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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Gaar, Clarence W14 Dec 191016 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Gabbard, Elzie L2 Apr 1919Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Gabbard, Jesse9 Sep 1891Feb 1973Churubusco
Gabbard, Ruth13 Mar 1907May 1986Churubusco
Gabel, Paul6 Nov 1923Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Gabelein, Lura J20 Oct 188015 Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Gabet, Gerald R14 May 192122 Sep 1994New Haven
Gabet, Joseph H19 Mar 19256 May 1998New Haven
Gabet, Walter R4 Feb 19208 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Gabet, Wanda4 Dec 1919Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Gable, Blanche7 Apr 1881Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Gable, Delmer17 Nov 1909Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Gable, Dora23 Apr 1883Dec 1973Monroeville
Gable, George16 Jun 1907Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Gable, Harry17 Mar 1907Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Gable, James H1 Feb 19309 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Gable, Leona8 May 1905Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Gable, Robert E28 Apr 191528 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Gable, Ruth13 Sep 1906Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Gable, Walter13 Nov 1903Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Gable, William R23 Feb 19149 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Gabor, Fay21 Sep 193011 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Gabor, Gertrude I30 Aug 1911Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Gabriel, Marshall31 Mar 1920Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Gabriel, Victoria L21 Sep 195112 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Gaby, Carl7 Nov 1909Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Gaby, Esther L15 Feb 19128 Oct 2003Leo
Gaby, Kenneth C22 Dec 192530 May 2005Fort Wayne
Gach, Taras19 Apr 1921Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Gadbois, Joyce R28 Mar 19475 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Gaddy, Bonnie4 Apr 191321 May 1998Fort Wayne
Gaddy, John H15 Jul 193314 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Gaddy, Muriel J5 Apr 19332 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Gadomski, Cecilia22 Nov 1882Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Gadson, Beverly J22 Dec 193220 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Gaede, Chester D5 Jun 191117 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Gaede, Wilma L23 Apr 191418 May 1999Fort Wayne
Gaerte, Ruth F25 Feb 190730 Oct 2005Churubusco
Gaesser, Alphons3 May 1894Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Gaesser, Nellie25 Dec 1889Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Gaff, Abby31 Oct 1886Mar 1978Churubusco
Gaff, Alice28 Dec 1897Nov 1983Churubusco
Gaff, Carl E12 Mar 192123 Nov 1996Churubusco
Gaff, Dorothy B6 Oct 19111 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Gaff, Ellen18 Oct 1896Sep 1977Churubusco
Gaff, Enlo J5 Jul 191518 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Gaff, Erma25 Sep 1897Nov 1979Churubusco
Gaff, Florence21 Jan 1889Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Gaff, Florence A7 Nov 188115 Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Gaff, Glenn11 Jul 1891Jul 1971Churubusco
Gaff, Herman3 Mar 1926Feb 1984Churubusco
Gaff, Irene W12 Jun 191113 Sep 2003Churubusco
Gaff, J Lincoln10 Aug 1916Dec 1987Churubusco
Gaff, Joan Marie27 Feb 19481 Sep 2009Churubusco
Gaff, June V11 Jun 193129 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Gaff, Katheryn E10 Dec 192015 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Gaff, Kenneth E16 Nov 191521 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Gaff, Loren L30 Sep 192115 Jan 1996Churubusco
Gaff, Margaret14 Sep 1897Jul 1978Churubusco
Gaff, Marilynn D18 Jul 192721 Jun 2002Churubusco
Gaff, Marion17 Aug 1931Nov 1976Churubusco
Gaff, Mark A7 Sep 196026 May 2007Fort Wayne
Gaff, Max S6 Feb 191928 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Gaff, Mearl31 May 1892Sep 1975Churubusco
Gaff, Murray29 Aug 1911Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Gaff, Myrtle18 Oct 1896Sep 1977Churubusco
Gaff, Paul J21 Jun 194525 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Gaff, Ronald M20 Jun 19386 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Gaff, Sherman29 Jan 1905Jul 1985Churubusco
Gaff, Theodore30 Sep 1905May 1966Fort Wayne
Gaff, Thomas21 Feb 1895Aug 1978Churubusco
Gaff, Victor14 Nov 1888Dec 1977Churubusco
Gaff, Wilbur W20 Jan 192311 Apr 2008Churubusco
Gaffer, Edward10 Mar 1909Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Gaffer, Eleanor M25 Jul 1919Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Gaffer, Lawrence30 Sep 1906Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Gaffer, Marion Jeanette12 Dec 19244 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Gaffer, Marjorie R14 Sep 192612 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Gaffer, Michael Lee20 May 19438 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Gaffer, Mildred B29 Jul 191229 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Gaffer, Norbert8 Jan 1915Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Gaffer, Robert19 Oct 1949May 1986New Haven
Gaffer, Robert C16 Feb 191710 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Gaffney, Frank19 Apr 1879Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Gaffney, Herbert Edwin3 Oct 19484 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Gage J, D16 Nov 197910 Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Gage, Donald V14 May 1916Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Gage, Dwight A6 Jan 194629 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Gage, Helen8 Apr 1928Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Gage, Maude10 Mar 1879Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Gage, Melvin4 Sep 1923Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Gage, Ricky D18 Jul 19531 May 2002Fort Wayne
Gage, Thomas E22 Apr 194310 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Gage, Virginia21 Apr 1920Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Gage, Virginia17 May 1920May 1987Fort Wayne
Gage, Walter12 Aug 191721 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Gagnon, Robert P22 Feb 19356 Sep 2002New Haven
Gahan, Louise28 Apr 191621 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Gahan, Marie17 Jul 1890Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Gahman, Ethel2 Jun 1892May 1985Fort Wayne
