983Woodburn
Fuelling, Hugo H10 Dec 191617 Jan 1999Hoagland
Fuelling, Ida16 Sep 1890Jul 1978Monroeville
Fuelling, Louis24 Jan 1886Jan 1972Woodburn
Fuelling, Mabel L1 Jun 191821 Jul 2009Monroeville
Fuelling, Margaret21 Nov 1911Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Fuelling, Margaret L5 Sep 19148 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Fuelling, Martin1 Dec 1889Nov 1984Monroeville
Fuelling, Martin C9 Aug 191418 Nov 1997Monroeville
Fuelling, Mary A12 Feb 19302 May 2001New Haven
Fuelling, Mildred C14 Sep 189912 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Fuelling, Otto2 Aug 1887Jan 1968Hoagland
Fuelling, Robert A16 Jun 192020 Sep 1998New Haven
Fuelling, Sara B28 Apr 193211 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Fuelling, Theodore H18 Jun 19024 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Fuelling, Verna9 Jun 1890May 1983Fort Wayne
Fuentes, Rosie R11 Sep 193930 May 1999Fort Wayne
Fuertes, Isabel2 Jul 1893Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Fugate, Arthur18 Jun 1894Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Fugate, Bill11 Jan 1926Sep 1970Huntertown
Fugate, Dawn D19 Feb 195624 May 2007Fort Wayne
Fugate, Dewey H21 Dec 195420 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Fugate, Goldie24 Apr 192124 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Fugate, Hiram12 Oct 19283 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Fugate, Howard J28 Jul 191716 Mar 1994Monroeville
Fugate, Peggy M19 Apr 192515 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, A Jeanette5 Jul 190910 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, Beryl23 Nov 19161 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, Charlene A17 Feb 192716 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, Cora19 Jun 1888Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, Edna10 Sep 190511 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, Edwin O18 May 189821 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, Elmer28 Apr 1902Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, Frances29 Jul 1900Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, Gladys L12 Feb 19239 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, Helen M5 Nov 192921 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, Iris M21 Jan 1916Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, James A29 Sep 19278 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, Lawrence7 Sep 190922 Nov 1993New Haven
Fuhrman, Martin19 Jun 1888Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, Melvin F7 Dec 191716 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, Monroe B30 Mar 191717 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Fuhrman, Sophie12 Mar 1892Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Fuhrmann, William19 Aug 1878Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Fukumoto, Young Ae21 Jan 191515 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Fulbright, Pat Larry12 Mar 193411 May 2008Fort Wayne
Fuldheim, Florence1 Jan 1878Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Fulford, Charles26 Jan 1928Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Fulghum, Mary L3 Dec 19154 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Fulghum, Raymond1 Feb 1911Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Fulk, Alton L15 Apr 19263 Dec 2003Churubusco
Fulk, Bertha M8 Oct 19088 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Fulk, Bonnie31 Oct 1945Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Fulk, Carl14 Aug 1907Nov 1987Churubusco
Fulk, Christene31 Oct 193213 May 2006Churubusco
Fulk, Cliffton T6 Oct 191225 May 1994Fort Wayne
Fulk, Elva12 Sep 1895May 1985Churubusco
Fulk, Guy2 Sep 193031 Dec 1993Churubusco
Fulk, Howard6 May 1918Apr 1983Churubusco
Fulk, James24 Oct 1891Nov 1968Churubusco
Fulk, Jay F28 Jun 19215 Sep 1999Huntertown
Fulk, John29 Jan 1913Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Fulk, Keith8 May 1954Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Fulk, Lena G15 May 191321 Jun 2000Churubusco
Fulk, Louise G18 Apr 1922Dec 1992Churubusco
Fulk, Marilyn J17 Apr 193324 Mar 2007Churubusco
Fulk, Nevah M6 Mar 19268 Apr 2003Churubusco
Fulk, Oscar12 Sep 1880Jun 1971Churubusco
Fulk, Robert15 Jul 1924Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Fulk, Tommy Leo28 Oct 19371 Mar 2009Churubusco
Fulkerson, Arlene W6 Oct 19127 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Fulkerson, Edna5 Nov 1885Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Fulkerson, Edward1 Jul 1885Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Fulkerson, Paul G20 Apr 19113 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Fulkerson, Sylvester21 Jun 1919Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Fulks, Florence19 Nov 1912Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Fulks, Paul Edward19 Dec 191312 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Fullam, John3 Sep 1914Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Fullenwider, Queen18 Jul 191822 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Fuller Jr, Alexander A22 Jul 193019 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Fuller, Alex25 Dec 1895Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Fuller, Bettiann31 Oct 194617 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Fuller, Carl H12 Dec 190910 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Fuller, Eather12 Mar 19146 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Fuller, Enid7 Jan 1908Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Fuller, George E11 Mar 192020 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Fuller, John18 Jun 1925Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Fuller, Joyce1 Dec 1941Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Fuller, Leo15 May 19062 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Fuller, Leo27 Feb 1939Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Fuller, Leona23 Jul 1921May 1984Fort Wayne
Fuller, Leonard W28 Dec 191626 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Fuller, Lillian30 Sep 1894Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Fuller, Lola2 Nov 1915Mar 1987Hoagland
Fuller, Madeline13 Feb 1906Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Fuller, Robert18 Nov 1893Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Fuller, Thomas R14 Jul 191724 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Fuller, Willard T30 Oct 1907Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Fuller, Willie L24 Mar 194118 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Fullerton, Elizabeth L18 Mar 192012 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Fulmer, James19 Feb 1890Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Fulmer, Lula C2 Jun 19117 Jul 1996Woodburn
Fulmer, Maud22 Aug 1886Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Fulmore, Walter28 Dec 1907Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Fulton, Chris A10 Oct 195915 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Fulton, Elizabeth24 Dec 1899Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Fulton, Ralph17 Jul 1896Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Fulton, Robert K12 Aug 191916 May 1988Fort Wayne
