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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Giaimo, Frank8 Jun 19222 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Giannakeff, Eleanor C31 May 191425 May 2004Fort Wayne
Giannakeff, William S28 Dec 190322 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Giant, Angus13 Dec 1896Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Giant, Carlton M21 Sep 19145 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Giant, Charlotte L24 Oct 191712 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Giant, Clem16 Jan 1897Jun 1978Monroeville
Giant, Cloe6 Nov 1893Oct 1985New Haven
Giant, Don E14 Jun 193025 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Giant, Elmer7 May 1894Mar 1980Monroeville
Giant, Herbert18 Aug 1901Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Giant, James L31 Mar 19317 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Giant, Marie12 Jun 1906Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Giant, Marie1 Aug 1899Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Giant, Pauline A23 Jul 19167 Jun 2003New Haven
Giant, Pauline E28 Jul 192412 Mar 2004Fort Wayne, Monroeville
Giant, Randolph H13 Jan 191610 Mar 2005New Haven
Giant, Robert3 Sep 1916Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Giaquinta, Helen Kelly10 Feb 191924 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Gibany, Virginia6 Jan 19166 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Gibbons, Ruth D15 Feb 193328 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Gibbs, Clyde E13 Mar 192724 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Gibford, Emma J18 Mar 190817 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Gibson, Adelinda28 Mar 1910May 1984Fort Wayne
Gibson, Agatha2 Apr 1926Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Gibson, Agatha A16 Apr 191928 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Gibson, Alyce M27 Jan 192118 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Gibson, Ambrose18 Nov 1894Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Gibson, Avis J21 Jun 191329 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Gibson, Bert E20 Dec 193322 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Gibson, Beth29 Dec 1961Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Gibson, Betty L6 Jul 193312 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Gibson, Bonnie26 Jan 1928Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Gibson, Bonnie B3 Jan 19165 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Gibson, Bruce A31 May 196220 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Gibson, Carole A1 Jun 194327 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Gibson, Cassie M1 Oct 194615 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Gibson, Catherine M6 Oct 190631 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Gibson, Charles18 Dec 1890Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Gibson, Charles10 Feb 1950Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Gibson, Clara11 Feb 1878Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Gibson, Clem25 Dec 1889Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Gibson, Clement J27 Nov 19193 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Gibson, Cynthia9 Feb 1957Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Gibson, Delbert E7 Aug 193010 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Gibson, Dick Lee19 Sep 19327 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Gibson, Donald17 May 19389 May 2002Fort Wayne
Gibson, Dorothy M6 Jun 191619 Dec 2003Monroeville
Gibson, Earl23 Apr 1921Feb 1981New Haven
Gibson, Elmo J14 Jun 192116 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Gibson, Emmett G3 Aug 192422 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Gibson, Emmett S18 Sep 190313 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Gibson, Esther13 Oct 1893Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Gibson, Fitch23 Sep 1899Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Gibson, Fred13 Aug 1886Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Gibson, George1 Jul 1920Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Gibson, Gladys F25 Jan 19083 Dec 1992Hoagland
Gibson, Glen Douglas2 Aug 194323 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Gibson, Golda16 Aug 1898Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Gibson, Golda M30 Jul 189715 Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Gibson, Goldie V14 Mar 191716 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Gibson, Grace18 Feb 1903Apr 1978New Haven
Gibson, Harrison21 Jul 1900May 1986Fort Wayne
Gibson, Harry10 Aug 1906Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Gibson, Harry R10 Apr 192612 Aug 2005Monroeville
Gibson, Hazel22 Dec 1889Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Gibson, Ida A25 Dec 190316 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Gibson, Irene19 Jun 1902Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Gibson, Irene8 Sep 1907Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Gibson, Jack6 Mar 1892Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Gibson, Jack W18 Feb 193210 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Gibson, James24 Jan 195123 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Gibson, James23 Sep 1913Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Gibson, James H26 Sep 193222 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Gibson, Janice J20 Jun 1929Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Gibson, Jeanne14 Jul 1917Aug 1984Yoder