Gahman, Hazel Enid8 Apr 1917Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Gahman, Robert L6 Nov 19428 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Gahman, Robert T21 Apr 191323 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Gailey, Avinell C25 Jun 191827 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Gailey, James Norman5 Feb 191715 May 2008Fort Wayne
Gaines, Beatrice5 Mar 1909Jan 1985New Haven
Gaines, Charles F4 Sep 194411 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Gaines, E L28 Apr 193515 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Gaines, Martha27 Feb 1897Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Gaines, Ola29 Dec 1906Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Gaines, R L17 Apr 195215 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Gaines, Virginia H30 Mar 191619 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Gainey, Richard3 Oct 1925May 1983Fort Wayne
Gaither, Robert10 Feb 1905Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Gaither, Ruthie1 Apr 193223 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Gajewski, Boleslaw19 Mar 1890Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Galaz, Betty J5 Sep 193720 May 2000Huntertown
Galbraith, David J18 Feb 19173 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Galbraith, Marv2 Jun 19216 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Galbreath, Anna29 May 1912Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Galbreath, Carolyn J30 Aug 191523 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Galbreath, Edward L15 Apr 190424 Jul 1994New Haven
Galbreath, Emma11 Jun 1900Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Galbreath, Marie5 Jun 1921Mar 1979New Haven
Galbreath, Paul E31 Jan 19219 Jan 2003New Haven
Galbreath, Phyllis I12 Jul 192624 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Galdikas, Lawrence J28 Mar 19567 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Gale, Warren21 Nov 1878Dec 1966Roanoke
Galeener, Margaret25 Sep 1889Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Galentine, Doris Earlene6 Aug 19285 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Galentine, Elsie K19 Aug 191919 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Galentine, George7 Oct 1910Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Galentine, James E13 Apr 191914 May 2003Fort Wayne
Galentine, Robert7 Sep 1922Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Galer, Marjorie M1 Nov 19202 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Galer, Zelma28 Apr 1910Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Galindo, Maria E21 Jun 195527 May 2000Fort Wayne
Galinski, Elizabeth7 Jan 1890Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Gall, Bertha15 Nov 1901Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Gall, Blanche13 Sep 1905Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Gall, John A17 Apr 19504 Aug 1999Grabill
Gall, John W12 Mar 193921 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Gall, Pearl11 Oct 1890Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Gall, Ralph L4 Jun 190713 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Gallacher, James5 Jul 1912Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Gallagher, Charles23 Apr 1921Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Gallagher, Fern M17 Sep 19107 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Gallagher, Gerard F22 Aug 194021 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Gallagher, Gilbert15 Dec 1908Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Gallagher, Mary19 Jul 190721 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Gallagher, Paul L17 Dec 194729 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Gallahan, Eugene H31 May 192924 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Gallaher, Delores M21 Feb 19292 Jul 2007New Haven
Galland, Dorothy C25 Mar 19147 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Galland, Earl J6 Aug 19081 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Galland, Robert4 Sep 192022 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Galland, Rosemary L17 Dec 191921 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Gallant, Nancye J10 Oct 19426 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Gallant, Thomas A23 Jan 192611 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Gallaspie, Mary17 Mar 1889Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Gallaway, James20 Jul 1920Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Gallaway, Margaret D20 Mar 192420 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Gallaway, Nellie8 Apr 1880Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Gallaway, Ronald D11 May 194320 May 2009Fort Wayne
Galli, Matilda1 Jul 1890Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Galli, Richard J12 Jun 192823 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Galliett, Marie10 Jul 1900Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Galligan, Kathleen L21 Jun 193413 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Galligani, Raymond25 Mar 1911Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Galligher, Marie16 Mar 1900Jul 1980Monroeville, New Haven
Gallimore, Hazel D15 Mar 190930 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Gallmeier, Alberta N15 Oct 191215 Aug 2005Huntertown
Gallmeier, Alfred19 Jul 1902Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Gallmeier, Blanche E13 Oct 19162 May 1994Fort Wayne
Gallmeier, Edgar A27 Jul 190713 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Gallmeier, Fred17 Mar 1884Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Gallmeier, Kathryn A19 Feb 19072 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Gallmeier, Marie O11 Sep 191225 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Gallmeier, Minnie12 Aug 1886Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Gallmeier, Olive24 Feb 1907May 1973Fort Wayne
Gallmeier, Paul W5 Apr 192511 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Gallmeister, Dorothea I27 May 192318 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Gallmeister, Werner19 Apr 1917Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Agnes M21 Jun 190430 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Arthur15 Jan 1908Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Augusta4 Jan 1896Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Donald W27 May 194323 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Edwin17 Apr 19009 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Ernest29 Jun 1890Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Esther M10 Feb 193311 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Esther M24 Oct 190925 May 2002Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Helen H7 Oct 190616 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Henry21 Apr 1902Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Joseph C14 Apr 192723 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Marjorie M3 Dec 192315 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Martin6 Nov 1892Jan 1972Hoagland