Fulton, Ruth19 Jul 1913Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Fulton, Vesta M25 Dec 192420 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Fults, Jess L15 Jan 191020 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Fults, Thomas Malcolm16 Apr 193331 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Fultz, Emma30 Apr 1908Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Fultz, Evelyn2 Aug 1909Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Fultz, Harry14 Jan 1909Oct 1986New Haven
Fultz, Harry D12 Nov 19316 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Fultz, Louise L14 Jul 191031 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Fultz, Rex O29 Apr 191430 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Fultz, Sherlyn18 Mar 1956Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Funck, James H21 Jan 19248 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Funderburg, Frances K19 Aug 191122 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Funderburg, Maurice18 Sep 1909Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Funderburg, Mildred24 Sep 1905Jan 1980Grabill
Funich, Bessie20 May 190811 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Funk, Charles15 Apr 1892Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Funk, Clara17 Apr 1885Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Funk, Clarence20 Nov 1912Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Funk, Clifford A30 Mar 189727 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Funk, Devon M20 Feb 19325 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Funk, Eva H10 Dec 193117 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Funk, Fern20 Sep 19098 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Funk, Francis L3 Jun 19314 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Funk, Gracie V21 Jul 19036 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Funk, Howard10 Nov 19072 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Funk, Jacob23 Feb 1878Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Funk, Larry T15 Sep 193929 Oct 2003Leo
Funk, Linda24 Aug 1960Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Funk, Mable18 Oct 1893Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Funk, Marlowe E18 Jul 192324 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Funk, Mary A13 Aug 1912Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Funk, Pauline C23 Sep 190912 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Funk, Pearl27 May 1890Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Funk, Rachael C20 Mar 191130 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Funk, Richard W15 Aug 192222 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Funk, Rose E30 Jun 19183 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Funk, Ruby4 Feb 1897Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Funk, Ruth13 Mar 1893Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Funk, Stanley M26 Jan 191928 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Funk, Thelma19 Mar 1905Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Funk, Walter K22 Jun 191527 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Funkhouser, Eva E1 Jun 1904Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Funkhouser, Loris16 Dec 1906Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Funnell, Bernard L14 Aug 19397 Mar 2006Leo
Fuqua, Robert3 Jan 1953Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Furbush, Walter17 Jul 1898Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Furge, Carl16 Sep 1903Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Furge, Dorothy P19 Jun 1915Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Furge, Hubert25 Mar 1899May 1984Fort Wayne
Furge, John S7 Mar 194321 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Furge, Luella18 Aug 1901Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Furge, Mary Ellen3 Nov 19389 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Furlow, Wilma R24 Jun 191024 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Furman, Lottie25 Jun 19267 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Furnas, Robert10 Oct 1916Jan 1966Churubusco
Furney, Beda E5 Jun 190729 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Furnish, Betty15 Jan 1928Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Furnish, Charles5 Aug 1895Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Furnish, Charles A26 Nov 19058 Jan 2003Leo, Spencerville
Furnish, Clarissa M7 Jul 19147 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Furnish, Delbert30 Nov 1905Oct 1977Spencerville
Furnish, Gayle A17 Mar 1900May 1992Fort Wayne
Furnish, Harold13 Apr 190921 Jun 1995Leo
Furnish, Lewis12 Jul 1913Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Furnish, Mabel1 Sep 1911Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Furnish, Marion I23 Jan 19196 Oct 2006Spencerville
Furnish, Merl D16 May 191519 May 2002Spencerville
Furnish, William4 May 1931Jul 1983Leo
Furniss, Earl Franklin16 Jun 19263 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Furniss, Frank27 Feb 1897Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Furniss, Ruth M15 Jul 192213 Jun 2001New Haven
Furniss, William C6 Dec 192127 Sep 1992New Haven
Furst, Paula6 Jun 1885Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Furste, James15 Mar 1896Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Furste, Jennie11 Jun 1903Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Furstenburg, Irene R26 Sep 190412 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Furthmiller, David L21 May 193227 Mar 2001New Haven
Furthmiller, Evelyn5 May 190910 Aug 2002Roanoke
Furthmiller, Jacqueline26 Mar 1923Feb 1981New Haven
Furthmiller, Nelson4 Feb 1931May 1976Huntertown
Furthmiller, Nora7 May 1909Nov 1980New Haven
Furthmiller, Ralph12 Nov 1914Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Fury, Evah R19 Jan 191025 May 1994Fort Wayne
Fury, Franklin R5 Mar 191227 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Fuson, Kenneth3 May 194628 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Fusselman, Charles1 Jul 1903Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Fusselman, George R22 Nov 19253 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Fusselman, Helene6 May 1899Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Fusselman, Reba M6 Apr 190924 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Fussey, Audrey M26 Jan 19342 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Futterer, Hortense8 Mar 1908Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Futterer, Virgil10 Jan 1909May 1976Fort Wayne
Fuzy, George16 Mar 1906Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Fuzy, Hilda18 Aug 1906May 1976Fort Wayne
Fuzy, Joseph1 Aug 1904Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Fuzy, Marion G25 Nov 191217 Sep 1996Fort Wayne

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