Gibson, Jerry D26 Mar 193127 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Gibson, Jerry P4 Mar 193619 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Gibson, Joanne18 Nov 194514 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Gibson, John9 Jan 1904Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Gibson, John T9 Sep 19276 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Gibson, Joseph15 Jun 1914Dec 1983Monroeville
Gibson, Lesta14 Jan 1893Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Gibson, Lewis E12 Mar 192017 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Gibson, Lloyd J16 Nov 191426 Dec 2002Monroeville
Gibson, Lois I11 Oct 19252 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Gibson, Louise M5 Jul 191113 May 2007Fort Wayne
Gibson, M Martha16 Sep 19208 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Gibson, Marie2 Apr 1892Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Gibson, Marilyn A3 Mar 193913 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Gibson, Martha11 Aug 1921Sep 1981Spencerville
Gibson, Mary A29 Jun 191325 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Gibson, Mazie22 Jul 1907Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Gibson, Nathalie A28 Apr 191121 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Gibson, Noah17 Sep 1918Jul 1982Spencerville
Gibson, Orval E10 Feb 192125 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Gibson, Paul F18 Oct 192717 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Gibson, Regis E24 Sep 19116 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Gibson, Robert11 Feb 1916Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Gibson, Robert F10 Nov 193217 Jul 2007Yoder
Gibson, Robert L18 Sep 192318 Dec 2004Monroeville
Gibson, Roger14 Nov 1905May 1979Fort Wayne
Gibson, Rose27 Feb 1888Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Gibson, Roy C4 Mar 19026 Jan 1990Yoder
Gibson, Russell17 Jun 1915Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Gibson, Russell G23 Sep 190322 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Gibson, Sallie A31 May 19235 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Gibson, Susan J21 Sep 195618 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Gibson, Thomas M16 Apr 191626 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Gibson, Velma9 Jul 1901Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Gibson, Vincent E3 Dec 19587 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Gibson, Walter J6 Nov 190117 Apr 1998Monroeville
Gibson, Wayne R17 Jan 194026 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Gibson, William E15 Aug 1940Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Gibson, William E10 Feb 19116 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Gick, Audrey J23 May 191424 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Gick, August24 Oct 1886Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Gick, Clarence F25 Nov 192220 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Gick, Delmar G9 Dec 192115 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Gick, Dorothy A21 Aug 1913Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Gick, Edgar F27 Mar 192524 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Gick, Edward1 Jun 1908Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Gick, Elizabeth2 Mar 1882Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Gick, Elmer H8 Jun 191426 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Gick, Frances A21 Nov 19452 May 2002Fort Wayne
Gick, Harold L27 May 191910 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Gick, Imogene A22 Sep 192425 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Gick, Leonora30 Aug 1891Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Gick, Louise15 Jan 1883Apr 1969New Haven
Gick, Marie5 Sep 1913Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Gick, Marscell A3 Oct 192413 Sep 2001Huntertown
Gick, Mildred8 Jan 194421 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Gick, Myrtle8 Sep 1896May 1986Fort Wayne
Gick, Norbert E17 Apr 19256 Dec 2004Huntertown
Gick, Rita M10 Jan 192413 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Gick, Ruth M20 Feb 191216 May 2003Fort Wayne
Gick, Velma M7 Nov 191618 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Gick, Walter20 Feb 1914Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Gick, William26 Jun 1882Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Giddens, James O11 May 192330 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Giddens, Loraine H11 May 192314 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Giddens, Nathaniel6 Aug 192818 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Giddens, Richard26 Dec 1920Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Giddings, Frances11 Jul 190928 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Gideon, Fred R31 Aug 192112 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Gidley, Clara22 Aug 1895Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Gidley, Nita M28 Mar 193726 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Gidley, Wilbur E16 Oct 192031 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Giem, Edna16 Jan 1883Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Giere, Bernadine17 Sep 190318 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Giere, Lorena26 Mar 1894Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Giere, Mark29 Dec 1896Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Gierhart, Robert3 Oct 1924Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Gierke, Claudia H11 Feb 194425 May 1997Fort Wayne
Giese, Mary22 Jul 1922Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Giese, Richard L29 Jul 191718 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Giese, Rose8 Apr 1887Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Giese, Stanley H30 Mar 192221 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Giese, Terry M15 Mar 19494 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Gieseler, Betty S4 May 19181 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Gieseler, Paul G5 Dec 191515 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Gieser, Adolph6 Nov 1892May 1972Fort Wayne