Gallmeyer, Mary J12 Jun 19479 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Mildred3 Mar 1908Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Paul24 Sep 1907Jan 1975Hoagland
Gallmeyer, R L18 Oct 192715 Jan 1987Hoagland
Gallmeyer, Richard W11 Mar 19459 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Susanna18 Mar 1900Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Thomas1 Dec 1922Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, Virginia H22 Jan 191112 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Gallmeyer, William2 Dec 1898Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Gallogly, Carolyn26 Jan 1895Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Galloway, Argyll14 Aug 1902Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Galloway, Clinton27 May 1877Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Galloway, Donald20 Feb 192020 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Galloway, Edna R12 Jan 191114 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Galloway, Eugene30 Mar 192419 May 1997Fort Wayne
Galloway, George4 Mar 1904Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Galloway, Linda L9 Jan 194621 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Galloway, Marceil18 Aug 19302 May 2006Fort Wayne
Galloway, Maryjane20 Feb 191525 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Galloway, Valencia A19 Nov 194629 Jan 2004Roanoke
Galloway, Vivian11 Feb 191919 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Galloway, William20 Mar 1914Nov 1984Huntertown
Gallup, L Josephin E24 Aug 19152 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Galpern, Nina21 Feb 1898Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Galt, Ruth15 Jun 1917Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Galuoppo, Donald J14 Jul 193421 Dec 2006Leo
Galuoppo, Frances15 Oct 19059 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Galuoppo, Frank16 Sep 1896Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Galuoppo, Kenneth7 Jan 1929Mar 1986Leo
Galuoppo, Robert E22 Feb 194025 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Galvan, Esau3 Jun 1930May 1980Fort Wayne
Galvan, Esperanza C15 Feb 193125 May 1995Fort Wayne
Galvan, Eustolia C9 Dec 19343 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Galvan, Marie29 Dec 1905Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Galvan, V27 Aug 1986Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Galvin, Bonna31 Mar 19224 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Galvin, Doris E18 Sep 19156 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Galvin, Edmond5 Jan 1917Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Galvin, John4 Aug 1922Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Gamble, Dale10 Aug 1901Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Gamble, Dallas F22 Sep 19154 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Gamble, Flora A24 Oct 19031 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Gamble, James4 Aug 1917Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Gamble, Mary14 Nov 1892May 1984Fort Wayne
Gamble, Myrl D3 May 190822 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Gamble, Orville30 Sep 1907Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Gamble, Richard L21 Sep 192416 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Gamble, William K16 Nov 192015 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Gamboa, Amelia Teresa3 Mar 19407 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Gambrell, Edwin E5 Sep 190911 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Gambrell, J F7 Nov 191326 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Gambrell, James C4 Dec 191119 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Gambrell, Kim E7 Aug 196121 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Gambrell, Mae25 Jan 1885Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Gambrell, Sloan G10 Nov 192116 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Gamec, Mildred A20 Feb 190714 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Gamez, Alfred E15 Jan 194325 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Gammon, Elmer G5 Jun 192926 May 1994Fort Wayne
Gammon, Ilene28 Jun 1933Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Ganaway, Gracie27 Sep 1943Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Ganaway, Gussie1 May 1914Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Ganaway, Jimmie19 Aug 1899May 1977Fort Wayne
Ganaway, Louis15 May 1914Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Ganaway, Louise4 Feb 19334 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Ganaway, Samuel18 Feb 1893Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Ganaway, Samuel Gerald8 Jun 191827 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Ganaway, Sylvia L8 Oct 191122 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Ganaway, William1 Aug 1890Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Gandolfo, Thomas R25 Oct 19284 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Gandy, Hugh10 Nov 191115 May 1992Churubusco
Ganger, Velma A10 Jul 192417 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Gangey, Clara26 Aug 1894Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Gango, Nancy A31 Jan 192925 Apr 2002New Haven
Gankiewicz, Stanley6 Sep 19208 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Gannon, Gertrude Ellen26 Dec 191010 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Ganoe, Charles W26 Oct 189721 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Ganoe, Hazel28 Sep 18989 May 1992Fort Wayne
Gansert, Betty12 Mar 1923Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Gant, Arthur L5 Aug 196817 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Ganther, Charles S27 Jul 190623 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Ganther, Donna L3 Jan 189723 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Gantz, Chester28 Apr 1912Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Gantz, Frances M14 Jun 191613 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Gantz, Harry27 Sep 1923May 1972New Haven
Gappinger, Frances22 Jun 1883Jun 1976Churubusco
Garab, Carol L2 Jan 191910 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Garab, Richard J7 Sep 191728 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Garant, Ernest R3 Apr 19248 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Garard, Ben4 Dec 1888Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Garard, Blaine I14 Jun 19156 Jan 2005Hoagland
Garard, Charles29 Apr 1919Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Garard, Jerri L7 Mar 191924 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Garard, L R12 Feb 18973 Mar 1988Monroeville
Garard, Robert25 Oct 1923Jan 1988Churubusco
Garard, Robert27 May 1894May 1982Monroeville
Gararo, Phyllis22 Nov 1910May 1975Fort Wayne
Garay, D H29 Apr 193515 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Garbacz, Muriel29 Aug 1926May 1982Fort Wayne
Garber, Becky J2 Dec 194329 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Garber, Charles20 Jul 1894Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Garber, Dorothy V11 Feb 191811 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Garber, James R21 May 192328 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Garber, Jonathon B1 Nov 190930 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Garber, Mabel12 Oct 1898May 1987Fort Wayne
Garber, Ray E11 Apr 192514 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Garber, Richard L24 Feb 191415 May 1992Fort Wayne
Garber, Rosa22 Dec 1906Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Garber, Valoris J2 Oct 191818 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Garberich, Ida L2 Feb 192722 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Garberich, Kenneth H11 Aug 19245 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Garbish, Stephen14 Jun 1899Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Garcia, Albert T10 Apr 192318 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Garcia, Blas3 Feb 1894May 1969Fort Wayne
Garcia, Carlos M21 Sep 19201 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Garcia, Carmen16 Jul 189222 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Garcia, Carmen None28 Aug 191118 May 2006Fort Wayne
Garcia, Dolores6 May 193010 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Garcia, Domingo21 Dec 192813 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Garcia, Ernesto25 Oct 193326 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Garcia, Felis25 Feb 1907Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Garcia, Gilberto L2 Jun 192114 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Garcia, Herminia13 Mar 19142 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Garcia, John22 Jan 1907Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Garcia, Jose G23 Jul 198130 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Garcia, Julia28 Jul 1922Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Garcia, Juliana14 May 1883Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Garcia, Lois C7 Nov 191128 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Garcia, Luciano11 Nov 191018 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Garcia, Martha L19 Sep 191820 May 1997Huntertown
Garcia, Pedro H8 Jan 193027 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Garcia, Sheila Marie24 Jan 195211 Sep 2009Roanoke
Garcia, Stephanie22 Jan 194427 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Gard, Arnold7 Jun 1922Aug 1980Roanoke
Gard, Dale29 Oct 1909Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Gard, Dessie2 Jan 1894May 1972Roanoke
Gard, Fred25 Jan 191519 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Gard, Joyce14 Jul 1933Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Gard, Katherine13 Apr 1887Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Gard, Michael8 Oct 1939Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Gard, N Lucille23 Mar 192923 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Gard, Walter1 Jul 1893Jul 1975Roanoke
Garden, George25 Oct 1907Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Gardenour, Carol Ann5 Sep 194723 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Gardenour, Robert L15 May 194715 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Gardiner, Beatrice L18 Oct 1915May 1996Fort Wayne
Gardiner, Glen S25 May 192631 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Gardiner, James Keith2 Sep 192110 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Gardiner, Marion16 Dec 1908Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Gardiner, Sheila L31 Oct 19479 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Gardiner, Ted4 Mar 1923Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Gardinier, James9 Aug 1899Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Gardinier, Julia21 May 1898Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Gardner, Alfred H30 Jun 190116 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Gardner, Bonnie L15 Mar 193617 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Gardner, Catherine20 Aug 1898Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Gardner, Charles26 Sep 1899Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Gardner, Clifford2 Jun 19209 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Gardner, Dixie L27 Jul 193412 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Gardner, Dorothy8 Jun 1892Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Gardner, Dorothy28 Jul 1927Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Gardner, Edythe30 Nov 1894May 1974Fort Wayne
Gardner, Ernest H16 Dec 19176 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Gardner, Ethel R29 Nov 190826 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Gardner, Evelyn12 Aug 1902Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Gardner, Francis23 Sep 1911Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Gardner, Gerald F29 Aug 193322 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Gardner, Gladys13 Feb 188215 Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Gardner, Harry17 Jan 1893Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Gardner, Howard B9 Jun 19216 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Gardner, Josephine20 Mar 1885Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Gardner, Lela28 Jun 1892Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Gardner, Martha L13 Aug 194513 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Gardner, Mary K23 Jul 194720 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Gardner, Mary L1 Jan 194318 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Gardner, Norman31 