Gieser, Ann8 Feb 1889Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Gieser, Betty Jean26 Aug 192217 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Giessler, Brett C10 Jun 195525 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Giessler, Gordon8 Mar 1930Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Giessler, H4 Jan 1911Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Giessler, Loretta23 Feb 190823 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Giffin, James29 Sep 1900Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Giffin, Josie24 Sep 1881Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Giffin, Lydia J15 Mar 193013 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Gifford, A F9 Jul 191026 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Gifford, Lloyd20 Jul 1908Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Gifford, Lucille23 Feb 190919 Mar 1996Monroeville
Gifford, Norman W6 May 19574 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Gifford, Virginia2 Mar 1903Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Gigli, Dorothy M18 Feb 19219 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Gigli, Joe19 Mar 1884Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Gigli, John29 Jan 1921Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Gigli, Louis P16 Sep 193519 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Gilb, Edward K19 Apr 192624 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Anna11 Jan 1895May 1970Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Bessie24 Jul 1900Mar 1978Churubusco
Gilbert, Billy E7 Jun 193030 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Carol L18 Oct 19421 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Chalmer7 Jan 1900Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Cindy3 Dec 1953Jan 1984Harlan
Gilbert, Darrell C15 Apr 192924 Jun 2003New Haven
Gilbert, David20 Jun 1897Jan 1974Churubusco
Gilbert, David L4 Apr 193022 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Donald W22 May 19037 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Edith M17 Sep 19064 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Edward E14 Sep 19165 Apr 2005Churubusco
Gilbert, Eleanor14 Dec 1915Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Ernest15 Jun 1910Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Franklin14 Mar 1917Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Freda E22 Aug 192411 Jan 2007Churubusco
Gilbert, George1 Mar 1928Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Gerald25 Jan 1898Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Geraldine L6 Jul 191831 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Hattie16 Feb 1884Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Hazel6 May 1900Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Helen15 Aug 191913 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Helen A2 Jun 191511 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Helen L12 Feb 1909Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Helen M13 Nov 193122 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Howard30 May 1895Mar 1973Churubusco
Gilbert, Icellee P12 Jan 190321 May 1996Churubusco
Gilbert, James6 Sep 1903Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Gilbert, James28 Nov 1883Jul 1967Monroeville
Gilbert, James6 Aug 19152 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Gilbert, James C24 Jul 193519 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Jeffrey L23 Jun 19626 Sep 2003Monroeville
Gilbert, Jennie17 Jul 1896Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Gilbert, John29 Sep 1881Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Joyce23 Aug 1928Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Larry W14 Apr 19456 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Leona K20 Mar 1908Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Lily14 May 1914Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Marguerite9 Jul 1910Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Marilla M14 Sep 190015 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Mary9 Jul 19138 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Mary M26 Apr 1897Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Mildred19 Sep 1910Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Mildred M31 Aug 191427 Feb 2004Monroeville
Gilbert, Nancy Kay4 Mar 194128 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Norma J2 Dec 194425 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Orval B13 Jul 190020 Jul 1988Monroeville
Gilbert, Oscar4 Jun 1899Jul 1977Churubusco
Gilbert, Patricia L8 Oct 193512 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Paul14 Feb 1921Nov 1973Churubusco
Gilbert, Phyllis13 May 193923 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Ralph21 May 1898Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Ray M3 Aug 193815 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Rosa Lee31 Aug 1916Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Roy9 Oct 1898Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Shelby11 Jun 1911Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Stephen13 Apr 1948Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Violet6 Jun 1902Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Violet16 Aug 1901Jan 1975Monroeville
Gilbert, Virl6 Oct 1905Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Vivian M1 May 192824 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Ward14 Apr 1893Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Gilbert, Wilson8 Mar 1914Feb 1976Monroeville