May 1901Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Gardner, Ralph28 Sep 1898Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Gardner, Raymond F1 Jan 19141 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Gardner, Rena27 Jul 1879Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Gardner, Robert F4 Oct 193218 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Gardner, Rosemary16 Apr 1929Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Gardner, Ruth S26 Nov 191111 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Gardner, Samuel25 Nov 1914Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Gardner, Sharon Ann3 May 194524 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Gardner, Sophie L16 Feb 191629 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Gardner, Thomas A23 May 19342 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Gardner, Virginia17 Jul 1922Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Gardner, William15 May 1911Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Gardt, Arthur G30 Jun 1908Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Gardt, Carmen E10 Apr 190516 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Gardt, Catherine12 Feb 1907Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Gardt, Clarence1 Feb 1899Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Gardt, Jacqueline E22 Jul 193424 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Gardt, Nellie15 Jun 189819 Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Gardt, Oscar5 May 1910Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Gardt, Paul C11 Nov 192523 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Garee, Evelyn22 Jul 191627 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Garee, Richard L29 Oct 192710 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Gareiss, Earl2 Aug 1908Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Gareiss, Evelyn5 Jun 1911May 1981Fort Wayne
Garey, Darlene T23 Oct 19379 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Garihan, William6 Oct 1882Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Garland, Charles C1 Jun 195129 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Garland, Debra E21 Dec 195013 May 2007Fort Wayne
Garland, Floyd15 Feb 1896Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Garland, Mary K9 Apr 19113 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Garland, Rhonda K18 May 194915 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Garland, William L8 May 193521 Oct 2007Monroeville
Garlets, Allan B8 Jan 193328 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Garlets, Elva M5 Apr 19067 Feb 2003Churubusco
Garling, Florence28 Sep 1889Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Garling, Garold27 Jan 1911Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Garling, Orla12 Nov 1887Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Garman, Albert28 Feb 1906Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Garman, David29 Jul 1888May 1976Fort Wayne
Garman, David12 Sep 1958Jun 1982New Haven
Garman, Dorothy30 Jan 1920Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Garman, Dorothy M29 Apr 1922Sep 1995Grabill
Garman, Faye7 May 1888May 1982Fort Wayne
Garman, Gladys21 May 1908Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Garman, Helen12 Mar 1892Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Garman, Jo Ann28 Apr 194829 Jan 2010New Haven
Garman, John11 Jan 191717 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Garman, Josephine L18 Feb 191710 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Garman, Leva M14 Jul 19239 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Garman, Mabel11 Oct 1898May 1974Grabill
Garman, Mary Alice21 Oct 191811 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Garman, Ralph E18 May 19289 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Garman, Robert F12 Sep 193312 May 2003Fort Wayne
Garman, Roscoe5 Sep 1893Oct 1968Spencerville
Garman, Roy5 Jul 1887Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Garman, Warren16 Oct 1884Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Garmater, Mary E22 Jul 193130 Oct 2006Harlan
Garmater, Robert A13 Sep 19305 Dec 2005Harlan
Garmire, Carl13 Aug 1888Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Garmire, Edna19 Sep 1896Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Garmire, Nancy A17 Nov 194123 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Garmire, Paul20 May 19128 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Garmire, Phillip A31 Jan 193924 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Garmire, Wilma J17 Jul 190614 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Garner, Helen30 Jan 1918Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Garner, Janet C14 Apr 192913 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Garner, Joseph3 Mar 1911Aug 1981Monroeville
Garner, Kennis22 Apr 1929Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Garner, William20 Jan 1898Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Garnett, Marie1 Jul 191815 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Garnett, Robert L9 Aug 19326 Dec 2003New Haven
Garnette, Odella J7 Dec 190414 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Garnic, Bernadette T24 Oct 194716 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Garns, John D22 Apr 19335 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Garns, Kathryn L12 Jan 190520 Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Garnsey, Morris E12 Oct 190613 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Garpow, Francis27 Aug 1910Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Garpow, Helen L15 Jun 190823 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Garr, Doris I30 Mar 192120 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Garr, Harry L13 Dec 190725 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Garr, Maxine A12 Feb 191811 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Garr, William29 Jun 1951Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Garrard, Agnes E20 Apr 192525 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Garrard, James Walter9 Apr 194124 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Garrard, Mary E4 Jun 191811 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Garrard, Mary E2 Dec 192719 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Garrard, Robert M21 Jun 193026 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Garratt, Lillian R18 Dec 19074 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Garratt, William E16 Aug 190319 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Garretson, Bertha M21 Aug 190720 Dec 1993Roanoke
Garretson, Gertrude M31 Oct 191426 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Garretson, Grace23 Feb 1895Nov 1967Roanoke
Garretson, John28 May 1908Jan 1979Roanoke
Garretson, William J8 May 19219 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Garrett, Allan8 Feb 1913Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Garrett, Angela26 Aug 1891Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Garrett, Booker T22 Mar 190415 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Garrett, Carrie6 May 1891Feb 1986Leo
Garrett, Charles E16 Feb 191214 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Garrett, Doshey D13 Jun 191214 May 1991Fort Wayne
Garrett, Edna M31 Aug 19351 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Garrett, Frances J16 Nov 19133 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Garrett, Frank Michael27 Mar 194326 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Garrett, Georgia12 May 1898Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Garrett, Harold16 Jan 1903Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Garrett, Hattie J20 Feb 191522 May 1998Fort Wayne
Garrett, John22 Mar 1892May 1972Fort Wayne
Garrett, John M19 Sep 190628 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Garrett, Katie4 Apr 19501 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Garrett, Leotos18 Jun 1921Mar 1985Leo
Garrett, Lewis15 May 1908Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Garrett, Meredith W21 Apr 191023 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Garrett, Ralph21 Jun 1890Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Garrett, Robert16 Feb 1901Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Garringer, David27 Sep 192211 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Garringer, Ezra22 Oct 1900Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Garrio, Howa30 Aug 193423 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Garriott, Patricia M30 Apr 19437 Jan 2003Woodburn
Garriott, Theresa M4 Nov 191010 Jun 1994Woodburn
Garris, Helen E29 Oct 191324 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Garrison, Adolin19 Nov 1903Dec 1978Churubusco
Garrison, Andrew9 Nov 1900Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Garrison, Anna M7 Jan 190218 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Garrison, Bertha3 Feb 1890Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Garrison, Carl13 Jan 1895Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Garrison, Damon W8 Feb 19638 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Garrison, Delano16 Jul 1913Jan 1977Woodburn
Garrison, Florene M31 Oct 19091 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Garrison, George A10 Feb 19277 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Garrison, Grace23 Dec 1883Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Garrison, Hansel28 Jan 1889Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Garrison, Harold23 Apr 1904Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Garrison, Iris10 Aug 1917Jun 1986Woodburn
Garrison, Jack L28 Sep 19214 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Garrison, Lee B25 Nov 190229 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Garrison, Lloyd A12 Oct 190419 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Garrison, Lois Maxine12 Jun 19178 Dec 2008Roanoke
Garrison, Lyman C23 Apr 19085 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Garrison, Marian4 Nov 192421 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Garrison, Marie3 Jul 1910Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Garrison, Marion A17 Nov 19259 Apr 1998Churubusco
Garrison, Mary E30 Jun 191530 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Garrison, Minnie17 May 1896Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Garrison, Nellie4 Feb 188925 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Garrison, Neva19 Jun 1902Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Garrison, Patricia20 Oct 193619 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Garrison, Perry12 Nov 1911Jan 1984Churubusco
Garrison, Richard D4 Jul 19359 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Garrison, Robert E21 Mar 190927 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Garrison, Rose M5 Aug 19391 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Garrison, Ruth H7 Sep 192023 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Garrison, Sarah B5 Apr 195713 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Garrison, Willie G19 Jun 19535 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Garrity, Alice24 Mar 1888Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Garrow, Madeleine19 Jul 1899Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Garstka, Mollie R7 Feb 193327 Jun 2004Roanoke
Gartner, John23 Mar 1903Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Garton, Donald J29 Nov 19007 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Garton, Haldah7 Mar 1893Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Garton, Harry14 Nov 1895Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Garton, Harry R3 Nov 192118 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Garton, Leona18 Feb 1895Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Garty, John17 Apr 1881Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Garver, Alice E20 Apr 191822 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Garver, Charles6 Dec 1897Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Garver, Edgar C7 Jun 19108 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Garver, Ernest30 Sep 1887Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Garver, Louise7 Oct 191312 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Garver, Marvel31 Dec 1897Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Garver, Thomas William18 Nov 194221 Apr 2009Churubusco
Garver, William R2 Jul 19125 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Garvey, Joseph22 May 1895Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Garvin, Henry16 Mar 1896Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Garvin, Inez25 Sep 1899Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Garvin, Mary J3 Jul 191828 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Garvin, Melvin9 Sep 1896Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Garvin, Roberta11 Dec 1905Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Garwood, Geraldine C24 Aug 19255 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Garwood, Ivan E2 May 191719 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Garwood, John M5 Sep 192521 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Garwood, Lucille M25 Dec 19201 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Garwood, Nettie22 Feb 1894May 1984Roanoke