Gilbert, Worley23 May 192129 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Gilbreath, Jacqueline Lynette10 Jul 19687 May 2009Fort Wayne
Gilbreath, Luetta Mae23 Jun 192926 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Gilchrist, Mary14 Jun 191416 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Gilchrist, Mary5 Jun 1904Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Gildea, Carol M2 Oct 192419 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Gildea, Charles23 Nov 1897Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Gildea, Genevieve C30 May 190617 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Gildea, Lorene M19 Sep 190224 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Gildea, Mary14 Sep 193314 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Gildea, Stella8 Mar 1901Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Gildehaus, Marie31 Aug 1906Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Gildow, Kent W13 Jul 196023 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Giles, Joyce A11 Apr 192917 Oct 2001Churubusco
Giles, Maude22 Nov 1880Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Giles, Minnie15 Aug 1904Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Gilev, Ivan T31 Jul 193120 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Gilev, Maria29 Jul 1900Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Gilford, Carl14 Jun 1913Aug 1980Harlan
Gilford, Irene M27 Sep 19139 Apr 1999Harlan
Gilford, James2 Jan 1879Feb 1972Woodburn
Gilham, Lorine8 May 193810 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Gilkey, John28 Jun 1921Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Gill, Anna M5 Nov 193725 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Gill, Betty J20 Jun 19215 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Gill, Carroll J5 Oct 192815 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Gill, Chester19 Apr 1907Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Gill, Crystal19 Nov 1929Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Gill, Edith14 Jan 1906Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Gill, Esther M24 Apr 192129 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Gill, Forrest A11 Mar 19098 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Gill, George22 Apr 1883Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Gill, Irvin6 Jun 1919Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Gill, Joseph Vir G31 Dec 19205 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Gill, Lewis H11 Dec 1925May 1988Fort Wayne
Gill, Marie24 Aug 191930 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Gill, Mary A6 Mar 191310 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Gill, Mary E15 Aug 192615 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Gill, Mary K26 Apr 19218 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Gill, Ned14 Oct 1914Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Gill, Nelson J16 Mar 19289 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Gill, Nelson J19 May 195925 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Gill, Pauline25 Sep 1899Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Gill, Robert M9 Mar 19258 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Gill, Willie22 Mar 1918Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Gillam, Bertha24 Nov 1886May 1966Fort Wayne
Gillam, Gilbert10 Dec 1911Oct 1975Roanoke
Gillam, Ina23 Dec 1911Oct 1983New Haven
Gillam, James22 Feb 1899Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Gilland, Robert30 May 1915Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Gilland, Virginia A R2 May 191817 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Gillardo, George28 Apr 1911Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Gillardo, Violet M10 Dec 190921 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Gillen, Constance12 Oct 1925Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Gillen, John J4 Jun 193010 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Gillenwater, Harry J23 Jun 192518 Feb 2000New Haven
Gillenwater, Maxine17 Feb 1913Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Gillenwater, Minnie20 Oct 1928May 1977Fort Wayne
Gillenwater, Steven Kenneth23 Sep 194730 Jan 2009Churubusco
Gillenwater, Virgil L31 Mar 19091 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Gillenwater, Walter W27 Jan 19278 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Gillenwater, William C7 Nov 194112 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Gillespie, Alvin A8 Aug 19306 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Gillespie, Arvin D18 Dec 19253 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Gillespie, Beatrice L14 Jul 19248 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Gillespie, Dewey31 Aug 1896Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Gillespie, Frank2 Oct 190619 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Gillespie, Helen M11 Oct 191230 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Gillespie, Herman28 Dec 1900Dec 1980New Haven
Gillespie, Maynard31 Dec 1938Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Gillespie, Paul Q15 Sep 191424 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Gillespie, Zelma28 Oct 192015 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Gillett, Edna5 Jan 1904Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Gillette, Dorothy F10 Dec 191211 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Gillette, Raulin29 Dec 1910Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Gillette, Robert E15 Dec 191721 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Gilley, Mark William16 Jun 195516 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Gilliam, Donald L5 Jun 191924 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Gilliam, Frances L23 Dec 19138 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Gilliam, Howard E21 Apr 191227 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Gilliam, Jeanette13 Nov 1919Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Gilliam, Nellie2 May 1887May 1974Fort Wayne