Garwood, Robert I12 Nov 192921 Jul 2004Roanoke
Garwood, Zilla2 Jul 1895Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Gary, Andrew C21 Apr 19694 Jan 2010New Haven
Gary, Wendell C21 Oct 193413 May 2006Fort Wayne
Garza, Albino10 Nov 193918 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Garza, Carol Ann26 Aug 194924 Oct 2008Churubusco
Garza, Jesus9 Sep 1944Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Garza, Jose Cofrey8 Nov 19221 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Garza, Manuel M24 Feb 1961Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Garza, Nancy J12 Nov 19607 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Garza, Raul13 Sep 194716 May 2008Fort Wayne
Gasaway, John26 Oct 1893Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Gascoyne, Ida27 Dec 1880Mar 1966Churubusco
Gasdorf, Gustav7 Jul 1905Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Gase, Bernard P6 Mar 19215 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Gase, Celesta29 Jul 1903Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Gase, Clarence1 Mar 1893Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Gase, Helen E15 May 19186 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Gase, Ruth11 Sep 1900Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Ansel7 Feb 1898Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Beatrice16 Jul 1903Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Diana L21 Dec 195126 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Dorotha M14 Mar 191415 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Elva E21 May 191720 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Flossie18 Dec 1901Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Fred L24 May 191219 May 1993Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Garnet I26 Dec 19007 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Geneva I7 Apr 19045 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Gaskill, George10 Apr 1926Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Gertrude16 Nov 1904Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Gloria J18 Dec 192522 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Jean M26 Aug 19176 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Jerrel G17 Apr 193914 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Gaskill, John1 Jun 1933Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Gaskill, John25 Sep 1904Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Gaskill, John H10 Jun 191523 Jun 1998New Haven
Gaskill, Lawrence E31 Mar 1914May 1998Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Lena24 Oct 1900Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Lloyd21 Nov 1901Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Lucille17 Aug 1905Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Marie24 Sep 1914Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Marilee W14 Jun 192410 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Mary M23 Dec 191715 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Maud17 Jun 1886Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Ned E17 Sep 192728 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Orlie R26 May 19287 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Orville10 Dec 1889Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Robert10 May 1885May 1970Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Robert J2 Jan 191119 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Robert J3 Sep 19361 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Robert L13 Sep 191725 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Ronald30 Nov 1934Jul 1981Monroeville
Gaskill, Russell Wayne6 Aug 193624 Jan 2010Monroeville
Gaskill, Ruth20 Dec 190928 Feb 1996Monroeville
Gaskill, Ruth I29 Jul 19169 Sep 2008Grabill
Gaskill, Shirley A13 Dec 193413 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Stephen12 Oct 1952Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Viola E20 May 190412 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Virgil F11 Jul 191014 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Warren W26 Mar 192322 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Gaskill, William11 Jan 1908Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Gaskill, William24 Dec 1900Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Gaskill, Zada B30 Aug 191227 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Gaskin, Ralph14 Sep 194228 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Gaskin, Thelma3 May 192518 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Gaskins, Janice L17 Apr 193022 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Gaskins, Maude12 Sep 1877Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Gaskins, Theresa M22 Aug 191023 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Gasnarez, Javier D23 Sep 194113 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Gasnarez, Lucia R16 Feb 193027 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Gasparini, Anna E14 Mar 192322 Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Gasper, Alvirta29 Jan 1911Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Gasper, Bernice M12 Feb 190818 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Gasper, Evelyn E10 Mar 192029 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Gasper, Evelyn M28 Oct 192713 Jan 2010New Haven
Gasper, Kenneth22 Jun 1906Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Gasper, Kenneth E19 Dec 19271 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Gasper, Mathias J25 Feb 191711 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Gasper, William D4 May 192425 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Gass, Arthur25 Aug 1929Jul 1984Roanoke
Gass, Charles F7 Apr 191131 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Gass, Fern25 Mar 1912Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Gass, Mamie8 Nov 1906Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Gass, Nelson E25 Feb 19228 Apr 1994Roanoke
Gass, Rosetta30 Mar 1885Feb 1976Roanoke
Gass, Roy30 Aug 1908Jul 1975Roanoke
Gass, Shirley26 Jun 1940Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Gassafy, Mary19 Jul 1880Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Gassen, Frances J3 Oct 192430 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Gasser, Ruth M21 Jan 196612 Aug 2001Woodburn
Gassert, John20 Jan 1901May 1981Fort Wayne
Gastiger, Ralph G21 Mar 191519 May 2000Fort Wayne