Gilliam, Robert18 Feb 1892Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Gillian, Delpha20 Mar 1908Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Gillian, Harold25 Dec 1903Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Gilliard, Samuel27 Nov 1883Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Gillie, Camilla M13 May 19131 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Gillie, David29 Aug 1901Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Gillie, Ireta E31 Jul 190610 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Gillie, J26 May 1913Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Gillie, James2 Mar 188315 Oct 1966Churubusco
Gillie, James8 Apr 1900May 1983Fort Wayne
Gillie, Katherine E10 Oct 19385 May 2006Fort Wayne
Gillie, Paul N8 Aug 195910 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Gillie, Pauline25 Oct 1912Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Gillie, Robert E11 Mar 192630 May 2005Fort Wayne
Gillieron, Joseph17 Oct 1887Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Gillig, Joan L1 Nov 191824 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Gillig, Richard R15 Sep 192019 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Gilliland, Avis12 May 1914May 1986New Haven
Gilliland, James M31 Jan 192418 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Gilliland, Paul D25 Aug 192122 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Gilliland, Paul M28 Apr 190516 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Gillingham, Charles8 Dec 1925Nov 1980Fort Wayne, New Haven
Gillingham, Dorothy A21 Jul 19244 Dec 2005New Haven
Gilliom, Carol A24 Nov 194326 May 2006Monroeville
Gilliom, Clinton1 Aug 1902Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Gilliom, Estella25 May 19018 Mar 1998Churubusco
Gilliom, George5 Oct 1919Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Gilliom, Gladys4 Aug 1906Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Gilliom, Milton29 Nov 1885Dec 1975Churubusco
Gilliom, Wayne E20 Aug 19113 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Gillis, Elsie16 Jul 189222 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Gillman, Louis22 Apr 192510 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Gillum, Allen W9 Jun 193113 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Gillum, Douglas W10 Sep 192424 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Gillum, Henry6 Jan 1903May 1986Fort Wayne
Gillum, Letha25 Mar 1903Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Gillum, Pamela20 Dec 1941Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Gilmartin, Catherine29 Jan 1884Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Gilmer, Frances25 Mar 19158 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Gilmer, Roy J17 Nov 191123 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Gilmer, Wanda M14 Oct 19125 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Gilmore, Anne H8 Sep 192510 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Gilmore, Elva16 Apr 1904Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Gilmore, Flora29 Jul 1884Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Gilmore, Karl E5 Jan 192425 Jan 2007Huntertown
Gilmore, Loren12 Dec 1904May 1977Fort Wayne
Gilmore, Mabel M2 Mar 192515 Nov 2007Huntertown
Gilmore, Mildred27 May 19281 May 2007Fort Wayne
Gilmore, Robert A5 May 194114 May 2004Fort Wayne
Gilmore, Ruben L6 Jul 191828 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Gilpin, Ella26 Oct 1893Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Gilpin, Forrest D27 Aug 190512 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Gilpin, Gladys J5 Dec 19146 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Gilpin, Raymond W12 May 19193 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Gilson, Thomas D23 Aug 19348 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Gilstrap, Darrel D29 Aug 192229 Jun 1999Churubusco
Giluk, Ann T4 Feb 192126 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Giluk, Henry7 Mar 1918Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Ginder, Clyde O1 Nov 18954 Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Ginder, Elga24 Feb 1900Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Ginder, Krafft23 Aug 1897Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Ginder, Sara20 Mar 1935Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Ginder, Virginia9 Feb 1904Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Ginder, Wilma Maxine19 Feb 19223 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Ginder, Zelma22 Mar 1904Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Gindlesparge, Blanche27 Oct 1893Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Gindlesparge, Elizabeth27 Feb 1917Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Gindlesparge, Roland16 Apr 1907Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Gindlesparge, Walter15 Sep 1891Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Gindlesparger, Helen25 Dec 190727 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Gines, Wanda L14 Feb 193523 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Gingher, Bryon1 Sep 19226 May 2000Fort Wayne
Gingher, William25 Jun 1898Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Gingrich, Alva15 Jun 1884Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Gingrich, Lillian10 Mar 1890Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Gingrich, Paul13 Feb 1902Jan 1965Fort Wayne