Gastineau, Cary15 May 1959Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Gaston, Lauretta7 Jan 195616 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Gaston, Margaret E22 May 191613 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Gastright, Frank8 Aug 1903Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Gasvod, N23 Mar 1935Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Gatchell, Dorothy29 Jul 1901Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Gatchell, Edwin G19 Jul 192522 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Gatchell, George25 Jan 1898Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Gatchell, Homer G11 Dec 193512 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Gatchell, James L13 Dec 192624 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Gatchell, Millard31 May 1923Feb 1982Hoagland
Gater, Bernice E6 Sep 192410 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Gater, Helen M19 Jul 19158 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Gater, John27 Sep 1907Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Gater, Joseph28 Nov 1914Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Gater, Richard L1 Mar 192325 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Gates, David19 Jul 191231 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Gates, Helen8 Jun 1895Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Gates, Ivan M16 Mar 190415 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Gates, John11 May 1894Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Gates, Sarah E26 Nov 19349 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Gates, Walter Windell12 Dec 195914 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Gates, William T24 Feb 192011 May 1997Fort Wayne
Gatewood, Barbara J15 Jan 196020 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Gatewood, Lendel2 Aug 1914Oct 1977Woodburn
Gatewood, Pressley10 Dec 1914Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Gatewood, Richard M10 Dec 19149 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Gatewood, Shirley27 May 1930Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Gatian, Donovan L20 Nov 193113 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Gatson, Thomas L23 Feb 19248 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Gatte, Marie L31 Aug 191910 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Gatton, Charles9 Aug 1909Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Gatton, Gretchen D16 Jul 19167 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Gatton, Kevin G23 Nov 195815 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Gatton, Maude11 Nov 1878Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Gatton, Richard E29 Nov 192627 May 2005Fort Wayne
Gatton, Stella27 Feb 1888May 1982Fort Wayne
Gatwood, Helen L11 Apr 192515 Mar 1994Churubusco
Gatwood, L20 Dec 1903Jul 1969Huntertown
Gatwood, Robert K22 Jun 192931 Dec 1992Churubusco
Gatzke, Justine11 Feb 1894Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Gauert, Carl2 Oct 1916Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Gaulden, Harold L20 Feb 192715 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Gaulden, Maud E20 May 192821 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Gault, Arthur18 Feb 1893May 1973Monroeville
Gault, Elmer12 Mar 1902May 1977Fort Wayne
Gault, Eva10 Sep 1901Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Gaunt, Alpheus16 Oct 1906Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Gaunt, Clara30 Dec 1888Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Gaunt, Edward L31 Jan 192125 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Gaunt, Eulalia27 Sep 1904Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Gaunt, Harry M14 Aug 192427 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Gaunt, Lavonda I18 Apr 19246 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Gaunt, Prudence H1 Dec 189818 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Gaunt, Rinaldo12 Dec 1902Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Gaunt, Steven E10 Feb 19558 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Gause, Dorothy24 Oct 1896Oct 1986Churubusco
Gause, Gertrude9 Aug 1909Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Gause, Janice E29 Aug 194419 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Gause, Leah4 Jan 1923Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Gause, Ralph4 Mar 1905Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Gause, Susie A22 Nov 195720 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Gausepohl, Bernard30 Oct 1905Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Gausepohl, Carrie26 Feb 1896Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Gausepohl, Dorothy R6 Jun 19077 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Gausepohl, Marie2 Jul 1894Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Gausepohl, Raymond24 Jul 1902Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Gaut, Gladys Marie12 Mar 191112 Dec 2009Leo
Gautsche, Virgie4 Feb 190623 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Gavin, Dan J17 Aug 192418 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Gavin, Gerald M13 Aug 193016 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Gavin, Marjorie S7 Feb 191220 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Gavura, Wayne A3 Aug 19504 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Gawehn, Erich15 Mar 1897Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Gawehn, George20 Jan 1887Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Gawehn, Luella R26 Jul 1892Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Gawthorpe, Margaret6 Mar 1881Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Gay, Beatrice22 Jan 1898Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Gay, Marilyn J7 Jan 193922 Mar 1999Churubusco
Gayda, Jeanette W10 Oct 19292 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Gayday, Anna15 Mar 1927Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Gaylor, Lina M25 Nov 190528 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Gaylor, Orval17 Nov 1900Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Gaylord, Ellis22 May 1918Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Gaylord, George A13 Jul 191329 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Gaylord, Irma M14 May 191419 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Gaylord, Marvene J7 Feb 191826 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Gaznares, Concepcion G28 Oct 192615 Apr 1997Fort Wayne

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