Ginn, Jim15 Oct 192115 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Ginn, Kenneth18 Apr 1928Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Ginn, Robert9 Jun 1915Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Ginn, Robert M20 Jul 1923Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Ginney, Raymond12 Oct 1902Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Ginter, Irvin8 Jun 1913Mar 1982Yoder
Ginter, Loretta E28 Apr 19179 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Ginter, Nolan G15 Aug 193129 Dec 1994New Haven
Ginther, Bernard29 Jan 1901Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Ginther, Lydia30 Jun 1899Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Ginther, Max R18 Jun 192825 May 2002Fort Wayne
Ginther, Sylvia11 Oct 1888May 1978Spencerville
Ginthner, Jerry D17 Apr 192823 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Gintis, Elaine G28 Feb 193021 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Ginty, Harry20 Mar 1883Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Ginty, Hazel20 Jun 1886Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Gintz, Paul17 Feb 1907Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Ginzel, Fred20 Dec 1904Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Ginzel, Irene31 Dec 1901Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Ginzel, Ruth E26 Dec 190722 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Gionet, David R18 Apr 195812 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Giordano, Gregory J25 Apr 195811 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Giordano, Joseph25 Nov 1914Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Gipe, Edwin7 Nov 1885Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Gipson, Robert L1 Nov 1915Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Girard, Edmund22 Jun 1882Jul 1968New Haven
Girard, Ernest10 Sep 1878Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Girard, Jerome21 Dec 1886Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Girard, Mary5 May 1896Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Girard, Nelson9 Feb 1911Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Girard, Sally G18 Jan 1907Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Girardot, Alban10 May 1910Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Girardot, Allen J16 Aug 193017 Apr 2008New Haven
Girardot, Carl E17 Mar 191220 Dec 1994Monroeville
Girardot, Charles11 Sep 1894Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Girardot, Clifford17 Jun 1908Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Girardot, Dianne F26 Jul 194412 Feb 2010Spencerville
Girardot, Don E5 Oct 19287 Feb 2008New Haven
Girardot, Donalie J31 Jan 193318 May 2007New Haven
Girardot, Dortha I18 Aug 191131 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Girardot, Elmer12 Sep 1922Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Girardot, Eva1 Dec 1909Jul 1981Monroeville
Girardot, Francis29 Feb 1916Sep 1983Hoagland
Girardot, Garnet M21 Mar 191421 Feb 2002New Haven
Girardot, George R8 Jun 19217 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Girardot, Janet C31 Mar 192319 Sep 2009Monroeville
Girardot, Laura M14 May 19163 May 2001Monroeville, Fort Wayne
Girardot, Lena12 Jan 1887Jul 1978New Haven
Girardot, Leona22 Aug 1903Jan 1986Monroeville
Girardot, Lois I11 Dec 192521 Nov 2000New Haven
Girardot, Lola L8 Jun 191426 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Girardot, Louise25 Jul 1891Dec 1983New Haven
Girardot, Luetta B9 Feb 19023 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Girardot, Lynda D27 May 19519 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Girardot, Margaret19 Sep 19262 Oct 2004Hoagland
Girardot, Mary D9 Nov 19141 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Girardot, Mary E25 Aug 191216 May 2003Fort Wayne
Girardot, Neil30 Jul 1934Jan 1978Hoagland
Girardot, Opal5 May 1900Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Girardot, Pauline E12 Sep 193316 Jun 2000Hoagland
Girardot, Ruth M5 Apr 19227 May 2005Fort Wayne
Girardot, Walter E15 Dec 189910 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Girardot, Wilma M11 Aug 19067 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Girdner, Paul L27 Jul 192216 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Girdner, Ruth S10 Jan 192829 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Giroux, April L1 Apr 196614 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Girt, Loretta28 Aug 1909Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Girten, Helen L26 Dec 191423 Nov 2005Grabill
Girten, James E11 Jul 191624 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Girvin, Grant13 Feb 1957Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Girvin, Nile Edward12 Sep 19252 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Gish, Nicholas13 Jan 1890Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Gish, Ruth B14 Feb 190816 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Gist, Addison9 Mar 1879Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Githiri, Annie L24 Aug 195111 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Gitter, Clara M8 Feb 18886 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Gitter, Frank4 Aug 1888Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Gittins, Douglas24 Sep 1906Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Giuliano, Miriam11 Nov 19239 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Givan, Ethel25 Sep 1885May 1979Fort Wayne
Given, Chester4 Oct 1912May 1986Fort Wayne
Given, Lucy19 Feb 1902Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Givens, Jesse1 Jun 1890Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Givens, Larry E11 Aug 193530 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Givens, Roland4 Feb 1902Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Gizowski, Shirley G2 Nov 192112 Mar 2006Fort Wayne

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